Wisting (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

William Wisting

1 What's your name? - Wisting.
Are you registered? Only for the informative meeting.
- Yes, you don't need to register for the course.
We're just waiting for a few others.
- Ah yes Time to do something about this.
To me, you're perfectly fine as you are.
- Thanks, but I've had too many long days and too many takeaways.
I heard about it.
I'm really sorry.
Over there, under the branches.
Looks like it's been here since summer.
Look at the clothes.
- It might also be an accident.
Too drunk on the way home fell over Some cry "murder", some consider all possibilities.
We need people at the station.
- Can you take it? Hammer? This area is sealed.
You can't stay here.
DEAD FOR 3 MONTHS TV has been on for three months while Viggo Hansen was mummifying in his armchair.
What channel? What was he watching? I'll ask dad, the man was my neighbor.
- You knew him? Not really, just a few "hellos".
You're not getting Christmas.
You'll have to do it in your spare time.
Line make it personal and with good pictures.
- I'll leave for Larvik right away.
There's plenty of "Hansens", but few are named "Viggo".
- Probably.
I'll see what I can find.
- Alright.
Thanks, Frederik.
You're my hero.
- I know that.
See you.
Siri, call dad again.
- Calling dad.
The man was about 60 yeas old.
He had summer clothes on.
We found hair in his hand.
Possible signs of a struggle.
No fingerprints? - The body's too decomposed.
Hammer, are you with us? We also found this in his jacket's inside pocket.
"Sailing for Jesus"? - It was inside a plastic bag.
If he put it there himself, we might have some fingerprints.
"Magdalena" is a ship? - According to Google, it'll be in GÃteborg from 9 to 11 September.
So, what do we say? - Nothing until we know the identity.
Just say a body was found.
Nothing more than that.
- Hi, Line.
Line? Hi! - Bjørg Karin.
It's so good to see you! You're home for Christmas? I'm working actually.
That's Line, my daughter.
She works for VG.
Do they already know about it? Hi, Line.
Frank - Is it Ellen? No calm down - I am calm! Is it Ellen? It's a man.
Ok? - Hi, Frank.
Let's have a walk.
Hi, dear.
- Hi.
I'm sorry I couldn't pick up.
- Never mind.
What was that about? It's Frank Robekk, Ellen's case.
He does that every once in a while.
Something happened? - Here? No We weren't introduced.
- This is Line, my daughter.
Christine Thiis, our new attorney.
- Christine.
Nice to meet you.
It's good to see you, Line.
What brings you here? I'm writing about Viggo Hansen.
- Viggo? We'll do a weekend extra about loneliness.
That's a formal request to have access to pictures and stuff.
Christine will take care of it.
I have to go now.
- Ok, but you think I can have access to his house? - Come with me, I'll give you the keys.
I sent you a list of Viggo Hansen's old classmates.
Great! Thanks, Fredrik! - One is a well known artist.
Eivind Aske.
You know him? - They went to school together? You got an address? What are you doing here? You can't break in just because the owner is dead.
I got the keys from the police! Why are you here?! Haven't you caused enough trouble today? Hello.
- Welcome.
We're Wisting, Hammer and Fjell.
Any sign of inflicted violence? Possible fracture of the left temple.
The skull is exposed for 3,5 centimeters.
It's a bit early but we can't rule out violence.
What about the clothes? What about the clothes? A Brioni jacket, John Henry trousers, Wolverine shoes, size 11 and a half.
Only US pages Ebay, Find&Save, Shopko Do we have a dead American? We'll continue tomorrow.
Hi! God Thomas - Hi.
Why that "God"? It was ringing all over the place.
You're home for Christmas.
Great! - What's great? You're in Tanzania.
I'm leaving this weekend.
- Really? I also wanna be home.
I wanna eat some ribs.
Are you listening to me? - Sorry, I have to go.
I just mentioned ribs.
- It's about work.
Dad? Did they find a body today? It's probably some drunk who fell asleep.
Christine said you needed a board.
Is this any good? Yes.
It was me, I used the wrong marker.
Mom went mad.
Are you hungry? I thought there would be flies and maggots.
- No.
It was so cold and dry that Viggo simply dried up.
Clean enough.
Being dead for so long when you're neighbor is a murder detective.
Nobody said anything about it? - It's not a crime to die in your chair.
It's just sad.
This happens when you have no relations with anyone whatsoever.
You're seeing someone, aren't you? I don't feel alone.
I don't have time for that.
Hi, it's Alfheim from Kripos.
Something came up.
We found fingerprints on the plastic bag.
It's a man wanted in the US.
Name is Robert Godwin.
I emailed you.
Ok, give me two seconds.
You know what's he wanted for? - For being a serial killer.
Larvik police station.
- Hi, I'm from VG.
You got any developments before we go to print? What about? - The latest news from the night.
Everything's calm here.
Anything in particular? Ok.
An American serial killer under a Norwegian spruce? Apparently.
The FBI is sending two agents.
One woman and one man.
Special agents.
They're already on a plane.
- Are they gonna take over? They come to assist and observe.
If anyone takes any decision, it'll be us.
They'll ask a lot of questions and leave us the dirty work.
The FBI has plenty of experience with serial killers.
They've been after Godwin for 20 years.
It's a black eye for them.
But this is our investigation and we gotta be extra focused.
We can't be 100% sure it's Godwin.
All we know is Godwin's prints were on that plastic bag and they're approximately the same age.
So, either we have a dead serial killer or the victim of the serial killer.
In Larvik The FBI recommends not to let this out.
Not in town, not at home and of course not to the press.
We got news from Oslo.
A complete DNA identification wasn't possible but the hair belonged to a woman.
A possible victim? - Or one who managed to escape.
When that biblical ship was here, a woman rented her house to an elderly North American: Peter Crabb, from Minneapolis.
He disappeared without paying.
Good job, Torunn.
- Hi.
Say hello to him, so he'll calm down.
No! Else-Britt Gusland.
You weren't that interested the first time I called you.
Is it about the body that was found? - We must check everything.
Was it this man who rented your house? Crabb looked much older but he had that very same photo among his stuff.
His stuff? - Yes, I had packed everything away.
When he got back, I had changed the lock.
- He got back? Yes, in September.
- You're sure it was him? I think so.
The neighbors said someone tried to open the door with the wrong key.
You still have his things? Ok.
Peter Crabb is a retired professor from Minneapolis.
67 years.
His neighbors reported him missing in August.
He said he was going to Norway to see some relatives.
His passport picture? - I asked for it, we're waiting.
USB stick.
You've reached William Wisting Hello? Police.
We're coming in.
Sorry The door was open I have the keys here Aren't you Line, Wisting's daughter? - Yes.
Remember me? Bjarne.
- Bjarne Your father was my instructor a long time ago.
My condolences even if it was Almost a year.
- One year it must have been a shock.
Maybe it's better when they get sick first, so you have time to get used to the idea.
She was a good woman.
We don't work with the FBI every day.
Not since "The Scream" was stolen before the '94 Olympic Games.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
My colleague got hold into customs.
I'm sorry.
Chief of police, Andrea Vetti.
Special agent Maggie Griffin.
Nice to meet you.
This is special agent John Bantham.
Pleased to meet you.
Hi, I'm Wisting.
Investigating leader.
"Chief Investigator".
- Yes Chief Investigator.
So let's go.
Larvik has the best spa hotel of the Nordic countries.
That's where we're staying? - Yes.
Does everyone understand the delicacy of the situation? Once it gets out we're here looking for Godwin, CNN and Fox News will be circling above our heads.
Don't worry, we're keeping everything very close.
Should we get you to the hotel first? - No, let's get straight to work.
DNA report came in.
The body you found is Peter Crabb.
There's no way Crabb and Godwin are the same person? - No we're hunting a serial killer.
Ok, this is Maggie Griffin and John Bantham, special agents from the FBI.
Thank you for having us, we're looking forward to working with you.
Please, have a seat.
- Thank you.
FBI has matched the DNA from the dead body with Peter Crabb, the missing American.
Which means Godwin's still out there, probably somewhere nearby.
Perhaps you can walk us through what you've done so far.
- Torunn? Sorry, I have to go.
My husband got held up at work and kindergarten is about to close.
I'm so sorry I'm sorry.
But shouldn't they be briefing us? Who is this guy and why the fuck is he in Norway? Robert Godwin is wanted for 6 murders in the US.
We believe he could be guilty of at least 11 more.
Why flee to a remote place like Larvik? We always considered Norway as a possibility, we just never had a solid enough lead to act on.
Why was Norway a possibility? - Godwin had Norwegian ancestors.
As is the case for 20% of the population in Minnesota.
Godwin was into it.
He studied the language and even gave lectures in Norwegian culture.
We believe he speaks your language fluently and has perfected it over the years.
To live here he'd need a different identity.
- If he's been here the whole time, he's probably become a caveman.
Well Norway is not the center of the universe but we are not Neanderthals.
I'm sorry? - We are not cavemen with long beards and hunting wild animals making sounds and knocking women with a stick.
"Caveman" is what we call someone who takes over someone else's life.
How can you take over someone's life? - You identify your victim, get to know him, even become his friend, study him and his behavior until you know enough.
Only then you kill him and wear his life like a suit.
We've known several cases over the years.
These are extremely dedicated individuals.
Where does Peter Crabb come into this? Crabb taught in the same college that Godwin did.
We think Crabb has been following Godwin for years.
So you think Crabb found Godwin and was killed.
But the hair in his hand was female.
Several strands of hair as if he had pulled We should expect a drastic change of appearance.
perhaps the hair you found came from a wig.
Most high quality wigs come from female human hair.
Hi, Fredrik.
I found Christmas cards from Irene and Fred.
Can you check it in the school book? Alright.
- I'll be with Aske.
I'll call you later.
You probably don't remember but I've interviewed you once.
Line Wisting.
I'm writing an article for VG now.
It's about my old neighbor and your old classmate, Viggo Hansen.
You got a minute? I have an old photo from school.
Was this your class? Yes this is Viggo.
We weren't too close.
He was kinda weird.
Did he have friends? He hanged out with this kid.
What was it Odd Werner.
- Odd Werner? Yes but I can't say if they were really friends.
You saw him afterwards? - No.
It's a small town - I have work to do.
Can I take a picture of you? We found a memory card on Peter Crabb's camera.
All photos are of old farms, abandoned places, sometimes just old fields.
We don't know - Hold on, is that a well? Go back.
Go back again again back Again.
What? You'll need to look at any open cases you have of missing young women, dating back 20 years.
Godwin hid all of his victims in old wells.
We've uncovered 17 remains of young women in wells all over the North West.
He held them captive up to 72 hours.
In some cases raped, several times.
Do they have special traits? Does he have a type? - Yes.
Young women, white, pretty.
Mostly blond.
Like this? - Who is it? Her name is or was Ellen Robekk.
Her uncle, Frank Robekk, was our colleague.
We never found her.
It destroyed him it did something to all of us.
Put her on the list.
Let me out! Let me out!