Wolf (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Night Terror

Ewan left because of me.
He never came home.
It was my neighbour who had Ewan.
He loved that I knew what
he'd gotten away with.
What is this place?
It's called the Donkey Pitch.
Your theory on those murders,
it's full of holes.
Minnet Kable didn't just take
my granddaughter that day.
It never was one stupid man.
It was two very smart ones.
I don't think anyone has
considered a third explanation
about who we might be.
Maybe the raves were connected.
Maybe there was some cult stuff going on.
I can't fix this.
What is it doing outside
the Anchor-Ferrers' home?
Where are the cameras?
I don't know!
What are you doing? Sending it to myself.
How come I haven't I found any
other videos like this online?
Cos there aren't any.
We had to surrender our phones
when we went to the raves.
Bones made us. But you snuck yours in?
Have you ever hear anyone refer
to Bones by his real name?
Do you have any idea where he lives?
Probably his mum's basement.
Could you describe him?
30-something? White skin. Dark hair.
Only saw him a few times,
and from a distance.
He wore that stupid hazmat suit a lot.
Have you any idea why?
I don't know anything about him.
None of us did.
He was just Bones.
He sold drugs and threw
scary raves. That's it.
Was this a cult? Oh,
God! We weren't that lame.
No-one was brainwashed
or anything! It's just
we were young.
And bored.
He was older and different.
What if it's Minnet Kable
who's fucking with us?
But he's in prison. What if he got out?
Well, I mean, he shouldn't.
Of course he shouldn't.
He's a fucking lunatic.
He filleted two teenagers.
Strung their guts up in a tree.
Well, we kind of did that, too.
We did it with a deer. Not a human.
Fair point.
What if Kable planted the
other security sign outside?
But if it's Minnet Kable messing with us,
what do you think he wants?
We should ask the boss what to do. No.
No. No, no, no. He can't
think we're fucking this up.
But maybe this is one of those times
where it's best to just be honest.
Listen to me, you fuckwit.
You are not permitted to contact
the boss. Do you understand?
I promise, OK?
The boss wants videos of
the family being tortured.
Lots of them.
And then we're supposed
to make the call. Right?
So one video will have to suffice,
given the circumstances.
We need to speed things up.
Reattach the landline.
We're making the call today.
So, do you remember being there? Yeah,
I was swimming in snakes.
I remember.
Well, the man in the hazmat suit,
his name's Bones.
You ever heard of him? Nope.
Fuck! Well, Sophie and Hugo knew him.
They bought study drugs from him.
He's simulating disembowelling someone.
He's playing with snakes.
In the exact same way as
in the Donkey Pitch scene.
Are we going to start arresting
everyone who's ever owned a reptile?
Look, Jack, the drugs - I'm not
surprised, but can't say I knew it.
So, bravo. But where exactly
do you think this is going?
I want you to formally reopen
the Donkey Pitch investigation.
I don't make that kind of call.
Yeah, but you could get it done.
Let's take a minute to imagine
that conversation, shall we?
"Excuse me, Chief Inspector, sir,"
"you know how I am always telling
you that I'm not a moron?"
"Well, I think I might be.
But I'm not sure."
"Because I'm a moron."
"So could you just reopen my
case and double check it?"
Yeah. That's not going to work.
This is a lead.
Why - because you say it is?
The wrong man is in prison.
Minnet Kable is the Donkey Pitch killer.
Ahh! One man couldn't possibly
have carried out those murders.
You know that.
And my guess is,
that you've always known that.
There were complaints
in your neighbourhood
around the time of your brother's
abduction. Did you know that?
Oh gosh, you didn't.
Complaints about what?
Just kids thinking they were seeing
things in the middle of the night.
Ended up being nothing.
Nobody even wrote a report.
Scream had just come out,
you know? Messed with kids' heads.
I only asked because my
old gaffer mentioned it
when I called him last night.
Tell me everything he said.
You just accused me of knowingly
putting an innocent man in prison.
Are you fucking with me?
But that'd be awful.
Jack, you all right?
How's the case?
Yeah, fine.
You talked to the girl? The witness?
I did. Yeah.
Right, then.
Have you got a minute?
Does he seem familiar at all?
Sorry, no.
Never heard the name 'Bones' either.
You really think this guy could
have killed Sophie and Hugo?
I don't know.
I mean, you're young,
you go to an uptight school,
you've got uptight parents,
you're under a lot of pressure.
Then someone like this comes along.
He's not just selling drugs,
he's selling an experience.
The promise that you'll get scared,
which is exciting
because it's not real.
I mean, when you're a teenager,
and you're into someone,
you don't just like them,
right? You worship them.
You want to be like them. You copy them.
Wear what they wear.
Do what they do.
Like you're putting on their skin.
What about teenagers
playing scary practical
jokes around town?
Maybe taking things too far.
If someone was really into Bones,
they might know his real name.
You mean like with Sophie?
Sophie's mum called 999 a couple
of weeks before the murders.
Said it was domestic abuse.
Like, from Sophie.
But that wasn't in the
Donkey Pitch case file.
I just figured you knew
But if it's not in the case file,
I don't know it!
Yeah, sorry.
The mum said Sophie'd become impossible.
Bullying her with scary movie pranks.
No charges were filed, though.
Think the mum just wanted
to set her daughter straight
with a couple of uniforms showing up.
Did the original investigators
know about the trouble
Sophie was in at home?
So, Lincoln and Matthews
knew about the 999 call?
For sure.
But it was just Sophie getting
in trouble with her mum.
They didn't think anything of it.
Do you want me to get you the report?
She's obsessed with horror movies.
Horror movies
I can't handle this any more.
I can't handle this any more.
I haven't slept in weeks!
slept in weeks!
I'm being bullied by my own daughter!
my own daughter!
Ma'am, if you don't
want to press charges
She can't have a police record.
I hear her at night.
She makes noises, trying to scare me.
scare me.
Ma'am, are you absolutely certain
your daughter is doing all of this?
Well, she's not denying it.
If it wasn't her doing it,
then she'd say so.
Is it always this hard?
We could use our mobiles.
No. No, no, no.
We're not supposed to.
That was a very specific order.
But if we're in a hurry
Our calls could be traced, you tit.
The answer is no.
It still smells in here.
You moved the bucket.
Yeah, but it's still wafting in somehow.
I hate this house.
Don't know how these
people can live here.
What do you think the
family did to the boss?
What do you mean?
Well, he wants us to do videos
of the family suffering
so he must really hate them.
What do you think they did?
I've no idea.
The boss isn't someone I'd want to cross.
He said that once the
family realises who he is,
they won't want to go to the
police and report any of this.
Who could be so scary that you
wouldn't want to report THIS?
If you ask me,
the boss is a total nutter.
But he sure does pay well!
She seems to be settling in all right.
I'd say so, yeah.
Her foot's getting much better.
I can see it on our walks.
Isn't that right?
Getting better every day.
I will find her owner, you know.
I have to.
Well, of course.
Are you here to talk to me about Sophie?
You wanted me to look into
this case, didn't you?
Something about it
never felt quite right.
Those last few weeks
she was a shell of herself.
On edge.
A lot of it was stress.
She told me she'd started
vomiting at school.
And she felt nauseous just walking in,
in the mornings.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking,
but it wasn't that.
No, I know.
I'm not naive to what teenagers do
but the coroner said
I know.
I knew what was going on.
At night, with her mum.
The horror film things.
The fighting between them.
But I never asked Sophie about it.
Did she ever talk to you
about her social life?
Friends. Boyfriends.
Someone besides Hugo.
No. Sorry.
And did she ever mention
the name 'Bones'?
Goodness, no.
I'd remember that one.
And what about raves?
She ever talk to you
about that kind of thing?
I'm sure there were lots
of those gatherings.
But I don't know very much about them.
Really, it's Emily you
should be talking to.
Those two did everything together.
What's the big deal?
You never mentioned
that Bones threw raves.
Arghh, fine. There were raves.
Are we done now?
You have any idea what Bones'
real name is? No. I told you.
I never met him.
Yeah, but Sophie was into him
and you and Sophie
talked about everything.
I don't think Sophie knew
his real name either.
And if she did,
she certainly never told me.
Yeah, but what did she say about him?
Oh, same thing as everyone else!
"Cool raves, lots of drugs." That's it.
I don't know anything.
And Max says what you're doing
is basically harassment.
So, leave me alone, yeah?
I honestly don't think
Minnet Kable's out there!
Oooh, funny!
Come on. Come on, come on.
Yes! Yes, yes, yes!
Come on!
Hi. Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
But you're not supposed to
ring anyone. I know. I know.
But I just needed
You're sure you're all right?
Yeah, yeah. Everything's fine.
I didn't mean to worry you.
I just needed to hear your voice.
Your agent rang.
You got a callback!
You're joking.
You said I couldn't ring you,
so I didn't,
but it's that dishwashing advert!
You're not joking?
I wouldn't joke about that!
They said you felt authentic.
Yeah, I was going for authentic!
I just wanted to be real. You know?
They said you did this gesture
Oh! I did! I did.
And that wasn't in the script!
That was me!
Well, they loved it.
I can't believe it!
It's happening!
You're talented.
I believe in you.
And now it's finally happening.
Yeah. I miss you.
I love you. I love you too.
But I'm getting tired of
these marketing trips.
Yeah, I know.
But this trip is a big one,
and we need the money.
You said it didn't even pay that well!
Yeah, we still need it.
For the baby.
What matters more?
A bit of money,
or a father she can admire?
A father who knows his potential
and believes in himself
enough to go after it?
This baby is going to love you
more than anything in the world.
That's all that matters.
You don't belong in marketing.
Fuck it!
This is my last marketing trip.
Are you serious?
I'm completely serious.
I'm not a marketing executive.
I'm an actor.
With a callback.
What? Well, not here, darling.
In the bathroom.
You're a fake.
I saw you.
You were pretending to
do that Sudoku puzzle
when you were hurting my mum.
You weren't really doing it.
It's an act.
You're not dangerous.
Not really.
You can piss yourself.
It's going to be all right!
Yes, it is.
What kind of things make you throw up?
Not just once, but regularly?
You talking about Sophie?
Yeah. Her grandad said she
was vomiting in the mornings.
She wasn't pregnant.
He thinks it was stress,
but that sounds extreme.
Lincoln know you're
looking into her old case?
She does.
How does she feel about it?
You might want to watch it, Jack.
She's got teeth, you know.
I'm aware.
But not worried?
If she's got nothing to hide,
then what is she hiding?
No detective wants someone
poking around their cases.
Then solve it right the first-time.
You're being hard on her.
She cared about those Donkey Pitch kids.
She's got a big heart, you know.
Oh, is it under the teeth, or?
All I'm saying is, she's a
tough lady with a sweet side.
She just doesn't always show it.
Now, don't look at me like that.
I'm a happily married man, but
she is something, isn't she?
So there were anti-depressants
in Sophie's system
at the time of her death.
Those can make you vomit, right?
It's rare, but when you
first start them, yeah.
How long had she been on them?
We're not sure.
Her GP didn't prescribe them.
But it's a common tricyclic,
it's within therapeutic range,
so someone prescribed them.
What did her mum say about it?
Mum didn't know she was
on antidepressants at all.
The only prescription Mum knew
Sophie was on was antihistamines.
But there were no antihistamines in
her system at the time of her death.
So she stopped with the antihistamines,
and started on antidepressants,
all in secret?
A teenager expressing body
autonomy would be extraordinary.
But if the anti-depressants
were a recent thing,
then that could explain the vomiting
the grandad was talking about.
So, mystery solved?
Emily said you were asking questions.
I'm not after much of your time.
She also said you were a real twat.
So you went to Bones' raves, yeah?
Sure. Yeah, they were cool.
Do you know his real name?
No. No-one did.
Not even Sophie?
From what I understand,
she was really into him.
Well, who told you that?
Come on, party's outside.
Best one you'll ever have.
Was Sophie imitating Bones?
What? No.
I told you, she wasn't
even really into him.
I understand that you and Emily had a row
with Sophie and Hugo,
a few weeks before they died.
Yeah. So?
So, Sophie's mum had
called the police on her.
Said she was pulling pranks at night.
Pranks that really feel
like things Bones would do.
Oh, right.
So maybe Sophie was imitating Bones,
you just didn't know.
Sophie's mum was a menopausal maniac.
I guarantee you,
she got hysterical over nothing.
Mm, you're missing out.
Look, if anyone is saying Sophie
or Hugo were acting like Bones,
they've just got it wrong.
You seem really sure about that.
Yeah, and you seem to forget that
I'm doing you a courtesy right now.
I'm not a suspect.
I'm not even a person of interest.
Not now and not then.
When you lot questioned
me after the murders,
my solicitor was really clear.
It's not my job to explain
things to the police.
And honestly
it's not my fault you were too stupid
to understand what they're looking at.
You want to tell me what
that's supposed to mean?
Think I'm done being courteous.
Right c'mon, I've got to get in on this.
Right, where we aiming?
Right in the cleavage.
I'll drive her home. Ah, she's fine.
I will drive her home.
Is this strictly necessary?
Well, I reattached the line inside
but the phone's still not working.
Did you know they're switching
off all landline phones in 2025?
Everyone's supposed to go internet-based
but I worry about the older generation.
Just don't think they're ready.
What do you think?
What I think is that you
shouldn't feel any pressure
to rush trying to find this phone cable.
You know, because there's
a murderous lunatic
romping about, you prick.
Oh, yeah.
Anyway, the cable's probably
been damaged out here somewhere.
Maybe the lunatic's damaged the cable.
Because usually it's a lawnmower,
but I-I'm pretty sure
no-one's mowed since we've been here.
There it is!
Looks all right.
Oh, my God.
Smell's awful, isn't it?
It's in our fucking clothes.
It's disgusting.
You smell it now?
Oh, yeah. It's terrible.
All I can think about.
You're lying. I'm not.
You're lying!
I am!
But I'm only trying to be a comfort!
I can see how much it's bothering you!
And it doesn't matter if
the smell's real or not.
What matters is, it's real to you.
Who the fuck is that?
Think it's a neighbour.
Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck!
Maybe she's found the dog!
That'd be good, yeah?
How would that be good? Well,
you wanted to find it.
I wanted to find it because I
didn't want anyone else to find it.
Did you never fully grasp that?
Tell me you remember our story.
Which one?
What do you mean, "Which one"?!
Our story that we discussed
in case we're seen.
I'm a photographer. You're my assistant.
We're taking pictures of the
family's home for a magazine spread.
Which magazine? I don't!
I don't know which fucking magazine.
Maybe we're freelancers?
Fine. Bore da! I don't mean to intrude!
Just thought I'd pop
by and say hi to Tilly.
I'm Louise.
Live over there.
It's very nice to meet you. I'm
The family's not home.
Well, that's so strange.
Could have sworn Tilly said
they'd be in from London by now.
She's getting older.
Dates and such are the first to go.
Pardon me, but I don't
think I caught your names.
So sorry. I'm Henry.
My name is Bardo.
We're photographers.
We're friends with Kiernan.
Oh you're photographer
friends of Kiernan?
But I thought he was in Hong Kong.
Oh, he is.
Yeah, still trying to close that deal.
It seems he always gets
held up longer than planned.
I add two weeks to whatever he says.
Well, that's smart!
Yeah, Bardo. Brilliant.
So, if the family's not here,
then it's just you two
staying in the house?
It is rather large.
We feel a bit spoilt.
Really just here to
take a few photographs.
And it's not like we need
more than one bedroom.
I understand.
Yeah, we needed to get away, didn't we?
And Kiernan said the home was empty,
so why not stay?
Yes, really. Why not, indeed?
You know what he said to me?
Do tell.
He said
"Whether you come in to visit"
"or just to rest,"
"when you enter our home,"
"may you be blessed."
I didn't think Kiernan
was religious at all.
Is someone else home?
Did Louise see it?!
I don't know!
I can't see her any more!
She won't be able to hear you, Tilly!
You have to make her see you!
She will see it!
Please, God, please, please!
Please, please, please. Please, God.
It's the dog.
So Lucia finally persuaded
them to get a dog?
She did. Yeah.
So we're dog sitting.
It loves playing with the curtains.
You know how dogs are.
Always on their backs,
batting things about.
Would you like to come in for a bit?
We're making pancakes for dinner.
How fun! But I can't today.
Oh, are you sure, Louise?
Let's not push now.
You can make more batter.
Another time. But thank you.
And, you two, enjoy yourselves.
And if you see Tilly,
do tell her I dropped by.
Does something smell?
Who are you? I'm police.
I'm taking you home.
How do you know where I live?
I rang your mum.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
She told me to drive you home
and she told me to tell
you to give her a call.
Please do it.
Your phone's on the seat next to you.
She's worried about you.
What the fuck was that?
I thought it went quite well.
You invited her inside!
I was trying to be natural.
People around here are hospitable.
We have the family held hostage.
What if she'd said yes?
Wasn't really thinking
of that at the time.
Ah, right.
To be honest, I'm not sure
what I would have done.
Hard question to answer.
Well then, thundercock,
here's a whopper of a follow-up.
What's the plan if she comes back?
Like, for pancakes?
And who the fuck is Kiernan?!
He's the older brother!
He's in China on business!
How do you know that?
I read the paperwork
on the family with
all the information!
What paperwork?
The stuff the boss gave us!
The boss didn't give us any paperwork!
You didn't get it?
Right. That's it.
How much are you getting
paid for this job?
How much are you being paid?
I asked you first.
Well, whatever I say,
you'll say you're getting paid more.
So how do I know you're being honest?
All right.
We write down our daily rate.
Exchange the pieces of paper.
I'm really sorry.
Are you stupid, Mrs Anchor-Ferrers,
or is it an act?
Nah, you're not stupid.
But you like that people
think you are, don't you?
Because then no-one expects anything.
No-one holds you accountable.
You know all three of you will
die in this house, don't you?
You do, don't you?
When the time comes
I'm going to let you
pick who goes first.
No, please, no!
No, I can't. I can't!
What are you doing to her?!
What are you doing to her?!
You leave my wife alone!
God, I hate you.
However, the whole ankle
thing really was an accident.
Never heard the name Bones.
Well, he was into horror movie stuff.
Scaring people. Blood and guts.
Hugo ever talk about that kind of thing?
I mean, we knew Hugo went
to gatherings, but
we never asked questions.
We were lenient.
Some parents said too lenient.
How so?
We used to let the kids have
beer and bonfires over there.
We made sure no-one drove after drinking.
It was no big deal.
But we could trust Hugo.
He was a good kid.
He wasn't like
We have another son.
He's always been a problem.
So there were no changes
in Hugo's behaviour, then?
Nothing different about
him before he died?
I'm sorry, I really have to
Because there were changes
in Sophie's behaviour.
Things were going on,
in their house, at night.
Sophie's mum
She was at her wits' end.
I need to know that if I say something,
it won't go on Hugo's record.
We don't charge people with
crimes after they've passed.
Hugo's mum and I were divorcing.
I'd had an affair.
It hit Hugo pretty hard.
He started doing things at home.
He'd started planting
pornography around the house
at night.
Videos cued up on the telly,
so it'd play when we turned it on.
And it wasn't just normal pornography.
It was violent.
Did you ever confront Hugo about it?
He fessed up straight away.
Was there any chance he was
covering for his brother?
Happened at times when Theo
wasn't even in the house.
Trust me, it was Hugo.
Hugo was the good son.
It shouldn't have been Hugo who
I shouldn't have said that.
I'm sorry.
We used to let the kids have
beer and bonfires over there.
Hugo was the good son.
You shut up!
I need to know what you
know about my brother.
There were three calls
from three different houses in the area.
They were spread out over a few months.
Different officers each time.
Nobody wrote a report because
there was nothing to write about,
so no-one joined the dots.
Until your brother was abducted.
It wasn't like they were going
to write a report then, was it?
It would look like they'd fucked up.
The calls were from parents,
who were spooked because their
kids had said they'd seen a man
in their bedrooms
sitting on the windowsill.
They said he was watching them
while they slept.
I thought they were nightmares.
I thought they started
after Ewan was taken.
Because Ewan was taken.
What did you see?
Was it your neighbour?
I don't know.
What if they weren't nightmares?
What if he was really in our home,
and I saw him and I did n
I could've done something about it.
So, I'm joining this forum
and telling my story today
to help process some transphobic
feelings I've had in my past.
I didn't like the idea that
a man could become a woman
because, honestly,
I didn't like men.
And I know that's not right or fair.
But maybe if you see some
of the ways I used to be
electronically assaulted by men,
then you'll understand.
Imagine waking up to this image,
on your mobile, when you're just a kid.
Emily just posted a picture online.
What the fuck?! You can't just come here!
It was taken two weeks before
the Donkey Pitch murders.
I don't know anything about a picture.
Ah! Ugh!
I genuinely believe the world
would be a better place
without guys like you.
And I honestly know how to
make this look like a drowning.
Now that picture was sent
around the entire school,
and when the police
questioned you about it,
your solicitor jumped
in real fucking quick.
Almost like he didn't want you
to explain anything to us.
Why is that so picture important?
Because it's Hugo.
It was sent from a pay-as-you-go.
How do you know it was him?
Trust me. It's him.
But no-one else knows but me,
not even Emily.
I never said anything.
We might have been fighting,
but he was still my mate.
Why not tell the police it was Hugo?
I was scared!
Ah! He and I had fallen out
when he got killed, OK?
What if someone thought I had
something to do with him dying?
Who sent the picture? Hugo did.
No, he didn't. People do it all the time.
It's called a dick pic.
I know what a dick pic is,
you little prick,
but no-one sends out a dick
pic that looks like that.
He's soft.
It's not exactly flattering, is it?
Hugo didn't even take that picture.
It looks like he's sleeping. It looks
Hugo's mum and I were divorcing.
It hit Hugo pretty hard.
He was angry.
He'd started planting
pornography around the house.
Sophie's mum called 999 a couple
of weeks before the murders.
The mum said Sophie
had become impossible.
I hear her at night.
She makes noises trying to scare me!
She's obsessed with horror movies.
Ma'am, are you absolutely certain
your daughter is doing all of this?
Well, she's not denying it.
If it wasn't her doing it,
then she'd say so.
Was Sophie imitating Bones?
No. She wasn't even really into him.
Sophie's mum had called
the police on her.
Said she was pulling pranks at night.
Pranks that really feel
like things Bones would do.
The only prescription Mum knew
Sophie was on was antihistamines.
So she stopped with the antihistamines,
and started on antidepressants,
all in secret.
Those last few weeks,
she was this shell of herself.
Did she ever talk to you
about her social life?
Did she ever mention the name 'Bones'?
Why did Sophie and Hugo take the blame
for something they weren't doing?
Jack, don't hang up.
I borrowed my mum's
mobile so you'd answer.
I went to your home, to get my things
but I didn't go inside because
your front door was open.
Once I had a love
And it was a gas
Soon turned out
Had a heart of glass
Seemed like the real thing
Only to find
That's scissors.
Someone's cut the landline
from inside the house.
There's something I have to tell you.
It's about the deer carcass.
What about the deer carcass?
There wasn't a deer carcass.
It was just the bucket
and what was in it.
Once I had love
And it was divine
"I am Oliver George Anchor-Ferrers
and I am of sound mind."
"Two men, posing as police officers,
have taken us hostage in our home."
What are we doing?
I want to see the deer's last meal.
But I was so blind
Mucho mistrust
Love's gone behind.
"'DI Honey' is roughly five feet,
eight inches tall."
"Slight build."
"Mid 30s."
"Of South Asian decent."
What does that look like to you?
It looks like meat.
Deer don't eat meat.
"DS Molina is of a similar
height and weight,"
"but he's younger."
"Caucasian. Welsh."
This isn't buck shot.
This is a dental filling.
These are human intestines.
"I presume both names are fraudulent."
"I also presume that,
if you're reading this,"
"these men have killed us."
"I love my children."
"I love my wife."
"We have been a very happy family."
"But there are things we have hidden."
"Secrets we've never shared."
"Truths that have been buried so long"
"Most days they feel like a dream."
Ooh, oh
Ooh, oh
Once I had a love
And it was a gas
Soon turned out
Had a heart of glass
"But the time for dreaming is over."
"It is time to admit who we really are."
Ooh, oh
Ooh, oh.
Yeah. I did, I did.
Sorry. I requested a prison visit.
Minnet Kable.
Thursday. I'll be there. Thank you.
Ooh, oh
Ooh, oh
Ooh, oh.
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