Witch Hunt (2020) s01e04 Episode Script


You're not suspected of anything.
But you can be a key witness.
You can help with an important case.
- Ida Waage isn't a problem.
- Good. Then it's not a problem.
He thinks it's about his ethnicity.
The race card. I didn't see that
coming. This is how they work!
What can the police do about this?
The Economic Crime Authority
doesn't have the resources for this.
Ida, you can testify.
Eggen influences
the outcome of the cases.
- Who's your source? Eirik Bråthen?
- You know him?
Yes. He has an unhealthy obsession
with Peer Eggen.
He's pretty much a no-go.
- Afraid you'll insult Peer?
- Don't piss on my friends.
I'd like to testify.
- What do you think?
- I don't know.
She seems credible.
We can't afford
to screw up again.
How long have you been
with Biermann & Gude?
Six years, I believe.
- From a government position?
- Yes.
I worked for the Tax Administration.
Christian Gude headhunted me.
To keep those good old boys in line?
You could say that.
How was the move from
a government job to high finance?
I found it very exciting.
And they have been wonderful. Really.
There were no conflicts.
I really enjoyed it there.
How long is this going to take?
A couple of hours.
I mean the investigation.
That's hard to say.
Okay. What should I do
in the meantime?
It's important that you try to live
as normally as possible.
You mean go to work?
Pretend like nothing?
- Weren't you going to Trondheim?
- Fuck Trondheim.
Fuck Trondheim?
Fuck student loans,
fuck your apartment,
- fuck that guy you dated
- Fuck you.
- Fuck me.
- Fuck you.
You won't get a new temp position
by working for free.
They're taking advantage of you.
He's requested a search warrant
for Biermann & Gude!
- What?
- Thanks for the coffee, jerk.
Hi! I missed you so much!
- Did you have a good time?
- Dad brought us to work.
- Really?
- Yes.
I need to talk to dad.
You brought the kids to work?
- Just to pick up something.
- What?
Relax. Some documents.
What is it you're up to?
- Whose skis are those?
- Don't start.
- Why, is he here now?
- No, of course not.
So there is someone?
Do you want to come in?
What the fuck?
What do you mean, denied?
Are they stupid, or what?
I have proof of money laundering.
I have a witness on the inside.
If that isn't enough for a search
warrant, I don't know what's
It's a law firm.
It's Peer Eggen's personal
- It's the judge's decision.
- Which judge?
You are so paranoid!
The act relating to prohibited
evidence stipulates higher
- What do you need?
- Something tangible.
So I need evidence
in order to get evidence?
Yes, you could put it like that.
Be a little creative.
Bring me something.
Find out who Eggen is paying
under the table.
And you'll get your warrant.
Until then, we involve
as few people as possible.
Great. This way you can
save some money, too.
Will that be all?
Pain au chocolat.
Thanks, but I've eaten.
What was I going to say?
How are you doing? Okay?
I'm glad we solved
that issue with Pedram.
I feel like I owe you an apology.
I admit I read the situation poorly.
Pedram has some issues
because of his background.
That's understandable.
He's broken a number of barriers.
He's a true fighter.
But he's also easily offended.
I'm truly sorry for
how that affected you.
I don't really know what to say.
No. You don't have to say anything.
Of course.
Let's just keep a running dialogue.
If you have any concerns or doubts,
come straight to me.
And I really do recommend these.
- Are you investigating Peer Eggen?
- No.
You were denied a search warrant
for Biermann & Gude.
Biermann & Gude have lots of clients.
- But you're investigating them?
- No comment.
We're writing about it.
This is your opportunity to comment.
If you had anything,
you'd be more specific.
Can you at least confirm
that there is an investigation?
No, I can't!
You're trying to make something
out of nothing.
A headline and some photos
is all you need.
But these people can delete
evidence without leaving a trace.
And then my case goes to hell.
Are you referring to Eggen?
You're extremely annoying.
- I'll figure it out anyway.
- Good. Just go ahead.
- We'll do that.
- Why haven't I heard from your boss?
If you really had a story,
you wouldn't be here right now.
Fucking journalists!
Hang on.
- Off the record?
- Yes.
This may seem a little corny.
I'm trying to find the owner
of a company in Cyprus.
Norwegian police has
no agreement with Cyprus.
You want me to
It isn't illegal for me to receive
information from a journalist.
Is this about Eggen?
- Yes.
- Really?
- I have to check with my editor.
- Don't No.
I want to have full control.
This is good for you.
I get what I need.
You get the scoop of the year.
Front-row seats.
- Okay?
- Okay.
What's going on?
I'm going to the cabin
for a few days.
To do what? Sulk?
We need more firewood.
I need some time to think.
Is that so strange?
- I had no choice!
- Stop. Please.
You could have started
by talking to me.
I know what you would have said.
Exactly. And my opinion
means nothing to you.
- Maybe it's best if
- They went too far!
No, you went too far.
- You contacted ECA.
- I couldn't live with myself.
But this, what's going on with us?
- You can live with this?
- Sometimes you must do what's right.
Right according to what? To who?
Why do you get to decide that?
You're not being fair.
I've told you this
probably a hundred times.
I know it's hard,
but it's not just all about you.
Like, ask me how my day was.
Take a break from whining.
Drive your daughter to practice.
Are you saying that I'm whining?
Don't go. Please.
I don't want to be here alone.
I'll call you.
What's going on?
Dad's going to the cabin.
- Are you getting divorced?
- No.
No. Of course not.
I've just had
a rough time at work.
What do you mean?
Want to watch a movie tonight?
I can make pizza.
I'm spending the night at Oda's.
- Talk to you later.
- Bye. Say hello from me.
- I found something on Eggen.
- You're still here.
A Cyprus-registered company
linked to him.
All the billionaires have
companies in places like that.
I know, Jo.
But there's something fishy here.
I just need to go
to Cyprus to investigate
- Wait a minute. Who's your source?
- I can't tell you that.
She can't tell us.
"Never-Ending Spring Break."
"Norwegian Party Culture
in Ayia Napa."
"Greece After the Financial Crisis."
I'll interview an olive farmer
or something.
A story on
the Registrar of Companies.
- "The Billionaires' Secrets."
- Olive farmers
I'll give you three features
for freelance pay by next week.
And if I happen to find out that
Eggen is involved in something shady,
we can throw that in for free.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Get on that damn plane.
The cheapest ticket.
Dirt cheap.
No one can write
three features in one week.
- "Never-Ending Spring Break."
- That's the one you liked?
- It will sell.
- You're losing your touch.
You're pretty no matter what.
Like a million dollars.
That dinner invitation
Yes, what about it?
That's great.
What do you like to eat?
I'll eat anything.
Cool. I'll pick something, then.
Hello. Excuse me.
Excuse me. Hi.
I'm Aida Salim.
I'm a journalist.
You can have a look at these.
No photos.
My god, are you knitting?
- Knitting, yes.
- Is it for you?
For baby. Baby's baby.
- For grandchild!
- Grandchild.
- What's the name?
- Maria.
This is my assistant, Eirik.
Is it okay to go together
to the archive?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Assistant?
- Just smile.
- This way.
- Thank you.
But you know we are closing
in two hours.
- Okay.
- Here. Inside.
- So, good luck.
- Thank you.
Oh shit, only two hours.
Fantastic. Let's get to work.
I can't even tell what it says.
Just be happy we got some photos.
I'm not even sure I understand
what I'm looking for anymore.
That's the entire point.
One company is owned by
a subsidiary of another company
registered in the Cayman Islands,
and so on and so on.
The more complicated, the better.
That's how it works.
"D. Schanke"? Who's that?
D. Schanke?
The only name that's everywhere.
- Could that be the owner?
- I would think so.
- No first name?
- No.
- Daniel Schanke.
- Daniel Schanke?
Sounds familiar.
Oh shit.
Anette Noreide.
Klant's owner is the husband
of the minister of justice!
Fucking hell!
I was worried you had ditched me.
I ordered a Sancerre.
- Great.
- Yes, isn't it?
- You look radiant, as always.
- Thanks.
You have this
"it" factor, that makes men
completely You know.
- That must be rough.
- It is.
"Staring at an individual
with a sexual focus."
Is that the Anti-Discrimination Act?
"Any unwanted sexual attention
that has the purpose or effect
of being offensive,
frightening, degrading,
humiliating or troublesome."
Am I troubling you now?
I don't mean to.
What about other night?
- I thought we had put that behind us.
- Yes.
But then you decided
to drop me from the team.
Why is that relevant?
You're punishing me
because I won't sleep with you.
I see.
"Acts, omissions or statements
that have the purpose
or effect of"
Thank you. That'll do. Christ.
I wrote down our last conversation.
I'm sure you did.
Are you serious about this?
I realise that you think it sucks.
You know, Birgitte,
in order for it
to be sexual harassment,
the attention has to be unwanted.
Not welcome or mutual.
What would make you think
it was welcome or mutual?
People experience things differently.
"If there is difference in power,
such as the person being harassed
is in a subordinate position,
the behaviour will likely be
considered more troublesome."
Cool. You don't
stand a chance in court anyway.
So do you have a suggestion
for an alternative solution?
I want my spot.
The one I should have had all along.
- Let's go.
- I need something for the kids.
- Okay.
- What do you think? This or that?
Maybe you should look for
something else.
- Is this wrong?
- Maybe a little. The bus leaves soon.
- Just go ahead. I'll catch a taxi.
- Okay.
Thanks for a nice trip.
Aren't you on the same flight?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- So I'll see you at the airport.
- See you at the airport.
A journalist? Seriously, Eirik!
It isn't against the law.
It isn't illegal.
B&G are obscuring the connection
between Eggen and Schanke.
For fuck's sake.
Please show some excitement.
We have more than enough
for a warrant.
This is a huge breakthrough.
- All hell will break loose.
- Of course it will!
There goes our annual budget.
Well, yeah. But is there anything
more important than this?
How much time do you need?
Can you trust that journalist?
Yeah, I can trust her.
How much time do you need?
A couple of days.
No. Come on.
This could be the scoop
of the decade. Thanks to Aida.
But before we publish anything,
we have a big job to do.
Let's follow this as far as we can,
without outing anyone, okay?
Aida, you follow the Schanke lead.
Jo, check any connections
to Biermann & Gude.
Lars, check Eggen's affiliations.
The minister. Her husband.
Be thorough. And discreet.
I know I'm repeating myself.
If we set off any alarms,
there will be a frenzy.
I can't help but think
that we should run with this now.
Daniel Schanke is the key.
Maybe. But we have to know
what we have first.
How can we know your source
hasn't talked to anyone else?
I know. I'm positive.
And I agree with Martin here.
That puts us on the defensive.
We risk letting B&G
control the information stream.
Jo, what is at stake here?
This story may bring down a minister.
And business leaders.
This is a big story.
We can't go public with anything
until everything
has been cross-checked.
Jo, come on. You know
we have a responsibility here.
- Definitely.
- Then let's get started.
- I'm heading home.
- Bye.
Jonas! Hi.
- Yeah.
- Want to get a beer?
- My wife's working nights.
- Fuck.
Jan Gunnar has given me
1,500 pages to proofread.
- How are things going?
- Fine.
And with Ida?
What about Ida?
A lot has happened.
What does she say?
What do you mean?
- I'm glad everything worked out.
- Yeah.
- It's behind us now, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Ida and I aren't that close.
She ran off with my dad
when I was 15.
Oh. Is that what happened?
Come on out for a beer.
- Okay, fuck Jan Gunnar.
- Fuck Jan Gunnar.
All the way back to '95, if possible.
- Fantastic.
- Aida. My office.
Thank you, that's super. Bye.
- What's up?
- Tell her, Jo.
I got a call from Ragna.
- It gave me a bad feeling.
- Ragna Myhre at VG?
She really wants to follow up
on your op-ed.
No, but she was all over
that tax case too.
That's pretty close to
what we're working on.
I think it's too risky to wait.
What do you think, Martin?
Print what you have so far.
We'll see.
We can't publish now.
It could ruin the whole story.
- I'll think about it.
- Just give me two minutes.
All we know is that Schanke's company
is under investigation.
In two days, we can have
front-row seats to a raid at B&G.
Front-row seats?
I made a deal.
With the Economic Crime Authority?
With Eirik Bråthen?
You made a deal with him
without talking to me first?
What else don't I know?
Take a deep breath.
You're scaring me. Breathe.
I promised to hold the story
until after the search.
- You promised what?
- We could ruin the investigation.
- B&G can destroy evidence.
- I should kick you out of here.
Fine, I screwed up.
But we can't run the story now.
We are supposed to be
conscientious and independent.
I understand that Eirik Bråthen
wants to use you,
- but for you to agree to it
- I hear you.
But we'll be better off
if we collaborate with him.
No matter what VG has,
I'm sure we have more
You have no clue what you're doing.
That's on me, but let's be clear.
I'm making the decisions here,
not you.
And definitely not
Eirik fucking Bråthen.
Yes. What?
That's nothing but fancy graphics
and common knowledge.
"Did business in the '90s"?
They're definitely onto something.
Okay. Get the responses we need.
- Martin, please!
- No! Get the responses we need.
Jesus. Jesus Christ.
Okay, come on, Superman.
Daniel? Phone call.
- I'll call back.
- It's the third time they've called.
- Daniel speaking.
- Aida Salim, DN.
The Economic Crime Authority
is investigating a company of yours.
We aren't interested.
- What was that?
- Telemarketer.
- Boys.
- Yes.
- I have to run to the store.
- Okay.
- Have fun. See you soon. Bye.
- Bye.
Hi. Want some pizza? Come in.
I'll be quick.
We're running the Schanke story.
- Huh?
- I need a comment from you.
Is this a joke?
Can you confirm that you're
investigating Daniel Schanke?
I can't stop it.
I had to tell Martin
How long do I have?
- A few hours, maybe. I don't know.
- For fuck's sake.
- Fuck!
- No swearing allowed.
I see nobody will freeze
this year either.
I'm sure there's a better way
I could have done it, Tore.
I get too involved, I know.
Isn't it a bit childish
hiding up here?
Ida didn't ask for this, either.
Have you taken four seconds
to try to understand her position?
How tiny she is?
How tiny she feels?
How lonely it is?
No, you haven't.
You're too busy chopping wood.
Is there any coffee here?
Mum's waiting for you. Come on.
We have to hurry.
- Run to mum.
- Hi, sweetie.
It's a bit early this time, isn't it?
The moment they publish it,
we're fucked!
- We have to go in now!
- Yes. When
- When is the story coming out?
- In a matter of hours!
She told me herself!
Is this a joke?
- Is she bluffing?
- Why would she?
Karianne, now is our chance!
We can't wait for the judge.
We have to invoke emergency law.
Fine. Okay.
Do it.
Thank you.
Economic Crime Authority.
We have a search warrant.
I need to speak with Poul Kloumann.
- What is this?
- A search warrant.
- Regarding Peer Eggen.
- No judge approved this.
The public prosecutor.
Any delay entails risk.
You have an obligation to supply us
with whatever we need.
I dispute the validity of this ruling
and refuse to grant you access
- If you resist
- until our counsel arrives.
If you resist,
I'm obliged to arrest you.
Please move, so we can do our job.
By all means, officer!
And officer 1, 2, 3, 4
Economic Crime Authority.
Everyone leave the room.
Leave your work stations.
Leave laptops and phones.
Economic Crime Authority.
Please leave the room.
Peer liked my app project.
I told you that.
And then
He was willing to invest ten million.
You don't say no
to something like that.
Don't you understand
how things work?
Ministers have been forced
to resign for less!
Peer assured me his attorney would
make sure everything was above-board.
Is there more?
Is there?
We can't help you later
if you're hiding something.
All I've done is try to protect you.
I thought it best you didn't know.
Shouldn't I work with investors?
Shouldn't I work at all?
The prime minister is waiting.
We'll deal with this tomorrow.
Hi, PK.
I am very disappointed.
This was
a low blow.
What's happened?
You have leaked
sensitive information.
I only ever wanted
what was best for the firm.
You have breached
your duty of confidentiality.
Your contract is terminated
with immediate effect.
I understand.
We will send someone
to confiscate the firm's property.
Your laptop, PC and cell phone.
These breaches are so severe
that we have reported you.
Reported me? To the police?
You'll hear from us.
Are you sure this is the place?
That's what he said.
- Strange timing.
- Typical Jan Gunnar.
- Thanks for joining me.
- What is this stuff?
I don't know. He just told me
to get the car and move this.
I don't ask questions.
- Are you going to help?
- But it's
Jonas, I don't ask questions.
We don't ask questions.
Come on.
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