Without A Trace s04e24 Episode Script


Well, it was worth a shot.
- She's not in there? - No.
Keep in mind, they're mug shots.
People change their appearance over time.
You asked me to look at the pictures.
I looked at them.
All right.
Maybe she's in this one.
I'm leaving now.
Jack's losing him.
What about the surveillance tapes? Can we ID him off those? He's always in a ski mask.
Look, every single one of them.
- I'm gonna call Danny again.
- Any word from Anne? I'm supposing she's still trying to sell the judge on this court order.
Come on, come on.
- I need you to think this over.
- I've done that already.
You're a very valuable resource in this case.
- I see what you're trying to do here.
- Hey, I'm trying to find your girlfriend.
What are you trying to do? - Are you charging me with something? - No.
You want a lawyer? I want you to get out of my way.
Go ahead.
Look, we could use a break here, Danny.
- Did Stoker say anything else? - No, the guy just clammed up on me.
- You gonna follow me all the way home? - Lf that's what it's gonna take.
Okay, there's any chance Elena? What was that? We've got gunshots on the 12th floor.
We need assistance up here.
Get down.
Get down.
Seal the building.
Miss Nichols, sign at the bottom, please.
It's not an admission of guilt, just a promise to appear.
Your copy.
Ma'am? You all right? I'm fine.
Drive safely.
- Keep an eye on that speedometer.
- I will.
Thank you.
Yes, ma'am.
This is Jennifer Nichols' car.
According to Parking Enforcement, it's been here since last night.
- Any sign of a struggle? - No.
Says that somebody ransacked her office.
- Okay, let's check it out.
- All right.
I left early yesterday, said goodbye.
Jennifer was sitting right there.
You think whoever broke in took her? What else could it be? Well, it could be a number of things.
- Do you know where she was last night? - No.
I don't have a clue.
- What kind of law do you practice here? - Real estate.
Jen used to be an assistant district attorney in the Bronx.
- Any problems follow her from that job? - Yeah.
When she first started, she got some phone calls.
- Threats from people she put away.
- Anything recently? Not that she told me but something came up when we had lunch a few days ago.
- Like now.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
So - Yes? So let me ask you.
- There's this friend of Ron's - No.
No setups, please.
- He's cute, nice, not a lawyer.
- It's It's not a good time.
Come on.
You and Eric broke up over a year ago.
That's not it.
So are you seeing somebody new? I was.
That's over now.
What happened? I wanted him to be the one and it turns out he wasn't who he said he was.
Text message from Liz.
Oh, she says someone's been accessing my LexisNexis account.
Oh, that's me.
I had to run a background check on a client.
It's no big deal.
He checked out fine.
That's the difference between you and me.
Never even dawns on me to check.
You know, I get a gut feeling and I can't let it go.
I guess it's the ADA in me.
Either that or you're paranoid.
Well, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
- She didn't say who she was checking? - No.
But now with this, I mean, you think it's related? We're gonna need Jennifer's client list and her computer.
No problem.
Did she mention the name of the man she was seeing? She didn't.
She's private that way.
What about this Eric character? Who's he? Eric Jensen.
They were lawyers in love till she found out he was married.
Yeah, we used to go out.
But we split up last year.
Why does it matter? It matters because two days ago she called you and now she's missing.
- Jennifer's missing? - That's right.
So why did she call you? She wanted a favor.
- You doing okay? - Not really.
Did you get it? What's the rush? Can't we talk about this over coffee? Don't make this hard on me.
Calling you was a last resort.
Why do you need the pass? I'm not an ADA anymore, remember? I can't get in there without it.
What I'm asking is, what do you plan on doing in there? - I wanna check on an old case.
- What for? - Are you gonna give it to me or not? - I could lose my job.
- You owe me an explanation.
- No, Eric.
You owe me.
I haven't heard from her since.
Listen, I have to get to court.
Did she mention which case she was interested in? - No.
- Let me ask you something.
Do you remember anyone threatening her while she was an ADA? I don't remember anyone specific.
But half the guys you convict swear they'll come and kill you.
- You think that's why she quit? - She quit because she cared too much.
The job will take all you got if you let it.
I think she realized she wanted a life.
All right, look, if you remember anything else, give us a call.
I hope you find her.
So where are we with Jennifer's computer? Well, Mac's got nothing so far.
Listen, I talked to the courthouse.
They don't have a record of what file she was looking at.
- So they sent us all of them? - That's just the first batch.
Between trials and plea-bargains, she had 630 cases.
So where's Danny and Martin? They should share the pain.
Canvassing the area where she got the ticket.
We should start trying to track down the guy she was dating.
I already did that.
A parking receipt in her car puts Jennifer at an Italian restaurant four nights ago.
So I called the restaurant.
They remember her and the guy she was with.
Now, he used a credit card.
His name is Allen Davis.
He's on his way in.
I look forward to hearing your reply.
Best regards, Anne Cassidy.
Cc to a Warren Coulter and Control File 6600.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How you doing? - Fine, fine.
- I'm sorry about what happened earlier.
- Oh, it's really not you.
Yeah, I think it is, I didn't handle it very well.
Well, neither did I.
I mean, it's uncharted territory for me and - I don't know how I feel about the thing.
- Well, that makes two of us.
- You wanna have dinner tonight? - Round two? No, we just rehash round one.
Sir? This is Allen Davis.
Agent Malone.
Thanks very much for coming in.
I appreciate it.
- It's the least I could do for Jennifer.
- Okay.
If you Just follow Agent Bartlett, I'll be right with you.
When Agent Delgado called, I was in shock.
I still am.
Do you have any idea what might have happened to her? Well, we have some leads but What do you do for a living, Mr.
Davis? I'm a travel agent.
That's a pretty tough racket to be in right now.
Well, it's adapt or die.
I've adapted.
- And how long have you known Jennifer? - Two months.
You had dinner at Irrera's four nights ago, is that correct? Yes.
Have you seen her since? - I'm afraid not.
- Why is that? We had a misunderstanding.
- At the restaurant? - That's right.
I had planned a special night for the two of us and everything was going great.
You know, you are the only one who laughs at my jokes.
You're funny.
No, I'm really not.
You know things like this don't happen every day.
Certainly not to me.
Me neither.
So, what do we do about that? I'm not really sure.
- You gonna pretend you don't know me? - What are you doing here? You and me need to talk.
- Who is this? - She's no one.
- Can't this wait? - No, it can't wait.
Allen, what is going on? Who is she? It's nothing.
Can you excuse me for one second? - You're leaving? - Let me go deal with her.
I'll be right back, I'll explain everything, I promise.
And when I got back, Jen was gone.
She wouldn't return my phone calls.
What about the other woman? I met her in a bar a couple of months ago.
Before Jen.
- Pretty sure her name's Susan.
- Susan.
She have a last name? Hey, it was one night.
You know how it is.
How did she find you? I have no idea.
She must have seen me go in the restaurant.
- So you go there often? - Not really.
So a woman that you had a one-night stand with a couple of months ago finds you in a restaurant that you don't go to too often.
Just shows up out of the blue.
That's right.
- What did she want? - Money.
- For what? - I don't know.
She's a junkie, she's trying to shake me down.
I don't see what this has to do with Jennifer.
Well, she had some interaction with Jennifer.
Now, according to your story, she's unstable.
It's possible that she developed a fixation on her.
I never thought about it like that.
Listen, would you mind working with one of our artists put together a composite sketch of Susan? Of course, if you think it'll help.
Jack? Sheila's coming to do the sketch, okay? Okay.
Tell her to draw slow.
There's something off about this guy.
Jack, he has no record.
Plus his story checks out.
The people at the restaurant remember clearly this trashy woman.
Thank you.
- Malone.
- Hey, Jack.
It looks like this is connected to one of Jennifer's old cases.
Based on what? She visited Woodley Correctional Facility right before she got that ticket.
- To visit who? - Inmate named Grant Stoker.
- We're about to go talk to him.
- Keep me in the loop.
- All right.
- Great.
Grant Stoker.
Currently serving life for bank robbery and murder.
- Federal time? - Yep.
Then it wasn't Jennifer's case.
No, it isn't.
There's nothing in here about her.
What about Allen Davis? Well, so far he pays his taxes on time, he pays his bills.
Looks like a solid citizen.
- Maybe he is.
- Well, Jennifer had her doubts.
Mac searched her hard drive.
You know the background check? It was Allen Davis.
Then maybe he's not telling the whole story.
He came in voluntarily.
It's a smart move.
He doesn't wanna seem like a suspect.
Okay, according to Social Security his job history didn't start until nine years ago at the age of 32.
So, what was he doing before that? Thank you.
Grant Stoker? I'm Special Agent Taylor, this is Special Agent Fitzgerald.
We understand that this woman paid you a visit yesterday.
That bitch.
Well, why did that bitch come and see you? I can only talk about it as a What's it called? A hyp A hypo - A hypothetical situation? - Yeah, one of those.
Why did that bitch come see you, hypothetically? To screw me over.
It's Lucy.
What are you doing with a picture of my wife? A surveillance team witnessed her taking a sum of money from an unidentified man.
Then they saw her drive off in an SUV.
They ran her license plate, your name came up.
We got very interested.
And who's we again? The ADA's office.
- I don't get it.
- You're serving life for a robbery you committed 10 years ago where two people were killed.
Your accomplice was never identified.
- So? - So we believe the man that your wife took money from was your partner.
Look at his picture and tell me if it's him.
- Why should I? - Because if you don't I'll send your wife to prison for aiding and abetting.
- You can't do that to Lucy.
- Sure I can.
On the other hand, you cooperate, we'll cut your time.
- By how much? - That depends on you.
But I need an answer now.
Once I leave, the deal's off.
Just give me a minute, will you? I gotta think.
While you're thinking, tell me about the holdup.
You know about it.
It's all in there.
I wanna hear it from you.
I had been working with the guy for a while.
He was smart, knew all the angles.
But he wanted out.
You know, one last big score and he's done.
Anyway, I was driving the getaway car.
A cop made me leave the loading zone which kind of left my partner high and dry.
It's always that last job that screws you.
Man, what's your problem? We hooked up again after that.
He wasn't happy.
But I helped him ditch the car, so he gave me my cut.
I was arrested the next day, conspiracy to commit.
Why didn't you give your partner up? It was my third strike.
I was gonna be in here anyway.
Plus, he made me a deal.
You do the time, he takes care of your wife.
We had an arrangement.
Is that him? Yeah.
That's him.
What? Isn't that what you wanted? Yes.
Of course.
Thank you for your cooperation, Mr.
So, what happens now? You're gonna call my lawyer, right? We'll be in touch with him soon.
Sounded great.
But it was a scam.
She wasn't an ADA.
- She didn't work there.
- How did you find out? I told Lucy the name on the card.
She checked it out.
Turns out this Jennifer is Davis' girlfriend.
Then your wife called Davis and told him that Jennifer was looking into him? You know what? I'm done talking.
And you should The laugh lines.
How's the sketch coming? - Very detailed.
- That's great.
That's gonna help us a lot.
Thank you.
I'm gonna need to ask you a few more questions.
I thought we were done.
Look, I know this is taking longer than I said it would.
- Can I get you some food or something? - Agent Malone.
I would really like to help, I would.
But I've got a business to run.
Oh, I understand that.
In my business, the first 24 hours are critical.
And I know how important Jennifer is to you.
Well, I really don't know what else I can tell you.
We're interested in locating this woman, Susan.
- Why? - We have an eyewitness that places somebody of her description outside Jennifer's office last night.
Now, where did you say that you met this Susan? The King and Castle in the West Village.
Would you excuse me for a sec? You can't arrest him.
Why not? We got a positive ID from Stoker.
No, no.
Stoker presented it as hypothetical.
- So what? Let's just cut a deal.
- We're trying, it's just complicated.
Look, I am hanging on to this guy by a thread.
Once he figures that out, he's gonna wanna leave.
Let him go.
We follow him.
Maybe he'll lead you to Jennifer, then you make the arrest.
If he slips surveillance, I'll never find her.
- Jack, the warrant is not gonna happen.
- Well, I am not letting him go.
Look, Samantha took an inventory of the bank robbery.
They have Davis' blood.
CSU collected blood samples.
That could get us a court order that would compel him to give us blood and DNA.
It's still based on a hypothetical ID.
You know what? - We need a judge.
- We need a judge.
- I'll try.
- Thank you.
- What's this? - Mug shots.
Well, we think that your one-night stand might be in there.
- You think she's some kind of criminal? - Look, I know this is really tedious.
I'm quite happy to keep you company.
Suit yourself.
I don't think the court order is gonna pan out.
We need to find something to keep this guy.
- Where are we on Lucy Stoker? - We're sitting on her house but her truck's gone and so is she.
It looks like Stoker and his partner were suspected in a dozen other holdups.
- So maybe Davis was caught on tape.
- Run it down.
Well, it was worth a shot.
- She's not in there? - No.
Keep in mind, they're mug shots.
People change their appearance over time.
You asked me to look at the pictures.
I looked at them.
Maybe she's in this one.
I'm leaving now.
I need you to think that over carefully.
I've done that already.
You're a very valuable asset to this case.
- I see what you're trying to do here.
- I'm trying to find your girlfriend.
- What are you trying to do? - You charging me with something? No.
You want a lawyer? I want you to get out of my way.
We could use a break here, Danny.
Did Stoker say anything else? No, the guy just clammed up on me.
- You gonna follow me all the way home? - Lf that's what it's gonna take.
We got gunshots on the 12th floor.
We need assistance up here.
Everybody down! Give me the gun.
Seal the building.
Get back! - Get the lobby cleared out.
- Follow me.
Across the street.
Is everybody upstairs okay? Yeah.
How did he get a gun into the office? He took mine.
- What can I do? - Okay.
Get N.
To set up a perimeter.
Get his photo out to the Transit Authority and all the airports.
What happened? This guy clocked me with a gun and took my cab.
He had a woman with him.
- Which way did he go? - I don't know.
Come on.
Did he go left, right, straight, what? He went straight, I think.
- Davis jacked this guy's cab.
- Go.
I'll put out an APB.
I'm gonna need your cab company, make, model, plate number.
- N.
Is meeting us at Davis' house.
- That's great.
- What happened to your neck? - It's flying glass.
It's okay, it's nothing.
This is gonna be all over the news.
You should call your daughter, tell her you're okay.
Get out here, now.
- Where's Davis? - How the hell should I know? Jack.
Lock her down, will you? So this is why Davis came to us.
He didn't want us coming to him.
Bring her in here.
Oh, my God.
Hey, I I didn't do that.
Come here.
I want you to take a good, long look.
That could be you.
- Now, where's Davis? - I don't know.
When was the last time you saw him? When he was with her at that restaurant.
What is your problem? You can't just barge in.
- I need my money.
You said to meet you.
- I said I'd come out when I could.
- Next time don't keep me waiting.
- There ain't gonna be a next time.
From now on, we do things my way or you and I are done.
I've got someone in my life now.
Don't be so sure.
Jen, Jennifer, wait, wait.
I can explain this.
- Really, it's really not a big deal.
- Get your hands off me.
I haven't seem him since.
What the hell are you doing here? I was afraid he was gonna stiff me.
Get her out of here.
Do you think he's gonna come back for the money? No, it's not here.
There's nothing personal here.
No photos, nothing.
Everything that's important to him is somewhere else.
It looks like he was trying to fix the place up.
New lamps, new sofa.
Trying to make it look a bit more girl-friendly, I think? Start a new life.
So where do we find his old life? Clear.
Looks like he changed cars.
Give me the keys.
This was under the front seat.
- Why are we on the FDR? - I told you to look straight.
No, it's just I used to have an apartment on Grand.
I just I just wanna know where we're going.
You should keep quiet.
You know what, man? You don't need me anymore.
Why don't you just drop me off at Let me give you a tip.
You've just kidnapped a federal agent and you're jammed eight ways to Sunday unless you fix it.
By letting you go? - So, what, now you got nothing to say? - It doesn't matter what I say.
You're not the kind of guy to let someone go.
- You don't know me.
- You shot a bank guard, a bystander.
- That was a long time ago.
- Oh, yeah? What, you a new man now? Where's Jennifer? - She's dead, right? - Shut up.
I know what you did.
You broke into her office and you wait - That's not how it happened.
- Oh, no? What happened? I panicked.
I went to her office looking for anything with my name on it.
She came in.
I tried to explain how the past didn't matter.
But she didn't see it that way.
I thought I could have a normal life, you know? Maybe a family.
People don't change.
Time goes by and they just forget who they used to be.
Just because you made a mistake doesn't mean What happened? Ran out of memory.
Those tests can be wrong.
I mean Are you sure? Yeah.
The doctor just confirmed it.
How is it even possible? I mean, I didn't even think you were Still in my childbearing years? That's nice.
Look, I got two kids already.
I wasn't expecting any more.
This was a mistake.
I'm sorry, it was a mistake.
I should have waited to tell you.
Well, when would have been a good time? When I figured out what it is I wanna do.
Jack, I'm 45 years old.
I've never had kids.
This is a big decision.
Yeah, it's a decision that affects the both of us.
It affects me more.
I gotta go.
I've got a staff meeting.
Forget about the staff meeting, let's talk about this.
- The place has never looked better.
- Yeah.
Anything on Davis yet? We think the car he was keeping in the storage facility is a late-model red Pontiac and we've put out an APB.
Any idea where he might be headed? Not yet.
We're hoping Grant Stoker gives us something.
I don't know where he'd go.
I shouldn't be talking without my lawyer.
How many jobs you pull with this guy, - Back then, maybe.
Not now.
- Look, he abducted an FBI agent.
I swear to God, I don't know where he'd take her.
All right, look.
There was a bank job in Green Bay, back in the day.
Does that sound familiar? - What about it? - Bank teller was taken hostage.
- They never found her.
- I had nothing to do with that.
What the hell did he do with that teller? She saw his face.
He killed her.
People don't change.
Time goes by and they forget who they used to There's gotta be something else in there.
You know, go back to where he hit her.
You've just kidnapped a federal agent.
You're jammed eight ways to Sunday unless you fix it.
By letting you go? So, what, now you got nothing to say? Okay, stop it.
Stop it right there.
She goes silent.
Why? - Back it up to right where she stops.
- Okay.
Jammed eight ways to Sunday unless you fix it.
By letting you go? Wind 210 at five.
- Is there a radio in the background? - Yeah.
Sounds like the news.
- Can you wind it back and dig it out? - Sure.
- By letting you go? - Wind 210 at five.
- That's a weather report.
- Temperature 1-7.
Visibility 10, sky clear.
Visibility 10, 10 miles.
That's gotta be an ATIS broadcast from an airport.
Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark confirm they have Davis' photo.
He's on the watch list.
Well, he's a travel agent, he knows his way around airports.
He'd never risk going commercial.
What about private airfields? There are 11 within a 50-mile radius.
Hang on.
He does a lot of business out of McKinley Airport.
Let's go.
Okay, we go in quietly and split up as discussed.
Don't go shooting anything unless you know what you're hitting.
- Copy that? - Copy.
- Yeah, we copy.
- Okay, great.
I'm glad you're okay.
Anne's the one you should worry about.
You know, I can worry about more than one person at a time.
All right, get ready to kill the lights.
We got a red Pontiac in sight.
Put your hands in the air where I can see them.
You get back.
Get back or I'll shoot her.
Put down the gun and let her go.
I will.
Soon as I get where I'm going.
You drop your weapon and you call off your troops.
Or I'll kill her right now.
You're gonna kill her anyway.
Davis is down.
And Anne's not here, let's search the area.
- Where is she? - She had served her purpose.
Look, you're gonna make a big mistake, yeah? There's no place for you to hide.
Come on.
It's It's not just me.
I'm gonna have a baby.
I'm I'm gonna have a baby.
Look, you're gonna be dead in about 30 seconds.
Do one decent thing in your life.
Just tell me where she is.
Where is she? Jack.
I found her.
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