Will Trent (2023) s02e09 Episode Script

Residente o Visitante

Previously on "Will Trent"
WILL: I hope I made you proud.
My boy.
You did.
You do.
At the hostel, I can't sleep there.
I go home with guys sometimes
just to be somewhere else,
to pretend I'm someone else.
ANGIE: Joey, hey, hey.
Yeah, listen, I think
I found a roommate for you.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
[SOBBING] I'm so, so, so sorry.
She's dead because of me!
She died because
an abusive man killed her.
Not because a brave child
wanted to protect her.
I like having you in my life.
It feels right.
Maybe you need a little break.
Change of scenery.
Let me take you to Puerto Rico.
- What?
- Air's different. Sun's different.
People are different.
You feel different.
Cendal flotante de leve bruma ♪
Mil seda cintas de blanco espuma ♪
Puro sonoro ♪
You should try our Papas con
Huevos. They're really good.
Oh, no, no, please.
Jaime, dame dos quesitos.
JAIME: Sí. Pronto.
Did you know, uh,
we have a family plot
at the cemetery nearby?
Must be another Morales family.
That cemetery is fancy.
There's a birth announcement
for Marta Morales,
your mother, in a San Juan
newspaper archive
that says she's the granddaughter
of Felipe Morales,
who happens to be interred
in the Morales family plot
at the Santa Maria Magdalena.
So Felipe is my great-grandfather?
- Are you sure?
- Birth dates match.
I sent documentation to the
cemetery. They confirmed it.
I also, um
I brought Lucy's death certificate.
I thought while we're here,
we could, uh
add her name to the headstone.
I would love to do this with you.
JAVI: Antonio.
I didn't know you were in town, man.
I'm just visiting for a few days,
and I wasn't sure if we were
It's great to see you.
You look happy and healthy, man.
- Hola.
- JAVI: Hola.
I-I'm gonna Excuse me. Sorry.
I-I'm gonna take a walk around town.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- I-I'll catch up with you later.
- Okay.
WOMAN: Can I see a menu, please?
¿Puedo ver un menú for favor?
¿Puedo ver un menú for favor?
I'm ready for the check.
Estoy listo para la cuenta.
Estoy listo para la cuenta.
LUCY: You're getting better.
I don't know about that,
but I'm trying.
It's nice to be so close
to the ocean, isn't it?
I love seeing where you're from.
There's a part of you
that's from here, too.
If there is, I don't feel it yet.
Give it time.
You just got here.
I just can't stop
thinking about my past.
Things I lived through.
People I've failed.
Those who died because of me.
Hell, seems like anyone
I get close to ends up dead.
You're so hard on yourself.
Is there any other way to be?
Okay. How about this?
Take a look at what's ahead of you.
The ocean.
You're here now.
So let go of what's not.
ORMEWOOD: 10-80. We got one
running northbound
toward Chappell, requesting backup.
Angie, come on!
You said I could take this one!
Got him, Ormewood!
Get off me!
Here. You got it? Call it in.
Don't move, Ange.
I-I actually can't.
Officer down! Get me an ambulance!
Oh. No, no, no.
I-I can't be messing with that.
- Are you in recovery?
- Yeah.
Sometimes a minimal dose,
just enough to take the edge off,
is not enough for someone
- to slip back into
- No.
I'll find you some Tylenol.
San José al Niño Jesús ♪
WILL: What do you think?
ANTONIO: This is perfect, Will.
She's gonna be happy here.
I hope so.
[SIGHS] I, uh
wish I brought something
I could leave behind for her.
Give me your café.
A adorar al Niño ♪
Que ha nacido ya ♪
Lucy loved her cafecito.
We'd sit
and drink together
every morning before school.
Adorad al Niño ♪
Que ha nacido ya ♪
Now, it can be the three of us.
Adorad al Niño ♪
Que ha nacido ya ♪
Buenos días.
Un café con leche y un quesito.
I'm looking forward to dinner tonight.
Oh, no, um
I know you don't love a crowd.
Oh, that's okay.
I'll be there for you.
- I want to meet your people.
- Thanks.
Okay, yeah. I need tools.
This will do.
Alright. True test now.
Alright, try it.
Good stuff, man.
Gracias, man.
Aquí está ♪
Viderba ♪
Oh, cha-cha-cha ♪
No, no, no, no, no. I remember that.
Christian had a brother and sister.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Luis went to work in the city,
and Christian, he moved to Nueva York.
Wait. Wait. ¿Quién es Luis?
Luis is Christian's brother.
He's Antonio's uncle.
They They used to fish together.
Yes, but who is the sister?
She moved back to the pueblo.
¿Qué Qué pueblo?
- No, there was no sister.
- Yes!
She looked just like this.
Remember, she used to live
on top of the cafe one summer.
- Ah, now I remember her.
- Yeah.
- She moved to Juncal, no?
- No.
Oh, wait. I have a great aunt?
Uh, uh. ¿Tía abuela
es viva in Acevedo?
I'm glad we ran into each other.
- I missed you, hermano.
- Oh, man.
Life's too short to hold a grudge.
You know what's crazy?
I'll be in Atlanta.
Really? What's dragging you
over to the mainland?
Oh, who, me? The busiest
Puerto Rican-owned
property developer in San Juan?
You want to say that again,
louder so everybody hears?
You know, tengo que practicar
mi español.
Who's giving you crap
about your Spanish?
I'm Nuyorican. We speak how we speak.
What's his story? Your nephew.
Believe it or not,
he's in law enforcement.
¿Poquito vino, ah?
Oh, oh, no, thanks. I don't drink.
CAMILA: You're gonna
give us all bad luck.
For a minute, you just need to
hold it in your hand.
- Poquito. Un poquito.
- You don't really have a choice.
Oye, mi gente.
Salud a la familia.
ALL: Salud!
Mm. Will, you have to stay.
- We'll find your great aunt.
- Sí, sí, sí, sí.
I would love that, and I promise
I'm gonna come back,
but I have to go back home.
I have a dog I need to get back to,
and and someone else I need to see.
- Oooh!
- Tell us all about her.
Who is she?
The only thing that
could have made this trip better
- is if you were here.
- ANGIE: I miss you.
So does Betty, she keeps asking
when you're coming home.
Well, tell her I'll be home tomorrow
to take care of you both.
Oh, God. Is this my life now?
Yeah, maybe.
Or you went back to work too soon,
and you'll be just fine after some PT.
I'll see you soon, Agent Trent?
Yes, you will, Detective Polaski.
Hey, you're looking
for Antonio? He's just
Hey, do you work here?
You got to check this out.
Hurry up. Come on. Come on.
Uooo ♪
No podr'a jamas olvidarte ♪
And all this time, I
thought we were friends.
You know, you come over to my house,
we break bread together.
Ha! You think I want to babysit you
- on this case?
- Babysit? Fine.
Then feel free to head upstairs
and tell Amanda
- I know how to do my job.
- The reason I was
assigned this case, Detective,
is because a man was murdered.
And you said out loud,
to multiple people,
including the murder victim's
parole officer,
"There is a special place in hell
for that dead rat bastard."
He was a child sex offender!
- Everyone was thinking it.
- We still have to do our job.
Okay, well,
our job's not eulogizing him.
It's figuring out who killed him.
And I'm in the middle of doing that.
Now, we're doing it,
so take me through it.
Angie would be pissed
you're sitting in her chair.
Angie wouldn't want to touch
this case any more than we do.
Jason Peters,
middle school swim coach.
He got caught touching
one of his girls.
Five years in prison,
paroled last year,
found dead in the woods
three days ago.
- Witnesses?
- No.
And there was a toy.
What toy?
It was found in his mouth.
Pete said he didn't choke on it.
It was just there.
Could have been chewing
on it or something.
- Have you ever heard of pica?
- Say again?
It's a disorder where people
chew on things compulsively
that are non-edible.
- I know pica.
- Okay.
Well, one of us is saying it wrong.
- Pee-kuh.
- Pie-kuh.
- Whatever.
What if someone put the toy
in Jason's mouth after he died?
What, like a killer
with a flourish or something?
Yeah. I already thought about that.
It could have been one
of his neighbors.
They were pretty worked up
that a sex offender
was living in the building.
We should do interviews.
I know. I was getting to it.
So, I don't know
how to roll my R's yet,
but it's called "sofrito."
That's actually really good. Show-off.
- It's a special sauce.
It makes everything taste
like the island.
Okay. I didn't forget about you.
Little treat, huh?
Have mercy on me now ♪
How's your back?
It's day three,
I was hoping it wouldn't be
the entire focus of my life by now.
Hey! Eh, eh, eh. No, no.
I'm trying to get it right.
I spent all day
looking for culantro
it's like cilantro, but it's better
and I couldn't find it.
So I had to use regular cilantro,
and it just doesn't taste the same.
It's really good.
It's really good.
You missed a little area there.
[LAUGHS]Little bit there.
Can you just give me
a minute to get it right?
- Will you get it right by dawn maybe?
- Can I have it with breakfast?
- I don't Well, maybe.
- I don't know. I've never had it with that.
- You can make it with eggs.
Okay. Trent.
ANTONIO: Will, we were having dinner.
Javi walked outside
Whoa, whoa. H-Hang on, Antonio.
Slow down. What happened?
Javi's dead.
and your friend are having dinner.
Why does he come outside?
Did he get a phone call, text?
I'll take it from here, O'Hara.
You okay?
Didn't realize you were FBI now.
Are you trying to be funny?
You better go talk to your boss.
- What are you talking about?
- AMANDA: Will!
Is the FBI involved in this?
Javier Perez, one of the victims,
he was under long-term surveillance.
Will, let's just step aside
until the FBI gets here.
I'm gonna take a look.
Hey, hey, just don't touch anything.
Body of Javier Perez.
Glock 19, three shots to the chest,
tight grouping
might suggest close range.
I don't see any gunpowder residue.
No casings.
Will, w-what did I just say?
Unidentified male,
Glock 22, three shots.
Again, no sign of residue.
Three casings.
Six shots.
It's dry under him.
John Doe hit the ground
before it started to rain.
Javi's still wet underneath him.
This guy might have been dead
before Javi even got outside.
Hey, hey, if you want to help,
play nice.
Make sure you're someone
- she wants to get help from.
- KRISTEN: FBI. Are you Antonio Morales?
Do you know what Mr.
Perez was doing in Atlanta?
I'm not saying anything
until I have a lawyer.
Why was Mr. Perez under surveillance?
Amanda Wagner, GBI.
This is Special Agent Will Trent.
Kristen Murphy, FBI. So sorry
to butt in on your turf.
Not a problem.
Any resources or assistance
we can offer.
Am I being detained?
No, but it would be helpful
if you could answer some questions.
Mr Antonio.
Who's this other vic?
Were you in Puerto Rico
with Antonio on GBI business?
That man I saw at the restaurant
he was an FBI informant, wasn't he?
Sorry, there's not much I can say.
KRISTEN: Tell him not to leave town.
WILL: Antonio!
I'm sorry about your friend.
I'm gonna find whoever did this.
Not with the FBI here.
What do you mean?
Why was the FBI tailing
Javi to begin with?
They don't need a reason.
You think the FBI has a file
on him just because?
We all do.
What are you not telling me?
What do you know about
the independence movement
de Puerto Rico?
Not much.
Well, I'm a professor.
Get ready for a lecture.
Spain ruled the island for 400 years
and then gave it to the U.S. in 1898.
We didn't like this.
We demanded our independence.
And you know what?
The idea? It caught on.
Puertorriqueños ruling themselves,
not so crazy, right?
That's when the FBI stepped in.
They started files on us
called carpetas.
They surveilled
our homes, our families.
It went on for decades.
They beat us down
by breaking their own rules.
By the time I moved
to the island in '86,
the movement was pretty much dead.
But you got involved anyway?
Your mom had just died. I was empty.
Pissed off.
I joined the Macheteros,
and that's where I met Javi.
We helped steal the files
that exposed the carpetas.
That's incredible.
FBI shut down the program
and had to apologize.
I just wasn't cut out
for that kind of fight.
So I changed my name
to get some distance.
Antonio Miranda became a professor,
got comfortable, and tried to move on.
We don't have to like them,
but they can help us
find Javi's killer.
They could have been after him
because Javi was involved
in something criminal.
Every big-money developer
in San Juan's a little dirty.
But which one?
Which one is in the FBI's crosshairs?
Javier. The residente.
It never changes.
FBI wants to come after me? Let 'em.
Won't be the first time.
What did you do with
our lineup of neighbors?
Oh, I have a whole scoring system
to streamline the process.
Check it out.
First up Jake Mathers.
He lived two doors down
from our victim.
He's a legend
in the neighborhood watch.
He scored a 6.3 for dismantling
Jason's Ring camera last week.
Worth a second look. Next.
Next is Tara Simms, a solid 5.0.
She lived above him.
She's a librarian
with a crime fiction obsession
and recently had some
aggressive disputes with Jason
over him hogging the laundry room.
As a motive, it's weak,
but we don't know
her underwear situation.
She could have only had
a week's worth.
Tied with Tara is Doug Elfman.
Bonus points for a juvie stint
for an assault charge.
Now he pivoted over
to the Georgia National Guard
when he was 17,
model citizen post enlistment,
but you never know.
I'm gonna save you some time.
The crime lab matched the palm print
inside of Jason's car.
You want to guess based on your
flawless system?
- Palm, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
- Where was it?
- Center console.
Center console. Uh
I'm going to go with Doug.
Wow. Yes.
Yeah. I mean, he's already
in the system.
Seems like a heavier dude,
not the yoga type.
He would have used
his palm to support his weight.
Let's bring him in.
Great. Sounds like mine should
be ready about the same time.
Okay. Sure. That's no problem.
Caroline. What are you doing?
Oh She's picking up
my dry cleaning.
My clothes got a little wet
in the rain last night,
and she was already
picking up your dry cleaning,
- so
- Look, I don't mind sharing GBI resources,
but Caroline is my assistant.
And she's busy now.
Oh, uh, sorry, ma'am. With what?
Just get in my office.
Maybe she could bring it
on her way home,
if it's not out of the way?
I don't want the FBI mad at me.
What? I thought you were taking
another vacation day.
I am, and I've still got 46 days left.
Why's Agent Murphy in my office?
It's temporary. Don't pick a fight.
What? I just want to offer
my observations
from the crime scene.
Do what you want.
Just remember, your uncle's
not the target here.
It's his friend you barely know.
Agent Trent.
Well, I see you made yourself at home.
They told me you were on hiatus.
I hope it's not a problem.
Not at all.
How's the investigation going?
You got any suspects?
What I can tell you,
out of professional courtesy,
it was a business deal gone sour.
The two men your uncle's friend
and the second victim
shot each other.
Like a duel?
Seems improbable.
What about the second victim?
You know I can't
discuss those details.
Your read of what happened is wrong.
How do you know?
Did you tamper with my crime scene?
I looked at it with my eyes.
It's clear those victims died
at different times.
Well, I trust my assessment.
Oh, would you mind
sharing your forensics?
How about you convince
Antonio Morales,
aka Miranda, to cooperate?
Did he mention he has
an FBI file of his own?
'Cause he fought for Puerto
Rican independence 35 years ago?
Beca Because he was
affiliated with a group
that committed violent acts.
And you're affiliated with a group
who apologized before Congress
for misdeeds against Puerto Rico.
That's not my FBI, Trent.
Have him call me.
I promise we can get
this whole thing cleared up.
ORMEWOOD: What unit was it?
Uh-huh. First floor.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Doug Elfman, we have
a warrant! Open up!
DOUG: It's unlocked.
Hands where I can see them. Now. Now!
I got a sidearm locked
and loaded in my holster.
- FAITH: Anything else we should know?
- No.
But I'd love to grab
your badge numbers
when you get the chance.
Yeah? You going somewhere to
celebrate the death of Jason Peters?
I just got back into town.
But I ain't crying over Peters
if that's what you're asking.
That was a man
who was ready to reoffend.
Can I ask what you do for work?
I'm a bounty hunter.
[CHUCKLES] Doug, the Bounty Hunter.
That's great. [LAUGHS] Let's go.
WOMAN: He's part of the
neighborhood crime watch.
Doug didn't even do anything.
Okay, everybody, stand back.
We just need to ask him
a few questions.
WOMAN: Why are you taking him?
Focus on predators.
Was that
Piss? Really?
You just had that standing by, huh?
Let's get out of here.
Better hope I don't come back!
- Hey.
- Hi.
You, uh, doing okay?
It's a lot.
I'm still trying
to process what happened.
Yeah, me too.
Come on in. ¿Café con leche?
- Por favor.
- Alright.
Hey. Hi. What's all this?
You were right.
FBI is covering something up
with Javi's murder.
Found the identity
of the other deceased.
From the couch, I might add,
which I thought was pretty impressive.
Yeah. Angie's been calling around.
She figured out
the FBI avoided our morgue
and sent the body somewhere else.
Yeah, they used
a smaller facility in Athens.
I got them to spill the identity
of the other deceased.
Yep, and that is Milton Clark.
He has a white-collar rap sheet
and a reputation.
You want dirt or blackmail on someone,
you're calling Milton Clark.
Okay. Javi came to
Atlanta to buy blackmail.
I can believe that.
But who was he blackmailing?
I don't know, but what I do know
is FBI Agent Kristen Murphy,
she's calling this murder
something it's not.
So if she wanted to, she could
just pack up and go right now.
- She's hanging around.
- Mm-hmm.
She didn't find the blackmail.
She's still looking for it.
And if we get to it first,
we'll find out who killed Javi.
What were your fingerprints
doing in the victim's vehicle?
Two weeks ago, someone
in our building's group chat
posted that his car was unlocked.
I was on a Mai Tai bender,
put some skunk spray in his backseat.
- Why would you do that?
- To scare him off.
Everyone in the chat
was doing their part
- to make him move.
- But he didn't.
And your group kept after him
until he was killed.
Do you collect anything, Doug?
Stamps, toys?
I'm not the pedophile. He was.
And did you know
that in our neighborhood,
it takes you guys an average
of two hours to show up,
and yet you want us to share our space
with a convicted sex predator.
We're gonna need to know
your whereabouts
for last Thursday, the entire day
and overnight into Friday.
I was in Augusta
at a security conference.
Witnesses galore,
credit card receipts,
hotel video surveillance.
Knock yourselves out.
I ain't saying another word
without my lawyer.
Don't freak out, okay?
The school's gonna call you.
I wanted to tell you
what really happened first.
Dammit. What the hell, Max?
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Come on, follow me. What happened?
Two kids started with me in
the locker room after gym class.
The other two had to go to
the nurse's station.
Nurse's station? Really?
You sent two kids
to the nurse's station?
Why'd they start with you?
Well, they said you wanted
child molesters and rapists
to live in our neighborhood.
Is it 'cause of the case
I'm investigating?
You know, it's my job to enforce
the law no matter what, right?
I get that. That's what I told them.
How'd they know it was my case?
There's a video going around.
What kind of video?
beautiful lady ♪
She was a waitress there ♪
Put the wallet down
and stared and stared ♪
To put me back into reality,
here's Shaheed ♪
"Yo, Tip man,
you got what you need?" ♪
I checked for keys
and started to step ♪
And what do you know,
my wallet I forget ♪
Yo, it was a brown wallet,
it had props numbers ♪
It had my jimmy hats,
I gotta get it, man ♪
Lord, have mercy ♪
I see movement inside the house.
I've never been on a stakeout.
I feel like Bogart. Who?
Humphrey Bogart,
"Big Sleep," "Maltese Falcon."
I'm hearing a lot of words.
Don't tell me you've
never seen "Casablanca."
Here comes somebody.
That's Milton Clark's assistant.
She must be handling his affairs.
I'll talk to her.
She's gonna think she's getting
served if you talk to her.
I'll talk, right?
We got the female thing.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, let me get it.
She's my age.
Maybe she'll find me alluring.
I left my wallet in El Segundo ♪
Ma'am. Hi. My name is Antonio.
I'm a friend of Javier.
The man who was killed
alongside Milton last night?
The police told me
Javier murdered Milton.
You don't believe that, right?
Not for a second.
We're looking for anything to
prove that the cops' theory is wrong.
Can we take a look inside?
Lock up when you're done.
But you should know
that there's not much left.
The FBI has already been
through twice.
Yeah, I left my wallet
in El Segundo ♪
I left my wallet in El Segundo ♪
I left my wallet in El Segundo ♪
I got to get it
I got, got to get it ♪
I left my wallet in El Segundo ♪
The FBI is thorough
when they're hiding something.
Why do you think they came back twice?
They were convinced
the blackmail was in here,
but they couldn't find it.
FBI didn't think Krunchy Loot
was a good hiding spot.
What do you got, Humphrey?
There. Puerto Rico.
Ugh! Damn.
Yeah, I really thought
I was gonna have a moment there,
- you know?
- Yeah.
Well, you may have been
onto something.
Are you kidding me?
Little sticky thing gave it away.
Where's the power button?
Right here.
Is my mind going or did I not
tell you to lay off this case?
How'd you find us?
Agent Murphy filed a complaint
with the U.S. Attorney's Office.
He's looking for you now.
And because you can't solve
cases for me from prison,
I rushed over to your house
to tell you.
- And Nico caved.
- Oh, like a cold soufflé, my friend.
What's on the drive?
We're about to find out.
ANGIE: Okay, there's a lot
of stuff on here.
Oh, oh. Oh, thank God.
There's a PDF called
"summary findings."
- One of you two want to read it or
- Shut up.
Oh, you joke about dyslexia.
You really love each other, huh?
Does the name Shooter MacMillan
mean anything to any of you?
Yeah. He's a real estate developer
who was trying to push Javi out
of some deals on the island.
Hmm. Well, according to this,
FBI Agent Kristen Murphy's
on his payroll.
Yeah, he linked wire transfers
between the two of them
to another murder in New York.
MacMillan killed his rival there, too.
And Kristen Murphy
took bribes to cover it up.
It's a partnership. We've got her.
[TV BEEPS]No, we don't.
All of the proof, the evidence,
all of these files are encrypted.
The only thing I can open is summary.
It says Javi was gonna
be given the encryption key
after the final payment was received.
But then Shooter killed them.
They're gonna get away with this.
ROCKY: The video was originally
posted by a social media account
called The Virtue Watchman.
"These cops target innocent people
who care about their communities.
Let's see how they handle
danger on their own doorstep."
Jeremy's email, phone number,
make and model of his car
it's all out there now.
Yeah, Max's too.
Should we let 'em know it's illegal
to release a minor's
personal information?
You could arrest him
while you're at it,
Detective Ormewood.
Thanks, Rocky. That's a great idea.
Director Wagner.
- What's this?
- It belonged to Milton Clark.
Oh, I don't know what's on it.
And frankly, I don't care.
I want the complaint
against Trent withdrawing
and you and your team
out of my offices.
I'll withdraw the complaint.
Hi. I picked up your dry cleaning.
Oh, leave it on the chair.
Thank you.
Well, you've been
a gracious Careful.
- Ah!
- I am so sorry.
You're not sorry.
You did that on purpose.
Ma'am, I would never.
Look at you. You're lying.
Settle down.
Clearly, it was an accident.
Take it easy.
We can talk it out.
Shooter MacMillan.
Who? Mean guy.
Played dirty.
Like your friend, huh?
He was nothing like Javi.
He was a visitante. Born into money.
Went to Yale, just like you, right?
Is that how you met?
You got nothing here.
Any evidence is encrypted.
Javi gave me the encryption key
just in case anything happened to him.
I have the wire transfers
he made to you.
I have everything.
So tell me how much you want?
Don't insult me.
This isn't about money.
People like you and Shooter
need to learn a lesson.
You should have just let
this go, Professor Miranda.
WILL: Hands in the air!
Hands in the air!
Don't move! Put it down!
Agent Murphy, you violated
your oath of office.
I was defending myself.
Now, you're committing perjury.
You bugged my dry cleaning?
- Here.
- You okay?
- This thing is hot.
I hated seeing you like that.
Oh, no, it was great. I'm over Bogart.
I'm the Boricua James Bond.
Position's been filled.
Are we sure we got them?
Yeah. We got them. Come on.
You were really good, honestly.
Yeah? Yeah.
- FAITH: Are you Elliott Danvil?
- Yeah.
- And how old are you?
- 19.
Yeah, you run a social media
account called
- The Virtue Watchman?
- Yeah, why?
I can't believe this.
Let's go.
Get up!
Hey, you're the two pervert cops.
Hey. You're going to jail.
I'd do anything to keep you away
from whoever killed Jason Peters.
He was a predator. He deserved to die.
That is not for you to decide.
The people decide.
That's the whole point of what I do.
So you're admitting
to organizing a mob
to get Jason Peters killed?
- I didn't say that.
- Hmm.
I didn't suggest it
on my account, either.
I provide information.
Other people take action.
Yeah, well, you're still
under arrest, smartass.
Endangering a minor, stalking,
and making threats
against law enforcement.
Let's go.
It was worth it.
I got you some essentials
for your new place.
Oh, God.
Did Joey rat me out for,
like, not having anything?
No, no, no, he loves having you,
and he totally respects your space.
But, uh, yeah, he said you've
been using his toothpaste.
It's not like I used his toothbrush.
I'm not even gonna
tell him you said that.
Well, this I grabbed
at the community center
where I do my NA meetings.
On Fridays, they have a group
for sexual abuse survivors.
I mean, I know, I probably seem
like the most well-adjusted
person you've ever met.
But, uh, without meetings,
I would not stay sober.
I'm not an addict.
I don't even like to drink.
Yeah. I-It can affect
your life in other ways.
There are other ways to act out.
I'm not going home with guys anymore.
I believe you.
I just want you to have
other people to talk to
when things get tough.
Have you ever been
to one of these things?
No, maybe I should.
So you see in time we all ♪
I'll go with you your first time.
Take you out to dinner afterwards.
Do I have to say anything?
Only if you want to.
Your war is over yet ♪
Why not?
It was great working
with you, Detective.
Good working with you, Antonio.
You look out for my nephew.
Why stop now?
For the love of God,
show her some Bogart.
WILL: Look at that. She made a friend.
Oh, Betty. Alright, come on.
Let's let them say goodbye.
Angie's great.
Yeah. I know.
So, uh, what made you decide
to move back to the island?
It had been calling me for a while,
but I was afraid.
I don't know.
Too much time had passed.
Maybe I was a different guy or
- Too old.
- Shut up.
I'm saying something nice.
When I saw you on the island
for the first time,
I was so happy I
could bring you there.
Everything fell into place.
My journey here was to meet you
and introduce you to my home.
Your home.
I just got used to having you around,
and, uh, yeah, now you're off.
No, no, no, no,
we're making a pact right now.
We're gonna see each other what?
Once a year.
At least.
Come on.
Hey. Um
You okay?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm okay.
You know, if you wanted
to pick up and go right now,
I wouldn't blame you.
You are the reason why I came back.
You and Betty, of course.
Whatever else I find out there,
no one replaces you, Ange.
If I were to go ♪
Go, go ♪
Tell me, would you notice me? ♪
Call you back to tell you that ♪
You could have spared my feelings ♪
Could have spared ♪
I'm not invincible ♪
I'm not invincible ♪
Behold. I got you all gifts.
They're not expensive,
but they are authentic.
Is the endless vacation over?
Endless? It was only four days.
Didn't realize you missed
me so much, Amanda.
And thank you for asking.
Yes, I had a great time.
And I am happy to be back
at work officially.
What's he doing here?
That looks important.
Sorry to kill your buzz, partner,
but, yeah, we need to
get you up to speed.
It started with a suspected
murder I caught last week.
Jason Peters, sex offender
found dead in the woods
with a little toy stuck in his mouth.
We followed a lead to some 19-year-old
social media psycho
called The Virtue Watchman,
who's been stirring folks up
to go after sex offenders.
Anything in his messages about
putting toys in people's mouths?
Nope. Nothing about toys.
Yeah, so next, I checked
the ViCAP database.
Found another dead body
that turned up nearby a few weeks ago.
The cause death was suffocation,
small toy found in his mouth.
Was the victim a sexual offender?
Was he on The Virtue Watchman's
radar, too?
So we got a probable spree killer
who's been operating
for at least a few weeks.
And no leads.
Yeah, we got some work to do.
Welcome back, Special Agent Trent.
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