Without A Trace s05e01 Episode Script


It's just me.
- You scared me.
Come on.
We have to get dressed.
It's nighttime.
- Here, let me get this over you.
We cannot wake him up.
Just come on.
But what if? - Just put your clothes on.
We have to get out of here.
- But what if? - Shut up.
What's going on in there? Open this door.
- Come on.
Open the door.
- Todd, come on.
- I can't.
Yes, you can.
Just walk over here.
That's all you have to do.
- You have to hurry, he's coming.
Open the door.
- Come over here, I'll lift you through.
Open this door, you little bastard.
Whoa, whoa, slow down there, pal.
Glad to see you guys.
We're not sure what to make of this kid.
What's his name? - Bryan Parker.
We got his name off a library card.
- So, what, he's not talking? - He's still pretty shook up.
All he's saying is that some little boy has been abducted.
All right.
Bryan? Hey.
I'm Martin, this is Samantha.
We're both with the FBI.
We'd like to ask you a couple of questions, okay? You know what? Why don't you, uh? Why don't you guys give us some room? Guys.
So, Bryan, I'm Samantha, like he said.
Um, I guess I want you to know there's nothing to be afraid of.
We're here to help you.
These guys told me you know something about a boy being abducted.
Is that right? Can you tell me his name? - Todd.
- Todd? Okay, great.
Do you know where Todd is right now? Bryan I wanna help you, I do, but you gotta give me something.
Um Do you know who took him? Who took him, Bryan? My dad.
Randall Parker, FBI.
Open up.
We're clear.
- Is Randall Parker in the system? - No, no criminal record.
But we've put out an APB on him and his van.
Well, what's the story on the boys? I thought they might be brothers but then Bryan says he doesn't even know Todd.
- No last name? - No, Todd's the only name he's got.
Well, the only Todd that's gone missing in New York in the last month is black.
There's no telling what he's been through, huh? We're sending a social worker to evaluate him.
Thank you.
Hey, Bryan.
Can I get you something to drink, something to eat? Where's Todd? Did you find Todd? We haven't found your dad or Todd yet.
I should've just dragged him out of there.
- I could've done that, you know.
- Well, you tried to save Todd.
- What you did was brave.
- No, it wasn't.
We wouldn't be looking for him right now if it wasn't for you.
- But it's too late.
- No, it isn't too late.
Listen, the more you can tell us about Todd the sooner we're gonna find him, okay? I don't know where they went.
I don't know anything.
So Todd never told you anything, anything about himself? Dad never left us alone together.
He locked Todd up most of the time.
Bryan, do you know why your dad took him? Because he likes boys.
Can we talk about something else? Sure.
Um, why don't you tell me when you first saw Todd? It was last Sunday, so a week ago.
Dad had been away for like three days, on some work thing, he says.
- Hey, kiddo, how you doing? - Fine.
Um, this is Todd.
He's staying with us for a while.
He's Mrs.
Verdreese's kid.
You remember me talking about her.
- Not really.
- She's a client.
I've known her for years.
Anyway, she booked a trip to Italy and her ex was supposed to take care of Todd and he got sick, and he's not gonna be able to and Poor little guy was pretty upset.
He cried himself to sleep.
Anyway, I told her that we'd look after him until she got back.
So how'd the math test go? Okay.
Okay? And what is "okay" as a percentage? - Ninety-six.
- Ninety-six percent? That is not okay.
That is fantastic.
Ha! I'm proud of you, okay? And I knew you were gonna do great so I got you a little something.
- What? - What do you think? - The new Xbox? - Really? - I got it in the van.
Wait till you see it.
It's fantas Oh, you know, um If he wakes up, give him one of these, okay? Why didn't you believe your dad's story? I just didn't, that's all.
Well, does your dad have any family? Parents, brothers, sisters? - Not that I know about.
- What about friends from work? He's a painter, houses and stuff.
He works alone most of the time.
You said that your mom died when you were little, yeah? Yeah.
Do you remember any family trips? - Any people coming over? - No.
What about other kids? What do you mean? Did your dad ever bring home any other kids? - No.
- So then Todd was the first.
That's what I said.
Excuse me, Jack? The time-stamp shows Parker making a call 10 minutes after Bryan got the hell out of here.
Local call.
Let's have ERT come in here and see if they can pick up some DNA and fingerprints.
I have a feeling this is not the first kid this guy's grabbed.
All right.
Parker called a Judy Brooks on 7th Ave.
- Martin's tracking her down.
- Maybe she'll know who this boy is.
You haven't been able to ID Todd, huh? Well, Sam has Bryan going through pictures.
We have his name.
We have his description.
- This should be a no-brainer.
- His name's probably not Todd.
Plus, Parker was gone for three days.
He could've grabbed the kid from out of town.
- That is so frustrating.
- Mm-hm.
- Mrs.
Brooks? - Yeah? Hi, I'm Special Agent Fitzgerald with the FBI.
I, uh, need to ask you a few questions about Randall Parker.
I understand that Parker called you this morning at around 5 a.
He was looking for his son.
He said that Bryan had run away.
He wanted to know if I had heard from him, and I hadn't.
Why did he think Bryan would contact you? There was this incident last week.
I got here quick as I could.
Are you okay? He's fine, Mr.
Why don't you tell your dad what happened? - I got busted.
- For what? Drinking.
I'm drunk, Dad.
Heh, drinking? You're only 12 years old.
I don't feel like I'm 12.
Obviously, this is a serious violation of school policy but my main concern is what caused this behavior.
- And did Bryan tell you what that was? - Mm-hm.
He says he's having problems at home.
Uh, that's news to me.
Well, then why don't we take this opportunity to discuss it? Yeah, yeah, we should.
Um Bryan look, you know I love you, and I'm not angry about this, but I thought things were pretty good at home.
Um, and if they're not, then I'll try to make them better but you gotta tell me what's wrong.
Hmm? - You know what's wrong.
- No, I honestly don't.
But I'm listening, okay? Both of us are listening.
So why don't you just tell us? You know, is it the long hours I've been working? You know, I know what it is.
It's It's Todd, isn't it? A friend of the family's kid.
He's staying with us for a while.
And I think maybe I've been paying a little too much attention to him and not enough to Bryan.
That's it, isn't it, Bryan? - Yeah.
That's it.
Well, good.
That's a good first step.
I thought we had made progress.
I recommended a therapist and gave them my number in case they wanted to talk.
Now, I'm assuming that Parker listed next of kin when he enrolled Bryan here? Yeah, it's required, but that was seven years ago.
Well, I'm gonna need to see those records anyway.
How come they don't have names? They do, but we left them off so you could focus on their faces.
All of these kids are missing? What happened to them? Some were taken by a parent.
Some of them were taken by a stranger.
Some we just We don't know.
Some of them are dead.
Some of them are probably dead.
So how long do you keep looking until you give up? We never give up.
That's him.
Todd's real name is Daniel Ellison, age 5.
Went missing 10 days ago from a carnival in Milford, PA.
- Did we notify the parents? - Mm-hm.
They're on their way.
Hey, Viv, we have a little bit of a time gap.
Bryan said that the kid showed up on Sunday, right? - Yeah.
- He went missing 10 days ago.
- Where were they the other three days? I don't know.
Stashed somewhere.
- Maybe Parker had him put up in a motel.
- Parker's not his real name.
Bryan's school file.
Previous address, next of kin, it's all bogus, so I dug a little deeper.
Records on Parker only go back seven years.
Before that, nothing.
Ugh, so Todd's not really Todd and Parker's not really Parker.
Well, whoever he is, N.
Just found his van.
You know what? These are pharmaceutical.
Run them to the lab.
See what narcotic's in them.
- You bet.
- Thank you.
Felix, this is Special Agent Malone.
Tell him what just you told me.
It was like an hour ago.
I went in to clean the bathroom.
N Oh Sorry, man, I didn't know anyone was in here.
Yeah, my kid got gum stuck in his hair.
I kind of had to get drastic, so I'll be done in a minute.
Yeah, no problem.
I'll come back later.
- I didn't realize it wasn't his kid.
- Did you notice which way they went? No, I didn't.
This was inside the trash.
- He probably dyed the kid's hair.
- Uh-huh.
Are you sure? Okay.
The lab ran a test on the DNA that they picked up in the apartment.
Bryan is not Randall Parker's son.
Okay, thanks.
So far they've canvassed four blocks, and no one ever saw Parker or the kid.
- But he may have boosted a car.
- From where? From a long-term parking lot very close to the gas station.
Vehicle description? We will once the owner reports it stolen.
It's a long-term parking lot, which is why he picked it.
We are nowhere with this guy.
- Gonna keep working the neighborhood.
- Okay.
- How you doing with the kid? - I'm letting him take a break now.
Well, go back in there and get at it.
Look, Jack, he needs help.
He needs professional help.
Which I will get him once we get the information we need.
He needs a therapist.
Every second that ticks by, odds are greater that Daniel will turn up dead.
Yes, I'm aware of that but this kid still thinks that Parker is his father.
I don't think I'm qualified to tell him I want you to go back in there and dig into his past.
Find out who he is, where he's from.
Maybe that will give us a lead on Parker.
- L - Just go in there and do it.
So his real name's Daniel? From Milford, Pennsylvania.
Does that ring a bell? No.
You lived in the apartment with your father for seven years.
- Where were you before that? - I don't know.
You would have been 5 years old.
No? So nothing before the apartment? I guess I was too little.
Good picture.
I always wished I could draw.
It never really comes out the way I want it to.
- Have you seen this house before? - It's just always been in my head.
Maybe you've been there.
I feel like I was.
Um, you know, I'm gonna ask you to do something and it's gonna sound kind of stupid, but I want you to bear with me.
I want you to close your eyes and try and picture the house.
I know, I know.
Will you try it? Just concentrate really hard.
Can you see it? Yeah.
Brick with white around the windows and a pointed roof.
Do you see anything else? There's a car in the driveway.
It's sort of brownish.
Can you see a license plate on the car? Can't really tell what it says.
All right, what about, um, color? Can you see the color of the license plate? - White, with dark letters.
- Okay, Bryan, um Are you at the house? Yeah.
I'm playing.
Playing in a pile of leaves.
A woman's there.
She hugs me.
Is she your mother? I don't know.
I know I've asked you this before.
Do you remember your mother's name? No.
But she was married to my dad, so can't you look it up? Well, to be honest with you, we haven't had luck with that.
Then why you asking me about my mother? To get background on you to help us find Daniel.
What does Daniel have to do with me remembering my mom or with where I was when I was 5? - You're not telling me something.
- We should take a break - Was he married to my mom? - I don't know.
So if they weren't married, why was I living with him? - There could be all kinds of reasons - Did he take me? Did he take me like he did Daniel? He did.
- And you knew? - I didn't know.
- You knew.
- I didn't know, Bryan.
Is that even my name? - I thought you were on my side.
- I am on your side.
You don't give a damn about me.
You only care about finding Daniel.
Just get away from me.
Get out.
Happy? Viv, are you trying to figure out who Bryan is? I'm running all the kids who went missing the same time as Parker grabbed him.
Well, he took Bryan at 5, and Daniel is 5.
So I guess he was looking for a younger model.
It's horrible.
- He's not in the database? - No one in this case is.
At least we've got an ID on what Parker's driving.
A blue Ford van was reported stolen from long-term parking and we have an APB out.
- So that's something.
- That is.
Yeah, thanks.
Daniel's folks are here.
- He was cutting Daniel's hair? - Oh, my God.
- Why would he do that? - To change his appearance.
We have a nationwide alert out on the both of them.
Daniel looked okay, though, right? - He seemed okay? - Yes, from everything I understand.
We are putting all our resources into finding your son.
Is this man a sex offender? - He doesn't have a record.
- Do you have any idea where my son is? We have a few leads that we're following and, um, there are reasons to be hopeful.
What reasons? The fact that this man bothered to change your son's appearance to dye his hair or to cut it it shows that he's formed some kind of bond with him.
As disturbing as that is to hear, that works in our favor.
Um, I'd like to show you a photo.
Familiar? No.
Um, I don't recognize him.
- Wait, I saw this guy.
- What? You saw him? Where? - At the carnival? - No.
Uh Before that, in the morning, at the park.
You okay, buddy? Yeah, yeah, I got off the trail, kind of had a rough go getting back on.
- I guess I learned my lesson.
- I guess you did.
- Have a good one.
- Yeah, you too.
He seemed just like another hiker.
I never gave it another thought.
Uh, where's this park? Well, according to Mr.
Ellison, Parker came out right about here.
What the hell is over there? Parker had three days with Daniel that we can't account for, right? Right.
- Maybe after he grabbed him he brought him out here and kept him some place in the area.
On this map, the closest thing to a shelter is a cave about a quarter mile east of here.
Danny said there was a blunt-force trauma to the boy's head.
The Pike County coroner is ID'ing the body.
I heard.
So how can I help you? - You could look through these.
Boys missing in the New York State area in the past seven to eight years.
And how do you know Bryan is from New York? I don't.
I'm playing the odds.
He said he remembered a white license tag with black letters and we found him in New York, so I figured we'd start there.
The boy they found is not Daniel Ellison.
- What? - Who is he? We don't know yet.
He's the same age as Daniel but the coroner thinks he's been dead for about a month.
Wait, I thought it was a freshly dug grave.
Yeah, looks like Parker reburied the body.
They found two different types of soil on it.
Bryan said that Daniel was the only boy he ever brought home.
- We need to talk.
- Why would I talk to you? - You lied to me.
- No, you lied to me.
You told me Daniel was the only kid Parker brought home.
So? Tell me about the boy he took before Daniel.
- There was no boy.
- Stop lying.
I'm not lying.
We just dug up his body from a shallow grave.
You tell me who he is.
He had a mark on his ankle, like a restraint.
He was kept somewhere.
- I think it was your apartment.
- No.
The mark matched the strap we found in Parker's dresser.
- Did he make you help him? - No.
Bryan, you're here because you tried to save Daniel.
And I know the last thing you want is for him to end up like this boy.
So tell me what happened.
He was brought to the house like you said.
What's his name? I don't know.
He was only there one night.
Stop crying.
I want my mommy.
Well, you can't have her.
Get away from me.
Come on, now, don't be like this.
- Now get over here.
Leave me alone.
Kid, here, come on, I'll help you up.
Come on.
Get up.
Come on, you okay? Come on, you're okay.
You Just breathe.
Just breathe for me.
Just breathe for me, huh? Wake up.
Come on.
Wake up.
Damn it! And when I woke up they were both gone.
As if nothing had ever happened.
I just stood there.
- It's not your fault.
- I knew what was happening to him.
Why didn't I do something? There was nothing you could do.
So according to Bryan, the boy died on August 3rd, right? These are the phone records of that day.
Before midnight, Parker made a call to a Sara Pratt from Lehman, Pennsylvania.
Had he called her before? Twice a year, around mid-May and December 25th.
Christmas and possibly her birthday.
Could be a family member, ex-wife.
All right, here we go, Sara Pratt, but doesn't say anything about her being married or not.
- How long did the call last? - Let me see.
Two minutes.
Well, he reached out to her before, so let's hope that he's gonna do it again.
What the hell's going on here? - You Sara Pratt? - Yeah.
What do you want? I'm Jack Malone from the FBI.
Do you know this man? Yeah, that's Robert.
Why are you looking for him? We believe he's involved in the abduction of several small boys, possibly murder.
He wouldn't do that.
Then you won't mind if we take a look inside.
- Go right ahead.
- Thank you.
What's Robert's last name? - Pratt.
He's my cousin.
- When was the last time you saw him? I don't know.
Um Seven years ago, maybe.
Hey, darling.
- Robby.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here? - Well, I was just in the neighborhood.
- I wanted to visit my favorite coz.
- Who's that? Him? Oh, that's Bryan.
That's my girlfriend's kid.
Yeah, I just wanted to take him on a road trip.
You know, just so he could see the sights so him and me could bond.
- I knew you'd settle down.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Actually, didn't get as far as we were hoping today so since we're here and I know you got the room in the barn I was hoping we could crash here for tonight.
Robby, that barn burned down like five years ago.
But hey, you guys can stay in the house.
Uh - Really, Sara, I couldn't do that.
- That's silly.
Why not? It's no trouble.
Just, you know, I wouldn't feel right.
So thanks anyway.
We'll find a motel.
Wait, what about the trailer? Remember? Past the dry well, by the woods? Oh - Are you sure that would be okay? - It's the least I can do.
That boy with him, was he kidnapped? Can you tell me where that trailer is on this property? Hands in the air and come out.
Come on, there's no point to this.
Just step out with your hands in the air.
Is the boy in there? No.
Okay, here's the situation.
The suspect is dead.
The young boy is still missing.
We have to comb every inch of these woods.
Now, Agent Johnson is gonna coordinate the search.
Now, we're gonna conduct a grid search.
Half of you are gonna go with Agent Fitzgerald and me.
The other half are gonna go with Agent Malone.
So let's move out.
Does it look familiar? A little.
- Is this where he took Daniel? - Yeah.
- Whose van is that? - That is the van that Pratt was driving.
Does that mean you caught him? We did.
He's dead.
Did he tell you who I really am? No.
We're still working on that.
Bryan, I need you to look at this picture and really focus, okay? - You were here too.
- When? Seven years ago, when he took you.
Look at it.
Can you tell me anything? It was dark.
I was cold and scared.
That's all I can remember.
Hey, can I get some help over here? Right there? Yeah.
Hey, buddy, you're safe now.
I'm gonna come in.
You're safe now, okay? Come on, let's get you out of here.
It's okay, he's okay.
- Someone get a medic.
I'm gonna take this off of you.
That's it, take a good breath.
That's it.
We need a medic out here.
- Happy ending.
- Hey.
Yeah, we got him.
Thanks, Martin.
Hey, listen.
He's alive.
All right, I'll call you back.
Thank you.
Well, except for a few minor cuts and bruises Daniel's gonna be okay.
Physically, anyway.
Also, the coroner ID'd the body of the boy that we found.
- Lucas Chethik.
He's from Binghamton.
- What about Bryan? We still haven't been able to match him to any missing-persons reports for kids.
There's gotta be something we overlooked.
We should keep checking.
I searched the trailer.
I know it's been seven years, but I thought I might find something.
Yeah, it's a reasonable assumption.
No wonder Bryan doesn't remember.
Who the hell would want to? Got that right.
- Okay, well, I'll keep you posted.
- Thanks.
Your name is Max McNeil.
Max? Where am I from? New York.
Are my parents around? Your mom is.
Has she been looking for me? She didn't think you were still alive.
Nobody did.
You were on a camping trip at Delaware National Park.
You were fishing.
Your mom was videotaping it.
She ran out of tape.
Went to get another one.
Honey? The search went on for a week.
There were divers.
All they found was one of your shoes.
So they thought I was dead? Yeah.
Turns out that Robert Pratt lived half a mile from where you went missing.
Does my mother know? She does, and I'm gonna take you to her.
You ready to go in? Can you come with me? Of course I can.
Shall we go? Let's go.
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