Woman of Dignity (Poomwiitneun Geunyeo) (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Today's theme is "Can't tell if she put on makeup or not.
" (Episode 2: Matisse and Kandinsky) You know what I mean? Hello, it's me.
Can you prepare the seaweed so we can make soup later? Can you also put oysters in the fridge with ice? Oh, and put the squid radish in the kimchi fridge.
It can't get too ripe.
I made something for Do-yeon already.
I'll be home around 9.
See? You can already tell.
What comes off more luxurious? The customers don't really care about the colors.
For facial tissues Aloe, green tea, that's all good.
Facial tissue should feel fancy.
But do we really need to make toilet paper in different colors and make it expensive? The customers are really smart, Director.
It was on the news recently, that cancer-causing ingredients were found in bleach that makes toilet paper white.
Well Toilet paper is usually used for clean up in the bathroom, right? Easily put, it's to wipe our butt! Does that take an hour? Two? Outside of the hands, people's genitals and anus are exposed to the most amount of germs, by 42 times! So the cancerous elements can be absorbed into our body from a short amount of time.
Not only that, it's detrimental for kids with atopy.
Then just put a phrase, "Not for children with atopy.
" The housewives look at the price tag and buy toilet paper, not by looking at it against the light to see what color it is.
We just have to beat others in price! I am totally opposed to that opinion.
Would you like it if your daughter continued to use that toilet paper? I don't worry about that.
All my bathrooms have bidet installed.
You still use toilet paper! Unless people are buying 17-dollar-a-roll toilet paper, they're not worried about quality.
Our job is to provide the most cost effective toilet paper, that's my opinion.
Oh, that's right.
How about a new design for the tissue boxes? How about artist's design on the boxes? That will make the boxes look luxurious, with paintings like Matisse or Kandinsky.
Oh I don't think you can just use famous paintings like that commercially.
How someone I know personally? I know a pop-art artist.
This is Kang Gi-ho, a new member in our meditation class.
Thank you! My name is Kang Gi-ho.
I'm a lawyer and I can deal with all sorts of things like divorce, inheritance, fraud, even small fights with neighbors over noise issue.
It's Kang Gi-ho, the attorney.
It's Kang Gi-ho, the attorney.
It's Kang Gi-ho, the attorney.
Then today Let's tell your "mate" next to you 10 reasons why they need to exist.
Then make those reasons into your own and present them in front of the class.
You can go first.
So But Do you normally put this much makeup on? Your hair, your face You even put on eyelashes, all for a meditation class? I have a newspaper interview right after, that's why.
What kind of an interview? Why do you need to know that? No, I don't.
Even when I put on just a little bit of makeup, it looks like I put on a lot.
I do have a tendency to leave strong impressions on people wherever I go.
Are you married? Yes.
You don't like it when your wife puts on makeup? - No.
- And you're wondering how I knew that? Yes.
I knew it when you passed out your business cards earlier.
You don't have much depth in your words or actions.
People can see right through you.
If you notice your wife wearing a lot of makeup one day, don't say anything but just compliment her.
Tell her she's pretty, so pretty.
Very pretty.
Don't say things like, "Why did you put on so much makeup?" OK.
Now let's start.
Tell me why I should exist.
You're pretty.
So pretty.
Very pretty.
When we say that we know someone well How much do we actually know about that person? Knowing someone may be a blessing.
But it can be a curse.
I told you I'll pay you back.
I'll take care of it within the month.
A relationship without any hidden agenda or intention can remain true.
But I told you I'll pay you back.
Every person and an object faces a moment of truth regarding its very own entity.
I can't use this on myself! I told you I'll pay you back! I told you I will! I'll pay you back with interest! The person or the object that exposed its true nature must hide again quickly.
I'll call you back.
It's because whoever found the true nature can hinder the other's goal.
I love this class! I feel so happy whenever I come here.
Did you like your mate? The teacher told us today that even the wrong words or actions of a person can play a huge role in establishing my sense of value.
That's why such a person should also exist.
In that sense, I liked my mate.
He's been hurt many times before.
He was on the honeymoon when he got married when he was 25, and his wife died in a car accident.
He doesn't have parents either.
He was exempt from the military service because of it.
Father, that caregiver Mr.
You have physical therapy today? Could you make a call to Mr.
Kim, the driver? I don't think he knows.
I'll take him today.
I normally speak with a country accent, but I've lived in Seoul for a while.
So I switch back and forth.
Which do you prefer? This accent is much better? Yeah, I knew it.
The country accent is more comfortable for me, too.
Did you have something to tell me? Is he in surgery? This is for you guys.
Can you give this to him when he gets out of surgery? He asked for sweet rice drink this morning out of nowhere.
I'll see you guys then.
It's true that the whole town will know if your husband cheats, except for yourself! She's exactly that wife.
We'll have to share this among ourselves.
Make another appointment for this client at next week at 2 PM.
You all need to watch your mouth.
I need to send him a text message.
(Park Hui-sub and Kang Yoon-ji registered at Eureka Math Institution) Park Hui-sub and Kang Yoon-ji registered at Eureka Math Institution.
Your wife stopped by the hospital today, left 2 bottles of rice drink for you.
- We need to call an emergency meeting.
- Thanks for the rice drink, honey! Ji-hoo, look here.
You see how this ball is three-dimensional in real life, but this paper is only 2D.
Then how can we express this sense of distance? It's Light and shade.
What do you think? It looks different, right? Yes.
Who's coming to pick you up today? Whom should I call? Auntie Jin-hee.
I called her and told her how I felt.
That kid, Park Hui-sub, was given a disciplinary action from his school.
He's also being treated for ADHD.
My son is scared of him! What'd she say? She said it doesn't matter since they're not in the same class.
Park Hui-sub is problematic, for sure.
But Kang Yoon-ji is the last place at our school.
How can our children go to the same after-school program with them? Say something.
Aren't you being a little too sensitive? They're not even in the same classroom.
It's not like they're diseased, you know.
Why does all that matter? Ah-jin.
You know that's not what we're saying.
Were you guys good in school when you were students? Is he the only kid with ADHD? Why do you think we want to send our kids to the gifted school? Haven't you heard that kids from the gifted school may end up marrying each other later? Even in college, the kids from the same gifted school hang out together.
Why do you think that is? What is it? Ah-jin.
Let's have Ji-hoo transfer too.
I'll look for a tutor.
I have no plans for that.
I'm sure it's harder for her, Ji-hoo does better in school after going there, and Ah-jin is so close to the head of the facility.
I send both of my kids there, I'm sending them to a new after-school place.
I heard there's a place that has a spot open, Do-yeon can go there.
Su-min can do a group tutor with this group.
That's where I stand.
I'm staying.
I'm quitting.
Me too.
Then Ji-hoo's the only one staying in the class.
No, the son of the facility's owner is there too.
How about my place for the group tutor? Let's take turns each month.
We can figure that out among ourselves.
Joo-mi! Why don't you turn on the light? It's so dark here.
Have you been drinking? Oh, just wine.
You want a glass? Joo-mi.
Rather than being home Do you wanna go out? It's OK.
There's no temporary tent bar in Gangnam.
I want to go to one of those shacks so badly.
Chicken gizzard, street food like that.
Cheap plastic udon We can go! Let's go now.
Let's drink all night! Should we? Yeah? Yeah, let's do it.
But I know Mrs.
Cho is off today but how about our father-in-law and Bok-ja? They went on a date! What's Ji-hoo doing? She's doing her English homework.
She never wastes any time! Oh, she's just like me! I don't waste any time.
Why do you think I came here, instead of Jin-hee? This moment right now Is very, very meaningful and significant.
Thank you.
Can I have some tea? If I eat your ddukbokgi again, I'll never want to leave from here.
I made some potato pancakes.
This whole town shuts down at night.
There's no place to eat.
They used to read poetry here long ago.
I love poetry.
You're into poetry? Yes, I do.
"The velvety grass, glowing gold" "Spreads around the mound of my love, aflame in gold, deep in the mountain.
" "Spring has come, with it the sunbeams" "To the willow branches, on the slender twigs.
" "Spring has come, with it the sun rays" "To the deep mountain, on the golden grass.
" It's by Kim Sowol.
I was just asking but How do you recite that from memory? I I only finished middle school, you know.
I delivered newspapers in the morning to put my siblings through school.
And I was so ashamed of it.
So I stole my friend's high school textbook.
I'd always have it in my hand.
And I'd pretend that I was attending a high school.
Then one day, I actually read it.
I loved this poem that I found in the book.
I read it so many times that I memorized it.
You don't have to try that hard.
You don't have to pretend to be that high school student.
Just Be as you are, you can speak in your home accent.
You don't have to go out of your way to pretend to be a person from Seoul.
Let's go back home.
It's time for my medicine.
Shall we? Mr.
Ahn? I'll call the driver over.
How I felt about Mr.
Ahn wasn't a 100% lie.
Some days I'd feel really bad towards him.
Sometimes I'd tear up at how much he liked me.
There's no complete lie in the world, just as there is no 100% truth in the world either.
Let's go! Goodbye, Teacher.
OK, get home safely, Ji-hoo! Have a good night, Teacher.
Yes, have a good night.
Let's go.
Let's listen to music together, take out your earphones.
Turn to FM 91.
This Was a popular song even before I was born.
You're like an old lady! Oh, if God really does exist Why did He desert me I truly am indeed Alone again, naturally What do you mean God deserted you? No, that's how the song goes.
Isn't that how life is? People are constantly betrayed in life.
And we're all alone.
Ji-hoo! Why do you think so? You should view the world as a 10-year-old, because you are one! The world is the same whether I'm young or old.
What if I refuse the see the world as it is while I was young, then suddenly see it? Just as Mom says all the time, "It'd be a complete disaster.
" We can call this a warm-up practice.
You need to drop down your level, why don't you watch some cartoons? And don't listen to music like this.
Music like this! Just mindless music is what you need.
Isn't it great? This is a method dictators used in the Middle Ages.
They brought the Renaissance to distract the commoners.
It was so that they won't think about anything.
I'm not saying that's the case for you, Dad.
Regardless of the intent, the dictators ended up leaving a cultural legacy.
Do you watch any cartoons? Like Doraemon? Sure, I like it.
Whew, what a relief! Doraemon shouldn't have met Nobita Nobi, but Crayon Shin-chan instead.
That would've calmed him down.
Hello? You did a lot today, Ms.
Get some rest.
Sleep well, Mr.
I will.
Today Thank you for today.
Oh, hello, Jae-suk.
Ah-jin? Let's go home.
What? Who's this? Ahn Jae-suk? You're so cute! Let's talk more at home.
Did you say hello to my sister-in-law? Jae-suk, we need to get home.
He looks like this, but his personality is even worse! We should get home before you really get to experience it.
Get on my back.
You don't have to carry me! Let's just take one more shot! Just one! Ji-hoo's waiting for us in the car! Ji-hoo's here? Then I better sober up.
Everyone, follow me! Hey, Ah-jin! Follow you where? You provided a lot of fertilizer for the trees on the street yesterday.
I need to take a shower, go on to work already.
I'm gonna stop by and say hello to that caregiver.
The driver said she's been really good for Father.
No need, I'll have to let her go.
Why do you keep going back and forth with her? Every time I'm about to meet her, you say you're letting her go! Joo-mi really doesn't like her, I have no choice.
I don't even know how to say it, how am I gonna find another person? Is this a déjà vu? I swear this happened before.
Déjà vu, right? I'm going to work, Father.
OK, have a great day.
Try moving your legs.
I feel like I can start running around soon! You really think so? Yes, right there.
Let's dance! Dance? That day, we three Look at each other in the most beautiful form God gave us.
Me And her We were kind to each other, at least on that day.
So you're not going to fire that lady? No.
That's good.
You have a very kind heart.
Oh, that's right! My husband asked if his company can use your paintings for our tissue packaging.
Wow, really? He'll pay royalties, of course.
And I asked him to put your name on it, so it'll promote your name! No need for royalties, I should be paying him instead! He wanted me to pick a few, can you send me pictures of them? He discusses business matters with you too? Yes, of course! Nothing works in my family without me! The company is launching feminine hygiene products soon.
They're fancy and luxurious, all at my suggestion! Oh, you've never met him before, right? I have, when he came to pick up Ji-hoo.
Yes, you're right.
Let's have dinner together soon, we can talk more about the tissue boxes then.
Go on in, the curator is probably waiting for you.
By the way, the CEO doesn't like artists who are loud and vocal.
She had a bad experience before.
"She excelled in her ability to do math in her head, so I developed it further.
" "My goal is to raise a child with a high EQ, rather than high IQ.
" "She needs to learn how to have sensible thoughts rather than logical.
" "But I had her enter the math contest so she can develop a sense of challenge.
" This is so ridiculous.
It's so fake! I can't stand how fake she is! Woo Ah-jin She is very pretty though.
She's on another level, right? She's not so pretty, she just had surgery done, that's all.
You can say what you feel, but you shouldn't make up stories.
She didn't get any surgery done.
And it's not so easy to be pretty even with cosmetic surgery.
The basic features still need to be there for a beautiful outcome.
(I know what you did in Room 702) I think I'm naturally talented! I think you're right! Isn't it so pretty? Yes it is! I should launch a line.
I think it's a great idea.
So tell me more.
Just what I told you earlier.
Yoon-jae's mom went to Doctor Jang for fat transplantation, and they struck up a spark! That's a complete disaster! Oh, and I got another hot news.
You know Ji-hoo's violin teacher? She went to a club, just once.
And she met a guy there.
They feel like they found "true love"! Why are you telling me that now? I heard it just yesterday, too.
I can't have Ji-hoo learn from a person like that! That's absurd! Why not? It's so improper and debaucherous! How's that so? I think artists are allowed a certain amount of freedom.
She's divorced, you know.
She has every right to date.
I guess you're right.
But I think it's absurd that she claims to have found "true love" at a night club.
It was his first time too.
Where they happened to meet doesn't sound so cool, but I feel like it's been 5,000 years since the last time I've been to a club.
I miss it.
I used to go all the time before I got married.
Waiters "1, 2, 3," "Ho-shik," "Sam-dol," and "Charles," from Infra Hotel Night Club! They made a living off of me, pretty much.
I wonder what they're up to now.
They'd hold my wrist and take me to different tables to introduce me to guys.
Oh, and Ah-jin You know what's really shocking? You know Su-min? The wife of Grand Prix Hotel owner.
I don't really like this food.
Can you bring out something else? That husband of hers openly bought a house and a car for his girlfriend.
He lives with her half the time! Oh my, really? The problem is The wife knows this, but she just takes it.
No way, I don't think anyone can do that.
I'm sure she doesn't know.
No, she does! His "second-wife" is 23 years old, and she calls Su-min "sister.
" And one more thing, I heard Yoon-jae's father hits his wife once in a while.
Are you crazy? Oh my! That bastard! That's why she was smitten with Doctor Jang, who's nice and kind.
My husband's ignorant and says ridiculous things, but I guess it's hard to find a good husband like him.
Right? So far, so good.
So far, so good? My mom told me to never to trust a guy until he's lying down in his casket.
Ahn? I think it's good enough for today.
You think so? You shouldn't over-do it.
You need to watch out for your joints, too.
- Ms.
- Yes? Bok-ja? Yes What is it that you want? Is there anything you want to buy? It's OK, tell me.
- I don't want to buy anything.
- Why not? Well, I do, but The bag they hold next to their waist You know I can't hear so well.
Speak loudly! You scared me.
A bag Just a bag? That'd do? What do you mean, "just a bag"? Call Mr.
Kim, the driver.
Why? So you can go shopping! A bag won't do, get yourself some clothes and shoes, too.
Really? Oh no, it's OK.
Just do it! He said you should get the most expensive thing here.
I'm sorry, but Restroom OK.
Oh, this is You think I'll let you know whatever you want? You're a piece of trash! You think this matches your lowly life? You should know your place, Park Bok-ja.
You're just a maid-servant here.
A caregiver to my father-in-law.
Got it? (Ma'am, give me a call here) Hello? This is Room 702.
Who are you? Let's meet up in Seoul privately.
Who are you? I work at Residence Hotel.
Will you come near my place tomorrow afternoon? I'll text you my address.
Bring her back at once! I'll find a different caregiver quickly.
What? A different one? Did you throw her out? Father, I'll call her and bring her back.
I called her, and she's not picking up! I'll make sure to find her and bring her back.
Father, trust her and just wait a few days.
And you should eat.
I felt alive for the first time in years! Thanks to her, I laughed a lot and I was happy! Just what did you tell her? I told her she should know her place.
She was holding luxurious bag and shoes you bought her in both hands.
My heart broke at seeing that.
I don't even have that bag, how can a mere caregiver have one? She made you happy? That woman? We hired her for it, we pay her to do her job! Get out! If We can't find her again I'm gonna throw out you, and your son, out of this house! Mrs.
Cho, call the driver.
Did you see that? You think I'm still wrong? Let me find her first, we need to meet.
Don't look for her, don't meet her! Joo-mi! I'm sure she'll pick up your call, meet her and bring her here.
(Woo Ah-jin) Did you go on a trip somewhere? I wish you told me before you left.
My father-in-law is looking for you.
He might call the cops and report a missing person case.
It's me.
Don't call the cops or anything.
Let's meet in person.
What? What happened to her country accent? You? Hello, Ma'am.
What do you think you're doing? I might just kill you! I saw a man who was staying at Room 508 coming out of your room.
We're good friends.
We just had tea after running into each other.
Don't you know I invite friends over from time to time? I host parties there, we play cards.
I know.
Then? I looked him up, and found out that he only stayed at the hotel whenever you did.
Have you been stalking me? No way.
All I did was to work hard for the hotel.
He's never taken anything from the room, not even a bottle of water.
Isn't it odd? It's like he never actually stayed there.
Not a single thing was used, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a towel What is it that you want? Just 3,000 dollars in cash.
I promise I won't ask for anything else.
Can I really trust that you won't make any more demands? Yes, of course! But There's one more thing.
Can you have me promoted? I'm a temporary worker there, not contracted.
Please let me be a contracted employee.
This is all.
OK fine, but This is a secret only you and I know.
Yes, of course.
Is that the clothes my father-in-law bought you? It fits you so well.
Your bag matches well, too.
You do have a good sense.
Don't clean those shoes with regular shoe cleaning materials.
And never with water.
They're a little hard to maintain, actually.
Then Use a soft brush.
Like a toothbrush, but a very fine one.
Use that to clean it.
If they get any stain on them, mix detergent and shampoo, and use just a tiny bit of that to clean them.
You can open it.
I made it myself.
It's very pretty.
It's a perfect match for what you're wearing today.
Come by my house sometime.
I made many accessories like this.
I can give you what you want.
Really? Yes.
I should've invited you over long time ago for dinner.
Please return home.
He cried.
He cried? I'm sure he cried because he missed you.
So let's go home.
I'm going to drag you there if you don't go! No I didn't ask you to give it to me.
You're too much! It fits you better, that's all.
Keep it.
It looks good on you.
But You speak without an accent so well.
Right? I can sound like a "Seoulite.
" Mr.
You're home.
"After all, tomorrow is another day.
" That's what Scarlett O'hara said.
It's out of my hands now.
She comes to our hospital.
She wants some fillers for her eye lids.
The mistresses have to spend more time taking care of themselves than the wives.
That's their weapon, right? No woman should have to try to look good for guys like that! That's so not fair, men have bellies and smell like smoke.
They go bald! Is everything OK? Nothing's ever just OK in life.
Oh, and are you really going to stay at that after-school place? Yes, I am.
You should come with us.
Many people feel the same about her, She shouldn't feel like an actual educator, it's just business.
It's a service industry.
I really don't understand mothers who switch after-school programs for reasons like that.
You know how you have to memorize some stuff in school when you don't understand? Just go with it even if it doesn't make sense.
I'm not smart enough to do that.
You're terrible! But you're coming to the brunch gathering, right? Of course! I paid my due.
No one can stop you! That feels good.
How about noodles for lunch today? Is that what you want? Let's do it then.
I can make it quickly.
Where did you sleep? At a motel.
You have no place to stay if it weren't for this place? I took out the security deposit to pay off my debt.
How much debt do you have? Ah-jin said she'll give me a raise if I came back.
I can pay it off in a year.
I'll pay it off for you.
No it's OK, Mr.
No, I insist.
I should've lived my life in a better way.
My children don't listen to me.
My wife died early from being sick.
It's not like I can take all my money with me when I die.
I'll pay for it.
How much is it? So She asked you to clean my house twice a week? Yes.
She also said to clean Mr.
Ahn's house just four times a week.
She didn't ask me first.
Wasn't the person who helped around your house gonna come back after giving birth? OK, we'll do that for now, twice here, and four times there.
Your house is so pretty! Look at all this decoration! Ms.
Please discuss first with me or Joo-mi before making a decision.
What do you mean? You asked Mrs.
Cho to clean my place twice? Oh, that It seemed like no one helped you around here.
I didn't want you to clean the place all by yourself.
I meant to help you, that was all.
You didn't like it? I appreciate the thought.
But there are two daughters-in-law in this family.
I know.
Joo-mi is in a tough position because her husband, Mr.
Ahn's oldest son, got in trouble.
She is the one in charge in the family.
Please respect her opinions.
Actually, follow her orders.
Please make all decisions after getting her approval.
I'll do that.
I understand.
Please get some rest.
One more thing.
Get your pay from her, too.
I'll let her know.
So You know Kim Eun-suk? He watches the desk, a non-contract employee.
Who's that? I've been watching him for a while.
I think he's great at doing his work.
Can you turn him into a contracted employee? Why do you worry about that? You need to raise good employees for you to stay a successful hotelier.
Honestly, if all the employees are working there without any contract, and they're working at a place that's not a five-star hotel.
They might be discouraged and quit whenever they want.
I just thought he was a great employee.
What's his name? Kim Eun-suk.
You! Yes, I've been waiting for you.
This is the fortune teller? From your family You like your mom more? Wow, he's so good! Your wife.
You must've loved Ah-jin very much to marry her.
Yes, she was very pretty.
She's still very pretty.
Oh, not nearly as much as before.
That day We shouldn't have eaten that ddukbokgi.
I shouldn't have let you in my place that night.
It's It's just too hard.
What's so hard? To have someone in my heart, knowing that he's got a wife and a family! Oh, that's no big deal these days.
You sound like you're from a couple generations before us! No.
Let's just stop here.
But we haven't done anything, there's nothing to stop.
I don't want to be in a relationship that I have to hide from others.
It's not like me.
I'm fine with it.
I'll I'll make sure we don't get caught.
Ah-jin's actually pretty simple-minded.
There's no way she'd even imagine it.
I'll make sure to be careful, completely hidden.
Trust me, you have nothing to worry about.
Their steak is great! I'll pay for our meal today, order another! I was told to get my pay from you.
I was also told to get your approval for everything.
That's what Ah-jin said.
She told me.
I see.
First of all, I want you out of this house.
Get your stuff out, and you can come for work, then leave.
Why? It wasn't our plan to have an in-house caregiver to begin with.
I understand.
I'll move out.
Is there anything else you'd like to say? That's all for today.
Then When should I get my stuff out of here? As early as possible.
I'll have to stay with your father-in-law, so it should be pretty big, right? He's used to staying at a place this big.
I'm sure he can't live in a place too small.
What are you talking about? Are you telling me to move out by myself? Are you trying to have you father-in-law die from shock? So your son can quickly receive his inheritance? Is that your plan, Joo-mi? You Don't mess with me.
Otherwise You might be the one who's thrown out.
Please take me home.
Just Can we kiss? What? Oh my I thought about the best way to express my heart.
I thought about it for 2 and a half hours, and that's the conclusion I came to.
Let's kiss.
After that, we'll know what kind of a color this relationship will have.
Are you OK? Have you had dinner? Yeah.
You must be working so hard lately.
You lost weight! Right? I think I need food good for stamina, like eel or herbal medicine.
I don't think that's good for your type.
I'll get more of the stuff you were taking before.
Great job, Ahn Jae-suk! How about a family trip? It's been a while.
A family trip? It's been too long! We see each other everyday.
You eat everyday, too.
- Ah-jin.
- What.
Oh, nothing.
I'm going to bed first.
That's odd.
Father! Father! Father, don't go alone! Take me with you! I want to get married again too! Why can't I marry someone new? Let go, let go! I want to be just like you! I want to get re-married, too! Dad! (Joo-mi) Hello? Ah-jin.
Can you come over real quick? (Woman of Dignity) You made a huge mistake.
It was a mistake, please give me another chance.
She's deceitful and scary.
There must be a reason she came here.
I told you never to come in my room.
You think anything's different now that you slept with him in the same bed? How much is your debt? Call him.
I'll pay for it now.
She's very pretty and young.
Is he cheating? - Cheers! - Hope it goes well.
I'll dedicate my entire life for you, Mr.
- She seemed like a good person.
- She has a record for fraud.
It was 7 years ago.
Get out of the house right away! You should be careful.
You might get kicked out before I am.
You might end up in jail.