Wolf Creek (2016) s02e02 Episode Script


How are ya? - KELLY: Hi.
KELLY: I hope Davo's all right.
Weird he didn't say goodbye.
Oh, look.
It's the frowning Fräulein.
Says Magic Mick, who's so hilarious.
I thought it was funny.
Nearly died laughin' meself.
So, what's the deal with Davo? Did he say what his big family emergency was? No.
He just said he was in a bit of a hurry, that's all.
Didn't think it was any of my beeswax.
(LAUGHS) Now, why don't you stretch your legs and go down on the trail and find your mob and then we'll head off, eh? Awesome.
(MICK LAUGHS) DANNY: Do you think anyone heard? - REBECCA: What? - DANNY: Do you think they heard? - Heard what? - Last night.
- No.
- Good.
- I hope not.
- Yeah, okay.
Oh, hold on.
- REBECCA: My God.
- DANNY: See it? (REBECCA GASPS) Oh, it's an "e-moo".
I think it's called an emu anyway.
Well, why don't we ask Brian how to say it? - Do you think I like him? - Oh, I think he likes you.
Well, what's not to like? I'm pretty frickin' lovable.
Oh, the jury's out on that one.
MICHELLE: A bit weird, though, huh? Going to sleep with one driver and then waking up with another.
- KELLY: Yeah.
- Seems like a funny guy, though.
And he's got cool sideburns.
(ALL LAUGH) KELLY: Hey, when do we have to be back? EMMA: Uh, about 45 minutes.
- Whoa! Look at that.
- Wow.
WADE: It's rad.
How good's that? (WADE'S CAMERA CLICKS) (BOTH CAMERAS CLICK) - Oh! - Oh, my gosh! REBECCA: Oh! It's a small kangaroo.
Ah, I think you'll find it's called a wallaby.
REBECCA: Is that what you call a small kangaroo? No, they're a different species.
- How do you even know that? - Because I read a book.
But you don't read.
- (DANNY LAUGHS) - You don't.
Once a year, I read a book.
This was a cookbook.
I've never seen you read a book.
That thing looks delicious.
Let's try and eat it.
- DANNY: Come on! - REBECCA: Danny MICK: Ahh.
(SIGHS) (FLY BUZZES) Hi there.
How you goin'? All right? - WOMAN: Yeah, all right.
- Good on ya.
Is Davo around? He said he'd meet me here.
Called ahead last night.
Did he? Who are you? The company sent me up here to give him a bit of a hand.
You know? Look after him.
What? Oh, he's been feeling a bit crook lately, right? Oh.
Yeah, silly bugger's taken a walk up that hill there.
Let's see if we can go and find him, eh? What do you reckon? - (BIRDS CAW) - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah! He's crook in the guts, but he's an independent bastard.
You know what I mean? (CAWS) WOMAN: So, um, how long have you been in the tourist game for? MICK: Oh, I was born into it.
MICK: Nothin' I don't know about tourists.
(LAUGHS) WOMAN: We always catch up when he brings a tour group through.
I give a bit of a talk about the local area.
He chimes in with a joke or two.
- Is that right? - Yeah! - Yeah.
- Yeah.
We're a pretty good double act, usually.
Yeah, like a family, eh? (LAUGHS) - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Um Where do you think he is? Oh, he'd be down at the creek down the bottom there by now.
(SPLAT!) (RICHIE YAWNS) - Jesus! - (YAWNS) Where did you come from? Oh, I was a bit tired.
Just had a bit of a lie-down.
Yeah? I thought you were off with your mates, having a bit of a walk.
Yeah, nah.
Where'd that ranger go? - Who? - (FLY BUZZES) That ranger lady.
Oh, she was off having an inspection of some erosion or some bloody thing, and She'll be gone for a while, I reckon.
- Oh.
- (MICK LAUGHS) Yeah, I imagine she'd really need a vehicle with lots of clearance between the ground and the drive train.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I think that'd be the priority, eh? Oh, that and air conditioning.
Just made me think maybe an eight-seater, like a Safari Landcruiser, you know, might altogether, you know, be the best option for out here.
Or even a Mercedes Sprinter.
You know, 'cause they've both got the air helper suspension.
You know, and fire-extinguishers.
You know, which is really good, because you've really gotta plan for those types of things out here.
Yeah, I mean, fires can be a real nuisance on dry ground like this.
Quite dangerous too, fires.
Have you seen heaps of fires out here? You you must have seen lots of them, like, out here over the years, eh? - Well, I could tell ya - (FLIES BUZZ) but I might have to kill ya.
(LAUGHS) Hey? - (LAUGHS) - Good one.
- MICK: Nah, go for your life.
- RICHIE: Yeah? Ja, I got some good photos.
- OSKAR: Let's see.
- NINA: Here, look.
- Oh, yeah.
- See? This one is you.
With the rocks in the background.
OSKAR: Oh, yeah.
So the outback does have a kind of mysterious beauty.
- Aha! - Sure.
(LAUGHS) (SIGHS) Oh, here they come, like Brown's cows.
Come on.
You gotta get a bit of this into ya.
You gotta rehydrate, you know.
Been out in the hot sun.
- Yeah.
- KELLY: Good luck with that.
MICK: Gotta keep the liquids up.
There ya go.
- Thank you.
- MICK: Everybody wins a prize.
You can pick 'em up.
You're not cripples.
Hey? - JOHNNY: Thank you.
- Rainwater from the Top End.
- STEVE: Rainwater? - MICK: Magic stuff.
- There ya go, Adolf.
- OSKAR: Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- MICK: Plenty here.
MICK: One each.
There ya go, Stretch.
MAN: Oh, thanks.
- MICK: There ya go, buddy.
- I'm okay.
No, come on, mate.
Gotta get a drink into ya.
- Really.
- No, no, mate.
Look You know, you've been out in the hot sun all day and now you're gonna get into the air conditioning.
You know, don't be a mug.
You could keel over, and then I'd have to give you mouth-to-mouth.
- Hey? - (LAUGHS) You wouldn't want that, would ya? - No.
- No.
Okay, you've convinced me.
(LAUGHS) Thought I might.
MICK: Righto.
(REBECCA GRUNTS) Christ! You're a big mare, aren't ya? Excuse me? - Yeah, like Winx.
- Right.
Shit! What happened to your chest? It was a dirty big pig.
- Like a boar pig? - Nah.
Boars, they're predictable, right? They come straight at ya.
But a sow, they're as cunning as a shithouse rat.
- Oh, lovely.
- MICK: Very bloody dangerous.
- Like most females, eh, mate? - Yeah.
- (MICK LAUGHS) - Yeah.
- So ya all settled in? - TOURISTS: Yeah! MICK: Ready to go? Righto.
Well, I'll pack up and we'll get outta here.
- Right, Winx? - Ah, yeah.
- So, you want window? - Sure.
- DANNY: There you go.
- Thanks.
REBECCA: He's an interesting guy.
DANNY: Yeah, he's a character.
But I guess that's what we're paying for.
The real outback Aussie experience.
- Who is Winx? - (ENGINE STARTS) I think Winx was a racehorse.
Won a bunch of races.
I don't know.
- Do I look like a racehorse? - No.
- Honestly? - No.
But you won my heart.
- Oh, my God.
- What? - That's my best line.
- Sorry.
That is so lame.
(LAUGHS) DANNY: Well, you married me.
SONG: seems to be It's because I miss you Thoughts of you come back to me Ooh, ooh-ooh Do what you want to do Be what you want to be, yeah Ooh, ooh-ooh Do what you want to do Be what you want to be, yeah (GENTLE ACOUSTIC GUITAR INTRO) SONG: Travelling in a fried-out kombi On a hippie trail Head full of zombie I met a strange lady She made me nervous She took me in And gave me breakfast And she said Do you come from a land Down Under Where women glow And men plunder? Can't you hear Can't you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover (LOW, OMINOUS MUSIC) (EERIE MUSIC) (INHALES DEEPLY) (BIRD CAWS) Shit! Ohh! Oh, God.
(GROANS) What's happening? I think a bird flew into the window.
- DANNY: What? - A bird.
DANNY: Where are we? Ohhh.
- Shit! - WOMAN: Ow.
(SCREAMS) (LAUGHS) - (SPLAT!) - WOMAN: Oh! KELLY: It's okay.
There was a spider.
It's dead now.
Oh, my God.
There's no reception.
Let's go.
(OSKAR GROANS) Oh, my God.
I feel like I've been hit by a truck.
- Gotta get some water.
- That fridge is off.
- What? - The fridge is off.
(SWITCH CLICKS REPEATEDLY) (OSKAR SIGHS) Where is this? KELLY: Don't you just want to dig it up and sell it? No.
OSKAR: It's beautiful.
KELLY: Yeah, so was the Pilbara.
Before they dug it up and sold it to China.
And what kind of geologist do you want to be, Kelly? Well, I'm hoping a predictor of seismic activity.
Then every instrument you'll need is made of steel.
MAN: Yeah.
REBECCA: I might need to use that after you.
You got it.
Hey, has anyone seen Mick? - Is that his uniform? - I think so.
The, uh The power's off on the trailer.
And that food's gonna go bad real quick.
OSKAR: Oh! Might take a look.
Uh Okay.
The trailer gets the power from the bus.
Well, we should, uh, check the battery, then.
That's a good idea.
STEVE: I don't know anything about it.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) Battery's gone.
Sat phone's gone too.
DANNY: There, uh, must've been something wrong with the battery, 'cause it looks like he's taken it and the sat phone somewhere.
Well, why wouldn't he tell us where he's going? STEVE: Yeah.
Maybe he didn't want to wake us.
Oh, please.
Really? You don't just leave a bunch of tourists stranded in the middle of nowhere.
We're not stranded.
We can just ask him when he gets back.
- DANNY: Yeah.
- Why'd he take us off-road? That wasn't part of the plan, was it? I'm sure he had a reason.
DANNY: Yeah.
It's gonna be all right.
(HISSES) Okay.
I'll, uh I'll just grab my stuff and go.
And, uh you you can head back to, uh, Jurassic Park or whatever the hell it is you come from.
- (FLIES BUZZ) - Something smells off.
Okay, cool.
Let's bring this out to the others.
- (FLIES BUZZ) - Do you think Is it the wrong time to say something cheesy? - (LAUGHS) Yes.
Is Mick back yet? No.
Grab yourself something to eat, mate.
MICHELLE: Yeah, just check it out first.
STEVE: It's just so quiet.
(GAS HISSES) (METAL CLANGS) (GAS HISSES) (METAL CLANGS) Mate, I don't know what you reckon, but something's going on.
I mean, where the hell is this guy? (SIGHS) Maybe we should take a walk, see what's around.
- Good idea.
- Yeah, but, hey, just just Play it cool.
All right? - I don't want to worry anyone.
- Okay.
- DANNY: Okay? - JOHNNY: Yeah.
(DANNY GRUNTS) DANNY: Guys? Johnny and me are gonna take a walk, see if we can find Mick.
What? Don't you think we should stay together? What if he's out there with a broken leg? Maybe he's waiting for us to come get him.
Yeah, we're not going far.
Just to the top of that hill, see what's around.
Don't you want to wait a couple of hours? He might be on his way back already.
Well, if he is, then it won't matter.
But if he's in trouble for whatever reason, we can't leave him out there overnight.
BRIAN: But he could have gone in any direction.
- It's gonna be fine.
I promise.
- It's okay.
We'll be right there.
STEVE: Were you actually gonna discuss this with me? It wasn't my idea.
But somebody's gotta do it.
Well, hang on.
What if you and Danny get separated? We won't.
Well, do you even know how to get back here? Babe, we are literally at the top of that hill there.
- You can see us from here.
- I I'll come with you.
- (LAUGHS) - What? What are you laughing at? Okay, babe, I love you, but When was the last time you did any cardio? - Oh, you are such a bitch.
- No, come on.
Come on! If you're just going for a little walk, why are you taking all that stuff? In case Mick's injured and we have to stay out a bit.
Why do you have to go? Because I am a big, strong, awesome guy.
REBECCA: I'm being serious, Danny.
We're only gonna be out for a little bit.
There's nothing to worry about.
I just want to help out.
Why do you always have to play the hero? What? Danny and I can do this easily.
It's gonna be much quicker.
Just don't get lost.
I need you.
I won't.
All right? - I love you.
- I love you too.
Do it.
(SIGHS) I I don't want to leave it like this, okay? Yeah, sure.
STEVE: You go and have your nice walk with the hot guy.
I'll stay here with the cast of 'Gilligan's Island'.
Shut up! - JOHNNY: All right, let's do it.
- DANNY: All right.
- We'll bring beers! - OSKAR: Good luck.
- 'Bye.
- EMMA: See ya.
- BRIAN: Stay safe! They'll probably find a truck stop just over the hill.
And a supermarket and a KFC.
(WIND GUSTS) (IMPOSING MUSIC) (MUSIC DARKENS) DANNY: Where the hell are we? JOHNNY: Let's keep going just a little bit further, see what we can see.
DANNY: Come on.
Let's get going.
(MAN WHIMPERS AND MOANS) Where the bloody hell do you think you're going? Eh? - Make a run for home, huh? - Ow, ow, ow! Where men were men and sheep were frightened.
(LAUGHS) Look at ya.
Look like a big, fat witchetty grub.
You know the mob I hate even more than Pommies is fuckin' Kiwis.
Bunch of second-hand would-be Aussies.
(WHIMPERS) So you really reckon that's the way to go, do ya? Hey? (WEEPS) If anybody'd know, it'd be you, wouldn't it? Huh? (LAUGHS) (MOANS) MAN: Oh! Good arm.
So do you play softball? Rock-climbing.
Outdoors girl, huh? KELLY: Yeah, that's me.
EMMA: Do you guys have any service? Nope.
Still none.
How about you? - Nope.
- Ugh! This no-reception thing isn't cool anymore.
I seriously think - Hey, isn't it Saturday? - Yeah.
So why is my phone saying Sunday? Guys We're not in South Australia anymore.
- Something's happened.
- MICHELLE: What? They're all saying the wrong date? Yeah, but the calendar doesn't need reception.
- It can't be wrong.
- But they're all saying Sunday.
- Well, there's no service.
- No.
It's internal.
But how could we have all slept for 26 hours? Well, something is wrong.
My God.
It's the water.
Do you think he knocked us out? - Who? - Mick.
- MAN: What? - That water he made us drink.
- Yeah.
- What what do you mean? He made us all have a glass, remember? And then we crashed, and we've woken up, like, a day later.
Oh, Jesus! That piece of shit! See, this is us on Saturday morning.
We should have kept on going this way, but instead, he headed into Western Australia.
And the tracker stopped working as soon as we lost coverage.
And a few more hours in this direction puts us somewhere about there.
A thousand fucking miles away from anything.
Have you updated the tracker app? - I have.
- Maybe it has a bug - It doesn't have a bug.
- BRIAN: So we're lost.
So, what the fuck was he doing? - There must be an explanation.
- KELLY: Yeah, there is.
- He kidnapped us.
- OSKAR: Why? Because the phones say it's Sunday? KELLY: No, because the bus is broken, we're off the road and our driver's vanished! This is mad.
It doesn't make any sense.
- If it's mad, doesn't have to.
- Why would he kidnap us? And why would he leave us here? Robbery.
Did anybody check their stuff? TOURISTS: No.
Oh, come on.
Where the hell is this road? I don't know.
DANNY: We must have come at least four or five miles already.
Why would you carry a battery out all this way? If you had a sat phone, why wouldn't you just stay with the bus and call for help? You'd think that'd be smarter, wouldn't you? Let's keep going.
- You want a drink or - Yeah.
Is anyone missing anything? - ALL: No.
- WADE: I don't think so.
- NINA: No.
- Maybe he's transporting drugs.
- STEVE: What? - (TOURISTS ARGUE) - Why would he do that? - We're in the middle of nowhere.
- It'd be, like, the perfect - Guys! GUYS! Richie.
Richie? Oh, shit.
(GURGLES AND MOANS) (SOBS) Cat's got ya tongue, hey? (WHIMPERS) There we go.
This little fella's a termite, see, and it's his job to fix the nest when something gets broken, like this.
Nature's a bloody marvel, huh? Feel the serenity.
Oh! Here we go.
Look out.
It's the army! - Yeah.
There you go.
- (YELLS) Told you all about termites.
Now, Uncle Mick is a man of his word, so I've told ya.
And now, I'm gonna have to kill ya.
(RICHIE MOANS) No! Ahh EMMA: Is anyone getting anything? KELLY: Zero bars.
Not even the emergency thingy.
It's like we've gone back in time.
A time we're all too young to remember.
How did people use to get rescued? Smoke signals? The original emojis.
Hey, if we had signal, we could send someone a shit with a smiley face on it.
(SCOFFS) EMMA: Everything's so creepy out here.
Hey, maybe we're near that thing.
What thing? You were reading about it on the plane.
Wolf Creek.
It's a meteor crater.
It's supposed to be somewhere in Western Australia.
Tell you what, though.
This place needs a burger joint.
I thought they were further up north.
You right to keep going? Yeah.
Why don't we, uh We'll head up there.
DANNY: We'll see what we can see.
If there's nothing, we'll head back.
All right, let's do it.
Make a fire? Yeah.
DANNY: Bec is gonna kill me.
I told her I'd be back before she could say 'divorce'.
I don't think Steve is gonna be too happy either.
Well, if it's any consolation to them, we'll be cold and hungry.
(LAUGHS) What is the deal with you and Rebecca anyway? The deal is, this trip is make-or-break.
I mean, I'm not ambitious like her.
All I want is a house, maybe a couple of kids running around.
Well, mate, she's on this trip, isn't she? So, obviously, she wants to make it work.
You know, I've been trying to get Steve to commit for years.
- Really? - Yeah.
Think he's only just realised I'm not gonna run off with the first cute gym junkie that's walked past.
But, you know, sometimes I think, "What about if I get everything that I want," right? You get the the house, the dog and then it just all turns to shit.
I'd say committing's the hardest bit.
The rest can be worked on.
Besides, you and Steve are already committed, aren't you? Well, yeah.
Taking the next step's not gonna change that.
(CHUCKLES) - What? - No.
No, just just Look at you, Danny Michaels, the world's first psychologist/builder.
- DANNY: Fuck you.
- No, it'd be good.
If I had a degree, I could charge you a lot of money for that advice.
That's all we need, right? Yeah.
Oh, man, it is really beautiful, though, isn't it? Yeah.
Head back first thing in the morning? Yeah.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
MAN: Oh, watch yourself.
(SIGHS) Look I wouldn't worry about it too much.
They'll be fine.
Just went a little further than what they thought, had to spend the night.
Yeah, I really hope you're right about that.
Guys, the food in the trailer is going off.
It smells disgusting.
Let's clean it out, then.
(PEOPLE CHATTER SOFTLY) We need to bury the meat so it won't attract animals.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Maybe we could catch the animals and then we could use their meat to get more animals and then we can eat them.
- We could live out here forever.
- (LAUGHS) This is not the time for jokes.
We need to do exactly the right things to survive before we are rescued.
Chill out, man.
I was just talking shit.
(REBECCA GAGS) Oh, my God.
(COUGHS) I told you.
OSKAR: Well, if you can't contribute something useful, rather say nothing.
For fuck's sake! Calm down! He was just trying to cheer us up.
OSKAR: We don't need to be cheerful.
- EMMA: Oh, my God.
- We need to be careful.
I'm going in.
Any last words? MICHELLE: Mmm.
Good luck.
Look, if we're gonna get ourselves out of here, we've got to work together.
If he is right about where we are, does he realise what it means? Do you? Even if we have been reported missing, no-one is going to search for us out here.
It will take days before a plane comes this far, maybe even weeks.
To survive, we need order.
We need cooperation.
OSKAR: We need someone to take charge.
MICHELLE: Just give me anything you see that's gross.
Salad bowls, kettles and This is fucking locked.
We have 'South Aussie Produce Barn Spaghetti'.
MICHELLE: Oh, yeah, spaghetti.
- REBECCA: How many's that? - Four.
Give me more.
- Think of your heart.
- No.
- If you just calm down - I'm fine.
- I get you some - It's kein Problem.
Far out.
Well, if I was Bear Grylls, I could whip you up a gourmet meal out of kangaroo shit and rock.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, no, man, I'm good.
JOHNNY: What do you reckon we've got left? About eight hours till sunrise? Yeah, about that, give or take.
(EXHALES HEAVILY) Oh, fu! What? I think it's, like, a chicken.
- We haven't - Oh, God! Ooh! - (REBECCA LAUGHS) - Fuck! Oh, my God (GAGS) REBECCA: Tea towel? Food? (REBECCA COUGHS) Ohh! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! What? (SCREAMS) (MICHELLE WHIMPERS) What do you reckon we take turns staying awake, keep the fire going? - Yeah.
That's a good plan.
- All right.
(RATTLING IN DISTANCE) - DANNY: Are you seeing that? - Yeah.
(ENGINE RUMBLES) It's a car.
Go, go, go, go! - Stop! - Hey! Over here! Hey! Hey! What the bloody hell are you buggers doing out here? - It's Mick.
- It's Mick.
(MICK LAUGHS) (ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYS ON SPEAKER) What do you think they're talking about? Basic survival shit.
- How can we live without wi-fi? - Hey, chill out.
- Lack of wi-fi won't kill us.
- Speak for yourself.
(LAUGHS) Your dad and that American guy, they seem pretty practical.
They'll get us out of here.
Except me, maybe.
- They might leave me behind.
- (BOTH LAUGH) - So cheer up.
- Yeah.
- He's not just dead.
- MAN: Murdered? - BRIAN: How? - STEVE: Fuck! Strangled.
His neck's all - It must have been Mick.
- KELLY: What?! Why? That was Davo's uniform I found this morning.
Mick must have been wearing it.
So he killed Davo then took his gear and pretended to be his replacement? - Yeah.
- And then dumped us out here? Yeah.
It's fucking insane.
We can't know any of this for sure.
Well, there's no other explanation, is there? Look, the important thing is to stay calm.
Look, look, look, maybe maybe they they knew each other and they got in some sort of a fight or whatever.
- That sounds likely.
- Anyway, that's a police matter.
MAN: Right now, the situation has changed and we gotta get on top of it.
So, fuck staying here, right? Agreed.
We move to higher ground at first light.
No, no, no, no.
We must stay with the bus.
No, no.
The bus might be a target now.
It can be seen from the air, which is the only way we'll be rescued.
Who the fuck is gonna look for us out here? It is still our only chance.
Unless, of course, Mick really has gone to get help.
Oh, come on! Okay.
Well, I'm not going anywhere until the boys get back.
- STEVE: No.
Me either.
- What about him? We can't just leave him here.
We can't touch anything.
It's a crime scene.
OSKAR: Lock the body in the trailer and bury the meat.
Why bury the meat if we're locking the trailer? Let's just leave everything in the trailer and lock it.
Let's stay on the bus.
Just, not a word to Emma.
Please, nothing.
- (NINA WHISPERS) Please don't.
- All right.
- Ja.
Ja, ja.
- What a nightmare.
- I know.
- Fuck.
Why did I ever let you talk me into this trip? ('YOU WERE RIGHT' BY RÜFÜS PLAYS ON SPEAKER) - Hey, what What's going on? - Nothing.
Seems like a whole lot of hand-wringing for nothing.
Can you grow up and be serious for a second? You too.
There's no cool status update for this shit.
You should be grateful you have parents who care about you.
Most of us don't have anyone that gives a fuck.
KELLY: And if you think this trip was all my idea, you're living in a fucking fairyland.
- Can you drop the judgement? - Me? - Yes! - (WHISPERS) A man is dead.
We're all screwed.
You think your boyfriend is so fucking funny? - You think it's all about you.
- Isn't it? Yeah, everything's about you, Chelle.
So you want to fuck me.
I can't help that.
That has nothing to do with this.
- Like hell, it doesn't! - Oh, fuck off.
You've been hoping I'd sleep with you for years.
That is a completely different thing.
- Bullshit.
- This isn't about you, Chelle.
This is about the shit we're in and who's taking it seriously.
SONG: Leave it all to bloom You were right I know I can't get enough of you (DOOR LOCKS) Don't.
(OMINOUS MUSIC BUILDS) BRIAN: Desert Storm then Afghanistan? - Yes, sir.
- Can't even imagine it, myself.
War, I mean.
I'm sure I'd be a mess.
Some guys are.
But most of us are highly trained and just do it.
There's always a cost.
Survivors, they pay in some way.
Survivor's guilt? Just memories, really.
Exposure to extreme violence.
Some people here they're gonna be feeling it a little later.
Might drive some of 'em crazy.
Or they might find some space in their heads where they can just lock it away and move on.
Which is not the recommended treatment, of course.
So I heard.
MAN: You have to, um, put it somewhere in your long-term memory, right? Along with, uh, where you left your car keys.
(CHUCKLES) That is the current thinking, yes.
MAN: Well Who knows? We've gotta survive first.
- Here, take this.
- Thank you.
All right? Get some sleep.
- All right.
- Gute Nacht.
You know how to use that thing? - Yes, sir.
- A warrior with good manners.
You okay? Get some rest.
- (SIGHS) - (GRUNTS) Scheisse! - NINA: Where are you going? - I must get my pills.
- Come straight back.
- Ja, ja.
(HOWLING IN DISTANCE) KELLY: What the fuck? - What was that? - NINA: I think - I think there's animals.
- Was it an animal? Ja.
I don't think there's anything to worry about.
- No.
It's okay.
There it is again.
- It's Danny.
- Shit.
- REBECCA: Danny? - Just wait here.
Okay? - What the fuck was that? - Do you think that's them? - STEVE: What was that? - REBECCA: Danny? - It came from over there.
- (BREATHES HEAVILY) - Okay, we have to find them.
- I'll get some rope.
- OSKAR: This is not a good idea.
- It's pointless in the dark.
If it's them, they could be hurt.
- We can't just sit here.
- Hang on.
Just stop and think.
I am thinking! I'm thinking about my fucking husband! - It's safer if we stay together.
- For who? For him? Really? What would you do if it was her? - We good? - Yeah, I'm good.
- Let's do this.
- REBECCA: Let's go.
- Okay.
- NINA: Don't go too far! REBECCA: Yeah, whatever.
Oskar doesn't want Emma to know.
This is serious.
What what do we do? We stay calm.
It's important that nobody panics, okay? - We need to be rational.
- Fucking rational? This is fucked! Until we know what we're dealing with.
You don't know what we're dealing with? We're dealing with a fucking murderer.
Who's probably hundreds of miles away by now.
How can you just stand there like some Buddhist monk? Because I understand people like this.
I've studied them.
He could be fucking anywhere.
It's getting farther away.
REBECCA: Danny! - (HOWLING IN DISTANCE) - Oh, shit! - Danny, where are you? - Johnny! - Baby, we're here! - (SHOUTS) Johnny! - MAN: Quiet! - Danny! - Quiet! Listen.
- (PANTS) Now, we have to locate where the sound is coming from.
When the soldier can't see, he has got to focus on what he can hear.
- (YELLING IN DISTANCE) - Jesus This way.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Don't say anything to Emma.
We will tell her when we are safe.
- Your call.
- Things are bad enough, okay? REBECCA: Danny! (HOWLING IN DISTANCE) - MAN: Slow down, slow down.
- STEVE: Okay.
Slow down.
- There.
- Jesus.
(GROWLS) - (SIGHS) Oh, thank God.
- What the fuck? It's not them.
That's good, right? It's just dingoes.
So, what do you think? Should we - Should we go back? - Yeah.
MAN: We can come back for Danny and Johnny in the morning, after we move base.
- (GUNSHOT WHISTLES, CRACKS) - Get down! Down! Down! Lights out! Lights out! Down! Get down! Well Someone doesn't want us here.
- Is it him? - Could be.
Don't move.
Just stay right there.
- We're too exposed out here.
- So, what do we do? - What the fuck do we do? - Shh! - NINA: What was that? - It's a gunshot.
- Did Bruce take a gun with him? - I don't know.
- Get down.
- (GASPS) - I'm going to have a look.
- Nein! Nein! Oskar! - Stay here! - Nein! For fuck's sake! - Shit, where are you going? - That's my friend out there.
- Hey.
- What? Nothing.
Just seeing how you are.
(SCREAMING) Michelle! Michelle! (SCREAMING) (SHRIEKS) (SCREAMING) - Oh, God.
- (SCREAMING) - No, no, no! - STEVE: Oh, fuck! Oh! - (MUTTERS INDISTINCTLY) - (SCREAMS) (SHRIEKS) (SOBS) Fuck.