Witch Hunt (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Det siste ordet

I think another car was involved.
I may know whose car it is.
Why did you follow her?
Peer manipulates people.
We must take him in as soon as
possible and not take any chances.
Think about your boys, Daniel.
- You're fucking with my head.
- No, I'm not. They are.
It's all going to hell.
Anette was a person who
embodied her ideals.
She stood for something.
She was a fighter.
We Daniel and I
We've been friends
since we were young boys.
And when you met Anette,
she became the same.
A friend.
Anette Noreide was
the victim of a witch hunt.
The victim of a press
that hunted her down.
The victim of
an Economic Crime Authority with
a desperate need to assert itself.
The victim of
so-called whistle-blowers.
People who believe a lie is true,
as long as
it's labelled "misconduct".
The police concluded that no crime
was committed. The press has
apologised. They will "repent"
as they say.
None of this will bring Anette back.
Here are her husband
and her children.
They have to carry on living.
She's suing us.
Ida Waage is suing us.
Let her try.
She doesn't stand a chance.
No. We won't let it go to trial.
None of us needs this now.
Least of all Peer.
You're suing B&G?
I was fired for whistle-blowing.
I'm suing them for unfair dismissal.
You're tough, I'll give you that.
Will you testify?
You can reveal everything.
Everything they've tried to hide.
If you testify, this could be
much bigger than my whistle-blowing.
You can present everything.
All your evidence against Peer Eggen.
I can't. I'm bound by professional
secrecy. They won't let me.
I'm still asking you.
We can force the Economic Crime
Authority to reopen the Eggen case.
You can take down Peer Eggen.
If only it were that simple.
Are we going to let these criminals
get away with it?
Are we?
Will no one be held responsible?
It's not just Eggen.
There's so much more.
There's public interest,
politics, jobs.
I see.
Ola thinks
I still have a strong case.
If it all goes to hell,
at least I've tried.
- Hi!
- Hi, your shoes!
Ten million!
B&G is offering you ten million
if you don't go to trial.
What are you talking about?
It's crazy.
- Nothing has been settled yet.
- What do you mean "settled"?
They know she has a strong case.
- They're scared.
- Ola, we haven't discussed it yet.
- He doesn't know?
- No.
Apparently I don't.
Tore, sorry if I stepped
in something here.
I'll call you.
I filed a lawsuit.
You sued them
without asking me first?
It was hard to find the right time
to tell you.
- You and my bloody alcoholic brother.
- He's not drinking now.
What were you thinking?
Did you think I wouldn't notice?
Ten million indicates that we're
on to something here.
That's totally irrelevant.
You should have asked me.
I know.
But I know what you would have said.
You say the same thing all the time.
"We must think of the consequences.
We have to accept the way it is."
But I don't want to accept it.
I can't.
This isn't just about you, dammit!
Think about your family.
Look at what's happening.
Look at the children.
Jonas is unemployed.
And depressed.
Emma always has a stomach ache.
Constantly! And look at us.
What's happening?
What has happened to us?
I just don't want it all
to have been in vain.
That B&G get away with their lies.
That Peer Eggen gets the last word.
I have the invoice.
I have all the documentation.
They have the best lawyers.
They have Pedram and all that.
- It will all come up again.
- There are many possibilities.
- Jonas could testify.
- You keep Jonas out of this.
Am I the only one here,
who wants our life back?
A family that actually functions?
You don't seem that interested.
Don't talk like that.
You should have asked me.
I'm asking you know.
So they've offered to settle?
Ten million is a lot of money.
That's peanuts for them.
I want you to call Ola.
And tell him
that you accept their offer.
Then I want you and I to forget
that this ever happened.
- Okay.
- Good.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
- That was quite a storm.
- You could say that.
I read some of the comments.
Nasty stuff.
Thank you.
- Let me get straight to the point.
- Yes.
I have followed your work.
Your unique experience
with these media processes
- makes you very interesting to us.
- Okay.
You may consider us the enemy.
But we're basically in the same
business. We're communicators.
The PR sector is a legitimate
part of our democracy.
We're voices in the debate.
Isn't that what you want to be?
I suppose so.
I have seen many minority girls
threatened into silence.
It would be a shame
to see your voice disappear.
Think about it.
We'll keep in touch.
Well, isn't this nice?
Waiting to be fed?
Uncle Ola mentioned a trial.
Yeah. That's not going to happen.
She's settling.
Yeah. That's probably best.
- Did you watch the funeral?
- Yes.
- What a miserable gang.
- Use your strength on something else.
You like to say that.
I've used my strength
on the opposite.
On what?
I've been a jerk to Ida.
Don't worry about that, Jonas.
She could've had a chance.
If I had testified.
I could have testified about
what they did to Ida and me.
That Pedram and I
hid a lot of documents.
I know quite a bit.
Well done, Ida! Come on!
Come on, mum!
- Fight back!
- Come on!
I just don't want anyone to hurt you.
So I try to protect you,
and you end up standing alone.
Screw that settlement.
Ten million. What's that?
We don't need it.
Are you serious?
Let's do it.
Nice to see you back in court.
I'd advise your client to settle.
No one wants to hurt anyone.
Ida makes her own decisions.
Not always good ones, evidently.
This is a civil case between
Ida Waage and Biermann & Gude.
The plaintiff claims unfair dismissal
after whistle-blowing.
Counsel for the plaintiff
is Ola B. Waage.
The defendant is represented
by B&G's managing partner,
Poul Kloumann, and board chairman
Jan Gunnar Askeland.
Kloumann rejects
the claim of whistle-blowing.
He maintains the alleged
improprieties never took place.
That is correct.
Waage, you may address the court.
- Hello.
- Hi.
A double latte, please.
So Here to lie in court?
I've been summoned.
I'm not happy about this, if that's
what you think. I feel like shit.
That's how it is at B&G.
You constantly feel like shit.
Maybe that's why
I liked hanging out with you.
Latte is ready now.
First they tried to pressure her
by putting you on the Eggen team.
Before B&G was raided, you were sent
out with documents and hard drives.
- What did you think about that?
- I thought it had to do with Ida.
But it wasn't until I had read it in
the business paper that I was sure.
What happened?
I was framed. Jan Gunnar told me
to copy some documents.
He denied that later.
Then I was accused of stealing
the documents. And I was fired.
In retrospect, I see that they
fired me to pressure Ida.
Thank you, Jonas. Nothing further.
This situation where you allegedly
were asked to make copies
Were there any witnesses?
Yes. Birgitte Bugge.
But she'll probably deny it.
Let's not speculate
on future witness statements.
She's also worried about reprisals.
That's the problem with B&G.
Everyone is petrified all the time.
That's why I didn't dare say anything
when you
went after Ida.
You want to stay on the inside.
Any maybe support your family?
No. Kloumann.
Thank you. I have nothing further.
Hi. Was that okay?
Did I talk too fast?
You couldn't have been more clear.
- Good.
- Fantastic.
Just to make it clear:
Are you afraid of me?
Are you afraid of anyone at B&G?
Are you afraid of telling
the truth here today?
- No.
- Are you afraid of reprisals at B&G?
I'm not afraid of you or anyone else
at Biermann & Gude.
I'm not tied to anyone.
Can you tell the court what happened
on 11. April at our office?
Jan Gunnar asked Jonas to fetch some
Statkraft documents from the archive.
Jan Gunnar asked Jonas to fetch
some Statkraft documents.
Perhaps you misunderstood
the question?
I understood.
You have previously said that
Jan Gunnar didn't ask for them.
Yes. I lied.
I realised straight away
it was related to
Ida Waage and Yes.
We were all scared of
getting involved.
The witness is making claims
that can't be documented.
I'm willing to let her continue.
Yes. I lied that day
in order to keep my job.
I can't lie in court.
Jonas has done nothing wrong. He was
used in the witch hunt for Ida.
It was painful to watch and
I want no part of it anymore.
Does the defendant have any
further questions for this witness?
Are you and Jonas Waage
in a relationship?
No, I mean
We were good colleagues.
At one point I suppose there was
perhaps kind of
kind of a flirt but
At one point?
Was it perhaps
the night before April 11?
When he stayed over at yours?
Where did you hear that?
Sorry to pry,
but please answer the question.
Did Waage stay the night at yours
from April 10 to 11?
Yes, he did.
Then I would say that you were
in a relationship.
Could it be that
you're sitting here lying?
To help your boyfriend Jonas Waage?
We were not a couple.
- You just slept together.
- Kloumann!
Sorry, let me rephrase that.
Do you have feelings
for Jonas Waage today?
Do you have feelings
for Jonas Waage today?
Yes. Maybe, but
Thank you. No further questions.
- Any questions for the witness?
- No.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Thank you. You may step down.
The court is adjourned for today.
We will reconvene tomorrow at nine
- Why didn't you say anything?
- Come on. Like what?
They had a relationship.
Don't put this on Jonas.
And don't put it on me.
- This is your responsibility, Ola.
- Ida.
No thanks.
Everything's going to hell.
Is that why you're here?
Yes, you could say that.
No, I can't do it. Suspended or not.
If I do it, I'll never work
as a police officer again.
Ida has lost her job too.
I know.
She made her choices, I'll make mine.
You know I didn't really
want to involve Ida in this.
You came to me.
You showed up at my door
with your kids.
I would never have given you
Ida's name if you hadn't done that.
This was just as much
your choice, Eirik.
And now she's sitting there,
alone against the world.
We all want to be heroes
in our own lives. Do the right thing.
But we can't bear it.
Sorry I'm late. May I approach?
Can we just get started?
We have a new witness.
I know it's late,
but it's within the rules of court.
I'm sorry,
but it's too late for that now.
It's Eirik Bråthen.
Police investigator Eirik Bråthen
wants to testify.
Bråthen will expose us to open court.
- He's bound to secrecy.
- He obviously doesn't care.
- Call Peer.
- No, let's leave him out of this.
Peer doesn't need to know Bråthen is
testifying in a case involving him?
That's as confidence-inspiring
as when you exposed me and the board.
I had to find a solution.
We could have done that together,
if you hadn't been such a fool.
Call Peer and set up a meeting.
And kiss his ass until
shit comes out of your mouth.
Do we have a situation again?
Yes, you could say that.
But it can be resolved.
He can be rendered harmless.
He's made an endless
number of mistakes.
Several of his colleagues
are sceptical of him.
We have hostile witnesses
and documentation, so
whatever he brings, we can handle.
We're looking into closed doors
and it looks promising.
So it's under control?
We've also come up with
a new settlement proposal.
Then I'm happy.
You didn't have to drive up here
to tell me that.
All right, then. Let's get to it.
Jan Gunnar?
Come here.
Give me your phone.
What are you doing?
Eirik Bråthen is never
going to testify.
Behind closed doors?
How would that look?
Who's this?
A way to clean up.
It's you or Bråthen.
Courvoisier Le Centenaire.
A gift to the Norwegian people
100 years after the dissolution.
I have consulted with Ida.
She's not interested.
You haven't heard our offer.
Not everything is for sale, PK.
Do you think you're doing a good job
for your client?
Yes, I think it's going pretty well.
You increase your offer
with every round.
It's sad that you gamble
with such things.
I will not compromise.
This is serious.
Your problem is
that you are a theoretician.
When it comes to doing the job
building a line of evidence,
arguing a case, convincing a judge
You've never managed that.
You don't have the stamina.
You never have.
We're driven by the same mentality.
The winner takes it all.
But putting Ida in the pot
like you're doing now
Your own sister-in-law.
Not even I would've done that.
Shame we have to settle
this in court.
I have to get going.
Can I have your name, date of birth
and occupation?
Eirik Bråthen, investigator,
Economic Crime Authority, 12.05.67.
When you testify,
you must tell the truth.
It's a criminal offence to knowingly
make false statements.
Or to conceal any facts
known to be material.
Do you promise to tell
the whole truth and conceal nothing?
I do, upon my honour.
Eirik Bråthen.
Your investigation led to the
Minister of Justice being charged.
Can you confirm
that you received a tip in February
regarding possible
money laundering at B&G?
Excuse me?
No, I did not receive a tip.
Let me ask you again,
and remind you that you
You are aware that you just swore to
tell the truth, under oath?
I am aware of that. And I say no.
You did not receive a tip?
What was that?
I'll call you.
Call me? Are you serious?
- What's going on?
- I can't discuss it now.
You lied in open court!
They are five and eight years old.
- Eirik?
- We're done.
- Can we talk?
- We're done.
Did they threaten you?
I can make it public.
- Eirik!
- Where would you write about it?
- Start a blog?
- I don't know. Wait a second.
- We have to make it public.
- There's no point.
Can't you accept that and shut up?
- What do we do now?
- I don't know.
Is your lawyer delayed?
Sorry, I don't know.
I suggest you call him.
I've tried, but
- Maybe we should go and check.
- We can't.
This is not ground for postponement.
The trial is basically over.
The evidence has been presented.
We have enough for a verdict.
What about our closing argument?
As your lawyer is indisposed,
there will be no closing argument.
- Oh my God.
- But you're welcome to speak.
- I can speak?
- Yes.
If you want to.
I'm not a lawyer. I'm not prepared.
No way. I can't do it.
For it to be a whistle-blowing case,
there must be wrongdoing.
Censurable, or illegal, incidents.
There is no evidence that any
such thing has occurred at B&G.
What has been documented
beyond reasonable doubt
is that Ida Waage violated
her duty of confidentiality
and removed classified documents
from the building.
This constitutes a severe violation
of the interests of her employer.
The grounds for the dismissal of
Ida Waage are therefore just.
And a consequence
of Waage's behaviour.
Ida Waage is in other words
no whistle-blower.
She let her emotions
get the better of her
and vengeance eventually
became her motive.
Ida Waage claims to have discovered
censurable conditions.
But the fact of the matter is
that she was the problem.
The court will now retire
to deliberate
Wait a moment.
- Excuse me?
- May I say something?
I understand that I have
the right to speak.
Yes, you may present an argument.
I got an invoice on my desk.
Since then, I've been asked
to keep my mouth shut.
I have been squeezed out.
I have been accused of
being a racist.
I have lost my job.
My children have suffered.
If I'm honest, your honour,
I had decided not to say any more.
I would finally come to reason.
"Give up, Ida. There's no point.
Just shut your mouth."
But where would we be then?
If regular people can't speak up?
Who makes the decisions then?
Is it you?
Your honour, the plaintiff
is attacking
I'm speaking up now,
because so much hasn't been told.
Waage, stay in your seat
and address the court.
I understand. I'm very sorry.
Your honour,
I stand here speaking today,
because our country's
Minister of Justice
who was about to confess
to corruption, is dead.
I stand here because investigator
Eirik Bråthen was threatened
to lie in the witness stand.
Excuse me
I stand here because the entire
Norwegian press has chickened out.
I stand here because everyone
who could have supported my claim
have been gagged.
I'm the only one left.
And in this case
and Jan Gunnar
it's my word against yours.
What I'm saying is uncomfortable.
I understand that.
It's uncomfortable
for the whole of B&G.
For Peer Eggen,
I'm sure it's uncomfortable.
Maybe it's uncomfortable
for everyone?
No one wants to believe
these things happen.
That politicians actually
are corrupt.
That lawyers,
who administer Norwegian law,
abuse their confidence so grossly.
We don't want to believe
that such things happen.
But they do.
If we don't speak up
then that's what happens.
The verdict is in.
Our unanimous decision is
that the employee has not
violated her duties
or breached her contract
and that her termination
is therefore invalid.
The court has determined
that the employee
alerted management
of censurable conditions.
And that her employer
did not do enough
to shed light on said conditions.
The court observes that
the plaintiff, in a remarkable way
has taken public responsibility
in a very demanding situation.
The employer is sentenced to pay
3 million kroner in compensation
as well as 350,000 kroner
in legal costs.
This court is now adjourned.
You still write well.
We've already covered that case.
- This is speculation.
- Have you read the verdict?
- Of course I have.
- It implied that Eggen
This isn't an Eggen case.
Or a Noreide case.
Or an economic crime case.
It was an employment lawsuit
and it's over.
So it ends with Biermann & Gude
- getting a slap on the wrist?
- That's how it ends this time.
You're still young.
You're sharp.
You get too heated sometimes.
But you are talented. You know it.
Many employers could use you.
Have you talked to Evelyn Bang?
I think you should consider it.
I think my lunch break is over,
Would you like to order some drinks?
Uncle Ola. We have a visitor.
Take your shoes off!
Fantastic air up here.
Are you enjoying yourself?
Yes, they're great people.
- Thanks for inviting me back.
- Of course.
Once I find a good quality,
I never let it go.
And Statkraft?
What about it?
Can it be saved?
Yeah, we'll just wait
till next spring.
It'll be fine.
You look much too sober. Come on.
What happened there?
We didn't have anything
to do with that, right?
What do you think?
This is Norway.
That doesn't happen here.
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