Witch Hunt (2020) s01e07 Episode Script


The Public Prosecutor turned us down.
It's a no-go.
- We have her on tape!
- She's a minister.
Of course the demands are stricter.
You bought the land from Peer Eggen
in 2008 for 50,000 kr.
A steal.
Charge Noreide,
and I won't pursue this.
You get drunk and say stupid things,
and I have to clean up your mess.
How could you be
so incredibly stupid?
A judge would call that theft.
- Eirik!
- Are you happy now?
I expect you to suspend your
investigator immediately.
It's all in the envelope.
If you write about it, maybe
the ball will start rolling again.
No questions.
Why are the contents kept secret?
Is your husband involved?
- What have you done?
- Nothing.
Fucking liar.
I just spoke to Anette Noreide.
She's ready to confess.
This ends here.
Yes, please.
Just give me five more minutes.
The accident occurred
around 10:30 pm last night.
The police are reluctant
to release any details.
But the justice minister
was declared dead at the scene.
- What's happening? Ida?
- Prime Minister Mona Seberg
was clearly shaken
at the press conference.
It is with great sorrow
I must inform you that
Justice Minister Anette Noreide
died last night.
She was going to confess.
As you all know, Anette had been
under extreme pressure.
It's important we leave her family
alone in this difficult time.
- She was going to confess.
- Yes.
There is no indication
of any criminal wrongdoing.
But this case
has the highest priority.
We will do everything we can
to supply all the answers
as quickly as possible.
Good morning.
This is insane. My God.
- Do you have any coffee?
- The accident occurred
around 10:30 pm last night.
The police
I had known her for 20 years.
Yes. It's
At least she can no longer
be charged.
Now that she's dead.
So things should quiet down for us.
Dagens Næringsliv has something
Some crap.
Can you look into it?
It shouldn't be a problem.
One of their journalists, Aida Salim,
is being questioned.
She drove after Noreide.
She was first at the scene
and called emergency services.
Lady Di.
Lady Diana.
Hounded to death by paparazzi.
That could be our angle.
The table is set.
All we have to do
is move the right pieces
and we'll control the narrative.
Eirik, what have you worked out now?
Anette Noreide is on her way
to implicate Peer Eggen.
She dies en route.
Am I the only one
who thinks he might be involved?
Nothing suspicious
has been found by
She was on her way in to confess.
So what?
I can't prosecute a dead woman.
Go after Eggen.
Go after Biermann & Gude.
They've gone too far.
That case is based on documentation
which you're suspected of stealing.
This case is toxic.
I need something completely new
before I'm reopening anything.
Anette Noreide is dead.
That's pretty new, isn't it?
Why not use your leave of absence
to do something constructive?
You're getting full pay.
Take your kids.
Go on vacation.
I can't let this lie.
You have to, Eirik.
You will let this lie, right?
You don't have to come in.
Of course I'm coming in.
It's okay.
I understand if you're tired.
I've been looking forward to this.
Aren't you playing center?
I said it's okay.
It'll just be a hassle.
What's going on?
Don't you think
I understand anything?
That I hear things?
Read the paper?
Have you read
what they write about you?
You're a public figure.
You shouldn't read that, Emma.
At least not the comments.
I have to. It's about you.
They wrote that it's your fault
that minister is dead.
There's loads of crap about you!
It doesn't matter.
You know the truth.
The truth doesn't matter.
No one cares about the truth.
- Honey
- Never mind!
- Emma, please
- No!
- Hi.
- Come get a hug.
Thank you for coming.
How are you doing?
"Suspected of involvement
in a fatal accident."
That sounds horrible.
Try not to get too upset.
It's just a formality.
- Yes.
- Guaranteed.
- Come on. Let's go.
- OK.
They took it.
I had Bråthen's entire investigation.
Government documents, Statkraft.
- Why did he give it to you?
- His case was shot.
You saw evidence
linking Noreide to Eggen?
- Black on white.
- We have to get that file back.
- How do they know that?
- What is it?
VG received a tip that one
of our journalists is a suspect.
- Do they know it's me?
- They can't reveal your name.
Aida, calm down.
We're in this together, okay?
- Okay.
- We've got your back.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Daddy!
- You forgot your teddy. Crisis!
You didn't have to come
all the way here.
Was there anything else?
- No?
- No. Nothing.
Eirik, I can tell there's something.
Have you eaten?
Let's see
It's just a loose cable.
- All good.
- Want to play with us?
- Sure. In a minute, Rasmus.
- OK.
Eirik, do you want one
or two burgers?
Fucking hell.
Hey. One or two?
What are you doing?
Breaking into my computer?
Seriously, Eirik?
- Jesus.
- There was another car there.
- What?
- A black SUV.
- Aida has a little Renault.
- Seriously
- A black SUV with a bike rack.
- You're off the case!
- There was another car at the scene!
- You're in deep sh
They're in deep shit now!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Was there some misunderstanding?
That wasn't right.
- Jonas, please.
- What? I'm losing my job.
Yeah I can't help that.
You can tell them what happened.
Think that would matter?
I was lured into a trap
Don't you get it?
Their minds are made up.
They'll get rid of you
no matter what I say.
The only difference is that
I would go down with you.
So that's that?
What would you have done?
If what VG writes is true,
and a journalist from DN caused
the minister's death,
it's time to revisit the Ethical Code
of Practice for the press.
How are you doing?
I'm just waiting.
The police are still investigating,
so we'll see.
I think another car was involved.
At the scene of the crime.
- What?
- A witness saw another car.
It was chasing Noreide
just before she crashed.
Is that true?
- Did you see anything?
- No, I stopped. I lost her.
You didn't notice any cars
after you had stopped?
- What kind of car was it?
- A black Land Rover with a bike rack.
No, I can't remember that.
Was she really going to confess?
She called me,
right after talking to you.
Said she wanted
to take responsibility.
And then she died.
Everything okay, Ida?
Is that helping?
It's getting cleaner.
You realize you've been here
most of the day?
There's an open position
at my workplace.
Director of administration.
I talked to Merete.
She'd like to meet with you.
- Ida?
- Yes, I heard you.
- Did you really?
- I just
It's kind of you, but
I can't deal with that now.
She more or less said the job
is yours. If you want it.
Wouldn't that be nice?
Arguing with me in the car?
On the way to work, every day?
You don't want to just sit here.
It's time to look ahead.
Give it a shot.
We need the source material back.
It's all the evidence we need
It's out of the question.
Noreide was corrupt.
- She sold inside info to Eggen.
- Enough about Eggen.
We have to try to limit
the damage here.
The police can't impede us.
- That isn't the issue.
- That's exactly the issue!
Why are you so hung up on Bråthen?
Let me stop you there, Aida.
There's something else.
Resett published your name.
Ten minutes ago.
I'm sorry. This really sucks.
We know how this works.
Others will pick up on it.
I'll contact
the Police Security Service,
- so we can ensure your safety.
- What?
The Police Security Service?
- Yes.
- What do you mean?
We have no choice. We have
to look out for you as best we can.
But we still have to focus on
the chaos following that VG story.
Everyone is yelling at us
You're on thin ice
and we're losing advertisers.
Here is tomorrow's editorial.
An apology.
You're throwing me under the bus.
You acted on your own.
Because I thought you had my back.
I would never go after a minister
if I didn't believe that.
Stay until the end of your contract,
but don't write anything. Okay?
Now I have to deal with NRK.
Excuse me.
Hi, Fredrik. Yes.
You know who
his dinner partners are, right?
Every white Christmas at Engebret.
Aida. I'm partially responsible.
I gave you too much responsibility.
Too much, too fast.
That's on me, okay?
- You're too young, you have to wait.
- Hi.
- Why are you here?
- Getting some things.
- Do you talk to the investigators?
- Every day.
They have tunnel vision,
ignoring a key witness
and going after that journalist.
- They're manipulating the facts
- Are you done?
Check out that witness.
I won't ask how you got to know
about that witness,
but she's an 80 year old woman
with impaired memory.
She isn't even sure
she saw the minister.
Nothing indicates that Noreide
was the victim of a criminal act.
- Hey
- She was speeding.
The road was slick, she lost control.
It was an accident
- That's too simple
- They have done a thorough job.
Their conclusion goes out today.
That's too simple, damn it
Listen to me!
- That's too simple.
- Listen
The journalist
caused her to speed up.
She drove too fast.
But it was an accident.
They just need a scapegoat.
Enough with your conspiracy theories!
Please, hear me out.
They found this
in the journalist's car.
Our entire investigation.
The entire Noreide case,
including my handwritten notes!
What the hell were you thinking
giving this to her?
I have
defended you for ten years.
They call you unprofessional,
emotional, out of control.
But I believed in you.
We need people like you.
I thought.
I felt I had no choice.
The case was dead.
Yes. It sure is now.
- Hi!
- Hi, how are you?
It's been pretty
What a mess you ended up in.
It's crazy.
We need people like you.
Thank you, Merete.
Listen, I'm sorry
to inform you this late.
But I just heard from upstairs.
They went with an internal candidate.
Oh? Okay
But Tore gave me the impression
it was a done deal.
I thought so too,
but they changed their minds.
So I apologize.
Is it because it's me?
Am I a problem?
I don't like to speculate, but
things have escalated,
and then this horrible death
- I had nothing to do with that.
- No!
But you know how things are
No, I don't. How are things?
We have students here.
Yes. But don't worry.
There will be new opportunities.
And I'll definitely keep you in mind.
A minute's silence will be observed
in memory of Anette Noreide.
The funeral will take place
this coming Friday
- What a situation!
- Yeah.
- Are things crazy at the office?
- Absolutely.
But now it's time
for a glass of wine.
Isn't it a little early?
We have something to celebrate.
I have been asked to take over.
As justice minister.
As justice minister? Why?
Isn't that a nice way
to ride off into the sunset?
As minister?
- Sure.
- Cheers.
What is it?
Nothing, I just
It takes some getting used to.
Are you coming to the funeral?
No, I wasn't planning to.
I've hardly met her.
How can I have raised
such a socially tone-deaf child?
You knew her.
That's the point.
And if anyone asks,
she has been a great inspiration.
Journalist whore
Go back to where you came from!
I think I have to puke
Go home, fucking islamist whore
Everyone in Norway.
Yes. I saw it. I know.
What were you doing
sneaking around in her bushes?
I was there to get a response.
- I see.
- That's what journalists do.
- Not all of them.
- Are you blaming me?
Yes. Sorry.
It's just so typical of you.
Hi. I'm not here as a journalist.
I wanted to give you these
and point something out:
I know things are being
presented in a certain way.
She got in her car and drove off.
And I followed her
You make me sick.
You come here with flowers?
Two boys upstairs
have lost their mother.
And you show up here with flowers?
What kind of person are you?
- Move.
- Can we leave soon?
Get out of the frame.
I'm trying to take a picture.
I won't say it again.
Put that down. It isn't yours.
I've told you ten times. There.
Hi, Selma!
- Hi, honey!
- Mommy!
Go get in the car. You too.
I'll be right there.
- What are you doing here?
- Rasmus called me.
I'll be taking them for a few days,
then we need to have a talk.
We were heading home.
They're playing at a crime scene!
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- You have to let this go.
- Sorry, I have to take this.
- Hi.
- Hi.
That other car you mentioned
A black SUV with a bike rack.
- Yeah?
- I think I know whose it is.
- I may just be speculating
- Stay here.
You can't go alone.
Aren't you suspended?
He doesn't know that.
The boys are asking
about the funeral.
What they should wear.
What she wants.
Like it's a birthday party.
Like she'll wake up again.
I don't know what she wanted.
I know you followed her.
A witness saw you.
Your car.
Why did you follow her?
I didn't.
She told you about her and Eggen,
didn't she?
How they had duped you?
That can't have been much fun.
Or what?
I understand that made you angry.
She left, you followed her.
You called, she didn't pick up.
You wanted to punish her.
Wanted her to be as miserable as you.
And then you lost control.
What are you saying?
What, do you think I killed her?
- What are you saying?
- Why did you follow her, Daniel?
What happened?
What happened was
She said
she was going to the police
to take responsibility.
She told you she wanted to confess?
What did you do then?
I called Peer.
- You called Peer Eggen?
- Yeah.
I was just as mad at him.
So I called him and said
that she was turning herself in,
and I told him to rot in jail.
But then he snapped.
He screamed.
Said I had to stop her.
At all costs.
That he had me by the balls.
And he did.
Financially, at least.
So Peer got you to follow her?
- Peer manipulates people.
- I see.
He gets people to do things.
Like what?
I got in my car and drove off.
Followed her.
I caught up to her, and
I knew we were going too fast.
And then she drove off the road.
I panicked.
So I called Peer again.
He said there was nothing I could do.
That the ambulance was on its way,
and it would be best
if I left the scene.
That I had to think about the boys.
I didn't know what to do.
It was an accident.
You realize you'll have to testify?
Bring him in as quickly as possible.
We can't take any chances.
I'll meet you at the office.
Eirik, you're a damned idiot.
And you're still suspended.
But this is excellent work.
We have a new witness
in the Noreide case.
Is that so?
Daniel Schanke confirms the
connection between Noreide and Eggen.
He saw the documents.
He knew she was going to confess.
What happened
to letting her rest in peace?
We can't deny the deceased's husband
the right to testify, can we?
No one wants
a lengthy Noreide case now.
With Schanke,
this is no longer a Noreide case.
We can go after Eggen.
This is an Eggen case.
We can't afford to screw up again.
I'm bringing him in for questioning.
He just has to compose himself.
Do you have anything for me?
Anything on the record?
No, but I promise to call
the day we raid Eggen's headquarters.
Hey! You are not going in there!
Stay away!
He's a witness in an ongoing case!
I order you to stay away from him!
- Is there a problem?
- I gave him an order
Turn off that goddamn camera!
Don't forget that
you've been suspended.
Who the hell have you talked to?
I have nothing to say to you.
- I'm just trying to help you.
- Really?
You're about to confess to
some serious crimes.
Negligent homicide.
Leaving the scene of an accident.
You're looking at three years.
- You're fucking with my head.
- No, I'm not.
They're fucking with your head.
I didn't mean to go behind your back.
I wanted to
involve you.
I kept saying that.
All along. But
Anette didn't want to
She wanted to protect you.
I'm sure she did it out of love.
Too bad that's what she'll be
remembered for.
Felony corruption.
Think about your boys, Daniel.
What's going on?
Everything just went to hell.
This is NRK with breaking news.
The case against Justice Minister
Anette Noreide has been dismissed
on the basis that
no criminal conduct was found.
The Economic Crime Authority
stresses that this includes
the investigation of her husband,
Daniel Schanke,
and Biermann & Gude.
The Economic Crime Authority
will have to review their practices
as a consequence of the dismissal.
The new justice minister,
Carl Bugge, declared today
that Anette Noreide was innocent
and the victim of a witch hunt.
Hi, Ida.
What did you tell
the Public Prosecutor
to get him to dismiss the case?
Were more witnesses
forced to silence?
How many lives have you destroyed
in order to solve Eggen's problems?
What problems do you mean?
Right, there's no problem
since the case was dismissed.
You can go to your cabin
with your wife and kids.
You don't give a shit how many
victims are strewn in your wake.
Careful what you say
Hi, Iselin.
Sorry, I just have a little issue
with your husband.
Do you know where
the money for this car came from?
Ida's a little unstable.
I have never been more stable
in my entire fucking life!
Do you know what they do at B&G?
I understand why you felt
you had to get rid of me.
But going after Jonas,
who did nothing wrong?
And that poor journalist?
- The kids are in the car.
- This is embarrassing.
I couldn't care less!
I'm not keeping quiet any longer!
Do you hear me?
I'm never giving up!
I'm never fucking giving up!
Do you understand? Never!
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