Woman of Dignity (Poomwiitneun Geunyeo) (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Just leave her painting up? What are you, Buddha? Or you just don't have any feelings for your husband anyways? I'm baffled! This lady Messed with my woman? Incredible! (Episode 10: The last brunch) I got the call from Father.
You can take care of the factory rent account from now on.
We Plan to move somewhere else.
We were thinking about moving out anyways.
We already bought a place.
You can take care of the matters of this house from now.
I'll do that.
Anyhow Where will you move to? Honey? Your second son's family wants to move out.
What? Actually There was a bit of a headache.
Jae-suc's cheating on his wife.
What did you say? I know very well how you feel about Ah-jin.
And your company is facing a crucial time just about now.
I thought it'd be a huge disaster if Jae-suc, who's in charge of the company, made that kind of a mistake.
So I got involved a little.
What do you mean? You need to elaborate.
I found out that Jae-suc has been cheating on his wife.
I went to her house, the woman Jae-suc was cheating with.
You went there? Then? Well She's got a nice body.
She had a pretty face, and also young.
She was good all around, except for her heart.
Has he gone mad? What's wrong with him? It's no time to fool around like that! I think she's the one who designed the product casings.
She's the artist behind that design.
What? She had a lot of painting in her house.
So you're saying The reason why he's been putting on that cartoon stuff on every product is her? They seemed so close, beyond ordinary.
How can he be trusted to run the company with that kind of a mentality? I couldn't help but to think that it'd be hard.
Where is this guy? What a crazy bastard! He's the most normal one among all my children, that's why I put him in charge! And he goes and cheats on his wife? Ms.
Park! You entered the residence of Unit 306 without the consent of the occupant! You destroyed her property! And you've violated the human rights of a weak, helpless woman! Not only that, you caused physical harm to her! You bastard! Father! You Dad, what are you doing? You're cheating? Did you cheat on her? You're gonna rip my mouth! You're such a crazy fool! You should at least cheat behind Ah-jin and Ji-hoo's backs! What do you think you're doing? You're better off putting this on the news! Father, why are you doing this to me? Even if everyone else doesn't, at least you should understand! What did you say? Are you crazy? You lived your entire life doing whatever you want! You cheated with many women! You So you think that gives you the right to cheat, too? It's not that, but You don't have a right to criticize me.
A man needs to be responsible! You have a wife and a kid, this is absurd! Father, please stop.
You should help me instead! What? Help you? I Love that woman.
Which one? That one.
So which one? The new one.
What? The new one? What's Ah-jin then? Just your old wife? How can you talk like that? You don't even deserve to live! Father! You know what love is like, don't you? I can't control it! It's not like you chose to love this lady either! We can't control whom we love! She just came into my life like a comet! End it right away! And kneel in front of Ah-jin and beg for her forgiveness! No.
I can't do that.
Then what? You're gonna get a divorce? Why would I? I do love that woman.
Which one? That woman.
Yeah, so which one? Ah-jin! You're a total nut job.
Hey you! The other one's "the new woman," and this one's "Ah-jin"? Are you happy you have so many women around? Are you? Stop hitting me! You got a mistress too, how can you do this to me? What did you say? She's not my mistress, she's my second wife! It's the same thing.
Completely different.
If you ever go mess with her like that again, I won't just sit still! Got it? What? You won't just sit still? Who do you think you are, you're just full of crap! Stop hitting me! I'm gonna kick you out of the company if you don't break up with her now! Which one? You think I'm joking around, you bastard? I won't get a divorce.
I won't break up with that woman either.
And I'm going to work hard at running the company.
That is all.
You little What do I do with that guy? Mr.
Ahn! You're walking on your own! You're walking all by yourself! I Am! I'm walking! Mr.
Ahn! That ungrateful son of yours did something good! Great job! I filed a police report and gave them my testimony.
You could've done that after you're released from here.
You must've been in a hurry.
I won't settle, I'll make sure the person goes to jail.
I worried because of my son.
But I just can't get myself to forgive.
Just do whatever you want, whatever it is.
I'm curious to see how far you can go.
What? You're gonna hit me here? Don't you think people will see? Jail You might end up there instead.
What makes you so confident? Nothing at all.
I just got better at taking your punches, after years of being beaten.
Maybe that's why I'm not as scared.
I promised to meet someone today, go home safely.
The release process is already done.
I don't believe this.
I'm sure it was hard.
Forget it.
Just stay in my room.
Don't go upstairs.
We need to talk.
There's something I have to check.
On the day of Father's birthday party the canopy fell on top of him.
Why bring that up all of a sudden? Ah-jin showed me a video clip.
And there was a man in that video.
He was doing something to the canopy.
We found out pretty easily who he is.
He was Father's trainer for his physical therapy sessions.
Why'd he do that? He said I put him up to it.
He said I told him to hurt Park Bok-ja on purpose.
See? Why would you do such a thing, Joo-mi? And Why are you telling me this? Isn't it too late anyways? How can those words come out of your mouth? You're the one who did it! You're a college professor! Are you so naive? Or just dumb? Or you feel so guilty that you've lost your sense of judgment? You don't think I know what you're up to? You're suffocating all the children of this family.
You're trying to control Father.
And you're trying to take over this entire household.
You think it'll really happen? Look here, Joo-mi.
Maybe just spending the night at the station wasn't enough for you.
It's a simple matter to turn a misfired gunshot to attempted murder.
If you're gonna threaten, you gotta do it at the right time and situation.
The canopy incident? The world isn't concerned about what is true.
What works becomes the truth.
What? You said the trainer himself said that you told him to do it? Then You're the one who told him to do it! That's how the world is.
You should learn, you naive housewife of a rich family.
Yoon Seong-hee.
Yes, Ma'am.
You're dating Ah-jin's husband? I guess it's pretty common these days.
But She helped you out so much! This is ridiculous! How can you do such a thing, as a human being? Answer me.
It's love.
I couldn't help it.
Love? You thought her husband was that attractive? Enough to go against human decency? Are you wondering why I'm meddling in your personal affairs? Yes.
End it.
Don't hurt Ah-jin.
I thought you'd understand.
Aren't you in the same boat as I am? What are you talking about? People have pointed their fingers at you too, so you know what it's like! Hey! What are you saying? You think we're in the same bundle? My paintings and my personal life are separate things.
There's a huge difference in class between you and me.
How dare you say that! What's so different? You're a mistress too! Hey.
Mistress? Mistress? Ms.
Kim! Ms.
Kim! Yes, Ma'am.
Take down all of Yoon Seong-hee's paintings.
What? Did you not hear me? Take down all of her six paintings here.
Ma'am, I apologize.
That's not what I meant Take them down now, and take off the frames right away.
What is it? The famous Japanese collector Morinake is here.
What? When did she come? She said she just wanted to take a look quietly.
This is amazing! How can I describe this painting It's indescribably perfect! There's this sense of pains of war that are implicitly shown in this.
It gives off such a strong feeling beyond measure.
I'd like to purchase this, at any cost.
Honey? I've been wanting to study these days.
I think that's how I can help you, too.
That's good! Study as much as you want.
There's an MBA program in Korea University, I heard it's the best in the country.
I can register there but I need to be part of a board of the directors somewhere.
Yes, I know that.
So I was wondering Can I be given some sort of an official position at your company? Oh, that's not so hard.
Study hard, I'll support you all the way.
I was good in school when I was little, I'd pick up 12 things if someone taught me just 1 thing! Oh, I can tell.
You're definitely a smart one.
I'll tell them at work today as soon as I get there, go ahead and register.
OK, I will.
You're so adorable.
You make me feel so shy this early in the morning.
This room's perfect for me to use as my studio! It's so wide and big! I love it! Perfect, use it then.
Let's see the bedroom now.
Yes! This way.
It's such a nice room! It's been a while since I've been in a newly-wed's house.
I was told that I'd have great fortunes this year.
The one who bought my painting today is the wife of a conglomerate in Japan.
She known to have great taste in art! What an honor for me! Someone talented like you is in love with me! All these magical things are happening in my life after I've met you.
Well technically, it's because of Ah-jin, not me.
You're so clueless.
Or you're just that naive.
Someone told me that I'm so innocent and not calculative, that's why she likes me.
Who said that? Ah-jin.
Seong-hee! Wait for me! It's been too long since you called me.
I've been waiting for the right timing.
Wow, look at you! We've known each other for a long time.
When you first came to that foster care You were just crying, a 3-year-old.
I felt so bad for you.
I saved my own food to feed you.
When I got hired as the bookkeeper at a big business, I got you hired as the owner's driver.
Why are you telling me this now? for ourselves, and I took all the blame.
What did you tell me then? You said you'd pay me back for what I did for you, right? Yeah, I did.
I was finally released from prison but couldn't find a job.
So I had no choice To work at a hostess bar.
I really thought about Finding you and killing you.
I'm sorry about that.
I thought at least one of us should survive to help the other.
But for some reason I couldn't hate you.
That day You made me a bowl of ramen, with some egg in it.
And for some odd reason The ramen felt like it was your sincere heart.
As if you were saying, "I'm sorry.
" And you gave me all the money you had in your wallet, 80 dollars.
That day I forgave you.
That's why I found you such a huge chance! You know I really hope you're a loyal person.
Then I'll make sure to take care of you.
Show me that you're loyal.
What more do you want from me? Finish off what you started.
I can't get this button in Seong-soo.
Let's not see each other for a while.
Why? My husband's released from the hospital.
He got better quicker than I thought.
I thought he was supposed to stay there for 12 weeks.
He was an athlete before, he healed faster.
We can't see each other just because he's out of the hospital? I'm pregnant.
I thought you said you couldn't.
I know.
That's what I thought.
- When did you find out? - A few days ago.
You want to ask whose child it is? Well I guess we'll find out after the child is born.
I'll get going first.
You seemed angry while shopping.
What is it? Hyo-joo.
My husband's cheating on me.
Oh, no! Really? Should I kill him? How did you go through it? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
I got a boyfriend of my own.
But you know what's funny? Once you have a boyfriend, you understand where your husband's coming from.
Your heart flutters.
A young man The balance of hormones he provides for you Is not something you can buy with money.
So? I should cheat, too? Come on, that's not what I'm saying.
I actually have another son, an older one.
I know.
Everyone knows.
Raising a child who's ill And my husband's cheating on me And now it's my turn somehow? Don't talk about the kids, it makes me feel bad.
Honestly, the mothers need to be at ease and not be angry to raise the children well.
How will I see her face tomorrow? You're meeting her tomorrow? It's our brunch meeting tomorrow.
So you're saying It's one of the members of our group? Dr.
Jang is cheating with one of us? Ah-jin.
Ah-jin, are you OK? Yeah.
This makes me feel better.
He's still at it? What am I doing tomorrow? You have your brunch gathering tomorrow.
Do I have to? I don't feel like it.
Hello! How are you? You're early! Hello there! Hello! Can you kill someone with this? I'm just saying, don't worry.
I think this will be the last time I come to this brunch gathering.
I'm selling the after school place.
I came to the conclusion that my belief in education doesn't fit.
I resign.
We feel bad about that for some reason Oh, don't say that.
Can you be our kids' private tutor? We'll compensate you well.
Which ones? What do you mean, who? Soo-min, Jeong-hyun, and Ji-hoo.
Three of them.
Why'd you leave out Yoon-jae, my son? Why should you be included? I'm baffled! What do you mean? What are you talking about? You actually don't belong here in our group.
Honestly speaking, Yoon-jae's not even your real son! Gi-oak, aren't you a little too harsh? What are you trying to do here? How can you say such a thing? You feel like you're actually part of the high class of Gangnam? You came from nothing, and you're still nothing! You think you can just take in another person's child and act as if you're the actual mother? You think that can alleviate your social status? No way! A dirty wipe is still a dirty wipe, even after you wash it! A dirty wipe? Gi-oak, let's not do that here.
You two should meet and talk privately, stop what you're doing.
She's right, this isn't so proper.
You used to make announcements at the horse race tracks? And you told us you were a newscaster at a regional TV station? You're just a dirty liar! You're calling me a liar? You've got such thick skin.
Who's calling whom a liar? You were a pharmacist when you used to work with your husband? You guys started dating as a doctor and a pharmacist at a college hospital? Which college was that? Did you go to a pharmacy school in the Philippines? You You didn't think I'd find out that you went to high school and college in the Philippines? And anyone with some money can go to a junior college! Pharmacist, that's hilarious! You've got no conscience.
Who'd you hear it from? That I went to college in the Philippines? I'm sure everyone knows.
Didn't you all know? Please, stop! Excuse me! We won't be eating today, please cancel our orders.
They already started cooking.
Did my husband tell you that? Is that what he told you? Say it! Is my husband Good in bed? Let go of her! What are you doing? What was it? You wanted a nice guy since you're always beat up by your own husband? That's why you hit on him? Yeah! I did hit on him! He is nice, and he told me he loves me to death, so I let him have me.
Gyung-hee! Get out of here! No! Do it! Stop it! You should be ashamed of yourself! This isn't right! You need to stop, too.
You've got no right to judge me.
No, right? What? You let him have you because he loves you to death? Yeah! He said I smell like sakura to him.
He said I make him feel like a child again.
I made him to want to be a man! I'm pregnant! That day She saw the true reality of herself at that last brunch.
And She also realized what she had to do, and what she must not do.
The Global Education Institute of Korea University is a very influential gathering that can change risks into opportunities as we raise global leaders of today.
I'm Han Min-ki, I'm the CEO of MK Capital.
I'm Park Bok I'm Park Ji-young.
Oh, Park Ji-young? - Yes.
- Do you have a business card? I'll give you one next time.
This wine is from Tuscany, Italy, from the region of Chianti.
It's made by Zonin.
It's called, "Castello d'Albola Chianti Classico Riserva.
" It's a mouthful, right? Shall we try saying it all together? Castello d'Albola.
The people in the high class studied continuously.
In order to hold on to their position They put in the utmost effort.
And their effort was at a different level than the effort of those in the lower class, who struggled to survive.
They believed.
Even if life as they know it were to start to break, their effort in learning can sustain their lives and positions.
I apologize, please continue.
Is it your child? No, right? I don't know.
What? I don't know either! It's driving me crazy too! What drives you crazy? Because it might be your child? Or because it might not be? You know what I mean.
You bastard! How could you How could you do this to me? I'm sorry, I was going to end it.
Did you love her? Love, whatever.
Then? You weren't even in love with her? And you cheated with her, someone you met through your kids? You should've just slept with someone who works at a bar.
Wouldn't that have been better, so I won't find out? I first met her as a patient here.
Then I was glad to see her again at the parents' meeting.
You were glad to see her? Are you hearing yourself? Let's talk at home later, this is a hospital! It's not good to do this here.
Oh, now you're feeling embarrassed? Trust me, I'm holding back because we're here.
I want to rip you apart! But you need to talk to the patients so we can continue to live in a nice house.
So our kids can continue to go to a nice school! That's what it is! I'm just some money-making worm to you! What am I to you? What am I to the family? I do the same surgery everyday, I studied so hard to get into medical school just to do this.
Then I work so hard to bring you money for you and the kids.
So at least let me get away with this much.
I'll end it here, you can leave.
Why are you dropping the suit all of a sudden? If a husband beats his wife, can the wife report it or sue him for it? Yes of course.
But it's a different department, we won't take the case here.
Look at him! He's so rude for having a bit of money.
I'm sure he beat his wife.
I'm 100% sure.
How terrible! My baby Is OK, right? Yes, the baby's fine.
Your oldest is in the third grade? I'm sure he'll be a great brother since they're a few years apart.
What is this? What happened to your face? Your wife did this to me.
Your wife did it, so you pay for it.
Let me see.
She scratched your face with her nails? What's this? It's a burn mark.
What if they leave scars on my face? They won't.
I'll give you medicine for it, make sure you keep applying it.
I'm relieved.
I'm fortunate that you're a cosmetic surgeon.
I'm sorry.
Whom are you saying that to? To me? Or to your wife? Seong-soo.
Can you Take responsibility? Are you scared? What responsibility? I'm not even sure if it's my child yet.
It's yours.
I don't sleep with my husband.
Is that true? What do I do now? Be careful, careful! These paintings are so much more expensive than the furniture, please be careful! Careful, careful! I'm not sure if you'd believe me but I like you, Ah-jin.
It is hard to believe.
Shall we drink? Many things can happen in life, in the world.
And you have no control over them.
Yes, there are actually only a few thing you can control in life.
Is husband one of them? Are you just gonna let him slide? That's what you mean by moving out, right? Isn't he moving with you? I no longer have Ahn Jae-suc in my life as my husband.
But Ji-hoo should still have a dad.
He said he doesn't want a divorce either.
He said that in front of his father.
He said he'd never get a divorce.
Does Father know? I told him.
It's not something we can hide.
What's with the wine? And - You should drink with me why - Why is she drinking with me instead? Did something happen? No, Joo-mi.
Go on in.
We have something to talk about.
Who is it? Your wife? No, my father.
I can't believe my dad! He cheated on my mom so many times.
How can he keep a straight face and hit me? Pick up.
We have to have your father on our side.
Come home at once! You crazy fool! Didn't I tell you to break up with her already? Don't you know that your mother passed away because I made her so angry? Everyone knows that! You grew up watching that, how can you do the same? That's what I learned from you, I can't help it.
I'm gonna tear you apart! You're the worst person in the world! What if Ah-jin becomes ill and died too? What will you do? Father, come on! Then I'll just get a caregiver and get married again, like you! What? What did you just say? You've totally gone mad! You're just saying whatever the words you can think of! I heard Ah-jin is the one who introduced that cartoonist to you.
How can you cheat with her? Father! It's not cartoon, it's pop-art! I told you many times already.
When I cheated on your mother, I did it on my own.
And I never got your mother involved.
I met those women on my own! How can you be so dumb, even in the way you cheat? You need Ah-jin's help even to cheat on her! Father.
I'm 100% sure that I can convince you if we sat down and talk.
Don't make yourself embarrassed.
You need to calm down, you're totally overreacting! Shut up, you bastard! I'm giving you one week, and one week only.
If you continue to date her after a week You'll be kicked out from the company forever! Got it? What's his point? Is he telling me to cheat without any help? He's being completely ridiculous! What did he say? He's telling me to come home at once, of course.
Go home then.
Why? Just listen to him.
Can't you tell from your stepmother, what she did to me? He's completely angry.
What if he kicks you out of his company? That's too bad then.
Nonsense! Can you think straight? Hey.
I'm a bit disappointed at you.
You wouldn't have liked me if I didn't have any money? Why does that matter? I like you, which means I like everything that makes up who you are now.
The answer to your question, if I would still like you if you had no money, is neither yes nor a no.
You need to grow up.
So you're telling me to go back home now? Don't make things worse.
You need to act with more maturity.
You're not a 14-year-old teenager! Hey! I wouldn't have cheated with you if I acted maturely.
Do you which number I hate the most? You know why? Starting when I was 9, I no longer had a dad.
My daughter, Ji-hoo I don't want her to hate number 11 for the same reason.
Getting a divorce doesn't mean Ji-hoo will not have a dad anymore.
The sense of loss Ji-hoo would feel Is no different from what I felt when I was 9.
Perhaps It might even be more painful for her.
The sense of loss Added with a sense of betrayal.
So it's even more.
Dad must've felt bad for me.
He gave me some money after throwing me out.
Then are you Planning on staying here forever until Mr.
Ahn gives a big chunk of his money? Of course! I'll be like wet tissue stuck on the bathroom floor.
I'm not going anywhere! How much do you want for you to leave? I'll leave if he gives me that much.
Inheritance and stock shares are a separate matter though.
Oh, hey! Can you draw some hot bathwater for me before you leave? Do it on your own.
Oh, come on.
Even the hired hand ignores my request.
Are you sleeping? Who must this be? Everyone, come out here! Come out! Where are they? What are you doing here? Go ahead and tell us.
You've been circling around this house for a while.
I actually came here To apologize to you, Mr.
What kind of an apology? On your birthday party It's about how the canopy fell on you.
I was there when that happened.
You were? Why didn't you say hi to me? I was asked to hurt Park Bok-ja, who is your wife now.
I was paid cash.
And I did what I was asked to do.
What? What on earth are you talking about? Let's keep listening to what he has to say.
I have some debt under my name.
And I agreed to do it, though I knew I shouldn't have.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Oh man I have no idea what you're talking about.
One day, your first daughter-in-law This woman, sitting right here Came to my gym and gave me this envelop full of cash.
What? Father! This isn't true! Let's talk after he's done.
She told me she hates someone enough to kill her.
And she needed help to get rid of her.
What do you mean by "get rid of her"? Just Just so that she won't be a caregiver Do what to her, to stop her? Shut your mouth! I've never even met you before! Father, I'm being framed! It wasn't me! She asked me to hurt Park Bok-ja.
What? This is completely shocking! I felt so guilty, I did it all because of money.
I'm sorry.
He's putting on a show! He's got to be on her side! She's the one that planned all this! Keep your mouth shut! How can you make up a story like that? Joo-mi No matter how desperate you feel, you can't just make up a lie like that! Honey, I'm OK Don't make a scene.
Let's just send him home and talk within the family.
You You're really doing this? This isn't true, Father! Shut your mouth! Ah-jin! Ah-jin! It's a huge mess over there! What happened this time? Joo-mi, Jae-suc, and Woon-kyu are about to be kicked out.
But Ah-jin, do you really have to move? Why? They don't have a place to go after they're kicked out.
They should stay at the place you bought.
No, not that house.
Father, it's not true.
Absolutely not! Why would I do that? The one received money confessed himself! How can you still be lying? Get out! - We'll just leave then! - Are you crazy? You know what I went through in this house while you were gone? Think of Woon-kyu, our son! Father Woon-kyu's a senior in high school.
You like your grandson, don't you? Think of him, at least! Then Stay here until Woon-kyu graduates.
Just until he takes his college entrance exam.
Then leave.
I don't want to see anyone.
Father He was so mad that Ah-jin might feel hurt from her husband's cheating.
But he doesn't even want to listen to a single word I say, and kicks me out.
This can't be it! It's all because of you! Do you know that? This is the sales report.
No! I'm gonna leave, not you.
Oh, that's true Sit.
We need to talk.
What brings you all the way here? I just came back from the place we bought.
There? Why? I'm going to move there.
Why, all of a sudden? "All of a sudden"? I actually want to move out of the country if I could.
I can't stay like this, at least for Ji-hoo.
I'll think of it as a new beginning, and start my life over in that house.
But The password was changed.
I rented it out.
What? I had no idea you were planning on moving there.
Who said you can rent it out? Are you out of your mind? What is it? Tell me the truth.
What is it? You're gonna live with whom in that house? You're terrible! Ah-jin, don't kill me! Ma'am, I had nothing to do with this! You look terrible, what's wrong? Is Attorney Kang here? He's at the court.
I have a case I wanted to discuss with him.
There's a house we bought, and it's under my husband's name.
How can I change that? So in that house, my husband and another And another woman are living there.
The ownership of the house So I mean That house We planned on living there with my daughter, all three of us Please be calm.
I'm sorry.
I just feel so frustrated.
I came to ask him how to deal with this I'll come back another time.
Ah-jin! Ah-jin! Don't get up.
I'm OK.
You're not OK, I'll be the judge of that.
The doctor said you need to go through more testing, we're moving you into a room.
You need some rest.
There's no need.
I want to leave.
You can come to a hospital on your own will, but you can't just leave on your own.
I gotta get going.
Listen to the doctor, Mate.
I think I must've been too awesome and cool.
You fainted at the sight of me! I'm sorry.
I feel bad that I made you faint.
You shouldn't be sorry.
Can I make a phone call? OK, Ah-jin.
Don't worry about Ji-hoo, I'll take good care of her.
What is it? What'd she say? Ah-jin's not feeling well, she's at the hospital.
What? So she's not coming home? Where is she hurting? Where do you think? It's her heart.
What's going on here? Jin-hee! I finished my homework.
Ji-hoo, go to bed early today.
Ji-hoo? Do you know if your mom and dad are doing OK these days? Why? Oh, I was just wondering if you heard something No, nothing.
I don't know, is your dad cheating on your mom or something? What do you think you're doing? It just doesn't make sense to me.
Ah-jin's in the hospital all of a sudden Mom's at a hospital? - No - Yeah.
What did I tell you? I told you to hire someone.
You were trying to move things on your own, and now you're sick! It's not from moving.
It's from getting beat up by your stepmother, I'm just feeling it now.
Pick it up! It's Father.
Wait, it's Ji-hoo.
You're done talking on the phone? Yes.
You've never been hospitalized before? I have, it's not that.
I got married when I was 25.
I got in a car accident on our way to our honeymoon.
That's when my wife passed away.
And I was in a coma for 2 years, staying at a hospital.
I was in a vegetative state.
I was hospitalized in that state the whole time.
The lost 2 years of my life.
Those 2 years Were just gone, like that.
But I do remember.
While I was unconscious, I do remember a thought I was holding onto, subconsciously.
I must Live.
At least for my wife.
I must live.
I didn't know she had already left this world.
That earnest heart of wanting to survive for someone else Brought me back to life.
You, too Think about whom you need to protect.
Give me your hand.
This paper crane will fly away, turned in to a real crane.
I'll be right back.
I need to sign for your admittance.
You just have one left.
What will you do with Ah-jin? - Hello? - You're in the hospital? Why? Where are you now? I'm home, of course.
Which home? Of course it's That house.
Is it because what I said earlier? - What? - Ah-jin! You shouldn't faint so easily like that.
Ji-hoo's crying so hard right now.
Why are you making our daughter worry? Ah-jin.
I do love you.
It is a problem that you're not the only one I love at the moment.
But still I won't divorce you.
Just be cool about it.
Just acknowledge our current relationship.
Don't leave Ji-hoo alone at home.
Go home.
My sister's there.
Don't be like that, please.
Go to Ji-hoo's side.
I'm asking you.
Seong-hee's sick! Hello? She keeps hanging up on me.
It's a bad habit.
Mom, I love you so much! Fight on! Don't be sick! Ahn Jae-suc You're out of my life, forever! What will you do with the last remaining one? Her I'm leaving her alone.
(Woman of Dignity) I want a divorce.
My wife is suing me for divorce.
Thanks for your help.
Yes, of course.
I'll do my very best.
This is how it all ends! Continue to report to me everything Mr.
Ahn does.
Yes, Ma'am.
Stop it, what are you doing? We've never met before.
Will you Do everything I tell you to do? The house you're living in It's mine.
Ji-hoo and I need to live there, get out of this place at once! Let's have it under my name.
So your wife won't be able to move here! I can't retreat.
We're on the edge of a cliff here.
At least Kill her before you leave.
This is a completely ridiculous title.
Jae-gu! Don't do it! I'm gonna kill her today and go to jail.
Kill me! Are you scared that I might do something? I gotta finish it off.
That's all.