Woman of Dignity (Poomwiitneun Geunyeo) (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Your appointment with Park Bok-ja is at 3 PM.
Please give me a chance.
I'll take good care of him.
The hospital can heal his body with medicine.
But I will heal his heart with all of my sincere heart.
My husband is ignorant and says a lot of ridiculous things.
But he's better than all the other husbands out there.
Right? So far, so good.
I'll make sure we're not caught.
My wife is actually really simple.
She'll never imagine something like this.
I'll be smart about it, you can just trust me.
My sister-in-law is in a difficult position because her husband got in trouble.
But she still is the one in charge of the household.
I told you I'll pay you back! What do you wish to have? What do you want to buy? You think I'd let a piece of trash like you do whatever you want here? You better know your place, Park Bok-ja.
You're just a maid servant.
You're my father-in-law's caregiver.
Got it? You Shouldn't mess with me.
With one wrong move You might be the one thrown out of here.
Hello? Ah-jin.
Can you come over real quick? What do we do now? Let's be calm, there must be a way.
How wicked! She's so scary.
See? You still think I was being too harsh? Leave it to me.
Go ahead and get to work.
I'll be back after sending Ji-hoo to school.
(Episode 3: The danger of gossip) (The queen bee) Where did he go this early in the morning? He normally sleeps in as late as possible.
That's funny.
Have breakfast before you go.
I'll eat at home.
Ah-jin might get mad.
OK, fine.
Let's have dinner together.
Let's eat out.
- OK.
- I'll come tomorrow morning, too.
You should tell that woman.
That woman? Ji-hoo's mom, Ah-jin.
Tell her what? Tell her you started playing soccer in the morning.
Where's Dad? Not sure.
I haven't seen him since early morning.
Oh, Jin-hee will take you to English class today.
Call her right after school.
Ji-hoo, all ready for school? Where have you been? I went to exercise.
What? - I went exercising in the morning.
- What kind of exercising? Cycling.
Cycling? Out of nowhere? Why so early in the morning? I've been feeling old lately.
I heard cycling is good for physical fitness.
You wan to join me? No, I exercise plenty already from yoga, fitness, and Pilates.
I see.
So Do I not get breakfast this morning or something? Wash up first, I'll make it.
What? Joo-mi was right all along.
What should I do? Is he going crazy or something? I'm just saying Just because he sleeps next to a woman Does that Actually last? Can he actually achieve his goal? You didn't have friends in school, huh.
I bet you were a loner because of your level of thinking.
Let's just say that she worked for him at night.
Give her a raise for working overtime.
That's completely ridiculous.
You think she'll be satisfied with overtime pay? Then what else? What's she thinking, marry my father? That's completely absurd! It is absurd, but it's happening right now.
That's why I'm telling you this, because you're his son! Is that how dedicated yourself to work in the past, too? How many men have you deceived that way? What are you talking about? You should act like a caregiver, and a caregiver only.
How dare you crawl into his bed? You're not hoping that he'll hand over the house keys to you, are you? How nice of you to speak that way, it's baffling.
He told me that he gets scared at night.
A caregiver's duty doesn't stop with helping with the client's physical needs, but with what he needs in his heart, too.
That's why I stayed by his side until he fell asleep.
What an excuse! You left the bedroom door open on purpose, I bet.
What's your intent? I left it open so you won't misunderstand like right now.
I didn't want you to imagine anything in your mind, behind closed doors.
I wanted you to know that nothing's going on.
You think anything's changed just because you slept in the same bed as him? No way! You're just A maid servant in this house.
Not a maid servant, but a caregiver.
Is that something a professor like yourself should be saying in this day and age? "A maid servant"? You're ridiculous.
You need to apologize.
I didn't deserve hearing, "How many men have you deceived that way?" You need to know your place.
Was that the case for you? You sleep with a man for a night and they become yours? Then Why are you living alone all this time without any man next to you? How dare you say that in front of me! Just do your job if you don't want to get kicked out.
What did you just do? In this day and age, I can totally get you arrested for assault, did you know that? Do you even read the newspapers? What? Before I'm kicked out of here You might end up in jail first.
You should be careful from now on.
Good morning.
I hope a warm cup of coffee can give you energy for the day, your mate, Gi-ho.
What? My mate? Something's definitely wrong with this guy.
I hope you have a good day too, Mate.
Ah-jin is asking for you, she's downstairs.
Please have some.
You know why I asked you to see me, right? I do.
Then please explain.
It's a misunderstanding.
Misunderstanding or not, I need to hear your explanation first.
Then I'll decide.
He said he couldn't sleep at night.
He told me to stay next to him until he fell asleep.
So I just lied down next to him.
Then I just fell asleep, that's all.
This is the truth.
Even if that were true It's still a huge mistake.
You're here as my father-in-law's caregiver.
Yes, of course.
There's a certain line that should not be crossed in being one.
Last night You crossed that line.
Ah-jin You can't expect to convince me by saying that you were just trying to do your job as a caregiver.
Every job fulfilled must be done within a set principle and common decency.
I apologize.
I was careless.
Of course you were careless.
It's a legitimate reason to get fired over.
Please give me another chance, Ah-jin.
It was a mistake.
Never make another mistake like this.
You must keep your boundaries.
Yes, I will.
I'll defer it.
Defer? I'm deferring your getting fired.
I'll keep watching.
Thank you.
You can leave now.
Please ask Mrs.
Cho to come downstairs.
You come with her, too.
I didn't know such a place existed here.
Not everyone can come in here.
We'll go with clean and modern theme this season.
Change all the dishes with Artist Hong's theme we purchased last time.
Yes, I'll prepare them.
We'll use this for Father's bedding.
Change the bed sheet to this one.
I have a meeting to attend.
- You're going to Pungsook-jeong today? - Yes.
Please put this rice drink in the fridge.
This is "Pungsook-jeong," a members-only food preparation place.
They make side dishes with organic ingredients only.
She started as a kitchen worker at a hotel.
She bought this apartment with her severance pay before it was re-developed.
Then she came up with the famous and magical "Pungsook Kimchi," which became a sensation among the housewives in Gangnam.
All purchases are made with cash only.
And she never pays any tax.
She satisfies the greedy taste buds of the rich, while receiving protection by those in power.
The smart ones in middle class who live in the same society as the rich profit off of their sense of privilege and need to show off.
Pungsook-jeong is famous for its delicious food.
But what's really delicious wasn't just its food.
"You've never even made any man into your own.
" "How can you tell if I'm doing that or not?" That's what she said! Then she really slept with Mr.
Ahn? She did! He's suffered and stroke and is diabetic.
I'm sure there wasn't much he could do.
But Ah-jin didn't throw her out.
I don't understand why she didn't.
Why didn't she? I know, right? - Hi, Ah-jin! - Hi! - Did you have breakfast? - Yes.
What do we have today? You have a brunch meeting.
And wine study at 2 PM.
You also need to meet Ms.
Seo from Hawon Gallery.
Ji-hoo has her violin lesson at 5 PM.
She also has speech class at 9 PM.
But her special class is next week.
And that's all! Did Park Bok-ja send her resume through email when she applied? - Yes.
- Can you send it to me again? OK.
But why? I wanted to check something again.
There's a speed bump coming up.
How do you know? Did you see it? You're a genius! Yes? That's the right place.
There's valet parking.
I'm almost there.
You'll arrive at your destination soon.
Yes, yes, yes! Please just treat me as In-jae's mom.
You don't have to feel awkward around me.
Sounds good.
The eggs Benedict is even softer than usual! It's delicious.
It must feel like a private lesson with just In-jae and Ji-hoo in the class.
Oh! I heard Ji-hoo's picked as the school's representative for Korea Illustration's drawing competition! It must be hard to design her future, she's even good at art! It's easier if the children are good at just one thing.
Ji-hoo's good at everything! Oh no, she's so clumsy! You're already famous but I guess you'll be even more famous.
She's all over the blogs, so many people left comments.
She's a former stewardess, she won a competition before, married to Daesung Corp.
Someone wrote that he goes to the same gym as your husband.
They even send her direct messages! They all want to meet you, whether they're married men or single.
That'd be cheating! How shameless.
They should've left adultery as a crime.
It seems like no one's feeling guilty about cheating anymore.
Women have to be pretty.
Even the grandmothers are treated better if they're pretty.
But you really didn't get any cosmetic surgery done? No, not a single thing.
You look so different from your graduation photo.
I guess I can't prove it if you deny it.
If I had any work done, I would've just said it.
It's not something embarrassing anymore.
Do you feel embarrassed that you had your eyes and nose done? If everyone's like Ah-jin, all the plastic surgeons will go out of business.
She can be so annoying.
I'm sorry.
There are no perfect secrets in the world.
I know, but Gi-oak doesn't.
Not yet, that is.
Hold on a second.
What are you talking about? I'm sure you know it better yourself.
What are you talking about? I hope it ends before Gi-oak finds out.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
There must be a misunderstanding.
Then I'm glad.
Hello? The water.
Where's my hearing aid? I can't hear.
What are you thinking about so deeply? Oh, nothing.
You want me to read you a book? It's OK.
Let's watch a movie instead.
Why didn't she name her cat? She just calls her cat, "Cat"? I Always wanted to name my cat, "Cat," if I ever had one.
You like cats? Yes, of course! It's always been my wish to have a cat like that, and live happily ever after with someone I love.
Don't eat too much of crab in soy sauce, it's not good for your diabetes.
Good food is like medicine.
What? Really good food is no different than medicine for your body.
So even if something's not good for your condition, you should still eat good food.
Let's go exercise with me instead of with your secretary, Mr.
Cho? I'll go with Mr.
Ahn for physical therapy.
Could you take care of the curtains in his room today? Sure.
And When you clean upstairs, leave my room alone.
I'll do it myself.
Trust and doubt.
At the crossroad towards the truth, we often choose doubt over trust.
Hello? Hello! You know who I am, right? I'm your mate at the meditation class.
Yes, Mate! Hello.
I have a favor to ask you, actually.
Yes, what is it? Are you able to look into someone's background? If I give you a person's social security number, can you look up the person's past? Is that possible? I see.
It's too much to ask, right? It is.
Ah I see, that's OK then.
It is illegal, but sometimes the court helps if you're in a civil suit.
If Mate really wants it, I can find a way to get it done.
No it's OK, forget it.
I was just teasing, it's OK.
Tell me the social security number and the person's name.
Then It's because doubt is the best way to defend oneself.
But no one can guarantee its outcome.
Did you ask for me? I don't much time, so I'll just ask you.
Did you sleep with my wife? What? No! No, I didn't.
Then what's going on here? Tell me exactly what happened.
Otherwise I'll break your head open with this golf club.
Just tell me honestly.
I don't care even if you did sleep with my wife.
That's definitely not it.
Then what is it? You should ask for my help instead of from my wife, she's got nothing once I kick her out.
She Has a man.
Yeah, I'm sure she does.
I found out and And then? I suggested a few things to her.
You bastard! Tell me plainly what happened.
What suggestions? I asked her for money.
I'm sorry! You little bastard.
Fine, how much did you get from her? Then you asked her to get you promoted to a contracted position? Yes.
Did you Know I was a thug before? It hasn't been that long since I actually start hitting golf balls with a golf club.
I'd use it to break people's heads and legs.
You better listen to me carefully.
This is how you can stay alive.
Got it? But What's this one called? That one? It's a toast to wish for Daesung Pulp's success so It's called, "A toast.
" That sounds great! "A toast"! I'm working on something.
I'll see you later.
Who is it Could you give me what you mentioned before, those pills to help me in bed? Please! Mr.
Ahn? Where do you wish to have the bicycle shipped? To your house? Yes! That'll be good.
A toast! A toast! He's making me do all kinds of things.
I can't stand it.
Sorry I can't greet you properly.
It's been 3 months? Instead of Botox, let's just do dermo-toxin today.
Can't I just get them all? It's better for you to wait at least a month after.
Some people experience side effects in their eyelids when combined.
OK, fine then.
What never satisfies Human greed is endless.
When you clean upstairs, leave my room alone.
I'll do it myself.
(His health condition Family situation) Didn't I tell you not to come in here? Oh, it's I'm I'm sorry.
You know what the most unfortunate thing is in the world? A person's eyes who saw what they should not have, and her tongue that talked about it.
Never Make another mistake like this.
I'll let it go this time.
I'll be watching you.
Greed, at its face value Never stops, ever.
Were you ever able to sway over a man after sleeping with him? Then why did you live alone like this without any man? Push out all the way.
Hold it Let's do it again.
Push out again! Then go back down.
Hold it Mr.
Ahn, maybe that's enough.
What if you damage your muscles? OK, back up again! More! People's greed makes them want to have what they can't.
That's when all of our misfortunes started to take place.
Takashi Murakami or Jeff Koons wasn't even recognized in the beginning.
Of course.
The same goes for Marcel Duchamp.
It wasn't him who made the toilet into an art piece.
It was actually the marketing people who discovered him.
Are you saying Yoon Seong-hee that you recommended is as impactful as Duchamp's toilet? Not at all.
Hers is actually very normal.
I think the capturing is too small.
It's not balanced to the size of the piece.
Can we make the capturing bigger? Did you hear? Make it bigger.
Yes, Ma'am.
I think the north wall is better for the installation to stand out.
I don't think it should be under direct lighting.
I'm sure there's a reason the artist made her colors faint like that.
You're amazing.
Your company's launching a feminine product line? Yes.
Thank you for your continued interest.
I hope you'd put our products in the middle of your markets.
You have pop-up stands, right? Does your father-in-law know that his business got so much better because of you? Does he know that who made a small tissue company into a huge corporation? It's all thanks to you! I'll be good to you for the rest of my life! I'm helping you unconditionally.
Yoon Seong-hee too, I'm helping that artist because of you.
You won't regret it.
You trust my taste, right? That I do, for sure.
But everything on your body is It's art, instead of just an accessory.
I made it myself! You like it? Completely! If Johannes Vermeer were still alive today, he would've chosen you to paint.
"The beauty with a pearl necklace.
" You're so clever.
You know how to move a person's heart.
How can I not like you? And you can continue to like me! I told you You shouldn't over-do it.
Park, you can stop.
It's gotta be tiring.
I'm totally fine.
I'll call you back in a minute, please wait.
I told you I'll pay you back! Is that a creditor? I'm hanging up.
How much is your debt? Tell me.
I'll pay off your debt.
No, I can't have you do that.
I can take care of it.
Don't make me out to be a fool! I told you I'd pay for it.
Call him back, I can do it now.
You really don't have to How much is it? How much? That was tiring.
(Joo-min) Yes Joo-min, did you call? Something's up with that woman.
There must be a reason she came into our house.
I'm checking it out.
Don't worry too much.
I'll see you later tonight.
This side, too.
Ahn? You might get sun burned, please go inside.
OK, I will.
Thank you.
I'll never forget it, even when I die.
I'll never forget the fact that you paid off my debt.
I'll dedicate all of myself to work for you with all sincerity.
Don't overreact, it wasn't so much.
Go inside, you don't need to do this.
I'm so embarrassed.
OK, let's get back inside.
How have you been? But next time, let's meet somewhere far from where you live.
It makes me nervous.
Why? Are we doing something bad? Well, it's not something anyone should see in the open.
We're just having dinner, that's all.
It doesn't actually mean we're dating.
This is a business meeting.
We're planning our business together as Daesung Corporation and its designer for our cases.
Yes, Mr.
Don't worry.
- Are you ready to order? - Yes.
What is this? Was it Your husband that did this? Help me.
This is too hard.
That bastard, how could he do this! He's a total psycho! You're raising his child and just living a quiet life! I'm envious of your wife Did you get a medical evaluation? Divorce him, and get out of that place.
Yoon-jae needs to at least finish elementary school.
He's not even your son! No, it's not like that.
I never considered him someone else's child.
It's because of Yoon-jae that I still live with my husband, even through this.
Yoon-jae's so cute.
He treats me very well too.
You're just too kind! But you know You know Ji-hoo's mom? Ah-jin? Yeah.
I think she knows about our relationship.
What? - Thank you.
- Sure.
I'll be getting home now.
Go on, thank you.
Thank you.
It's her financial record and some simple police background.
I see.
Can I ask who it is? The caregiver for my father-in-law.
I should've checked more in detail before hiring her.
I think I trusted her too quickly.
She seemed like a good person.
She has a criminal record for embezzlement and fraud, 7 years ago.
Park, you'll need to leave the house.
You're being let go, please leave.
Ah-jin, this is so sudden.
What are you talking about? You said you'd defer your judgment.
You have a criminal background for embezzlement and fraud.
Why didn't you tell me that? It's not something to be proud of, why would I tell you that? No need for an explanation, please leave first thing tomorrow.
Leave before Father wakes up.
I can explain.
I won't hear it.
I don't need to.
You told me you'd give me a chance.
Then Please continue to watch me work.
It's my fault for allowing you here without checking thoroughly.
I'll include the full month's pay.
Please leave.
OK, I will.
I will leave.
But instead Let me just prepare Mr.
Ahn's birthday meal myself.
Then I'll leave.
Leave first thing tomorrow.
He paid off my debt.
I was planning on working for him, to repay that grace.
If I leave right after he's paid off my debt Think about he betrayed he'd feel! I'll explain it to him.
You're going to tell him I've been in jail before? You're so cruel! Have you thought about how he'd feel if he were to hear this? You live such a fancy life.
I'm sure you think anyone who's been to jail is a terrible person.
But in the world, there are people who are treated unfairly, some people have no choice but to go to jail, with heartbreaking situations.
I swear.
Just until his birthday Just until then Let me stay here.
We'll do that.
But you must keep your promise.
Thank you.
I'll explain everything to him after I get to prepare his birthday meal myself.
I'll make sure to do that.
So that's what we've decided on.
You have to leave this house thereafter.
To Yangjae-dong, please.
Let's get there quickly.
No! (Queen Bee) How will you label me in your phone? Let me see.
"CEO Yoon"? That's ridiculous! Why not? Why not? Her boyfriend's got another girlfriend.
What? The guy she's cheating with.
It's like a boomerang.
The mistress hurts the wife, but she also ends up getting hurt by another.
But the second mistress ends up finding out that, when the guy dies, all his possession is under the name of his original wife.
That's how they do it in dramas.
Is it so baffling? What a guy! Is that what he really wants? I saw your husband at a restaurant yesterday, he was with a woman.
A woman? I wonder who.
She was really pretty and young.
You think he's cheating? My husband? He's not capable, I'm not worried.
How do you know if he's capable? He's too distracted, he can't do He's terribly clumsy.
My husband is obsessively clean, he can't cheat because of it.
Do you have a boyfriend? No.
I heard every elementary student has one.
It's not a question you should ask.
That is true.
There's no good man around! Ji-hoo.
What kind of a person should I date? Someone who's Not like my dad.
Why not? He's got no algorithm.
You know why I study math so much? It's algorithm.
Order and efficiency begin from there.
And he's got none of that.
What are you talking about? He goes cycling in the morning, and dozes off in the evening.
Don't you think there's something wrong there? You're playing well today! I've been putting it in well these days.
Thanks to the wind, I'm getting some distance! The men are having a drink after the game, what should we do? Isn't it your turn to plan it? Around sunset I reserved us a yacht! This is great.
It's not for your wife, right? Of course not.
I hope it goes well! Do it well! Thanks to you, I will! You have to provide full service.
Why don't you introduce your friends to us? We'll take care of you tonight! Glad to meet you! - Cheers! - Cheers! You should sit here.
Why don't sit here also? There they are! Let me see, one, two, three, four I pick number four! Your turn.
Go for it.
One second, I'm sorry.
Can I talk to you for a second outside? You're incredibly pretty.
You're totally my type.
Right? I'm pretty, right? Yes, it was love at first sight! You want me to kill you? What are you doing? You're into this stuff? Just enjoy the day while everyone's having fun, and don't do anything funny.
Got it? Feed every bird out there, otherwise I'll feed you to the birds! This is all for the elders at Mr.
Choi's? The daughter-in-law in the household is amazing, she picks the ingredients too.
You're right, she's so nice.
That's why all her children turned out so well.
The oldest son became a judge, the second son took over the company.
The third son's a professor, and her daughter was sick but now cured.
They're blessed because their mother is so kind! That's true, no need to be mean at that age.
It's not like she'll be taking her wealth after she dies.
So Park Bok-ja is done with? Yes! Ah-jin cut her off.
- Does that make you feel good? - Yes, of course! I feel completely relieved.
She was like a bad toothache! You look just like that actor in "Breakfast at Tiffany's," Mr.
Ahn! Come on! That's so ridiculous.
No, really! You look just like him! Let's have a great time out today.
Yes, of course.
Let's play out until we can't anymore.
You want to buy something? Oh, no.
Can you pull over? Ms.
Try this on.
What are you talking about? Just try it on.
I just want to see you in it.
Just one second, Mr.
Can you take a picture of Mr.
Ahn and me? And Cat? Come on, Cat! How cute! You want me to dye your hair for you? You can look 20 years younger if you just dye your hair black.
We can use natural hair dye.
Let's go in now.
Hey, how did you get so dark? Were you out under the sun? I was on a yacht.
Why didn't you put on sunscreen? It's terrible for your skin.
Mom, I'm hungry.
OK, I'll make you some food.
I've been dying to eat this, Mom! It's so good! Is your kimchi still OK? Not too sour? I like it when it's sour.
I want another! OK, OK! It's so good! So, the caregiver agreed to leave? I'm scared of what will happen after, my father-in-law likes her so much.
How much stake does your husband have in the company? Why are you asking me that? We need to calculate who'll own the company after your father-in-law passes away! That's not what I'm supposed to be thinking about right now.
I need to help him recover! Fine, you're the nice one and I'm terrible! Hurry, another one, the sour kimchi! OK, OK! She grew up without a father.
And she grew up in an environment where she's forced to love sour kimchi the most.
But I learned that a lot later.
Her father died when she was 8.
She never heard the music her father used to listen to, ever again.
She was afraid she'd totally crumble if she were to hear it again.
She wanted to protect herself.
You're home.
What's with the cat? What do you mean? It's a cat.
Isn't it cute? Who said you can have a cat here? Mr.
Ahn got it for me.
I didn't get it.
What's this cat doing here? What is it? I'm asking you what this cat's doing here! (Woman of Dignity) She said she'll leave after his birthday.
She definitely is, right? Let's do a play.
You're not the type my father would like.
Make some food.
I'm a caregiver.
What about it? Are you sure? Pretend that you don't know.
She was acting like she was so pure.
You must be working too hard.
Go home and sleep.
Which home? I saw a document where she took notes about the family.
No way.
I should've checked more in detail.
Don't mess with me any more.
She'll be thrown out after his birthday.
I'll never leave this house.
Park Bok-ja! Stop! Stop right there!