Wolf (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


This programme contains some violent
scenes and scenes which some viewers
may find upsetting
from the start,
some scenes of a sexual nature
and some strong language.
We're here.Oliver.
This was clearly meant to look
exactly like the Donkey Pitch.
I'm calling the police.
I found spots.
Are you sure it's not blood?
Our phone line's been cut.
I'm Detective Inspector Honey.
This is Detective
Sergeant Molina.
There's been a
murder in the area.
Mr and Mrs Anchor-Ferrers,
go and gather your things, please.
We should get you away from here
until we have a better
understanding of the situation.
Your neighbour, did he take your brother?
Yes, ma'am. And no-one ever found him?
Quite a little game the
two of you like to play.
They weren't human bones. They're fake.
What do you want, Jack?
While in Long Lartin,
Penderecki was beaten.
It was you, wasn't it?
Ididn't beat Penderecki.
But want YOUR help
with something.
I found her in the woods,
near the Donkey Pitch.
Isn't the anniversary of
those murders coming up?
Why do you care about a dog? I don't.
I care about this.
It was in her collar.
Where's my daughter?
Where is she?
Where's my husband?
You're going to drop me!
Me man! Me carry!
I'm too heavy!
You're going to hurt yourself!
Then you'll have to carry ME out.
I'll leave you to the animals.
Hurry up!
What is this place?
It's called the Donkey Pitch.
Why do they call it the
Donkey Pitch, Hugo?
Could you explain it to me?
Well, Sophie, it's because,
back in the something-hundreds,
a man used to keep
his donkeys here.
Oh, thank you! I never would've guessed!
Oh, c'mon, put me down!
There's walls all around.
No-one's going to see us.
What's in there?
No, wait, wait! Close your eyes.
You came here already?
Set this up?
It gets cold at night.
Gah! Run, Sophie!
No. Sophie!
Now, Mrs Anchor-Ferrers,
please sit on the floor, by the table.
Don't bother trying to move the table.
We've nailed it to the floor.
Oh. Oh, Ollie.
What's happening?
Four Seasons by Vivaldi
Ollie, for heaven's sake,
what's happening?
W-What are they doing?
I don't know. They can't be police.
No.Cos the police would never
do something like this.
No, they're no police.
Well, then, who are they?
I don't know.
Did you see Lucia? No.
But she's OK, isn't she?
S-S-She's I just said, I don't know.
just do what the
men tell you to do.
Are you all right? Are you feeling?
Hey, I'm fine.
Just do as they say and then this
will all be all over quickly.
Will it?
No! No! No
You sick fucking!
Don't even think about hurting her!
Who are you?
What the hell do you think you're doing?
No. No, no, no, no, no.
That's not the question.
The question is, what the
hell do YOU think we're doing?
You're not the police.
You lied to us.
Y-You won't get away with this.
Do you know who my husband is?
God, I just love it when people say that.
No! No!
No! Lucia, don't fight.
Don't hurt her, you fuckers!
Well, there's no chip. Course not.
Which is strange, because her
coat and teeth are in great shape.
This isn't a stray.
Someone loves this dog very much.
But no-one's
reported her missing?
Not that's in our system, no.
As for her foot
..she may have broken a toe.
She'll be sore for a
while but it will heal.
Any idea how she got it?
It's on the underside.
Most likely, she fell.
If you want to find her home,
you could always have a drive around,
see if anyone recognises her.
Take a picture on your phone, ask people.
It'll be easier to just take her with me.
Oh, no, sorry, we need to keep
her until we can get her X-rayed.
She's swallowed something.
It doesn't appear to causing
an obstruction, though.
Wait, wait, so there's something
stuck inside her stomach?
Mm. In her large intestine.
I've got papers for you to sign.
All right.
Put your head forward.
No! What are you going to d-do?
Your turn.
That'll be us, then.
Thank you for your time.
I mean
..you were rewarding.
We enjoyed ourselves, didn't we,
DS Molina?
We certainly enjoyed ourselves, DI Honey.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!
How are you both? Are you all right?
I'm fine, Dad.
They can't just leave us here. We need
T-They've left the front door unlocked.
He could just come in
and do anything. He
Minnet Kable!
He's He's out there!
Darling, I don't think Minnet
Kable is anywhere out there.
At all. I think they've
done this just to scare us.
W-What about those things, in the tree?
I think they were probably from a deer.
But why?
Some people are
just sick by nature.
But they're as bad as he is.
They're copying him.
It's OK, Mum.
We're lucky all
they did was rob us.
My wedding ring.
They've taken the
ring you gave me.
We can replace that.
If they just wanted to rob us,
why go to such trouble?
They're worse than Kable.
They're worse!
But they're gone now.
They're gone.
It's over.
It's over?
Is it over?
Well, we're all tied up.
We've got no phone.
No signal.
No way of getting help.
Beca will come by. Beca
She usually drops in to say hi,
even if she's not cleaning.
But when?
You need your medication.
Hello. I'm Detective Caffery.
Erm, this is going to
sound a bit odd, but
..I'm actually in the area trying
to find the home of a lost dog.
I don't want a dog.No,
that's not what I'm trying to say.
Is this what the police are
spending my tax money on?
Does this happen to be your dog?
Would you like some tea? No. Thank you.
I'm all right. It's the least I can do.
Really, if you could just
have a look at her picture.
My granddaughter had a dog.
Kelly was its name. A small thing,
a mix of this and that.
They were inseparable, those two.
Kelly used to sleep in
my granddaughter's bed.
Could you just look at
the picture, please?Uh
Yes, I-I've been told I do that -
go on a bit.
I-I'll need my glasses.
But, please, do come in.
Forensics is five minutes out, Sergeant.
SIO's en route.
Are you the SIO?
Then what the fuck are you
doing on my crime scene?
Oh! Ah! Here they are!
Spend whole days looking
for these sometimes.Mm.
No, I'm sorry. I-I don't recognise her.
But it's a wonderful thing you're
doing for that family, young man.
Look, I I didn't mean
to be so rude earlier.
I appreciate your help, sir.
Minnet Kable didn't just take
my granddaughter that day.
He took my daughter, too.
Sophie's mum, she moved away.
We barely speak.
She says everything reminds her.
People kept telling me that
things would get better with time
but it's not really true.
You don't stop hurting.
It just
Stops being a surprise every morning.
You'll have to forgive me
if I've forgotten your face.
Were you involved with her case?
I haven't been a detective that long.
Thank you for doing the job you do.
It means the world to me that
the right man is behind bars
and that he'll never
hurt anyone ever again.
Because he IS the one, right?
Goddamn it!
You have to stop, Tilly.
But you need your medication.
Beca will come.
She cleans on Saturdays.
Today's Saturday.
Yes, but we've only just got here!
The house isn't dirty so she
won't come until next Saturday!
It'll be all right.
I'm OK.
He's not.
Look at him.
Honestly, I'm fine.
Let's not panic.
Panic is the worst thing that
we can do right now.Wait!
A car!
Parked out back!
It must be Beca!
She always parks out the back!
You see? We're all right!
We're going to be all right!
Oh, God! Thank you!
Thank you!
Beca! We're in here!
Beca! Beca!
I just want to start by saying
the produce here is amazing.
Top marks.
It's usually so hard to
eat well on the road,
isn't it, DS Molina?
But with farm shops like
that making salads to order -
oh, there's no excuse!
None at all.
Oh, no. Did you all want lunch?
We'd figured you'd eaten.
W-We didn't even ask!
Come on.
You didn't really think
that was it, did you?
You know what, I think they did.
They definitely did. Urgh!
That is an irritation to me.
That these people could mistake
us for the sort of scum
that would do a house raid.
But we're not here for a house raid!
Of course we're not.
That's That's the problem -
people assume things too easily.
What's all this about?
Are you friends with Kable?
Are you working for him?
Ooh, someone's playing detective.
Got his thinking cap on.
I like it. I do.
But as far as I'm aware,
Kable's still in prison.
Best place for him, considering
what he did to those kids.
Don't you think, DS Molina?
Best place.
Then why are you doing all this?
What's your agenda?
What's YOUR agenda?
If If we don't know what you want,
how can we help you?
Fair enough.
I'll tell you what we want.
We want you to be scared.
But when I say scared,
I mean really scared.
Let's say your current rating
on the scared scale is, erm,
I don't know, four?
What me and DS Molina
are aiming for is
..is ten.
But what is the point
of simply scaring us?!
You're very right, Mrs A.
Simply scaring you would
be fucking pointless.
Of course it's more than that.
Of course we want something.
Tell us. No.
No, no, no.
The first stage is to scare you.
And when you're so scared
you'll do anything,
anything at all
..then we'll tell
you what we want.
So many pretty things.
Mix it.
Ruff! Ruff!
Pick her up.
Pick her up.
Don't touch her! Don't!
Don't hurt the dog.
There's no need to hurt the dog!
Shut up.
At least learn that - when to shut up.
Feed it.
Don't! Please, don't!
Oh, you stupid, stupid animal.
That, ladies and gentleman,
is what we think of your pretty things.
Let's get a move on, shall we?
We're already behind schedule.
Because he IS the one, right?
I've seen a lot of a things
Forensics are going to need a dozen bags.
Not to mention a soup spoon.
They're kids.Yes, I'm aware.
What can you tell us?
The, erm, leg was
the first injury.
Maybe 14, 15 hours ago.
The cuts to the abdomen are fresher.
Maybe two hours.
This went on for half a day?
If nothing comes back on those fags,
I'm claiming them.
What do you need? Which ones?
The bottom-right section.
Open your mouth.
Get up.
It's going to puke.
I don't do dog puke.
Deal with it.
Give me my dog.
I want my dog! I want!
No! You do You do not touch her!
"I want, I want."
Didn't Mummy tell
you not to whine?
Or has Mummy been slack
in her parenting skills?
Just let me have my dog.
I give the orders, not you.
Take Mummy upstairs.
Then put the dog anywhere.
But not with her.
Suit yourself.
Were you in prison with Minnet Kable?
Or have you just read about him?
Get up.
I'm taking you to the toilet.
You don't want to wet yourself, do you?
Two minutes.
I'm timing you.
There isn't anything.
Don't waste your time.
Try that again and I'll
be in there with you.
ONE minute.
Be right with you.
The initial injury comes from the right,
and is to the male victim.
A stab wound on his thigh.
The male victim is then
pinned to the ground,
unable to move without excruciating pain.
The female victim escapes.
As she is in socks,
the cuts on her feet, which have
congealed at different rates,
indicate that she ran for hours.
It's dark.
She becomes disoriented.
The killer allows her to exhaust herself.
The killer finds the female victim
on the far corner of the pitch.
And he drags her to the tree
..where both teenagers are later found.
Her head strikes an object,
most likely a rock
..knocking her unconscious.
He leaves her by the tree,
retrieves the male victim,
bringing him to the tree as well.
The male victim has lost
considerable blood by now.
He's weak.
The killer disembowels them both.
This time, knife coming from the left.
He starts with the female.
She doesn't fight back.
She's still unconscious.
This explains the clean
cut on her abdomen.
Good girl, good girl.
Good girl. We're just going to tuck
Good girl.
You're such a good girl.
No, no, no, no.
Oh, shit.
This place stinks.
There's dog food everywhere.
I didn't know you were going
to do that.No, no, no.
It stunk before. It's dirty.
This is a dirty house.
What was that on the floor out there?
Was that blood?
Well, I had to bring
everything through the house.
It must have sloshed about a bit.
Y-You brought intestines
through the house?
Well, I had to get it What? No.
Why would you do that?
I had to get it to the garden.
You could've gone round
the house. Outside.
It was quicker to go through.
I had a lot to do, all right?
What if I hadn't
finished on time?
What would we have done then?
You had plenty of time to
finish your assignments.
A professional would've
finished in plenty of time.
I had to cut the phone line,
take care of the housekeeper,
do all that stuff with the intestines.
What did you tell her?
What did you tell her?
I told her that I was
Oliver's research assistant.
That we were going to
be working, undisturbed.
I paid her for the week.
She won't stop by.
Trust me.
Erm, excuse me.
In your opinion,
is this now clean?
Ugh! No, I want to hear the answer.
Do you believe this is now clean?
I also had to shoot the deer,
which is a big deal.
I-I'm not a hunter.
Then I had to take everything out
and hang it all up there in the tree.
Took me ages to find a ladder.
Their basement is a disgrace.
Why didn't you bring one?
What if they didn't have a ladder here?
What would've happened then?
I feel like you're being really critical.
It came from the mum's room.
She must've thrown it out the window.
You think?
Find some dog food.
Put it outside. It'll come back.
We don't have any dog food.
You used it all on the jewellery.
But there was no address on the collar.
I saw. What if it's got a microchip?
Wait, what's that?
Aw, bless her.
Hey! Mrs A!
You're not as stupid as you look!
One good thing has
come out of this.
At least we don't have to draw
straws for who goes first.
No, dickhead.
Mrs Anchor-Ferrers just
volunteered herself.
Lucia! Lucia, are you all right?
Lucia, what's all
this noise about?
What have you done with my dog?!
Oh, that.
I'm so sorry the way that worked out.
I heard her outside - she was in pain!
The dog fell out the window.
Ran off.
Looked injured.
She doesn't know her way around here.
She's scared and she'll get lost.
She's only ever been in our London flat.
She's not microchipped!
Is she not? No.
Then no-one will ever
bring her back here.
Mr Caffery, we've done
an X-ray on your dog.
What she's swallowed
appears to be jewellery.
How'd that happen?
Dogs will eat a
variety of things.
But I admit,
this is a first for me.
Nah, but it's metal. It wouldn't
have tasted good. Why would she?
I don't know. But we
need to keep her here,
wait for her to
pass it naturally.
And how long's
that going to take?
You're asking me to predict
when a dog might shit?
I'm sorry.
I would very much like to
have a look at the jewellery.
It could be helpful in finding her home.
I'll call you once it's out.
Sorry I couldn't meet you out.
Missus has a late shift tonight.
No worries. I'm back in
Wales for a bit, so
Manners, girls! Manners!
Sorry, Dad!
When you left Cardiff for London,
we all took bets on the reason why,
cos you wouldn't say.
My money was on a woman.
Was I right?
Not quite. Never going to have kids, no?
I'm only 32, Robbie.
You'd better not hang about -
your back won't put up with it.
Mine's on fire round the clock.
No, no! Wait, wait, wait!
Plus, it's fun.
Sure I can't get you one?
I don't really drink, mate. Thanks. Ah.
Right. I forgot.
A sober copper.
You'd think I'd remember,
seeing as you're the only one.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
An old case.
The Donkey Pitch murders.
That was awful, yeah.
Look, Lincoln's theories on
how the crimes played out -
the kids, their injuries,
what she's saying Minnet Kable did -
do you believe it?
No, I know you
mean nothing by it,
but you have no idea how
often her work is questioned.
All detectives have
their work questioned.
Not the same. It's not the same.
You ever taken a look
around our CID floor?
It's almost all blokes.
Lincoln's the best
detective there,
and she's second-guessed
I didn't use to
notice that stuff.
Then you have daughters and
you can't not notice it.
Do you know the Chief Inspector
didn't used to let her answer
press questions on her own cases?
Didn't even speak on camera. Why not?
He said the face of the force
should be someone more reassuring.
Now that's the kind of shite
she's been dealing with.
What about Matthews?
What, her partner?
Nah, they're tight. Always have been.
And he was behind her
theory on the crime?
What she's saying Minnet Kable
did on the Donkey Pitch, yeah?
And I'm guessing you were, too.
Well, you know how these
things work, Jack -
there are always elements
that are inconclusive.
It's all been sterilised.
"To Matilda, love Jimmy."
Found what you need?
Well, then,
I'll meet you outside.
For the bill.
See, "Jimmy" can be a nickname
for all sorts of things.
A joint.
Your dick.
But this is a wedding band so
I'm going to go ahead and assume
that Jimmy is short for James.
Safe bet, yeah?
The problem is, I don't have a surname.
And if you look for all the
Jameses in the area, there's
..a few.
And there's quite a few Matildas as well,
but none of them have been married to,
or divorced from, a James.
You know what that means,
don't you?
That means that this couple probably
doesn't live in Monmouth full-time.
They're registered to vote elsewhere.
So we
..will go about this a different way
Is there something you want to tell me?
Something about
your little lapdog?
Let's not make a fuss of this,
but it does feel appropriate
for you to apologise.
I apologise.
You don't sound sincere, Mrs A.
I'm sorry.
I am.
I forgive you.
You're obsessed with him, aren't you?
You're copying him.
Copying who, darling?
Minnet Kable?
Oh, gosh!
That's a theory!
I love that you're being constructive
with your time, by the way.
Are you going to
rape my daughter?
Rape your daughter?
Well, I wasn't planning on it.
Mainly because I just don't
think we'll have the time.
Mrs Anchor-Ferrers
..I'm going to tell you something
important. Are you listening?Mm-hm.
We are not here to rape your daughter.
Or you.
Or your husband.
Doesn't interest us. Doesn't interest us.
What does interest you?
I want you to come downstairs.
I'll show you.
You said you found this
dog on the Donkey Pitch.
And then you reminded
me that the anniversary
of those killings is coming up.
You think there's a connection
between this dog
and those murders?
You found something, didn't you?
Something with the dog.
Something IS wrong, isn't it?
I told you.
Why do you think there's a connection?
I don't know that there is.
But you do, don't you?
You sense it.
That there's something evil.
And you can almost reach it.
I'll find the dog's owner.
But you'll get information
about my brother in return.
We have a deal.
And I brought the dog back.
Go on.
I don't want a dog!
Well, aren't you a sweet little one?
It would only be for a few days,
but if it's too much bother
Nonsense! No bother at all.
Well, we'd better find
you something to eat.
Oh, she's got a sore back foot.
But the vet says it should heal
on its own in a day or two.
Then we'll make a right pair.
Y-You go and do what you need to do, son.
Whatever it is, I'm sure it needs doing.
Yeah, it does.
Sergeant Caffery.
I'm not a sergeant any more.
No more uniform.
We said noon.You said noon.
What are you doing here, Jack?
Did you miss me?
Well, work wasn't quite the
same without you.Less fun?
Less a lot of things.
Ooh, is this what this is?
Are you having a Me Too moment?
Is this where I sit and listen
and you get it all off your chest?
Not exactly.
You sure? Listen
..I wasn't complaining then,
and I am not complaining now.
When it comes to me, you
..can do whatever you want.
Can I get you anything?
Two gin and tonics. ONE gin and tonic.
But it's after noon.
I'm fine. No probs.
So, I've been poking around an old case.
The Donkey Pitch.
Yeah, that was an ugly one.
Coming up to five years.
Mm. You mentioned in your case notes
that Minnet Kable wasn't all that bright.
One fry short of a Happy Meal.
That's a legal term.
Mm. It's just when you
look at that crime scene,
how there was so little
evidence left behind, it
..it feels like a smart
criminal would be behind it.
Oh, God, Jack,
I hadn't even considered that.
Thank God you're here.
What else do you think?
He put on plastic coveralls
any idiot can do that.
And then the rain washed away
whatever evidence was left behind.
So, really, how smart do
you think he needed to be
to kill those two kids?
Plus, the cuts on those
bodies were both left-handed
and right-handed in origin.
Minnet Kable is ambidextrous.
What if that's just a coincidence,
not an explanation?
Jack, he confessed!
I get it.
You were there. You saw
their innards strung around
like tinsel and it fucked you up.
I might joke, Jack,
but it fucked me up, too.
But I give a shit about my cases
and I work my ass
off to clear them.
I'm not questioning
your work ethic.
But your theory on those murders,
it's full of holes.
Time for some fun, old man.
See, one killer couldn't
possibly have kept track
of both of those kids,
not in an area that big.
It would've been too much of a risk
to leave either one of them behind.
Hugo was strong.
If the killer had left him
behind to track Sophie's moves,
he would've tried to escape.
And the cut on Sophie's head?
It was minor.
She was never
knocked unconscious.
She was awake,
for the whole thing.
See, it's not just that Minnet
Kable wasn't smart enough
to carry out the murders
in the first place.
It's that you tried to
cram a single-killer theory
into a crime scene that
just doesn't fit it.
It never was one stupid man.
It was two very smart ones.
And I knew it. Five years ago,
I knew that something was
off with that case. But
..I was a bit distracted.
And deep down inside, you know I'm right.
You know that's how the Donkey
Pitch murders went down.
Wait, wait, wait!
So the killers were never caught.
They're still out there.
I didn't throw the Donkey Pitch case.
And yet, it was
botched so badly
I didn't throw the Donkey Pitch case.
..then that really only leaves
one alternative, doesn't it?
What if
..you just aren't cut out
for this kind of job?
Maybe you were only promoted
cos someone had to
tick a few boxes.
You coming?
Oh, no!
Oh, Tilly.
Tilly, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Sh! She's in character.
Largo al factotum by Gioachino Rossini
Largo al factotum della citta
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,
la La-a-a-a La, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la La-a-a-a
Presto a bottega
che I'alba e gia
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,
la La-a-a-a La, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la La-a-a-a
Ah, che bel vivere, che bel piacere
Ah, che bel vivere, che bel piacere
Che bel piacere
Per un barbiere
Di qualita! Di qualita!
Ah, bravo, Figaro!
Bravo, bravissimo! Bravo!
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,
la La-a-a-a La, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la La-a-a-a
Fortunatissimo per verita!
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,
la La-a-a-a La, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la La-a-a-a
Fortunatissimo per verita!
Fortunatissimo per verita!
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Figaro, Figaro, Figaro
Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro!
Ahime! Ahime! Che furia!
Ahime! Che folla!
Uno alla volta
Per carita!
Per carita!
Uno alla volta, uno alla volta
Uno alla volta
Per carita!
Figaro! Son qua
Figaro! Son qua
Figaro qua, Figaro la Figaro qua,
Figaro la Figaro qua,
Figaro la Figaro qua, Figaro la
Figaro su, Figaro giu Figaro su,
Figaro giu Figaro su,
Figaro giu Figaro su, Figaro giu
Pronto prontissimo son come il fumine ♪
Pronto prontissimo son come il fumine
Sono il factotum della citta
Della citta, della citta, della citta,
della citta Della citta,
della citta, della citta, della citta
Sono il factotum della citta
Sono il factotum della citta
Della citta, della citta
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