Wolf (2023) s01e01 Episode Script


This programme contains
some strong language
and scenes which some viewers may
find upsetting from the start.
Is there anybody there?
I can't get out.
The door's locked.
Can you help me?
Help me!
Please help me!
Help me!
Are you you, or are you a burglar?
Don't burglars break in at night?
Nah, that's just in the movies.
Why break in when you
know the owner's home?
Ooh, I love it when you talk cop stuff.
Come on. Busy day.
Ah, you're killing me.
This is killing me.
Well, it's nice to
know I've still got it.
What's that?
You like it?
It's for me?
No, it's for my other boyfriend,
but I wanted your opinion.
I just
You bought me clothes?
I mean, thank you.
Sorry. I love it.
I know that you don't like
me touching things up here,
but then could I ask that you
just straighten up a tad?
During the party, people might
want a tour of the house.
A tour? I thought this
was just a casual thing.
Well, it's not not casual,
but it's important.
I want my friends to meet your friends.
Yeah, I don't have friends.
I have colleagues.
And I've only been in back
in London a few months.
I barely even know them. Well, still,
it's our first party as a couple,
and I think it's worth celebrating
with something a little
more than just a six-pack.
Speaking of which, my mum's lending us
her really expensive champagne flutes.
Look, this is my brother's room.
I know, and I'm not
trying to be insensitive,
but it was decades ago.
Yeah, but this is still
my brother's room.
And you sleep in here,
watching your neighbour, even though
I mean, I know he's weird,
but he didn't do anything.
Yes, he did.
You're obsessed.
The police have said again and again
that there's no actual evidence
that he had anything to do with
your brother's disappearance.
Yeah, well, the police got
it wrong. He is guilty.
Look, I'm excited
about this party.
But please don't ask me
to let people in here.
I'm not ready for that.
And thanks again.
I really do love it.
Sometimes I think you didn't
move back to London for work.
Sometimes I think you moved back
because he got out of prison
..and you wanted
to be close again.
I'll tell you lot the
same thing I tell my son.
If you can't concentrate on your work
with your phone in your hand,
I'll take the phone away.
All right. From the last 24 -
two gang stabbings,
one of them a fatality.
He was 15 and white, so, fair warning,
the media will give a shit.
Acid attack in the underground.
Victims are parents and
their seven-year-old.
Little one's lost the left eye.
Sexual assault in an estate stairwell.
Seems like it was several boys.
We're waiting on an appropriate
adult before we talk to her.
She's not quite 14.
Any questions?
I just kept thinking,
if I don't intervene
and then something happens,
I'd never forgive myself.
What? Is it the stitches or? No, no.
What?I'm fine.Shall I pull over? No. No.
You're not getting out
of telling this story.
Well, so, you were wheezing
when that one woman
asked you all those questions,
God, she had an attitude.
She had tattoos.
So, I asked her why she thought
my husband was a son of a bitch.
And I said to her, you know,
"Because you've written it on his charts,
"so that the surgeon can see."
But it turns out
that SOB also stands for
"shortness of breath".
You all right? Yeah.Hmm? Come on.
Let's get you in. Yeah, that's good.
All right?
It's OK.
I know.
It was a long drive.
Nice jacket.
Hadn't pegged you for a
bloke with designer taste.
That has "girlfriend"
written all over it.
Same girlfriend throwing this party?
Oh, no-one here has
to come, ma'am.
Oh, you're a real charmer, Jack.
I saw the others were going for a pint.
You not joining?
I don't really drink.
Detectives have spent years
carefully cultivating
the image of
downtrodden alcoholics,
and you millennials are just
going to throw it all away?
Is she here?
Ella, it's Detective Caffery.
I've only been in London three months.
That's not long enough to have regulars.
We've been through all this,
but I'm going to say it again.
If you don't give a statement
about what he's doing
..there isn't enough
evidence for CPS to consider
a victimless prosecution,
which means that
my hands are tied.
And this is going to keep happening.
Are you going to give
a statement this time?
All right.
All right.
Well, then, I'm going
to tell you the truth.
It's ugly, but it's all I've got left.
Next time,
one of the blows to the
head is going to be harder
than he meant it to be.
And you'll die in the house.
It'll probably be a week or
so before we're called in.
And you'll be decomposing.
You'll be bloated.
You'll be leaking from the
mouth and nose, the anus.
And you will smell horrible.
And the coroner, he'll saw
through your skull to examine
the damage to your brain.
And when they do that,
they fold down your face.
Forehead to chin, just whoop
Don't worry, you'll be stapled
back together for the funeral.
I'll get a conviction.
He'll serve time.
And you'll go underground.
I can't change who you married, Ella.
But whether or not he kills you?
That's something
I've got a say in.
Let me help you.
how'd it go at the hospital, Jack?
Full statement. We got him.
We'll have him in custody by the morning.
Well done.
Thank you, ma'am.
Don't even think about it.
It needs to cool.
What if I don't survive the wait?
You shouldn't joke.
I'm not joking at all.
We're still getting to know each other.
At any moment, this new
ticker could call it quits
..and I'd die
You should go.
What do you mean?You're dying
to get in the fresh air.
I don't really want to leave you alone.
Lucia's just upstairs.
She's an adult.
She's 22.
Go on.
Of course.
You're here now, aren't you?
Go and tell her to turn that racket down.
You're useless, do you know that?
It's all right - I'm going to blame you.
Wh-Wh-What What is it?
It has to be a coincidence.
..it's been taken down by an
animal and it's it's
..it's just a fluke the way
it ended up looking like that.
But what kind of animal would be
big enough or tall enough to
Dad?Lucia! We're just
coming inside.What is it?
It's nothing. Let's go inside.
You're so fake. I can tell wh
Darling, it's not, honestly,
what it looks like.
Just go inside.
Will you? Go and go and
check if the cake has cooled.
But how could? Lucia! Lucia! Inside!
Now. Go on. Go on, darling.
I really think we're
making too much of this.
Are we?
But what if he's been let out?
Oh, God.
I'm calling the police.
Hiya. Seriously considered getting
one of those maid's costumes,
but I thought it would be too subtle.
However, if you think I've missed a spot,
might be game for a punishment
Look, I know you didn't want to clean
so I just figured
I'd do it for you.
But I told you I don't
want people in here.
What am I supposed to tell our guests?
"Here's the upstairs. Isn't it lovely?
"But don't go into the padlocked room
"because it's a shrine."
I just think you should
be able to move on.
Oh, is that what you think? Well,
thanks for that.
But it is hard to move on
when you can't bury someone
..and you don't even
know where their body is.
You never should have moved
back into your childhood home.
My parents left it to me.
Well, then,
you should have sold it.
Sometimes, in life,
we need a push.
So here's your push, Jack.
You have to choose between
your past and your future.
Oh, don't do this.
Why not?
Because I won't choose you.
Look, I'm sorry. This whole
thing has moved fast and
..it's only been a few months
and it's already clothes
and parties and I'm not
Are you joking?
Is this the "I'm not ready
for a commitment" speech?
Because you could have given it
before I sent out the invitations.
No, I just think that you deserve
someone whoGod, this is perfect!
What is?
Nothing. It's fine.
It's spectacular. I'll go.
No, no, you don't have to go.
But you do love
that this is happening right now,
though, don't you?
At least admit that.
Admit that I really have given
you the perfect opportunity
to get out of all of it.
What are you talking about?
I'm not stupid, Jack. I know you know.
Know what?
I've been tired
and emotional and
..I told you I was scheduling a check-up.
I have no idea what
you're on about.
I promise.
The cancer is back.
I didn't want to tell you
officially until after the party.
I wanted you to enjoy yourself.
Wait. I don't understand.
You said you've been
in remission for years.
When did you find out it'd come back?
I had the test a week ago,
at my check-up.
Haven't gotten the results yet, but
..I know my body. It's back.
I have rushed things with us,
and I'm sorry.
But you don't have to break up with me,
I'll break up with you.
I don't want to put you
through cancer. It's not fun.
I'm not breaking up with you.
That's not what I was getting at.
Yes, it was. No, it wasn't.
Now, come on, let's
just sit down. Come on.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm here.
With you.
Lucia, deal with Bear.
She wants attention.
Tilly, it's dead.
What?The phone.
It needs new batteries.
What? You mean it's not working at all?
It will. It just needs new batteries.
Because I did promise the hospital
that we had a working phone line.
I told them that we don't
have mobile signal here,
but I did promise them
that we'd have a landline.
Batteries. Where are they? Ah, batteries!
In the garden.
It looks like what they said happened.
On the Donkey Pitch.
Let's not rush to conclusions.
But it's just like what
Your father thinks
it was an animal.
It's the same!
It's the exact same!
She's scared!
She's only ever been in our London flat.
Well, go and check the
cellar door. Top bolt.
And take her with you.
I can't hear myself think.
I already did the cellar door!
Well, do it again!
Can we all just
try and stay calm?
Lucia, I'm sorry.
Goddamn it!
It's not working.
Our phone line's been cut.
Hello. I'm Detective Inspector Honey.
This is Detective Sergeant Molina.
We're just making
Pardon me? How did you know to come?
We haven't been able to make a call.
Our phone line's been cut!
It's been cut?
Are you certain? Well, it's not working.
Just a moment, now.
If you're not here about our phone line,
what are you here about?
Another matter entirely.
You are under arrest for
grievous bodily harm with intent.
Meaning that you intended to cause
grievous bodily harm to your wife.
Now, wave goodbye.
You could have come to my house.
Yeah. Could have.
They're clean.
Not a single print on them.
Thanks.Didn't recognise him.
Looked him up, though. Combat Hero.
Guess they were popular in the
'80s or something.1996.Sorry?
Every kid wanted one.
If your mum bought you one,
you'd take it everywhere.
Take a full team there,
and turn it upside down.
Penderecki? Haven't you
sent us there before?
Listen, um, without a warrant
..it won't fall back on me,
it'll fall back on you.
What are the police doing at
that pervert's house again, Jack?
Do you think I look all right?
You look beautiful.
Do you miss them? Your parents.
I do.
But not because they died.
The last decade or so,
we only spoke once, maybe twice a year.
The three of us never quite
made it back after Ewan
So I do miss them
..but from a long time ago.
I can come with you to the
appointments, if you want?
No, you don't have to, Jack.
I mean, it's chemo,
right? It's radiation?
Can we not talk about cancer? Sorry.I
I just want today to be fun.
I want us to get dressed up,
and I want to feel pretty,
and I just want to have fun.
Well, you're not "pretty".
You're stunning.
Have you caught the sun lately?
I don't think so.Oh, it's just
a nice colour in your cheeks.
Practically a magic wand.
Jack, Ella Ward has
withdrawn her statement.
She what?
I'm sorry. But she was stable.
She had every right to leave.
Yeah, I know.
I just I thought I could
do something this time.
You can't help everybody.
Did you ever work in oncology?
Well, it's just the dye
that they inject in you
to look for cancer cells,
has it
..has it changed in the last few years?
No. Why?
Have you been in the house all morning?
Er, no.
We We didn't
get here until 11.
We drove down from London.
So you're on holiday now?
Oh, no. This is our home.
Erm, we've always had a flat
in London and our daughter
stays there now, but, erm
You know, we split our time.
Besides, my husband had some
medical needs in the city.
They've got specialists there.
You know, it wasn't the sort of
procedure that one can do in
Darling. Darling, it's all right.
It's OK.Oh, sorry.
So, what exactly has happened?
There's been a murder in the area, OK?
The victim lives
not far from here.
Have you arrested anyone?
We can't give out details,
Mrs Anchor-Ferrers.
Er, we've been
going door to door,
asking people if they've
seen anything unusual.
You really should apologise.
You should have told us.
Or someone should have.
It happened just a few
miles from this house.
So we have a right to know
if he's been released, and
He's only served five years!
I'm sorry, ma'am, I don't
And my daughter was only
17 when it happened.
And plus my husband's had
some serious surgery,
so we're not exactly equipped
to deal with any of this.
And, meanwhile, he's
He's already
How could he have been released?!
I'm sorry, Mrs Anchor-Ferrers.
I can hear you're angry,
and I want to help, OK?
But first I need to understand
who you're talking about.
Minnet Kable?
Yes, of course!
Please tell me that this has
occurred to both of you?
For goodness' sake, the five-year
anniversary is this weekend.
You passed the shrine
on the way to our home!
I don't know if you remember
what Minnet Kable did.
It was before you joined.
Of course I remember.
Doesn't everyone? It was
..out on the Donkey Pitch,
just down the road from here.
Has he been released?I've not been
notified of anyBut has he been?
I can check. I mean,
that's the sort of thing we should
Just just hang on a minute.
They can't send us out here and
not tell us if he's been released!
Calm down.
The Donkey Pitch murders
were five years ago.
Now, I realise another murder
in the area can stir up
some strong emotions,
but there's no actual reason to
believe that there's a connection
between the cases.
There's there's something
we need to show you.
This was clearly meant to look
exactly like the Donkey Pitch.
But, you know,
it could be something else.
Maybe they're animal intestines.
A small deer, perhaps.
I doubt it.
But it COULD be.
There are foxes round here,
and they're big enough to
take down a small deer,
if they're keen to do it.
And hang it up in the tree like that?
..Consistent with this
morning's crime scene.
Mr and Mrs Anchor-Ferrers,
go and gather your things, please.
My partner and I will
drive you to the station.
We should get you away from here
until we have a better
understanding of this situation.
Somethin' in the garden.
What, darling? A monsty in the garden.
Jennie, there's no
monsties in this garden.
Ooh, a monsty!
It's true! We didn't see it
..but we heard it.Ah!
It's a good thing we've
got police here, isn't it?
Hey?Yeah.Do you think we
should go and find the monsty?
You think we should
go and find him? Yeah?
All right, you lot!
Drinks down. Monsty duty!
Come on, lads, come on!
Let's go.
Look at you. Oh!
There's the man of the hour!
Where have you been, Jack? Mwah!
I think it's going quite well!
I know, they're only glasses,
but my mother loves them.
OK, Jack, please go get ready.
I've laid out your nice suit.
And then, when you're ready, I need help.
I'm just so tired these days.
I believed you at first.
Yeah, I thought you might die.
Look at that! Monsties!
And I was prepared to be there with you,
through all of it,
I really was
Where? Where?
But it's not true, is it?
It's all a lie.
What are you talking about?
The cancer isn't back, Veronica.
You lied to me.
Jack, that's sick.
That's sick to even suggest
You never had the test.
I did. I'm waiting
for the results.
The dye from the test turned
your veins blue for weeks.
Oh, you forgot you told
me that bit, didn't you?
I mean, you're smart, Veronica.
I'll give you that.
You know how to
think on your feet.
I told you, I thought it was coming back.
I never said that
I knew for sure.
I never said there was
an actual diagnosis.
But at some point, you were going
to have to come clean, right?
Right, you lot, there's no monsties here,
no monsties!
Jack, please.
Because you can't fake chemo.
And you weren't going to shave your head.
All right,
you need to listen to me.
So at some point,
you were going to have to admit
that there was no cancer. But when?
How long was this going to
go on for?Jack, don't
It was just going to be a scare!
Monsty must die! Arrr!
The test was going to come back negative.
But then we could focus on prevention.
Meditation. Retreats.
It would have been good for both of us.
I want your shit
..out of my house
Well, you know,
that's fine, Jack.
That's just fine, because the truth is
you are impossible to
No. Jack
You have no idea what you have just done.
No, Jack
It's all right, darling.
Where's the car?
I, er, couldn't bring
it up from the road.
Why not? It wouldn't start.
What do you mean
it wouldn't start?
And I, erm
..I saw something.
Oh, please don't.
I don't want to hear it.
Well, it was, erm
He was waiting.
Where was he?
By the back door of the house.
Does the house have
an alarm system?
The phone line is down,
which is enough to trigger a call-out.
And since no-one's come
from the alarm company,
I can only assume that it's
been tampered with, too.
What about wi-fi?
Well, it's not working.
It never does out here.
The only signal is down the road,
and we need to get there somehow.
We need to call for help.
Your car.
Yes, it's in the drive.
We'll take it to the station.
Hand me your keys, please.Yes.
I don't I don't understand.
I'm sure I put them in here!
Where else might they be?
I don't know! I don't remember.
Do you have a spare set?
Yes, I do, erm
back the back door.
It's all right. I'll get them.
No, Oliver, don't! I'll go with him.
No, er You and Lucia stay put.
It's all right, darling.
We're getting out of here. Yeah?
They aren't bones at all.
They're fake.
After tonight's little spectacle,
I looked up your neighbour.
Said he was released
six weeks ago.
Saw the search you ordered earlier today.
Quite the little game you've
been playing since he got out.
Your neighbour,
did he take your brother?
Yes, ma'am. He took my brother.
But the police could
never prove it.
And no-one ever found him?
Well, we could get your
neighbour for harassment.
No, that's reallyWe've got
loads of witnesses from the party.
Thank you, ma'am,
but I'd really rather just
Send sergeants to perform illegal
searches on his residence?
And not for the first time,
I hear.
Now, if I could help you
with your situation, I would,
but I can't.
And your illegal raid is
a disciplinary offence.
Time to take some
early leave, Jack.
Get out of my office.
Do you mean it, ma'am?
Would you help me if you could?
Cos I would give anything to
know what happened to my brother,
to know where he's buried.
I've tried every lead there is, but
But you've got higher access
to our intelligence systems.
Are you asking me for a favour?
You think it wise to push me right now?
Probably not, ma'am.
What exactly do you want to know?
Penderecki was in and
out of prison for years.
For sex offences.
He abducted my brother,
but they never arrested him for that.
I've tracked down every
cellmate he's ever had
because prisoners talk.
I've gotten nowhere.
But there's three weeks
that I can't account for.
He was held somewhere
before being transferred.
Now, I don't know where and I don't
know why I can't access the details,
but something happened.
It's the only lead I've got left.
Penderecki was in Long Lartin
for the first three weeks
of a six-month sentence.
There was a scuffle.
Doesn't say who it was with,
but they sure didn't like Penderecki -
beat him properly.
Penderecki must have said
something to provoke it.
You find the man who beat
Penderecki in Long Lartin,
maybe that man knows
something about your brother.
Maybe he doesn't, of course,
but it's something.
You know, technically,
living like this is illegal.
So you're here to arrest me?
Why not?
I don't work around
here any more.
So you'll send your police
friends out to arrest me?
No, I won't.
You're not causing any harm.
And besides, I don't think the
police would be interested.
They mostly just
feel sorry for you.
I'm not the one
to feel sorry for.
And if you lot were the type
to have sympathy for anyone
We're not all the same.
You can't just lump us together.
Then you never would have
called off the search.
I didn't work her case,
and you know that.But would you have?
If it was you in charge
of finding my little girl,
would you have called the
search off after just ten days?
No. I wouldn't have.
And I've told you that.
I'll find her myself.
And I won't give up until I do.
I'll bury her right.
You're allowed to hate
the police, you know.
I do, too, sometimes.
But I'd ask you not to hate me.
Why not?
Because the truth is
..I admire you.
After what happened to your little girl,
what you did to the man responsible
..that was the right thing to do.
What do you want, Jack?
You served your
time in Long Lartin.
There was another prisoner there,
a man by the name of Ivan Penderecki.
He abducted my brother in 1998.
He got away with it
..and we never found the body.
While in Long Lartin,
Penderecki was beaten - badly.
It was you, wasn't it?
Did he mention anything about my brother?
Anything at all?
You fucker!
I didn't beat Penderecki.
But I know who did.
I don't know what it was that
Penderecki might have said
about your brother,
but Tell me who he is.
He won't talk to you.
But he'll talk to me.
I'll find out what he knows.
No-one should have to
live without answers.
But I want your
help with something.
When did you find it?
Sorry?What you showed us.
In the trees.Oh.
Not very long after we arrived.
Why? What?
What? Ow!
Oh, God. The sprinkler.
Oh, dammit.
What were you,
erm? Sorry, what was it?
Why didn't you move, after it happened?
Oh. We couldn't.
Nobody in the whole
neighbourhood could sell.
Where's Oliver?
He can't find the keys.
I'll show you.
Dad really wanted
us to stay here.
Someone has to show him.
I won't let her out of my sight.
Found her in the woods.
Near the Donkey Pitch.
The Donkey Pitch?
There was no address
on the collar,
just a name.
Why do you care about a dog? I don't.
I care about this.
It was in her collar.
This is a prank.
It's kids.
That's an adult's handwriting.
An adult wouldn't joke like that.
You'd be surprised.
She's got a limp, too. Back leg is hurt.
Something happened.
Th-This is nothing.
And finding her near
the Donkey Pitch
She just wandered
there by chance.
Isn't the anniversary of
those murders coming up?
Exact same location, Jack.
It's a coincidence.
Are you sure?
I know what the
cops say about me.
But I'm not a nutter.
No more than you.
Why do you care
about any of this?
Why ask me to do this?
I couldn't save my little girl, Jack.
And you couldn't
save your brother.
But now we've both have the chance
to do right for somebody else.
Someone needs you.
Inspector Honey,
I didn't want to say anything
when my daughter was in the room,
but, erm,
I found spots on the floor
in the entrance hall.
Perhaps you should have a look.
I don't know.
They could be anything.
Well, are you sure
it's not blood?
I'm fairly sure.
Everything's going to be OK,
Mrs Anchor-Ferrers.
You can calm down. I promise you,
there's nothing to worry about.
I'm sorry, Inspector Honey,
but I just don't believe you.
Oh, that's very good.
I'm a keen cook myself.
Do you think he's
been in the house?
Is it a family recipe?
I understand what you're doing,
Inspector Honey.
You're sort of trying to distract
me or calm my nerves or something.
I appreciate the intention,
but it's not going to work.
You know, I've been
on the force
..since I was 20.
Can't even guess any more
what it's like to be a civvy.
I've seen a few things,
believe me.
Yes, well, I'm not much interested in
But I've never seen anything like
the murder scene this morning.
What he did to that woman,
it was ferocious.
He cut her here.
Pulled everything out.
Please! I don't want
Oh. Oh, God.
Sorry. Sorry.
Sorry. It's OK, Mrs Anchor-Ferrers.
It's all right.
It's all right.
How do you know
that it's all right?
They're just blocking
the back door.
Blocking it?
So no-one gets in.
Everything OK?
I was just telling Mrs Anchor-Ferrers
what happened to the woman.
The woman?You know,
the one on the scene this morning.
I was telling how he took a knife to her.
Emptied her out.
Almost like he wanted to crawl inside.
Yeah, that was bad.
Really bad.
If you ask me, he was
..thinking about cutting
off her breasts, too.
He didn't actually do it,
but you could tell
from the cuts that he'd made,
that's what he was thinking.
Weren't it?Mm.
Where's Lucia?
I beg your pardon?
Where's my daughter?
Sorry, yes. You confused me then.
Your daughter.
I mean, she must be someone's
daughter, of course.
I knew she must have been born
from someone. It's just that
she's sort ofSort of what?
There's something wrong with her,
isn't there? If we're being honest,
Mrs Anchor-Ferrers.
She's a fully grown adult and
yet she dresses like, well,
a teenage slut.
Where is she?
Where is she?
Where's my husband?
It's cliche to say,
but in this instance, it's true.
There's no-one to
hear you scream.
So I've been poking around an old case.
The Donkey Pitch.
But your theory on those murders,
it's full of holes.
So the killers are
still out there.
We want you to be scared.
But when I say scared,
I mean really scared.
I know your nightmare.
I need to find that house.
I want this to end.
Help me!
I think I might look to
settle in the area
..once this is all over.
Not many people consider buying property
at the scene of their own crime.
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