Wonderland (2013) s02e10 Episode Script


I'm sorry.
You can't just walk in here.
Nick is with me now.
Well, he's still married to me.
I can explain everything.
Just get out! I'm fine.
Fine? Mum, you've just broken your other hip.
I want you to have a great time over there.
But then I want you to come back to me.
He's sexy as hell and I just I didn't want to step on your toes.
I was just saying to Miranda that it might be fun if you just stayed.
Welcome to Wonderland.
Well, you're actually looking at the new managing director of South-East Asia.
Dude, you have to try it at least once before you leave.
Yeah, it's a It's a rite of passage.
Isn't that right, Tom? I believe so, Rob.
Swimming to Wedding Cake Island is not a rite of passage.
It's an ego trip for teenage boys.
Very disappointing, Stephen.
Right, so instead of being on a plane to Singapore in two days, you'd rather I was in the morgue having drowned? I don't know At least you wouldn't have died a pussy.
Yeah, totally.
Do you want some milk? Alright.
Go, Steve! I'm gonna film it.
Hey, how do you think he's gonna take it when we tell him we've never swum it? He doesn't need to know that.
Copy that.
I can't believe how much stuff I still have to get done.
So why is Steve at the beach and we are here perpetuating the domestic slavery of women? Because when we hit the ground running in Singapore, he's gonna be doing, like, 18-hour days.
Plus, Steve puts books in the same box as shoes.
Are you excited? Iam.
But? Oh, I just I have a funny feeling.
You still don't want to go? No, no, no.
It's it's just a funny feeling.
It's nerves.
She's worried they're not gonna give her an upgrade.
Oh, it's just excitement.
Yeah, probably.
Ah, shit! It's Carlos.
What what do I do? Hey, hey, Carlos! Rob? Rob? Hello? What are you doing on Carlos's phone? Rob, I can't hear you.
It's noisy.
Where are you? I'm at the beach.
You're missing Steve's big tour of Wedding Cake Island.
Oh, dude.
Dude, I've lost sight of him.
What? Oh, no, there he is.
There he is.
He's cool.
Alright, I'm gonna be back in 48 hours.
I was just missing you.
I can't wait to see you! I feel the same way! Aarggh! Hey, listen, why don't you come over early as soon as you land, OK? Before the big farewell FAT night.
Hey, I'm gonna let you go, OK? Alright.
I'll talk to you later.
Are you getting this or what? Come back! But, you know, if you're going overseas to work, now's the time.
Before kids.
Well, that's exactly what we thought.
I mean, opportunities don't fall out of the sky every day.
Oh, keys.
Hang on.
I mean, look, it's great for Steve's career.
I just have to trust that everything's gonna be fine.
Oh! My shoulders.
After two days? Yes, it's a lactic acid build-up.
Well, it's your own fault.
I never would have let you go out there.
What if you had died? Well, at least you wouldn't have had to move.
True, but then I would have had to unpack everything by myself.
OK, we still need to take the electricity out of our name, teach Dad to Skype Yeah, good luck with that one.
I still feel like there's something missing.
Something's not right.
Um, honey, they do have forks in Singapore.
Yeah, but not ones that my yiayia gave me as a wedding present.
You just want to take our entire home and transport it overseas? Hm! Correct.
You know, you did have the final say in this.
Yes, but I'm starting to realise that was your very clever way of making me think that it was my decision.
Did I ever tell you that you are the most supportive wife I've ever had? Hm? Darling, I'm the only wife you've ever had.
Hmm? Hmm.
Oh, honey, can you can you move the things in the hall? Thank you.
G'day, mate.
Hey, did you want to borrow any of this stuff along the way? Dani doesn't want it.
Well, I don't want your crap either, so Alright.
I'll try Miranda.
What's what are you hiding? Oh, it's just just What's it say? "Watch out, my windows are jammed"? Close.
It says 'welcome home' in Portuguese.
I hope.
I'm going to the airport to surprise Colette.
Ah, good man.
Bigger surprise will be how much the parking costs.
First thought's always romance with you, man.
I love that.
Good luck.
Nick, despite your inability to be honest with me about anything in our personal relationship, from this point on, I expect nothing but respect and complete honesty in our working relationship.
I deeply regret our personal liaison more than words could possibly convey.
Where's the bit about him being a dud root? I left that bit out.
Lying, cheating, abusing you.
I have to work with the guy.
What do you think he's been doing on his two weeks' personal leave? I don't I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't care.
Well, what what if What if he says that he is filing for a divorce and he wants you back? Are you joking? Never.
Oh, God! I wish I could see his face when you deliver this tomorrow.
Boom! What am I gonna do when you're not here to help me rehearse my post break-up speeches? Well, you could use the time to get rid of some of Harry's stuff.
Maybe start with the chook.
Yeah, see, when he gets back, he's gonna expect to find Shakira where he left her.
That's if he gets back.
How long can you stay on the Sea Shepherd? Realistically.
OK, this hideous thing has to go.
That's mine.
Carlos's mum sent it to me.
I'm not I'm not that attached to it.
When he finds out you and Nick have broken up, he's gonna want to get back together.
Oh, no, he won't.
Yeah, he is.
Well, it's not gonna happen.
I think it's flooded.
Little less choke, maybe? No, no, no.
It needs the choke.
I think the carby's dirty.
Ah, yes.
Well, I did offer to book it in for a service for you last week.
Yeah, no, I know.
Don't worry.
It's up to me now.
You know, I think the column shift's cactus too.
Oh, yeah.
Just needs jiggling.
Oh, yeah? That's what they all say.
I think buying the car was a mistake.
Well, yeah, it does have a lot of idiosyncrasies.
Oh, no, no, no.
No, I don't mean that.
No, I mean Tom.
You know, we had so much promise when we first met and then nothing since I bought the car off him.
Well, it is kind of the equivalent of dating his ex.
Or maybe it's because I moved in.
You know, maybe he doesn't like getting involved with flatmates? Yeah.
I'm so sorry.
My phone was on silent.
She's gone one better than packing.
She's called a taxi now.
Mum I got tired of waiting for you.
Come on, love.
Your daughter's here now.
Let's go to your room.
That's my bag.
Doctor says you're not up to going home yet, lovey.
I'm not up to staying in this hellhole.
And you can get nicked.
Oh! That's mine.
Ah Oh Maggie, tell him to wait.
Mum, if you go home now, you are going to have to manage on your own.
Oh You are not ready.
Let's go back to your room.
Leave it! Mum, you will hurt yourself.
You want me to stay here and rot and die, so you and Warwick can get your hands on my money.
Goodbye, Mum.
Good luck.
She's all yours.
Hey! Hey! How's the girl from Ipanema? I wouldn't know.
She wasn't on the flight.
Or maybe I missed her at the gate.
Your ugly mug's pretty hard to miss, mate.
Well, she didn't know I'd be there.
I didn't want to put pressure on the homecoming.
Ah, well, they probably just missed the flight or something.
Yeah, I don't know.
I did wait for a couple of hours.
A couple of hours? Well, how much did parking cost you? A hunjy.
Ooh, ouch.
And her phone's going straight to message bank, so I guess she'll either show up this arvo or she won't.
See ya.
See ya.
Nice sign.
Pity she didn't see it.
Wake up, wake up.
I'm so jet-lagged.
Yeah, it's one of the worst flights.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Now that it's over.
And I get to see Rob today.
Yeah, it's it's not over yet.
As far as I'm concerned, it's behind us.
Listen to me I've been listening to you for days.
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
OK, so don't talk about it.
Nothing good can come from telling anyone, so for both of our sakes, just .
keep it quiet.
OK? We break her out of there and then she'll be grateful.
They won't let her go until she gets ramps and rails.
Yeah, well, I can put some in for her.
That's not a problem.
Well, there is a problem because she says it'll spoil the look of the house and make her feel like an invalid.
They'll be custom-built.
I will make them look awesome! That's what I hoped you'd say.
Take some drawings and show her tomorrow.
We'll both go.
No, I have reached my limit of getting slapped around.
Oh, she didn't mean that, Mum.
She shouldn't say it if she doesn't mean it.
Oh, come on.
Tell Steve and Dani that I'll pop in tomorrow and say goodbye, but if I miss them would you please give them my love? I will.
And I'll give Nanna your love too, yeah? Hm? Alright.
See ya.
No, I'm talking out of sync because of the internet speed.
I'd rather stick with the phone.
What, than see me? What if I'm in a compromising situation when you video call me? Then don't accept the call.
Hey, Peter! You getting the hang of it? I like to do things when I'm on the phone.
You know, water the garden .
go to the loo.
Oh, mate.
Way too much information.
You might be fine with just talking but I want to see you.
Don't be silly, princess.
You're going on a big adventure.
Enjoy it.
Well, I worry about you all the time.
I'll miss you.
Well .
I won't be here anyway.
Now I've got me senior's card, I've got train excursions planned all over the place.
It's only $2.
50 to the South Coast.
How about you come visit us? It would cost a lot more than $2.
50 for a return to Singapore.
So you'd better look after her.
You know I will.
I'm .
gonna go, then.
Hi! You made it.
I've been calling you all day.
II went to the airport to surprise you and Yeah, but you I just assumed you missed your flight.
You didn't tell me you were coming.
That's where the surprise factor was supposed to kick in.
I lost my phone, um, and I just thought since we arranged it, I'd just come by.
No, no.
It's all good.
I just I thought I'd see you at the gate.
Yeah, we caught a different connection, so Yeah.
Oh, OK.
Well, there you go.
So how was the trip? Was it exciting? Yeah, it was.
But before we get into that, you know what I was thinking would be a great idea to do tonight? Well, I don't want to guess in case I get it wrong.
Singapore slings? Yep.
Got it wrong.
I bought the ingredients.
I thought I could make them while you cook.
Yeah, nice idea.
So what was the highlight? Was it going up the favelas on the back of a motorbike? Yeah, that was pretty amazing.
Sounds wow.
Unless you make eye contact with one of those guys wearing gold chains, then you never come down.
Oh, God, it is such a sexy place.
Oh, you're just saying that because you went there on your honeymoon.
No, no.
It's the Oh, God, it's the heat and the caipirinhas and dancing.
Oh, God.
Everyone was just hot and half-naked.
Oh, where do I book? Yeah, it was really beautiful.
I'm so happy to be back.
Um, did you meet Carlos's mum? Yeah, I did.
- She's lovely.
- Righto.
Four cheese risotto is served.
Yum! Take a seat and see how the master does it.
Rob, are they vegetables? Ah, yeah.
Oh, my gosh.
He's a changed man.
Oh, that's very good.
So, who's renting your place? Um, the real estate agent's handling it.
So I don't know, a guy? Yeah, and strangely, the real estate agent didn't say whether he was hot or not.
Oh, I am so glad you're leaving.
It still doesn't feel real yet.
Oh, it will when you're sucking down sweet chilli crab.
Shopping on Orchard Road.
And on the second day I will apply for a work visa.
I hate the idea of not working.
Ladies and gentlemen, Senor Dos Santos.
Hey! Good to see you.
How are you? Good.
Looking well.
Just in time, huh? I know.
I know.
Have another one.
No, I can't.
I've got the weekend shift.
So what is in these things? Ah.
202 calories Mm! .
40% alcohol, See, that .
that's very impressive.
What? That I know my cocktails? Cocktails, cars Is there no end to my awesomeness? Exactly what I was asking myself.
So how has everything been? Good? Yeah, no Um, it's good.
Um Bit up and down but I don't know if you heard, but Nick and I, we split up.
Yeah, I heard.
You heard? What How Dani texted Colette when we were there.
Oh, yeah, of c of course.
'Cause, like, international texting, it's all out there, isn't it? I won't go into details, but it was it was sudden and I'm I'm fine.
That's good.
Will you excuse me? I just So? You were totally wrong about Carlos, by the way.
Wait, what do you mean? He and Colette seem a bit You don't No, no.
No, no, no.
Not after the big romantic thing with Rob.
Hey, what's going on? Listen, I .
I need to get this off my chest.
I feel terrible about Hey.
Hey, what's up? Hey.
We're just reminiscing about the holiday.
Just need to use the facilities.
All yours.
Well, thank you.
See ya.
See you, brother.
See ya.
Thank you.
It's been a pleasure.
Hey, enjoy your last night in the love nest, won't you? Oh, don't say it like that.
Oh, and good luck with Nick tomorrow and, you know, just .
kick him in the nads for me.
Night! Night! Why don't we just leave all this, huh? OK.
I'm shattered.
I actually think I might go.
You don't want to I don't know, another drink? We could just relax and Oh, I'm just so jet-lagged.
I think I need to fall into a coma.
No worries.
You up for doing something tomorrow? Yeah.
I'm Let's maybe have dinner? Night.
You know, I don't care if he's hot or not.
I just hope that the person that moves in next door is nice.
Well, I'm voting for hot .
OK, and single.
Though No, OK.
I'll say it.
Did you notice Tom last night? I mean, was that flirting or am I just .
am I reading into it? You know how you said that .
that flatmate thing yesterday? Yeah? Uh Yeah, look, I didn't want to say anything because I thought it was a bit weird and tacky but But? Tom sort of has a history of hooking up with his flatmates.
He's kind of famous for it, actually.
Um Oh.
I mean, when I when I moved in Um Oh, my God.
This is so embarrassing.
But Tom and Steve, they had a bet that if he slept with another flatmate in the next 12 months, he would have to give his car to Steve.
Sorry? I know.
The car As in, my car? Yeah.
But but the thing is, you're the first flatmate since the bet finished.
Look, honestly, you are .
you are dodging a bullet if you don't get involved.
Um, yeah, I'm You know, I'm kind of surprised you didn't mention this before.
Yeah, I guess I just I wasn't sure how much you liked him and now I guess it's my duty to get involved so you don't get hurt.
Um Bye.
Something I said? No.
Um, something I said.
Rob speaking.
If it's about the new credit limit, I'm not interested.
No, but my wife was My e My wife was in Rio.
She did have a supplementary card.
How much? So, Nick's already in the building and he came in with his wife.
His wife is here? Yeah, I saw them in the lobby.
She kissed him goodbye and left.
Really? Hm.
He's in with the boss now.
Um do you know what they're meeting about? Haven't heard but I will fill you in as soon as I suss anything.
That's it.
Singapore, here we come.
Oh oh.
I forgot to pick up my shoes.
From where? I put them in to be resoled.
Do you need them? Yeah, no.
I put them in especially.
They're my lucky red shoes.
If they're the ones I'm thinking of, they're my lucky red shoes too.
No, I think that's what I've been missing.
It's the shoes.
You know this tenant guy is gonna have sex on our couch.
Which is annoying, since I never got to have sex on this couch.
Would you like me to leave him a note - "No sex on the couch"? Come here.
I've got something to show you.
Oh, no.
I am way too busy.
Put it away.
Actually, it's not that.
It's something you will enjoy almost as much.
Consider it a late paper anniversary present for you.
It's a return ticket to Singapore for your dad.
Oh, my God.
Honey, I'm happy to share you, but he just might have to come to us.
Thank you.
That is incredibly thoughtful.
You know I love you.
You don't resent me for dragging you away like this? I thought that that was my decision.
Oh, of course it was.
What are you doing? Well, we can't let the tenant be the first.
You have a gentleman visitor, my love.
There she is! I've got a secret plan to crack you out of here, Nanna.
At last.
Now, Mum said you've been a bit grumpy, so I brought you some little something to sweeten you up, hm? Oh .
you're a good boy.
Hey, what's the matter? Everything is alright.
I Never mind.
I'm just being silly.
No, you're not.
No, you're not.
If you must know, I was hoping for a visit from Jim today.
Jim? Your boyfriend, Jim? Yeah.
Ex-boyfriend, apparently.
Hey? No.
He's he's called things off.
He You want do you want me to whack him for you? Because he's not too old for me, Nanna.
I'm not above that.
You just give me the nod.
Hm? That's not a good idea.
No, no.
No-one makes my nanna cry.
You just give me the nod.
It's fine.
Just a little disappointing in the end.
Well, I've got something here that might cheer you up.
I've got some plans to make your house geriatric-proof.
Gonna get you out of here.
I don't know whether to thank you or write you out of the will.
Hey, I thought I wasn't in the will.
That is excellent news.
Oh, there you are.
II was just just looking Bin.
The bin Just there.
Where it always is.
So I've got the goss.
Nick's resigned.
They're having the meeting now to try and keep him.
The boss is not happy.
Did he say why he's leaving? He's citing personal reasons.
He needs to be near his wife and kids.
For sure he's had an affair up here and his marriage is on the rocks.
Oh, you think so? Oh, he's totally the cheating type.
Really? How would you know? Hello.
Alarm bells.
He's so charming, you can tell a mile off.
You can? Mm-hm.
OK, so I've phoned Mum, emailed Dad, you've got the hotel address Yep.
and copies of all our documents.
Ah, yeah, not that I'll be needing them, but yes, they're all filed away safely.
What's with the tiny people? I have an insurance ad shoot tomorrow.
Oh, yeah? Great.
So, Tom and Ava.
Are they Is it on? Why? Are you on a bet on it? I didn't mean it like that.
Because the car isn't his anymore.
It's hers.
So it wouldn't be nearly as fun for you, Steve.
She's a nice girl.
That's all I was saying.
Yeah, she is.
And, unlike you, I've told her about the bet, so there's no way that she's gonna go anywhere near Tom.
What's going on? Miranda was just saying goodbye to her beloved brother.
She's She's very emotional.
Princess, I had to call as soon as I found out.
My pension card gets me to Broken Hill for half .
don't forget to friend me.
I've joined the Facebook.
Here he comes.
Uh, she's OK.
She's got a broken leg, but .
otherwise, she seems fine.
My gosh.
Well, who do you want me to call? No, no-one.
What about her dad? No.
Let's just leave it until we know everything or he'll panic.
I've got to call work and the airline.
She's not allowed to fly for 24 hours, so there's no way I'm going.
We've got to postpone.
You obviously don't want to answer my call.
I have just heard that you are leaving, so I've got a couple of things I want to say to you first.
If you could just drop past my office Oi! Don't fill up too much.
I bought heaps for dinner.
You don't have to cook again.
Well, it's cosier at home.
I am feeling much more human today.
Much more human.
I'm really looking forward to tonight.
Hey, I got a call from the credit card company.
They wanted to check an amount.
I just didn't know you were still using the card.
That's all.
Um look, I just transferred the funds back into your account.
You can check your Yeah, that's fine.
I thought if I put it straight back in that you wouldn't notice.
Because I don't check my statements? It was an emergency and I saw the card I didn't have a phone so I couldn't ask anybody else.
What would you spend three grand for? I thought you had return tickets.
We had to come back a day early.
OK, it's complicated.
What? So you were already at home when I was at the airport? I'm sorry.
Well why didn't you and Carlos tell anyone you were back? Well, we got in so late and I didn't want to wake the flat sitters and so I just crashed at Carlos's place.
And, like I said, I didn't have a phone, so Hey, man.
Um, but Can I explain everything properly tonight? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
I'll see you soon.
I knew something was wrong.
I just I couldn't see myself getting on that flight.
Like a premonition.
That's what it was.
Have they done that brain scan yet? Shut up.
I had a funny feeling and this is why.
But I'm fine.
I'm totally fine.
You're in shock, you're bruised and your leg's broken.
On what planet is that fine? Tell him he has to go without me.
Dude, you've got to go without her.
No way.
Yeah, we can look after her.
And what about the smashed car? Yeah, I'll handle that.
Yeah, I have the registration and the insurance papers.
See? There's nothing that you need to do.
I want us to start this together.
Babe, there are too many people relying on you to be there tomorrow.
I'll never forgive myself if I blew this for you.
Tom, do something.
Ava works here somewhere.
I could I'll borrow the car.
I'll give you a lift to the airport.
Yeah, I'll text her.
She's in the pharmacy.
I'll text her.
I'm not going.
Yeah, you are.
What? Why didn't you call me straightaway? Yes.
No, of course you can stay at mine.
Well, I've got to tell Steve myself.
Why are you calling my husband? Um that was just I have to go.
Don't you ever contact him again! Do you understand me? I only called him to You know what? Actually, I don't give a rat's arse why you were calling him.
I have a family to protect.
Do you think I honestly want to be in a relationship with someone only to have his wife come crashing through my bedroom door? That was wrong, by the way.
I have my own dignity to protect, so keep your family, and trust me - that lying, cheating arsehole is all yours.
Frankly, I don't know what you think you've got left to protect.
I can't even imagine why you'd want him back.
Yeah, well, when you have a kid, come back and talk to me then.
Thank you, but I hope I never have to speak to you again.
I'm sorry.
It's him that I want to be tearing apart.
Me too.
Thank you very much for this.
I appreciate it.
No, of course.
Is Dani alright? Dani? Yeah, no, Dani's fine.
She's always alright.
I mean, it's Steve that we've got to worry about.
Yeah, what's he gonna do? Oh, we'll hustle him back on the plane before he even gets time to think about it.
He'll be fine.
Look, um I know this isn't the time, but .
I want to chat to you later.
Is it about the car? No.
It's about why you've been running hot and cold with me.
And it's about the flatmate thing, right? I mean, you're afraid your friends are gonna make fun of you.
Or, I don't know, have an intervention.
Or maybe maybe you've even got another bet going.
Who told you about that? Doesn't matter.
Miranda told you.
Oh, no.
Honestly, it doesn't matter.
It's irrelevant to me how many flatmates you've tapped.
Oof! God, the kids at school made crutches look like fun.
This is not fun.
Just take them through to Harry's room.
This is bad.
Look at her.
She will be with me and I will take care of her like a silkworm.
I could I could try to come back next week.
Yes, great.
You could.
And if I haven't killed her by then, you can have her back.
Good? Ooh, yeah.
Look, I'm gonna have to go to work.
Can you organise something to eat for Dani? Yeah, absolutely.
I'll see you when I get home.
Oh, you're the best.
And I don't want to see you.
I'll grab your bags.
See you upstairs, hey? Ta, mate.
Are you OK? I am feeling no pain.
Not in my leg, anyway.
OK, well, I'll go if it'll make you feel better.
Thank you.
But I'm gonna miss you like nothing on this planet.
Well, you would have been so busy.
We wouldn't have had any time together anyway.
Just go and be great.
Hm? OK.
You know we're only letting you go on one condition, right? Yeah? You have to swim back.
Why didn't you tell me about Jim? I felt ridiculous and I didn't think I cared that much.
I just want to get home.
Mum, being completely rational now, do you really think that your house is the best place for you? I have no identity here.
They call me 'love' and 'dear', just like the last old woman in my bed and just like the next one.
The nurses are just trying to be nice.
At home, I'm Mrs MacPherson, who complains where they leave the paper every day and who feeds the magpies that dive-bomb the kids.
I may not be universally liked but I am somebody.
I'm myself.
How's your friend? Oh, yeah.
She's she's gonna be fine.
It was you, wasn't it? Me, what? When I was coming back from lunch, I saw you with Nick's wife.
She looked pretty upset.
It was a very big mistake and he lied to me about his marriage.
And, anyway, it's very, very over.
I wish it hadn't happened in the first place.
That's all there is to say about it.
No-one else needs to know, OK? OK.
I hope red was the right choice.
Can we just get something out of the way first? Sure.
Look, I don't want paranoid thoughts getting in between us again, but I know something's going on between you and Carlos.
I'm not saying it's anything.
I just I just want to know what it is.
You think we slept together? No.
I Look, whatever you say, I'll believe you.
I just I just want to clear the air.
No? But something did happen and Carlos doesn't want me to tell you, so you have to promise that it just stays between us.
Yeah, of course.
I mean, you hear stuff about people travelling there but I never thought it was going to happen to me, especially not with Carlos.
I'll be back.
I'll go to the bathroom.
Everything was so good up until that point.
We were at his cousin's cafe.
I felt safe.
Carlos had just gone to the bathroom.
I was emailing you.
I was waiting.
I'd finished and .
then Carlos came back.
He was like white.
He was terrified.
He had blood on his shirt.
Colette! Get out! Come on! Go, go! Go, go! Go, go, go, go, go! We should go to the police.
Colette, no police.
OK? You still don't get it.
I'm getting that we're in trouble.
What about my phone? They could find my phone.
Carlos, they could trace it.
Your phone would have been taken long before the police got there.
By the guys that did this? Please, OK, don't freak out.
You know what? We have to get out of here today.
I wanted to tell you but when I called I was I was mucking around with Steve and the camera.
I just I I can't wrap my head around it.
It's I wish you'd said something.
I couldn't.
Carlos was there.
But I .
I had to tell you because you and I can't start again with lies.
I just can't.
I don't want to.
Ah, so, did you see him all the way through the gate to customs? I did have to use force.
Now, can I ask you something quickly? Hm? What were you trying to do today? Telling Ava about the flatmates and stuff.
So? Well, so, why was that necessary? Because Ava likes you and I think she should know who she's thinking of flocculating with.
That's hilarious.
Look, if I've stopped Ava from doing something she'll regret, then my work is done.
And there's no hidden agenda? Look, I care about Ava.
That's it.
You do what you want.
Steve get off OK? Yeah.
Because I had visions of the car conking out on the way.
Because - you know the petrol gauge? Doesn't work.
Doesn't always work.
You know, if the car is stressing you out, you can get rid of it.
No, I want it.
I love it.
Love it? Yeah, I love it.
Well, let's go for a drive, then.
Now? Mm.
Put your belt on.
Where are we going? You tell me.
Thank you.
It's so weird to think that he's taken off already.
And without me.
It's so weird to think that there's a new tenant in your flat and you're still here.
At least I can keep an eye on him.
I'll be the creepy landlady.
Please stop worrying about that bitch.
She had no right to interfere.
Leigh also said that she could tell that Nick was the cheating type.
What, with her X-ray vision? I should have been less foolish.
Hey, you and millions of other great, smart women I don't want to be Bianca in 10 years' time and forgive unacceptable behaviour just because I've got a kid.
You won't.
No, no.
You're right.
I won't be because I want to focus on getting back to me, back to my career.
It's that stupid man I'm gonna take your job, Nick.
So suck on that.
Yeah, Nick.
And you're a dud root.
Yeah, Nick.
I'm so lucky that I've got you in my flat to debrief with.
Oh, God.
Thank you so much for taking me in.
It's my pleasure.
Can I get you anything? No, I'm fine.
Maybe a bit of that salted caramel fig ice-cream? Maybe a little.
I need the calcium.
You know, for my bones.
Yeah, you do.
I do.
Good idea.
Ah! What took you so long? Oh! Uh, wow.
I haven't been on inline skates since forever.
Oh, yeah, they're Steve's.
So, um, where have you guys been? We were I was .
late finishing work, so then Tom had to wait.
Well, I was thinking of cooking us some dinner, if you guys don't have any plans? No, no.
No, we're so planless.
No, I'm fine.
Don't worry about it.
Oh, bugger this internet business.
I'll be over tomorrow to see you.
No, no, no.
You should go on your excursion.
Well I've got nothing booked.
I only said that to make you feel better.
I love you.
Night, princess.