Without A Trace s01e10 Episode Script

Midnight Sun

Hey, kids.
You forgot something.
That's Daddy's job.
You said.
Yours, too, if you wanna be a big girl.
- Forgive me.
- Maybe.
- Be home for supper.
- On time? Come on, kiddo.
All right, put all that stuff in the back.
- Fine.
- Get your seat belt on.
Seat belts, please.
Come on.
- Love you.
- Okay.
Greg Prichard, 42 years old.
Daughter, Kyla, 6 years old.
He had to open up his dry-cleaning store as usual, then take Kyla to school.
He never got to the store, and Kyla never made it to school.
Kyla's mother, Sarah, watched them lea ve the house at 8:00 this morning.
Nobody's seen them since.
Nice middle-class home, nice neighborhood.
Lawnmowers, sprinklers, kid on the corner selling lemonade.
- And the father's got no criminal record? - No.
Pillar of the community.
Coaches Little League, the whole nine yards.
- That's a mixed metaphor.
- Indeed.
And there's no history of domestic abuse, child abuse? No, no history.
But then, history's written by the victors.
Winners, and that's a cliché.
It's an adage.
And it's an adage because it's true.
- I told you it was my daughter's birthday? - No.
She turned six.
My mind is just going to some pretty horrible places.
There are going to be some difficult questions.
Ask me anything.
Did your husband have enemies? Anyone that would wanna hurt him? - No.
- How about you? - I don't think so.
- Kyla? - She's six.
- Teachers? Babysitters? Was there anyone that acted strangely toward her? - No.
- What about your husband's business? - Everything okay there? Debts? - No.
- And he would tell you? - Yes.
- You sure? - I know my husband.
Prichard, is it possible that your husband could have taken Kyla? Taken her? Where? No.
- Everything in your marriage is.
- Fine.
How about between your husband and Kyla? If you're asking me if Greg was molesting my daughter the answer's no.
Let's talk about last night.
He was a little late coming home for dinner.
But besides that, everything was normal.
Hi, pumpkin.
- Daddy, you're late.
- I'm sorry.
I got hung up at the store.
- I called there.
- I must not have heard over the machines.
Kyla got hungry, but I waited.
I actually grabbed something at the store.
But I always have some room for your chicken cacciatore.
- You're lucky you're so cute.
- I'm lucky for a lot of reasons.
Did he usually call you when he was gonna be late? Yeah, usually.
I really appreciate you trying to help me, but this is not about my husband.
There is nothing going on beneath the surface here.
Something has happened to them.
- So you left Vivian over there? - For now.
What'd the mother say? Perfect husband, perfect father, perfect life.
- Sounds like perfect denial.
- Yeah, we'll see.
How do you know the father took her? Maybe they were kidnapped, or he was killed, then she was taken.
Even a psychotic pedophile is unlikely to target a girl traveling with an adult male.
Without any evidence to suggest this guy was dirty you assume this is a custody thing or incest? Careful, Martin.
She's got a thing about men.
So, how we doing on the basics? APB's within a 300-mile radius.
Nothing from Amtrak, airlines, or Greyhound.
- Nothing on his credit cards.
- Background? Married 10 years, pays his mortgage, no debt, model citizen.
Can't say as much for his employees.
Quince Anders.
Did time for grand theft auto.
Out on parole since'98.
Okay, you and Sam go and see him.
I want you to comb his business associates his friends, and Kyla's teachers.
- You want me to stay on his finances? - Get all the deep background.
If this guy's got a mistress in Boston or got a bad report card in the fourth grade, I wanna know about it.
I have a feeling this guy's not the angel his wife says he is.
Figured you guys would come at me first.
Seeing as I got a record.
This is just routine.
Part of basic stuff we do for background.
- I don't know nothing about nothing.
- Nobody's saying you do.
We just wanna ask you questions about your boss.
Don't know much about him, either.
Except he gave me a chance when no one else would.
And how long have you worked here? Four years.
Since I got out.
How'd you get the job? My parole officer.
P signed himself up for parolee hire.
I got an interview, got the job.
What do you make of what's happening? I figure he must be in some kind of trouble.
Don't ask me what.
Now all I know is he loves his wife and he lives for that girl.
You know, I never seen a man light up like that around a child before.
You don't think there's any chance he was having an affair? Mr.
P? No way.
He had a lover.
He had a lover and you know it.
She would come every few weeks, leave one blouse and then he would go out.
Like a clock.
Look, the lady's crazy, okay.
She don't know what she's talking about.
I'm not crazy.
She was here yesterday.
Every time she'd come through that door, his whole face changed.
- Starch? - Light, please.
- This'll be ready tomorrow after 5:00.
- Thank you.
He would wait a little for show.
Then after 10 minutes, he'd leave as usual.
Only this time, he did not come back.
I close up the store.
Do you have her name and address in the computer? Sure.
For every customer.
Her name is Alice.
Alice Booker.
- Another woman.
- So says busybody.
And you believe the trusted car thief? One minute he doesn't know anything about his boss the next he's crying into his soup about what a Quaker the guy is.
If Prichard's sleeping with this Alice Booker how come he seems irritable when she comes in? - He's antsy.
Maybe guilty.
- 'Cause he's running off the next day with his mistress and taking his daughter with him? Hopefully.
At least that way she's safe.
All right.
Let's go find Alice Booker.
Nothing on the turnpike? Yeah, a father and his daughter.
Yeah, thanks.
Looks like Greg isn't such a model citizen after all.
Look at this.
Never filed a tax return before 1991.
He's got multiple bank accounts with over $500,000 in savings.
That's a lot of money for somebody who only put down 10% on a $200,000 house.
And both his parents died when he was 20.
No big inheritance.
And his wife's parents are both civil servants in Ohio, so.
So what are you thinking? He's got an ex-con working for him.
Maybe this whole laundromat/dry cleaner thing is a front.
For what? I don't know.
Illegal ferrets.
Maybe this is a business deal gone bad.
I know.
Excuse me, Mrs.
Prichard? Do you have any idea why Greg didn't file a tax return before 1991? No.
Do you or your husband know anybody by the name of Alice? Not that I can think of.
Why? We have reason to believe that Greg may have been involved with another woman.
No, that's crazy.
A woman showed up at the dry cleaners.
Greg left and never came back, and it wasn't the first time.
Who told you that, Connie? She's 70 and she watches too many soap operas.
- Mrs.
Prichard-- - Is this the way that this works? Someone goes missing and you people come in and dig into the dirt in their lives? We have to look into everything.
But sometimes you twist things around and manufacture dirt where it doesn't exist.
I've told you the truth from the beginning.
Okay, thanks.
I gotta go, bye.
Samantha just called.
Alice Booker? Non-existent address.
Out of service telephone number.
- There is no Alice Booker in Smithtown.
- I can do you one better.
Prichard's Social Security Number wasn't issued until 1990.
Before that there's no record of him anywhere.
Not at his high school, not at his college.
Nothing this guy's wife told us about him checks out.
Before 1990, Greg Prichard didn't exist.
Financial irregularities, a mystery woman, false identity.
- What have we got? - John Hodson.
- Might be.
- Wanna fill me in? A case we had in'99.
Straitlaced accountant, town like this, wife, kids.
One day he disappears.
We found him two years later in Newport.
New name, new wife, new baby.
He was a serial polygamist.
Newport was his fourth go-around.
Except when Hodson took off, he didn't have a mistress he didn't take the kids.
He just started over.
Prichard got more attached to Kyla than he thought he would.
He was cutting corners.
Setting up his new life before he left.
Has his wife said anything to indicate he's capable of that? The wife's always the last to know.
No disrespect to Mr.
Hodson but there's dozens of guys who'd like a new identity.
Drug dealers, fugitives, hit men, terrorists.
Anybody who wanted to hide from anything.
We got Danny on the money trail.
Okay, you two, Alice Booker.
So what's your plan? Put the pad away, get her talking about him.
One thing about every great liar.
Ninety percent of what he says is true.
Whatever you do, do it fast.
Her daughter's out there somewhere and it's getting dark.
I was just looking at some pictures in the living room.
Greg likes to camp? My husband loves the beach.
He can lay out there for hours.
Me, 10 minutes, I can't sit still.
- You been married long? - Fourteen years.
- You must have been young.
- You're telling me.
- Any kids? - Yeah.
He's 12.
How did you and Greg meet? Look, I know what you're doing.
Justdon't, okay? Look, I've been the guy's best friend for eight years.
I've never seen him look at another woman.
Believe me, a lot of times we'd go out for a beer, I'd try to get him to look.
You never saw him do anything inappropriate with Kyla? I know how it must look, but I don't believe it.
I mean, Sarah and Kyla are his life.
- You two coach Little League together? - Yeah.
We came in last place this year.
- That's too bad.
- No.
Nobody had more fun than we did.
And that's'cause of Greg.
And all these other fathers they're insane about it.
I used to be one of them.
But he's got it in perspective.
Everybody plays, everybody has fun.
That's it.
When was the last time you saw him? He was here last night.
He stopped by for a bite on his way home.
He'd never tell Sarah, but he likes my cooking a lot better than hers.
I love this salad, Nicky.
- Bring Greg a plate of moussaka.
- Sure, Nick.
Sit down for a minute.
I wanna talk to you about something.
- You look so serious.
- No, it's a good thing.
You've been talking about wanting to take on another business.
I was wondering if you wanna buy my store.
You having troubles? Not at all.
We're doing great.
I was just thinking about maybe getting into something else.
You know, a change of pace.
Let me think about it.
I'll talk it over with Mary.
Come on.
Tell me, what do you know about his business? Not much.
I was sort of surprised by that last night, but-- Did he have any other business interests? Besides the dry-cleaning? No.
Not that I know of.
Did he ever discuss his past with you? Not really.
He didn't like to talk about it too much.
Didn't you find that odd? I got a feeling that he didn't have too good a childhood.
The way he is with Sarah and Kyla, it's like he's on a mission or something.
Mission? Be the best father.
The best husband.
To make the most of everything.
Take a look at this.
Before he took off, our guy went online to transfer all his personal accounts into his checking account.
CDs, money market funds, everything.
That tracks.
According to Nick, he was trying to sell the dry cleaners.
Why is he trying to raise so much cash? Sounds to me like a guy who's trying to liquidate and move on before his wife gets wind of it.
I've been looking through his college yearbook.
Looks like he was hiding a lot more than money.
I wanna show you something.
This is a Syracuse yearbook, 1984, the year Greg told you he graduated.
Amy Prichard, Tammy Prichard, no Greg Prichard.
Well, maybe he missed the photo day.
The baseball team he was captain of.
No Greg Prichard.
Not in the pictures, not on the list of players on the team.
There is no mention of Greg Prichard anywhere in this book.
So what? I must've gotten the year he graduated wrong.
We checked.
'82,'83,'85, and'86.
There's no record of Greg Prichard ever having attended Syracuse.
Nor Lincoln High in Binghamton.
There's no record of Greg Prichard your Greg Prichard, anywhere before 1990.
The reason Greg was late last night was because he stopped by Nick's restaurant.
He asked Nick to buy his shop.
And yesterday afternoon we believe he met with his mistress.
When we first met I was coming out of a really bad relationship.
And Greg was different than any man I'd ever known.
He was so grounded and so sure of himself and what he wanted.
And he had this pain in his eyes.
This sensitivity that made me feel like I could tell him anything.
And I did.
I told him everything.
He fascinated me with stories about his past.
How he traveled to Asia and Europe, and he worked on a fishing boat in Alaska.
The midnight sun.
That's what he would talk about.
And how he wanted to take me there someday.
We had so much left to do.
And now you're telling me that everything that he talked about everything he told me about himself and all the plans we made was all a lie? I saw his face on TV, then I remembered that he was in here yesterday.
And he's in here all the time.
Always with the same woman and they always sit in that same booth.
Can you describe the woman? She's old.
At least 30, I'd say.
Maybe 35.
-Height? -A little taller than me.
-Hair? -Long, brown, curly.
-Ethnicity? -Mulatto, I guess.
She was real pretty.
- How was she dressed? - Like you, kind of.
A business suit? Yeah, professional.
Of course, I thought it was a cover.
'Cause I am pretty sure they were having an affair.
Why is that? They were always talking quiet, real intimate.
Every time I'd come over and bring them coffee, they'd shut right up.
Did you notice anything different about yesterday? Yeah.
That's the whole thing of it.
All of a sudden, they're acting a lot less careful.
I mean, they're fighting and they're not looking around to see who's watching.
Think of what you're doing.
After all of this time.
I won't let you hurt my family.
Who said anything about hurting your family? - Greg, I care about you.
- It's over.
And it's not open for discussion, so just stay away from my family.
The lady looked pretty upset.
She jumped right on her cell phone and made a call.
I thought she called his wife or something.
She paid the bill? Oh, yeah.
But she paid all the time anyway.
- Did she use a credit card? - Yeah, pretty much always.
I need to see those receipts.
Look, he breaks off his affair with Alice, but doesn't go back to the store.
So where was he between 5:00 and 7:00? He's upset.
He drives around for a while.
He cools off.
Then he has a heart-to-heart with his friend, Nick.
But he doesn't mention Alice.
In fact, Nick's never heard of her.
- Nick could be lying.
- Why would he lie? If Nick's telling the truth, Prichard was planning on getting out of Dodge.
So he breaks up with Alice, tries to sell the store to Nick but doesn't stick around to see how it plays out.
Doesn't compute.
There's too many loose ends.
Unless the waitress didn't hear what she thinks she heard.
- Greg, I care about you.
- It's over.
And it's not open for discussion, so just stay away from my family.
Or she heard the words but mistook the context.
Jack, I need to talk to you.
- Denise Chandler? - Yes.
Jack Malone.
FBI Missing Persons.
What can I do for you? You could tell me why Greg Prichard is in the Witness Protection Program.
Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.
I know that you're his point person.
I know that you've been meeting him at the Roadway Diner.
And I know that you've been paying by credit card.
You left yourself very exposed, Alice.
- What's his real name? - You know I can't tell you that.
What were you fighting about the last time you met? Were they onto him? Come on.
There's a little girl's life at stake.
What's going on? Jack Malone.
It's been too long.
I'm trying to get some information, Chuck.
Denise, would you mind getting yourself some coffee, please? Let's not get into a pissing contest.
We're the primaries.
We'll let you know when we need you.
You don't know where they are, do you? You screwed up, and now you're trying to cover your ass.
You know we can't reveal his identity.
It's a blanket policy.
You should have told me about this from the beginning then his face wouldn't be all over the news.
You've compromised him.
I'm touched by your concern.
Prichard is none of your business.
He may not be.
But there's a 6-year-old girl missing.
And that is my damn business.
My husband's in the Witness Protection Program.
My husband's a liar and a criminal.
And I just didn't see it.
He told me that his parents were dead that he had no real family that he had lost all of his old friends because he traveled so much.
And I believed him.
I keep going over it and over it in my mind.
Every look, every bad mood, every phone call where he'd hang up the phone when I'd walk into the room.
How could I not know this? - He fooled a lot of people.
- I'm his wife.
I brought a child into the world with a complete stranger.
I see her, you know? I see her.
She's right there, and I just wanna touch her.
I can't touch her.
I just wanna be able to touch her again.
You will.
How do you know that? You people can't even tell me who he is.
For all you know, he's a murderer and he's out there with my baby.
All right, everyone.
In spite of what our friends at the Marshals' say as long as there's a girl missing, this is still our case.
We won't find this girl until we know who the dad is.
That's what we have to focus on.
What have we got? His new Social Security Number was issued on June 28, 1990.
Four federal trials were completed between May and July, 1990.
One in New York, one in Philadelphia, one in Chicago, one in Miami.
For what it's worth, Kyla's Little League team's the White Sox.
- And Prichard is the coach, right? - Come on, guys.
This is kind of a leap.
The coach gets to choose the name of the team.
Nobody'll choose the White Sox unless they're from Chicago.
Cubs maybe, but never the White Sox.
Verdict on the Chicago case came in on June 26 two days before the new Social was issued.
So, what's the case? It was a gang hit in Grant Park.
Victor Gregorian, heroin dealer, killed.
They got his whole family.
Wife, two little kids.
It looks like one of the shooters got ID'd and rolled over on the other two.
The Chicago office says he was the primary witness but the file is incomplete and we don't have his name.
So Greg Prichard was the shooter and the rat.
Now he's settled into this humdrum life coaching Little League - and running a dry-cleaning business? - He gets a second chance at life.
It's better than the life he had before.
There he is, living the American dream.
That's what his buddy, Nick, said to me.
It's like he was on a mission.
So who caught up with him? Someone he ratted on or one of Gregorian's friends looking for revenge? Keep your ear to the ground and find out what you can about a hit.
Martin, call the US Attorney's office see what you can find out about the Gregorian case.
Cops found Prichard's car in a parking lot three blocks from his dry-cleaning office.
That doesn't make any sense.
Unless he switched cars.
So this is where you park your car? - Your car, a brown'87 Cutlass.
- My car.
It's in the shop.
I got a problem with the carburetor.
- Which shop? - It's the Mobil over on Sunrise.
Do you have the number there, 'cause I wanna give them a call? Quince, we know you gave him the car.
He's not the man you think he is.
And there's a little girl in grave danger because of it.
Cigarette? - So what do you want to know? - The Gregorian hit, 1990.
Have you heard anything about it recently? Maybe.
What do you want? I want to work in the library, not a kitchen.
And my own cell.
You know I could get killed for it.
You give me something that'll help me get what I want you'll get what you want.
He calls the store yesterday about 1:00, sounded real messed up.
Says he wants me to meet him in the mall, in the parking lot.
Hey, what's going on, Mr.
P? I need your help, okay? I need your car.
What's going on? Come here, baby.
- Are you all right, Mr.
P? - You don't wanna know, Quince.
All right, don't talk to anyone.
Don't ask any questions or look around.
Don't talk to anyone.
Not to Connie, not to my wife.
No one.
Just give me your car keys.
Thank you.
Look, I swear to God he didn't tell me where he was going.
I don't know what this is about.
You lied to a federal officer, Quince, aided and abetted a felon.
You think your parole officer's gonna wanna hear? Lady, if I knew anything, I would.
What? I got Lojack.
You got Lojack on an'87 Cutlass? Man, I used to steal cars for a living.
I know how easy it is.
What the hell are those idiots doing out front? I just got off the phone with an old buddy of mine at Justice.
Prichard wasn't one of the shooters.
He was an innocent bystander.
The two hit men's convictions were overturned last year because of tainted evidence.
The retrial's next week.
The Marshals' office is strong-arming Prichard to testify, but he won't.
The file said it was a shooter that rolled over.
The file was incomplete, remember? The witness in the file was a shooter.
But he didn't turn till midway through the trial.
Up to then, Prichard was the only witness.
If they have the shooter, why do they need him? The shooter was killed in prison last year.
Prichard's wife was right about him all along.
He was a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time who decided to do the right thing.
Stand down, guys.
We're gonna go in easy.
Martin, you cover the back, just in case he makes a run for it.
He said you'd be coming.
- You're Greg's mother.
- His name is Peter.
He was a college graduate, a lawyer, and a good man until you people took his life away.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
Raymond, I understand.
But we're trying to help.
I hadn't heard from him for 12 years.
Do you have any idea of what that is for a mother? Twelve years.
And then all of a sudden a knock at the door and there he is.
Hi, Ma.
Oh, my God, Peter.
I thought I'd never see you again.
There's someone I want you to meet.
Say hi.
I didn't want her to get hurt.
I couldn't go home.
I had nowhere else to go.
You did the right thing coming here.
- Listen, I need your car.
- Of course.
Sarah must be tearing her hair out.
But you can't call her until I've had time to get far enough away.
Twenty-four hours, okay? This time tomorrow you call her and you tell her Kyla's safe.
And I love her, okay? All right, come on, honey.
Let's go outside and talk to Daddy.
Come on.
Grandma? Grandma, who are all these people? Yeah.
Give the Russian his sun.
That was Danny calling from Sing Sing.
There is a hit on Prichard.
What do we do now? All right, thanks.
Go ahead and send that out.
What's up? According to the Russian there's a hit out on him but it didn't go out until the day after Greg took off.
- That doesn't make any sense.
- I know.
I thought the mob was onto him, that's why he ran.
Apparently not.
I bet you the mob didn't even know he was alive until they saw his picture on TV.
We know the Marshals were pressuring him he was moving his money around and getting ready.
So why does this guy take off before he's finished and expose himself like that? - I don't get it.
- Neither do I.
Kyla's safe.
She is? Where is she? On her way to the FBI office.
I can take you there right now.
- What about Greg? - We don't know.
- Where'd they find her? - At his mother's.
His mother? - So that's it? - Yeah, it's the Marshals' case now.
- Mommy! - Mommy's here.
I'm Peter's mother.
Excuse me.
We need to speak to you.
Just tell them everything you told me, sweetheart.
We were going to the store because I like to play with the buttons before school.
Daddy! Get down.
He told me to lie down on the floor and that we were playing hide-and-go-seek with the men in the coats.
Please help us.
We need to find him.
Prichard, your husband hasn't broken any laws.
He's free to come and go as he pleases.
Excuse me.
I need to speak to the girl.
Actually, we're taking her statement right now.
It'll be a few hours.
Don't be stupid, Jack.
You got the girl, now back off.
You back off, you ambitious bastard.
You think I don't know what's going on? Prichard refused to testify.
You got pressure from the US Attorney's office.
You dressed two of your own men to make it look like a hit.
You thought he'd come to you begging for protection, but it backfired, didn't it? Those two murderers are gonna walk if he doesn't testify.
You know what? Now he really has a hit on him.
What did you think was gonna happen with his face all over the news? We were just trying to do what was right, Jack.
Yeah, that's what scares me.
What else did he say, sweetie? He said everything would be okay.
Are you leaving me? I have to, pumpkin.
I have to so bad men can't hurt us.
It's the only way I can protect you and Mommy.
Are the bad men gonna get you? No, baby.
I'm gonna be okay.
Where are you going? I'm gonna start a baseball team with the Eskimos.
- The Eskimos? - Yeah.
Haven't you ever seen an Eskimo play baseball? Alaska.
He loves Alaska.
We got a charge on his mother's credit card.
A sporting goods store in Seattle.
What did he buy? A pair of boots, long underwear, socks, and a fishing jacket.
Yeah, I got him.
They spotted him on the north dock.
Let's go.
Prichard, FBI.
Just leave me alone.
Your wife knows everything.
She wants to talk to you.
I need to go as far away from them as I can.
I can't put them in harm's way another moment.
I don't want them living looking over their shoulders.
Don't you think Sarah should decide what she wants? You're trying to manipulate me into testifying.
We're in no position to tell you what to do on that count.
That's your decision.
So you're just here on her behalf? We can help.
The retrial for the infamous Gregorian slayings concluded through a final testimony.
for the Gregorian murder trial has adjourned for the day.
Sources inside say that the case has taken a sudden turn.
were connected to organized crime.
previously unknown eyewitness to the shootings.
On the roof! Go! I'm so sorry.
- Do you mind if I borrow her for a minute? - No.
Come on, sweetie.
Your father asked me to give you something.
- But you have to keep it a secret.
- Okay.
I mean it.
It's a very big secret.
Now this is an e-mail address.
You know what an e-mail address is for? - To talk on the computer.
- That's right.
You can talk to your daddy with this.
Can you read it? - "Eskimo225.
" - Right.
Now put this in your pocket, okay.
Here you go.
And your mom can help you with that, okay? How long till it's safe? At least a year.
It looks like you're finally gonna get to see the midnight sun.