Wonderland (2013) s02e11 Episode Script


I could try and come back next week.
You could.
And if I haven't killed her, you can have her back.
And Carlos doesn't want me to tell you, so you have to promise that it just stays between us.
He was, like, white.
He was terrified.
Colette, get out.
Go! Go! Go! Go! I want to focus on getting back to me, back to my career, instead of stupid men.
Tom sort of has a history of hooking up with his flatmates.
It's so weird to think that there's a new tenant in your flat and you're still here.
Hey! Hey.
Anything interesting? Uh, real estate, pest control and pizza.
And? Ava! What?! Aren't you curious about the mystery man in flat 5? Yeah, but Ava! I'm just looking.
Max Saliba.
Saliba - what is that? Is that Greek? No, that's that's prying.
Google him.
Go on.
Do it.
No, I'm not Googling him! S-A-L-I-B-A.
Oh, my gosh.
He's a journalist.
He's won a Walkley Award.
So he is hot and he's a brain.
It says he's living and working in Melbourne.
Clearly out of date.
Says he's currently single.
Ooh, that is not out of date.
Let's hope not.
Good afternoon.
Is that for me? Yes.
The postie must have popped it in our box by mistake.
Thank you.
I'm Miranda.
This is Ava.
We're in 6.
We finally meet.
Um, excuse me Sorry.
Um drop by for a drink if you're free.
It's kind of a regular event - drinks in our flat.
Sounds good.
Flat 6 at 7.
My gosh, that was easy.
A regular event? Yeah, it starts tonight.
So what sort of business are you in? Just a jobbing print journo from Melbourne.
Nothing special.
Everyone gets their news from the net these days.
Oh, someone's still gotta write it, though.
Yeah, I suppose.
Yeah, cheers.
Welcome to the block, Max.
So, with your job, you must have travelled to some pretty interesting places.
A few.
So you're settling in across the hall? Yeah.
It's a great spot.
Yes, it is.
And so is it just you, or is there Tom! What? You don't be so nosy.
I'm just being neighbourly, just in case there's a cat that needs feeding.
Well, you're allergic to cats, so Just me.
No cats.
Oh, that's Tom's design award for his chair.
Yeah, um, what is that award that journalists win? Is that Walker? Walkley.
Walkley! Yeah.
Awards are nice, but at the end of the day they don't really change the world.
Yeah, that's what the guys that come second always say.
Yeah, that is true.
This is fun.
We should do this Friday drinks thing more often.
Mmm I thought you weren't gonna come.
I had to make sure she was asleep.
I was sure you girls were gonna stay up late drooling over the hot new neighbour.
I didn't realise he was your type.
You know, Miranda thinks I should go for him.
Yeah? Maybe you should.
Maybe I will.
But I told her he was more her type.
Really? Yeah.
You know, if we came clean .
we wouldn't have to keep on sneaking around.
No? Mm-mm.
She's my best friend.
Yeah, well, she's my friend too.
Which is all the more reason.
When the time is right.
OK? It's your call.
Tom! Tom! Miranda's up.
I just heard her in the bathroom.
Hey, it's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Are you kidding? It's not OK! Hey.
Miranda is a creature of habit.
She gets up every morning, she goes to the bathroom, then she makes herself a cup of tea.
Then, she goes back to bed.
Yeah, I know, but you don't get it.
'Cause she makes me one too.
She what? She makes me a cuppa then brings it to me on her way back to her room.
She's never ever made me a cup of tea the whole time that she's been here.
Yeah, but that's so not the point right now.
Well, maybe now's the time to tell her.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
Go, go, go, go.
Go? Yes, go.
Ooh, morning.
Ah, is one of those for me? You don't drink tea.
I do.
You just think I don't.
I'm actually quite partial to a good cuppa in the morning.
Since when? Since always.
See, I can be a man of mystery too.
Are you feeling OK? Yeah, great.
Never better.
So, what did you think of Max? Ah, yeah, he seemed great.
Why? What did you think? Nice enough.
Anyhoo Thanks.
Knock, knock.
Are you awake? Mm-hm.
Come in.
Yeah, I could wait inside, but I don't want him to think that I'm a cripple.
You do know that that's politically incorrect? Technically, you're disabled or differently abled.
Technically, I'm getting on a plane to Singapore next week so the more mobile I seem, the better.
You don't think that he should see how hard this is for you? No, I'm doing good.
I'll get the boot on next week and I'll be gone.
Oh! Ooh! I'm fine.
Fine, fine, fine.
Is Steve back yet? Ah, he's on his way.
How's Ruth? Oh, she's driving me crazy.
On my way to rehab now to look for a new carer.
If you see any spares, wanna bring one back for us? What? I need to pee.
Are you definitely sure? Yeah, yeah, I'm sure.
Carlos Dos Santos? Yes? I'm Cheryl Blass from the homicide squad.
We're here to talk to you about your recent trip to Brazil.
Yeah, ah, come on in.
You order? There's nothing here.
What? Since we've been back, there's been nothing in the news.
It's like it never happened.
Yeah, well a murder in Rio isn't exactly gonna make the news here, babe.
I know, but I just thought there might be something.
I mean, not even a few lines, not even on the net.
Isn't that a good thing? It's Carlos.
Don't answer it.
Well, he might have news.
I want you all to myself today.
Ah, look at us.
Same cafe.
Same table.
Do you wanna go somewhere else? Nuh.
I wanna DO something else.
You're just trying to distract me.
Yes, I am.
So just go with it.
Let's try new things.
I'll try anything once.
I think I know something you haven't tried.
Bring it on.
Ah, so the Eagle has landed? Oh, yes.
He's in a cab.
This is the longest we've ever been apart and I hate it.
Well, you do have all weekend to make up for it.
I had the horniest dreams last night.
Oh, thank you very much for sharing.
I'm just not used to going this long without sex.
Do you honestly expect sympathy from me on that one? I'm sorry, but you're off men.
Yes, this is true.
I am.
So, I met Mystery Max from flat 5.
Ooh, what's he like? You don't even know your own tenant? No, it all goes through the agency.
Plus, this makes lurking on the stairwell a little hard.
Right, well, he's a journalist.
I knew that much.
He's single.
No pets.
He's hot.
How hot? I'd say a 9, but you're off men.
I am.
Oh, my God.
He's here.
Hang on.
Hi! Hi! Aaaaah! God, I've missed you.
Do you ever get that invisible feeling? Mm.
Sorry, I hate to interrupt.
That's alright.
How was your flight? Yeah, bumpy.
Didn't get much sleep.
You won't be getting much now either.
The last thing on my mind.
You smell so good! Oh, wow, yep.
Totally invisible.
Um I'm gonna be at the Tratt.
No, we it's your flat.
Hey, no, it's fine, it's fine.
They've got free wi-fi.
Can't argue with free wi-fi.
So, would three hours be enough for you two to Yeah, OK.
OK, this is not awkward at all.
Welcome home, Steven.
Ah! Good to be home, Thomas.
Wanna go for a wave? Oh, they just want some quality time.
Some what? Quality time.
Oh, the quality time.
You should go for a surf.
It's fine.
Yeah, nah, I wanna be with you.
Yeah, but .
it'll freshen you up and then we can be together later.
Well, come too.
Crutches and sand don't really mix.
No, I want you to go.
Oh! So I'm guessing Dani and my brother are Quality time.
I guess I'll catch up with his business later.
Hey, do you need a hand with FAT night? Oh, how hard can mushroom risotto be? I know, famous last words.
Max from flat 5.
Oh! Oh, no, you are right.
He is a 9 - maybe even a 9.
He is totally Ava's type.
Smart, sexy, funny.
Is that not everyone's type? Except for mine, obviously, because I'm off men.
Do you reckon you could squeeze in an extra for FAT night tonight? Oh, now, matchmaking is a slippery slope.
Yeah, but Ava deserves a nice guy in her life.
What about Tom? Oh, sorry, I thought that was a joke.
That would be an absolute disaster.
See you.
Ooh! Now, you don't get this in Singapore.
No, you do not.
How's it going over there? Oh ridiculously busy.
I probably shouldn't have come back this weekend.
Oh, well, there was no way you weren't.
No, well, life will be a lot easier next week when Dani's there with me.
It's your new tenant.
Max! Your new landlord.
Steve Beaumont.
G'day, Max.
Thank you.
Tell him about that huge housewarming you're planning.
I'm not big on parties.
Good call.
Yeah, no, he's a dedicated journo.
He's only here to surf and shag.
Hunter S.
My role model.
Hey, arsehole! Excuse me.
Don't you dare piss off.
What were you thinking? Do not go there again! Where exactly would that be? You think you're smart? Smart enough.
Well, I'm telling you once you're gonna be a sorry dumb prick if you don't back off.
Well, you can't sweet-talk me out of doing my job.
I'm watching you! Did you get the bond out of him yet? I am so sorry.
Thank you for coming.
Mum, that was incredibly rude.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Asking that nice woman if she started life as a man! Did you see the size of her hands? Oh, Mum! Huge plates of meat with big sausage fingers.
You have got to stop sabotaging these interviews.
I don't want a stranger in my house.
We have gone over this a dozen times.
I'm happiest with you popping over.
I need to find work.
I need to be up there and help Warwick too.
I'm spreading myself too thinly.
Only occasionally.
Is that too much to ask? Oh, Mum.
You read the assessment.
Stop making me sound helpless.
We all want you to stay in your own home.
That's why Tom's making those modifications.
But unless you face facts, cooperate, and help us find a carer, well, we're just gonna have to look at other options.
You'd put me in a nursing home? Well, that's your choice.
It's up to you.
Oh! Oh! Sorry.
Oh, God.
Bloody cast.
Babe, I'm so sorry.
No, it's my fault.
It's stupid cast.
It's OK.
It's gonna be OK.
I love you.
I love you.
I don't wanna surf.
I can't surf.
It's not surfing, it's paddleboarding.
It's the same name, just a different torture.
You said Yeah, but this is not a distraction.
This is cruel and inhuman punishment.
Just give it a go, will ya? What? I can't stop thinking about what happened.
Look, when you're on the paddleboard it's just you, the water, and balance.
Disappears all else.
Paraphrasing Yoda.
There were no paddleboards in Star Wars.
If I do this, then YOU have to do an activity that I pick.
Whoa! Whoo-hoo! Whoa! Oh.
I wasn't expecting you.
Ah, I was booked for Phillips.
Yes, that's me.
That's my maiden name.
I use it a lot these days.
Um, could you open the boot, please, Miss Phillips? Felicity.
I had a couple of glasses of bubbles with lunch and I probably could drive, but, thought I'd do the responsible thing.
Hey, luck of the draw getting you.
I've left Alex.
We're getting a divorce.
Hey, how's your friend? The one he punched.
Yeah, he's OK.
I feel really bad about that.
Ah, keys, please.
Well, I'm looking on this as a happy coincidence.
Meant to be.
How's your head? Ah, it's fine.
How's your leg? It's fine.
So I've lined up a real estate agent over there.
Mm? And she's putting together a range of apartments to show you next week.
Tanglin District? Well, if that's the area you want.
Anywhere, as long as we're together.
It's been horrible.
Worse than horrible.
Oh, it's work.
You've left work.
Ah, yeah, but I'm just kinda helping out.
Answering questions and clarifying stuff.
Are they paying you? I'm happy to do it.
It makes me feel like I'm not an invalid.
I've just got to find a file and send it in.
Stay here, I'll grab your computer.
No, no, no.
There's some papers that I've gotta get too.
It's it's just easier if I go.
Yeah, babe No, I can do it.
I've gotta stop relying on everyone to get around.
Don't go away.
I'm sorry you're still angry with me.
I'm not.
Two words.
That's a start.
You know, if something's wrong, talking helps.
Is it a woman? It is a woman! It's not a woman.
Is it family? Look, I went back to Brazil recently and things didn't go so well there.
OK? That's all.
I really don't want to go into it.
Well, that was awesome.
Well, next time I will get you on a surfboard.
Never say never.
I'm gonna take that as a great big lukewarm "yes".
Is that why you liked Jade? Because she surfed? Nah.
It was her tits.
I mean, as a person.
Oh, as a person.
Yeah, right.
Yeah, she was nice.
She was just mad as a cut snake.
My fault for asking.
So, ah, it's your turn to pick.
Hm? Get your nose out of the news feed and tell me what you're planning.
Oh, yes.
Well, I'm going to go home and get changed.
I'll see you at yours in an hour.
Be ready.
And wear something comfortable.
I will be.
Hey, only me.
I just I need some floss.
Hi! You are home.
Where's that floss? Oh, you know, I've got some outside in my bag.
Ah no, it should be Ah, there it is! Hey, so, um you and Max seem to be getting along well.
What? You know, earlier.
Oh, yeah.
You know what? He's definitely more your type.
Really? Yeah.
I told him that you were a kickarse photographer and he was so impressed.
Really? Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
Hey, heads-up, I'm just turning on the cold.
Oh, no, no, no.
Don't! Ah Hi.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry, I didn't realise that you Sorry.
I'll talk to her.
Maybe both of us should.
Keeping it a secret, that was that was my call, so Yeah, let me do it.
Alright, well, if you need me, I'll be downstairs at Mum's.
Good luck.
Miranda? I'm sorry.
What, that I'm an idiot? How long Actually, no, don't answer that.
After your "don't go there" talk I couldn't tell you.
But I know what I'm letting myself in for, so Do you? I I don't think you do.
Well, I'll find out.
You know, and Tom's What? He's gorgeous, you know? And it's just a bit of fun.
No strings attached.
Just meaningless sex? I wouldn't put it like that.
No, I know YOU wouldn't.
But have you checked with Tom? Because I'm pretty sure that's exactly how he'd put it.
Look, I know this is really awkward.
You think? Miranda, our friendship, it is THE most important relationship in my life right now and I won't do anything to jeopardise that.
So if you want me to stop seeing Tom, just say so.
Look, I can't I can't tell you to stop seeing him, but No, you're right.
You'll find out.
Enjoy yourself.
I need some air.
OK, um I'll come with you.
No, I just really want to be on my own right now.
I'll catch you later.
Um, but we're OK? Yeah, yeah.
We're OK.
Is that the barking of Pavlovian dogs I hear? More of a howl, I think.
And you were caught in the shower? Well, they say that cleanliness is next to godliness, mother.
I'm sure whatever you were doing in that shower had nothing to do with godliness.
Oh, stop that.
So, um, so Ava meets all the criteria? Nice smile, mentally stable, cool set of wheels.
When are you setting the date? You know, I think it's very unfair of you to quote me back like that seeing as I was clearly joking.
But you're in a relationship? It's not that serious.
Does Ava know that? Of course she does.
It was her idea not to tell Miranda in the first place.
Oh, really? Yes, really.
Now, I think we should stop talking and look at these.
Alright, we'll look at these.
Negotiate these plants.
What do you think? She definitely said she did not want double rails.
Hm? No, not to me, she didn't.
She actually said she thought it was a brilliant idea.
How would you like the job as her carer? Washing Nana's wobbly bits? Showers are your speciality.
Oh! I need to think of something very quickly right now.
That She likes you.
She likes men.
Comin', sweetheart.
Just so you know, any payback involving nudity is OK with me.
I was expecting Colette.
No, um, I need to talk to her.
I tried calling earlier and she wasn't in her place, I thought she'd be here.
Well, she will be soon, but you won't be.
Sorry? She told me the whole story, OK? You shouldn't have involved her in this thing.
It wasn't my choice.
Yeah, well, that was then.
But you're making a choice to keep her involved now.
OK, look, I just need to tell her that the police came to my place this morning and they know that I was at my cousin's cafe during the stabbing.
Well, do they know Colette was there? I told them I was alone.
Did they believe you? Well, I think so, but I have to warn her and I didn't want to use the phone, you know, in case Just don't tell her, OK? Rob, I have to tell her.
No, the last thing she needs right now is for you to be pouring petrol on the bloody flames.
She just needs to understand Look, this trip was supposed to be about us pressing the reset button Yes, I know.
and you're pressuring her into not telling me the truth again.
But, Rob, it wasn't about you.
It's not about her, either! Listen, man, Colette, she didn't see anything, she didn't do anything, she doesn't know anything - is this right? Yes, that's right.
So, just don't get her involved.
She doesn't need to be involved.
She doesn't need to know about the cops.
She's stressing enough, man, just OK.
Now, vamoose.
Where's Ava? I don't know.
She's Not hiding naked anywhere? No, I'm not too sure where she is, actually.
If you want me to move out, Tom, just say the word.
The word's no.
Because if you guys are a couple, I mean, I don't wanna cramp your style.
Hey I don't wanna drown you in the bathtub.
I thought we were good! Did you? Sort of.
We're not good, are we? I can't believe you kept it a secret from me.
We were thinking of you.
We Ava wouldn't do that.
She's my friend.
This has Tom written all over it.
It's like the car bet all over again.
Oh, that's unfair.
Miranda, come on.
You know, if you do to Ava what you did to Colette, and Shay and Kristen You'll have my balls.
Are we clear? Crystal.
Yeah, yeah.
No, no, no, it's fine, it's fine.
I just thought you might have a copy that you could email me.
No, no, it doesn't matter.
No, no, I'll go into the office and I can download one from the server.
Yeah, thanks, Lee.
I'm sure.
I'll see you Monday.
Working? Yeah, well, Steve just got home so I thought I'd give them a little bit of privacy.
Hey, you don't need to run off.
Ah, actually, no, I do.
I've gotta get into the office.
I'm putting in an application for Nick's job.
Oh, great.
No, but I wanted to catch you up on my trip.
I'll see you tonight.
OK, yeah.
I'll see you then.
Find the file? Oh, yeah, thanks.
You didn't come in here just 'cause I said I was, did you? Oh, yes and no.
You didn't have to do that.
There's, um, something I need to tell you and I thought it would be best with no-one else here.
Um Grace, you know how much I value and respect working with you.
Um Who did you tell about Nick and me? Ben.
I just he came straight out and asked me and I couldn't lie to him.
I feel really terrible about it.
Ah, no, no, I don't expect you to lie for me.
Um, thank you for telling me now.
It doesn't necessarily mean you won't get Nick's job.
Mum, this is Craig Anderson.
G'day, Ruth.
Lovely to meet you.
Don't try and flatter me, young man.
It won't work.
Oh, it's not my style.
The fact is, I'm your best shot at a ticket out of this place.
I never imagined myself old and useless.
I never imagined myself in a job wearing white shoes.
Life's like that.
Sometimes you don't get a choice.
Go on, let's have a chat.
Set some ground rules.
You don't mind waiting here, do you, Maggie? No, no, not at all.
Won't be long.
So, ah, Maggie tells me your grandson's getting your house ready? Tom is a very talented young man.
You remind me of him.
So now that we've been officially outed Mm.
do we tell people tonight? Tell them what exactly? I don't know.
That we're having a casual, no-strings-attached .
awesome sex fest.
Ava, Ava, the most important thing here is that no-one gets hurt.
And by no-one you mean me? Well, essentially, yes.
Well, I'm having great fun.
Aren't you? Yeah! No, I'm having great fun.
I'm just I'm just saying She threatened to hurt you, didn't she? No.
No? Sort of.
And she might have threatened to move out.
But I think I talked her back around.
But I don't want anyone to get hurt, either.
Especially you.
And if there is at all a possibility that Tom No, I just Shut up.
I'm not looking for commitment.
No? Uh-uh.
So how about we just keep on having great fun? OK? Mm-hm.
You sure? Oh, yeah.
I was kinda hoping it wouldn't be yoga.
You're doing really well.
Don't round your back.
There's a lot to think about.
Grab your ankles.
Or your knees.
Oh! Argh! Cramp! I got a cramp! That's OK, that's OK.
Is that better? Oh, how does Sting do this shit? I was kinda hoping for a night with just the two of us.
It's the curse of being so popular, Mr Beaumont.
Everyone wants to catch up with you.
Yeah, well, I could have done that over a drink at the pub.
Can you pull the plug for me? How do you do this by yourself? I don't.
If it wasn't for Grace, I'd be one smelly girl.
And now you need to help me get out of this thing without breaking any other limbs.
Who are you? You want to play volleyball? Man, don't sneak up on people like that.
OK? Sorry.
Do you need a hand? Oh No, I think I'm actually alright.
And so is Mystery Max definitely coming? Ah, I'm not sure yet.
I made plenty of risotto, just in case.
Oh, forget the extra risotto.
Break out the bulletproof vests.
Someone needs to get me a drink.
I will volunteer for that.
So the boss knows about me and Nick.
Oh, crap.
What are you gonna do about it? I don't know yet.
I really want that job.
Hey, um something kinda smells.
Oh, it's the risotto! Thank you.
Hey! Sorry.
Hope I didn't wreck your shot.
Oh, no.
Who are you shooting for? You got a commission? Ah, no, I'm trying to get an exhibition together.
But, um yeah, it's hard.
To find inspiration? To pay the rent.
The hard stuff's usually the only stuff that's worth doing.
And what you do for love rarely pays the rent.
You don't love what you do? I love writing.
I don't love the whole obsession with clickbait.
That sounds illegal.
You know, it's about getting punters to click on the headlines.
Boosts the stats, boosts the revenue.
Who cares about the story, right? Yeah, but some stories must be rewarding, right? Yeah, sure.
Yeah, some are.
So long as you don't let anything or anyone get between you and the truth, which gets a bit hectic.
And exciting.
Have you ever thought about photojournalism? Oh, no, I'm not in that league.
Not with political serious stuff.
It doesn't have to be about wars and deprivation.
You know, it's just about telling the story, you know? Simple emotion.
You make it sound easy.
Well, what you do with one image can take me thousands of words to convey.
Thousands of award-winning words.
I'm looking forward to dinner tonight.
So am I.
I found the secret to meeting both of our needs.
It's just yoga classes .
on paddleboards.
Oh, you are making that up.
No, no, that is true.
I've seen the classes advertised at Bondi.
You interested? Ah, let's make a solemn vow to never be the couple that does yoga on a paddleboard.
I do.
Hey, Miranda's called, she's running a bit late, but Mystery Max is coming.
Oh, hey.
Can I get you a drink? No, thanks.
I'm on call tonight and I have to keep my phone on.
Did you get your application done? Yeah, sorry.
I've just got a hundred things going on.
I can't talk now.
Yeah, OK.
Did you manage to save the risotto? Yeah, the top six inches.
What are you gonna do? I'm just gonna make more salad.
I'm planning a big push on bread.
Have you heard anything from back home? Ah, no, nothing.
You right, babe? Do you want a hand? No, I'm all good.
Are you sure? Want me to do a little tap dance to prove it? Please.
So what kind of risotto are we having? - Ah, mushroom.
- Whoo! Porcini? I don't know, I just picked them over at the reserve.
I'm joking.
Oh, hey, Max.
I'm Grace.
This is everyone.
Welcome to FAT night.
Thanks for inviting me.
Sit down there next to Carlos.
Found it alright? Yeah.
Conveniently located just down the stairs.
So I'm assuming this is all about, what, stuffing yourself fat? Oh, FAT night stands for Food Appreciation Time.
Ah, now you're talking my language.
Miranda's not with you? No, I thought she'd be here.
Phone in the bucket.
It's a rule.
Yeah, sure.
Oh! Oh, hi.
Oh, gosh, you look stunning.
Oh, thanks.
What's the occasion? Just FAT night.
I felt like dressing up.
Oh, great.
I was just popping up to see Tom.
Maybe you can pass on that I have found a carer for Mum.
Oh, that's great news.
Yes, it is.
Um, and on other news, I heard about Tom and Ava.
Yeah, yeah, they seem pretty happy.
And very clean, by the sounds of it.
Yeah yeah.
Tom and his flatmates Well, I'm sure this time it'll be different.
See ya.
Grace, this is really good.
Is it a smoky mushroom risotto? You're clearly the one to beat.
No, no, not really.
So what are the chances of seconds? Me too.
No, sorry, there's no more.
There's plenty of salad or bread.
So, Ava, how many times has Tom hit on you? Oh, come on.
Well, it's not like you haven't got any form.
Um, well, I hit on Tom, as a matter of fact.
Coxy, you have no shame! That is classic.
What? Who was that? Who was that? Come on.
Fess up.
Ah, that's me.
Did you fish it out again? Sorry.
No, it's in the bucket.
I can see it.
Got a spare.
Defamation law is incredibly complex these days.
It's a minefield.
That's why every good journo needs a good lawyer.
Sort of a necessary symbiosis.
Oh, look, that's a flattering theory.
I'm not really interested in any sort of relationship at the moment.
I'm just focused squarely on my career.
Always good to have a focus.
Dani, Dani .
have you told Max about your project? What? No.
Dani works on this amazing but completely incomprehensible waste energy plant - it'd make a really interesting article.
Do you wanna tell Max about it? I'm just gonna get some coffee.
Yeah, OK.
Oh, do you have time for that talk? Um, yeah, sure, if you want to help me make coffee.
Hang on.
Work? Yeah, um I have to go.
Maybe tomorrow we can do coffee? Um, no, no.
Tomorrow's no good for me.
I've got that work thing.
Maybe next week? Sure.
I didn't know that you guys were gonna make it public tonight.
I thought there was no point keeping it a secret anymore.
And there is no way either of us want you to move out.
So, don't.
OK? Mm-hm.
BFFs? Yeah, BFFs.
What a coincidence.
The universe is on my side tonight.
It's kismet.
You requested me especially.
I want you to take me to your place.
Felicity Show me your troubles, I'll show you mine.
You've been drinking.
I haven't touched a drop since lunch.
I couldn't be more sober.
Well, then you don't need a driver.
No, I need a man.
Tell me you're not tempted.
I had fun today.
Yeah, me too.
I still am.
Time for me to go.
Oh, really? Yes.
Yes! Let's just take it slow.
I miss you.
You miss sex.
Maybe a little bit.
Thank you for distracting me today.
That worked.
And I really want to believe that it'll all just go away.
Yeah, well .
you just have to put it out of your head.
Oh, God, my leg.
I blame the tap-dancing.
Drugs? Ah, just had some.
Come here.
I hate to say this Mm, then don't.
Maybe we should wait until your leg's better.
No, I miss you too much.
I miss you too.
God, it kills me to say this, but .
with the hours I'm putting in I'm just not gonna be there to help you and you still need a lot of help.
Maybe we could kidnap Grace.
I'll come back as often as I can.
This is too hard.
Do you think she'll bring us both a cuppa in the morning? Highly unlikely.
It is good that we don't have to keep it a secret anymore, isn't it? It's great.
But I think it's still better.
So I'll see you in the morning.
I'll see you in the morning.
Thanks for helping me clean up.
No, that's OK.
It gives Tom and Ava time to do whatever it is they're doing.
You had no idea? You know, I thought about moving out but then I thought, "Why?" You know, Tom's my friend, Ava's my best friend.
What's the point in leaving? Well, exactly.
I mean, staying could be like aversion therapy.
Sorry it's late, but I saw your light on Yeah, no, Max, I am actually really flattered.
And I enjoyed your company tonight, but I wasn't playing hard-to-get - it wasn't reverse psychology.
I was wondering if Miranda was still here? Miranda? Yeah, I was waiting for her to come upstairs.
She hasn't shown.
Just, yeah Hi.
I was just helping Grace.
Who's just gonna slink away dying of embarrassment.
Listen, um, I'm heading out west tomorrow for a story and I was wondering if you and your camera might be interested in coming along? Really? Yeah.
I'll see you bright and early.