Witch Hunt (2020) s01e06 Episode Script


The external forces were too strong.
Which forces are you referring to?
Do you mean Biermann & Gude clients?
Do you think this is connected
to what you tried to flag?
I don't think so. I know so.
The laundering was on behalf
of Peer Eggen. That was clear.
That's very nice of you, Eva.
I will. Goodbye.
Your mother says hi.
She called me a Power Woman.
- Granny said "Power Woman"?
- She did indeed.
Look at this. People are so sweet.
A lot of people
must have disliked Eggen.
As for you, you have a tournament.
Are you all packed?
- I think so. Thanks.
- Good.
- Take care of each other.
- We will.
- Get to bed early. Do as you're told.
- Sure.
- Good luck!
- Bye!
It feels so good to have said it.
There are more flowers!
- Oh, my!
- My goodness!
Maybe I should stay home.
We ought to celebrate.
You don't mean that.
I know you want to go to Tromsø
and get drunk with those professors.
I'm serious, I think you should go.
You deserve it.
Okay. Who are those from?
- The handball team.
- Oh, how nice.
- Have a nice weekend.
- You too.
I'll call you when I land.
You do that.
Are you watching me?
No. Don't be so full of yourself.
Oh, that's my dad.
Relax, he doesn't bite.
- Oh, hi. Good morning.
- Good morning.
Dad, this is Jonas.
- Jonas.
- Jonas who?
Jonas Waage. Sorry.
Well, I bet you have breakfast plans
or something, so I don't want to
I'm leaving. Bye.
- Good morning.
- That Waage?
Don't start.
You can sleep with whoever you want,
but you could think it through.
I'm not discussing this with you.
Ida Waage is a red sock
in a white load of laundry.
The same goes for her son.
That's a fact.
You called it a harmless transaction.
You said it was legal and harmless,
and no one would find out.
- Calm down, Anette.
- I shouldn't have listened to you.
Our minister of justice,
Anette Noreide,
who has claimed to know nothing
about the transactions.
We now know she's lying, and that
Eggen controls the Cyprus account.
Why is she lying?
Whom is she trying to protect?
Time for a minister hunt.
No room for error.
While we wait for search warrants,
I want ten people to prepare.
We move simultaneously at her office,
her home and her cabin.
Everything is of interest.
Emails, notes, receipts, diaries
- Eirik, a word?
- I'm in the middle of a briefing.
The public prosecutor turned us down.
No raid, no charge.
- Lack of evidence.
- We have her on tape!
She's a minister. The bar is higher.
- Do you see what's happening here?
- Yes,
but let's avoid
the conspiracy theories.
I'm so sick of this!
Sick of this fucking dance!
I have served up plenty of evidence.
- The whole fucking system is rigged!
- Get a grip, Eirik.
There must be another way.
- What's going on?
- We've got more than 500 000 clicks.
- You're being quoted everywhere.
- It's insane.
Amazing numbers. Excellent work.
- I hope no one's allergic to almonds.
- Oh, cake!
- Come on!
- Don't you want some? It's for you.
This is investigate journalism
at its finest.
Congratulations, and enjoy.
You take it.
No cutting in line.
How are you going to top this, Aida?
No, just kidding.
There we are
Hey, I'm so sorry about that.
I've tried to get those keys back
form my dad for a year now
I refuse to be embarrassed.
Are you embarrassed?
There you are.
I've been looking everywhere.
I need some copies from the archives.
317 to 323, the Statkraft documents.
Okay, but isn't that
a job for the evening secretary?
We're planning a meeting
with the minister of commerce.
Do you really want to give this job
to some random secretary?
- No, of course not.
- Do you think it's beneath you?
- Maybe you can help, Birgitte?
- No, of course I'll do it.
- Please do it right now.
- Yes.
Hang on a minute
Are you questioning the legal basis?
Well, we have
the minister of justice on tape,
discussing transactions
with Peer Eggen,
and you want to keep me from
finding out what's going on?
This is a simple matter.
You said it yourself.
She's a minister.
That means stricter criteria.
I understand, but does that also
apply to impartiality?
Big game?
- His cabin is next to mine.
- Indeed.
You bought the land from him in 2008.
50,000 kroner. What a steal.
When I looked into Eggen's finances,
lots of things popped up.
"Cheap Land for Buddy"
sounds like a good news story.
Did you know that Josef Terboven
marinated himself in liqueur
before he lit the fuse and blew
himself up at the end of the war?
Have a little bracer.
If you charge Noreide,
I won't pursue this.
You're playing a dangerous game.
I'll look into it.
- Time for pizza!
- With sausage?
Yes, sausage and Gorgonzala.
- "Gorgonzala"?
- Is that not it? Is it Gorgonzola?
- Don't we get one night off?
- I'm not expecting anyone.
You guys just go ahead.
- Lasse? Time for dinner.
- Pizza!
- Yes?
- Eirik Bråthen, ECA.
A criminal charge?
Is this really necessary?
What's up?
They're charging you.
We are charging you,
not your husband.
It came with one of the bouquets.
Harassment and threats
are not unusual
when women stick their neck out.
- So it's my fault?
- No, I'm not saying it's your fault,
but this is not a battle
to be fought in the press,
and I can't guarantee your safety
if this spins out of control.
My safety?
Do you think
this is a legitimate threat?
It's important to take it seriously.
We have to look out for you.
I'll give you a number
you can call, day and night.
- How many are here?
- All of them.
I just have to ask.
Why did you phone him?
- Why did you phone Peer Eggen?
- I was angry.
He dragged Daniel into this.
He can be very manipulative.
I was angry, so I phoned him.
- Do I have to answer to you as well?
- No, I'm sorry.
Right. Thank you.
That's enough, thank you.
The minister will make a brief
statement about the investigation.
We will not take questions,
and there will be
no interviews afterwards.
I can confirm
that I was informed,
at around five o'clock yesterday,
that I'd been charged
by the Economic Crime Authority.
I have no understanding
of the charge,
and I have said as much
to the prime minister.
However, I do acknowledge
that my position,
in light of the current situation,
is problematic.
I have therefore requested
a leave of absence,
and I've been told it will be granted
at the next cabinet meeting.
Until then
I will fulfil my duties as usual.
As you know, I firmly believe
that everyone is equal
before the law.
I look forward to
cooperating with the police
and being cleared of all charges
as quickly as possible.
What evidence is there?
No questions. That is all.
- Why is the evidence kept secret?
- Where did the transactions go?
No questions.
You fight for transparency.
Why won't you answer?
Is your husband involved?
How can a minister of justice
be suspected of corruption?
Come on, let her answer. Noreide!
Will you resign as minister?
More documents from Noreide's house.
Thank you.
Eirik, come here.
I found something on that cell phone.
We found an old phone in her cabin.
They had tried to erase the contents.
- Look at this.
- Government documents?
Yes, confidential
government documents.
These look like minutes
from the Trade Ministry?
Ministers have access
to all the ministries.
"New legislation allowing sales
of state-owned enterprises,
concerning the case of Statkraft"
- Statkraft?
- Jesus fucking Christ.
She sold inside information about
the sale of Statkraft to Peer Eggen.
Now we've got her.
Bring her in for questioning, ASAP!
Smoothie? Green smoothie?
- No, thank you.
- I'm having one.
We know that the minister was charged
for having received the Klant money.
We need to know
what might come out,
in order to do our job
and protect you.
You failed last time.
I won't be pushed around
by that bitch.
That whistle-blower. So what?
Then there's that Paki.
It's embarrassing!
Our concern is
this last turn of events.
We don't know Noreide. What will
she say? What will they find?
It's not like
we need to know every detail.
You are as exposed as we are.
If they decide to prosecute
They won't prosecute.
There won't be a trial.
This whole thing stops now.
Stopping an investigation
is beyond our reach.
We're nervous
about what Noreide might say.
You are nervous? Fucking amateurs.
I'm paying you a fortune, and
I still have to clean up your messes.
What the hell are you doing?
You can't just break in like that!
- What's the problem?
- Damn it!
Jeez, what's the matter with you?
- I have a key.
- Right
I brought you a peace offering.
- Where's Tore?
- In Tromsø.
It was great, by the way.
- Your interview.
- Right
- It was completely idiotic.
- No, you know what?
You really put them in their place.
Yes, you did.
Well, that's you in a nutshell.
You just keep at it,
and I hid behind you, Ida.
I did, and I'm very sorry.
I apologise.
You just go all in.
You could file an employment lawsuit.
- They way they've treated you
- Employment lawsuit?
- I'm not suing anyone.
- If you change your mind,
I will represent you. I'm serious.
All in.
I'm sorry I frightened you.
Think about it. See you later.
Do you think you could stay a while?
Just until Emma comes home?
Of course.
- Hungry?
- Yes, actually I am.
Good. I'll get started.
Apple juice. That's the new wine.
I brought some Chèvre
Oh my, an important visitor.
How could you be so damn stupid?
What the hell are you on about?
What were you doing in Cyprus
with a journalist?
What were you doing in there?
She didn't know what to look for.
I had to help her.
In a courtroom,
that would be called theft.
They'll pick our case apart.
The memos, the recordings,
Our credibility is ruined.
We're back to square one.
I'll have to inform Internal Affairs.
What a shame.
Are you happy now?
- You and your fucking buddies.
- Eirik!
You should be ashamed.
I expect you to suspend
your detective immediately.
Put an end to this madness.
- Waage? A word.
- Okay.
- You have copied lots of documents?
- Yes.
- About Daniel Schanke's company?
- Yes, that's right.
- Plus the Statkraft files?
- Yes, lots of documents.
Jan Gunnar asked me to.
Isn't that a little weird?
Sounds more like secretary work.
That's what I said! I figured
an evening secretary could do it.
Oh, well
Jan Gunnar also thought it was weird.
He was as surprised as I am.
None of us quite get
what you want these copies for.
He's the one who asked me.
Birgitte was there. She heard him.
Right, Birgitte
- Birgitte, please come to my office.
- Sure.
Have you known Jan Gunnar to give
secretarial duties to the lawyers?
- No, that's not what I said.
- Wasn't it?
Well, you heard Jan Gunnar
Jan Gunnar asked me
about the Statkraft files, right?
The Statkraft files?
Yes, you were there.
He asked me to make copies.
Surely you remember that.
- Is this correct?
- I
I find it strange that Jan Gunnar
would ask Jonas to do that.
Yes, it was strange.
I reacted too. We both did.
I don't
- I don't know. Maybe.
- Maybe?
Yes or no?
I can't remember him
asking about that.
Thank you, Birgitte.
- Noreide!
- I'll handle it.
Take the back door.
We'll meet by the car.
There is nothing for you here.
The minister won't comment
- Two questions, Anette.
- Do you care to comment?
We just have a couple of questions.
Why don't you recognise the charge?
Just two seconds, Noreide.
What are the charges?
Tell me that, at least.
- You can't follow me in here!
- These are legitimate questions.
Do you want to look in my handbag?
Should I lift up my dress?
- What's new about the investigation?
- This is not okay.
- How is Daniel doing?
- Give me that phone.
Give it to me.
- How is Daniel doing?
- Give me your damn phone!
What are you?
What kind of person are you?
Okay, I'm done. I promise.
What's up? Is this a date?
A date That would be the day.
We're shutting down
the entire investigation.
- There are photos of us from Cyprus.
- No
Eggen has to be behind this.
The public prosecutor shut us down.
- So Noreide walks?
- She, Eggen,
Biermann & Gude, the whole shebang.
Is this on or off the record?
Noreide scanned confidential files
and sent them to Eggen.
- Energy acquisitions.
- Statkraft?
- Yes.
- Bloody hell.
It's all in the envelope.
Photos, transcripts,
the entire investigation.
If you cover it and document it,
we might get the ball rolling again.
Put it in your bag.
Do you think
they will reopen the case?
Even the prosecutor has to
listen to voice of the people.
Are you allowed to give me this?
Won't you get fired if they find out?
I'm getting fired either way.
No, I think this might be too big.
- You should talk to Martin.
- We're not talking to anyone
until you have built a story
they can't reject.
- They wouldn't reject this.
- Your boss, Sigurd Høie,
recently had dinner with Eggen
and the public prosecutor.
They are all buddies.
That's the problem.
Just run the story
before anyone can stop you.
Don't you know any other journalists?
Why me?
Because you're so damn annoying.
Did something happen?
Yes, they fired him.
- They're saying he stole documents.
- What?
Surely you didn't?
Are you seriously asking me that?
My goodness, Jonas
Is there something we can do for you?
You could shut up, for once.
You just can't help yourself.
You keep on digging.
You had to go on TV with that shit.
What were you thinking?
What they've done is a crime.
Well, I'm taking the hit.
I'm the one who got fired.
You have no student loans. You can
just sell the house and move abroad.
As for you
This is exactly what
I feared would happen.
Don't put this on me.
- Not now. I can't take it.
- Listen to me, Ida.
- He's my son.
- What am I supposed to do?
I don't know.
Hi. I left the boys at your mother's
and parked the car outside.
Thank you so much, Thea.
You're always saving me.
Do you recall
Do you remember what you told me
when I started this job?
You told me
to say no to you.
- I did?
- Yes, you said it was important.
Okay What are you getting at?
I'm doing it now.
No. I can't defend you any longer.
I can't cover for you
when I don't know what I'm covering.
Any comment?
Is something happening?
Not really, but her undersecretary
just left in tears.
- Are you kidding?
- No.
- There she is.
- One comment, Noreide?
You're not following her, right?
- I have a few quick questions.
- This is private property.
Please leave.
These are confidential
government files from your phone.
Why did you scan these?
I often work from home,
and that sometimes means
that I bring classified files
home with me.
The prime minister is well aware.
You're welcome to check.
These documents
aren't from your ministry.
No, because
the Ministry of Trade requested
legal assistance regarding
company ownership.
- This is not uncommon.
- That makes sense.
What I don't understand is why
you photographed the files with
an old phone that was then hidden,
and why the photos were sent to
an email associated with Peer Eggen.
- Where did you hear that?
- These files are about Statkraft.
The same company Eggen recently
declared an interest in buying.
Well, I have no more to say.
You should leave.
- Did you sell state secrets to Eggen?
- Leave now.
- Did you?
- Leave now!
- So you don't want to answer?
- Come on.
- You have no comment?
- Come on, get out.
- Now!
- Fine.
That was just insane.
I should report her.
- Did you hear what she said? Crazy!
- What did you do?
I did nothing.
What do you think I have done?
How stupid do you think I am?
Don't mess with me right now.
Look at me
and tell me none of it is true.
I just wanted to give you a boost.
- A boost?
- You were this close to bankruptcy.
- That was a long time ago.
- You were on the edge,
and I just asked him
to take another look at your project.
Peer was already interested.
He'd looked into it already.
You just had to sell some
state secrets to make him invest?
- I did it for your sake.
- Oh, did you?
You were depressed. I was scared.
- I worried about you.
- No, you worried about yourself.
You worried about
being married to a pauper.
- I know you're ashamed of me.
- That's not true, Daniel.
Just how dense do you think I am?
You guys used me.
As a deposit box for dirty money.
We did no such thing, Daniel.
I've been crawling on my hands
and knees apologising.
- I know
- It was you all along.
Is it really such a big deal,
what I did?
This is Statkraft.
Isn't it better that Eggen owns it
than having to sell it
to the Russians or the Chinese?
You liar.
You're a corrupt, fucking liar.
Save it for the journalists.
Daniel, please
- Eirik Bråthen.
- This is Anette Noreide.
I'm sorry to intrude, but
I wanted to inform you personally.
- What's up?
- I just spoke with Anette Noreide,
and she's ready to confess.
Confess to what?
Felony corruption.
She's coming in now.
She's been Eggen's puppet for years,
and now she wants to testify.
I think we might actually
see the end of this.
They are going down!
- Now people will believe me.
- Absolutely.
So it's over?
Thank you!
Ida, get over here.
My goodness!
- I have no more to say. Leave.
- Did you sell state secrets?
- Leave now.
- Did you?
Hello, mum.
Perfect! Okay.
Oh, shit!
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