Woman of Dignity (Poomwiitneun Geunyeo) (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Dig them up one by one.
Starting from that one over there, that bratty girl first.
Leave this house.
You don't let your son eat with you, and you're kicking out your daughter? Let him come home first.
He's the one who made my life so miserable! So the oldest son and his wife do not get along? They're practically strangers.
Don't treat me like some bug! You bastard! If you ever bark like that ever again I'll have your wife and son thrown out of here.
My own children feel like they're my enemies.
Then you should have children who will not be like your enemies.
I'm Going to have his child! If you ever see my husband again You'd be thankful that I was harsh with just my words this time.
You won't be able to say the words, "You're being too harsh," that time.
I Always do what I say.
Aren't we still in love with each other? Our love is not over! Eat when you're going through a hard time.
That'll give you strength.
Eat all three meals a day.
That'll definitely give you more strength.
Live your life with that strength.
What is this? What kind of a poem is that? - Are you going to stay in America? - What else can I do? That incident might be brought up again if I keep sticking around here.
I'm out of money too, damn it.
Dad owns 52% of the company stocks.
- How about Jae-suc? - He probably has about 10%.
He got that when the company went public.
- Hello? - Ah-jin? I'm sorry, I know it's early.
Can you stop by my house with your husband before he goes to work? OK.
Ahn Jae-suc! Stop right there! Stop! (Episode 9: Prologue to War) Did you sleep well? Mom, what's wrong with your face? What about my face? You look very sad.
I'm not.
Let's eat breakfast and hurry to school, Princess.
Go ahead and wash up.
Where's Dad? Did he go for morning exercise again? Yes.
He always gives his best when he starts something.
Can you make me toast for breakfast? OK! I'm here! Ah-jin? Hello.
Is everything OK? Did Jae-suc go cycling again? Ms.
Park is asking you to come downstairs.
- Leave.
- Go on down.
Get out of here! - But she said - Who the hell is she? I delivered the message.
Oh? Please take good care of Mr.
You know he's got a doctor's appointment right after his physical therapy, right? I'm not a child! OK, go on.
I'm leaving.
Let's go somewhere in the afternoon.
Where? You'll see.
Have them see you out before you leave.
- You're here.
- Good morning.
He's leaving for work.
Let's see him out then talk.
Goodbye, Father.
I did let Dr.
Choi know, but the sugar level has dropped quite a bit.
Could you ask if he still needs to continue taking medicine? Yes, Ma'am.
Honey? Be safe.
OK, go on in.
You didn't all have to come out.
They should be taught what proper manner is.
I'm not sure if they haven't been doing this because they don't know or They just don't want to do it.
Go on.
But Lady You speak with an accent when you talk to my dad, but speak normal with us? Do you suffer from multiple personality disorder? How does that work? Try some, it's simple since it's before breakfast time.
This is too oily for me.
It's pork and potato.
And this is persimmon tea.
Father will eat and drink these.
They're great for diabetes.
Do you even care what kind of food he's eating, or if he's getting any better? Honestly I don't have much interest in anything other than taking care of Mr.
Ahn's health.
But it doesn't work if I'm the only one making the effort.
You do want him to be healthy, right? What are you trying to say? This house belongs to Mr.
And I'm His wife.
- Lady.
- What your mouth.
How can I be "Lady" to you? Don't even try to get on my nerves if you can't call me "Mother.
" Ms.
Cheon? Yes, Ma'am.
Where's Mr.
Ahn's oldest son? I told him you asked for him, but he told me to get lost.
Clear out that room in a few days.
We'll use it as a guest room.
What are you saying? You're gonna throw him out? I I'm gonna make sure nothing ever harms Mr.
Ahn's health.
If that's his own children, I'll be even more strict.
Ridiculous! Why are you doing this? It's to protect Mr.
Wow, look at that dedication! Did you already discuss this with Father? Or you decided this on your own? It's my decision.
I'll tell him this evening.
Who are you to do that? You need to leave this house right away.
This Is what he told me, he brought it up.
Go home.
You no longer have a room to stay here.
This is completely ridiculous, why are you talking to me like that? Ahn Jae-hee.
You don't have any respect for people above you.
You've got no common sense or manners.
What have you learned after all these years? I'm your stepmother.
Trust me, I never wanted an ignorant girl like you as my daughter either.
But! I'm at least being this cordial with you because you're Mr.
Ahn's daughter.
Get out, right now.
I'm not leaving this house! No, get out! I'm not! I can't! It's my house, why do I have to leave? I'm not stepping a foot outside of this house! This is not your house! It's your father's.
You should walk out of here on your own two feet unless you want to be dragged out.
I told you, right? I got plans for that room.
I have nowhere to go! Where do you expect me to go? Get a one-bedroom apartment or find a hostel.
It's none of my concern.
One second.
I need to get going.
I understand why you called me over.
I have an urgent matter to attend, let's talk more later.
Please excuse me.
Honey Do you have to go home? I'll come here everyday from now on.
You can't just Live here with me? That can't be done? Not yet.
I need some time to make that happen.
Honey Do you love me? Yeah.
I think I do.
Life is full of various ironies.
Open your eyes.
The wife of a cosmetic surgeon Mysteriously visit a different cosmetic doctor instead of her husband.
The one who ruled with his fist Is finally punished by someone else's fist.
How ironic! And the husband who made his wife upset with his laziness Made her wife even more angry with too much diligence.
I Can't break up with her.
But that doesn't mean I don't love you.
It's not my fault this happened to me! You're such a bastard! Until I make a decision Do not say another word.
I think she's really mad.
She got me so good.
It's gotta be more than 500 kg! You're the best! You didn't get rusty at all.
Just lucky, that's all.
We got through this side of the mountain today, so let's try another side tomorrow.
Sounds good! Let's go back into town and have soju with that one.
Great! Ms.
Cheon? Yes, what is it? You know Ah-jin? - The second daughter-in-law.
- Yes.
I think something happened to her.
Yeah, she didn't look so good.
Find out what's bothering her.
I'll go to her house after this.
I need step out for a bit, organize the room downstairs when more people come.
Yes, Ma'am.
I'll see you soon! Hey! You need to clear out by 4 PM.
See ya.
Hungry? I really have no place to go! The house next door's got an extra room.
You want to go over there with me? I'm sure it's a little embarrassing to go there by yourself.
- Will you do that for me? - Yes, I will.
But speak to me with respect.
Oh, formality doesn't matter.
Why do I have to be treated like this? How could this be? Ah-jin? Is everything OK? I think I have to stay here from now on.
You have a guest room, right? It's empty, right? Jae-hee.
You can't come here after leaving that house.
Then where should I go? Do whatever you want.
What? Are you ignoring me too now? I can't believe it.
What are you doing here? Jae-hee was just too shy to come here alone.
I just tagged along.
You need to get her out of here.
Ah-jin's already a mess without Jae-hee being here.
What's bothering her? Something's up, right? She looks full of worries! Be quiet! Maids shouldn't be so concerned about the bosses' affairs! Is her husband cheating or something? Jae-suc and Ah-jin sleep in separate rooms? Do you want tea? We're not so friendly to each other anymore, are we? Or do you want water instead? So you can pour it on me? I'm an artist.
I have a more liberal mentality that ordinary people like you can't understand.
I never felt something so specific in my life.
I love him.
A mentality that I can't understand? Specific feeling? That's just crap.
What will you do? Since an ordinary person like me can't understand? I'll do whatever he says.
You've gone completely mad! Yes, I have.
If I weren't crazy, I wouldn't be doing this with a man with wife and a kid.
Do you expect me to divorce him or something? To tell you honestly, that's my wish.
I don't like dating him in secret like this either.
But He doesn't want a divorce.
Then what is it that he wants? He's a responsible man.
He is having a hard time because of that, too.
So I was thinking How about we play it fair? Until he decides on whom his heart chooses Let's just wait.
So you're saying You'll continue to live as his mistress? Hey.
What kind of parenting does one have to receive to think like you? This is what you call an artist mentality? I'm willing to take any amount of criticism.
I realized when you called me.
I'm willing to be beaten if you hit me.
If you pour out water on me I'll take it, too.
First, about that guy Fine, you keep him.
So "playing it fair" doesn't work here.
I won't take part in it.
But there's a problem.
Jae-suc and I have a daughter together.
The reason why I haven't killed both of you yet even after I found out is because of her.
I have to protect my daughter.
I have to make sure that she continues to have a father in her life.
Do you know how painful it is for a daughter to not have her father? Ms.
Yoon Seong-hee.
I beg you.
From Ji-hoo Please don't take her dad away.
Please My husband Just love him by yourself.
Just leave this as a memory.
Don't shake him any further.
Send him back to his own place.
I will Forgive everything, and just leave it at that.
So please I beg you.
I have nothing more to say.
I'm sorry, Ah-jin.
Please leave.
This is the temple that the family does yearly rituals for your brother who passed away, and your first wife who passed away? It's that one, right? Yes.
I felt like you should come see it too.
Let me go say hello to the Buddhist priest in charge here.
Wait for me in the car, Honey.
Mate, how are you? I'm going to be leading the meditation class next week.
I was wondering if you can help with choosing a topic for it.
Is that right? What would be a good topic? Is something wrong? No.
Let me think of a good topic for you.
I'll call you when I think of one.
Mate? Where are you now? I'll go to where you are.
There's no need, I'm OK.
Something's wrong, right? I'm your wife just by title.
I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing.
That's what the Buddhist priest said, he said nothing works unless Ah-jin comes and talks to him.
There's nothing I can do in the house without going through Ah-jin first.
I'm just your wife on paper with no actual responsibility.
Is he here? Yes, the guest and her are in the room.
The guest? You're showing respect for that guy? I'm gonna kill them both and just pay for the damages.
Lead the way.
Hello? Your husband is dating another woman! Hello? Please don't hang up.
You're being connected to a voice mail box I know your phone number now.
So pick up my call unless you want me to call the police.
Hello? Don't hang up, and just listen to me.
You're the one who's been calling me and texting me, saying that my husband is cheating on me? Yes.
Meet me right now.
I'm calling the police if you don't.
It's me.
Open it.
Moon-tak! What do you think you're doing? What are you two doing here? Who is this punk? We were just talking business about marketing in my blog.
Are you her husband? Yes, I'm sorry this happened while we're working.
Next time, I'll go to your office and we can discuss further.
It seems like My husband has a misunderstanding here.
That's just absurd.
I'm a little taken aback, since this is a "business-residence" hotel.
Can I really trust what you're saying? Yes.
What is it that you want? I want nothing.
I should only be a bastard to one of you.
It's OK, take this.
Then I'll get going.
Hold on.
There still must be a reason for this.
No matter how poor a person may be, he can still have pride in himself and does not like to be disrespected.
He disrespected me.
And Even if I do become like one of his dogs, he'll just use me and throw me out after.
But I felt like you wouldn't just use someone and throw him away.
That's all.
To a person's who's got nothing, God can give him a natural instinct to survive based on having a good understanding of his surroundings.
But I still wouldn't go as far as saying that God is fair.
They sleep in separate rooms! I think her husband's cheating on her.
I'm 100% sure! Many of boyfriends cheated on me before, I'm an expert.
I'm practically a psychic on this matter.
I see.
Go on.
Yes, Ma'am.
Nurse Jeong? Yes, Ma'am.
It was me.
You're not playing around, are you? Not at all.
I know you're not.
Why'd you such a thing instead of just telling me? I just Didn't want to get involved.
My father used to cheat on my mother so much, she had a really hard time.
Everyone knows this but no one was telling you.
I felt bad that it was making you a fool.
I'm sorry.
I'm actually thankful now that I heard it.
Then Do you know who the woman is? That I'm not sure, actually Then how'd you know he was cheating? I heard the others nurses and the manager talking about it.
I've seen that woman's face before.
You've seen her face? Yes.
Just who is she? She's one of the clients.
She's been to the hospital before to get surgery.
I don't know her name, but I can find out if you want me to.
How? Her picture must be saved in our system, for before-and-after comparison.
How long has it been since they started sleeping in separate rooms? It's about my son-in-law's marriage.
Please tell me.
Well, I'm not sure about when When was it that Jae-suc started cheating on Ah-jin? Do you want to get fired? Say it.
Where are you? If I get to be born again I want to be a painter.
You can still start.
Maybe I will.
I'm sure the artist had to sketch out the painting first, then paint colors over it.
Everything is done step by step.
I'll let Jae-hee stay in my house.
That's not what I wanted.
It was about setting on order.
Nothing happens overnight.
Things need time.
Sure, things need time.
But In life, some things must be dealt with as quickly as possible.
We need to go somewhere right now.
So she's an artist? Let's go to her house.
I can take care of it, it's my personal matter.
Please pretend like you don't know.
I'm not sure how you found out either.
What if Mr.
Ahn finds out? How can he trust Jae-suc to run the company if Jae-suc isn't focused? It's your personal matter? No.
I have every right to intervene in this matter.
It's about my son-in-law, too.
Let's go.
It's OK.
I'll get my hands dirty.
What you're not able to I can do it for you.
Let's go.
Mate, are you OK? Attorney Kang? The trial's about to begin.
It's Unit 306.
It's Unit 306.
Excuse me! Excuse me! Who are you? - Who are you? - That's none of your business.
Get out before I call the cops! You're that woman's who's cheating with Ahn Jae-suc? Who You're her! How dare you try to steal another woman's man? What do you think you're doing? Get over here! How dare you do such a thing! If you don't want me to cut up that pretty face of yours Don't go near him ever again.
End it right now! I'll be watching you.
Hello? Me too.
I love you.
Let's Not worry too much about the future.
I'll see you in the evening.
I miss you.
What's the punishment for hiring someone to beat up another person? It's a complaint-based crime, so it can be settled between the parties.
I won't settle.
You have a basic idea on who it was? Of course I do.
Please catch whoever did this to him.
I'm going home, Yoon-jae should be back around now.
They cleaned out your room.
That new lady cleaned it out.
You'll have to leave the house.
Don't be ridiculous.
Right? Sure.
It is funny.
Don't take those! Hello? Jae-suc, I got beat up! Someone I don't even know just barged into my place, and started to hit me, poured water on me, and cussed me out.
I'm so scared No, don't come! Don't come here.
She must still be somewhere around here.
Don't come! She might be wiretapping your phone.
I have no idea who she is! No, she wasn't old.
I don't know! - Ji-hoo! - Hello, Dad! Did you have a good day today? Kiss! Did you do your homework? Hurry up.
Jae-hee? What are you doing here? I'm staying here from now on.
What? How can you do that? Hey.
I'm actually making peace around here.
You've been sleeping in separate rooms? We moved your stuff back into the master bedroom.
Go back to your room! How about I move here? I can start my life over.
What's Jae-hee doing in our house? She's your sister, ask her yourself.
I won't divorce you.
Shut your mouth! What I want is Coexistence.
- If you just understand - Get out! Go and die! Ah-jin! I'm tired.
And I have no place to go today.
Someone barged into Seong-hee's house and beat her up! Do you know who did it? You had someone to do that? It's you, isn't it? Or was it your mother? She said it wasn't an older woman, who was it then? Did your mother get Botox or something? Are you sleeping? OK, fine.
I'll talk to Ah-jin tomorrow.
I'll give you access to the checking account where the factory rent is deposited to.
You take care of the ceremonies at the temple, too.
You take care of running this household from now on.
That does it? It's all for you.
Get out here! Mr.
Ahn's asleep, what are you doing? You brought this woman here? She came into my room while I was sleeping, and lied down next to me.
No, it's not that! He took my blanket from my room! So you wanted to sleep in my bed? No, I just wanted the blanket Do you want to get kicked out? What were you thinking? I'm so sorry, Ma'am! What, you learned how to seduce a man with your body from her, so you wanted to try? I told you to watch your mouth.
I've kill a man before.
It's just hard the first time around, but it gets easier.
You need to be careful.
You think you can kick me out? If you don't want your head blown off Know your own place! Wake up! You can't take anything from this house! You're the one who should wake up, you've already been kicked out.
Shoot me.
It'll make you look so funny if you didn't shoot me now.
Shoot me.
Shoot! Do it! - No, Jae-gu! Don't do it! - Let go! What's going on here? Call the cops! What are you doing? Calling the cops? Hello? Someone's got a gun here! What happened? Who are you? How dare you go into his room? He's the one who came into my room first! He's done that before.
What? Because of that, I thought he liked me! I guess we sorted it out today, he was really mistaken last time.
Sorry, it was a misunderstanding on my part.
Why do you sleep in separate rooms then? I know why you're acting so tough.
But if you ever hit on my husband again I'll kill you.
So You think your wife put someone up to this? Is that what you're saying? Yes.
You should look into her call records.
I can never forgive her for this.
My husband Is cheating on me.
Do you know whom he's cheating with? No.
I don't.
I was gonna go to his hospital today to find that out.
But I really don't want to.
I know that feeling.
You'd rather not know.
How do you know what that feels like? You knew? Well It seemed like you knew when I saw you at the donation auction last time.
Let's not mention this ever again.
Not to others, either.
No need to say it twice.
You're going to the police station? You know it already, what's the point in asking? You must still care about him as your husband.
Can I give you a call? Hello! Did you eat breakfast yet? How about you, Mate? No, I didn't.
Then I didn't, either.
If you haven't eaten yet, I haven't either.
If you have, then I have, too.
That's what breakfast is like.
How about a brunch at a fancy place? Go on.
This is the true brunch.
I love it! Sprout soup with rice! Me too! You read through my poem book? Yes, just skimmed through it.
Aren't my poems so sentimental? And romantic? Even logical, at that! It's so great, isn't it? Oh it was perfect.
You look like a kid when you laugh.
It's not much of a compliment to call someone a kid.
It's not a bad thing, either.
Follow after me.
You laughed! See? You're so much prettier when you laugh! You didn't know it, did you? When you laugh, you're exactly Of course I knew that.
That's why I try not to laugh so much.
Otherwise, too many people will like me! That's really what you're worried about? Go on, your brunch might get cold.
Welcome! Just who was it? I'm the one who should be asking you that! Oh no! Look here! It's not just an illegal firearm possession charge, but it's attempted murder! It was a mistake.
Not attempted murder! I'm meeting the owner of the gallery today, I can't go looking like this! That woman was incredibly strong! My whole body is aching as if I was rolled up and beaten up! Should we call the cops? I'm sure they can get her! People will talk! We need to find out who it was so we can retaliate! Ah-jin's the only one who knows that we're dating.
Wait, Mr.
Park from work, too! Someone in your field? Another artist? No motivation to do that.
It's gotta be someone you know.
Are you Dating another woman other than me? You're not, right? What do you take me for? How could you think that? There's a rule to follow even in cheating! Who the heck was it then? Was she pretty? I don't know! Hey! Draw her face! You're an artist.
Let's sketch out her face! Excuse me! Do you have a sketchbook at a "4B" drawing pencil? Just Any letter size paper, please.
And any pencil would do.
Do you have them? Then Just a note paper and a pen, please.
You got those? The law's changed.
No one can possess even an airgun.
It must be kept with the authority.
He's been living in America for a while.
He didn't know that the law's been changed.
I was notified by the police about the change, but that was while I was not in contact with him.
I didn't know where the gun was, so I couldn't turn it in.
I apologize.
And the bigger problem is that the gun was actually fired, in a house! I was right next to him when that happened.
It was just fired out of mistake.
No one's been hurt, hence there's no victim.
How can it be attempted murder? She's a good talker.
Why? What is it? I'm sorry.
Didn't I tell you to only do what I told you to? You did.
Then? Why'd you do such a thing? What is this? Benchmarking? What were you thinking? I was just I've always lived like this before.
Get out.
You shouldn't work her.
Your mentality isn't fit for this work.
Cho-hee! Bok-ja! No Ma'am! Just once, can you let it go this time? You're fired.
But I'll hold back for now.
I'll be watching you.
Thanks! Go see your kids this weekend.
Go on.
But Are you pregnant by chance? It's me.
There's something I heard, come to the gallery.
I can't go back home because I'm so scared.
Don't worry, I'll buy you a new house.
Really? Ah-jin bought it but it's under my name.
I'll see you there from now on.
No one knows that place other than Ah-jin and I.
Honey, you're so awesome! You're the best! You're so happy! I'm here.
I heard something shocking from my maid.
Yoon Seong-hee's all over your husband? They're dating? Is that true? I saw her earlier, she had a bruise on her face.
You hit her? Did you give her that bruise? No.
Just say the word.
I'm not running this gallery so I can hang up a piece made by a woman who gets another woman's man into her bed.
Should I take them away? No.
Leave them.
Don't take them down.
It was a battlefield where there was daily bombing.
All I did was to get out of that place a little earlier than others.
The survival rate is 0 anyways.
(Woman of Dignity) She gave me an envelop full of money at the gym.
She asked me to hurt her so she won't be a caregiver anymore.
Father, I'm being framed! It wasn't me! The world doesn't work based on what is true.
Truth is just what prevails.
This naive lady in of a rich family You can take over running the family house.
We plan to move.
You wanted a kind man since you're beat up everyday? I'm pregnant.
That's why you hit on my husband? Yes, I did.
I'm Park Bok I'm Park Ji-young.
Only one left.
What will you do with her? I don't know if you'd believe me, but I like you, Ah-jin.
I know.
It's your child? No, right? You'll live with whom at that house? You're just You bastard! You're cheating on her? You'll rip my mouth! I love you.
I won't divorce you.
Just be cool.
Just acknowledge this relationship of ours.