Wonderland (2013) s02e12 Episode Script


Tell him he has to go without me.
Yeah, we can look after her.
I'm not going.
Yeah, you are.
I'm going to take your job, Nick.
Who did you tell about Nick and me? Ben.
You know, if something's wrong, talking helps.
Look, I went up to Brazil recently and things didn't go so well there.
Get up.
Go, go, go.
She didn't see anything.
She didn't do anything.
She doesn't know anything.
Is this right? Yes.
So, just don't get her involved.
Let's just take it slow.
I miss you.
- I'm just turning on the cold.
- Oh, no, no.
Don't! Hi.
Um, well we're OK? Yeah, yeah.
We're OK.
Max Saliba.
What is that? Is that Greek? No, that's that's prying.
Google him.
Good afternoon.
I'm heading out west tomorrow for a story, and I was wondering if you and your camera might be interested in coming along.
Really? Yeah.
How about, then, some zucchini risotto? Yeah, but what's the summer bit? It's lime, I think.
And we could put the zucchinis into little swimsuits.
Zucchinis in bikinis.
Yeah, exactly.
I'll put it on the maybe list.
And we should go to the markets tomorrow.
Yeah, I've got the family lunch tomorrow, so .
maybe we could go after that.
Yeah, OK.
So, was that Mr Next Door's bike I heard? Yeah, yeah.
He just got back.
Then when is the next date? Well, he's been up in Griffith for the week.
I'm not really sure what his plans are.
Are you going to knock and just say hi? Uh, only to show him this.
Is that one of yours? Mm-hm.
Why didn't you tell us? I didn't know it was going to get printed.
I just opened the paper and there it was.
Wow, it's a wicked shot.
Anyway, I should go.
I should go show Max.
See ya.
See, she's being awkward.
She was just being private, that was all.
No, I'm coming between you two.
No, no, no.
I told you this would happen.
She just needs time to adjust.
And, fingers crossed, Max might speed the process up.
Hm? Hm.
Saw it online this morning.
Oh, thanks.
Well, thanks for taking me along.
I owe you.
Well, it was your photograph that got my by-line on page three, so technically I'm the one in debt.
I doubt it.
Um Yeah, anyway, I just came to say thanks, which I have now.
So What are your plans, say, midday-ish tomorrow? Oh, I've got a lunch on.
Ah, that's a pity.
I was going to suggest a celebration lunch.
Then see where it takes us.
Let me know if your plans change.
Ah! Oh, my God.
Oh, wow, I was so stoked to hear from you.
I didn't even know you were up here.
I only just found out that you left Canberra the other day.
Oh, it's been a year.
Oh, gosh, it's I know.
You look amazing.
So do you.
You look all, "I'm a mature lawyer now "and I don't take my pants off and dance on the bar at uni parties.
" I should hope so, seeing as I'm up here for a job interview.
Oh, great.
Who's the lucky law firm? Oh, it's not a law firm.
It's a media one.
I, um sorry, I thought you were doing employment law.
I moved into defamation law, um gosh, about five years ago.
Uh, so I have an ulterior motive for us catching up.
I applied for the senior lawyer role.
I didn't know that they were still interviewing.
Yeah, so, any hot tips? Um uh, yeah, don't look at the CEO's lazy eye.
Which one is it? It's the right no, sorry, it's the left one.
So, when is your interview? Oh, it's tomorrow.
Couldn't get up till late today, so they said they'd see me outside hours.
Ben seems really nice.
Well, you wouldn't think a three-hour time difference would make Skyping so impossible.
Still no word from Steve.
Does anyone want the last gyoza? Mm.
Oh, he did say that he'd ring me after work.
What? "Thanks for being so sweet, my little muffin monkey.
"Can't wait to see you tomorrow.
Kiss, kiss.
" Aw.
Muffin monkey? That's random.
We're taking things slow.
Working our way up to it.
I'm actually kind of nervous.
Don't worry about it.
It's like riding a bike.
Last time I did that, I fell off.
So, um Max asked me for lunch tomorrow, with some bike riding afterwards.
What gives you that impression? He's a man.
An older man.
Meaning? He's experienced at riding bikes.
Well, he didn't say outright, but he totally implied it.
He said, "Come over for lunch and see where it takes us.
" He did not.
Is it too soon to sleep with him? The last time I was trying to figure that out, I was in a school uniform.
Well, that could work too.
Just choose your underwear wisely.
And then what? Oh, and then you just hold your breath and you dive in.
They're still interviewing.
For Nick's old job? Yeah, despite the fact that I completely nailed my application, and everyone at work thought that the job was mine.
And to make it worse, they're interviewing Song, who I went to uni with.
Great name.
Great name, great girl.
But I am much more experienced in defamation law.
Hey, maybe they just need to up their quota of external applicants.
Yeah, or maybe I'm just getting shafted.
What are you doing? Oh, I was just driving home and I saw you walking, so I stopped.
Are you alright? I'm fine.
You haven't rung me.
I've been busy.
My husband has been giving me hell.
And I've been so worried about you.
All that trouble at home with your family, and not having anyone to talk to about it.
Felicity, look, I'm tired.
I need to go home.
OK? I'm sorry if I scared you.
I'm not scared, OK? I don't need your help.
We had sex, that's all.
Nothing more.
Hey, babe.
Is your meeting finished? I'm so sorry.
The client dinner took way longer than expected.
- It's only just finished.
- That's OK.
How, um how are you? OK, but you're knackered, and that's my fault.
Why don't you go back to sleep and I'll call you in the morning? No, wait, wait.
I'm wearing your presents.
My own little bit of Singapore until I get there.
How do I look? Beautiful as ever.
Yeah, you're right.
Let's let's try this again tomorrow.
Hey, but talk to me for a bit.
Put me to sleep.
Well, you'll be interested in this.
Hm? Today, I met with an entrepreneur from Ghana.
A funny guy.
And he was telling me about a project in Ghana that uses bamboo Oh, not that No, no, no.
I got it.
I got it.
Hey, there's your nan.
Let's go say hi.
Nah, I'll see her at lunch.
Oh, he's going back for lunch.
Well, it's just the usual.
It's Mum, Dad, Nanna.
Miranda, maybe.
Mum said to invite you, but you'd probably only be bored.
Yeah, probably.
'Cause, you know, just 'cause we're having sex, it doesn't mean you have to invite me to the family lunches.
It's just a bunch of old people.
And Miranda.
Well, you should come, if you want.
- How many steaks am I cooking? - Four.
Or five.
I told Tom to invite Ava, but you know what he's like.
And Miranda's joining us as usual? Uh, Tom's with the redhead now.
He was smitten with Miranda.
Oh, it's complicated, Mum.
Sounds simple to me.
Tom's found something shinier to play with, so the old girlfriend doesn't get invited to lunch anymore.
You men have a lot to answer for.
Oh! I didn't invite Miranda.
I didn't know what to do.
It's Tom's call.
No, you're right.
I won't mention it.
Oh, Miranda.
Would you like to join us for lunch today? Oh, yeah.
I didn't know whether I was invited.
Of course you are.
See ya.
See ya.
What? Did Steve really swim all the way out there? Yeah, and back.
It's called the Wedding Cake Island Challenge.
How far do you think it is? It's far enough to make him sore for a week.
But that's what he gets for leaving us.
This is for you.
Just a small token of my appreciation.
For what? Being such a cute little baker.
A baker? Yeah.
You're just a cute little sunbaker.
You're getting a bit burnt.
- I'm going to put more of this on.
- Hi.
Hey, I didn't think you were coming.
We would have waited for you.
Oh, no.
I'm not staying.
I'm here for work.
Ooh, with Mad Max? Maybe.
Well, your loss.
Because I am about to do the Wedding Cake Island Challenge.
No way.
An abridged version.
Halfway and back.
Oh, dude.
We are placing bets this time.
Come with me.
Um, that it's still pretty far.
Oh, I can do 50 laps of a pool.
Yeah, well, the sea's different.
I mean, there's rips and jellyfish.
What happened to that ballsy chick who gave up the white picket fence to chase her dreams? Because she she would have told me to dive in.
This is gold.
There was a shark alarm, so I had to turn back.
It was the nippers' air horn.
Well, it sounded very similar to a shark alarm.
Well, I'm glad you survived long enough to join us for lunch.
Miranda got eaten, did she? Uh, no.
She didn't swim.
It was only me.
Where is she, then? She rang to say she had a change of plans.
She's got a date.
Miranda's a bit of a fixture at these things, I take it? Not anymore, apparently.
How are we going with those vegies? This is this is great, thanks, Maggie.
You can do this, OK? Dive in.
Uh we're eating here.
I just decided to dress up in case we were going somewhere fancy, but I can go and change.
No, no.
Don't change.
You, um you look good.
So, we're not even going out? No.
But my mussels are worth staying home for.
Come in.
I, uh I do them in garlic and wine.
Mussels, right.
What did you think I meant? Never mind.
You're not a fan of shellfish? Not mussels, no.
How is that possible? They, um they look like alien tongues.
Well, I'm going to turn you forever.
Today is your lucky day.
But I mean, you know no pressure.
OK? Carlos.
Um I wanted to apologise for last night.
Oh now isn't really a good time.
What happened to your face? Nothing.
I'm going to come in, OK? Did your husband do this? Felicity, you should go to a doctor.
It's not that bad.
Well, you have to call the police.
I can't.
Why are you just going to let him get away with this? Well, compared to the last six years of emotional abuse, this really isn't anything at all.
Come on.
Call them.
Carlos, it's not your problem.
Well, what am I supposed to do, then? Just stay.
Stay a little longer.
Hey, have you seen my armband thingy? Oh, it's on the coffee table.
I still don't understand why they're interviewing Song.
I mean, I am clearly the perfect candidate for the job.
I know the company.
I know the cases.
I was even recommended.
Then you will probably get the job.
Ooh, it's my boss.
Hey, Ben.
Uh, yeah, no.
I thought we'd actually cleared that for use.
Hey, babe, didn't you get my email? Which email? The one that said I've got physio in like like, now.
She moved me from this morning.
Oh, really? Can I call you in an hour? Babe, I'll be at the driving range with a client, that's why I was calling you now.
Um look, I'll cancel.
Hold on.
No, no.
Go to the appointment.
The sooner that boot comes off, the sooner you get here.
Oh, and I'll have my phone on me at golf, so just send me an email then and we'll tee up a longer catch-up for tonight, OK? Mm-hm.
Maybe we can try sexy time later.
Only if you do your dance.
I hope today goes well.
I thought St John's wort would be good for him.
Oh, absolutely, it is.
But not while he's on cholesterol medication.
I mean, it's not a lethal combo.
Don't worry.
But if you haven't seen a drop in your cholesterol, that would be why.
Ha! Thank you.
I told you I wasn't sneaking cheese at the farm.
It was your bloody herbal voodoo.
Hypothetically, what would be a lethal combination? Oh! Crap.
Oh, never mind.
It's an old rug.
Tom, quick, pass me the white wine.
What are you doing? Science.
That's my best sauv.
You'll be a handy one to have around.
God knows the Wilcox men spill enough damn wine.
Good damn wine.
We spill GOOD damn wine.
Verdict? Mm.
Tastes fine.
Um texture, not so much.
I've only had mussels once before with my last boyfriend, Adam.
I might just stick to the salad.
Look, why don't we why don't we just skip lunch? And what? You OK? Yeah.
Are you sure? Um I'm going to tell you something, and I hope it doesn't freak you out.
I've only ever been in one relationship before, so this is a little strange for me.
Do you want to stop? No.
Hey, I invited Carlos to come to the beach this morning, but he never showed.
Maybe he was studying.
Well, he talks to you night and day, but doesn't seem to want to talk to me anymore.
So, listen, I owe you 10 bucks for betting on Ava, so why don't you just swing by before dinner and I'll have the money waiting? Is that all? Well, maybe you could just come up now for a deposit.
I know that trick, Mr Duffy.
Hold that thought.
And I'll see you tonight.
Muffin monkey.
This is your problem? Yeah.
Carbs? Dude, you obviously don't appreciate the seriousness of this situation.
Some chick has baked homemade muffins and left them on my doorstep.
This is not good.
Listening to yourself? What if she comes back? Well, we hope for chocolate cake.
It's good to run into you.
We haven't had a chance to catch up.
Oh, sorry.
It's work.
You're on call? Yeah, lucky me.
Hello, Ben.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
I'm totally on stand-by.
Yep, sure.
No, I can come in now.
OK, bye.
I guess that means you don't have time for a coffee.
I gotta run.
No, I'll find the published reference and I'll get back to you with amendments.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm there now.
Alright, I'll call you back.
Well done.
Oh, Ben.
I thought you had a family function.
I do, and I'm late.
I just had a meeting.
Is that your stand-by outfit? Um, yeah.
It's, like, one, two, three, ready, sprint.
Um so, tell me, have you got any news about the senior lawyer role? You know I can't go into it until Monday.
But I can tell you your application was largely well received.
Unfortunately, the feeling was that we haven't found the appropriate candidate yet.
I'm not appropriate? We'll talk more on Monday.
Ruth's new carer can hold his own with her.
Hm, he needs to.
She knew exactly what she was doing with all that Miranda talk in front of Ava.
Oh, Ava won her over in the end.
You're not won over though, are you? Oh, that's not true.
I know you too well.
You're convinced, are you? I could get used to the idea of blood-nut grandkids.
Why not? I just think it's interesting that Ava's pursued Tom.
Tom's no innocent party.
Those girls are supposed to be best friends.
Ava must have known there was something between them.
So, I guess Miranda decided to hang out with Max.
Any excuse to blow off a family lunch with us.
You know what this means, don't you? Yeah, she's with a guy that's way too old for her.
No, I think it's great she's exploring.
Yeah, but does she have to explore fossils? Why? What do you think it means? It means Hm? .
we have the place to ourselves.
So, he doesn't know who left them? Mm-mm.
Must be a secret admirer.
Or an angry ex.
What if they're poisonous? It's worth it.
I really like you.
A lot.
That's nice.
What? Do you want me to say I like you too? No.
I like you too.
You happy? Well, that seemed forced.
Well, I'm having fun.
Not wanting to buy into anything yet.
Just in case you're not happy with the purchase? If it's just sex, there's less chance of people getting hurt.
You say you don't want to commit, and I can totally believe in that.
That's all I'm after.
Except maybe some more muffins.
Are you sure you don't want a drink? I'm good with these, thanks.
So, do you think it's pathetic that I've been so unadventurous? Honestly? I don't know why people take sex so seriously.
Because it's it's you know, it's sex.
Look, I know it gets a lot of press, but .
I don't know, I think there's plenty of other experiences we share that can be just as intimate.
That's true.
I'm still not sure how those two go together.
Oh, the fresh crab and coconut milk? It's delicious, according to Nigella.
Sounds like their date's going OK.
Carlos, hi.
Look, I can't stay, I just came to bring you this information about taking out an AVO, OK, so that he can't touch you again.
Will you sit with me while I go over this? Look It will be the last time I ask.
Oh, that was quick.
Well, it's official, I'm not getting Nick's job.
Oh, come on.
How do you know that? Well, I ran into Ben in the car park, and I put him on the spot.
He said I was an inappropriate candidate.
Hello? Yep.
Quick question, any of you guys done any .
baking lately? No.
See you later.
OK, wait, so he called you inappropriate? They know about me and Nick.
I'm sure that's got something to do with it.
Yeah, but you didn't do anything wrong.
I did lie by omission.
Well, screw them.
Screwing Nick was the monumental mistake, and now it's cost me a promotion.
I'm a slut, he's a hero.
So sexist.
Lucinda, it's Rob.
From the nightclub a while ago.
You, um .
came back to my place.
Anyway, um this is probably going to sound a little strange, but I just wanted to let you know that I've .
rehooked up with my wife.
Jay, don't be a dick.
You must remember her name.
It started with a T.
It definitely wasn't a K, it was No, T.
Why would her name be Timothy? I really don't think the police are going to be interested.
Alex doesn't have a history of violence.
Well, look, it's not just physical violence.
It's, um here.
Verbal abuse.
Emotional abuse.
When he finds out that I've taken out an AVO against him .
it's just going to make things worse.
OK, look, that's for you to decide, on your own.
I have to go.
No, no, please don't.
No, I'm going.
Don't leave.
Stay here.
What do you want? I've had some more of your speeding fines.
I'm not paying them.
You're an arsehole.
And you've been drinking again.
Big surprise.
Just leave.
Hey, don't touch me.
Hey, hey.
She asked you to leave.
Who the hell is this? He's screwing me.
Oh, really? No, no, no.
It's not like that.
You need to leave.
And you need to get out of here now, mate, if you know what's good for you.
Oh, yeah? What, so you can just hit her again? What are you telling him? Hey, hey! Hey, man.
How are we looking? I think it's ready.
That's good to go.
Uh, should we wait for Carlos and Miranda? No-one's heard from Carlos, and Miranda's probably next door still avoiding us.
Well, if you're worried about it, why don't you knock? She knows where we are.
Let's just dish up.
Seafood risotto.
Steve would be really impressed.
Not with this soggy pile of maggots on his plate.
Low tactics, dude.
Very low.
All's fair in love and war.
What's for dessert? Well, muffins crossed my mind.
Hey, what happened to Miranda? I thought she was coming tonight.
She's tied up next door.
Oh! Go, girl.
Well, as long as it's not on my couch.
He doesn't waste any time, does he? Work, surf, shag.
You had him pegged.
He's probably married too, and she'll get the blame for that.
Did you know you said that out loud? Oh! What, do I sound bitter about men? No, not at all.
Sorry, I just think it's a little bit sexist, me not getting the promotion because I had an affair.
Don't you gentlemen think? Well, not It sounds like sexism.
But didn't they interview your friend Song? Isn't she a woman? Yeah, lip service to the anti-discrimination policy.
Actually, that reminds me.
I was going to give her a call.
Uh, phone violation.
Actually, Steve might have emailed, so I'm just going to We've got rules for a reason, guys.
Has anyone heard from Carlos? I feel bad that we've almost finished dinner.
Um, no, doesn't seem to be anything from Carlos.
Did he tell you he wasn't coming? Last time we spoke, he was coming.
I might just give him a call.
Well, if everyone's doing it Sorry, Tommy.
Come on.
Sorry, dude.
Mr Dos Santos, what's your relationship to the victim, Mr Nosgov? I don't know him.
And the victim's wife? OK, she is the victim here.
Her husband attacked her.
Is that what Mrs Nosgov had told you? She has a history.
Two counts of battery and common assault, one of which was filed by her husband.
By her husband? Mr Nosgov applied for an AVO against his wife three weeks ago, but withdrew it on the condition that she undergo drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
Uh but look at her face.
She was intoxicated.
Fell over in the bathroom.
Was that what he said? That's what she said.
He's not saying much from his hospital bed.
Considering your visa status, at this time I'm contacting Immigration and informing them we're intending to charge you.
No, no, no.
You're kidding me.
Read the paper.
See what we think of coward punches.
No, I didn't punch him.
This is a number for free legal service.
I have to get ready soon.
What for? I've got a prior engagement.
Well, then cancel.
I wish I could.
Who's Matt Posner? Just a guy I'm researching.
I .
have just bought myself a couple of extra hours.
What do we do now, then? I don't know.
Oi, you guys started without me.
You're already having dessert.
Well, what took you so long, babe.
It was a bit of a mission trying to find risotto.
The first thing I got had bloody frogs in it.
Ah, that's disgusting.
Yeah, hilarious.
And it's not dinnertime for another three hours.
So, I'm not even hungry, but anyway I got chicken rice.
Well, we appreciate your effort.
Thank you.
Where's Miranda? She's tied up.
She's tied up.
Fair enough.
Oh, baby, while I'm catching up with these guys, can you just hop on next door and grab the serial number off our dishwasher door? I can't just go over there and knock.
I have to make an appointment.
Well, it's just the maintenance guy has me down as a contact, and he's already rung twice.
It'll take two seconds.
Well, he can wait.
Dani, obviously, I'd do it myself, but I'm not there.
You are.
OK, it's late here, and .
by the way, I'm doing lots of things that you're not here to do.
I know you are.
But it's just one little thing I'm asking.
I'm not doing it.
Sorry, still annoyed about the frog porridge, I guess.
Oh, hang on, that'll be Song.
I said I'd meet up with her.
Oi, phone violation.
Don't waste your breath, mate.
Why? What's happened to the rules? Thank you, Steven.
Pleasure, Thomas.
Right, that's me.
I've gotta go.
Thank you for the lovely food.
See ya.
I took the liberty of getting us a bottle of wine.
Oh, brilliant.
So, what's all the urgency? Oh, look, it was just it was such a surprise to see you before the interview the other day that I didn't get a chance to fill you in.
Thanks for telling me not to look at the CEO's lazy eye.
Mind you, that was all I could look at.
Super embarrassing.
The left one? Right one.
Just for future reference.
Anyway, go on.
What did you not have time to tell me? Um they're overlooking my application to the senior lawyer role because I slept with a colleague.
He was married You applied? Yeah.
But I'm not going to get it, because they're blaming me for the affair, despite the fact that it was his penis.
So, wait .
were you hoping that I wouldn't get the job? Is that why you mentioned the eye thing? No.
No, no, no.
No, I'm telling you this now because I'm going to pursue it, and I don't want you to feel bad if you don't get call back, because I think they're biased against women.
I got the job.
They're announcing it on Monday.
Do you want to know the truth? Apparently, there was a lawsuit with a politician that went badly for you guys.
The execs seem nervous that you can't handle the big cases.
Well, I've got beer.
I know that's not your preferred drop, but I There could be some champagne in the You don't want any champagne? I think we've waited long enough.
Um, I have to tell you something.
Can it wait five minutes? Someone's leaving me muffins.
And I think it could be someone I .
shagged when we were on a break.
Jade? Maybe.
Or it could be a girl called Lucinda.
Or a girl who's name I can't remember, but it .
starts with T.
I don't care.
I'm so sorry, it No, I don't care who you were with when we weren't together.
I mean, we weren't together, so I didn't tell you to upset you or make you jealous.
I just You know, before we do anything I get it.
I get it.
What about you? No-one.
Want me to call you a cab, or So, when are you moving back in? Don't get too up yourself.
No, but seriously.
If you want to break your lease at the flat, I'll cover it.
Too soon? Let's just enjoy this while it lasts.
I'll get it.
Mr Santos, you have visitors.
Miranda and Max? Yeah.
I couldn't tell you because I didn't want to drop it on you at the dinner table with everyone there.
Oh, God.
I feel awful.
Oh, no.
What? My earring.
I'm missing one.
Don't stress.
You'll find it.
No, I've been out today.
I don't remember the last time It's just an earring, Dani.
I'll send you another pair tomorrow.
They weren't expensive.
Well, that's the first time those words have ever made me feel better.
I miss you.
More than anything.
And I'm so sorry for being an arsehole.
No, you weren't.
Just .
it's so frustrating.
Alright, I'm coming home next week.
I'll book a flight now.
No, you can't.
No, I'll make it work.
Your job is more important.
Dani Varvaris .
there is nothing more important to me in this world than you.
We're going to be alright.
I promise.
Oh, hey.
Sorry I missed dinner.
I kind of lost track of time.
Oh, that good, huh? It was alright.
Is that, uh is that a bit of pash rash? What? No.
You did it.
Oh, you are bad, but good bad.
I should take the garbage out.
We need wine.
We do.
You wait right there.