Wolf (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Scary Man

This was clearly meant to look
exactly like the Donkey Pitch.
I'm calling the police.
I found spots.
Are you sure it's not blood?
Our phone lines have been cut.
Hello. I'm Detective Inspector Honey.
This is Detective
Sergeant Molina.
Your neighbour, did he take your brother?
Yes, Ma'am. And no-one ever found him?
Where's my daughter?
Where is she?
You're not the police. You lied to us.
If we don't know what you want,
how can we help you?
We want you to be scared.
I found her in the woods,
near the Donkey Pitch.
Why do you care about a dog? I don't.
I care about this.
I'll find the dog's owner,
but you'll get information
about my brother in return.
We have a deal.
She's swallowed something.
It appears to be jewellery.
Minnet Kable didn't just take
my granddaughter that day.
What are you doing on my crime scene?
Means the world to me that
the right man is behind bars.
Because he is the one.
I didn't throw the Donkey Pitch case.
But your theory on those murders
It's full of holes.
It never was one stupid man.
It was two very smart ones.
The killers were never caught.
They're still out there.
I'm sorry. I know it's
a bad time for this.
I didn't mean for
them to send you.
Well, it's too late to walk it back now.
But I didn'twant them Yes, you did.
You called CID in the
middle of the night.
Shared a theory you'd
developed based on nothing.
You know, whenIwas a Sergeant and
Ihad theories, no-one gave a shit.
Wonder why?
How many kids were there?
Maybe 100.
They scattered.
Anything found in the initial search?
We haven't done one.
We're just waiting on
someone to fix the lights.
Because we're literally
afraid of the dark?
Well, don't be scared, boys.
I don't think she'll bite.
There was a report of a possible gunshot.
Or maybe fireworks.
For a minute there,
I got excited.
Sorry. I know the sort of stuff
you're used to dealing with
I've heard about your cases.
Can I ask you something?
I've got a friend
who's a paramedic.
Or she WAS a paramedic.
She quit.
Think it was like,
a final-straw situation, you know?
Had to do with a bloke.
In a bathtub.
They called it Dead Man Talking.
She quit because of THAT?
Was he still really
able to speak?
You know, after he'd done it?
The vocal cords sit on
top of the windpipe.
So you wouldn't necessarily
cut through that bit,
even if you slice clean
through your own throat.
Didn't know that.
Neither did I, at the time.
What did he say?
He said that he'd warned me.
Which he had.
Said I wouldn't want to see
what he was going to do.
I'd said I could handle it.
They set up another generator down here?
I don't know. All the ravers legged it.
These cables connect
to something.
What IS that?
Oh, fuck!
Shine the light down.
Eh?Do it.
Figaro's Aria from The Barber Of Seville
It's OK.
Lights, please.
We've got you.
It's all right, it's all right.
You all right there, darling?
Supposed to be good
for your looks.
A little hang upside down does
wonders for the complexion.
She almost died.
But she didn't, though, did she?
I do hate melodrama.
It's time.
Mrs A?
I need you to do
something for us.
Please, please,
just leave her be. Please.
Jump on up.
Come on, old girl. Give a little hop.
Oh, God.
Stop it!
She can't stand!
No, no, no.
Don't touch her. Please, please.
He thinks we're going to rape his wife.
But we're not rapists.
Of course we're not.
But that's what he's thinking.
Mrs A's worried about it, too.
She is?She thinks we're
going to rape the daughter.
That's AWFUL.
They're a family of perverts.
Oh, I forgot to tell
you - you'll like this.
Mrs Anchor-Ferrers also has a theory.
She thinks we're obsessed
with Minnet Kable.
She thinks we're copying him.
So if all of that's true, then we're
..copycat murderer rapists?
I don't think anyone's
considered a third explanation
about who we might be.
Maybe we should help them out a bit.
What do you reckon?
They might appreciate
some clarity.
Are you really going to do this?
Because the Donkey
Pitch is closed.
Doesn't mean I can'tAnd you
don't even work in Wales any more.
Open or closed, Wales or London,
I have the authority
Oh, for fuck's sake.
I'm not asking about the
reach of your authority.
Though it is interesting timing
to be pushing things, isn't it?
Aren't you already
looking at a suspension?
We can both do off-duty detective work.
Why do you care what I do?
Because this is my case,
it's solved, and you don't even
live in this country any more.
What you're doing is weird.
Why are you doing it?
It's five years since the Donkey Pitch.
The anniversary.So?So
I found a note, asking for help.
There wasn't an address, but
Where did you find this note?
On a dog's collar.
I'm fighting my instinct to mock you,
because I just love that
statement hanging in the air!
I know how it sounds,
but it's more than just a note.
It's the dog herself.
Did she tell you something?
She'd swallowed a bunch of things.
They were stuck in her intestines.
Wha?And she was found
on the Donkey Pitch,
the exact same spot.
Look, I think the wrong
killer is in prison.
And if the right ones
are still out there,
what if something's
about to happen?
If something happens tomorrow,
if someone is hurt tomorrow
..and I did nothing to stop it today,
I don't think I could
Wow, Jack.
You're such a great guy.
Darling, would you
tuck your blouse
up into your bra, please?
But, you just said that you weren't
going to do anything like that.
I just want to see your stomach.
That's all I want to do.
That's all? Cross my heart, hope to die.
Anything you two want, you can have it.
Did you hear me?
Whatever you two want, you can have
Shut up, shut up!
Ugh. Whoo.
Nowyour trousers - if you could
just wiggle them down a bit.
..but you said all I had
to do was the blouse.
I'm really shite at keeping promises,
aren't I, DS Molina?
It's not your strong point. It's not.
..lower the trousers down on your hips.
Please understand that in order
for us to explain who we are,
I will need access
to your abdomen.
Just, please, let her go.
We'll we'll do anything.
We'll give you anything!
Just how much did you hear about the
way Sophie and Hugo died, Mrs A?
I know you know about the bit
with the intestines in the trees,
you clever girl.
But do you know where
Minnet Kable made his cuts?
Because he didn't just slice and dice.
It was all quite
carefully planned.
I'd like to show you,
if that's OK.
And while I'm drawing
..perhaps you can ask yourself,
how might these two handsome men
know such incredible details
about the Donkey Pitch murders?
Why, it almost seems as if they'd
have to have been there themselves.
I feel like they just got it.
They did, indeed.
They understand it was
us on the Donkey Pitch.
Well, now you're just overexplaining.
Oh, darling.
You can make noise if you like.
It's cliche to say,
but in this instance it's true.
There's no-one to
hear you scream.
It's your company's
sponsor mark on the ring.
You mean it's my FATHER'S company's
sponsor mark is on the ring.
Right. Sorry. Anyway,
it says "To Matilda, love 'Jimmy'."
And the "Jimmy" is in quotes.
So if you can just do a quick
search for any engravings
you've done for a James,
then I can cross reference the hits
with marriages to Matildas.
Right, and when you say,
do a quick search,
and "hits" and all that,
are you talking about using a computer?
No computers here.
Your company doesn't
use computers?
My father's company didn't use computers.
I'm a software developer.
So, searching manually, then
..how long do you reckon that might take?
This side of Christmas, probably.
No, that's no bother.
No, I need to arrange a prison visit.
My name's Minnet Kable.
Yeah, that's him.
Double murder. Couple of kids.
This interview is being tape recorded.
The time is 10:15am,
and the date is the 11th May 2018.
I'm Detective Inspector Maia Lincoln.
This is Detective
Inspector Gareth Matthews.
We'd like to talk to you
about Sophie and Hugo.
We're trying to understand a
bit more about who they were.
So we're talking to everyone they knew.
Their friends, their classmates,
the whole school.
To be clear, none of you are suspects.
What can you tell us
about Sophie and Hugo?
What were they like?
They were OK.
Just OK?
I mean, they were nice, I guess.
Can you be a little
more specific?
I don't know.
Can you think of anyone
that might have a reason
to want to hurt Sophie or Hugo?
I just mean, like, maybe,
because everyone fights
with someone sometimes.
So nothing specific
comes to mind?
I was being hypothetical.
Did they ever say anything
that might make you think
that they were in trouble?
Were they acting
differently, maybe?
You know, any kind of unusual behaviour?
Did Sophie ever mention a boyfriend,
maybe someone older?
Can you think of anything
else that we should know?
Anything at all?
Sophie and Hugo hung
out with Emily and Max.
The four of them did everything together.
They were exclusive.
How did the other
students feel about them?
Everyone hates the popular kids.
But they weren't total dicks. Beth
Emily's, like, this medium-dick.
Like, shitty-online-but-mostly-OK-
to-your-face, medium-dick.
Know what I mean?
Yeah, I do.
Look, you're wasting your time
talking to the whole school.
Most of us never even
spoke to those four.
We don't know anything.
So you don't think anyone
is hiding something from us?
Well, the guys probably aren't mentioning
that they wanked off to Sophie
Bethany, honestly!It's true!
But if there IS anything to really know,
the only people who would
know it are Emily and Max.
It's really peaceful out here.
Never noticed before.
I think I might look
to settle in the area.
Once all this is over.
Not many people consider buying property
at the scene of their own crime.
I know.
Christ! Deer traps are heavy.
I thought you were going
to shoot the deer.
Truth is, I'm not the best shot.
So, I built my own trap.
Why are we so worried about
getting the dog back?
Doesn't have a chip in it.
What if the dog goes to
the neighbour's house?
What if the neighbour kindly
brings the dog back here?
What would we say?
We'd known each other since we were
I can't believe I won't
see her at school and
Can't ring her.
Emily, can you think of anyone
that might want to harm Sophie?
I can't, honestly.
What about Hugo?
Any enemies in his life?
Hugo didn't have enemies.
You couldn't hate him. He was
Emily, even really good
kids sometimes keep things
from the adults in their lives.
And it wouldn't be speaking
ill of Sophie and Hugo
if you were to talk to us
about that kind of thing.
You wouldn't be in any trouble.
We weren't hiding anything.
The four of us just wanted
to do well in school.
Get into good universities.
There's no big, awful secret.
So is this going to be in the
press again?No. No media.
Because I don't want it coming up again,
when people Google me.
I do "what I eat in a day"s.
Did they not have
those on MySpace?
So, Sophie and
Hugo were a couple.
Did that ever get awkward
with you and Max?
I already told the police
all of this at the time.
Humour me.Max and I both have
alibis for the night of the murders.
I was at my
great-aunt's birthday.
You didn't kill your friends. I get it.
But just walk me through what happened.
Max and I argued with them,
a couple of weeks before they died.
Silent treatment, both ways, you know?
Anyway, the police know all about it.
We told them everything.
200,000 followers wanting to
know what you eat during the day?
Ah, you saw my TikTok.
Isaw your Insta, too.
Haven't been on that in months.
More like years.
Oh, I'm not talking about the
account that's still active today.
I'm talking about the account
that you deleted in 2019.
You see, police, we can
retrieve all that information.
Your posts, comments.
Usually there's a lot of paperwork,
but, believe it or not,
there are some people
willing to do me a favour -
I can be charming.Mm.
You really don't like
trans people, do you?
You see, a few years ago,
no-one would have cared
about that stuff, but nowadays
I mean, that's, uh
..that's transphobia, isn't it?
You're over-simplifying
what I said online.
There's context.
And if there's one thing
cancel culture likes
to take into account,
it's context.
Who supplied the Ritalin?
Excuse me?
The four of you - your
grades were sky-high.
Plus all your activities -
you wouldn't have time to study,
at least not in the old-fashioned way.
So I'd have to be an idiot not to assume
that study drugs were involved.
So who supplied them?
Because it's harder to come by than weed.
Just answer my question and
I will leave you alone.
It was Adderall.
Not Ritalin.
Sophie bought it for us.
She had a connection in Cardiff.
She never told me his name.
Why wouldn't she
tell you his name?
Because he was like
Oh,fucking hell.
You can honestly wiggle out of these?
I wouldn't lie to you, pal.
All right. I admit it.
It's beautiful out here.
It's the mist.
The morning mist has
What the fuck is this?
I think it might be a security sign?!
Yeah, I know it's a
security sign, you bell-end.
What's it doing outside of
the Anchor-Ferrers' home?
Maybe they have security cameras?
Is it such a big deal?
Feels like it might be, yeah.
But there's no Wi-Fi, so nothing's
being sent to the cloud or anything.
It's probably OK. I don't
feel like it's probably OK.
I feel like it's probably not OK.
Really, totally,
absolutely not fucking OK
that maybe we're being
recorded right now!
The dog was the first fuck-up.
There'll not be a second.
This job is too important.
Do you understand?
Now, let's find those cameras.
Destroy them.
But where are they?
Well, I don't know, fanny flaps, do you?
We could ask the family.
Not sure that we can trust their answers.
They're probably cross with us.
So what do we do?
We're going to
play a little game.
What kind of game?
I'm going to ask you,
your dad and your mum a question.
If all your answers match
..then, Mummy gets a pillow.
But if the answers DON'T match
..if one of you lies
..then, Mummy will be wheeled
in for surgery straight away.
No! You said you wouldn't do that yet.
I know, I know. I said surgery
could wait a few days.
But we have sort of established
I can't be trusted, haven't we?
So that's the choice.
Pillow or cutting.
All depends on the
answers to the
But what question?!
I don't know anything!
First off, don't interrupt.
Second off, have a bit
of faith in yourself.
You might know the answer.
Young people today
are so insecure.
I blame social media.
Where are the cameras?
Where are the cameras?
We don't use them any more.
My parents put
them away ages ago.
You still haven't answered
the question, Lucia.
I think they're in a box in the basement.
There's three of them.
Is that your final answer, Lucia?
Willing to bet
Mummy's life on it?
The cameras are in a box in the basement.
There's three of them.
They're not in use.
Out of pure curiosity,
why are the cameras not in use?
Never could get the signal working
to send anything up to the cloud.
They were useless, really.
So you took the cameras down,
but left the security
sign up outside the house.
To ward off intruders.
How's that working out for you?
Why are you doing this?
It feels personal,
like you hate us.
But we don't even know you.
What was the, er, procedure?
A median sternotomy.
And in layman terms, you twat?
A transplant.
So someone else's heart
is keeping you alive?
Do you know who it was?
It doesn't work that way.
Are you curious what it looks like?
Huh? Are you?
I am.
You see, Oliver
..you might not know me.
But I know you.
But I don't know. I don't.
You don't want to disappoint me.
Your husband already did.
Is he all right?!
He's fine. Now
I have no idea where they are!
I just, you know, I don't
deal with that sort of thing.
Ollie does!Hmm
All right.
Enough is enough.
Count of three, Mrs A.
OneI don't know!
TwoI don't know,
you sick fuck!
Worstbed and breakfast ever.
One-star review coming your way.
The basement! They-they
They're in the basement!
I think they're in theThey'reprobably
in a box in the basement somewhere,
and I think there are three of them.
Now, was that so hard?No.
Tell me, Mrs Anchor-Ferrers,
just out of pure curiosity,
why did Oliver take the cameras down?
I think that they were an eyesore
..in the garden.
You ridiculously shallow snob.
Give her the pillow.
You sure all this is necessary?
You said we're already behind schedule.
Family's not going to torture
themselves, you know.
At least I don't
THINK they would.
Got them.
They were telling the truth!
Now we don't have to worry
about the cameras, yeah?
What's wrong?
The security sign,
at the bottom of the drive.
What about it?
I swear it wasn't there when we arrived.
But it had to be.
Bang on.
Good, good.
The station said you'd be here.
Did they also tell you it was my day off?
If my missus finds out I'm
doing anything work related
at my son's match,
you're my human shield.
So which one's yours, then?
That one, there.
And as you can see, this
requires my undivided attention.
Well, he's cute.
Yeah, yeah, he is.
Lincoln told me you were back in town.
And she told me
what you were doing.
Listen, I know I've got no
business looking into your cases.
You don't.
Come on, Tomos, cica'r bl, boy!
C'mon, ref!
So, you 100% on Minnet Kable?
I am.
You ever look into any drug connections?
What, with Sophie and Hugo? No.
Why - you don't think they could
have been into drugs, or?
Of course they were into drugs.
And I'm sure we didn't hear
about it from their friends
cos their parents were in the room.
We assumed as much, Jack.
We're not stupid.I didn't think you were.
You think those friends were
hiding an involvement in
drugs that was so deep
that it resulted in Sophie and
Hugo's gruesome double murder?
What were they, international kingpins?
I'd like to look into the drug angle.
Well, you have the
authority to do that, Jack.
Though I will say, it is a bit
Weird. Yeah.Yeah. I've been told as much.
So which fib would've known the
most about the drug scene back then?
And not just weed,
but other stuff.
I know one guy.
He was a Sergeant round the
same time as you, actually.
But I don't think you two
knew each other very well.
I'll put you in touch.
Noregrets about leaving Wales?
Did moving back to London fix it?
I was rooting for you, you know.
Sorry you had to come
all the way out here.
I was checking something out.
That's all good.
Congrats on making detective.
Ah, yeah.
Four months now.
Settling into it.
It's good to see you.
I know we never talked much,
but still.
Yeah. You, too.
Listen, I'm looking
into an old case
and I was hoping you could
help me with something.
Was the case unsolved?
No, it's solved, but
..I don't like it.
Sometimes you just know - right?
Right, yeah.
The victims, they were into Adderall,
which they got in Cardiff.
This was maybe five,
six years ago.
Me and you were
both skippers then.
But I can't remember ever
coming across any study drugs.
Can you?Mm
I remember lots of drug busts
..but not that specifically, no.
Really wanted to help you.
That's allright.
The old case I'm looking into
is the Donkey Pitch murders.
You think we got the wrong guy for that?
Maybe you can't remember
Adderall specifically,
but those kids WERE
keeping secrets.
Who knows what they were into?
So can you remember any scenes from
back then - I'm talking houses,
raves, whatever - where something
just seemed a little off?
When we pulled up,
there was maybe 100 of them.
But they scattered.
So I've got no way of knowing
if your Donkey Pitch victims
Sophie and Hugo.Right.
I've got no way of knowing
if they were here that night.
There was one girl,
she broke her foot, running.
Friends just left her.
We got a statement, but she
didn't give us anything useful.
I'd like her name.
The file. Yeah?
Yeah, no problem.
The others thought it was just
a rave that got out of control.
But I don't know, Jack.
Have you ever been in the presence of -
I know this sounds over the
top - but something evil?
Anyway, well organised.
Loads of drugs.
No study drugs, though.
Least, none that we found.
But there could have been?
Mm. For sure.
At the time, I thought
There were a few of
these raves back then.
At one of them, we found shackles,
chains, handcuffs.
If we'd found that stuff in the bedroom,
maybe we wouldn't have
thought much about it,
but they were all over the main floor,
where the rave was.
Like people were tied up,
and other people were
I don't know.
I started to wonder if maybe
the raves were connected.
Like, maybe there was
some cult stuff going on.
You tell anyone?
Called a detective here.
But she shot that
theory down pretty quick.
You remember her name?
DI Lincoln.
You know her?Yeah.
Little bit.
There must have been about 50 snakes.
Proper dangerous, like.
Not going to lie,
scared the shit out of me.
And the rave was in here,
At first I thought it
was a nest of snakes.
But I mean, this is a stone box, right?
Snakes don't nest in a place like this.
Someone must have
brought them here.
Who would do something like that?
And how did we never catch them?
Lucia, are you all right?
I'm scared.
I'm so scared.
I can't
I can't fix this.
I can't fix it!
We're going to die, aren't we?
Oh! Oh, Lucia!
I can't fix this.
Forgive me!
Lucia! I can't fix it.
I'll fucking kill you! I'll kill you!
I can't fix it!
Can I ask you something?
In Newport, you were always on your own.
You didn't join for
the pub quizzes.
You weren't messing around
with the lads, ever.
You were just
But you were OK with it.
I was.
Still am.
How'd you do that?
Like, how do you do this job on your own?
Because it feels
I feel lonely.
Find a partner. Work with them.
Loads of people do.
You've already tried working
with a partner, haven't you?
They wanted to switch.
So, you know
I want to fit in with the lads.
I do.
It's just
..it's not easy for me.
I think I try too hard.
So I thought, maybe
..I'd just be a
bit more like you.
..not care.
Everyone cares.
Everyone wants
That's normal.
Just give it time, yeah?
Are you going to ask
me to stay for dinner?
What are you doing here?
Cos I haven't eaten.
How are you inside of my home?
Why did you move back to London?
Personal reasons.
Matthews pulled strings to
get you into Major Crimes.
Matthews is a softie.
So what's the sob story?
I never told him a sob story.
I told him I needed to go back to London.
He didn't ask for details.
Cos he's not a dick.
But I am.
I'm a throbbing, veiny dick.
And I want to hear the sob story.
So what is it?
Sick mum? Sick dad?
Have they carked it yet?
Oh, they have, haven't they?
Someone's in a box.
Tell me who.
It seems you're not fully understanding
what's happening here, Jack,
so let me spell it out.
You are fucking with my case.
So I'm going to
fuck with your head.
And I'm not leaving until you tell me
My brother went missing when he was ten.
And I was eight.
We had an argument
in our treehouse.
I started it.
And I shoved him.
And he got angry
and he stormed off.
I tried to go after him,
but I fell.
I was hanging on to the planks
of the treehouse with one hand.
My thumb got stuck and
Ewanleft because of me.
He never came home.
And my thumb never healed.
It was my neighbour who had Ewan.
I knew it.
And he loved that I knew it.
He loved that I knew what
he'd gotten away with.
So for years, I'd search
through his things,
through his rubbish,
looking for evidence of Ewan.
And he'd plant things
for me to find as well.
It was torture.
So, I joined the force.
And on day one, his was the first
name I entered into the system.
He's a paedophile.
He's served time for it.
But I couldn't get
him on anything.
I couldn't
And every item that he ever left me,
it never had a print on it.
Never had a print.
I got so angry.
I got so angry, that
..I left London
..cos I thought that it
would be better here.
But, it was worse.
Do you want me to feel sorry for you?
You're the only person who won't.
Hello, mate.
Sent over the file on the girl
that we interviewed at the rave.
One that broke her foot.
All right.
Just wanted to make sure you got it.
I'll be out in a minute.
It's OK.
I mean, the shower will
be free in a minute.
I'm all right.
Are you not planning on
showering this evening?
Wasn't going to. Why?
Because you handled intestines.
Civilised people would want to
Oh, God, the smell
You really smell something?
Yeah. And it's and it's getting worse.
Do you have conflicting feelings
about what we're doing here?
I read this story about this
bloke who kills another bloke,
buries him in the floor,
and gets away with it, right?
Except he hears the dead
guy's heart beating.
Drives him bonkers.
But the thing is, it's not really
beating, it's all in his head.
Like the beating of the heart represents
the original bloke's guilt.
So I was thinking,
maybe there isn't a smell in the house,
but you THINK that there is,
because you have conflicted
feelings about what we're doing.
It's the fucking intestines.
You left them by the car, didn't you?
They're rotting and the smell
is wafting up the stairs
from the back of the house.
I'm looking for Bethany Collins.
She's through there.
My God, who are you?!
I'm DI Caffery.
Police.You're creepy as
fuck is what you are.
I didn't mean to scare you.
You're literally lurking in the shadows.
Well, you wouldn't
answer your mobile, so
I'm on a detox.
What do you want?
I want to talk to you about
the Donkey Pitch murders.
Why? I don't know anything.
Barely even knew Sophie and Hugo.
You may know more than you think.
Whatever. Ask what you need to ask,
I probably don't know the answer.
Well, the whole school was
interviewed by the police.
But you had your parents next to you,
so I'm thinking some details
may have been omitted.
We went to St Armel's.
We understood the importance
of protecting our image.
So what kind of info did you
hold back from the police?
What do you think?
We went to raves high.
Drove cars high.
Had lots of date-rapey sex.
Usually sober.
Standard fare adolescent
shit we used to put up with,
but we weren't going to talk about
that in front of our parents.
Did you ever party with Sophie and Hugo?
With them?
Around them? Maybe once or twice.
Anyway, we didn't talk
about raves or drugs.
But only because it had
nothing to do with them dying.
Why mention it?
There was this one
particular rave.
At Cwm y Groes Abbey.
One that got really out of hand.
Yeah. Broke my foot,
so I got stuck talking to the police.
They asked me a
bunch of questions
but they already knew pretty
much everything I did.
The raves were a regular thing.
Lots of drugs.
Pot, X, Ket.
Who set the whole thing up?
That's what we called him.Why?
I think because we thought it was scary.
Anyway, I don't
know his real name.
But he threw the raves.
They were like events.
Mad things always happened.
Like what?
Slasher movie stuff.
You know, fake blood, retractable knives.
None of it was real.
The whole point was that
he was going to scare us.
But also get us high.
Bones was like this
druggie Freddy Krueger.
We were young.
We thought it was cool.
Were Sophie and Hugo there?Yeah.
They were into it. Especially Sophie.
Look, does Bones actually mean anything?
Like, is he important?
He might be.
You should see this.
What is that?
I don't know.
That is buckshot.
You told me you trapped
the fucking thing!
Yeah, well, it might have
been shot by someone first.
That's probably how come it
was easier for me to catch.
So you lied?Not REALLY.
OK. You were economical
with the truth, then?
Does it matter?
I had a lot to set up.
I thought I got it quite good.
It only matters because if someone
else shot the fucking thing
before you got to it, they might
still be wondering where it is.
Oh.Yeah, "oh".
So your story now,
just to be clear,
is that someone
else shot the deer
and then it voluntarily
wandered into your trap to die?
What did you cut it with?
What do you mean? It was dead already.
To get the innards out,
fuck nuts!
Oh. Yeah. Um
A knife. From where?The kitchen.
From the wooden block?Yeah.
The wooden block on the kitchen island?
Yeah. From there.
There isn't a wooden block
on the kitchen island.
They have one of those
magnet strips on the wall.
Uh, yeah
Inever cut the deer, all right?
I sort of didn't need to.
Tell me exactly what happened.
Right, so, I'd spoken to
the housekeeper, Beca.
Took care of that,
like I was supposed to.
Then I was about to do the deer thing,
and I was really nervous because, well
I'd never really gotten the
deer trap to work all the way.
It's really hard to build.
But then, I was driving by the
house and I saw something.
It was a deer. And it was dead.
And its insides were in a bucket already.
So I thought,
why not just use that?
You found the deer?
At this house?
Yeah. Along the drive.
With the bucket and the
intestines right next to it?
So I put the carcass in the car,
drove it out into the
woods and dumped it.
Then I came back here,
used the intestines in the tree,
just like we planned.
Was a bit of luck, really.
Luck?! Argh!
You don't think that maybe
it was a bit strange?
How so?That you were about to do a job,
a really fucking specific job of
killing and disembowelling a deer,
and someone had already done it for you?!
Yeah, actually,
that IS a bit odd.
No, that one
definitely wasn't there
before. What does it mean?
It means someone
is fucking with us.
Have the police seen this?No.
I had no reason to show them.
I mean, you caught the guy who
killed Sophie and Hugo, right?
Right? Right? Right?
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