Wolf (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Knock Knock

What makes more sense - Minnet Kable,
who has no connection
to the kids, or Bones,
who has a connection?
Bones's real name is Jacob Adley.
On the weekend of the
Donkey Pitch murders,
he was in police
custody in Bristol.
Minnet Kable is the Donkey Pitch killer.
You need to tell me what
you know about my brother.
What if he was really in our home,
and I saw him?
I could have done something about it.
Two men, posing as police officers,
have taken us hostage in our home.
Today is the day we're going to escape!
If you have the chance
to get out of here,
I want you to leave me behind!
Have you worked out who I am yet?
I want him back!
I want my baby home!
Ewan? Are you down here?
Do you know what this means?
It means
..we can finally talk!
I couldn't let you
in on the secret.
I needed you to
stay in character.
Which meant there were so
many things I had to do
while you were sleeping!
I kept thinking you'd figured it out,
but you honestly didn't know.
And the two detectives!
Honey and Molina!
I knew they were real
coppers - it was them I used
to make our ID cards - but
for them to turn up here?
What are the chances?
Oh, I'mso relieved you know.
You must have so many questions.
Fire away.
There's no boss?
He's not real. Or, he's me.
And-and you you killed?
At first, it was to keep her
from coming to the house.
But, honestly, I probably could
have dealt with that situation
had it arose.
Arose? Arisen?
..I think, really,
she was just sort of my warm-up.
For the family.
You're a nutter.
Am not.You are, you're a fucking nutter.
I am NOT mentally ill.
And I would know if I was.
I used to work in a nut house.
Please don't kill me.
I wasn't planning to kill you.
In fact
..you can leave now if you want.
But you'll have to walk.
That's no problem.
You want to walk?
All the way to the train station? Yeah.
But it'll take you hours.
Think how exhausted you'll be
when you finally make it home
to Stroud Green!
Imagine what the
missus will think.
Mm, hate the idea of
dragging her into all this.
Especially with all
those hormones raging.
Then we're in agreement.
I will drive you to the
train station myself,
as soon as I'm finished with the family.
I'm thinking, late afternoon?
I'll need some sleep first.
So, all of them, you
You'll kill all of them?
At any moment, they could tell
the police what we look like,
and that won't work,
now, will it?
It needs to look like a man
took the family hostage,
killed them all,
and then got away.
But here's the thing.
Little miss housekeeper
doesn't really fit into
that narrative, so, erm
..can you give your
old pal a hand?
Watch out
Another step there Yep, yep.
You don't look happy, and you
were ever so quiet on the drive.
I'm worried
..that you're only here with
me now because I implied
that I'd kill your pregnant girlfriend.
The thing is
..I WOULD go through with that.
I'm not sure.
It's not important.
What's important is
..how you feel about me.
Because if you don't like me, honestly,
there's no point continuing.
We can just end things
right here andNo. No.
No need. I'm,
um I'm adjusting.
That's all.
What I feel about you is
..you are very clever.
Thank you.
And I've SO enjoyed our time together.
And I want to I want to help you
..bury her.
We'll do that, then we'll go
back to the house, and just
..kill the family.
Don't need your help with that.
Kind of want to do that myself.
..we're being open with one another
..What exactly is it that
the family has done to you?
Don't worry about that right now.
Kind of need you to focus
on the task in hand.
But you and I are good?
Oh, we're more than good.
We are We're great.
Then I have one question for you.
How do you feel about Doctor Who?
Because they've got this tour
in Cardiff, and they take you
to all the spots they filmed,
all the castles and everything.
I've been wanting to go forever,
but I've got no-one to go with.
And I don't want to be one
of those weirdos who's, like,
"party of one".
That'd be so embarrassing.
Look, I get it.
The 13th Doctor wasn't
to everyone's tastes.
And you don't strike me as a feminist.
But let's just get something
in the diary, yeah?Yeah.
Otherwise, we'll forget.
Come on!
Oh, Beca, time for a chop chop!
Hearing more about your swim last night.
The details are fabulous.
Loads of drugs, fake crocodile
and a fuckload of bullets.
Is that it? Or am I missing something?
I am not making you coffee.
I didn't ask you
to make me coffee.
And I'm leaving in 20 minutes.
I guess that means I'm
leaving in 20 minutes?
If not before.
You hate that I'm here.
I just don't want you
getting the wrong idea.
Oh, what, that you're
the coffee-making type?
That I'm the home-making type.
I tell you what.
I'll make my own cup of coffee.
And then I'll come and sit next to you,
and we can talk about work.
No other topics allowed.
And then, in 20 minutes, we both leave.
I won't even kiss you goodbye.
Coffee's over there.
You want a shower?
I'm I'm good.
So, your man, Bones,
isn't the Donkey Pitch killer.
Puts you at a bit of a
dead end, doesn't it?
Kable's guilty, Jack. He's ambidextrous.
One of only a few people capable
of carrying out those murders.
Unless it was two people - one
right-handed, one left-handed.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Kable confessed.
Yeah, you mentioned that.
A few dozen times, actually.
He just wandered in
off the street one day
and started talking
to whoever was around.
Well, he asked for me, actually.
Yeah, he'd heard me talking on the news.
Said I sounded nice.
As we've established,
he's not particularly bright.
So, you said MinnetKable
asked for you specifically?
He did, yeah.
Because of the news, yeah?
Well, I might be disliked
by my colleagues,
but the camera
absolutely loves me.
You're lying.
See, you didn't used to speak on camera.
You never answered questions,
not even on your own cases.
Robbie told me.
Said your boss was a sexist
prick who didn't allow it.
I was still ON the news
all the time. He saw me.
You said he heard you talking.
But he couldn't have, could he?
So, how do you know Minnet Kable?
Yeah, this is it, isn't it?
This is what you haven't
wanted to talk about.
What have you been hiding? I don't hide.
But you've pushed it too far this time.
It's a big mistake.
And why's that?
Because I know you now.
I know your nightmare.
The Donkey Pitch case was
fucked from the get-go.
Rain washed away any forensics
that we would have gotten.
Witnesses were just a bunch of
dumb teenagers who weren't talking.
And for the kicker? No motive.
It was never going to be solved.
I met Kable on another case.
He was just a witness, nothing important.
But that's why he asked for
me when he came to confess.
Matthews and I accepted his statement,
we got Kable into custody,
informed the families, gave them closure.
About a week later, I was typing
up a report for my other case,
the one where I first met Kable,
and I'm looking at our conversations,
just adding things up
He's got an alibi for the
night of the murders.
Kable confessed for attention.
People do it sometimes,
especially when they're a bit dim.
His solicitor was never
going to find that alibi,
so I didn't tell Matthews,
I didn't tell anyone.
Because what's the point?
We are supposed to put
people like that in prison.
Who cares how we get them there?
No, you see, that look!
Next time I see you
..that is going to be
smacked clean off your face.
Cos you've got a prison visit with
Minnet Kable today, haven't you?
Be sure to ask him
about his nest.
Mr Kable,
my name is Jack Caffery.
I'm a police detective.
You confessed to killing those
two kids on the Donkey Pitch.
That's why you're in here. Is that right?
When you went to the police
to tell them what you did,
you spoke to a woman.
But you already knew
that woman, didn't you?
What did you and her talk about?
Look, I am not after
getting you in trouble.
I just want to know what you
and that woman talked about.
I think that she doesn't like you,
and I just want to
know the reason.
Cos I killed those two kids.
No, see
I think that maybe she didn't
like you even before that.
She told me you need to be in prison,
even before the Donkey Pitch.
But I wasn't bad before the Donkey Pitch.
It was just thoughts.
What thoughts?
She said
..you don't go to prison for thoughts.
So I told her about them.
I told her I thought
about them all the time.
You thought about who, Mr Kable?
I came there a lot.
To watch.
To have the thoughts.
I liked to go there.
Was it a school, Mr Kable?
Or a playground?
Is that where you liked to go?
I wouldn't tell her which ones I liked,
because I didn't want
her to take them away.
I had a plan.
I was going to take care of them.
I was going to keep them
together because they're sisters.
I made them a place to sleep.
It was warm.
It was their own nest.
But I can't see them any more.
Because I'm in here.
But that's good, right?
Oh, my
Get in the fucking car and drive away.
Come on. Don't be a dick.
Don't be a dick. Don't be a dick.
Mrs Anchor-Ferrers, you need to listen.
I'm going to uncuff you.
We're going to get you out of here,
you and your family.
But we have to move fast,
and we have to be very, very quiet.
With this?
You stupid cow.
You killed the wrong one.
Well, thank you.
Saved me the bother.
It was going to be so awkward.
We'd made plans.
Oh,yeah. Almost forgot.
Today's the day
you're going to die.
This is so thoughtful of you.
It's no bother, really. But it is.
Very kind.
Well, I'll, erm leave you two.
It was so nice to meet you.
Yes, ma'am. You, too.
All right.
My wife and I are taking a little break.
But we'll patch things up.
Anyway, it didn't seem worth
it to rent another place.
No, it's nice. You know,
you two getting to spend time together.
You'll be glad of that one day.
You know, you could have
been hurt much worse.
It's not a big deal.
Thank you.
You going to question Bones?
He's been charged and released.
He's got an alibi for the
Donkey Pitch murders.
Matthews told me.
Bones knows something.
He's involved with what
happened on the Donkey Pitch.
You know that. It's a closed case, Prody.
But it's closed wrong.
Which means the killers
are still out there.
Are you all right with that?
I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffany
Children, behave
That's what they say when
we're together That's what
they say when we're together
And watch how you play
They don't understand And so we're ♪
They don't understand And so we're
Running just as fast as we can
Holding on to
one another's hand
Trying to get
away into the night
And then you put your arms around me and we
tumble to the ground And then you put your
arms around me and we tumble to the ground
And then you say
I think we're alone now
There doesn't seem to be anyone around
There doesn't seem to be anyone around
I think we're alone now
Look at the way
Any volunteers?
Please don't do this!
No! Please!
Mm, decisions, decisions.
No, don't!
Don't! Please!
No, no, no, no! No!
No! No! No, no! Hey, hey OK, OK
Don't! Please, please!Here's the deal
Here's the deal
Come on, rein it in now.
Take a deep breath.
Ah Please, please!
And accept it.
There we go.
Very good.
Please don't
..make my daughter
..feel any pain.
I beg you.
No pain!
Whatever you need to do,
whatever violence is in you,
just take it out on me.
Do anything to me!
But just not her!
I want to ask you about Sophie and Hugo.
I've nothing to do with that.
But you knew them.
They came to YOUR raves.
YOU sold them drugs.
You know they were
only 18 when they died?
Just a couple of innocent kids.
Sophie and her friends had a gathering.
Out on some farm.
Couple of weeks before they died.
And they hurt somebody.
Whatthe fuck?
So, how long till the police get here?
Yeah, I know you've cut off the alarm,
but they're still coming,
ain't they? How long?Six minutes.
They'll arrest you.
I know you're used to getting
your way with the police,
cos you're rich and you're white,
but I'm actually one of them.
Whatever I tell them,
it'll stick.
And even if nothing comes of it,
I will personally make sure
that it is public and ugly.
..I can already be gone when they arrive.
And this this can just be an accident.
What do you want?
You all had gatherings
out on Hugo's farm.
But one day, something happened.
Someone got hurt.
Why does that even matter?
Cos I'm asking.
Where is she?
Where's my wife?
Butthat would ruin the surprise.
Please tell me where she is!
So much for that stiff
upper lip your generation's
always banging on about.
Please! Now,
I need you to be a good boy
and head over there by the wall.
No!Go on, now. Go on.
Mind the corpse.
There was this girl.
Hugo had been fucking her.
But in secret.
And then she turned
up at the farm.
Hugo was drunk. He flipped out.
He thought Sophie would
figure that he'd fucked her.
So he started being mean to her.
He was trying to
get her to leave.
But she was too stupid to take the hint.
Well, and then
And then what?
Look, they were drunk.
They thought it was funny.
We weren't a part of it.
Yeah, we were telling them to stop.
What happened?
Where's my mum?
Come on now, Lucia.
Be a good girl.
What did you do to her?
Go and sit with your father.
Go on.
There was this pen on the farm.
Traps animals and that.
And they, erm
..theytricked her into it.
Are you scared? Are you scared?
Then Hugo started messing around.
Showing off for Sophie.
It was the kind of thing Bones would do.
Hugo didn't actually mean to do anything.
He wasn't really going to. It was just
Sophie was laughing and encouraging him.
And it slipped out of his hand.
What has any of this got to
do with the Donkey Pitch?
It's not like SHE did it.
She was just a girl.Mm.
She literally couldn't have
killed Sophie and Hugo.
What's the name of the girl?
People underestimate my daughter.
Why don't you take a seat, Lucia?
When she was young, she destroyed
my wife's flowers in the garden.
She then denied it.
We put cameras up to deter
Lucia from doing it again.
They were only ever meant for our use.
Lucia killed a cat while being filmed,
to spite us.
You've got to be
fucking joking
Psychiatrists told us that Lucia
could be treated from home.
But we chose to send her
away to a mental institution.
Because we were ashamed.
It was the biggest
mistake we've ever made.
She came back ten times worse.
Did not see that one coming.
Life is full of surprises.
The girl's name is Lucia Anchor-Ferrers -
which is a pretty fucking
memorable surname,
and it turns out that
I've seen it before.
Oliver Anchor-Ferrers is
on my list of ring owners.
You want to guess what
his wife's name is?
Don't suppose it's Matilda?
Right you are.
Now, I've no idea how "Jimmy"
is a nickname for "Oliver"
but the rest of it adds up.
It's the Anchor-Ferrers' ring,
the Anchor-Ferrers' dog,
and Lucia Anchor-Ferrers is at least
one of the Donkey Pitch killers.
The Anchor-Ferrers,
are they based in Monmouthshire?
Yeah. Why?
Housekeeper has been
reported missing in the area.
Name's Beca Van Der Bolt.
All right, I'm headed
to their address now.
Now, Prody, I need you
to do something for me.
JackWait for 30 minutes.
If you don't hear
from me by then
..call backup.
Tell them everything you
know about the case.
I trust you.
My dog was supposed to be
with me in the ivy room.
I know.
I'm sorry.
But it would have been too obvious if
There were blankets in there for her.
Food and water under the bed.
I know. I know.
Has she come back?
What if she's hurt?
Oh I'm sorry.
And I love you, darling.
I love you, too.
Look at me.
The rest of it's gone quite well, yeah?
Are you happy?
I am.
Though I was looking
forward to killing him.
He ruins everything.
Wait a minute.
Where's my mum?
She was supposed to be in here.
We're supposed to kill them both.
Yeah, so, uh
Yeah, we need to talk about that.
Talk about what?
But first, there there's one
small thing you don't know about.
Your dad sort of botched
the call to the bank.
The money wasn't transferred.
What the fuck?
There was nothing I could do.
It was your one job!
That doesn't feel like an
accurate statement at all.
Well, now what are
we going to do?
My dad didn't leave me the money.
My brother will get all of it.
Just listenNo! I told you.
Dad left everything to
him because he thinks
I can't handle it or whatever.
LuciaIt's not fair!
Hear me out.
OK? Darling, just
Just hear me out.
What if no-one gets the money right now
because maybe your mum survives?
Your mum - who was never
REALLY as bad as your dad,
if we're being honest -
she's in the attic and still has no idea
you were in on this.
And who's really easy to control.
And then, once you've got
her to change the will
so you inherit your fair share,
then maybe
..she has a little accident.
And then maybe
..a bit later something
happens to Kiernan.
All we need is a bit more
patience than we thought.
It's all going to work out,
just like I promised.
I'm Detective Jack Caffery.
Kiernan Anchor-Ferrers.
Pleased to meet you.
A woman has been reported missing,
a housekeeper.
Beca Van Der Bolt.
Oh, no. Beca?
I'm just speaking to a few
people in the neighbourhood,
seeing if anyone knows anything.
Goodness me. Erm
Do come in.
May I offer you some tea?
Yes, thanks.
Don't have much of a watchdog,
do you, Mr Anchor-Ferrers?
She's probably off roaming somewhere.
But, please, call me Kiernan.
Are those your parents?
Does that say"Jimmy"?
It's Oliver, actually.
"Jimmy" was Dad's nickname
when he was young.
He served in the Royal Signals. They
They all call themselves that.
So, Beca Van Der Bolt.
Did she work for your family?
Beca's been looking after
this place since we were kids.
My sister and I.
And is your sister home?
Oh, she's off somewhere. God knows where.
Lucia's, uh
..always been a bit
Hmm. Younger sister?
Mm. 22.
If Lucia's 22 now
..then she would've beena teenager around
the time ofthe Donkey Pitch killings.
Did she know the victims?
Well, I don't mean to be rude,
Detective, but, um
..what's that got
to do with Beca?
Oh, nothing. You mentioned that
Lucia was a bit problematic.
I was just
..wondering if maybeshe was traumatised
from when Sophieand Hugo passed.
They weren't friends.
Oh? They didn't run in the
same social circles, then, no?
Sucha shame,
what happened to them.
And from what I understand,
Sophie and Hugo were great kids.
Really kind.
It always bothered me,
that crime, if I'm honest.
I never could see how just one
killer could have done all of that.
It feels like there had to have been two.
Does something smell?
Shouldn't. I took the
bins out last night.
I know that smell, Mr Anchor-Ferrers.
Is that blood?
Drop the knife!
Drop the knife!
Drop the knife.
Oh, piss off.
It's all right. I'm police.
You're one of them!
You'll hurt me!
I'm going to need you to
step away from the window.No!
I will jump. I swear.
I'd rather fall and die
than let you do whatever you're planning.
Can you at least
tell me your name?
All I'm asking is your name.
Lucia Anchor-Ferrers.
I'm Detective Caffery,
and Newport County
Police are on their way.
No. No, it's not
Whatever was planned here
has failed.It's not
The police will be here soon.
Now, how many men are there?
Two. That's one of them.
I don't know where the other one is.
He's downstairs. He's dead.
No. He can't be.
He's fooling you.
I killed him myself. He's dead.
Now, come in from the window.
Come on, Lucia.
You don't want this to be over, do you?
It's been too much fun.
Just let me see if I can figure this out.
The one downstairs, he's a
..a boyfriend?
And this one here is
..a friend of his?
I assume he was promised money.
This was a big job.
And it has been going
on for days, hasn't it?
But that's the part you like.
It's the torture.
You and the boyfriendtortured Sophie and
Hugo for weeksbefore you killed 'em.
You know, breaking into
their homes, scaring them,
messing with their meds, taking pictures.
Don't forget the porn.
Ah, that's right, the porn.
Nice touch.
You think I'm mad, don't you?
I'm not.
I used to think that
someone would save me.
Because I was so unhappy.
And I know that everyone saw it, but
..it never happened.
Not with my parents, the kids at school.
And there were so many times when
if one thing had gone
differently, maybe
But then I realised
..nobody saves you if
you don't deserve it.
Nobody saves you if
you're a piece of shit.
So if you're a piece of shit
..why not lean into it?
So you're just evil, then?
With agency.
I just realised something.
You HAVE to save me.
You're a copper.
And I
..really need saving.
..Super-duper suicidal.
Oh, God, you're pathetic.
As if I'd ever really try and
Dacw'r delyn, dacw'r tannau
I witnessed my daughter leave our house
on the night of the Donkey Pitch murders.
She has no alibi.
I never told the police.
I never told my wife.
I have no excuse
for my behaviour,
but my hope is that, in death,
I can somehow make things right.
May the truth finally be known.
Dacw'r feinwen, hoenus, fanwl
We are supposed to put
people like that in prison.
Who cares how we get them there?
Mrs Anchor-Ferrers?
Mrs Anchor-Ferrers?
I'm police, ma'am. Ma'am, I'm police!
The two men inside are both dead.
You're lying.
I am police.
No, you're one of them!
I'm not. I promise you.
Take my hand.
I am here to help you, ma'am.
I got you. I got you.
It's over.
It's over.
I have a choice.
I could tell you the truth about
your granddaughter's death,
what I found out
and the decisions that I made.
But you may not like what I chose to do.
Or I could lie to you and tell
you I found nothing at all.
But that doesn't
sit right with me.
So I've decided to leave it up to you.
You can choose.
If you want, I'll tell
you what I found out.
And what I did about it.
Will the personwho killed my
granddaughterever hurt anyone again?
No. Well, then
..what does the
rest really matter?
Did you find her home?
Yeah, I think I did.
I've done what you asked.
The dog. The family.
It's over now.
And you were right, so, please
..tell me what you know about
what happened to my brother.
The man who beat your
neighbour in prison
..Iknow him.
And I know what he's
telling me is the truth.
But he'll never talk to the cops.
Ivan Penderecki had been stalking
your brother prior to abducting him.
He had a plan in place to kidnap
Ewan on his way home from school.
The fight
..that you two had in the treehouse
..it provided an unexpected
opportunity to take him.
But it would have happened,
no matter what.
No, you're lying. You're just saying
that toWhen Ewan walked home
from school, he passed
through a short tunnel,
winds through the park near your home.
How would I know that unless what
I'm telling you is the truth?
Ewan would have been
taken one way or another.
It's not your fault.
I should've known it wasn't a nightmare.
That it was real.
I should've said something.
If I'd have said something,
then maybe none of
this would've happened.
But it did.
Then Then I should've stayed.
I should've been braver.
I never even told my
parents what I'd seen.
I thought I'd get in trouble.
And then And then I
thought I'd imagined it.
How old were you, Jack?
I was eight.
Do you remember
how young that is?
There was a fingerprint on the robot toy?
Yeah, that's right.And it was
a match for Jack's brother?
An exact match.
That toy wasn't even made until 2004.
That means Jack's brother
wasn't killed in 1998.
That would mean that he was
alive until at least 2004.
Maybe longer.
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