Wonderland (2013) s02e06 Episode Script

Saving Face

I'm glad that you've decided to move on.
Because it's better for us to just be friends, right? I got the job! You got the job! Lucy? Steve, this is Kate's daughter.
We don't make that distinction.
We're sisters.
Have you seen a light wooden box about this big? The box is private, that's why there's a lock on it.
You're thinking with your head and not with your heart.
What does that even mean? I mean, really! It means you think that you're looking for some guy who ticks all your boxes.
Well, this is where my five-date policy comes in handy.
Five, eh? It's insurance.
Hi, I'm Jade.
Jade, this is Dani, Colette.
She's a swimsuit model.
I haven't had beach sex since I was a teenager.
All the more reason to relive it.
It was a beautiful view.
Yeah, it's one of my favourite places.
Did you go there with your wife? We went there a bit.
That explains it.
Explains what? The waiter.
He kept giving us weird looks.
He's wondering what you've done with her.
Or if she knows you're out with some strange woman who has her hand on your leg.
I doubt he would even recognise me.
What are you doing? Come on.
Let's go home.
Let's not.
But my place is so close.
It's not close enough.
Hey! Stop what you're doing and put your hands where we can see them! Oh, shit! Alright, cheers.
Here is to meeting the man of your dreams tonight.
Yes! Oh! Game on.
Although, personally, I've never actually met anyone interesting in a bar.
You're joking.
Have you? Um, Naked Crying Pilot, Gay Blair Alright.
I just like getting dressed up.
Oi, oi! Ooh, pace yourself.
I'm just a bit nervous, you know? Can I ask you a personal question? OK, now I'm nervous.
I know that Adam was your only relationship, but have you ever slept with another guy? No.
Stop it! I love you.
You're adorable.
Yuck! Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck.
No, seriously.
Being loyal to one guy for all this time, that's lovely.
Well, not after tonight.
Oh, you are in for a shock, Blondie.
Why? Oh, a different body with different bits.
Well, they're all in the same place, aren't they? No.
Whole new sights to see.
Whole new landscapes to feel.
Oh, my God, what's wrong with me? The thought of having sex with someone new is just like, blecch! I think I've lost my sex drive completely.
You'll get it back.
It's normal after a break-up.
Well, you didn't lose yours.
Uh, what are you talking about? No, Jane Austen over here is making Nick wait five dates.
Fourth date this weekend.
You'll cave.
I am not, I am not.
And it's not about sex drive.
It's it's about not Rushing in! .
rushing in.
God! Oh! Sorry.
No - disaster averted.
Nice necklace.
Thanks for inviting us over for a home-cooked meal, mate.
We really just wanted numbers for tomorrow.
Yeah, well, I think most are coming.
Well, who would miss my annual barbecue ribs in plum sauce? Not going to make up for all the maintenance you never do, Dad.
Um, Steve and Dani can't make it.
They've got a work thing.
So, you, Miranda, Rob, Colette? I gotta remind Rob.
Hey, he might be bringing someone.
The swimwear model? Oh, he should definitely bring her.
So, Grace - her new man? We haven't met the new bloke yet.
She's clearly ashamed.
What's wrong with him? No - of us, Dad.
Anyone want soy sauce? You don't put soy sauce on Thai food, Mum.
Are you bringing anyone tomorrow? I asked Mila Kunis, but she's busy.
Well, call her back.
They love it when you're persistent.
No, Mila Kunis, Dad.
She's Forget it.
You, um, sort out that situation with Miranda? Ah, it's sorted.
She got a boyfriend, right? No.
Then what's the problem? He brought another girl home.
I think she took that as a hint.
Excuse me.
Can we not discuss my love life over larb, please? Oh, I'm sorry.
I should have turned that off.
What? Rob's just been arrested.
Rob hasn't moved on.
She's just latched on to him.
See, that should make me feel like shagging someone, but instead I feel like going home to sleep.
Oh, I'm with you.
What about your "let's get Miranda laid first"? Oh, no.
I'm meeting Steve's boss, and more importantly, his wife, tomorrow for lunch, so no hangover for me.
Lucy? Oh, my God! This is amazing! Uh, what is that? Oh, it's a Japanese slipper.
Great colour.
Um, can I get two of those, please.
I'm not getting into trouble.
Well, you're not staying here.
We have to go.
Uh, where did you come from? Will you please explain to her that I am with my friend.
Are you buying the drinks? I'm looking after her.
She's underage.
This is my sister.
Oh, cool.
Alright, well, we'll split.
Uh She's got going home with you.
I'm taking you.
Are we all going? Um, I-I might stay.
This is Dashiell.
Have fun.
Well, um Wait, hold This is so stupid! Oho! No kidding.
There goes my date.
Lucy was your date? Fancy a Japanese slipper? Oh.
Or, uh .
I've I've got some coke if you're interested? You gotta admit, it's pretty funny.
She's out of control! Yeah.
I'm really starting to like this girl.
She certainly does like the outdoor activities, I will say that.
Well, an infringement notice and 200 bucks is not too bad.
No, Jade's good value.
Certainly brought my mojo back.
And now I'm going to bed.
Oh, Mum wants to know if you're going to come to Dad's porkfest tomorrow.
Uh ribs - pork ribs.
Pork on the mind? So you want me to go back into the scene of the crime? And Dad wants to know if Jade's coming.
Who else is going? Yes, Robert, Colette's gonna be there.
Well, maybe I'll just come on my own.
Less complicated.
Yeah, mate.
Tell your mum I'm going to make a warm salad bake for tomorrow.
Oh, no, no, no.
We're good for salads.
How's the girls' night? Oh, no, we had to call it early.
Um, except for Miranda - she's on a mission.
Can I buy you a drink? Oh, no, sorry, I'm Oh, Carlos.
How are you? I'm good.
Good to see you.
This is so embarrassing.
I think you better do what Dani says - drink.
Right, you can sleep in this.
Or would you prefer that I call Helena and tell her where I found you? I'll drive her home in the morning.
That's fine, as long as we're not late for Ivan.
As if I'm not going to impress the hell out of his wife.
Honey, it's my boss I want you to impress.
Trust me, it's his wife I need to target.
We will be fabulous.
This is what I do for a living.
You know, Greg in HR has been there 10 years and never been invited to lunch.
That's what happens in HR.
Yeah, but I have this feeling Ivan's sussing me out for .
big things, maybe.
Seems to like me.
And they will both love me.
Do you think I did the right thing dragging Lucy home? I would have done the same thing.
Maybe I should have left it alone.
It feels strange not to know how she is.
But I've just been staying away - it's too painful.
Oh, well, we miss you.
What about Nick? Do you like him? It's OK.
Honestly, I don't even think things have gone that far with him yet.
So the five-date rule's back, huh? Mmm.
But I did this, you know - I I was jealous.
Yeah, but you didn't need to be.
There was a part of Grace that always had her mind made up.
Hey, she was crazy about you.
It doesn't matter.
I didn't fit her picture of what a perfect relationship should be.
Well, Nick might not be Mr Right.
Well, he looks like Mr Right, dresses like Mr Right.
He smells like Mr Right.
That's important.
She lets her head rule her heart, you know? So sad.
But I'm still in love with her.
And what about you and Tom? Come on, you guys like each other so much.
Why aren't you together? Tom does this, not me.
I haven't stayed out all night in ages.
So, I walked in on him having sex with this girl.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, so even if I was crazy enough to like him, then it's pretty clear he's not that into me.
Yeah, but, you know, people can do stupid things.
Yeah, like me falling for a guy that I know will never change.
Maybe he doesn't know you have serious feelings for him.
That's it - he never took me seriously.
You know, I used to have the biggest crush on him when we were kids, and .
he would just call me 'Pudding'.
I like that.
That's sweet.
No! it's not sweet! Yeah! He's a he's a heartbreaker.
Sorry, I don't know why I'm talking about this, but it's just a relief to say it out loud.
Go on.
He kissed me one night.
A drunken kiss, but it was the best kiss I've ever had.
It was like a shock.
It's special when that happens.
Yeah, well, not as special as his car.
Anyway, I can't stop thinking about him, which is why I was at the bar tonight.
Moving on? Hoping someone else would cure me.
Make a wish.
Make a wish.
Hello? Do you want eggs or muesli? I'm having both.
Miranda! Knock, knock.
Hangover food Come in.
We're in the middle of everything.
You alright, darling? Yeah.
Where's Miranda? She still volunteering to give me a hand? Well, if you can find her, you can ask her.
- Did you get the ice? - Too early.
I love being wrong in stereo.
You want a hand with the ribs today, Dad? They're marinating to perfection.
No help required.
Oh, come on, when you going to hand over the tongs to your son and heir? On my deathbed, mate.
Well, I wasn't kidding about the maintenance.
I mean, I do what I can, but we've got wiring, there's the gutters.
I know, I know.
Do you want me to get some quotes? Pointless exercise right now.
Why? Don't tell your mother.
The mining lease fell through.
I'm looking at bankruptcy.
Well, she wasn't sleeping in.
Eh? She's gone.
You think she snuck out last night? No, I heard her door go this morning.
She's obviously gone to that friend's house, so that's that.
Listen, if you're going to worry about Lucy and where she's gone, go and sort it.
You've still got time this morning.
No, no, I got her through last night.
She's not my problem.
You don't want to call her? She's nearly 17.
Are you sure? I've done my duty.
Now, am I going young and hot, or smart and sophisticated? Mmm.
Good choice.
I'm going to bed.
Big night, eh? How long was the walk of shame? Sorry? Well, don't deny it.
It's the first time that you've stayed out all night, so, must have been good? Come on, spill.
You want to hear that I had wild sex last night, do you? Well, it's about time, isn't it? Yeah, well, I mean, if you must know, um, we couldn't even make it to the bedroom.
So we did it on the floor.
Really? Mmm.
And then we went to the bathroom and the kitchen and the study.
Yeah, no, it sounds like you had a good time.
Anyway, I'm going to get some rest before your parents' barbecue thing, but, um, wake me up at 12? 'Night.
Good morning.
This job has ruined magazines for me.
Brunch is served! Oh, that looks delicious, Harry.
So, girl talk - let's begin.
What? Well, that's what we're doing, isn't it - having girl talk? It's like joining the Freemasons.
Is this brunch a bribe, Harry? Yep.
Now talk, please.
Thank you.
Feel like coffee and a swim? Um, no.
I'm having a Colette's here.
But there is a barbecue across the road later on if you want to come to that.
I don't know.
Don't you want to meet my friends? Well, is there any point if I'm not going to be around to get to know them? I did warn you that this was going to happen very slowly.
I know, but there's slow and there's glacial.
It's fine, if you're not interested.
No, no, no, no, no.
I am.
Alright, I'll try and make it to the barbecue.
Otherwise, see you Monday.
I hope you didn't send him away on my account.
He should have called.
He was trying to be spontaneous.
Spontaneity is so overrated.
I went to see Eat Pray Love on a whim.
Um, Harry, I think we might need some real girl time now.
With just the girls.
How ya doin'? Still cringing.
I hope nobody else finds out.
Except your ex, right? She has to hear.
You coming in? I want you to come out.
Why don't we watch a DVD? OK.
If that's what you feel like.
I think lust is overrated.
Oh, never! I was out of my head with Carlos and I lost myself.
Yeah, when Rob and I got together, it was completely X-rated.
That's what keeps you together.
The memories, or not.
A good man and the right relationship.
That's the show that I want tickets to.
So there's no hope for you and Carlos getting back together? Hesitation? No, no, there's no hesitation.
I do miss Carlos, and I think that's why I'm holding back with Nick.
I miss Rob.
I didn't see this.
It's from Miranda.
Apparently, Lucy's friend is a wild child who offered her coke and a threesome.
What? Gimme! She's not answering any of my calls or my texts.
Well, hopefully she's just having fun.
With a bisexual coke addict.
Look, I understand that you have to find her, but can the rescue mission wait until after lunch? I'll be 45 minutes, max.
I'll just go over there and I'll check.
Lunch is in a hour.
I will meet you there.
Honey I will be there.
I will be great.
Lucy? Get that, will you? What are you doing here? You didn't answer your phone.
Yeah, my phone was off.
You just stormed out this morning.
Shh! Did you friend bring that guy home from the bar? So? This isn't a sleepover situation.
I can handle it.
I know what goes on.
Do you? I'm an adult.
You're 16! Do you really want to be hanging around with all of this going on? Have you been doing lines? No.
Get your stuff.
We're out of here.
What's with this sudden big sister act? Fine.
You do what you like.
Please don't look at me.
He should just jump her bones.
That's why she doesn't want to be with him - he's wet.
It's meant to be romantic.
It's actually a really good film.
For a chick flick, you know? Your wife liked it? Yeah, she did.
Tell me about her.
What do you mean? Your ex.
She cheated on you.
Who with? Some local guy.
Where did they do it? Was it here? No, it wasn't here.
Did she see him while you were at work? Were they sexting each other? It It only happened once.
And you dumped her? Let's just Let's just watch the movie, huh? Oh, I hate to ask, but I gotta quickly run somewhere and Mum wanted a little bit of a hand.
I can help with that.
Oh, yeah? That'd be great.
Miranda was supposed to do it but she got home at 10:00.
She's crashed out.
Oh, my God! With the guy from the bar? Uh What was his name? Davash? Dehmel? Did she say what his name was? No.
I gotta go.
Um, hey, hey, just wondering - um, is Rob bringing Jade? No.
And I just I thought she was into me.
Then I got there and realised, nope.
I mean, I didn't think she'd go pick up someone else.
When you say that you thought she was into you, do you mean like a friend or a girlfriend? She's like she's bi or something.
I mean, I love Pip.
I think she's amazing.
Do you have a crush on her? I don't know.
Um, what about um, boys? Have you ever had a boyfriend before? Yeah.
Nothing serious.
It's just all my friends, they're going out, they're getting drunk, they're having sex, doing everything.
And if I don't want to do that then maybe that means I'm gay too.
I could be.
I could have the gay gene.
But it's all the more confusing at your age.
Did you ever think? I tried it once.
But then I realised, I love my girlfriends to death, but I don't want to have sex with them.
You shouldn't do it if it's to prove that you're cool with it.
Trust me - when you find the right person, you'll know.
How? Because you won't be able to keep your hands off him.
Or her.
I can't believe you keep all these back issues.
Oh! Did you get off on this? You did, didn't you? I'm only human.
Hey, what time's this thing you've gotta go to? Uh, soonish.
What is it? A barbie with my mate's parents.
I'm only going out of duty.
Mmm, maybe I should have a surf instead.
That is what I would be doing if I didn't have to go.
Well, you can always blow off the barbeque if you're really not into it.
Come with me.
No, I already told Tom I'd be there, so I'd feel pretty bad.
You don't mind I'm not going? Not at all.
Go and enjoy the surf.
See ya.
Your mother didn't mention any barbecue.
Yeah, well, I'm here now, so, come on.
Get your butt into gear, old woman.
You get away with murder.
I was talking to Dad before.
Oh, I'm sorry.
And he probably wouldn't tell you himself, but he, um he got done over by a mining company recently.
Mining? What happened to the vineyard? Oh, yeah, no, long story, but the, um the business is in real trouble, so Has Warwick sent you to ask me for money? No, no.
He said not to say anything.
Why are you saying something, then? For Mum? You said if I ever need anything that I should ask.
And .
and I'm probably speaking out of line, but I thought if Dad doesn't say anything, maybe I should.
What does you mother say? It's possible she doesn't know I'm bringing you yet.
She will never ask for my help.
You don't know your mother as well as you think you do.
What's your mother doing here? Look who I fetched for the barbie.
Mum! Nice to see you.
Nice to be invited.
Hello, Ruth.
Let me set you up in a chair in the shade.
What made you think of doing that? Dad hasn't mentioned to you how much financial trouble he's in yet, has he? When did he tell you? This morning.
So I mentioned it to Nana and I think she's really - Oh, fuck.
Tell me you didn't.
- Mum, an F-bomb! What made you think you had the right to talk to my mother on our behalf?! Hey, it's OK.
She's fine with it - just ask her.
I will not ask her.
Oh, Mum.
Oh, for God's sake.
You you have no idea.
You don't know the whole story.
Well, clearly not, but Not another word to your grandmother.
I will handle it from here, understood? Yeah.
Hey, I'm sorry, I I found this photo of the vineyard this morning and I was looking at it, and there was so much family history there, Mum.
We can't just let it go.
Juice, Mum, or glass of wine? Don't speak.
Better stay out of the way of this one.
What's this? You're going to need these if you're cooking.
You're not dying, are you? Just retiring.
Can I recommend these? Handmade, inserted with ethical toothpicks.
Trying to give them up, thanks, Harry.
Come and sit, Maggie.
Oh, I will in a minute, Mum.
I've just got to be with the girls.
Rain's been no good for the grapes up our way.
Been dry here? I've often thought small talk will be the death of me.
God forbid, my last oxygen is wasted commenting on the weather.
I'm staying out of this one, Ruth.
Um, shall I pepper that? Um, Rob keeps looking over here.
Hey! Oh What happened to the surf? No action.
Thought I'd rescue you.
You didn't have to do that.
I don't mind.
Besides, I want her to see me with you so she knows what she lost.
Oh, hi.
Thought I'd bring your scarf over.
Thanks so much.
Did you get my text? Uh, no.
Tom forgot to wake me up.
But I've gotta get ready for the barbecue.
Do you want to wait around? Well, I have a feeling Nick will be there, so When are you going to tell Grace how you feel? But don't let anything stop you.
What, like common sense? Come on, don't be like Grace.
Do what your heart says, not your head.
Well, my heart says that Tom couldn't care less.
He thought it was hilarious that I was out all last night.
Come on.
If that's true, he's crazy.
But thanks for last night.
It was really nice to have someone listen.
Yeah, I think it's what we both needed.
So, did you find out his name? Huh? The random guy from last night.
Was it, like, Dexter, or Dashiell, or something? Uh, none of the above.
So who was it? I'm just trying to focus on the ribs, Grace, sorry.
Otherwise my old man will never let me near the tongs again.
Well, do you want a hand, then? Oh, no.
No, no, no.
It's a father-son thing.
So just step away from the barbecue.
See ya.
Was his name Carlos? I don't know.
You're right - it does help.
Oh, I hope so.
My whole life philosophy revolves around ice-cream.
Sorry for making you late for your lunch.
Oh, it's fine.
But I probably will have to just let you in and then head off.
Everything alright? Yeah.
The good news is you and I can hang out a little longer.
Mmm, OK.
Thanks for coming to the rescue last night, Tom.
Don't mention it.
Yeah, don't.
Might clean up the barbie, eh? Thanks for waking me up this morning.
I thought you might need your rest.
After the stairs, and the bathroom, the shower, and .
So, what did you get up to after we left last night? Oh, I don't I don't kiss and tell.
Oh, that's not fair.
At least tell us who the guy at the bar was.
No, it wasn't him, so don't worry.
So who was he? Anyone like a piece of corn? Me! I'm desperate to know.
She can't even look at me, she's so jealous.
Hey, do you know if she'd seen what we were doing here last night? Oh, come on, can you just stop? Sorry.
Look, I'm sorry.
I just don't want to be all over each other here.
Didn't she cheat on you? Yeah, but I don't need to hurt Colette to make myself feel better about that.
What? What's what's that look? You didn't want me to come this, did you? No.
You're still going to the restaurant she likes.
Watching the pathetic movies she used to like.
You're protecting her from me.
Maybe we should just cool things off.
It's good thing you've got those magazines.
You're gonna need 'em.
How are the ribs? Great.
Must have learnt something from his old man after all.
Should I talk to Nana, tell her I made a mistake? No, just leave it.
How long do you think Mum can keep this charade up for? Oh, she can do that for 30 years, as far as I know.
Someone's just arrived.
Couldn't make it any earlier, sorry.
Oh, that's OK.
It's just pretty much finished now, anyway.
I thought you wanted me to meet your friends.
Yeah, no, I mean, we can do that another time.
The afternoon has been glacial without you.
I see.
Let's go to my place.
Oh, God.
I am starving.
I can smell Warwick's ribs from here.
You can go.
I don't think I can stand to see those girls again.
Oh, they won't care about last night.
I do.
I'm mortified.
I'll go to the loo, get out of your way.
Babe, I am so sorry.
Ah, don't be.
It was probably better you weren't there.
Oh! How on earth could anything be better without me? So, turns out, Ivan's partner wasn't the type of wife you were planning to impress.
Mmm? Mmm.
His partner is Sam.
Sam the man.
Oh, Sam the man.
He thought my partner was Danny the dude.
That's that's brilliant.
For a minute, I thought that's why we were invited to lunch.
But, apparently, he's got me earmarked for big things.
Big things? Mmm! Mmm, big things.
Is Lucy still here? Mmm.
Good work.
Plus, you've earned yourself some major brownie points with your mother there.
Hey, Lucy.
Um, I'm really sorry, but do you think we could get me home before my mums get back? You're not going to tell them anything, are you? What kind of big sister would that make me? I might take Nana home.
Oh, that's a good idea.
Thanks for coming, Mum.
Hope you had a nice outing.
Maggie, I know why I'm here.
I didn't ask you.
Why not? I'm family.
That is beside the point.
Tom should not have mentioned money.
We don't need a loan.
Not from me - is that it? Ruth, Tom thought he was doing the right thing.
I did.
And I'm sorry.
But this is our problem.
We'll sort it out.
I can help.
I'm offering to.
I'm happy to give you a hand.
I don't want your money - not one cent of it.
Thank you very much, but the answer is no.
Tom's taking you home.
I was going to tell you.
And you wonder why I don't feel like I'm in this marriage.
You'll like the Lone bloody Ranger.
Maybe I'm too bloody ashamed.
How bad is it? It's not just about the money and me.
It's also .
you and your mother.
It's a chance for you to change things between you, fix things.
How bad is it, Warwick? We're wiped out.
Oh, you go.
You go.
You go and take the money.
You go and grovel to her.
It has to come from you.
I got you chilli prawn.
I reckon you're crazy.
Did you want pepperoni? You haven't thought this through, have you? I just think covering for Lucy is a bad move.
Why wouldn't I? You've only just got your relationship back with your mum.
So? So, being a good sister .
is making you a lousy daughter.
You're the one who pushed me to get involved with my family.
You don't get to tell me how.
Pots are looking good.
It's not that I don't appreciate it, Mum, I .
I just don't want to be in your debt.
Because you're as stubborn as I was.
I know you think it was emotional blackmail, but it was just me looking after my daughter's interests.
"Lay down with a dog, get up with a flea.
" That's what you said.
Warwick never had a hope of making a success of things.
Yes, you were right.
Satisfied? No.
I was wrong.
I should have helped you regardless.
Well, you made me strong, independent, and that's not a bad thing.
When I was a girl .
first day of school .
I went to hold my mother's hand.
She pushed me off.
"Don't be such a baby, Ruth.
"We all have to stand on our two feet.
" At the end, in the hospital, she reached out for me.
I suppose she was lonely.
It took all my power not to pull my hand away.
I'm holding out my hand to you, Maggie.
I don't want your last memory of me to be like that.
Well, he left early.
I don't know what that means.
Well, how was the sex? Oh, it was nice.
'Nice'? Well, you know what Dani said - I mean, it's the same bits, it's just strange with a different person.
Was it strange with Carlos? Carlos was different.
That was after a wedding and it was outdoors.
So you're not going to keep seeing Nick? I'll give it a chance.
You're not going back for seconds? Can we just drop this, please? Is it someone that I know? Why? Tom, what's it to you? I just think you're making some pretty interesting choices.