Wolf (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Death Roll

Time to take some leave, Jack.
Get out of my office.
Found the note on
her dog's collar.
We've done an X-ray on your dog.
What she's swallowed
appears to be jewellery.
"To Matilda, love, Jimmy."
If you can just do a quick search
for any engravings you've
done for a James
No computers here.
I think the wrong killer is in prison.
And if the right ones
are still out there,
what if something's
about to happen?
You found the deer at this house?
With a bucket and the
intestines right next to it?
This isn't buck shot.
This is a dental filling.
These are human.
What if it's Minnet Kable
who's messing with us?
It still smells in here.
He abducted my brother in 1998.
While in Long Lartin,
Penderecki was beaten.
I didn't beat Penderecki.
It was his cell mate.
I'll find out what he knows.
No-one should have to
live without answers.
I went to your home to get my things.
But I didn't go inside because
your front door was open.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
No, never had a problem with them before.
Then I wake up today,
and they're absolutely everywhere.
I don't know.
But I don't do insects.
Ych a fi.
Vomit, mould, absolutely fine,
but not insects.
No, he's here now, thank God.
Some other houses are
having the same problem,
so he was already in the area.
He said he'd spray everywhere.
But I have to be away
for at least four hours.
And I've no idea what I'm going to do.
Is it too early to just drink?
That wasn't what you
were supposed to say.
Well, then, I'm off to read to orphans.
Yeah, of course I'm going to the pub.
Yeah, all right,
you too, be good.
Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners
Oh, sorry.
Nice, very good.
Is this show part of the
regular spray service?
It's just for me, then?
I see.
That's lush! I love it!
You know, you're actually
really quite good.
Oh, sorry. You distracted me.
Right, where are we going?
Oh, this is cute.
But the tango would be
out of the question.
Thank you so much for being
here on short notice.
I don't know what I'd do
if I had to spend the night with
all those things crawling about.
I do have to get out,
though, before you spray,
and you've blocked both doors.
Sorry to bother.
It's just that there isn't another door.
It's called a RoboMajor.
It was manufactured in 2004,
six years after my brother went missing.
It's not Ewan's.
And he left it for you?
Yeah, but everything he's
left so far was either Ewan's
or something I'm supposed
to think was Ewan's.
Not this.
He knows that I know
this isn't my brother's.
Well, where did he leave it?
He was inside your
house last night?
While you were at home?
Didn't hear him. I was asleep.
Did he do anything else?
Don't worry, he's not going to hurt me.
I'm not worried. Oh, thanks.
No, I'm serious. I'm not.
Because you've brought
it all on yourself.
Because you're weird.
This whole thing with your
neighbour is fucking weird.
I'm not the one doing this. He is.
You moved back to London
so he could do more of it.
People talked, after your party,
about your neighbour.
You're not gonna find any
fingerprints on that,
but just run it anyway.
Hang on, hang on, hang on.
I really thought you'd be smart
enough to stay away for a while.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'm obviously not that bright.
And you know that thing where,
once you see someone,
you sort of realise how
much you've missed them?
It's not happening, is it?
Not even a bit.
How about I leave now, ma'am?
There's an idea.
Cause of death was subdural haematoma.
Her sister found her.
She'd been there
a few days, so
No weapon on the scene,
but the skull fracture's acute.
We're thinking he pushed her,
she fell and hit
That table there. Yes, ma'am.
But she's still awake for
a while after though.
You can see she tried
crawling to her handbag.
You find her mobile in there?
Husband's got an alibi?
Business dinner.
But we can pick it apart.
Easy one, then.
I'll be off.
Thank you, ma'am.
It has to be the boss doing this to us.
He's been messing with
us this whole time.
I just don't know why.
Why do this to us?
It's a lot of bother,
if you think about it.
If the boss was cross with us,
he could have just killed us.
But he didn't.
He killed someone else,
took out their intestines.
Left them in a bucket for us to find.
You to find.
My point is,
it's pretty elaborate.
Maybe it's a test.
To see how we'd react, under pressure,
to see how we handle ourselves.
So, that's good news, yeah?
All we have to do
is pass the test.
No, it's not good news,
you sloppy wet fucking knob.
Do you have any idea what a
looney bin he'd have to be
to test us like this?
And what if we don't
pass the test?
What do you think
he might do then?
Have you
Have you ever killed anyone?
Because I haven't.
And I was sort of hoping you had.
So that, you know,
one of us was
We're going to complete the job today.
But we don't have a working landline.
We'll have to improvise.
You up for that, DS Molina?
Yeah, DI Honey.
It's just through here.
Life before the internet.
They were dark times.
These are all the
ring engravings.
There's no more orders
for engravings, no?
No, tat was all of them. Why?
None of the Jameses here
are married to a Matilda,
and none of the Matildas
are married to a James.
So your company My father's company.
Your father's company made
the ring for this couple,
but neither the husband nor the
wife ordered it themselves.
Then probably someone else
ordered the ring for them.
So then it could be any
one of these names.
Mind if I take these?
Oliver? Oh, Oliver?
Today's the day.
Get the car door.
Where are we going?
No, I won't leave
my family behind.
Have you honestly not realised you
don't have a say in the matter?
Mum, don't!
They'll hear you!
They're outside!
Are you sure?
I heard them leave!
They've taken your father!
Your father's going
to get us out of this!
Mum, he can't!
He'll find a way!
I know it!
Today is the day we're going to escape!
You shouldn't be out here.
Did you get the information
about my brother?
I did.
Tell me what you know.
The dog?
I've got a list of names,
but it'll take weeks to call them all.
I will do it.
But you need to tell me what
you know about my brother.
I told you that I would
Your promise means nothing to me.
I am not a liar.
We had a deal!
I want this to end.
I need this to end.
Come back when the job is done.
Now leave.
OK, go on.
You won't get a signal
anywhere up here.Shut up.
Who are you trying to call? Tell me who.
Shut the fuck up
I think I hit something.
I'm confident you hit something.
You can't have your eyes up front
and in back at the same time!
You've hit a stone. They line the drive.
If you'd been using your mirror,
you'd have seen them.
Well, look at that!
I've got signal!
You're not always right,
you know.
It's gone now.
Mum? Have you got any whites to wash?
I'm starting the machine!
Are you doing laundry?
Yes!Now? Yes.
Have you got any whites?
Let me look.
Hi, mate.
Who were you seeing out on the river?
When I came to talk to you,
you were out on the river.
Said you were checking something out.
What was it?
Um, we call them the 'river people'.
I guess you could say they're a commune.
They've got a camp out there,
by the water.
It's disgusting.
And what were you investigating?
Just a lot of noise
complaints from around there.
I've got my whites!
Sorry, mate. I thought you were at work.
No, it's fine. It's
You didn't start the
machine yet, did you?
Just put it there, I'll take 'em.
I didn't mean to bother
you on your day off.
You're being a bit chopsy.
I can call you back.
No, it's no problem, mate. I don't mind.
Well, I think your girlfriend
might feel differently.
She'll get over it.
So when did these people
first move out on the river?
Not sure exactly when.
But they've been sort of expanding
for a couple of years now.
Bones's raves were always
in different locations.
And then one day,
they just stopped,
which never made sense to me.
But what if they
didn't just stop?
What if he just set up camp?
OK, one bar. Slow down.
Yeah, there, stop.
All right, old man.
Time to call your bank.
That's what this is all about?
Money?Dial! Now!
If you have the chance
to get out of here
..I want you to leave me behind.
Darling, what are
you talking about?
I mean, if it's
between me and you
or me and Dad,
just leave me.
I know I'm not what you want.
I never have been.
No, darling!
No, no, we love you!
I'm a fuck-up!
I'm nothing like Kiernan.
No, darling, you're our daughter!
We love you!
I embarrass you.
I embarrass you, Mum.
I see it on your face.
I'd be delighted to help you,
Mr Anchor-Ferrers.
Thank you, Arthur.
But as it is a such a
substantial transaction,
we take security very seriously,
so I'm afraid I need to formally
verify that it is, indeed, you,
even though, of course,
I recognise your voice,
Mr Anchor-Ferrers.
I understand. Arthur, please proceed.
Now, these are security
questions you've already chosen.
To begin with, what was the
name of your childhood pet?
Thank you.
And your favourite novel?
Ivanhoe. Sir Walter Scott.
That's great, and finally,
your favourite piece of music?
Trois mouvements de Petrouchka.
Thank you.
So now you've verified I
am who I say I am? Yes?
Yes, sir.
And now, in regards
to your transaction
My family and I are being held
Stupid fucking man!
What are you doing here?
You weren't answering
your mobile.
That's because you and I are
not two-chats-a-day people.
Who put you two idiots together?
Can I please get the product key?
That figures. Product key
is 14141-30187-76769.
That wasn't memorised
when we started this call,
in case you're wondering how
long this has been going on.
Can you hold? Yeah. Thrilled to hold.
What do you want?
What do you know about the river people?
Prody says they're on your radar.
Is he too afraid
to ask me himself?
Some woman, somewhere,
has had sex with him.
What does she tell herself, do you think?
The river people are tied
to weapon sales in Cardiff.
But the ties are weak
and it's just hand guns.
You can't go barging in there just yet.
What, so you don't there could
be more than just hand guns?
Well, it might be. We don't know.
Police make priorities, Jack.
You know how this works.
It's not enough intel
yet to warrant action.
Well, do you have a suspect?
I do.
Right, and what's his?
Yeah, when you say that you
are fixing the problem,
can you be more specific?
Well, erm
Do you hear how vague your
answers are right now?
And how your voice
keeps shifting upwards?
Quick question, is your hand
covering your mouth right now?Yes.
Yep, thoughtso.
That's because you're lying.
I am a police detective.
And now I need you to hold.
Is this about the Donkey Pitch?
It is one thing to read
a few old case files.
It is another thing entirely
to start opening doors that the
Newport County Police have
specifically chosen to leave shut.
You are not Newport
County Police.
Besides, there is no connection
between the Donkey Pitch
and the river people.
Then send me on a
pointless errand.
Suspect is Elis Hennion. Thank you.
This is my home.
They're back! They've brought Dad back!
Lucia, be quiet!
He's tied back up.
So, here's where we are.
If the man from the bank understood
what Captain Silver Spoon
was saying, then the police
are already on their way.
If he didn't understand
Then we're all right!
Far from all right.
Far, because the call to
the bank was still botched,
which means there's been
no transfer of funds.
Oh, that's bad.
Very bad.
That was sort of the main
thing we were supposed to do.
And since we've failed,
I'm pretty sure the boss,
who is a lunatic, is going to kill us.
He has demonstrated
somewhat dotty judgment.
We need to leave. Now.
I swear
No, no, no.
Oh, shit!
There's nothing in there. I told you.
You don't want to do this.
You're not the bad one.
I can tell.
It's not too late to stop this thing.
Here, here, here, come here, come here!
Elis Hennion is a 25-year-old
Cardiff native and,
by the looks of it,
a little shit.
pub brawls,
a restraining order.
He's living at that camp,
so he's a way in.
Who took out the
restraining order?
Barbara Bell.
Mrs Bell, why did the river
people send Elis to you?
We're trying to get our daughter back.
She's with them.
With who?
Could I ask you to watch
something for me, please?
That's our Jessica.
And the man in the hazmat suit,
that's Bones.
Do you happen to know Bones's real name?
No, sorry, we've never actually met him.
And how did your daughter meet Bones?
He used to throw raves.
You know, when he came into her life,
everything about her changed.
The way she acted, the way she dressed.
She started not coming home,
sometimes for days.
We'd report her missing,
but the police kept telling us
that she wasn't really
missing, she was
It means she's not where
she's supposed to be
but technically you know where she is.
It's low priority for a missing person.
I'm sorry.
Then she turned 18 and there
was nothing we could do.
She's an adult.
She lives with him.
But now they're in that
disgusting compound by the Wye.
I've been onto their territory myself.
Tried to get her back.
But she turned me away.
So we've persuaded family members,
hired counsellors,
even a crisis negotiator to try
to talk her into coming home.
But the moment any one of them step
onto those river people's territory,
they they retaliate.
By sending Elis?
What exactly does Elis do?
Well, he starts by following you.
But, trust me, it escalates from there.
These people like scaring you.
So what else can you tell
me about these river people?
It's a more formal organisation
that you might be imagining.
It's a cult.
Our daughter's in a cult.
No sense in not saying it.
They all worship him.
She worships him.
You know, she'd do
anything for him.
I suspect they've been violent.
What are you doing? I told you to pack.
I was just thinking.
You pick now for that?
What about the family? What about them?
If the bank doesn't
call the police,
but we leave,
and they're still tied up
They'll be fine.
They'll die.
I know that you are
weapons-grade witless,
but right now we can't have any fuck-ups.
Do you understand?
Go upstairs.
Gag the family.
And when you come back down,
follow my lead.
Sophie and Hugo were on Adderall.
They bought it at raves which
were horror-movie themed.
Fake blood, stuff like that.
And the man behind it was called Bones.
The kids never mentioned
anyone named Bones.
Yeah, of course not. They were teenagers.
And they had their parents
sitting right next to them.
Parents didn't mention him either.
Surely one of them knew about it.
So why keep it a secret?
It wasn't a secret.
But the parents had no reason
to think that Bones or the raves
had anything to do with the murders,
so why mention it?Yeah.
All right.
So why do I care about this Bones person?
Because he was harassing
Sophie and Hugo in the weeks
leading up to the Donkey Pitch murders.
And not just little stuff,
he was in their homes.
And you can prove this? Well
Jesus, Jack,
is this just a theory?
Look, hear me out,
right? Bones is performative.
It's all about theatre
with this guy, spectacle,
just like the Donkey Pitch scene.
This is thin, man.
And he's got a thing
for intestines.
Look, Bones is living on the
River Wye, in that camp.
And I want to go and question him.
Absolutely not.
There's a whole group of people
down there, his followers.
And he has a girlfriend who
could be the second killer.
Yeah, or the killer could be MinnetKable,
who's already in prisoncos
he confessed to the crime,
and you could be officially
out of your fucking mind.
Every operational decision the
police make is based on risk, right?
And the people down on that
river do not pose a risk.
If you go down there and
kick down their doors,
they're gonna leave the river,
scatter into the city,
and be a fucking headache for all of us.
All I want to do is
Your investigation into this
matter is discreditable conduct,
which undermines public
confidence in the police.
And I'm giving you an order as a
senior officer to immediately cease
this investigation.
Get in your car, Jack.
Drive back to London.
I could have gone with you.
No, there's no point in Matthews
being pissed off at both of us.
I can't believe
he doesn't see it.
I mean, what makes more sense?
Minnet Kable,
who has no connection to the kids,
and no history of violence,
or there's someone like Bones,
who has a connection to Sophie
and Hugo and specifically
has a thing for, gore and
Look, I've got to go and do something.
I'll drive you home, yeah?
You're going to the river camp.
No, no, I'm not.You are.
And I'm coming with.
Prody, you are a good detective, mate.
And I can't risk your career over this.
So the answer's no.
These people are dangerous.
I'll drive you home.
What kind of friend would I be
if I let you go on your own?
Well, someone's got to check it out.
Why should that be you?
Why the fuck shouldn't it be me?
I'll drive you home.
Oh! Hello.
Hello, we're
Hello. We'rePolice.
Newport County Police, yes.
We're sorry to bother you.
Oh, gosh. No bother at all! Do come in!
It's awful outside.
Ah, there you are, we've got company!
Such a nice surprise.
It does get lonely out here.
Now, time for introductions.
I'm Kiernan Anchor-Ferrers.
This is my boyfriendFiance.
..Bardo. Pleased to meet you both.
Would you like to sit?
Drinks? I mean, not drinks-drinks.
You're working.
Thoroughly inappropriate.
Give Bardo a bit of
honey and some turmeric,
you won't believe what he can do.
We're both fine, thank you.
We're just here to ask a few questions.
I'm so sorry my father isn't
here to speak with you.
He isn't home?
He's taken to wandering.
Long stretches.
I mean, at first it had a charming,
sort of Forest Gumpy feel to it.
But now we're thinking it might
be something more serious.
Anyhoo, I've no idea where he is.
But he's gone for sure,
and he took his mobile.
Likes to ring people
on his wanders,
say all sorts of things.
And true.
Well, we're here to speak to you
about a somewhat sensitive matter.
How well do you know local
resident Beca Van Der Bolt?
She's gone missing.
Our understanding is that
she's a housekeeper here.
She is, yes.
That's the reason why I'm
so taken aback right now.
She's our housekeeper here at the house.
When was the last
time you saw Beca?
Oh, goodness me.
A while back.
A few weeks, I'd have to check.
And she wasn't due to visit this
residence in the last few days?
A family member reported her missing,
and there are signs of a
struggle at her residence.
When you say struggle
We aren't at liberty to discuss details.
No, of course not.
Inappropriate again!
But we're going door to door,
asking if anyone's seen
anything out of the ordinary.
So, have you?
No, no.
What's really considered
out of the ordinary?
You haven't seen anything,
I'm just asking. You would have told me.
Anything you've seen that
made you feel suspicious.
What about feelings that
make you feel suspicious?
The feeling of suspicion?
That's it.
What gave you the feeling of suspicion?
Well, I don't want to use
the word clairvoyant
..But I've had that feeling
that's made me feel suspicious.
Any particular reason?
Just thought you should know.
We'd like to leave you our cards,
in case you think of anything
else you think we should know.
Never actually
introduced ourselves.
I'm DI Honey.
Ah Sorry?
I'm DI Honey. And this is
my colleague, DS Molina.
Right, then.
Hello, Elis.
Listen, I want you to
go back to the river,
and I want you to tell your
little friends you scared me off.
I want you to tell them there's
no way I'm headed down there.
You don't want to
mess with Bones.
Actually, I really, really do.
Hey, who are you? What are you doing?
Who do you know? Put that down.
Give me the fucking mobile.
Give me the fucking mobile.
No-one gets in with a mobile.
And no-one gets in
without knowing someone.
So, who do you know?
He knows me.
Happy Man by Red Telephone
They just don't know you.
Are you wondering
why I let you in?
Elis told me who you are.
You'll report back to my parents?
Tell them what you've seen?
I want you to watch me tonight.
I want you to tell my parents I'm happy.
And loved.
Cos I want them to let me go.
If you don't
..I'll be unhappy.
And everyone here hates
it when I'm unhappy.
Do you want to see how much they love me?
No! No! You're hurting me!
Get down! Stay down!
Let him go.
So, do you understand
what I want you to do?
I've got to go.
Can't be late.
For what?
My wedding.
Feed the croc! Feed the croc!
Feed the croc!
Feed the croc! Feed the croc!
Feed the croc!
Feed the croc! Feed the croc!
No, no, no.
She's gonna fall.
She's gonna fall!
You all right?
Do you want me to be all right?
Not particularly.
Wrestling fake crocs is not a good look.
Prody broke his ankle.
I'll be hearing those stories
for a while, so thanks for that.
Prody was here?
Pulled you out of the water.
Bones's real name is Jacob Adley.
And on the weekend of the
Donkey Pitch murders,
he was in police custody
in Bristol. No, it
Yes, Jack.
There's police records,
there's police interviews,
his solicitor was there.
He was in Bristol.
And Jessica Bell was the
one that picked him up.
They're not the Donkey Pitch killers.
Where should I drop you off?
Are you sure you don't
see them out there?
I'm telling you, they drove off.
Haven't come back.
I don't think they were real coppers.
Their names They
I think the boss sent them.
And that makes me wonder,
just how big is this thing?
How many people are
Once we're far enough away,
we'll call the police, yeah?
The REAL police.
An anonymous tip,
so the family doesn't die.
But right now, we leave.
My bag's downstairs.
Well, I'm kind of scared now
to go down there on my own.
Where did you leave it?
In the scullery.
What? Why?
Never mind!
Ugh! Jesus Christ!
Have you worked out who I am yet?
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