Witch Hunt (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Ikke for å være vanskelig

- Are you sure
- Absolutely. They'll be here.
You're drinking a 1998
straight from the bottle?
I need to get out of the Munin field.
I have to free up some assets.
I need financing.
Three or four billion kroner.
- But we have a plan
- Statkraft.
Twenty percent. Give or take.
Are you serious, Peer?
Statkraft isn't for sale.
Do you know something I don't?
Nothing indicates a change in policy.
With good friends,
you can always find a solution.
Friends communicate.
You're talking risky business.
Parliament has to okay it,
and then it gets listed
- We can't
- I'm a big fan of communication.
Why are you telling me this?
Perception, Jan Gunnar.
When Statkraft comes up for sale,
we can't have
any skeletons falling out.
You're saying you want
to clean out your closets?
I have faith in you.
- Why aren't you firing?
- Not into the herd.
One of them always wanders off.
There she goes.
Isn't she beautiful?
Stupid fool.
Ida, the Eggen sculpture is here.
It's here?
I'm trying to figure out what it is.
It's a gift from Eggen.
Is it a nice gift?
It's a nice gift.
According to those in the know.
Excellent work on the budget.
How did you manage
to minimize that IT upgrade?
I gave them a stern look.
You saved us a bundle.
- Ida?
- Thank you.
- There were some skills involved.
- Sure. Three, four percent.
She is so beautiful.
And you
You're in the picture too.
There you are. Jan Gunnar is bitching
about some invoice.
I'm so sore!
I can hardly walk.
- Help me!
- You played a half period.
It was madness.
Totally insane.
What invoice?
From Klant Consulting.
I said that's your job.
He seemed stressed.
He read me the riot act.
That's great. Excellent.
Let's go for that.
Yes. Great.
- Yes.
- This invoice you sent.
From Klant Consulting.
Something is missing.
It's fine.
Where are the accounting records?
It's a consulting firm we use.
I can't pay 450,000 euros
based on that.
I'm telling you it's fine.
The auditors need more.
I understand,
but can't you be a little flexible?
We have paid them before.
Things are a little crazy here now.
I'll get you those records.
That isn't how
we're supposed to do things.
Live on the wild side for once.
For me.
Will I get those records today?
I can't tell you exactly when,
but you'll get them.
Good. Okay.
You look pale.
Have you stopped eating again?
Coffee is very nourishing.
Jonas, can you help me write a memo
for that hearing?
- For the Eggen case?
- Yes.
Sure. Of course.
I'll take care of it.
Fuck, I have to deliver
some documents for PK.
Make up an excuse.
I could do that first
and come back
- I need it now.
- I can do it.
No, wait.
We're still discussing this.
- When do you need it?
- By 3 p.m.
- You'll have it by 2 p.m.
- Thank you.
Sorry. That's the name of the game.
- It's okay. I'm swamped anyway.
- Stop being so nice.
- Is that a problem?
- Not if you're happy being a trainee.
Minister of Justice Anette Noreide,
you caused outrage with your proposal
to grant more government insight
into businesses.
Were you prepared for this backlash?
We are in no way removing
the prohibition against evidence.
We are just clarifying it.
The prohibition
against evidence means
that the attorney-client privilege
inhibits law enforcement.
Yes, and I want to make it easier
to investigate economic crime.
We can't allow certain individuals
to hide behind professional secrecy,
as in the ongoing tax case
against Peer Eggen.
Let me reply to that.
Jan Gunnar Askeland,
you represent Peer Eggen.
I find it astounding
that our Minister of Justice,
a former lawyer, would attack
my client in an ongoing case.
I find that scandalous.
- That was beautiful.
- I'm not talking about guilt.
But the investigation into this case
and others has been complicated
Can you turn that off?
This was documented this week by
Dagens Næringsliv.
Didn't we agree
on a low media profile?
That bitch is barking
up the wrong tree.
We can't let her litigate
the case in public.
Just give it time. It will blow over.
Peer was furious. He told me to act.
Peer is a client,
not the manager of this firm.
True, but he represents
more than half our revenue.
Are we ready for Tuesday?
The witness is a problem.
The captain who claims
he was ordered to move the rig.
Have we discussed a settlement?
I'm sure as hell
not placing that call to Eggen.
We stick to the plan.
He's your client.
- Hi there.
- Hi.
- That Christmas bonus
- Christmas? Give me a break.
My wedding went over budget.
That's because
you flew in half of Tehran.
I generate a lot of business.
There are new rules, and I can't make
any exceptions. Sorry, Pedram.
By the way
- Klant.
- Yes?
What is that?
I don't know.
- Klant Consulting.
- We don't do business with Klant.
Klant? Sounds like
a venereal disease.
Jan Gunnar says
the Eggen team uses them.
He's mistaken.
Everything goes through me.
- So you don't work with Klant?
- No, we don't work with Klant.
Hi. Have you been out with Felix?
Sorry, I totally forgot.
I've been busy with this
Where's Emma?
How do you find
a foreign-registered company?
What kind of company?
They've invoiced us, but I can't
find a damn shit on them.
Maybe they don't want to be found?
You think?
I don't know. Why do you ask?
Never mind.
- Come on. What is it?
- It's nothing.
Nothing as in nothing?
Or nothing as in your sacred duty
of confidentiality?
If I told you,
I would have to kill you.
Then I guess that's settled.
Let's leave it at that.
I feel like we're on top
of oral proceedings.
And the questioning?
Can anyone give me something
I can use?
Would you please excuse us?
Fine, give us five minutes.
Time is of the essence.
So you haven't been informed
of the latest development?
What do you mean?
Our troublesome witness
in the tax case.
- The captain.
- Yes?
He's no longer on the witness list.
I wasn't aware of that.
I am.
I may be old,
but I still have my contacts.
- Has he changed his statement?
- He's no longer of interest.
- That's good news.
- Isn't it?
But my question is:
Isn't it a little too good?
I'm not quite sure what
you're implying here, but
I hope it isn't what I think it is.
We're attorneys, Jan Gunnar,
not cowboys.
And that applies
no matter who the client is.
Of course.
Excellent. Then we agree.
Hi. Could you get me a printout
of all the Eggen team's incoming and
outgoing invoices for the past year?
It's for the audits.
I need an overview.
I've worked on that case for a year.
We can't give up now.
That witness was our entire case.
Without him we have nothing.
Find a new witness.
Get a continuance.
On what basis? I'm not pursuing
a case I can't win.
- So we let him off? Again?
- I'm not thrilled about this either.
Got any spare change?
Look at you.
Hi. Good to see you, Bråthen.
How are you doing?
Back on the street?
Yeah. Thanks.
It's been a shitty year.
You bum.
Where's your uniform?
Got tired of chasing
small-time crooks like you.
- I'm going after the big fish.
- The kingpins.
Don't bother.
You'll never catch them.
Good to see you.
- Yeah. See you.
- Pull yourself together.
Jan Gunnar took them.
The printouts. It was strange.
He said they were confidential.
It's standard procedure. Tell him
I'm not going back in there.
Not until he's calmed down.
Good luck.
I need to know
what the deal is with Klant.
It's a consulting firm.
I already told you.
That the Eggen team is using?
That's strange.
I talked to Pedram, and he
Yes, and he says
he's never heard of them.
Have you discussed this with Pedram?
All Eggen things usually go
through him.
- That was sloppy of you.
- Sloppy?
Pedram coordinates the cases for us.
But certain things are
on a need-to-know basis.
- I understand that, but
- Ida, is there a problem here?
- A problem?
- Yes. Do you and I have trust issue?
I'm simply asking about an invoice.
I'm not trying to be difficult.
Of course there are issues
I can't discuss with my team.
And I shouldn't have to tell you
not to discuss
our financial transactions openly.
This is sensitive information.
You have a duty of confidentiality.
This is serious.
Anything else?
I heard the witness refuses
to testify.
He ditched me.
Jan Gunnar. I'm off the team.
Off the Eggen team?
Eighty hours a week
for two fucking years.
I was late for my own wedding.
I was going to be made partner.
- You still can. I mean
- It's all bullshit.
- Why do you say that?
- That's how it is.
Just because I don't have some daddy,
uncle or mentor.
You work more than anyone else.
Of course they have plans for you.
You're a good guy, Jonas.
But you're really fucking dense.
People here only have plans
for themselves.
Excuse me?
- Sorry?
- I asked for ketchup.
- Ketchup?
- Yes, I want some ketchup.
- Okay
- Can you get some ketchup?
- Yes, of course.
- Thank you.
Excuse me? Is the kitchen this way?
Excuse me. Hi!
Hi, sorry.
Do you have any ketchup?
Here you go. Ketchup.
Thank you.
- Is that your car right outside?
- Yes. Why?
I'm pretty sure you'll get a ticket.
- Okay. Can I eat in peace now?
- A pretty expensive parking space.
- But that
- It's come to that.
Can't even eat
a decent chicken tikka without
Without breaking the law.
So you do feel you're above the law.
Are you relieved they have to drop
that tax case against you?
Aida Salim from Dagens Næringsliv.
But I'm happy
to serve you ketchup anytime.
Can I quote you
on what you just said?
You're from DN?
Feel free.
- I have a few more questions.
- No way in hell.
Okay. Thanks.
- Find a nice picture.
- I promise.
I'm sorry if I got
a little hot-headed earlier today.
I went too far.
I really don't mean to be difficult.
But we'll be in trouble
if things aren't done by the book.
I understand. I just
I'm so stressed right now.
But here.
The accounting records.
I see.
They finally came up with them.
They just sent them over.
It was a simple oversight.
Okay. Then everything is in order.
All right.
Listen, do you want
to go out for drinks?
Not you and me
I mean, we can do that too,
but I meant the management team.
Team building isn't
my strongest suit.
Sure, that would be great.
It's important we stick together.
On one condition: no more yelling.
I can't guarantee that.
Anyway, it's important
to have some fun.
- Great, it's a deal.
- Super.
Here comes my brother.
Unannounced, as usual.
- Hi there.
- Damn, it's cold!
Hi, Felix.
Would you mind taking off your shoes?
Are you smoking again?
Did I ever quit?
- Yes, last weekend.
- See?
- How's your writing going?
- Ida
- I'll set another place.
- No box wine?
This one doesn't come in a box.
That's enough for me.
I'm going out for drinks later.
Yeah, it's all about cocktails now.
Hi, uncle Ola.
- We crushed them, 16-9!
- Great!
Hi! Congratulations!
I'll go take a shower.
So, Jonas,
do you actually have time for this?
Or do those piranhas take
all your time?
- Don't start.
- I'm just here for the food.
Unscrupulous suits.
Let me take off my suit
before you start.
You should have worked
for me instead.
- What, writing your memoirs?
- No.
Standing up for what's right
and fighting against injustice.
That's what lawyers are meant to do.
Those piranhas work
to make crimes legal.
You're such a cliché.
But it's true, Ida.
Eggen fucking got away with it again.
What a bastard. I can't stand
that cocky face of his.
You're allowed to be cocky
if you're worth 30 billion.
- They really have you by the balls.
- They don't.
Give me a break!
The people I know at B&G
are all decent and hardworking.
We have wealthy clients
because we have the best attorneys.
Instead of pursuing your obsessions,
Ola Waage,
you should be happy for Jonas.
There's no better place
for a young lawyer.
I forgot the sour cream.
Do you really believe that?
I do. With all my heart.
Cheers to that!
Right, time for a toast.
This is a little awkward,
since you're married to dad
and we agreed not
to talk about work, but
could you look into that position
on the Eggen team for me?
What position?
Since Pedram is off the team,
maybe I have a chance to
- Is Pedram off the team? Why?
- I don't know.
Could you help me out?
That would be wrong,
and I think you know that.
Of course.
It's just that everyone else does it.
- I didn't help you to get hired.
- No, not in the least.
I don't think it's a good idea
in any case.
The pressure on that team is inhuman.
If Pedram wasn't good enough
What do you mean?
Don't you think I'm up for it?
- Sure I do.
- Then what are you saying?
I don't know. I simply don't know.
We can't call it a night now.
Let's go for a nightcap.
We need a maxitaxi.
There are five of us.
There's a line.
- Can we take this one?
- I said there's a line!
If it isn't Bråthen.
Good to see you again. Have you met?
Eirik Bråthen
from the Economic Crime Authority.
Anyway, there are five of us.
It would be nice
if we could take this taxi.
None of you are getting
into that taxi.
It's their taxi.
- Don't be such a sore loser, Bråthen.
- What happened to that witness?
Go home, drink some coffee
and go to bed.
What a gang!
What a pathetic fucking gang.
- This is getting embarrassing.
- Assholes!
- Fucking assholes!
- Calm down!
I'm not done with you.
Not with any of you.
And especially not that psychotic
bastard who pays your bills.
What a fucking moron!
He must have taken it personally.
- What was that?
- He was shitfaced.
- What was he talking about?
- Never mind.
The shittiest students
from the police academy
go into economic crime.
Okay. We'll need two cars.
I think this old lady needs
to head home now.
- No, we'll have none of that.
- I'm so tired.
Could you drive me
to Biermann & Gude instead?
- Do you know where it is?
- Sure, no problem.
I'm working the night shift too.
We're talking 450,000 euros.
Is Eggen?
I'm telling you,
Tinder is better than its reputation.
An artsy type,
so no future whatsoever, but
Jesus Christ!
Did you sleep here?
Do you realize
we have billed Eggen
over nine million kroner
this quarter?
I guess he can afford it.
And the Euro is at
What time is it?
- I have to make a call.
- And have a look in the mirror.
Hi, it's Ida.
Sorry for calling you so early.
Those accounting records
you gave me
I realize that,
but they don't make sense at all.
Well, find the time. We have to talk.
I understand,
but it just doesn't add up.
I don't have time for this.
I have checked
Christ, I feel sick.
I have checked the numbers
so many times, and you have
inflated our fees.
I mean, a trainee charged
15,000 kroner for one hour.
A lawyer charged 20,000.
And you're in here.
A two-hour consultation:
100,000 kroner.
What do you want?
I can't explain every line item
on this invoice.
My boys bill Eggen
according to our agreement.
We're talking 4.3 million.
Yeah. That's chump change.
Chump change?
4.3 million for no work whatsoever?
And that's the exact same amount
we paid to Klant.
There's a connection, right?
This is Eggen buying services
from Klant.
So, what is our role?
Are we facilitating?
Technically and legally speaking
this is
It's a criminal act.
You need to calm down.
- It's money laundering.
- Money laundering?
What else could it be?
What's the connection
between Klant and Eggen?
It's not what you think.
Sometimes you simply have
to be discreet.
I need you to explain that to me.
I have I screwed up.
Okay? That's what happened.
Peer wanted us to keep
some of these connections hidden.
But no laws were broken.
I lost perspective. I admit it.
I lost perspective.
It shouldn't have happened,
and I apologize.
It was really stupid.
But if you had known
how demanding he can be
And that fucking tax case
on top of everything
My power of judgement
failed me a little.
You can't go on like this.
I know. I understand.
Do you really? Are you sure?
I'll take care of it. I promise.
All right.
Take this directly to Eggen.
- Credit that invoice and
- No.
I can't, but you won't see
any more invoices like that.
Don't you understand this is illegal?
I can have no part in this.
I've got your back.
And you've got mine.
What are you saying?
Be reasonable.
Let's put this behind us
and make a fresh start.
You know I can't do that, right?
It's a free country.
What else can I say?
Out late?
- No.
- What's your poison?
- I'm a big girl. I can order myself.
- Fine.
Could I have a glass of Chablis?
Birgitte? Hi.
- Hi.
- Do you have a table?
Come join us, then.
- Speak of the devil.
- Oh?
The thing is,
I'm all for gender quotas.
So that's where we are.
Just look
at these beautiful creatures!
Careful, you can get sued for that.
Gude is pushing me to increase
the female board representation.
The problem is,
there aren't that many.
Not all female attorneys are willing
to put in the hours.
What do we do then, Birgitte?
You can start by not saying "female."
I'm simply an attorney.
Backbone! I like that!
But seriously
Would you be interested?
In taking on some serious M&A
with me and the boys?
You mean on the Eggen team?
It's fucking brutal.
But I think you could handle it.
You have balls.
Excuse me.
- Where did you go?
- I'm coming.
I sure hope so.
- We're going to work together.
- Yeah.
- That'll be nice.
- Yeah.
- Won't it?
- Yes, of course.
Of course.
- Are we getting a little tipsy?
- No.
Call a cab.
- What?
- I said call a cab! Get me a cab!
What in the world?
You know, Ida
it isn't very charming of you
to piss in your own nest.
Hey let's talk about this
like adults. Come inside.
You keep your mouth shut.
I'm telling you to keep
your fucking mouth shut
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