Woman of Dignity (Poomwiitneun Geunyeo) (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

This way, please.
This way, please.
- Gi-oak! - Hey! Please put the flowers here.
And that box over here.
Ah-jin, we're starting.
Please come! OK, I'm almost done! Please start the delivery in exactly an hour from now.
Set up champagne and a plate of canapĂŠ in each table.
OK, will do.
There's a transparent glass ceiling between the high class and the low class.
You can see through it, so it looks like anyone can reach it.
But the reality is that it is blocked by that glass ceiling, and no one can break through it.
The high class believes that it cannot go down to the low class either.
It's because of that glass floor they're standing on.
The glass floor stops them from falling off, though they can see through it.
But There's something they're forgetting.
The glass floor is transparent.
And it can also break.
(Episode 8: The glass ceiling and the glass floor) We only have one set, it's an art piece! How can an expensive dish break so easily? Can we talk for a second? What is it, Cho-hee? That name I told you to never say it again! Oh sorry, it came out of habit.
I'm not the old Park Cho-hee.
I'm the wife of Daesung Pulp's owner! I'll say it again, be careful in front of others.
I trust you, you know that, right? Of course I do! I completely understand.
Don't worry.
Just do what I tell you to do, and do it well.
Then I'll make sure you're taken care of.
OK, got it.
I'll be your eyes and ears as you wish.
I gotta buy those from her too? These are much bigger than me, but I'm buying, no one else should touch them! These are mine! That's why I like her so much! Look at her talk, she said they're big! Let's see you with them on.
They're too big! Why isn't she here yet? Hello, sorry I'm a little late.
I'll show you around, come follow me.
- She's a new artist.
- Hello.
The marketing team wants to supply feminine products to the needy Mr.
Ahn? Is something bothering you? She's definitely my sun.
But the earth also needs the moon, not just the sun! The sun rises in the morning.
But the moon at night! Imagine that the sun is always up.
You can't live like that! Why are you wondering about things like that? Mr.
You're no romantic! You're too much of a romantic, you must be so happy.
Useless piece of document! Did you buy anything? Just a few things, including a purse from Mrs.
Jeong from Sunwoo Corp.
The donation amount is a secret.
Oh, and did you hear? Gyung-hee's husband was attacked at a parking lot, and he's hurt badly.
Wow, really? Oh, my! The world is such a dangerous place! How can that happen? He was beaten just enough not to die.
You sound sad that he didn't.
My married life isn't based in love either.
No need to be fake when it's just us two.
I feel you, now I have a friend.
Let's drink to that! - Why don't you get a divorce? - How will I support myself if I did? What a universal and simple reason! Why don't you get a divorce? Because of my children.
Humane and understandable.
- You should at least date.
- I am.
Really? You think you're the only one with a lover? Four ribs broken.
His lungs got damaged as the ribs got crushed.
It was close to an attempted murder! That cosmetic surgeon The doctor who's dating Gyung-hee Was it him that did it? No way! Why would that doctor beat up Gyung-hee's husband? The one who's beaten up, the golfer, beats his wife, Gyung-hee! Why does she live like that? She can't bear a child.
She's sterile.
That must be why she's so kind to Yoon-jae.
She must care for him as if he's her real son.
It's so sad.
She's so pretty, she should get a new husband.
But how about Dr.
Jang's wife? She doesn't know? Everyone knows he's cheating on her! Dr.
Jang's family isn't a member to Pungsuk-jung, the food delivery service.
That's why she can't hear gossips around town.
Oh, and did you hear? There's a new maid in Mr.
Ahn's place.
The new wife of his brought her in.
It's so easy for you to call her, "the new wife"? You're so good at adapting! Gossips at Pungsuk-jung are faster and more accurate than any media.
But thanks to someone who knows how to watch her mouth, no one got to know about the fact that Jae-suc's cheating on his wife.
And the secret that the members of Pungsuk-jung never caught on Still remained.
So you're gonna do whatever that woman says? "That woman"? How dare you! You better watch what you say.
You sound like an ignorant person! Dad! She'll become a brat if you keep spoiling her like that.
I know that very well.
That's exactly what happened to you.
I can't stand that new maid either.
What's it to you? You're going back home soon.
I'm your own daughter! - I have a say in this! - Shut up, it's up to me! Never give her any financial authority! Why do you care? Go on home! I won't.
No, I can't! How about giving me 2 million dollars? Then I'll back off.
Just for now.
But I'll go home if you give me that.
Just get lost! I don't want to see any of you.
Always telling me to get lost! "Get lost"? Where to? I got nowhere to go.
Hey there, you hungry? What? "Hey there"? Look here.
You've never been a maid before? I've always worked for myself, I've never done something like this before.
I'm baffled.
You should at least know your place even if you're slow to catch on.
Do you not watch TV at least? You don't call your employer, "Hey there.
" You must be crazy.
Then how should I address you? "Ma'am," at least! That doesn't quite fit you.
Lady! Shut your mouth unless you want to get kicked out! OK, I will.
Hungry? He said you paid him to hurt Park Bok-ja.
How ridiculous! Let's go meet him right now.
No, let's call the cops.
He needs to be put in jail! Are you suspecting me? You do have a motivation.
You totally despise her.
If I had hired someone to hurt her I would've just Told him to kill her.
Call the cops, OK? You know what, I'll do it.
Report it for what? And even if we did call the cops If he continues to claim that he was hired by you, how will you get out of it? I've never done that! It'll be proven! And if is claim is true, there must've been some sort of financial dealing between us.
He said you paid him cash so that it won't be traced.
What? Let me meet him.
No Let's call the cops on him.
We can't have cops go in and out of our house and people spread rumors about us.
We shouldn't call the cops.
I'm getting a gut feeling It was her.
I can't even swallow or chew my food, ever since that woman came into our house.
What about Jae-gu? What will you do? Nothing.
We're practically strangers.
Let him come home first.
I'm not the one stopping him.
It's all his fault.
I blame him too.
He's the one who made my life so miserable.
I'm going to call him, I wanted you to know first.
What will you tell him? I'll tell him to come home.
Well that's That's up to you.
But! He's not allowed in my room.
Oh, yes Yes.
I had the upper room cleaned out already.
Hello? Ah-jin! What's up? Of course I want to be home.
OK, I'll talk to you later then.
One second.
Ah-jin! That trainer quit this gym a few days ago.
Send me his phone number.
OK, Ah-jin.
She eats 6 times a day.
She finishes a whole large pizza by herself! Conclusively, I don't consider her a woman, more like an elephant.
I'm not sexually attracted to her.
Have you thought about why your wife has been binge-eating so much to begin with? She's not just an object for sex.
I don't think we're on the same page here, though we're both men.
Would you sleep with someone who's like an elephant? OK, got it.
You called earlier? Your his mate, right? Yes.
He's talking to a client right now.
He's so frustrating.
You're leaving? I told that lawyer I'll make him a lot of money through this divorce case.
But he tells me I should love my wife instead! He'll go broke in no time! He's never concerned about making money by taking up cases.
He's always talking as if he's Confucius! I got your father-in-law's prenup notarized.
- Keep it safe.
- Thank you.
- Want some tea? - No, it's OK.
I called ahead and checked your schedule.
You have to be in court by 3 PM.
How sad.
But Mate? You seem to be in a good mood today.
Really? We had an auction, so that the proceeds can be donated.
This was donated by the after school teacher, so precious.
But no one bought it at the auction.
This poetry book was the last item left.
It felt like the last standing flower in a battlefield.
I was drawn to it like it was destiny.
No way You're not saying you're giving me this book as a gift, are you? I am! I'm grateful for all the things you've done for me.
"Persevere through your life with this love.
" I really love that line! Illustration is amazing too! It's so valuable, why are you giving it to me? Because you're my mate.
Read it, and console me with it.
I wanted to give you something that's not measurable with money.
I'll do that.
Thank you.
I'll get going, you must be busy.
Wait, Mate? "When the clouds disappear and the sun starts to shine again" "That sun becomes you.
" It's from this book.
"When the clouds disappear and the sun starts to shine again" "That sun becomes you.
" That's so good.
Maybe I shouldn't have given it to him.
How can I help you, Ma'am? My daughter-in-law said she took care of everything for me.
What's her name? "Woo Ah-jin.
" Oh yes, hello.
The registration has been done.
You can start using our facility right away.
Thank you.
But just one thing Didn't you use our hotel several times before? - What? - Oh, it's just You look very familiar.
I I've never been here before.
I'm sure I've seen her often here.
When did I see her? So he's not picking up at all? It shows up as a non-existing number.
It's so strange.
Who do you think did it? Joo-mi? Or I'm not sure.
Maybe I should've mentioned it to Mate.
Mate? Yeah.
My mate from the meditation training class.
Oh, Ji-hoo's violin teacher is going to ask you if she should go on a competition.
She's good in violin too? Incredible, right? What should we do with her? Can you think of a single thing she's not good at? Ah-jin How is it with your husband? Not good, of course.
It's hard for me to even look at him.
It's all because of Ji-hoo that I'm able to persevere.
I think about Ji-hoo, and think five times a day about good things he's done for me.
That's how I'm going through it.
Is he at work right now? Probably.
Seong-hee What is it then? Who's speaking the truth? Jae-hee! What are you saying? I think I'm crazy enough to do such ridiculous thing? And ask a stranger to do it? He disappeared! Did you tell him to do that too? Jae-hee! Forget it.
I understand.
But I didn't do it! Is Jae-gu coming home? Yes.
He is.
Good, we gotta work together.
They're really making me upset.
What should we do with them? Dig them up, one by one.
Start from that one, the immature girl.
What are you doing? Oh, it's nothing.
Let's go in.
I've no idea where she's been before, but she smells like cigarettes, it's horrible.
I feel so bad for Ah-jin.
She's already got enough worries to make her want to die.
Why? Did something happen? I know! What is it? Why are you making me out to an outcast? Mr.
Ahn How about emptying out a room and installing a karaoke system? And install What's it called for movies? A home theater system? I saw on TV, that's how rich people live! That's what you wanted to do? It's all for you! Your heart needs to be healthy first so your body can, too.
Wanna hear me sing? Yes, OK! Don't be too smittened.
Why were you out so late? I was just working.
Come and sit here for a bit.
I'll forgive you half the time.
I'm willing to live a miserable life.
I'll persevere, all for Ji-hoo.
All for my daughter.
I'll be eternally grateful.
But you have to leave and come home at set times, and I'm going to track your phone via GPS.
What are you, the FBI? Don't even try to make a joke, I don't want to hear it.
And start sleeping in the guest room from now on.
It's too late for us to be a normal married couple.
You should throw me out instead.
The guest room is already cleaned out.
Go to bed.
You're funny.
I'm home, why did you text me? It's fun, isn't it? I heard some families do that.
Text in a house.
Bring me a drink.
It's someone you've never seen before? Yes.
Did you know that your wife was beaten by the same person? You didn't know? You saw her face and body, with all those bruises and scars? Is that what she said? That it was done by the same person? Yes, that's what she thinks.
Similar features.
You need to leave.
- What? - You need to leave.
I'm going to turn your room into a karaoke room and a movie theater.
What? Mr.
Ahn Such a room is called, "multi-plex room.
" - Is that right? - Dad! I'm going to live here.
No, you're not! I already bought you a house and even a ranch in Jeju-do! My husband lost them all already.
I might have to dive and catch fish if I go back there.
Do it! Be a diver! How can you be so mean to me, and only me? You need to be a decent human being first.
What's wrong with being a diver? How about the seasoned beef with wild onions? Not yet? It's going to be delivered today.
Try this instead for now, chili leaves.
When should we start remodeling the guestroom? Hey there.
What do you think you're doing? Jae-hee.
You're old enough, right? Stop whining.
What did you just say? What are you doing? I'm preparing food for your husband.
Just leave it.
Why are you doing that? Who else will do it? Isn't this my job? Who runs this house? The oldest son can't even eat with us, and the daughter's being kicked out? Dad, this is completely ridiculous! Is your head hurting too? I wouldn't have done this if my children had any decency.
It's all because you guys that I'm ill.
See the way you talk? Are you wanting me to suffer from dementia? Hurt my head? You're getting upset again, I told you to stay calm.
Refrain from using words that can provoke him from now on.
I'm asking you, OK? Your meal is ready.
Don't worry about me.
You should eat something.
Can you trade rooms with your brother? Let's have you stay upstairs, and have Jae-gu stay here.
Didn't you hear what my father was saying this morning? He told me to get out of this room, and he's remodeling it! Oh yes, that's right.
How can we get rid of that woman? Should I put soap all over her bathroom? So she can trip and fall to die? Your sugar level's dropped so much! It's so great! - It's so amazing! - It's all because of you, Ms.
How long are you going to call me, "Ms.
Park"? I know, right? Well, it's Wifey.
Change Mr.
Ahn's room with this bedding.
This one for the cover.
Get rid of those plates.
They were used by his first wife who passed away.
Ah-jin put them up the top shelf on purpose.
You don't have to throw them away.
Just push them aside for a bit.
Don't talk back, and just do what she says.
Oh, that's right.
She'll be going to Pungsuk-jung from now.
Take her with you for today.
And pick up the seasoned beef with wild onions that I ordered last time.
Yes, Ma'am.
That crazy woman.
Here's the seasoned beef.
Oh, yes.
Can I look around the house? Sure.
The tart was so sweet, like your cheeks.
I want to have you in my cheeks.
Morning soccer became morning cycling.
Is that right? You'll never forget how this morning will turn out.
And I'll love you even more tomorrow.
Me too, heart heart! Seong-hee Seong-hee These are the dates of the family's birthdays, and his first wife's day of passing.
His brother's day of passing ceremony is prepared by my family.
There's a Buddhist temple Mr.
Ahn built.
We have the ceremony there.
Same with his first wife's passing day ceremony.
You can take care of them now.
I'll do that.
Thanks for your help.
It maybe be out of my place but There's something I wanted to ask you to do.
Go on.
Woon-kyu is a senior in high school.
I know.
He's introverted and quiet, he doesn't show his emotions.
But he's been hurt many times before.
He misses his dad, but also blames him.
He's got mysterious feelings inside but he never shows them.
The mistake you made before You should apologize to him.
If that's too hard At least say something nice to him.
Ah-jin, you're so Different from others.
I ask for your help.
Take care of Father and the family.
Slowly, slowly Do you want to go to your physical therapy session today? No, I just came back from the hospital.
I'm too tired, I want to rest.
Can I use your car today then? I want to go grocery shopping, to pick out what I want to feed you myself.
Use it however long you want to.
Actually, just go buy a car.
Really? You'd do that for me? Of course! Buy yourself a car, something sturdy.
Where should I take you to? Let's go to the seafood market.
Is there an urgent matter? You're in such a hurry.
Don't follow my husband anymore, and no need to film him.
Why? You said you need that stuff to divorce him.
Every person living in Gangnam knows he's living with her.
No need.
I feel bad to make you do stuff like that.
It's fun, I like doing it.
Want me to buy you a car too? Not a car, just cash.
Your friends I met on the yacht Yeah.
My friend's dating one of them.
Really? Who? - Curious? - Is it true? Did they sleep together? Scalpel #15.
Lift up your chin.
I'm going to start.
(Your wife is here.
She's waiting for you.
) Are you at the hotel? I'm so scared! Was it you? What do you think you're doing? Ma'am, please stop! It's not her.
What? I'm going to have his baby! Want some eels? It smells so amazing! Right? This is what you went to the market for? Yes.
There's a difference between the seawater eels and freshwater eels.
You want to try some? Wow, delicious! Isn't it? - Try one more.
- OK.
Great! You're eating it so well.
- Isn't it so good? - Yeah! So Joo-mi and Jae-gu are not on good terms though they're married? They're practically strangers.
So You're close to Mr.
Ahn's new wife? How do you guys know each other? Why are you so curious about that? You shouldn't ask about one's past.
What kind of food does our madam-in-charge like? "Madam-in-charge"? Since when? I know about this family more than anyone else.
Whenever she needs my help I can always provide help.
Wow I'm really sorry about that, I was beside myself when I saw that text.
So He does have a woman, right? I know nothing about that.
Why are you being this way? I saw your text messages to him.
You asked him if he was at a hotel.
He sleeps at a hotel once in a while.
He gets tired after going through a series of surgeries at once.
I know I'm just an employee, and Dr.
Jang pays for my salaries, but I can't continue to work here when I'm treated like this.
I'm turning in my resignation tomorrow.
What do you think of me as? I'm sorry.
But You really don't know if he's dating another woman? I don't! How can I know that? Even if I knew that, I only do work related to the hospital.
I don't get in others' family matters.
You're so mean! You can help me as a woman yourself.
He's done with surgery.
Here! Mr.
Ahn, I think that's enough for the day.
Ahn? You know how Ah-jin is taking care of all the house matters? Yes.
Can I take over from now on? It's one thing if you didn't have a wife But I'm here as your wife now.
No need, it'll just give you headaches.
I gave you a credit card and cash.
I'm not saying this because I want to spend money.
It's not about money.
Then just leave it to Ah-jin.
She's been taking care of the family for several years now.
She's very detailed and frugal, she's great.
She also knows how to separate business expenses versus personal.
She's smart.
OK, fine.
Customer! Do you want a native-American look? Or like Pippi Longstocking? Wow, how do you know Pippi Longstocking? I have a very old sense of fashion.
Wow, you're right! How old are you? I'm 10.
You look very young for your age of 10! You look like you're 9! Same for you! You really think so? We'll do a skin test so you can be even prettier.
Am I becoming prettier as we speak? Yes, yes! This is the result.
(Your skin is very moist) How do I go about paying you? It's free for you since you're so pretty.
Come here, I'll give you a hug instead.
I think it's about time to clip your nails, Princess.
I'll do it myself.
I can do it for you.
No, but someone keeps texting you, you should check.
Who is it? My mate.
You have a mate, too? I do.
Wow! Don't fight with your mate, but be a good friend.
Yes, yes, yes.
It rained that day so that we can meet.
And that's why the guy from the third floor scratched my car.
Everything was a miracle, leading up to our encounter.
But I hadn't realized it.
Isn't this a great and memorable line? Yes, Ah-jin.
Hello! Is there a way I can get another copy of the poetry book you donated? Why? I gave it to Gi-ho as a gift To whom? To Gi-ho, the lawyer.
No way! This book is written by him! He's a poet.
He pen name is Kang Tae-rim.
How could you do that to me? I'm passing right by your house, Mate.
Wanna come out for a bit? It didn't sell much, I have about Is it funny that you made me a fool? How did I make you a fool? Shouldn't you have said, "Hey, that's my book," when I gave it to you? But that's not so cool.
Let me see this for a second.
See? Much more dramatic this way, isn't it? The author is giving you a hand-signed copy! You should be honored.
I am honored.
You complimented your own poems.
But why am I the one who's embarrassed? Have you had dinner? Yes.
You? I haven't if you haven't.
If you have, then I have too.
That's how dinner is.
There's a poem called, "Three Meals a Day," on page 35.
You should read it once you're home.
Try not to be too inspired after the reading the book.
I'm really sorry about what happened.
Go travel for a few days or something.
I think my wife is onto us.
Let's not see each other for a bit.
Did you do it? - What makes you think that? - Just because.
Just a hunch.
Who'd want to beat me up this badly? I must've been the worst one you've treated in the world.
I'll make sure to find out who it is, and beat him up the same.
Or put him to jail.
You must.
You can't just live a normal life after having been beat up, right? - So try it.
- What's gotten into you? Have you gone mad? Know your place, unless you want to be stripped naked and kicked out.
You must be so happy now that you're a newly-wed! That woman had it all planned out.
Father That's not fair.
I I have many things I want to say, but! I persevered through it by thinking about my late mother.
I didn't get someone to follow you to take over the company! Shut your mouth! How dare you! You killed someone! I didn't kill him! It was an accident, how many times do I have to explain? Why would I do that? Why would I drive a car into your secretary and kill him? Wasn't it true that you talked to the board of directors to have me lose control over the company? Isn't that what you did? You're a terrible son.
I don't even consider you a son! That, too! I was framed! Why don't you trust your own son's words? Yet trust the board of directors, who are complete strangers? - Shut up! - Don't treat me like some bug! You bastard! Mr.
Ahn! You don't think I know what you're up to? Where the hell did you come from? You should watch your mouth.
What? If you want to let your wife and son continue to live here, treated with respect as human beings, you should keep your mouth shut from now on.
You must've gone nuts.
I I'm the wife of the head of this family.
Didn't I tell you that last time? I'm your father's wife! I told you to watch your mouth.
Why are you making me say the same things over and over? If you ever bark like that again Your wife and son will be thrown out of this house! This is your last warning.
Stop it.
You feel a little better? I'm OK.
Don't think about anything and just go to sleep.
He's an enemy, not a son! That's why you need children who are not like enemies.
Because I have no power, all of your children think lowly of me.
I'm sorry.
Where are you going? Go ahead and sleep.
I'm going to wait until you come back.
There's no need, I'm not in the mood.
Don't act that way.
Just go to sleep.
Eat if you're going through a hard time.
That'll give you strength.
Eat all three meals a day.
You'll be full of energy then.
Live with that energy that comes from eating.
What is this? What kind of a poem is that? Joo-mi! What are you still doing up? What, did you guys make up? Are you guys flirting with each other? It's not like that, Jae-hee.
Come in, don't just stand there.
I'm OK.
What are you gonna do with her? Do what? We'll just live this way.
You really can't be helped.
- You're gonna stay in America? - What else can I do? I can't stick around here, the past incident might be brought up again.
Damn it, I ran out of money too.
Dad owns 52% of all shares of his company.
How about Jae-suc? Probably about 10%.
He got them last time, when they went public.
I have no interest in the company.
I already made a promise then with the old man.
I told him I'll let go of all my shares.
Then what is it that you actually want? Cash.
What? I have a brilliant idea for business.
I think this is exactly the reason Father hates us both.
Don't tie us up as a package.
I'm not like you.
I'm tired, get out.
I want to talk to you on the phone.
Are you Are you sure we're supposed to end it like this? Aren't we still in love with each other? Our love hasn't ended! I think about you all the time I made dinner but I don't to eat alone.
Please get in! Here we go! (The caregiver) - Hello? - Ah-jin? I'm sorry to call you so early.
Can you stop by here before Jae-suc goes to work? Come with him.
OK, we will.
Ahn Jae-suc! Ahn Jae-suc! Stop there! Stop right there! Stop! (Woman of Dignity) I beg you, don't take Ji-hoo's dad away from her! Please Are you pregnant? You take care of all family matters from now on.
This is all for you.
- Lady.
- I'm not "Lady" to you.
Leave this house.
I can't break up with her.
Then go die! I'll do what you can't.
You're the one who's cheating with Ahn Jae-suc? Who are you How dare you steal a married man? I know what makes you feel so confident.
But if I ever see you coming onto my husband again I'll kill you.
I'm too scared, I can' go back there.
I'll get you a new house.
Ah-jin bought it before.
What do you think you're doing? You think you can throw me out? Shoot me! It'll make you a laughingstock if you don't shoot me now.