Wisting (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I told you to dress for "Fargo".
- I'm not complaining, am I? Ok, we have 46 cases of missing young women in the relevant area for the last 20 years.
Case files have been sent over from the other districts and Kripos is helping us translate them.
Agent Bantham is going to help us figure out which ones are relevant.
What about Frank? Should we tell him this? We wait till we know more.
- Ok.
So, while Bantham narrows down the list of possible victims we'll focus on the newest victim, Peter Crabb and the killer himself, Robert Godwin.
If Robert Godwin has become a "caveman", as you say, then he's hiding behind a perfectly legitimate Norwegian identity.
I'm working on a list of men of Robert Godwin's age living in our district.
Sorting by age only, there are over 2.
100 men on the list.
Ok, start by ruling out anyone who's been married for over 20 years.
Anyone who has living children over 20 yrs old, who's had the same employer for 20 years, that kind of things.
Back home, Godwin picked up his victims in main roads, his car being his primary asset.
He kept his victims alive for several days, obviously somewhere private.
I'd say it's very unlikely he'd be living in an apartment building, unless he has access to more than one property.
Er "Släktforskare"? - Genealogist.
A genealogist might be able to trace the farm or at least the area Godwin's ancestors emigrated from.
Hammer, dig up all you can on that Bible Boat.
I'll focus on the locations on Crabb's photos.
Good, finding Godwin's victims could lead us straight to him.
Let me out! Line! Hi! Hi.
It's been so long.
Everything alright? - Yes I better get inside, it's cold.
- Can we come in? We'll talk a bit.
How about we take a walk? So he can get some air Pampas? - The pig yes.
I wanna ask you about Viggo Hansen.
- Why? Give me 5 minutes.
Yes good pig You know I was at your mother's funeral.
Not at the reception though, we weren't that close.
I can't stay long, I'm working Of course you wanted to talk about Viggo Hansen.
- Yes.
Did you know him well? - No, we only met by the mailbox.
He probably died by the end of August.
Remember anything about that summer? - No.
But it was great seeing you again! Hi, Fredrik.
Give me 2 seconds.
It's work, I gotta go back.
I'll call you if I remember anything.
- Great! What do you have? - The address where Viggo lived as a child.
Ok, focus.
I just talked to the wife of the Christmas trees farmer.
She said they were in Thailand in August and they had this replacement Jonathan Wang.
He was actually on the scene the day we found the body.
You talked to him, Benjamin.
The old guy? Um he was in the way, I told him to leave.
There's a Jonathan Wang on the list.
He fits the profile.
He's 62, immigrant from Holland.
You're coming? I'm going with you.
If it's him I'll recognize him.
Stay in the car so no one finds out the FBI is here.
Jesus! Just gonna fill this.
What makes you think you'll be able to recognize him if he's changed the way he looks? - His manners, voice, energy I guess I'm just hoping that I'll know.
You've met him? Thank you, I wanted a coffee.
Sorry I just filled it up because it's free.
This is the Statoil cup.
You buy the cup once and then you can drink as much as you want for a whole year.
So, if you want a paper cup, you have to pay 20 or 40 crowns I think.
Bantham? What used to make my heart race when I was 10, now calms me down.
This is kinda like my cup of coffee.
- So, what are you looking for? I look for any signs of Godwin's MO in the details of these cases.
Most importantly, his age preference: 18 to 25.
Could you start with this one? Ellen Robekk this was the daughter of your colleague, right? She was his niece.
- Any suspects? We had a guy 2 years later, Vidar Haglund.
He was convicted for kidnapping and murdering another young girl.
We thought he might have killed Ellen too but we couldn't prove it.
Now, with all this, I don't know.
You're planning to approach a possible serial killer unarmed? Your guns are in there, right? - Yes but to take them out we need an approval.
You gotta be kidding me.
- In Norway, we believe fewer guns lead to less shooting.
But you have them and they're in the car.
If Godwin opens fire what you're gonna do? Run to the car and get your gun? This is Stavern, not Texas.
- What's Texas got to do with it? What do you care? You're staying in the car.
Get around it.
- Yes.
Hey! Back off! - Police, drop the axe! Drop the axe! Have I done something? - No but we saw you holding an axe.
We wanted to talk to you about what we found in Hallegarden.
Who is she? - She's a She's writer doing some research.
She should have stayed in the car.
- That's ok, maybe she saw too many crime movies.
It can't be ok, not even in the Norwegian countryside, to get lost in your cellphone, especially on duty.
You were ready to shoot the guy for chopping wood in his own property! That's why we don't wave around guns, especially when we're supposed to be discrete.
I don't know where your head is but it certainly isn't here.
He drives or I drive myself.
You drive, I don't want a sour, trigger-happy bitch at the wheel.
Take me home.
Hi, excuse me are you Annie? Yes, why? - You got 5 minutes? If you're selling something, I'm not interested.
- No, I'm Line Wisting.
I work for VG.
I'm writing about someone who used to live around here.
Viggo Hansen, remember him? I'm looking for his childhood friends.
Odd Werner, yes poor guy.
There were also Ole Linge and Fred.
Have you talked to them? Not yet.
Fred what? - Fred Iversen.
I believe he moved to Denmark though.
You said "poor guy" Yes, they were those kids weren't quite right.
They had tough situations at home.
It's not nice to say it, but When I think of Viggo, it mostly reminds me of the rumors.
First his father was caught robbing a bank, then his mother killed herself.
Something's going on in Larvik.
- What you mean? They ordered a DNA test and a quick autopsy.
I know you're after something else but don't miss anything.
Talk to your father.
Murder is better than loneliness.
You've reached William Wisting Wisting.
- It's Joachim Andresen, for Dagbladet.
Anything new on the body? - There'll be a press conference.
I could stop by your office, it's always better in person Thanks, we'll get out a press release when we know something more.
Hi, Finn.
- Hi.
I hope you retire, so you'll have time for your hobbies.
Good fishing? - No but I keep the boat or I'll get bored.
I have pictures of old farms I'm trying to locate.
Also a barn that burned down.
Perhaps you were called for that fire.
Frank is active again, just so you know.
It's about - It's not about Ellen but I'm worried for him.
That's Hagatun.
It was abandoned long before it burned down.
A kid with matches.
You know where it is? - There's a grassy road by the old Tanum school.
It's probably covered in snow now.
You recognize any of the other places? - I'm sorry.
Thanks, Finn.
William take it.
Does Line like crabs? - Yes.
Hi, can I go see dad? I can't let you in, Line.
Someone must go with you.
Sorry, new rules.
No special treatment for you? Why are you here? - I should ask you the same.
You got better sources, Line? Line? - You won't answer the phone.
It must be something big if you don't even answer your own daughter.
Joachim Andresen, from Dagbladet.
Coffee is getting cold, maybe you could microwave it.
Beautiful crabs! They're great this time of the year.
Sorry, I have a meeting.
- Sure.
Can you take care of these? They're for you from Haber.
I call these "fringe benefits".
- Fucking idiot This is Hagatun.
Remote farm, burned down, hardly visible from the road.
Perfect for Godwin.
Who's this Haber guy? A retired crime scene investigator.
There was a fire in the 70's, he recognized it from Crabb's photos.
We should check it out discretely.
I'll let Hammer organize it.
Where is he, by the way? He his mother had a fall on ice, he had to go check on her.
Meat and ribs, it's Christmas.
- It's just another occasion to stuff ourselves.
But it's good to get together.
Mom would have liked it, right? Thanks, I have to go now.
- Ok.
Catch you later.
Ole Linge? Line Wisting.
I'm a reporter, I'm writing a piece on Viggo Hansen.
I have a few questions.
You knew him as a kid, right? Yes, yes come in.
We used to hang around, playing pranks and checking out girls.
What kind of pranks? - The usual kind.
The girls did they peek back? - At Viggo? What do you think? I think not.
I think they laughed at him, maybe they were even frightened by him.
I see you know him better than me.
Thanks for your time.
Yes? - Fredrik, it's Line.
People usually watch TV sitting always in the same place, right? Are you serious? - Yes, that's my question.
It depends on 3 things: Age, gender and TV program.
Why? - Kids never stand still.
My son watches TV upside down, with his head hanging from the couch.
Women, on the other hand, always come and go.
What about elderly men? - They always sit in the same chair.
Is that why you called? - Yes also I need you to check something for me.
I need to know what the victim was watching when he died.
Victim? Suddenly it's a murder? Nils? WE NEED TO CHECK OUT A PI Hi.
- Hi.
I got something for you.
Viggo's father's criminal record.
It was no joke to be sentenced for robbery.
I think he was murdered.
- Viggo's father? No Viggo! Didn't you notice he was sitting in the wrong chair? The other chair was worn, that's where he used to sit! Why did you rule out murder? - There was nothing to suggest it.
But there was an autopsy.
- Yes.
Isn't it strange he died in a chair where he never sat? Of course, your theory makes it more exciting.
Exciting? You think I'm making up things to make it more exciting? You're mixing the work of a reporter with the work of the police.
My job is also to find the truth, aren't police and press on the same side? Of course we're on the same side - Are we? You avoid me, lie to me, say I make up things Don't you trust me? Or you're afraid I might find some mistake? I'd be the first to admit it if we made some mistake in the investigation.
You would have beat me as a cop.
But you are a reporter and as a father, I'll give you everything I have.
I'm not asking for a pony! I'm asking for a professional opinion on my theory! That is Viggo was murdered because we found him in the wrong chair? It's not enough to reopen a case.
I think we both need some rest.
The crabs are boiling.
- I have work to do.
You know where we're going? - Yes.
Stop! - What is it? Hammer! We don't have time for that! Police! Stop! What is that? Where did you get it? Abdi? Felix? What are you talking about? - You think it's funny?! Calm down! "Andreas Wiki.
" Normally I'd call your parents and say: "Andreas and I are waiting for you.
" Then we'd look for your drugs together.
It's just hash, I'm no junkie! No? - No! Hammer! I know who you are now.
Next time, I'll do what I just said.
Got it?! Are you done? - That was his last joint.
Stop at Statoil.
- Forget it! You can't stop for coffee, we're off to Hagatun.
It's gonna take a while.
Tell me about Crabb.
Why did he come after Godwin? Godwin's first known victim was one of Crabb's students.
Lynn Adams.
She was 18.
Beautiful, blonde girl.
Sweet, shy.
I think Crabb may have had a crush on her, perhaps even an affair.
It wouldn't be the first professor, I guess.
- You're telling me.
Who knows what his relationship with his wife was like before Lynn was killed but they got divorced a year later.
He started drinking, lost his job for a while.
Revenge? If Godwin ruined his life.
- Love hurts? A million dollar reward wouldn't hurt either.
Hi, Line.
Thomas arrives in an hour.
I wish I could pick him up but I'm stuck with work.
Me too, in Oslo.
Send him a taxi, he knows you're busy.
I have a meeting now.
Kids they know just how to - Lift your spirits? I wouldn't know I never had any.
My choice, believe it or not.
- I believe it.
Listen, I need to pick up my son at the airport.
Could you wait in Hammer's car? He's no perfect but he's a great policeman.
He used to be a legend when he worked in narcotics When was that? Last century? A lifetime ago? He had to go.
Enough of this.
Can't we use more spades? Do we have more spades? Or buckets, anything so maybe we can go on foot.
The pump unit is heavy - Then put it on a sledge and pull, come on! Thomas! Thomas.
- Hi, dad.
How are you? Yes, well the house is the same but I can't promise it'll be clean as before.
It doesn't matter, I came to see you and Line.
It's fine without all that intensity.
Yes shall we Way to go, guys! Let's see where Wisting is.
Fuck What are you looking for? - My phone.
You left it in the car? He's looking for his phone Fuck! Have you used the snow blower yet? - I pay Enoch's son for that.
He's got his own, so ours is still shiny new in the garage.
How it feels here after heat and elephants? We don't go safari, famine takes all of our time.
I'm very proud of you.
What you do is Yes? We got a clear path to the well.
But something is seriously wrong with Hammer.
You need to get over here.
Hello? Can you hear me? - Ok.
We need to go down before we lose the light.
When can you be here? Go ahead.
"You're the man".
- What? Are you telling me to go ahead? - Ok.
It was work.
I'm sorry It's ok, don't worry.
What are you doing? - What does it look like? This is no safari.
You stay here and observe.
Your boss told me to go ahead so I'm gonna climb down the well.
You can play with your phone while I work.
- Damn cunt! I don't know what your problem is but when it comes to Robert Godwin stay out of my fucking way.
Lower the pump! Can you see anything? So if you have any information about Uwe, the Arizona axe murderer, please contact the FBI.
The next one on the list has eluded the authorities for over 2 decades.
Suspected of kidnapping and murdering more than 20 young women.
He suddenly disappeared without a trace.
FBI believes he probably left the USA Grog? Come on.
Minnesota native, with Scandinavian descent, he's perhaps best known as the "highway killer", Robert Godwin.
Nils! I found it near your car.
What's with him? It's empty! Sick bastard!