Witch Hunt (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Det eneste rette

We have received a complaint.
- Against whom?
- Against you.
It's all fabricated. Someone was paid
off to blow the whistle on Ida.
Pedram made partner!
Our agreements with Eggen
are confidential.
No! Eggen does not decide what
we discuss in my board room!
Something's off.
Please let me dig into this.
- I'm on Eggen's team.
- Jonas?
I can't have any distractions now,
but we can have dinner one night.
I was given a thorough explanation.
There is no problem with the invoice.
- Here, take it.
- You look like shit.
It's all there. The fake accounting
records and the invoice.
- I see.
- What am I doing?
- Am I a criminal now?
- This information is criminal.
Put it in the safe
or wherever you want.
Ida, this should be given to
the Economic Crime Authority.
Listen No.
An insurance, that's what you said.
- I'm not a snitch.
- This is criminal evidence.
Can't you see how they operate?
You've stumbled over something
much bigger than a few invoices.
I've tried to be
professional and correct.
I have absolutely no interest
in being a hero.
Do we let them carry on, then,
PK and the rest of them?
There's no "we."
I'm the one they'll go after.
I want to put the fucking Pedram
thing to bed and move on.
All I need right now is a lawyer.
A normal lawyer that can accompany
me to that meeting tomorrow,
to make sure I don't fuck up
and make things worse.
What are you talking about?
Of course you have a lawyer.
- Do you like working with Eggen?
- Yes, it's been brilliant.
That's great.
As you know, we have conversations
with the key employees.
I heard talk about harassment.
I've not experienced
I've not seen nor experienced
anything of the kind.
I see. How do you think
management is functioning?
- What, Ida's department?
- Yes.
They're doing fine, yeah.
Has she told you anything?
Mentioned anything?
Ida and I don't really talk about
work as a matter of principle.
Between the two of us.
Yes, she does stick
to her principles.
Well yes, that's for sure.
So she's the one who?
I realise this is tricky for you.
Since you're family, I mean.
Well, yes,
she's married to my father.
Of course.
What's your relationship like?
Why, is that a problem?
- I'm just
- Let me
You can take over.
Sorry, I have another meeting.
- Always a pleasure seeing you.
- Likewise.
Well, I
Either way, this is a matter
between you and her.
I want no part in it.
It might not be quite that simple.
- How do you mean?
- I need to know who supports me.
As I've said, I am a neutral party.
What if a situation arises
where you have to take sides?
Then what happens?
If that happens,
we'll have to discuss it.
Hello. Sorry for being late.
Ola, how are you?
You might not know this,
but Ola and I studied together.
He was top of the class.
Talk about waste!
Actually, I recommend
your book to everyone.
That's cute.
Have you been offered a drink
before we start?
Right then. This matter is
It's a bloody nuisance, of course.
You should know we want to ensure
you are treated altogether fairly.
Could you please tell me
what exactly it is
I am being accused of?
It has do to with
several instances of harassment
and abuses of power.
- I thought it was just Pedram?
- "Just"? What do you mean by that?
No, nothing.
He says you pressed him for
information about sensitive issues.
What did you just say?
He also claims you've withheld
several paychecks.
He was given a substantial advance
before his wedding.
Later, he wanted his Christmas bonus.
I try to keep everyone
within certain limits.
Your limits for Pedram, you mean?
- What do you mean?
- Do those limits apply to everyone?
- Of course they do.
- He feels discriminated against.
How so?
He says it has to do
with his ethnicity.
Fucking hell.
Are you really playing that card?
Are you accusing me
of being a racist?
We've looked into the matter.
Several colleagues support
Pedram's accusations.
Really? Who might that be?
But before concluding, I obviously
want to hear your version.
My version of what?
I haven't done anything!
Let's calm down a bit now.
I think my client should
These are all lies! You're
fabricating this to silence me!
- Ida, please let me
- No! First, you tried to buy me.
And now, you're punishing me.
You're just making this up.
Some people are also
questioning your mental health.
You've been fairly distant
in the past weeks.
You have been short-tempered
and menacing.
Try to calm down.
Adding to that, in front of
the entire board in this very room,
you presented some
fairly paranoid accusations.
I can't listen to this.
From you, of all people!
I do realise that
this is hard to hear.
If you want to take sick leave
until this is settled, that's fine.
Bloody hell, the race card?
I didn't see that coming.
It's just a show.
This is how they work!
Can we contact anyone?
This is a clear whistle-blowing case.
There must be laws against this.
The Economic Crime Authority.
You have all the evidence,
for fuck's sake.
- You can't handle this on your own.
- What evidence?
I made some copies.
Yes, I know. Just in case.
So, you stole confidential
information from a law firm?
Is there anything else
you haven't told me?
I don't need to know anything, do I?
What about Jonas?
- He won't go on working there.
- Shut up. Just shut the hell up.
What is the police
supposed to do, then?
The ECA won't have
the resources to investigate this.
Consider the recent events, Ida.
You barely sleep.
You don't eat, and when
did you last talk to Emma?
As for B&G, what you've seen
is just the beginning.
- Ida, you can withstand this.
- What the hell are you talking about?
You don't know what
she'll have to withstand.
That's what you're all about.
Avoid trouble at all cost.
Oh, nice little Tore!
How nice! It's all good!
You love this, don't you?
Absolutely love it!
Prancing about in the limelight!
- You're taking advantage of her!
- You're making her a victim!
Ola, would you give Tore
and me some time alone?
It keeps happening. The captain
is the third witness to recant.
Is your theory that Eggen
kneecaps people, then?
It's a pattern, that's the point.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Did you book a table?
- Yes, from 7.30 pm. Please go on.
Eggen influences
the outcome of the cases.
- How?
- We don't know, do we?
His lawyer hides behind
his duty of confidentiality.
It seems a bit far-fetched.
I'm getting gangster vibes here.
Gangster? Even the Minister
of Justice has brought this up.
The "prohibited evidence"?
Bit of a PR stunt, wasn't it?
Do you think these lawyers
have their own thugs?
When does your temp contract expire?
It's imminent. This Friday.
- Sigurd, let's talk about that.
- Who are your sources?
- Is it Eirik Bråthen?
- Yes. Do you know him?
I do. He is more than a bit
obsessed with Peer Eggen.
- Is he obsessed with Eggen?
- Well, yes.
He burned out at some point.
He's a no-go, really.
Maybe you should repeat
the course in source criticism?
Let's move on.
What about
the real estate case in Marbella?
- Did you bring the blue mittens?
- No, the pink ones.
- They're a bit small.
- They fit fine.
Right, whatever.
- Can you get the kids today?
- Why?
I'm reviewing
48 hours of surveillance.
You were supposed to stop doing that.
That's hardly your problem anymore.
I can't do it tonight.
I'm going out to dinner.
With whom?
- Who are you meeting?
- That's hardly your problem anymore.
No. I'll take care of it, it's fine.
Enjoy your evening.
Selma fell asleep.
Shouldn't we brush our teeth?
- Can't you do that yourself?
- Mummy says I can't.
Tell your mother from me
that you can do anything.
You're a superhero.
I heard someone
had already fallen asleep?
What are you playing?
Yes, yes, yes!
Listen, do you want
to come with daddy to work?
In the middle of the night?
Here we are.
Bring both the iPads, Rasmus.
It shouldn't take long.
Hello. Eirik Bråthen,
the Economic Crime Authority.
- Can we come in?
- You can't smoke indoors.
You know what, I
I'm done talking.
I have a duty of confidentiality.
That's completely fine.
It really is.
As long as we agree that you sent me
the code to that storage locker.
And we do, don't we?
Or do you deny that?
No, no, no. No.
You don't have to reveal your source.
Did you act on your own volition
or on behalf of someone else?
I don't want to comment.
If you acted without
your client's consent,
that's a violation of the law.
- Yes.
- Yes as in "yes, it is"?
Or yes, you acted
against the client's wishes?
I wouldn't have done it
without consent.
Your information comes
from a primary source.
Someone with access
to Biermann & Gude's material.
I discovered a relative of yours
at the company.
Ida Waage.
She's your sister-in-law.
Is it completely
off the mark to assume
you acted on her behalf?
As I said, I have no comment.
- Dad, can we go home soon?
- Yes indeed. We're leaving.
Do you bring the kids to work a lot?
No, this case isn't a priority,
to put it like that.
With no witness,
I basically have nothing.
Get your coat, Selma,
we're going home.
What if you had a witness?
Would you be able to nab him then?
- I'll take it when I come inside.
- That's fine, honey. Thanks.
- What?
- Can we have a chat?
No, we have an ongoing case.
You know that.
What kind of agreement
have you made?
It's obvious
you're under pressure, Pedram.
I realise it's probably harder
for you than many others.
Harder for me?
What's that supposed to mean?
- Tell me.
- You know.
Why is it harder for me?
Because I'm dark-skinned?
Is that what you mean?
For fuck's sake.
I know you as an honest,
decent person, for God's sake!
If you'd had a problem,
you'd take it up with me directly.
The complaint against me
wasn't your idea.
- This is harassment, you know?
- Oh, come on!
I don't know what to do!
- Hi, Ida!
- Hello!
It's so nice to see you!
Won't you come in?
She doesn't have time for that.
Bloody hell.
You are exceptionally skilled.
You'd make partner either way.
It's a bloody shame.
You won't qualify for Marcialonga
with that lousy pace!
about those invoices from Klant
With those skis,
it's no wonder you're struggling.
Those are skin skis.
I won't be able to pay them
as quickly as I'd hoped.
You have to.
We're on the home stretch.
It's the administration. Ida Waage
went mental over the last invoice.
The office manager?
- You didn't involve her in this?
- It's company policy.
I'm taking care of it,
I just wanted to mention it.
- I'm in control.
- Control?
You're subject
to some bureaucratic cunt.
That's not what I'm saying.
That's what I'm hearing.
- Ida Waage is not a problem.
- Good. Then there's no problem.
Your skis are a problem, though.
Never wax skin skis.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- How are you holding up?
- Thanks, I'm all right.
That's good.
I've moved your stuff out.
PK told me to get started.
Since everything's on your computer.
What are you talking about?
"Get started"?
Hasn't PK talked to you?
I was going to call you,
but I was told not to.
I didn't really know
what to say, anyway.
Or what I could and couldn't say.
Then when I came to work,
I was told you were on sick leave.
That might not be a bad thing, Ida.
You seem a bit tired.
Not that I think
you've done anything wrong.
It's probably
just a misunderstanding.
And yet, you've taken over my office.
It's just temporary.
- I could hardly refuse.
- Couldn't you?
You will be signing
my invoices as well, then?
- This isn't easy for me either.
- No?
I think you should leave.
- What?
- Get out.
- Do I look like I'm on sick leave?
- No.
There's no need to be so angry.
No, really?
- Hello?
- Happy birthday to you!
All right, I'm coming down.
Happy birthday, dad!
You should have called.
I have a dinner to get to.
I was going to come earlier
That's my taxi.
They never get it right.
- Jacob Waage? Who is that?
- Jonas.
Who's he, then?
He's a nobody.
How could you let yourself
be passed over yet again?
- I thought you talked to Jan Gunnar.
- I did.
Well, what happened?
Why'd they give it to some trainee?
You're more qualified.
He was more interested in
dining with me than promoting me.
Did you turn down dinner
with Peer Eggen's lead attorney?
You go out to dinner all the time.
It's part of the job.
That's how you build relationships.
Jan Gunnar wanted more
than to "build relationships."
What a load of nonsense.
Jan Gunnar is reliable
through and through.
You have to separate between
tactless advances and
- And what?
- Well, friendly banter.
Lower your shoulders a bit.
You'll come across as disinterested.
- You wouldn't want that.
- No.
- Right then.
- See you again soon.
Bye now.
- What's the occasion?
- Shandran's made head physician.
No way, really?
A toast for my little brother.
My God!
I grovel at your feet,
you son of a bitch.
- Did you get a work extension?
- What?
- Did you get an extension?
- We need a ladle.
We can use this.
I have to work now.
- I'm way behind on my work.
- It's 15 minutes.
- Seriously, I can't.
- We're celebrating!
by Aida Salim
Peer Eggen has, for a long time
Unpleasant objections
and important voices are silenced,
as business leaders
such as Peer Eggen
- Why are the police here?
- The police?
- What have you been doing?
- I've done nothing.
Why is there a man
from the ECA in my living room?
I haven't told them anything.
I promise.
- Nothing at all?
- No.
It's just a misunderstanding.
- Ask him to leave, in that case.
- Yeah.
- Relax, will you?
- That's fine.
Hello. Eirik Bråthen from the ECA.
Right. I'm Ida Waage.
Have you seen this invoice before?
How did you get hold of this?
Please answer my question.
I'm afraid I can't.
I'm bound by confidentiality.
We're not suspecting you of anything.
It would be helpful
if you could confirm
I'm bound by confidentiality.
You'd be anonymous
Did you hear what she just said?
You don't have to testify.
But you'd be a key witness
in an important inquiry.
And if the inquiry collapses,
as per usual?
You'll leave quietly while
she gets thrown to the wolves.
I promise you'll be safe.
I've never seen that invoice before.
I'd like you to leave now.
Right. Thanks to you both.
- Goodbye now.
- Goodbye.
I should bloody well report you!
I gave you those documents
in confidence.
- I tried to do it anonymously.
- You're not that stupid!
I tried to avoid
getting you involved.
- How heroic.
- What's the alternative?
- To be like them?
- What if I want that?
But you don't want that, Ida.
Don't tell me what I want.
You have no fucking right.
I trusted you.
I asked for your help.
I did what I believe
is in your interest.
That's a fucking load of bollocks!
This is in your interest,
not mine.
- As your lawyer
- As my lawyer?
Listen, just to let you know
I talked to a colleague
at a paper in Trondheim.
They need people.
Three months. Give it a chance.
Then call me, and I'll get you
another temp position here.
"A Wall of Silence."
- Isn't this an op-ed, though?
- Probably, but I gave it to you.
This is crazy.
More than 2,000 shares already.
Listen to this:
"Unpleasant objections are silenced.
Business leaders such as Peer Eggen
hide behind confidentiality."
- She's something else.
- Who wrote that?
Aida Salim.
"Anette Noreide is a brave woman.
But even for the Minister of Justice,
it's David against Goliath."
We have to follow up on this.
We have to leave right away.
This is just what we needed.
I'll put something on Facebook.
If we do this right,
we could get the proposal passed.
- The kids are waiting in the car.
- Right.
I have to leave. We're two hours
delayed because of me.
Send me the article.
I'll read it in the car.
That's excellent.
Thanks for coming.
Now we'll hit rush hour perfectly.
- It's like four hours
- Why are you grumpy?
- We're leaving now, aren't we?
- I'm not grumpy.
Are you afraid to insult Peer?
No. I just don't like
that you piss on my friends.
It's not about Peer.
This is systemic.
I still don't like it.
Peer Eggen isn't exactly
a frequent visitor.
You were angry that
he blew off your birthday.
You said that had to do
with your role.
Exactly. You should also separate
public from private a little better.
- What?
- You knew what this job entailed.
We can't be around
those people in my role.
You and your fucking "role."
- We agreed.
- That's right, we did.
- It's Thea again.
- Of course it is.
I'll take care of it in the car.
- Thank you. I'll drive.
- Okay.
- Wait, there's more.
- We're not bringing that.
- I finished packing ages ago!
- Fine, fine!
- Can we please leave now?
- I'm coming!
Baby, why don't we watch
a crappy film tonight?
I don't really want to.
Fucking hell!
Ouch, shit!
Let me take care of it.
- It's fine.
- No, it's not, Tore.
I don't like quarrels. You know that.
I hate quarrelling.
I just want to be able to do my job
and have a good life.
Why did I spot that fucking invoice?
It's so typical.
I always have to say it
when I find a mistake.
I have to learn how to shut up!
PK is calling.
Hello, PK?
What, now?
Yes, of course.
- So you live in Holmlia?
- Not anymore.
Where do you live now, then?
- Ensjø.
- Ensjø.
Hello, Ida.
Good of you to come.
- Wine?
- No thanks.
Let's get it over and done with, eh?
Pedram and I have been talking.
It's an uncomfortable
situation for us all.
Our last meeting
was a bit unpleasant.
I'm partly to blame for that.
I'm sometimes a bit
I can be a bit crass.
I know that you two have spoken.
Pedram doesn't like this either.
- No.
- It's a cliché,
but sometimes a feather
really can become five hens.
Pedram has indicated he's willing
to put this all behind him.
Maybe he was carried away a bit.
Sometimes, you can go far by
With an apology.
I'm more than happy
to offer an apology.
This goes both ways, I think.
A handshake should suffice.
Well, if that's the situation,
I think I might say yes
to a glass of wine after all.
Of course.
Cheers, guys.
And then there's the lawyer in me.
Let's get the paperwork over with.
This is a mutual
non-disclosure agreement.
It reflects that the conflict
has been settled amicably.
Then there's this invoice,
which I have to ask you to sign.
We take care of our own, Ida.
We would never ask anything from you
that might put you in difficulty.
I see.
Please excuse me for a minute.
- This is Bråthen.
- This is Ida Waage.
I'm sorry to call you at this hour.
I'd like to testify.
How do we go about it?
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