Wisting (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Sissel hey You're so kind.
What time is this to come home? - Thomas! Hi! You got a nice tan.
- Thanks.
What a delicious breakfast.
- It is.
You're kind.
- Only with you.
Yes any plans for today? - I'm going to Viggo's funeral.
Aren't you going? - I got some meetings, the first one in a few minutes.
About the "Christmas tree murder"? - Nice try.
I'm meeting Amund Sund, he's gonna do the service.
Say hello to him.
- And thanks for last time? He left it - Because he trusts you! Sure Try mom's birthday.
Shit! So thank you very much for the delicious breakfast, son.
You're welcome.
You're doing anything nice today, Thomas? I thought I'd go to church with Line.
Maybe I could put a flower on the grave.
I thought we could get together for dinner.
Coffee shop near Wassilioff? Yes, if you got time.
- I'll find the time.
What you're looking at? An email to Viggo from some Irene.
So, we drained the wrong well but we're close, I can feel it.
Washington sent these to help us.
These are digital mockups of old photos of Godwin so we can see what he might look like today.
That could be anyone.
- Concentrate on the area around the eyes and the eyes, they're the hardest to change or alter.
Men don't generally wear makeup or pluck their eyebrows.
Old men wear glasses.
- Concentrate on the eyes, not the glasses.
What if he wears sunglasses? Really? Dagbladet called the newspaper.
They suspect we're investigating a murder.
Not a word.
If Godwin hears we're here, he will run.
Keep a lid on it.
Is it the new guy, Joachim? - Yes.
Tell him to call me.
- And you won't answer? Guys, I've been analyzing all your relevant missing person files and narrowed it down to 12 cases that best fit Godwin's profile.
Fits best how? - Taste to put it bluntly.
Type and age and any similar location.
Anywhere close to a main road.
Easy exit, easy access.
- The highway killer.
Ellen Robekk how sure are you? - She fits the profile.
I'm sorry.
Guro Linde! She disappeared from a McDonalds in 2007.
My God Hilde's case.
Maria Bente Olsen So we have possibly 12 victims over a 20 year period, right? Yes, given that he works within roughly the same perimeter that he did in the US, which is a 5 hours drive, give or take, around a focal point, which we believe is here.
You think he lives here in Larvik? - Probably or works here.
And his rhythm? - Pattern.
- Yes, pattern.
Statistically, he craves a new victim every year and a half.
- And the last was? Nearly two years ago.
Haglund, it's time.
What? Have you been here? - No.
Thomas, I must go.
See you tonight.
Line Wisting.
Can I ask you a question? Hi.
You gotta see this.
If Godwin lives here in Larvik and operates within a 5 hour range, what stops him from driving all the way here to Sweden? Shit - Dammit! I'll take care of it.
Leave it to me.
We have 12 cases, how many could the Swedes have? I keep working on the wells.
I'll call the Historical Society.
You should commend him when he does good.
Excuse me, are you Irene? - Yes.
My name's Line Wisting.
I was Viggo's neighbor.
You recognize this? - Where did you get it? I have access to his house.
I work for VG, I'm writing about Viggo.
"Access"? You're a neighbor or a reporter? I grew up in the house next to his, now I work for VG.
Can I ask you how you knew him? You took a picture of me in church.
I want nothing to do with this.
Yes? - Someone wants to report a stalker.
A stalker? Can't Benjamin handle it? - He insists to speak with you.
"He"? Long time no see.
17 years.
You think someone's following you? I just served a sentence for something I didn't do I don't need this.
Is someone stalking you? - I wanna report him for harassment.
Wait a bit - He wants me to see him.
I think he's provoking me, trying to get me to do something stupid.
Something stupid like what? Like get rid of him.
He knows if I do anything, I'll be brought back in.
Who are we talking about? Someone you know? Who do you think? Frank Robekk! Detective the Ellen Robekk case, something's puzzling me about it.
Her uncle your colleague, Frank.
Why wasn't he investigated? She was his niece, she was in his care when she disappeared.
He was the last person to see her alive.
That in itself is - You think Robekk is Godwin? No I'm pretty certain he's not.
I ran his prints.
Robekk was tough, a good cop.
Until Ellen disappeared, then he became intense.
When Cecilia went missing too, Frank thought it was the same man.
When we caught Haglund for Cecilia's murder, we couldn't link him to Ellen, so Robekk was asked to let it go.
Can we come in? - You can.
Not him.
I make good coffee but it's not ready.
Frank I know why you're here.
- Are you going after Haglund? I only watch him, I don't harass him.
- Leave it.
You're not the only one to know the truth.
My mind is right, although you think I'm crazy.
I don't think you're crazy I think you're just wrong.
I think you want it to be him 'cause he paid his debt.
"Paid his debt"'? No one paid for anything here, William! He did 17 years! - So he's reformed now? Let him go free to meet another Ellen or Cecilia! He'll be nice to them! What if it was Line? Changing the lock? - Yes.
I have keys to the old lock.
Maybe we could ask the police to get me a copy of the new one.
Is it common for elderly people to have an extra lock? People like an alarm if they're anxious.
I told him too.
So you did put on another lock.
- Yes, this past summer.
He also asked about some protection for the windows.
When I came to put it up, there was nobody home.
Perhaps he was already What impression did you get of him? - He looked scared.
Swedish police are going through all the relevant missing girl cases, they're sending someone.
Meanwhile, we need to locate the missing wells on Crabb's photos.
John and Torunn, we need to work our way through our list of possible suspects.
Yes, I'll check it.
Better? - Thanks.
- No.
Sissel This isn't good.
You're getting worse by the day Don't feel sorry.
If I can manage, so can you.
I know you must go to work now.
But first you gotta lock me in again.
It's got to be done.
Yes? - Irene? Hi it's Line, from church.
I know you wanna be left alone, but Viggo was really my neighbor Forget it, you're just a nosy girl.
Ok, you're right but it's not just about making a sensation there's more.
I know he was afraid of something before he died.
He'd put a new lock, something was definitely wrong The police discovered nothing.
I wanna know what that was about.
For Viggo's sake, we owe it to him.
- I don't think you do it for Viggo's sake.
What was that? - This is not helping Viggo, his life turned into a mystery novel I owe it to him.
- What is it you can tell me? Viggo had many problems.
Anxiety, delusions That's why he got a new lock.
- Delusions? You mean he was ill? He'd been a mental patient.
It was 14 years ago.
Is that where you met him? You were both patients? Yes.
For Viggo, it all started when he could no longer recognize an old friend.
He thought he'd turned into someone else.
- Like a demon or something? No, he thought he had turned into another person.
You know who this person was? - No, just that he knew him from when they were kids.
Hey! Stop! You never stop working? - You should get me something for Christmas.
I found something on Fred Iversen.
He lives in Denmark now.
He moved 20 years ago.
- Are you sure it's our Fred Iversen? Everything points to that.
I'll call you when I know more.
- Great.
Hello? - Fred Iversen? - Yes.
I'm Line Wisting, from Larvik.
I wanted to ask you if you ever lived here in Larvik.
Heckler? - Yes.
It's a p30, our standard edition.
Thank you, I like to do a few rounds every week, keep sharp.
We use a Glock 17.
I used to have a Sig but I like the Glock.
I'm not that into guns.
You may not like them but sometimes you need 'em.
- Just like dentists.
Yes? - Some reporter is asking about Robekk.
A reporter on Robekk? - Yes.
Ellen? - It's about Haglund.
Fuck ok, thanks.
What? Frank's been stalking an old suspect, he must have gone to the press.
I'm sorry, I have to deal with this.
- Let him! Better than "murdered American found under a Christmas tree", don't you think? Anything to buy us time.
Let him run it.
Hi, William.
Thanks for your time, just a brief comment.
Why are you interested in Robekk? Why have you persuaded Haglund not to report Robekk for stalking? Haglund said that? Larvik is a small town, people bump into each other all the time.
I was skeptic too.
An ex-cop stalking someone who's already served his time.
So I checked whether it was true or not.
Still no comments? Will this stay between us? - I can't promise anything, we gotta protect the little man.
If these photos come out, we'll be screwed.
Haglund, who did time, will be pointed out as a murderer.
Frank Robekk, who is a good man, is also one of the "little men" to protect It's not about me but I think you should leave it alone.
What do you want to change your mind? The body you found, the American, is it a murder investigation? Who said it was an American? - If we wanna believe the landlady, we know his name.
Peter Crabb was missing in the US.
If you confirm me that it was Crabb and that he was murdered, I'll leave Robekk alone.
But I want an exclusive.
Come on, it was the right thing to do.
Frank's life and troubles are personal to me but so it's Godwin to you.
I had to make a decision, that's my job.
So how did he get under your skin? I let him go.
We had a lead on a car, a brown Buick.
Godwin's name came up, he he knew the first victim.
So I pulled him in and got him in a chair.
I just knew it was him! I didn't have enough to hold him and I just didn't have the nerve to bend the rules.
So I let him go.
Thinking that I would have a second chance, you know, once I'd "built my case".
Two days later we found his DNA on another victim.
Now I had the evidence but he was gone and he came here.
Excuse me Fred Iversen? Thanks.
Fred Iversen.
- Line Wisting.
Nice to meet you.
Have a seat.
- Thanks.
So how did you find me? Process of elimination and Christmas postcards.
So you went through Viggo's stuff.
I'm a reporter, occupational hazard.
I noticed the last postcard is from 2009.
You stopped sending them or maybe Viggo? This is all very formal, isn't it? A glass of wine? Yes, I'm waiting.
Be nice to the boss, folks.
Some jackass vandalized the statue last night.
It's not a statue of me.
- But are you related to the polar explorer? I'll take No.
- Benjamin? Hammer? Could I have a No.
4 please? With extra-cheese.
Ok, the fact that we are working on a murder case is about to hit the news any second now.
The fact that Crabb is an American will bring more attention to it.
We're not amateurs, we had murder cases before.
Ok, well the release of Crabb's identity narrows our timeframe considerably.
It's imperative that our presence here remains a secret.
I knew he had few acquaintances.
You know, when a friendship is not reciprocal, it can be hard to bear.
I can see that.
Care for something else besides coffee? - I'm working.
Why you agreed to meet me if you won't tell me anything? Why do you dress like this if you don't want me to look at you? Why did you dress like this? You look like you need cheering up.
Hi, I'm John.
- Line.
May I? - Yes.
Please, don't tell me that was a date.
- It wasn't a date.
Long live History Society! It's like a retirement home but now we have a new well.
We got the farm of Godwin's ancestors.
Tverr fjord, near Torsteintjörn.
What's that? - Another well.
It's the same place! - What is it? What you got? One of the wells in Crabb's photos is from the farm that Godwin's ancestors emigrated from.
We should talk to the family that lives there.
- Maggie, ready to dive in? I'd like to throw your sorry ass down that well.
Really? Too bad I'll have to be up here now, planning ahead, making sure we don't fuck up.
We're this close, in less than a week.
How many years did it take you to NOT find him? - Nils! What wrong with you? - Her and her self-esteem! Shit Sissel came back home.
We're trying to straighten things up.
Did she get treatment? Methadone? - We've tried it all.
We're doing it home.
I have to take extra-care of her.
She can't be left alone for too long.
I promise I'll try to behave.
You need time off? - No if I can choose.
Go home now, we can do one night without you.
You can't do this while I'm in a meeting, I'm with a lot of other people now.
We're going out now.
No, you can do it yourself.
Put him on your knees and apply the zinc ointment.
When he has calmed down, give him the suppository.
That says it all! It's 5 o'clock and the first time you give him the medicine! You need to go home? - No! Hey! Thomas, come! - Where? Just come out! - Ok.
What is it? - Just come.
Are you drunk? - Maybe a little.
Wait what are you doing? - Come on, don't be a bore.
They all think he died of natural causes.
I don't.
You think he was killed? Or killed himself? - How about both? You knew he was hospitalized? - No.
His father hanged himself.
Right here I think.
Hold it.
No, Line we can't We gotta find out more.
- Now? Yes, Fred gave me nothing.
- Then I need a drink too.
Sorry to bother you, we're from Larvik police.
Torunn Borg and William Wisting.
- Ida Alsaker.
He's my husband, Magnus.
It's the police.
Something wrong? - You got some visits last summer? Anyone interested in seeing the farm? The American - Yes.
An American was here? Alone? He said his family emigrated from this farm.
He was disappointed we were not related.
We bought the farm two years ago.
This is an old photo but could it be him? Hard to say no.
- Ok.
This is a bit more recent.
Was it him? - Yes, maybe Yes, and what about this one? Yes, it's him.
He took a lot of photos of the farm.
You think any of these pictures was taken here? Isn't the old groundwater plant? Yes, it's behind the farm, across the road.
Found anything? - I think a letter from the US.
Think about it they just packed and left.
No Skype, no cellphone.
Most of them never saw their families again.
US CITIZEN FOUND DEAD UNDER A CHRISTMAS TREE Dad gave the story to Dagbladet! We shall open it, right? I think I see the bottom.
What's that?! There's something moving down there.
You're right.