Woman of Dignity (Poomwiitneun Geunyeo) (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

You're home.
What's that cat? What do you mean? It's just a cat.
Isn't it cute? Who said you can have a cat here? Mr.
Ahn bought it for me.
I didn't buy it.
What is this cat? What is it? I'm asking you what is with this cat! Mr.
Ahn bought it and just gave it to me.
I couldn't refuse it.
My father-in-law did? Yes.
He definitely knows that Joo-mi is allergic to cat hair.
There's no way.
What are you talking about, Ah-jin? I wouldn't lie about that, he's right here.
You need to discuss it first before having a pet.
Pets are family too.
How can you make a rash decision like this? I had no chance to discuss it ahead.
He just bought it and gave it to me.
How can I refuse it? Are you leaving with the cat when you move out? Yes, I should.
OK, then.
Make sure it doesn't come downstairs.
I understand.
You can get up now.
(Episode 4: Choice and secret) I hate cats.
But I hate that cat even more! It's just for a few more days.
She said she'll leave with it.
What's that all about? She's leaving with the cat? I'm letting her go.
I was going to tell you first but I guess things became all backwards.
She said she'll leave? She just agreed? There's a reason she has no choice but to.
What is it? Forget it.
It'll just give you a headache, don't worry about it.
I'm taking care of it.
Oh, and I got some herbal medicine for Woon-kyu, your son.
I was introduced to an acupuncturist through a friend of mine.
He said his math grade will go up by 20 points with this medicine! You really won't tell me? It works for anyone.
Just focus on Woon-kyu.
I told you.
It's important he goes to a good college.
She's really leaving here, right? You're sure? Yes, I'm sure! She said she'll leave after she prepares Father's birthday meal herself.
Oh, that's right.
It is his birthday soon.
So let's just wait a few more days.
I don't even like coming home now! It's all because of her! Father He paid off her debt.
What? I'm leaving.
OK, get home safely.
Make sure the cat's not around, even just for a few days.
He paid off your debt? I was told that you're leaving as soon as his birthday ends.
So I won't say much more.
No more Don't be any more pitiful than you are.
Sorry I'm late, you can go home now.
I guess no one cleaned while I was gone! There's much to clean everywhere.
You can do it tomorrow.
I should've stayed instead of taking care of my daughter who just gave birth.
I guess I missed a great scene! Mrs.
Cho told me all about it.
The new caregiver is crazy? I want to see what she looks like.
Is she home now? Forget it.
It's not the time for that.
Go on home.
I'll come clean the bathroom tomorrow.
Oh, wait.
What's all this? Some clothes for your grandchildren.
Two each, since they're twins.
You're so kind! How can you be so nice all the time? They're not expensive, tell the mother she doesn't have to worry.
Thanks so much.
I'll come early tomorrow.
I'll see you then.
Why a cat, all of a sudden? You definitely have a talent.
Should we stop here today? OK.
Your dad's waiting for you outside, I'll tell him.
Just put the shading for the nails here.
- Finish it well.
- OK.
You got something here.
Are you OK? I'm not winking at you.
Something's in my eye.
Oh, stop it.
Ji-hoo, let's go home! Restroom.
Go on.
Ji-hoo? You're listening to music alone again? Let's listen to it together.
What's this song about? "When you feel down and you're not sure where to go" "How about wearing fancy clothes and going to the hottest place in town?" Are you telling me that? No, that's what the song is saying.
Man, you get me every time.
"Rich people walk around the streets as show off that they have a lot of money.
" "Tall hats and white shirts.
" "They spend all their money while showing off.
" "Does it look good to you that they are living a lavish life?" You're telling me that, right? No, it's just the song.
Forget it! I don't like that song.
Why would you listen to a song like that? Listen to something simple and light that doesn't make you feel guilty.
Listen to your music, I'll listen to mine.
No need to build a wall between us over something so trivial.
She's definitely not normal.
She's my daughter but I don't feel so comfortable with her.
Mom, I'm really tired today.
I took on more than I can handle.
I want to sleep without writing a diary in English.
OK! Just write, "Today was another day," then sleep.
Good night, Mom and Dad.
I took on more than I can handle today, too.
I'm going to bed.
But wash up first! Endless chances of danger await a person with a secret.
Who is it? It's me.
What brings you here? Can we talk inside if that's OK? Have a seat.
I couldn't sleep last night so I came here for a nap.
What is it? The CEO hired me as a contracted worker.
Thank you.
That's good.
Is that why came here? To tell me that? I'll look out for you.
You can bring your boyfriend over.
No one will know.
You're a funny guy! What are you trying to do here? It didn't sit well with me the whole time.
I felt bad about what I did, it's because my family is struggling.
I'd like to help you in return.
I'll help you as much as I received.
You're hilarious.
Never show your face around me.
We already have his record in the hotel.
We have his phone number, too.
What's wrong with you? What are you trying to do here? You want me to kill you? Don't misunderstand.
I'm just telling you that it doesn't matter whether you continue to see him or not.
You're still young, you think the world is so easy? You shouldn't get used to making money so easily.
Oh, no.
I won't ask you for anything at all, in any given situation.
I'm going to work hard and live diligently.
I'm a good worker.
You're already a con-man, yet you want to live a diligent life? Whatever.
You better Not show your face in front of me anymore.
Get out! (Your husband is dating another woman) Look at this.
What kind of a person would send a text like this? What is this, fraud? What is this? I'm not sure.
Is this hand-wash only? Let's see Oh, it's good for machine-wash.
It smells nice, doesn't smell like sweat.
Even secrets that seemed like they'd never be exposed, covered under bubbles They eventually expose themselves to the truth at some point.
It's just been one night but she's so friendly.
I can't believe I have to send Cat away.
It breaks my heart.
Why would you send it away? Joo-mi said she doesn't like cats.
She told me to get rid of it.
Who is she to tell you that? A cat's not just an object.
"Get rid of it"? Hello.
Did you see the message I sent to the group chat last week? Today's topic is "memory.
" You'll share the most precious memory in your life.
And everyone will also cherish that memory, and respect it.
We'll help each other keep that memory.
Did you all bring a memorable object? Who should go first? How about the new member? That sounds good.
I love you.
I Had a wife.
We met freshmen year in college.
Our love was like fire.
When I first met her She had a pair of mittens on.
And she took off those mittens, and her hands were so tiny.
So I asked, "Why are your hands so small?" "None of your business!" That's what she said.
Even now I think about my wife whenever I see a pair of mittens.
I love you.
OK, how about Ah-jin for the next memory? I love you, everyone.
I love you.
My father passed away when I was 8.
There are two distinctive moments I remember with him.
When I was 4 We went to a bathhouse together, the male side.
Another is with a paper crane.
He taught me how to fold a paper crane.
I was 7, and it was a little difficult.
I kept getting it wrong, over and over.
It wouldn't turn into a crane! Then I finally made one correctly.
Then my dad said, "You want me to turn your paper crane into a real crane?" That's what he said.
But I can still remember how I felt at that moment.
What was in my heart.
I felt like my dad can really Turn a paper crane into a real crane.
That's how my dad felt like to me.
I still think about my dad whenever I see a paper crane.
I feel like it can turn into a real crane and fly away.
That's how I feel.
I love you.
What do you think you're doing? What? A gym? I won't stand for it if you change your words around now.
Shut up, you bastard! You're turning me into a con-artist.
You piece of trash.
I saved you from that miserable life.
That was a long time ago! You took all the blame and went to jail You did that for me, that's why I'm helping you now.
So! Just help! Don't expect something in return.
It doesn't cost all that much to open up a gym.
The second daughter-in-law found out I've been in jail before.
How did she find out? Regardless Know your place and just stay put.
It's so good! You're pretty and you can also cook? Pretty good, right? - You're not eating? - I can't eat gimbap, I have trauma.
That's there so you can overcome it.
You're better without makeup.
Hey there.
You better not like me or something.
I'll try not to.
I like trees.
They don't budge, even through storms or typhoons.
You like the fact that they don't budge? Of course.
I don't like changes.
That's why I like trees.
They're always there at the same spot.
I like flowers.
- Why? - Because they're pretty.
They smell nice, too.
And they look pretty.
I just like staring at them.
People don't really say "smell" when describing flowers.
They say, "fragrance," instead.
I like the fact that the flowers are always changing.
They were seeds, then they bear fruit.
They make leaves.
Then they blossom And become seeds again.
But they still stay fragrant.
Look at the sky.
It feels even higher than usual, right? You can keep it.
From there to There.
I'll sell you that much.
It's all mine actually, you know.
I'm selling you a portion for free! That was so lame.
Oh, and Are you paying me a fee? What fee? Fee for real estate.
I gave you that much space.
Say, "ah!" Wow.
Are you serious? Pretend like you don't know anything.
You shouldn't get involved in things like that.
I won't.
That wife of his treated me so terribly! He's a funny guy.
Our children are friends, and he asked me for things like that.
He has no guard against another person.
Men cheat even when their wives are that pretty.
I reserved the place for us, a couple of days from now.
We'll meet during lunch? Yeah.
If your husband ever lays his hand on you again, I won't stand for it! Seong-soo.
Son of a gun.
He should at least give you a lot of money.
Ahn? Mr.
Ahn? Mr.
Ahn! Oh, yes.
You must be working too much.
You should sleep at home instead.
Which one? Honey.
Get up, it's time for your morning exercise.
Stop whining and get up! Get up, come on! I beg you, let me just skip one day! I'll do it twice as much tomorrow.
Hurry up and drink it.
You need to be more diligent.
Wait, wait.
How cute! You can do it! He doesn't eat abalone intestines.
He doesn't like the smell.
He'll eat them from now on.
I'll dye your hair with henna.
Dye my hair? For what? It'll just turn white again.
You need to look young! You're a man! OK.
Cho? Mrs.
Cho? Mrs.
Cho? The scariest and the strangest thing is She speaks in Seoul standard accent when she's with me.
But she speaks with a country accent when she's with Mr.
It's like she's acting.
And Ah-jin There's something I saw in her room while cleaning it.
She told me never to talk about it, that she won't leave me alone if I did.
There was a document she had about Mr.
Ahn and the family members.
Please elaborate.
A document? I didn't get to read it in detail.
But generally, it was about the corporation's size.
And things like what Mr.
Ahn owned under his name.
I know it's not my place but if I can tell you one thing I don't think she came here by chance.
I understand.
You can go on now.
Please take this to Pungsook-jeong.
It's a list of food for Father's birthday.
And Do not tell anyone about what you just told me.
Of course.
I understand.
So she made a plan to get hired there.
Of course! She wouldn't have done the research otherwise.
The daughter-in-law must be having such a headache.
But that caregiver doesn't stand a chance with Ah-jin.
Why? Ah-jin is no ordinary person.
Yes, she's famous for being kind with good character.
Yes, of course! But It's Ah-jin who has total control over her father-in-law.
But she's still his daughter-in-law.
I bet Mr.
Ahn's already head over heels from Park Bok-ja's breast! Come on.
You don't know Ah-jin like I do, that's why.
Is that true? Yes, Father.
I should've looked more into her.
It's my fault.
I can't believe it.
She's leaving right after your birthday tomorrow.
I have something to ask you.
Why did you pay her debt off? Did you Consider her someone more than just a caregiver? It's my money, what's it to you? Father, you know what I mean.
Get out.
Get out, I don't want to deal with this.
Please get some rest.
Don't come in.
Did you tell Jae-hee? Does she know? Just generally.
I didn't tell her that I'm throwing her out yet.
I'm sure she'll be the first one who'd like to throw her out, she's his daughter.
She lives in Jeju-do? - Woon-kyu's aunt? - Yes.
How about the oldest son, Woon-kyu's dad? You know anything about him? They're not on speaking terms.
He's kicked out, and lives in America.
For what? I'm not sure either.
I think you know more than I do.
You did your research already.
You're leaving? I heard you're leaving right after Mr.
Ahn's birthday.
So Since I'm already leaving I'm no use? Is that what you mean? Oh, not at all! That's not what I mean.
We're in the same position, working for another household.
Shut your mouth.
That's why you could never get out of your low-class-life.
Hey What a terrible thing to say! You go back and forth, whatever puts you in a better position.
You're just a parasite.
What did you say? I've been patient all this time.
Then stay patient! Otherwise, you'll be kicked out of this place.
Your only son got in trouble, and you have a lot of debt because of him.
And you need even more money because your daughter needs kidney dialysis.
You know the extent of my research, don't you? I I'm never leaving from this house.
So you better get your act straight! You got even prettier! You must've gone through some hard time.
Welcome, Jae-hee.
We would've went to the airport, why'd you tell us not to? It's OK, I don't have much luggage.
How about your husband? Oh, he bought another company.
He's got too much work.
I came alone.
He should've came, it's been so long.
I know, right? Where's Dad? He went out for a walk with Mr.
He'll be back shortly.
I feel terrible that I have you guys take care of my own sick dad.
Don't say that.
And Where's that caregiver? Let me see what she looks like.
You're not exactly my father's type.
You should eat first, are you hungry? No need to be greedy, OK? He doesn't need another leech like me.
Dad! You're home.
I've been having such a hard time! Where's Jae-suc? He's been busy lately.
He's working so hard for a new product we're launching.
He started exercising in the morning, too.
But I'm his only sister! He'll be home soon.
I apologize.
There's no need.
It's totally his fault.
How about Jae-gu? Any word from him? Why didn't your husband come? Oh He's having a hard time with his business, Dad.
Why don't you invest in him? Don't even start if that's what you came for.
I'll bring it up again after your birthday.
We don't need a whole lot.
Just about 2 million dollars.
Oh, kimchi! I've been craving it.
It's so good! It's my dad's birthday tomorrow, I can't come here.
You told me already.
Ahn, it's time for your medicine.
Do you want go for your morning exercise? Shall I take you? No, I'm going to work today.
I thought you said you'd rest for another week.
You're going to work already? You can leave now.
Dad! Is my dad still sleeping? He left for work today, there's a board meeting today.
Oh, you should've woke me up! I couldn't, you were soundly asleep.
I have to get on his good side! Oh, Ms.
Can you make breakfast? Let's see how well you cook.
I'm a caregiver.
What about it? I'm not a maid that helps around the house.
You're not flexible at all! I just want to see how you'd prepare my dad's birthday dinner.
What should I do, Ah-jin? Should I make it? No, don't.
Ah-jin? Jae-hee.
I'll make your breakfast.
She's already been fired.
She's just here because of your father's birthday preparation.
She has no reason to prepare your meal.
And she shouldn't.
Go on in, I'll make you something.
No reason? Mr.
Go with this one.
Life is a series of choices.
Sometimes we choose between keeping something or throwing it away.
Sometimes we have to decide what we'll choose to be selected by another person.
Put this one on.
With this tie.
You look great today! Of course! Like-mother, like-son! She was really pretty.
I took after my mom.
Your sister's waiting, at least call her! I can't stand her! We always fight whenever we talk for more than 30 minutes! Oh, and you ate with a young woman at a cafe recently? You were so caught! What? You had dinner at a cafe in Cheongdam-dong? Whom were you with? There must be a mistake.
I'm incredibly busy with the new product.
You're being suspicious, you weren't at "Take Two"? You go there often anyways.
Oh, that woman! She's in charge of marketing at another company, for feminine products.
I asked her a few things about it.
She had to make a choice, too.
That's true.
There's nothing to hide, I'm sure that's why you went there.
Her choice was to trust her husband.
Make sure you get on your father's good side! Don't worry.
Your handkerchief! The factories in China are on schedule to meet the launch date of the new products.
Each process has been thoroughly checked.
I also propose that we make toilet paper without fluorescence but raise price.
Potential health problems can give negative impact to our new feminine product line.
That is all.
OK, you guys decide.
Everyone, leave the room if most things have been dealt with.
You too.
You know that caregiver lady? I think I should meet her and say hi.
- There's no need.
- Why not? You're kicking her out? You Slept with her? You can't throw her out after sleeping with her! You shut your mouth! I'll go say hi to her tonight.
I told you, there's no need! Why does everyone stop me every time I want to go say hi to her? What are we, Romeo and Juliet? Get out! This is a piece of art! You shouldn't throw this around.
What the heck is this? You should've picked more calm pieces, in watercolor.
What's this? Cartoon? Father, that's your level in art? How can you compare this to cartoons? It's pop-art! She'll be the best artist ever! Cartoon? Ridiculous! Get out! Why don't you tell the teacher to come to your place, instead of going to hers? She said she wouldn't mind.
I do have a reason for that.
What is it? First I can hear it better when I take lessons at the studio, rather than at home.
Second I like talking to you in the car ride.
If the teacher comes to my place instead, I won't get to see you as much.
Wow, is that right? You're so cute, Ji-hoo! So I have something to tell you.
Can you come pick me up after my art lessons? Instead of Dad? Why? I told you, I like talking to you.
Come on, you're not saying you like me more than your dad! Of course that's not what I meant.
Anyway, can you come instead of him? He wants to pick you up.
He's also using her drawings for his products.
I guess he developed a taste in art.
Dad? Art? Yeah.
Wear that lingerie I got you tomorrow.
(Your husband is dating another woman) I think we can just continue to meet in the same room.
Where's the pickled lotus root? Oh, in the second fridge.
Let's pack it up quickly.
Almost done? Yes, just about.
It's delicious! Mr.
Ahn didn't even touch it yet! That caregiver said she's not leaving.
She said she won't, ever! How can she not? Ah-jin told her to.
You don't know enough about her.
What a mess! Let's go to Mr.
Ahn's house now! It's ready.
You're happy your daughter's here? I promised I'll dye your hair, right? Let's do that now.
It's OK.
I want to do it for you.
It's your birthday! I said forget it.
I have something to tell you, too.
I had a daughter.
I raised her alone, without her father.
But 7 years ago She was diagnosed with leukemia.
The money for bone-marrow transplant was But I didn't have 60 thousand.
I didn't even have 600.
I had no way to make her live.
That's how it happened.
So in the end I did what I shouldn't have done.
That's why I had to serve time in jail.
Why didn't you tell me earlier? How could I? It's not something I can just bring up.
Ahn Please be healthy.
I'm leaving here, but I'll make sure to pay back the money you gave me.
Don't worry about it.
You don't need to.
Oh, no.
I have human decency.
I can't just take your money like that, you worked hard for it.
Let's go! Hello, Jae-hee.
It's been a while.
How've you been, Ji-hoo? Hello, Auntie! I'm so hungry! Go on and eat something first.
Is there anything to eat here? You need to stop eating! Ji-hoo, are you filming me eat? Stop it! I told you not to.
Ahn You look like you're ready for marriage.
Let me change first before I go.
Everyone's waiting, you should go on first.
Father! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Thanks, you can sit.
Happy birthday! It's my father-in-law's 72nd birthday.
Please enjoy your time here.
I prepared to sing a song for his birthday.
I'd appreciate it if you can give me a huge round of applause after.
Music, cue! - That was so clever! When did you prepare all this? Oh, it's nothing.
But Where's that caregiver who refused to cook? Is she kicked out already/ Wow.
I made this especially for Mr.
Ahn, I know he loves this very much.
How can you bring this type of food? I love pig skin! There's no high or low in food.
How shocking! You're really something, Lady.
Dad, I want some too.
You stay still.
Park, please have a seat.
Take a seat.
Then Father! Father! You totally overreacted.
He almost died on his birthday! Don't speak like that.
- Watch your mouth! - It's true! It's just a cat, why make such a scene? That was so shocking.
She totally covered him with her body.
"Oh, Mr.
Ahn!" She still needs to leave.
I agree.
I think she needs to leave too.
I'm looking for her replacement.
I can take care of him until then.
You think he'll let you though? Father.
She's staying.
You saw it yourself.
She sacrificed herself for me.
Can you do the same for me? Say it! Father, she still can't stay regardless.
She can't stay here.
Dad? She Got me to stand up.
You see? Do you? I can stand! And I can walk! Look! How about We do some acting? A little more in, please.
Who cares if she has a criminal record, she's served her time.
What? Even some of my friends have fraud convictions.
Financial wrongdoings aren't really serious crimes.
How can you say that? That's completely ridiculous! They deserve a fair chance! How can they ever learn to live again if the whole society rejects them? I'm baffled.
What are you, Jesus' friend now? No, he's not really my kind of a guy.
He's got no sense of humor.
What's important is that she got him up.
She got a man up! It's game over.
Go to sleep.
I can't talk to you right now.
I'm about to, I'm dead tired.
Cat? Shouldn't you be at the hospital? It's not in the house.
I threw it away.
You Get out.
Woon-kyu! Auntie What do you think you're doing? You're home.
I'm asking you, what do you think you're doing? Woon-kyu? What happened? When did you leave the house? You better explain clearly.
What did I do wrong, Ah-jin? You're asking because you don't know? What happened? It's eye for an eye, and tooth for tooth.
She threw out my cat.
So I threw him out.
Do you want to be totally embarrassed in front of your son? Park Bok-ja! You stop! Stop right here! If I had listened to her then And stopped there Would I have stayed alive? Stop here! I'm telling you to stop here.
(Woman of Dignity) I'm not going to take a step out of this house.
Who'll take care of Mr.
Ahn if I leave? What a nut-job.
He goes cycling in the morning, and never misses a day! It's like he's a new person.
Are you dating whoever is drawing these cartoons? Just because we kissed, it doesn't mean we're dating.
Isn't it odd? Yeah it is.
Mate? Are you OK, Mr.
Ahn? Should we live together? Should we call each other a husband and a wife? I'll listen to you, Mr.
I won't listen to anyone else.
She had a twisted life.
She was adopted at 10, but returned to foster care after.
What is it that you want? Tell me.
What do you want? What I want is