Wolf Creek (2016) s02e01 Episode Script


1 (BIRDS CHIRP) (CLICKING) (SINISTER MUSIC BUILDS) (CLICK) What do you reckon, Mick? Oh, it's pretty flash, isn't it, eh? Yeah, yeah, you know, that beauty'll shoot the brown eye out of a pig's arse at a thousand yards.
(LAUGHS) Good one! That'd make ya brown eye bloody, eh? (MAN LAUGHS) Oh, bloody oath, it would! You're a bit late this year, eh? Thought you'd be here a couple of months earlier.
- Yeah, I got delayed, mate.
- Oh.
Mate, if you want piggies, you oughta go up the Territory.
They had bucketloads of rain up there about six weeks ago.
- Pissin' down, eh? - Yeah, yeah.
MAN: I was just thinkin' about your dad, you know.
He used to come in here.
This is years back.
Years back, he'd come in here, mate, buy all his ammo for his dogging, and he'd always hang about for a bit of a yarn.
- He was a funny bastard.
- Oh, yeah? I loved him, mate.
He would have been the best dogger.
And fight! I saw him hit this fuckin' bloke once, mate, with a short right.
It was like he'd been hit with a fuckin' hammer.
Don't make 'em like that anymore.
God saw what he'd done and broke the mould.
- (LAUGHS) - Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, talkin' about your dad, there's been a been a bit of trouble down around your old stomping ground, eh? - Is that right? - Yeah.
There's some mad bastard killing everyone down there.
Makes you think, doesn't it? Oh, mate.
It's fuckin' shockin', isn't it? I reckon this cop'll get him, though.
- Who's that, then? - Yeah, this cop here.
MICK: Christ, he's an ugly bastard, isn't he? MAN: Oh, yeah, but I'll tell ya what, these mad bastards, you know, they reckon they got it all together, but they just make one mistake.
Someone recognises them.
They recognise the car.
They get all these little clues.
They put 'em together.
It's just like a big jigsaw puzzle.
And they're gone.
- Is that right? - Oh, mate.
I watched that HBO doco series, you know, on crime? They always got the murderer.
Uh! Just like that bloody Snowtown bunch of pricks.
I don't watch them crime shows.
Too violent, mate.
I like the funny stuff, you know? (BOTH LAUGH) Yeah.
Well Look, is there anything else I can get for ya? No, no.
I'm right, mate.
Got what I need here.
See you again soon, eh? - See ya, Tommy.
- Yeah.
But keep takin' the tablets, ya old bastard, eh? Just the blue ones, eh, so Stand up like a fuckin' telegraph pole.
Can still raise a sword, you're still in the fight.
Eh? Just gotta find the right size cabin, mate.
(LAUGHS) - Take a wombat, mate.
- Oh, get out.
(LAUGHS) You bastard.
You forget something? You know what, Tommy? You talked me into it.
- I'll take this one.
- Oh, beauty! What, do you want a box of ammo? - Yeah, mate, that'd be good.
- Just the one box? Yeah, that'll do.
Ta, mate.
It's got a beautiful balance, that gun, you know? Beautiful balance, it is.
Smooth action.
I'll tell you what (TOMMY GASPS) What the fuck? (CHOKES) (GROANS) You want the good news or the bad news? It's you.
It's you, isn't it? No news is good news.
(ENGINE STARTS) (GENTLE ACOUSTIC GUITAR INTRO) SONG: Travelling in a fried-out kombi On a hippie trail Head full of zombie I met a strange lady She made me nervous She took me in And gave me breakfast And she said Do you come from a land Down Under Where women glow And men plunder? Can't you hear Can't you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover (LOW, OMINOUS MUSIC) (NORTH AMERICAN ACCENT) How offline is offline? (NORTH AMERICAN ACCENT) Think about the middle of nowhere and then double the nothing.
Becca, no.
Come on! (LAUGHS) This is our chance to get away from that stuff.
Just ditch 'em.
Doesn't that feel better? If you're happy, I'm happy.
- MAN: G'day, mate.
- G'day.
Yeah, so our transport today is a converted MAN TGM, seating up to 22 passengers.
- How you going? - Good, thanks! I was just saying, our transport today is a converted MAN TGM, seating up to 22 passengers.
- Oh, right.
The the bus? - Yeah, yeah.
Comes with a flexible ladder frame, live front and rear axles and long travel springs.
MAN: Right.
MAN 2: It's also got an enclosed drive shaft.
MAN: Hey, mate.
How you goin'? - Beauty.
Go get comfortable.
- Hey.
How you going? I'll take those for you.
Thank you.
- It's Richie, isn't it? - Yes.
- Yeah.
- How ya goin'? You know a fair bit about the bus, mate.
- RICHIE: Yeah, no, definitely.
- Great! Hey, guys.
How are ya? - Excellent.
- Yeah, no, I like all coaches.
We've got Volvos in New Zealand.
- DAVO: Okay? - Yeah, both TLs and the REs.
But no converted TGMs, so That's why I'm here.
What, you're here for the bus? You're not here to see the majestic Australian outback? RICHIE: Well, you know, to see it from a cloth-covered reclinable MAN TGM seat, through double-glazed tinted windows, yes.
Well, I guess it is a fairly unique experience.
- No, no.
Just unique, actually.
- Eh? Well, there are no degrees of uniqueness.
I mean, something's either unique or it isn't.
You know, like the Karosa single-deck B 741 is unique to Czechoslovakia.
DAVO: Okay, yeah.
So, Richie, I'm guessing that you're here on your own, mate, 'cause you don't have a partner.
- Correct.
- Right.
I mean, I did have a girlfriend once.
- Who you met on a bus? - Yeah! Yeah! - It was a Volvo B10L.
- Right.
We used to catch it to work together, for a while.
But then she got her licence.
Didn't really see her much after that.
- No? - Don't know why.
- I tried calling.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Yeah, but then Mum said not to worry.
She said sometimes, you know, some people are just like that.
- Yeah.
- So - Anyway, here I am.
- Great! Well, lucky us, eh? - Yep.
That's all right.
- I'll get that.
Chuck that in and, oh, yeah, balance it up.
- No, it's good.
- Beautiful.
Righto, mate.
Well, thanks, Richie, for your help.
Jump on and I'll - You right with the - Yeah, all good.
- All good, thanks, buddy.
- Little cord there.
That's great.
Thank you, mate.
Nice packing.
- Whoops.
- Oopsie! That's it.
Oh, jam 'em in.
Good work.
- Yep.
It'll be a good one.
- All set? (TOURISTS CHATTER) Yeah! Alrighty! How are we all, gang? All good? - MAN: We're good.
- DAVO: Excellent.
Well, uh, look, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this outback tour of central Australia.
My name's Ian Davison, but you can call me Davo.
- Davo.
- Hey, Davo! DAVO: Nice one.
Thank you.
Now, I'm gonna be your driver and guide for the next two weeks.
Just doing a quick head count, and we are just still waiting on a couple of passengers.
So, in the meantime, when I call your name off the manifest, why don't you tell us where you're from and maybe a little interesting fact about yourself.
WOMAN: (NORTH AMERICAN ACCENT) We can make it! Let's go! Oh, Jesus! - MAN: Hey! - WOMAN: Sorry! Oh, man.
That guy came out of nowhere.
(NORTH AMERICAN ACCENT) Kel, it was just the cleaner.
He should wear a bell or something.
Almost had a fucking heart attack.
I don't want that to happen right now.
Can we slow down? Wait.
Where do we go? That way? No, come on! Richie Langman.
Um Hi.
My name's Richie.
I come from Blenheim, in New Zealand.
That's terrific.
Thanks, Richie.
Good on you, mate.
Uh - WOMAN: Oh, my God! - Hello.
- Sorry.
- That's all right.
No worries.
Just duck down the back.
Pop your bag down there.
DAVO: Get comfy.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- That's okay.
- Sorry, everyone.
Oh! DAVO: No worries.
We weren't gonna leave without ya.
Just throw your big bag up there and we'll sort that out later.
All right, gang, our next intrepid traveller is Mr Wade Chedi.
Hey, guys.
Uh, my name's Wade, and I am from Adelaide! - Yoww! - MAN: Hello.
DAVO: Good stuff, mate.
Now, the next group is the Weber family.
(GERMAN ACCENT) Oh, 'Veber'.
The 'Veber' family.
- 'Veber'? - Ja, ja.
Oskar, Nina and Emma.
DAVO: Nice to meet you, guys.
All right, guys, now, most importantly, who is up for an outback adventure? (ALL CHEER) Excellent! Rightio.
Let's get it going, eh? SONG: I'm going up the country Ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna be travelling due north out of Adelaide now.
We're gonna stop for lunch at a place called Port Augusta.
Now, Port Augusta was founded in 1852, named after Lady Augusta Young.
Who was the wife of the state governor, Sir Henry Young.
(LAUGHS) Who is that? I knew that.
- Thank you! (LAUGHS) - Thanks, Richie.
Out of a job! And then tonight, we're gonna stop at a great little spot called Gemini Creek.
And we've got some awesome places lined up for you, guys.
Sunrises and sunsets and, oh, rivers and desert and bush and crazy wildlife.
Look You name it, Australia's bloody got it.
- (ALL CHEER) - DAVO: Let's do it! I've got a good feeling about this one, gang! - You're into it, yeah? - I am into it.
I'm gonna leave the city, got to get away I'm gonna leave the city, got to get away All this fussing and fighting Man, you know I sure can't stay (PHONE BUZZES) (LAUGHS) Put it back in? Can you just not get mad? I ain't mad.
And you better take it.
I'll be, like, five seconds.
Go for it.
I'm not stopping you.
- (PHONE BEEPS) - Look.
MAN: That must've been so hard for you.
(WHISPERS) You're such an asshole.
(LAUGHS) Ohh! to the wilds of South Australia? Uh well, we normally have a week in Paris and do the Louvre, that sort of thing, but, uh, this time, Bec suggested a challenge.
REBECCA: Yeah, Danny's more a fishing-trip-with-the-guys kind of person, so I wanted to go somewhere he'd love.
How thoughtful of you.
What about you? You just felt the magnetic pull of raw nature? No, uh Once a year, I search for cheap flights online and and just try and go somewhere completely different.
Really? That random? Variety's the spice of life and all that.
- How you going? I'm Steve, and this is my partner, Johnny.
We were just wondering about your your accent.
- Actually, we made a bet.
- We did.
What do you call sophisticated Americans with health cover? - Canadians.
- Ohh, Canadians! - Born and bred, yep.
- STEVE: Yes! KELLY: Nice to meet you.
NINA: Have you been to Australia before? MAN: No, ma'am.
You? Ja.
We have lived here for 10 years.
But we have never gone bush.
It seemed like a shame to sit at home with all this to explore.
That's what brought me out here.
I had to get out of my comfort zone.
Australia is so beautiful.
We can't just wait around, regretting what we didn't do, can we? DAVO: Tomorrow night, we're gonna camp out under the stars.
I can guarantee that you have never seen the Milky Way like you're gonna see it out here.
Mother Nature really does put on quite a spectacular show.
Take me to the April sun Come on, take me Take me to the April sun REBECCA: Thanks, Davo.
- A photo? - Oh! - Doo-doo-doo-doo - Wow! Incredible! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Wow! - Oh, my God! - OSKAR: It's incredible! - Hi, Mum! - Hi, Mum.
- (LAUGHS) (SIGHS) (CAMERA CLICKS) - WOMAN: Thank you! - (CAMERA CLICKS) "Welcome to the Flinders Ranges, gateway to the outback.
" NINA: Smile, Emma.
(LAUGHS) In the olden days, they used to dig into this with hand tools, ja? Sometimes they went down to 50 metres.
EMMA: Hmm.
Could you take a photo of me, please? (CAMERA CLICKS) (LAUGHS) Face that way.
Look at me.
- (CAMERA CLICKS) - Awesome.
- How about a smile? - (LAUGHS) - There we go.
- (CAMERA CLICKS) - These are awesome.
- Yeah? Yeah, yeah, definitely.
Check that out.
Oh, wow.
One of these is totally a profile pic.
- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
No, no, thank you.
- How you going, Wade? - Good, man.
- Oh! Wow.
They're gorgeous.
- I I agree.
- (LAUGHS) - I agree.
(LAUGHS) Will you stop being such a child? Hey.
You all good? Boys.
You know.
(LAUGHS) Righto, guys.
Should we jump back on? EMMA: You're, like, really good at photography.
WADE: Thank you.
DAVO: All aboard.
(UNSETTLING MUSIC) (BIRD SQUAWKS) Uh, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo.
That's amazing.
You ever driven a Scania? Yeah.
Yeah, I did, actually.
The Volgren.
- K113TR? - Uh, yeah.
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, they were a bloody nice coach.
And then, is that your parents up there? Yeah.
Dad's idea of a farewell tour.
He works in mining and they've called him back to Bonn, so Mum says I gotta finish school back in Germany.
- So lame.
- Oh, wow.
That's awesome.
I would kill to live in Germany.
- Right? - Yeah.
- Really? - Totally.
Germans are the coolest.
You know, they basically invented beer.
(WOMAN LAUGHS) She she's 15! - That's true.
- And so much more.
They have an amazing art scene, like, awesome bands, fashion, photography.
- I think you'll really like it.
- Yeah, it's great.
I mean, I guess that's kinda cool.
So, what do you get when you cross a German and a man? - BOTH: What? - A Ger-man.
(ALL LAUGH) - That's terrible! - You're so lame! DANNY: Oh, God, I hope this trip doesn't go all college grads and spring break.
Three girls, one guy.
Looks like trouble waiting to happen.
(ALL LAUGH) It'll sort itself out in the end.
Might be a few broken hearts along the way, but people are very good at sticking themselves back together.
So, what's your line of work? - I'm a psychiatrist.
- Private practice? Forensic.
I work a lot in the prison system, assessing inmates.
- Oh! That sounds like fun.
- It has its moments.
I'm mostly concerned with the environmental factors that promote violent behaviour.
- It can be genetic.
- Yes, partly.
What, there's a gene for violence? Yeah.
It's called the warrior gene.
It regulates dopamine and some other stuff.
So if one of the alleles is 30 bases shorter and you've suffered abuse as a child Then you're probably one of my subjects.
Yeah, so whether it seems reasonable to murder people actually all depends on your genes.
You're very well versed on the subject.
Medical background? Science.
I'm a geneticist.
I launched a start-up two years ago.
- Really? - Yeah.
It's still going.
So when people say, like, he or she is somewhere on the spectrum, my company, hopefully, can pinpoint where.
Sounds fascinating.
- They're doing amazing work.
- Thank you.
We must swap emails before the trip's over.
- Yeah.
Sounds good.
- Sure.
DAVO: Righto, guys and girls, who wants one more song? (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) (TOURISTS CHATTER) MAN: A little something-something? - What have we got? - DAVO: Right.
So Australia's three great contributions, plastic money, wi-fi and insect repellent.
- Ah, nice one.
- Whoo! You're gonna need it out here, you guys, 'cause the mozzies get as big as Cessnas.
- I'll grab that.
- Thanks, Richie.
Um, we're gonna get an early start tomorrow, gang.
Look, just one last thing.
If you have to leave your tent at night, just be careful of snakes, okay? And if you do get bitten, um, just use a bandage to put pressure on it, don't wash it.
They'll need to take the saliva from around the bite wound to determine what type of snake it was.
If it was a brown, for example.
They're the deadliest snakes in the world.
I mean, they're all around here.
Try and avoid 'em, at least, 'cause that would pretty much end the trip.
(LAUGHTER) - Great.
- That's just terrific.
That's that's really good news.
DAVO: I'll leave you with that one, you guys.
- Sleep well.
- Goodnight.
- Is he joking? - Um No, mate, no.
- I really don't think he is.
- No.
- Tent? - God, yes.
- Okay.
- 'Night.
- 'Night.
- Goodnight - Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, fellas.
- Goodnight - Goodnight.
Sleep well.
We should probably turn in too.
- Can I just finish this? - Sure.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Are you all right? Is it that obvious? (LAUGHS) Are you married, or were you, ever? Yes, I was, but not for long.
Long enough to know a happy one needs constant work.
Yeah, exactly.
Hence the camping adventure he'd normally do with his buddies? Hence the camping adventure.
(LAUGHS) It's me.
It's, um It's this start-up I was telling you about.
It just sucks up all my time and energy.
And I really thought he was okay with it, and then just He just gave me the ultimatum and I was in total shock.
Still am.
(LAUGHS) Anyway, I should have known to save more time for us, but I just Oh, this is so boring.
Are you gonna bill me for this? Would that be a problem? REBECCA: Okay, I'm turning in.
Um I shouldn't have had this conversation.
What conversation? 'Night.
My parents split up about 10 years ago, so I went to live with my dad.
He got remarried to a lady who's a pretty strict Muslim.
And because of her, he got really devout.
I wind up couch-surfing then realised I had to come up with a way to pay rent.
And the one thing I love is to travel, so turned it into a business.
I'd love to get out of my place.
My parents don't get anything.
How do you make money off of a blog? Advertising.
And it comes easy when you have a million followers.
What? You are famous! I'm internet-famous.
It's nothing.
- You'll have to 'like' me.
- I do.
I mean, I will.
I will.
Right now.
(PHONE BEEPS) There's no reception.
(LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) Goodnight.
(ALL SPEAK INDISTINCTLY) - REBECCA: They're a good bunch.
- DANNY: Yeah.
Brian's an interesting guy.
Yeah, he's nice.
- Is it cosy? - (GRUNTS) Why don't you get in and find out? No, just leave that open.
Nice to have some air come in.
Here you go.
- You good? - Yeah.
(SIGHS) So You think you'll survive the whole fortnight? Yes! I'm actually really enjoying it.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
What is that? I don't know, it was just probably someone with a flashlight.
- No.
Everybody's in bed.
- Danny, can you not? - There are snakes and stuff - I just want to have a look.
- What the hell was that? - I have no idea.
Good morning! JOHNNY: Oh, my God, that smells good! Yeah, no.
It's a really good barbecue, eh? See, the um, cast-iron, um, plate distributes the heat evenly.
No, that's the secret.
So Yeah.
It's good.
- Haven't lost anyone yet? - No, unfortunately.
- Davo, this is incredible.
- Oh, great.
Oh, hey, uh, what were those lights last night? Which lights? The lights that floated through the camp.
They were like two big headlights.
They buzzed right over the tents that way.
Tell me somebody else saw them.
- Anyone? - Saw what? I think Rebecca and Danny saw the min min lights.
Oh, the min mins! Yeah, um, they're these lights that just appear in the sky sometimes.
And they follow you round.
Lot of the Indigenous people think that they date back to the Dreamtime.
Most whiteys think that they're a warning.
But, you know, I think that they're just some sort of natural phenomenon, you know, like ball lightning or the southern aurora, something like that.
DAVO: Don't let 'em put you off your food, guys.
Did you see anything? No.
Yeah, no.
Me neither.
Hey, uh, when you get back online, could you send me those photos that you took yesterday? Yeah.
Um Sure.
I mean, I might have to crop 'em a little bit and add a few filters on.
(LAUGHS) I need some improvement, huh? Well Just a little bit, here and there.
Guys want a plate? DANNY: You've said you've seen 'em before? DAVO: Yeah, we've seen 'em a couple of times before.
DANNY: Here in this area, or? DAVO: No, I think it's just anywhere out, you know, there's a big, you know, vast expanse.
Righto, gang, you might have heard that there's gonna be a comet passing overhead tonight.
Let's do a barbecue dinner at Ikara Gorge.
I'll cook us up a big feast.
It might mean a little bit of a late finish, but I can guarantee that you do not want to miss these fireworks.
It's gonna be spectacular.
So general consensus, what do you reckon? - (ALL CHEER) - Whoo-hoo! Done.
SONG: Call it home Calling it home - (RICHIE GROANS) - Hey, Richie? - Yeah? - Hey, um Mate, I normally wouldn't ask, but I need a little favour, and you're the only one I can trust, mate.
The? Sure! Just keep an eye on it, make sure it doesn't spill.
- Sure.
Sure, yeah.
No worries.
- Thanks, mate.
Can I get you anything? Energy drink? - No, those things keep me awake.
- Oh, righto.
They're also diuretic, so end up having to go to the toilet every couple of hours or something, so - We can't have that, can we? - No.
Oh, perhaps just a juice or a soft drink or something.
- All right, mate.
- Yeah? - Oh, thanks.
- No worries.
- Cool.
- Thank you, Richie.
How you going? Just pay for the petty, thanks.
RADIO REPORTER: A whopping 37 degrees Actually, I'll grab these too.
REPORTER: Yes, Port Augusta, a high of 35 DAVO: Thank you.
REPORTER: at around 3 o'clock this afternoon.
And if you're thinking about taking a trip to Spencer Gulf, be on the lookout for those strong tidal currents today.
Now, most importantly, tomorrow night, eager sky-watchers will be able to catch the great comet Kimberley pass over our skies.
I want to hear your comet stories - This one taken, mate? - No, mate.
(SIGHS) (RADIO BROADCAST CONTINUES) - That yours, is it? - Yep.
Yeah? Where ya heading? Oh, I'm going north.
Alice, via all the usual spots.
- Oh, yeah? - DAVO: Yeah.
MICK: Whitefellas and blackfellas and yellow fellas.
You got wogs and towelheads, you'd have the full deck, wouldn't ya, hey? (CHUCKLES) Yeah, Europeans and Americans, Canadians.
A good mix.
And a couple of horse's hoofs.
Eh? - DAVO: Hey? - Dung punchers.
- (LAUGHS) - Knob gobblers.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, a good mix.
It must be fun, though.
You gotta pull their legs a bit, don't ya? You know.
Take the mickey.
You know.
Have a bit of a giggle, right? - Yeah? - Yeah, sorta.
Yeah, you gotta give 'em a fright, don't ya? I mean, I got this, uh dead brown snake in my freezer back at my place, right? And if anyone camps nearby, I go out and chuck the snake into the tent, right? - (BOTH LAUGH) - Right? It causes a hell of a ruckus.
Eh? I mean, they shit their pants, then they come screaming out of the tent.
- Screaming for their mummies! - (LAUGHS) Talk about a laugh.
Funny! (CHUCKLES) Yeah, no, that's bloody nice, yeah.
I mean I couldn't actually do it with this group.
- But, yeah, that's - Oh, come on.
You've got a freezer in that trailer, I'd reckon.
Hey? Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, but, I mean Look My group have have actually gotta trust me, you know? It's part of the deal, right? Yeah, that's the job, is it? Yeah.
Yeah, that is the job.
I mean, they just want to see the, you know, real Aussie outback from a real Aussie.
"Real Aussie outback from a real Aussie".
I ought to apply.
Who do I call? (CHUCKLES) (DAVO LAUGHS FAINTLY) What? Nah, nothin'.
What, you don't reckon I could take a mob of soft-cock tourists on a real Aussie adventure, eh? Yeah.
No, I just think your mouth might get you into a bit of trouble, mate, that's all.
- Oh, yeah? - You get me drift.
No offence.
No offence taken.
Anyway, I probably should get going.
- I'll catch you around, maybe.
- Yeah.
Have a good one.
- Hey, mate! - Yeah? Get fucked.
No offence.
She's all full? - Yep.
- There you go, mate.
Your juice.
- Do you mind hanging onto mine? - Sure.
- Wow, this is a bit flash.
- Thanks, buddy.
- Jump on, mate.
Get going.
- Yep.
All aboard! Let's get going.
Jump on.
My lucky number.
I'm turning.
(WOMEN EXCLAIM) - That looks exhausting.
- BRIAN: Yes.
Leave 'em alone.
They're having fun.
- I could go and join them.
- Go, go! - You should do it.
- That'd be all right, Oskar.
Yeah, go on.
Come on.
You think they must watch out for crocodiles? No, I think we're too far south.
- (WOMAN SCREAMS PLAYFULLY) - I was only joking.
Look out.
Oskar's had a few.
- I wasn't.
- (OSKAR LAUGHS) You should go down there.
Come on.
- DANNY: Come on, Oskar.
- No! No! - Oskar! - (OTHERS CHANT) Oskar! - Oskar - Oh, my God.
Oskar! Oskar! - Okay.
I go! - Yeah! - No, I'm only kidding.
- Oh! - You got us twice now.
- Got me.
(LAUGHS) NINA: You are not married? MAN: Uh no, ma'am.
Not anymore.
How long were you together? - 20 years.
- Ooh.
- Since high school.
- Oh.
She was my heart and soul.
I'm sorry.
Did she? Uh, pass away? No.
No, no, no, no, no.
We were, uh, separated for over a year, during my first tour of Iraq.
War puts a lot of pressure on relationships.
- One of the hidden costs.
- Hmm.
The funny thing is, I could be fearless facing down evil maniacs but, uh never found the courage to speak to my own wife.
- WOMAN: Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
- (TOURISTS LAUGH) - (EMMA SQUEALS) - Hm? - DANNY: Oh, man - My God! I got coverage! - (WOMEN SCREAM) - (WADE LAUGHS) - Hey.
What's happened? - (PHONE BEEPS) - (LAUGHS) - That looked like fun.
(PANTS) Yeah.
Oh, man.
Tell me, um I'm trying to figure it out.
Are you and Michelle, like, together? - What? - You know.
No, no, no.
- We're, like, best friends.
- STEVE: Really? - We go to college together.
- STEVE: Okay.
But you are gay, though, right? (LAUGHS) - Hey, I've had boyfriends.
- Oh! Bless.
(LAUGHS) - Fuck you, man.
- (BOTH LAUGH) Look, it's none of my business, but If you're in love with her, don't sleep with her.
I mean, she might only just be curious, you know? Could ruin your friendship.
KELLY: Is everything okay? Emma's boyfriend just broke up with her.
KELLY: Oh, man.
Hey, you're talking to the right girl.
She's had more break-ups than all the Kardashians put together.
Hey! (LAUGHS) STEVE: Who's hungry? Let's go and get something to eat.
- Let's do it.
- Come on! - Yeah.
- That was awesome.
(GENTLE MUSIC) Watch these rocks.
Oh! Oh, wow.
NINA: We are in Adnyamathanha country.
I think this is how you say it.
They are the native landowners.
They have a lot of special places, all over this land, as you would when you have lived on it for thousands of years.
They have some places for secret men's business and some places for secret women's business.
Hmm! God forbid we happen to keep secrets from each other.
What do you mean? Uh Well That was one of the problems Claire and I had, apparently.
- Oh.
- That I didn't open up.
(CHUCKLES) I thought I was just being me.
Well When you get older sometimes a woman can feel her husband doesn't see her anymore.
Well It looks like you got lucky with Oskar.
I did.
But what's with the rocks, though? - (LAUGHS) - (CHUCKLES) (BIRD SQUAWKS) (GRIM MUSIC) (TOURISTS LAUGH AND CHATTER) ('WE ARE HERE FOR SUCH A LITTLE WHILE' BY NICK THERRY PLAYS) - She's got some - (NINA SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) I'm just gonna find Kel and Michelle.
Of course.
But don't go too far, please, mein Schatz.
(EMMA REPLIES IN GERMAN) SONG: And we ought to make the most of it (BOTH CONVERSE INDISTINCTLY) Here we are in love It's plain to see And who could be opposed to it? Life is such a very precious gift And we shouldn't put our dreams to sleep Dare to dream as long as life endures - My heart is yours to keep - Ah-ah-ah - So take me in your arms - (TWIGS SNAP) - And hold me close - (LAUGHTER) (FAINT CHATTER) This hour is yours and mine (WOMAN SPEAKS MOCKINGLY) We don't have any aprons - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - MAN: That's good.
- MAN: Ooh! - WOMAN: He does.
- STEVE: What? - (MAN SNORTS) - MAN: Hey.
- EMMA: Hey.
- Oh, hi.
- How you doing? - It's just me.
- Oh, far out.
(MICHELLE GIGGLES) Want some? - Um - JOHNNY: Go on.
- STEVE: Come on, Em.
- JOHNNY: Come on.
Don't tell Dad.
JOHNNY: Come on, Em.
Couple of puffs aren't gonna kill anyone.
STEVE: Hey, it'll stop the pain.
I could use me some of that.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Easy, easy.
- (COUGHS) - Okay, okay, okay.
You all right? - You okay? - Yeah.
(COUGHS) - JOHNNY: Oh, hey.
Slow down.
Turn it off.
JOHNNY: Keep breathing.
Keep breathing.
Don't be like that.
It's good music to dance to.
No, it's ancient music, is what it is.
What, so you're not a fan of '60s rock, then? - No.
Are you? - (STAMMERS) Warning.
Okay? - He is a bass guitarist.
- Oh.
So do not give your opinion on modern music.
- KELLY: Wow.
- STEVE: Mm-hm.
Like, in a band, or? Yeah, I was.
I'm a session muso now.
JOHNNY: Most importantly, no more long tours interstate.
STEVE: Oh, yeah.
Get out of town.
(GIGGLES) Might head back to the camp.
Uh (MICHELLE WHISPERS AND GIGGLES) What do you reckon? - Yeah.
- Cool.
Uh, Kel, are you gonna come? Yeah.
In a minute.
- 'Night.
- STEVE: 'Night.
(MICHELLE GIGGLES AND CLEARS THROAT) (TWANGY MUSIC PLAYS) - Uh, Davo? - DAVO: Yo? You got anything made after 1978? Oh, do you mean, do I carry any of that mass-produced crap? Um, no.
- REBECCA: Come on! Yeah! - DAVO: Yes.
SONG: Sometimes I feel I've got to run away - I've got to - You don't want to see it.
Get away from the pain All right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right! - The love we share - Yeah! Seems to go nowhere And I lost my light For I toss and turn I can't sleep at night - Once, I ran to you - I (MICHELLE GIGGLES AND CLEARS THROAT) ('STATE OF THE HEART' BY MONDO ROCK PLAYS) Oh, man.
I got it in my eye.
(GIGGLES) SONG: I've told you mine Are you right? You have to inhale.
Oh, God! (GIGGLES) - MICHELLE: I'm so high.
- (WOMEN LAUGH) Oh, God.
Oh, God.
(LAUGHS) You work in town Hey, did Emma find you? STEVE: Yeah.
She, uh she found us.
- Oh.
- Hey, where's this comet, then? Shouldn't it be here about now? - Let's get a drink.
- Please.
Can you? I can see it.
Can you see? NINA: No.
OSKAR: Just to the right of the cluster.
DAVO: Yeah.
Hey, where are the others? STEVE: They're just over there.
They're not Hey, guys! Come and check out this comet! - State of the heart - Oh, wow.
Ooh! Right.
I've waited here - I need a shot of this.
In the state I'm in KELLY: You know, two degrees to the left and it would have smashed right into us.
(LAUGHS) Like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs.
Weird things, though.
Before telescopes, we had no idea.
- Wow.
- No idea.
The ancient Greeks used to think it was a a warning.
- Behave or you'll all be burnt.
- (LAUGHS) - Maybe they still are.
- OSKAR: No, no.
They are mostly a giant ball of dust and ice with a tail of water vapour.
That kills the romance.
(LAUGHS) Let's go.
Man, I am still high.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
I noticed.
(LAUGHS) And you're still flirting with Wade.
I just find black men so handsome.
Don't ask me why.
Um, okay, would I rather shoot a porn film Mm-hm.
or eat a cockroach? Cockroach.
Liar! - I would.
- (LAUGHS) Okay.
This is a good one.
Would you rather give up sex for a year or champagne forever? Ow! Ah.
- Champagne.
Ohh! - Yeah.
(LAUGHS) - Okay, my turn.
- Okay.
Would you rather work in a morgue Mmm.
or fall for a straight girl? Sorry.
Even for that game.
Don't be jealous, Kel.
I'm not.
You know how much you mean to me.
And if you do ever want to try a straight girl, call me first? (LAUGHS) Please, Michelle.
Can't you see that this messes me up? Not high any longer.
I'm going for a walk.
Isn't this what we have a tent for? Yeah, but doesn't this make you feel more alive? - Uh-huh.
- Mmm.
Oh! What about the others? - Oh, you want me to go get 'em? - Don't be silly.
This is perfect.
You're perfect.
(DANNY MOANS) (DANNY GROANS) Ooh, I'm on a rock.
REBECCA: Oh, sorry! Shit.
DANNY: It's okay.
It's okay.
Keep going.
How about you? (LAUGHS) You're always in the mood.
Just when you're around.
You're not just saying this because I'm gonna be around all the time now? No.
As long as you, you know, really think about it.
This is a big step, Johnny.
I mean Buying a house, setting up together.
I know, Steve.
I know.
I just I I don't want you you to get bored.
I mean, come on, you love being on tour.
I wouldn't want you to turn around in 20 years and then resent me because you made this decision for me.
I don't want to be on tour anymore.
I'm tired of it.
Want to be with you.
Right answer.
(BOTH LAUGH) We've still got it.
We're gonna be okay, aren't we? Definitely.
I love you, Danny.
I love you too.
Fuck! Do we have to leave? You want to do it again? Hell, yeah.
(HAMMERING NOISE) RICHIE: How's the light? Need some more light there? - DAVO: Yeah, thanks, mate.
- MAN: That's a lot of oil.
It's an oil leak from the sump plugs.
- He can fix now.
- Oh.
I don't know how long this is gonna take.
MAN: Is that tight enough? (HAMMERING) (REBECCA GIGGLES) REBECCA: Hey.
What's going on? Might be staying put for a while.
Oil leak.
What if he can't get it fixed? Ah, he's got a sat phone.
We can always call for help.
DAVO: Thanks, Richie.
Yeah, just a bit of an oil leak from the sump, that's all.
- What, you mean the sump plug? - Yeah.
What is the sump plugs? It lets you change the oil.
Well, they don't come loose on their own, now, do they? Nup.
Uh Probably just a, you know, maintenance error or something.
Boys have overlooked it in the yard.
But anyway, all good.
Five minutes, we're back on the road.
- Oh, my God! - (DAVO LAUGHS) All good.
- STEVE: Let's go.
- DAVO: Jump back on.
Get warm.
- We'll top it up, we'll go.
- Fair bit on the ground there.
- We got plenty in the back.
- RICHIE: Want me to drop this? - Thanks, buddy.
All right.
- That's good.
DAVO: Yeah, I'll clean that oil up in a sec.
Get the mat as well? - DAVO: Thanks, mate.
Oh, no shit.
Bloody hell.
(DOOR SQUEAKS AND BANGS) (FLIES BUZZ) (DAVO GROANS) - (ZAPPING SOUND) - (WIND HOWLS) (FLIES BUZZ) (DOOR SQUEAKS) (GROANS) (TOILET FLUSHES) (BELT BUCKLE CLINKS) (TAP RUNS) (EERIE MUSIC) (GROANS) What are you doin'? What are you doin'?! (DAVO GROANS AND GRUNTS) (DAVO GRUNTS) Whose mouth's got him in trouble now, eh? (GROANS) (CRACK!) (EERIE MUSIC) (BIRD CAWS) (BIRD CAWS) SONG: He sat by the door Of the grand old Birdsville Pub His swag and gear guarded by a faithful heeler dog He wore a shirt that would blind ya And a rumpled ringer's hat This old man was country He left no doubt of that There was legend in the lines Of his weather-beaten face Those eyes had seen a lot of changes Davo? In the Aussie race Where are we? The passing of the horseman Oh! G'day, love.