Without A Trace s01e09 Episode Script

In Extremis

Your blood pressure's a little higher than I'd like it but we'll see how you do with the new meds.
Just remember to take them.
You know, I get so confused sometimes with all the pills and my son can't come by every day and put them out for me.
That's why I got this for you.
Have your son put each pill you have to take in these slots.
That way, you won't forget.
I've already done the first week for you.
That is so sweet.
I don't want to see you for four weeks, Mrs.
Don't want my girlfriend to get jealous.
Your girlfriend is lucky to have a man like you, Dr.
And you're the best doctor in this whole hospital.
Thank you, Mrs.
Anwar Samir, 30 years old, single, Saudi Arabian descent.
Third-year intern at Lord's Hospital.
He put in an 18-hour shift and left for home.
He's missed two shifts.
It's been 39 hours since anyone's heard from him.
The head nurse called his home phone but only got the machine.
We paged him, no response.
Last night, one of his colleagues went to his apartment.
No one was home.
- Has he done anything like this before? - Never.
He's worked here three years and only missed two days.
Both times he called in.
- Any problems with patients or doctors? - No.
His evaluations are exemplary.
The hospital is sponsoring his visa, and the new rules are very specific.
With J1 visa status, we have to report it any time anyone misses work without informing us.
I hope you don't think I'm an alarmist.
It's just, since 9/11-- It would help if I could see his personal file.
- Could you get that for me? - Sure.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
- Anything interesting? - No, not really.
You notice how he went from respected doctor to suspected terrorist in the space of a five-minute conversation? - Guess that's the world we live in.
- I guess.
Anwar Samir.
He's 30 years old, single, came to New York in'95.
Attended Columbia Med.
He's number two in his class.
Third-year intern at Lord's Hospital.
- Family? - No, they're all back in Saudi Arabia.
- Where does he live? - Studio in Bay Ridge.
It's a heavy Middle Eastern community.
He's got an American girlfriend, Lindsey Randall.
She's a med student at the hospital.
She's on a plane back to New York.
- She know he's missing? - No, not yet.
- She was in Chicago for an interview.
- What about the airlines? Nothing from international.
We're still waiting on domestic.
- What's his visa status? - Met with INS nine months ago.
Routine interview, and he was presumed no risk.
Obviously this has to be handled with extreme sensitivity.
We just do our jobs the way we normally do and let the conclusions take care of themselves.
Martin, Samantha, I want you to check Anwar's apartment and his girlfriend.
Danny, I want you to do deep background.
Vivian, you and I are going to check the hospital.
- Very functional.
- Reminds me of a dorm room at Quantico.
Good old club Quantico.
He wasn't exactly putting down roots, was he? It's not like he had time.
All that studying.
Hey, habibi, it's me.
I just got in.
I'm safe.
I just wanted to hear your voice.
Love you.
Could be the girlfriend.
Samir, this is the ER.
We've tried paging you.
Please call us.
Anwar, this is Dr.
What is going on with you? Call the hospital.
The hospital offers cheap housing two blocks away.
Why does this guy choose to live all the way down here? Maybe he likes the neighborhood.
Frankly, I don't know what you want me to tell you.
I'm assuming if you're here that you must know something that we don't.
We heard from some of the nurses that Dr.
Samir was very upset when he left here on Wednesday.
- The nurses said that? - Are you surprised? He's generally not very demonstrative with his emotions.
I understand you and he had a heated discussion that day.
- Who told you that? - Did you or didn't you? Well, yes.
He'd applied for his residency at the Center for Disease Control and he asked me for a letter of recommendation.
He approached me that day about it, and I explained I couldn't write it.
I don't understand.
I have better grades than Elizabeth.
I get better reviews.
I work more hours than her, than all the interns here.
I'm sorry, Anwar, but there are other factors in this decision.
Like what? Your bedside manner is too good to waste in a research lab.
I have never once heard you talk of anyone's bedside manner.
I'm sorry, Anwar, but even if I wrote the recommendation I don't think they'd accept you.
I honestly believe Elizabeth has a better chance and I can only write one.
- I understand.
- Good.
Thank you.
Falk, do you honestly believe the CDC would discriminate? Nobody says that, but.
Do you think Samir was angry enough to quit? Without telling anyone? Just blow off all his shifts? No.
- Study of viruses.
- That's not odd, considering he's a doctor.
Here's some light reading.
"Dirty Democracy.
"How the U.
sentences blasphemers to death "why terrorists keep picking on the U.
S "how the U.
has perverted dozens of foreign elections" and much, much more.
By Colin Blum.
From Boston.
A bit inflammatory.
Last time I checked, we still had freedom of the press.
I'm not condoning censorship, but we've got a profile.
Yeah, of a Saudi Arabian doctor.
That's all we have.
Profiles aren't flawless, but they exist for a reason.
Come on, we use them every day.
Maybe he's a pedophile.
How long has he been gone? As far as we know, no one's seen or heard from him since he left the hospital at 5:00 on Wednesday.
- Almost two days.
- Yeah.
Did you see him at all on Wednesday? Yeah, we were at the hospital.
I was about to leave for Chicago, and I guess he wanted to surprise me.
I want to marry you, Lindsey.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
I'm sorry, habibi.
I can't take it.
Not now.
Why not? I don't even know where I'm gonna be next year.
I could be in Chicago and you could be here.
Whatever it is, we'll make it work.
I need you, Lindsey.
I love you, but.
You can't? Right.
Please don't be like that.
This has nothing to do with your parents? Your friends? - What they'll say? - You know that's not true.
Do I? I left an hour later for the airport.
I didn't see him again after that.
Was this out of the blue, or had you discussed marriage before? He'd alluded to it.
We used to joke that he was just using me to get a green card.
Did he mention his meeting with Dr.
Falk? No, what meeting? Well, Dr.
Falk denied him for a recommendation.
To what? To the CDC.
- He didn't tell you? - No.
No? He'd been planning it for months.
Well, he didn't say anything to me.
What did he tell you about his plans? I thought he was staying here in New York.
And what do you know about his family? They're all in Saudi Arabia.
- His father is a teacher in Riyadh.
- What about his politics? What do you mean? Has he ever criticized the American government? - Haven't we all? - In regards to the Middle East.
What do you know that you're not telling me? - Nothing.
I'm just asking you questions.
- You think he's a terrorist? - Nobody is saying that.
- What are you saying then? His mentor and girlfriend both rejected him.
Maybe he just took off for a couple of days.
Or maybe he's a long way from home.
He has access to pills, checks into a motel, goes straight to paradise.
Just because he's Muslim, doesn't mean he can easily commit suicide.
Just a thought.
I got something that I guarantee you'll find interesting.
Anwar did a six-week rotation on a biotech company last summer.
I called to make sure nothing unusual happened while he was there.
Turns out four vials of Marburg disappeared before he left.
- What the hell is Marburg? - It's a viral fever.
Think Ebola.
Okay, because of the delicate nature of this situation we'll be coordinating our efforts with the Joint Terrorism Task Force.
Acting as chief liaison is Abner Harrington.
Good afternoon.
The vials of Marburg taken during Samir's tenure at Retrogen were embryonic strains.
In order to be weaponized, they'd need more development.
Which he could've learned to do at the CDC.
It's a possibility.
It's also possible that this is much ado about nothing.
When we went looking last fall there was a lot more anthrax missing than had actually been used.
This could be the same thing.
It's frightening how inexact the records at these places are.
From everything I know, Samir still doesn't fit the terrorist profile.
He has an American girlfriend, a high-profile career-- He could be a sleeper.
At the highest levels, with the most intelligent terrorists we've found sleepers on a 10 to 12 year track.
And with INS tightening its belt citizenship through marriage could be a good cover.
That's right, because without an American wife with his J1 visa status, he'd have to leave the country.
So when a sleeper's on that kind of a track and he gets derailed could there be reprisals from his sponsor? Sure, particularly if he failed at both parts of his mission.
In this case, the CDC, as well as marriage.
That could explain why he took off in such a hurry.
This is all completely circumstantial.
For all we know, he left work that day got mugged, and someone dumped him in the East River.
Not likely.
We just got Anwar's bank statements.
It says he made a $500 ATM withdrawal at 8:45, Thursday night.
It was the night after he was last seen at the hospital.
The ATM surveillance photos.
Someone's standing behind him.
The first thing we have to do is find out who this other person is.
We'll run that through our database.
Danny, canvass the area around the ATM.
See what you can find out.
Viv, Samantha, check the hospital morgue.
The reason that I invited the JTTF into our investigation is because it's the responsible thing to do.
It's not because I'm convinced Samir is a terrorist.
Don't try and run something behind my back, understood? I think you're making a mistake.
I think that you have jumped the gun bringing in JTTF.
- That's my call.
- You're right, it is your call.
But just think about it.
After this investigation do you think Anwar will be able to get a job in his field? Forget the CDC.
He'll be lucky if the INS renews his visa.
It's not my problem.
If any of this is making you uncomfortable, I can transfer you to another case.
- No.
I can manage.
- Good.
I wasn't trying to go around you.
The information came to me, I reported it to the team and thought you'd want Harrington to see it.
I just don't like the way you handled it.
We are the primaries in this case, and as such, everything comes to me first.
Anwar I know, but I do not recognize the other man.
- Is Anwar in trouble? - We're not sure.
What can you tell us about him? Would you mind taking off your shoes, please? It might be a better idea if we step outside.
I must say, we've had to deal with vandalism, people yelling obscenities sometimes even physical violence.
And all the while, we're the ones being investigated.
I know that you've not been cooperative with some of my colleagues in the past.
If you'd gone to a church or synagogue would you expect them to give you a list of members? If I was investigating the IRA or JDL, yes, I would.
And they have.
I believe things are being done in the name of national security which violate the Constitution and threaten the same freedoms which you hope to defend.
Sir, I agree that sometimes we all walk a very fine line.
But we always conduct our business with the utmost respect and discretion.
Unfortunately, obstruction inspires suspicion.
Well, I can tell you that Anwar is not guilty of anything.
When was the last time you saw him? - He was here yesterday morning.
- Did you talk to him? He was very troubled about the way he's been treated.
It's not right.
How hard I've worked.
Isn't there someone else you can speak to? Make an appeal? No, it's done.
He's my supervisor and he betrayed me.
There must be other positions in other places.
That's not the point.
They don't want us here.
So you'll be with us here today, and you'll pray.
Maybe that will help.
No, it won't.
At least try.
But he was only here for 30 minutes.
He left without saying goodbye.
- How often did he come here? - We haven't seen him for a few months - but before that, quite often.
- What do you think changed? Anwar is torn between the world he knew and the world he's in.
Do you think that he might be part of some radical element? If I knew about something like that, don't you think I would have reported it? I would hope so.
I love this country, and so does Anwar.
And now I must turn to my people.
As-salaam Alaikum.
Is that obstruction? No.
That was frustration.
Think he's being truthful about Anwar? I think he believes what he's saying.
Whether it's the truth or not is another story.
- Excuse me.
You're with the FBI, right? - Right.
I need to talk to you.
About two weeks ago, I saw Dr.
Samir talking with a man.
It was right over there and it seemed kind of suspicious, you know? What did the man look like? Dark-skinned, beard, I think.
blow up that place.
I know it.
It almost looked like they were telling a secret.
And then when I walked by I could swear they were talking about blowing something up.
- Who was? - They were.
- But you didn't hear what? - No.
Why didn't you say something about it before? I know Dr.
I just figured that I was probably crazy.
You know, paranoid from everything that's happened, but.
I don't know, I hope I am crazy.
I just thought I should tell you.
- Can I ask you, is this the man? - No.
He looks familiar, though.
I temped a couple of months back in the south wing and I feel like maybe I saw him there.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, thanks.
These guys were at the ATM outside last night.
Did you see them? Yeah, these guys were here last night.
Sat in the back.
Did they drink? Are you kidding? They drank their faces off.
The more they drank, the more they spoke in Arabic.
I practically had to drag them out ofhere at 4:00 a.
Did anyone come in and see them? No, not that I saw, anyway.
Did you overhear any of their conversation? No.
I think one of them was trying to decide if he was going to work today.
- Then you did hear the conversation.
- You're good.
You're not saying these guys are terrorists? No, I'm just trying to track them down.
Wherever they are, they're hung over.
Thank you.
It's Kamal Kahn.
One of our orderlies.
I had to fire him.
- When was that? - Three months ago.
- What for? - He was stealing supplies.
Were he and Dr.
Samir friends? I don't know if they saw much of each other outside work.
I used to see them eat lunch together.
They worked together before Dr.
Samir changed rotations.
So Dr.
Samir must've been pretty upset when he was fired.
Of course.
I mean, we all were.
It's never easy letting someone go.
And Kamal certainly didn't make it any easier.
- I told you before, I didn't steal anything! - Settle down, Mr.
- What's going on? - You're working for racists.
- We're handling this.
- What happened? They're liars and racists! Mrs.
Peterson, there must be some mistake.
Samir, please step back.
Don't trust them, Anwar! You can't trust these people! - What did Mr.
Kahn steal? - Just some cleaning supplies: - soap, bleach-- - Ammonia? I think so.
We're gonna need to get his address.
What's going on? from this apartment.
NYPD responded, found the body, gunshot wound.
Who's the victim? The janitor from the hospital, Kamal Kahn.
And Anwar's fingerprints are all over the apartment.
Jack, the neighbor made a positive ID from the ATM photo.
She saw Kamal and Anwar come in late last night, drunk as skunks.
That confirms what the bartender told Danny.
All the operator heard on the 911 call was a gunshot.
- A copy is going to Auditory Analysis.
- Anything on Kamal's personal effects? Nothing.
No wallet, no keys, nothing.
There's blood everywhere: the desk, nightstand, the bed.
Anwar was definitely looking for something.
I'm gonna start digging into Kamal's background.
We just got a call from Anwar's supervisor, Dr.
His doorman just saw Anwar outside his building, waving a gun.
- Where's he live? -East 74th.
- I'm on my way.
Do you really think this guy wanted to kill Dr.
Falk? - Just tell me what happened, okay? - He was here less than an hour ago.
Comes up to me and he's out of his mind or something.
- Is Dr.
Falk in? - Who's asking? Have you seen him today? I'm not telling you anything, so why don't you step back-- - Where is he? - Don't get crazy on me, okay? I saw him this morning.
He was on his way to the hospital, about 9:00.
- How did you know it was Dr.
Samir? - I called Dr.
Falk and described him.
And he knew right away who it was.
How're we doing on the man the nurse overheard? We're checking Samir's patients and associates.
No leads yet.
How'd you do on Kahn's reading material? According to the translators, it's pretty extreme fringe newspapers.
He had them shipped from home.
Call me when that 911 tape comes in, will you? Sam, I want to show you something.
- It's Samantha.
Nobody calls me Sam.
- Jack calls you Sam all the time.
Jack's the boss, in case you hadn't noticed.
If you've got a problem, just come out and say it, all right? Okay, I will.
We all see what you've been doing with Harrington.
Why do I get the feeling that you're profiling me? Ambitious white male, willing to do anything to get ahead including show up his coworkers and disrespect his boss.
And potentially ruin an innocent man's life.
With the evidence that we have now you'd have to bend over backwards to make this guy innocent.
Innocent till proven guilty.
That's how it goes, right? Thank you for the brush-up, Samantha.
I still think you might want to take a look at this.
Within the last month, Anwar wrote three checks for $1,000 each.
Made out to cash.
But the signature on the back isn't his.
So I ran it against Kamal's from his employee record.
Does that look like a match to you? I'd get a handwriting expert to confirm, but, yeah, it does.
It could be a loan from one friend to another.
Yeah, and one friend's dead.
And by the way, I never showed this to Harrington.
- What do you make of this? - Anwar gives Kamal money.
Kamal funnels it to an extremist organization.
Or? Or he's been funding Kamal to execute and attack.
Kamal gets cold feet and Anwar eliminates him.
And if all the fact patterns remain the same and he's not from Saudi Arabia, what do you think? If he was Columbian, I'd strongly consider a drug deal gone bad.
If he was from Moscow I'd take a serious look at organized crime, blackmail, prostitution.
But this guy is from Saudi Arabia.
He's here on a J1 visa.
And I am not doing my job unless I present these theories.
Phone taps from Kamal's apartment just came in.
Five minutes after the 911 call there was another from there to the hospital.
Pediatric wing.
Anwar's girlfriend, Lindsey, works in Pediatrics.
We know he called you this afternoon.
Do you know this man? Yeah.
He's dead.
Anwar killed him.
He what? He shot him at point-blank range minutes before he called you.
- No.
- Yes.
Listen to me, your loyalty is honorable but time is running out for Anwar and you.
Anwar's our main suspect for Kamal's murder.
Thought you were going to let us take the lead on this, Jack.
This is still a missing persons investigation.
As such, we will conduct the interview.
- Okay, I will have to talk to her afterwards.
- Not a problem.
Just as soon as we're done.
Understand something, Lindsey.
The moment you talked to him and didn't alert us, you screwed up.
If we walk out of here without your cooperation you'll be charged with obstruction of a federal investigation and possibly as a co-conspirator in a terrorist plot.
Do you understand? He sounded so scared on the phone.
I've never heard his voice sound like that before.
- Are you okay? - Yes, Anwar.
The FBI has been looking for you.
They've been asking me lots of questions.
I was just angry.
I ended up here and everything went crazy.
What went crazy? It's too late.
- It's too late.
- Tell me what's going on.
I have to go.
It was all so jumbled.
He said, "Everything's going crazy "and now it's too late.
" - Did he call you again? - No.
Tell us about Kamal Kahn.
- I never liked him.
- Why? He just gave me the creeps.
He used to look at me funny, and he hit on me one time.
- Does Anwar know? - No, I never told him.
Why not? Because he doesn't have that many friends as it is.
And whether I like him or not, Kamal is his one connection to home.
Samir killed him, Jack.
It could have been self-defense.
You know there's enough here for me to take this case over.
I don't think so.
There's still too many questions.
Do you really want me to go over your head? You're going to have to, Abner.
Jack, it's me.
Samir just called in a bomb threat to the hospital.
How do you know it was Samir? He identified himself.
Bomb Squad swept all 18 floors and the basement.
They found nothing.
NYPD's canvassing the area.
JTTF's interviewing hospital staff.
Why is Harrington all over this? Is he the primary now? As long as it's a terrorism investigation, yes.
- Great.
- Okay, listen to this.
Kamal Kahn had a storage space in Bayville.
I called the manager.
A guy matching Anwar's description was there an hour before the bomb threat.
That must be why Anwar took Kamal's keys.
Then why don't you and Danny go check it out? - Harrington? - Call him if we find anything.
Why would he call in a bomb threat when there's no bomb? I don't know.
Why would he not show up for work? Why would he kill his friend? Why would he call his girlfriend afterwards? Why did he show up at Dr.
Falk's apartment waving a gun? He's very erratic.
This guy's all over the map.
Hello? Hi, Mom.
Look, I'm right in the middle of something.
Can I give you a call back? Yeah, I'm fine.
Okay, bye.
None of this makes any sense.
Lindsey, if he killed Kamal in self-defense if he's innocent, why hasn't he turned himself in? Because he doesn't think that anyone's gonna believe him.
He spent the last year of his life walking around on the street, in the airports, everywhere he goes thinking everyone is looking at him.
He doesn't trust us.
He doesn't trust anyone.
Someone was making a bomb.
- This is Anwar's 911 call.
"Tell me what you've done.
" That's Anwar.
We matched his voiceprint with his medical chart recording.
Do you need assistance? "I'm doing it for both of us, brother.
They deserve what they get.
"I never asked you to do anything.
"Tell me what you've done now.
" The police department and ambulance are on the way.
Hello? Please stay on the line.
Help is on the way.
Can you make out what he's saying? "Kamal, what have you done? That's insane.
- "One, two, three, four.
" - He's counting.
Can you isolate that? Can you run that back? He's counting.
Why is he counting? "One, two, three.
" CPR.
He's giving him CPR.
Kamal said, "I'm doing this for both of us.
" Sounds like an angry loner wanting to get revenge for them both.
And Anwar's trying to stop him.
First he calls Lindsey, then he goes and tries to see Dr.
Falk makes sure they're both okay.
Then he checks out the storage area sees that Kamal was making a bomb and calls the hospital.
But where's the bomb? It's not at the hospital or Dr.
Didn't Lindsey say that Kamal once tried to make a pass at her and she turned him down? Hey, Jack.
What? What? I can't hear you.
The damn fire alarm's going off.
I'll call you when I get downstairs.
Right this way.
Away from the building.
Let's go! Right over there.
Keep it moving.
There's a guy inside with a gun! He's got a bomb! All right, confirm gunman in lobby at bomb site.
I have SWAT 20s here.
I need 30s as backup.
- Take it easy.
Keep moving.
- It's this way.
There's a bomb in the building! You've got to get out! - Anwar! - Out! FBI! Drop the gun! Anwar, what are you doing? Zero-One in position.
- What's the situation? - We were a block away at the hospital.
We got a call someone was waving a gun and yelling about a bomb.
It's Samir.
He's got a gun at Fitzgerald.
Both of you get out of the building! There's a bomb in here! Anwar, drop the gun! I've got snipers in position waiting for the green light.
I heard the 911 tapes.
He killed Kamal Kahn in self-defense.
Fitzgerald doesn't have all the information.
Don't you understand me? There's a bomb in the building! Put the weapon down.
For all we know, this guy has a bomb hooked up to a dead man switch or a volt.
I just want you to give my agent time to defuse the situation.
Can somebody turn the damn alarm off! Anwar, put your gun down now! - You've got to get out of the building.
- Stop it! - Lindsey, get out.
- No! You're asking me for time.
How much time do you think we have - before that bomb goes off, Jack? - I don't know.
You want to risk your agents' and these students' lives - based on what you think you know? - Of course not.
- Lindsey, please! - I'm not leaving.
There is a bomb! Do I have a green light? You know the protocol here, Jack.
We do not have a choice.
Now, what are you gonna do? - Go ahead.
- Zero-One, green light.
- Lindsey, please! - I'm not leaving.
Okay, look, we're all gonna walk out of here together.
The bomb, it's in the building.
I believe you.
But let them handle it.
- Please do what he says.
- Kamal did this.
He put a bomb in the building.
I was just trying to get everybody out.
Okay, Anwar, look at me! Let's put our guns down first.
One thing at a time.
I didn't do anything wrong.
- I know.
- Okay? I was just trying to get everyone out of the building.
- Zero-One, do you have a shot? - Zero-One, negative.
Come on, man.
Please just lower your gun.
Just drop the gun.
No, don't do that! Did they find the bomb? It was in the basement.
They disarmed it.
I'm sorry.
We are still waiting for confirmation but we believe the suspected terrorist was Anwar Samir a resident at Lord's Hospital.
Samir was a Saudi national who lived and studied in New York for seven years.
White blood cell counts are really good.
I'd like to have Tommy come back in a few weeks and have our oncologist look at him.
But this looks good.
He'll be up and swinging his bat again in no time.
Thanks a lot, Doc.
Man, I don't know how to thank you.
Wait a sec, you like the Mets, right? I got season tickets.
At Shea? You kidding? That place is a nightmare.
All that jet noise.
They ought to blow up that place, start over and build a new one like Wrigley Field.