Witch Hunt (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

En for alle

This invoice to Klant Consulting
Something is missing.
- It's fine.
- It's money laundering.
Are you interested in taking on some
serious M&A with me and the boys?
Guess what?
- God, you scared me!
- I'm on the Eggen team.
It's true.
I don't know what you said, but
I haven't done anything.
- No?
- Wow. Congratulations.
- That's great news.
- I have a meeting now, so
Congratulations with Jonas.
He's very capable.
I have considered him for a while.
I feel I may have screwed up
the other night.
I hope we can put that behind us.
- Do you have a minute?
- Of course.
I've noticed that Jan Gunnar
has been under a lot of pressure.
Anyone can make a mistake
but you have to
draw the line somewhere.
We're supposed to be
but this is simply illegal.
We're talking money laundering.
All right, Ida. I get your point.
Have you talked to anyone about this?
Only Jan Gunnar. I thought
it was best to go straight to you.
And I'm glad you did.
I don't understand what he's done.
I simply can't comprehend it.
But you don't have to worry.
I'll take care of it.
I don't mean to be difficult.
I hope you understand that.
Your job is to be difficult.
You have been very vigilant.
- Thank you.
- No, I should thank you.
How did that swim meet go
for Sebastian and Celine?
- They came first and second.
- That's great!
- Give them my best.
- Will do.
Thank you.
- And the bar association?
- Nothing so far.
- Is that good news, or bad?
- Time will tell.
Close your eyes!
Don't look yet. Come on up.
- Two more steps.
- Okay.
You're up now. OK.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Open your eyes.
- Wow! They've done a lot!
- I know. Now look at this.
Look what I've got here.
This is so awesome. Listen to this.
Hear that sound?
Crystal clear!
- One more thing.
- There's more?
Look at this.
- This is Are you ready?
- Yes.
They are Do you like them?
They are handmade.
- Did you buy those?
- I got a great deal.
Hey, Wojtek!
This is my wife, Anette.
- Nice to meet you.
- Good work. Keep it up, man!
Where is Gunnar?
I had to replace Gunnar.
It simply didn't work.
- Wojtek is awesome. Look at this.
- You got a new contractor?
- Yes. But they are great guys.
- You know they have to be registered.
Everything is registered,
invoiced, regulated
and done by the book. Okay?
Are you impressed?
- Don't mess with me.
- I'm not. I promise.
- Can I see the bedroom?
- You little slut.
I need to borrow her for a minute.
Hi. Could you check
a contractor for me?
- Hi. Can I come in?
- Sure. Give me a second.
Has a decision been made
regarding Pedram's replacement?
Yes, we went with Waage.
- Jonas Waage.
- Jonas?
Yes, I think he'll add
some nice energy.
But Jonas is just a trainee.
Yes, but many factors
play into such a decision.
The chemistry in the group,
the composition. That's important.
But I thought
- I was under the impression that
- That?
- That I was a candidate.
- Absolutely. You were.
You're a super candidate,
Birgitte, but
But due to that situation
between me and you
Me and you? That incident?
You shouldn't think about that.
We had been drinking.
Things like that happen.
Yes, but I simply
can't be distracted.
That's just the way it is. We can
go out to dinner sometime, though.
I'd like that.
Let me know if you find
a spare evening, okay?
- Was there anything else?
- No.
- Great.
- Thank you.
I'd love to, but I can't on Sunday.
Emma would kill me.
My ladies.
Could I have a word with Ida?
- Did you talk to him?
- That's taken care of.
Taken care of? But
The thing is I took a look
at that financial statement.
I'm sorry,
but I'm a little concerned.
About what?
The cost development
is somewhat alarming.
- You mean those water-leak repairs?
- Other things are off, too.
For starters,
you acted without a mandate.
No, when that budget was approved,
I pointed out that there
You went solo.
Management approved it.
I have looked at the numbers,
and I am concerned.
I mean I have
I don't understand.
I see. We can all make mistakes.
Can't you check them again?
Brief us at the next management
meeting, so we can be reassured.
I just got off the phone
with Jan Gunnar Askeland.
He wanted to report you
for harassment.
- Care to talk about that?
- No.
- I stand for what I said.
- I don't doubt it.
He gets away every time.
And people don't care. He's so rich
that he can do what he wants.
Erik, get over it! We spent one
and a half annual budgets on Eggen,
and we're left with shit.
Stop whining. I need something
so our budget isn't cut further.
What you need is that
we make a difference, for once.
How do you threaten someone
with a kebab?
You need to calm down.
- What did he say?
- That I'm not on top of things.
That I don't have control.
And he sat there thanking me!
Are you coming? It starts half past.
You have a game tonight!
I totally forgot, Emma.
- I have to work.
- You aren't coming?
I'm sorry, Emma.
I promise I'll be there on Sunday.
- But
- I'll go with you. It's OK.
- Like you're interested!
- Don't start with us.
- I simply can't make it.
- What have I said?
- I can't deal with this now.
- I'll ride with Oda!
That's no way to behave!
Was that necessary? Ida?
I'm sorry.
- Come to bed, honey.
- Yes. I'm coming soon.
We've been over this a thousand
times. They're in the wrong.
- OK, I'm going up.
- Good night.
Hi, Ida.
Listen, I've gone over
the numbers again.
And I don't understand what you mean.
We don't have to discuss that now.
But I can't find anything wrong.
Just calm down.
There's no cause for drama.
I know. I just want
Fine. I'll talk to you later.
- Yes, see you.
- Bye.
- Right. Sorry about that.
- Where were we?
Board composition. I thought
maybe we could add another woman.
And I was thinking about Ida.
I think Ida could be
a resource for the group.
Sure, but
I just think she seems
a little off these days.
Is she?
You know her better than I do.
What do you mean?
I don't know
A little unstable, maybe?
I thought she was on top of things.
Eggen, what do you think about
the government selling Statkraft?
I think the government
should stick to what they know.
- Are you a potential buyer?
- No.
OK, thank you, Peer Eggen.
Peer Eggen?
I have a question about the tax case.
The witness changed his statement.
You must also have wondered why?
Know why I'm happy to pay taxes?
I live in the world's best country.
Do you know why
Norway is the world's best country?
Because it's a state governed by law.
Our welfare state is based on that.
Anette Noreide, you've sure been
on the offensive lately.
Nothing personal. You're
the strongest boy in the class.
Take it as a compliment.
- Anette?
- Excuse me.
That contractor you hired Get rid
of them ASAP. They're the worst.
Illicit subcontractors, missing
permits, phony certificates
OK. Thanks.
Hey, don't be so stressed.
You'll do fine.
A discrepancy of 0.5%.
No one will blame you.
It's well within the margin of error.
Thank you.
Oh, Christ!
- Here.
- What?
- Isn't this nice enough?
- It has a spot.
And this. Here you go.
There's something
I forgot to tell you. I love you.
I love you too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Tell me I'm good.
Tell me I'm awesome.
- Ida, you are awesome!
- Yes!
- Hello, ladies!
- Hi!
Where have you been? They're waiting.
Relax. It starts at ten.
It started at nine.
That's what I was told.
Oh my God. I am so sorry!
I didn't realize the meeting
had been moved up. Sorry.
- Hi, Christian, I am so sorry.
- Don't worry about it. Have a seat.
I understood you wanted to go over
the numbers? Have you taken a break?
Have a seat.
Yes, OK.
I've been working
on the numbers all night.
What's going on?
We have a somewhat
delicate issue here, and
- We have received a formal complaint.
- Oh no.
About who?
About you.
- About me?
- Yes, I'm afraid so.
About your managerial style.
Christian? What? How?
That you're difficult
to cooperate with.
Don't take criticism well.
You're quick-tempered.
And there have been
complaints of harassment.
- Harassment?
- It sounds worse than it is.
We know you, Ida.
But there's a procedure.
We'll treat this case
according to our routines.
We're in dialogue with the compliance
officers and everyone involved.
- Yes.
- Everyone? Are there more?
We'll come back to that
after the internal inquiry.
I see.
Sorry, this is a lot to absorb.
Who filed the complaint?
Why not come to me first?
I can't reveal that.
The complainant has a right
to remain anonymous.
Well, now you have been informed,
so that's taken care of.
PK, I trust you'll make sure
this goes quickly and painlessly?
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Are you interested in the budget?
Some other time.
I know there's something there.
Let me run this.
It's speculations and allegations.
That isn't how we work.
Eggen's case collapsed
due to that witness.
Did you talk to the captain?
- He refuses.
- Then we don't have a story.
Let me do some digging.
I like your energy, desire
and enthusiasm.
- But is that enough?
- Evidently not.
- Exactly.
- Oh my God.
What does investigative journalism
demand? Patience, compliance
- And a cock.
- Come on.
It takes experience. Over time.
Look. This is good.
Eggen's quotes here are cool.
This is a good story.
He likes paying taxes, loves Norway.
It's a positive angle.
- How was school today?
- Give me a break.
I'm trying to converse, Emma.
That's normal.
We're a family. We're enjoying
a meal. I ask a question, you answer.
Fine. How was work today?
Mom? How was work?
- Right. It was great.
- Great.
- May I be excused?
- Sure.
Now you're excused.
Bring your plate to the kitchen.
Of course.
I simply don't understand.
- There haven't been any conflicts.
- Maybe someone misunderstood.
What do you mean?
You can be fairly direct.
As a person.
Are you saying
there's something to this?
- No, not at all.
- What do you mean by "direct"?
What? Maybe some
Maybe people find me intolerable.
Am I?
- Please.
- I could be a psychopath.
Ida, that's enough.
- Hello? Anybody home?
- Hello.
- Hi there.
- Just what I need.
- Lovely. Is there any food?
- Yes.
- Did someone die?
- She got a formal complaint.
I've been accused of harassment.
They accuse you?
I'd laugh, if it wasn't so tragic.
Just listen to what's happened.
It's obvious. They made someone
file the complaint.
Probably paid them for it.
This is worse than I thought.
Harassment is a mess of depositions
and who said what to who.
Who caused the mental suffering?
Who triggered it?
Was the judge himself harassed?
Are you saying that PK
fabricated the complaint?
That he made one of my colleagues
falsely accuse me?
It has happened before.
- But that's sick.
- I think they're capable of anything.
When exactly were you
brought up to speed on all this?
I needed some legal advice.
He's bound to secrecy.
That is a Barolo!
Could you at least ask?
Please, ask before you
- It's polite to ask.
- You don't have to react like that.
And you don't have to take a liter.
It isn't milk, after all. It's wine.
It was good.
Why don't you go smoke a cig?
Or something like that.
What do you think?
Is he right?
I don't know.
Daniel? You goddamn idiot!
Didn't you think we'd check
your Polish buddy?
He's a third of the price.
And he bills me.
That isn't enough.
I'm working on
a new Transparency Act.
Imagine if the media
finds out about this!
I'm not doing anything illegal here.
I chose to do it legit.
I'm working my ass off to make this
as perfect as you want it.
- And you just worry about the media?
- Don't take it like that!
How should I take it?
You have more faith
in your assistant.
This has nothing to do with you.
It's my job.
Let Thea find us a new contractor.
- Then she can take the bill too.
- No.
We can afford it.
Have you done that yourself?
Some of it.
- What is it?
- It's nice.
Yeah, it will be nice.
I'm only making sure it's done right.
- It will be great.
- I know.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- These are ready to be sent.
- Great.
- What did he want?
- What?
- You were in PK's office.
- Right. Nothing.
The usual.
The usual what?
Did you talk about me?
He had some questions. I didn't say
anything wrong. What's going on?
I don't know what to say.
I don't know what I can say.
I won't tell anyone.
I'm sworn to secrecy.
Hi, ladies! Champagne.
Pedram has been made partner.
Partner? Great for him.
Bubbles help against everything.
- Mom will pick you up.
- Eirik Bråthen?
Aida Salim from DN.
I've tried calling you.
You're persistent.
But still no comment.
This is your second dropped case.
Are you guys too trigger happy?
Going to follow me all the way in?
Have a nice day. See you.
- Have fun. Bye.
- Bye.
I've checked all your cases
since 2000.
What's your story? What's your angle?
- Angle?
- Are you looking for a conflict?
Why do you lose all your court cases?
The court cases aren't the problem.
It's the hundreds
that never make it to court.
They fall apart as soon as
someone talks to someone.
- You never write about that.
- What do you mean? Who talks to who?
All you ever do
is scratch the surface.
"The world's best country"?
Was that you?
- Forget about quoting me.
- OK. But help me understand.
That captain.
Is there anything there? Come on.
I promise,
I'm not after your employer.
I'm trying to understand why Eggen
always gets away with everything.
Get in.
I'll give you some background.
- But you got none of this from me.
- Promise.
- If it isn't Ida!
- Sorry to interrupt you like this.
- Don't worry about that.
- I just have a question.
What is it?
The formal complaint
came from Pedram, didn't it?
Guys, I just had a meeting with PK.
He asked me if I had experienced
any form of harassment.
I said: "You mean sexual?"
Nothing like a little MeToo
in the workplace.
- But who is it?
- Yes, who is it?
- I heard it was a woman.
- A woman? Seriously? Shit.
Birgitte? Is it you?
Feel free to "MeToo" me.
I won't turn you down.
I think it's Ida.
PK asked about the administration.
Ida Waage? No way.
Ida Waage sexually harassing?
Hashtag Milf-Too.
A woman over 40
is like sleeping with a corpse.
Seriously, Thomas.
If she wasn't hot, just old and fat.
- Like 75 kilos.
- Try 85!
- Very mature.
- We're kidding, Jonas.
It's bullshit. All of it.
Bullshit laced with bullshit.
- What's with him?
- Don't you know it?
- Ida is his stepmother.
- Really?
If you need to see documentation,
it's in the system. I didn't want
to take it from the office.
That invoice, Christian,
violates the law,
- and I can have no part
- No, no.
I'll admit
I've had my suspicions,
I knew something was going on.
But I
Growing old isn't easy, Ida.
You're kept out of the loop.
That's what happens.
And they're such bastards,
they lie straight to your face.
But enough is enough, dammit!
This is Gude.
Set up an extraordinary board meeting
for tomorrow night.
Yes, tomorrow night.
Do it now. Thank you.
Time to clean house, Ida.
Great, Emma!
I have repeatedly tried
to establish a dialogue,
but it's been unsuccessful.
I have no intention whatsoever
of exposing anyone to criticism,
but as finance director,
I can't accept
what looks like money laundering.
Of course it's up to the board what
you wish to do about it. Thank you.
Is anyone here actually surprised?
Many of us have tried
to express our concern,
but we have been run over.
Time and time again.
So I want a thorough review
of all the Eggen team's activities.
No. Let's discuss this like adults.
Our arrangements with Eggen
are confidential, and
No! Eggen does not decide
what we can discuss in my boardroom!
I won't have it!
I refuse to have
everything I have built
dragged through the mud because
some of you are never satisfied.
That's called greed.
I want this cleaned up,
even if it means losing Eggen.
No more dancing around
the golden calf. Never again.
Those in favor of
an external inquiry
Hey, hey! This has been
blown out of proportion.
Please wait outside for a moment
before we vote.
Christ! We need to relax.
Well? How did it go?
You're right.
Jan Gunnar has screwed up.
We are all exposed.
Have you read
the latest board documents?
I have read them thoroughly.
The board voted against
increasing our insurance limit.
Including you, if I'm not mistaken.
And if this comes out,
Eggen will sue us to hell and back.
That means bankruptcy.
For the firm,
and for each individual partner.
Families. Children, homes,
cottages, cars, boats, futures
Because we will take legal recourse.
You can bet your sweet ass.
Damn it
If we go down,
you're going down harder.
If you want to leave more
to your children
than an empty estate
and a ruined reputation
I think I'd reconsider,
if I were you.
I was given a thorough explanation.
There is no problem
with that invoice.
- But it's
- The board voted unanimously.
So I expect the utmost discretion
from you from now on.
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