Witch Hunt (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Bare sannheten

Eirik Bråthen, ECA. We have
a warrant to search the premises.
- I object
- Let us do our job.
Please leave your desks.
Leave your computers and phones.
Welcome. The Minister of Justice
is willing to answer a few questions.
Aida Salim. Did you know your husband
owned a Cyprus-registered company?
I found out this morning,
when I saw the news.
- Your husband is under investigation.
- Not my husband.
It's the law firm Biermann & Gude
that is under investigation.
You're married. You must have known
about his dealings with them.
Daniel and I
are not business partners.
I have never been on
any of his boards.
I've never had
any ownership in his enterprises.
You are aware that your husband and
Peer Eggen were business partners?
- No comment.
- What is your relationship to Eggen?
Neither Daniel nor I
have any relationship to Eggen.
- But you did.
- No comment.
That's all we have time for.
We refer any further questions
to the Economic Crime Authority
or Biermann & Gude.
Anette, what does Eggen
have to do with this?
I have no idea.
They must be speculating.
So Daniel has told us everything?
Of course. He knows he screwed up.
I know what you're thinking,
but he isn't stupid.
- Damn!
- It's OK. You've done nothing wrong.
You were confident. Stick to that,
and we have control of the narrative.
B&G bought services from Daniel
Schanke's company Klant Consulting.
- What expertise did you buy?
- Info on the Balkans.
Nothing was illegal.
And it isn't illegal or unusual
to register a company in Cyprus.
- But it is illegal to hide money.
- Now you're speculating.
Want me to make you something?
You can't live on half a potato.
It's for you, mum.
- Hello?
- Aida Salim from Dagens Næringsliv.
I have some questions
regarding the Biermann & Gude case.
- Sorry, I no longer work for them.
- You don't?
Just hang up.
- When did you quit?
- Just say something and hang up.
I have no comment.
- When did you quit?
- No comment. Please don't call back.
Why would Dagens Næringsliv call me?
I don't
If people find out
that I was the whistle-blower
I'll never work again.
You didn't say anything,
so they can't write anything.
Just don't say anything.
- The office manager at B&G has quit.
- So?
You don't find that strange? Why now?
- You talked to her?
- She seemed terrified.
Maybe the Eggen mafia
is on the prowl.
Maybe. Bråthen said Eggen was
involved. Schanke must work for him.
- And that office lady?
- She manages daily operations.
- I know what an office manager is.
- Jo, come on.
- What are you thinking?
- Maybe she found something.
Someone contacted Bråthen.
And you know
she's no longer with B&G.
Call her back. Get her to confirm it.
If we can link Eggen to this,
we've got something big.
I'll personally nominate you
for a SKUP Award.
There are clearly
some documents missing.
- Huge holes in the material.
- Yes, quite a bit is missing.
That's called spoliation of evidence.
I wish you would stop accusing us
of criminal intent.
That will be up to the judge.
It won't come to that.
This is simple human error.
Missing financial statements,
vouchers, months of reports.
We need to fix that.
We've had some administrative issues.
The office manager didn't do her job.
We see the consequences of that
more and more every day.
Strange how selective
the lapse has been.
We've had poor accounting practices.
Poor financial management.
But if we can't present documents
that we are required to keep,
we have to take responsibility.
So I assume there will be a fine.
Just send me the fine, Bråthen,
and I'll pay it ASAP.
Who knows, maybe you'll get
a little bonus this year?
Do we have much more here?
If so, I have to pee.
- Let's wiretap them.
- Askeland?
Askeland, Kloumann, Eggen.
All of them.
- Feeling generous today?
- Not generous, but pissed off.
Hello! Look how cute you are!
- Hi. Ida Waage?
- Yes.
Aida Salim from DN.
I called earlier.
- You can't just show up like this.
- Sorry, but I need to let you reply.
Key sources at B&G claim you were
fired because of accounting issues.
Is this true?
I can't comment.
- Was it information from you that
- Aida, was it?
Listen to me.
I don't want to talk about it.
I am not after you, okay?
I just want a more nuanced picture
- I can't comment!
- Fine.
There will be a story no matter what.
If I don't write it,
someone else will.
It looks to me like Biermann & Gude
is in serious trouble.
And they're trying to blame you.
If you don't comment, their version
will be the one people hear.
Jesus Christ.
Why did you really get fired?
I was just trying to do my job.
I discovered
something wrong,
and I tried to alert them about it.
I didn't want to keep my mouth shut.
So you became a whistle-blower?
Yes. I reported it.
Is it okay if I write that?
Can I be anonymous?
Of course.
As you all know,
the situation is serious.
An anonymous whistle-blower
has attacked us in the media.
I need every man on deck to deal with
all the concerned clients.
This lovely bouquet
is a PR team from In House.
You know Evelyn as a former
politician. She will be in charge.
All communication
is to go through Evelyn.
All inquiries from the press,
whether it's an old pal
or some nutcase from the local paper,
everything goes through her.
Is that clear?
Any leak, whether intentional or not,
is a valid reason for termination.
It is disloyal and a serious breach
of confidentiality.
We don't take
public backstabbing lightly.
And let it be clear:
Such acts can always be traced.
Thank you for your attention.
The David vs. Goliath angle
is a problem.
That journalist, Aida Salim,
has come out of nowhere.
And she has built a narrative
over several weeks.
- But you know your whistle-blower.
- Fucking bitch!
How credible is she?
Not credible at all. She's bitter.
We have an ongoing personnel case.
Then let's use that.
Jonas can fill you in
on the Statkraft case.
I need all of you.
We meet with the Ministry next week.
- Birgitte is on the team now.
- Okay. Cool.
Have a seat, Jonas.
What was it you wanted to talk about?
Do you remember
that you and I had a talk?
We agreed that if your position
on my team ever became complicated,
- you would come to me.
- Yes.
How are you doing? Is it
so complicated that you can't
work for me anymore?
No, not at all. Of course not.
I'm part of the team.
- Okay. That was all.
- Right.
Excellent! Come on!
Pay attention.
- Time out!
- Great, Emma!
Hi. Good to see you.
The game just ended.
- I just need a word with Ida.
- Okay.
It's you, isn't it?
You're the whistle-blower.
So it's all one big conspiracy?
- That's crazy.
- Yes.
I don't know
- You don't know?
- I don't know if I buy it.
- You don't buy it?
- I'm not saying you're lying.
- That is what your saying.
- It must be a misunderstanding.
I shouldn't have said anything.
So everything is fabricated,
and everyone is part of the lie?
You don't have a problem
believing that I'm lying!
- Did you have to go to all-out war?
- War?
Publicly piss
on your own workplace? It's
I had no choice!
Dammit, I tried to tell them.
I did everything by the book.
And they chose to freeze me out.
- And now it's my problem.
- I'm sorry.
- Jan Gunnar is on my case.
- You can't trust Jan Gunnar.
He's my boss.
This is my job.
Let's talk about that.
Have you thought about
why Jan Gunnar
suddenly became interested in you?
- Because I've worked hard.
- He wanted to shut me up.
He thought it would help
if he gave you that promotion.
And it isn't
because you aren't qualified.
90,000 clicks. Behind the paywall.
Our story has been referred to
in practically every other newspaper.
Okay. Daniel Schanke.
Where do we stand?
We can ignore
Biermann & Gude's explanation.
Schanke doesn't know the difference
between Balkan and Baltic.
No surprise there. What does
Anette Noreide see in that meathead?
Don't quote me on that!
What if he's being used?
Okay. What are you thinking?
Noreide has fought for transparency
since she became minister.
Eggen is no fan of transparency.
Eggen gets Schanke involved in shady
dealings to topple the minister?
That's exciting.
I just talked to Evelyn Bang.
She has a new source.
- From In House? Do we listen to them?
- You'll want to hear this.
Sources at B&G claim
this wasn't about whistle-blowing.
They say you're out for revenge.
- Revenge?
- There was a labor dispute.
And you were fired because
you harassed other employees.
Do you want to comment on that?
The shit just hit the fan.
That is not true.
- So what happened?
- I've already told you that.
I reported an instance of wrongdoing.
And after that, they fabricated
a case against me.
They've been at it for weeks.
Are you willing to go on record?
No, she isn't.
That's too bad. We have someone
who's willing to present his story.
Someone who claims
he was harassed by me?
He's willing to come forward.
And you think that's okay?
To function as his microphone?
That's why I'm here.
So you can respond.
- Come forward?
- It makes you more credible.
No one is coming forward.
All you're interested in
is your damn clicks.
His name is Pedram Samadi, and he's
accusing you of being a racist.
Are you kidding?
That's nothing but a lie.
- Are you a racist?
- We're finished here. Thank you.
Fine, I'll go.
But no comment is also a comment.
- I want you out of here.
- I'm leaving.
Today Tusvik and Tønne's arsehole
award goes to Daniel Schanke.
What a slick guy,
and this is Anette Noreides husband.
And she claims she didn't know
he was a corrupt bastard.
He's full of lies, and he's involved
in shady businesses.
- Is there anything to eat?
- We ate an hour ago.
The Minister of Justice
should introduce 40-year sentences.
- The pundits are having a field day.
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Have you seen what they're writing?
- I don't want to talk about it.
The less we talk about it,
the better. Talk to Thea.
- Thea?
- Yes.
So she can find a new way
to make a fool of me?
You might as well call me a criminal.
- I don't want this discussion.
- No?
Why do you think
we did what we did with Cyprus?
You wanted to separate me from Peer.
We did it to protect you.
Who would say no to ten million?
No one, Anette.
I did it for you.
Use a meat pounder.
Crush the fibres in the meat.
The Sami throw everything
into the same pot.
- The Sami know how to cook.
- Fuck that!
Hang it, and use a meat pounder.
You want it as tender as possible.
Almost rotten.
Eirik, Ida Waage is downstairs.
She wants to talk with you.
They celebrated with champagne
when Pedram was made partner.
He falsely accused me
and was made partner.
And now they're going public
with this phoney harassment case.
A counterattack.
That's only to be expected.
- Is there anything you can do?
- We appreciate what you are doing.
But these are lies.
They can't print lies, can they?
- They can't mention your name.
- What?
But everyone will understand
that it's me. That I'm a
I'll be known nationally as a racist.
I understand this is hard,
but please be patient.
We can't try this case
in the court of public opinion.
Yes, I understand that.
How is the investigation going,
We have a lot of material
to go through, and
The thing is They managed
to get rid of some evidence.
That complicates matters, but we
can work from a different angle.
You have nothing.
How's it going?
How is it going with Ida?
She got fired because of you.
How do you think it's going?
- I just thought
- You're unable to think.
You get drunk and say stupid things.
And I have to clean up your mess.
- Hello?
- Why are you going with B&G's spin?
It's a legitimate source.
Ida doesn't want to tell her side.
Bullshit! She doesn't stand
a chance against them.
If you have anything to add,
it wouldn't go unchallenged.
I can't do that.
We've talked about that.
I don't decide what goes to print.
It's not my responsibility.
It never is!
I have a bad feeling
about that racist story.
Are we sure we want to run
that smear campaign?
- Would it be right to censor Pedram?
- We can't seem one-sided.
Whistle-blowers get counter-attacked.
What if we're being used?
- I've seen all the documentation.
- And why is that?
Who would willingly lie about being
the victim, with name and photo?
Fair enough. But why right now?
Ida Waage has had plenty of time
to respond.
If we don't print it,
Evelyn will go to VG with it.
It's your call, Martin.
She had her chance. Run with it.
- Martin
- We don't always find what we want.
That's just how it is.
It wasn't one specific incident.
It was many little things.
They would occur every day.
When I got married she asked if I was
flying in half my family from Iran.
- It was a joke!
- Because of your ethnic background?
Yes. I'd get comments like that
all the time.
Others would get advances,
but not me.
Just many little things.
I felt I became a whipping boy.
Everyday racism. And it's worse
when it comes from an office manager.
- So you reported sick?
- Yes, for a while.
At least they didn't use your name.
Is it you he's calling a racist?
Do you know him?
- Answer me. Do you know him?
- Don't believe any of it.
- You're the office manager.
- I haven't done anything wrong.
Don't believe
everything you hear on the news.
But she isn't saying anything.
None of you are saying anything.
Mum? Mum!
You're absolutely right, honey.
I have to speak out.
I have to speak out now.
Why didn't you say anything?
I thought you actually were sick.
It was uncomfortable.
You're related, after all.
It just felt strange.
Is it true?
- Pedram, is it true?
- Yes, of course it's true.
- Can you look me in the eye?
- You think I'm lying? Seriously?
Do you think I would lie about that?
It got big coverage
on the main news broadcasts.
And we're trending on Twitter.
- You rule today.
- You too. In all fairness.
Aida? Ida Waage is here.
- There. Do you take anything in it?
- No thanks.
I forgot to ask: Are you
comfortable with us filming you?
It will come across as more credible.
Is that how you usually do it?
Fine. Let's go all in.
Super. Come with me.
I'm only telling the truth.
How dangerous can that be?
Are you on a bender tonight?
There's room at our table.
No, thanks. I'm fine here.
I'm fine here.
Then I heard you right.
What is it?
He isn't used to being rejected.
Don't you ever grow tired
of this game?
It's all about winning.
I'm sick and tired of it.
See you later.
Birgitte, wait!
What am I waiting for?
Has the media been too eager
to judge the justice minister?
It's too early to speculate on
the media's role.
But this case has strengthened
her position.
The way she has handled it
shows that
Why did you do that? That was praise.
I know you're trying, Daniel.
You didn't ask
to be part of this circus.
No, I didn't. But that's okay.
- Really?
- Yes. It's fine.
I like your outfit. Nice.
"Madam Secretary."
Not now.
- Yes?
- Dagens Næringsliv. Now.
I did what I believed
was best for the firm.
I thought
they would appreciate my honesty.
But what happened instead
is that I was frozen out.
Then I went to the board,
to no avail.
- She's on the evening news.
- She's on everywhere.
That's a good thing, right?
It's important for me to say
that I haven't done anything wrong.
I know that I haven't,
and so do those who know me at B&G.
But the outside forces
were too strong.
What forces do you mean?
I probably shouldn't get into that
here and now.
Financial forces? Are you referring
to clients of Biermann & Gude?
Yes, I am.
Biermann & Gude was a small firm
before they landed Peer Eggen.
We quadrupled our turnover
in one year.
Do you think there's a connection
between this and what you reported?
That's not something I think.
I know it.
The laundering was on behalf
of Peer Eggen. That was clear.
That was the price we had to pay
to have him as a client.
I'll step down.
Peer, I don't know what to
What can I say? I understand
if you want me off the team.
I can step down here and now.
Is that your advice?
Advice? I don't know. Yes. Or
- It's up to you, of course.
- Yes, it is.
I'm thinking how you might be of use,
moving forward.
- Okay?
- Yes. I'll call you.
- You seem angry.
- Yes, I am angry.
We didn't exactly need this.
I'm shocked, quite frankly. Not on
my behalf. This isn't about me.
We're talking about lawyers.
They administer our laws.
Right and wrong.
If it becomes impossible
to report such issues
We're talking about the rule of law.
We're talking about our democracy.
Thank you.
- Very good.
- Well done.
Thank you. Can I get you
anything else besides water?
No, thanks.
I just need a minute to regroup.
Of course.
Hi, this is Anette Noreide.
You have to stop this.
It's getting worse.
Don't get hysterical. It will pass.
No one was supposed to find out.
One harmless transaction, you said.
All legal. No one would find out.
Calm down, Anette.
I never should have listened to you.
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