Wonderland (2013) s02e09 Episode Script


Come on, Steve.
It's my boss I want you to impress.
We will be fabulous.
This is what I do for a living.
I have this feeling Ivan's sussing me out for big things, maybe.
I'm living about I don't think I'll make Father of the Year.
Why aren't you there? It got pretty toxic.
Bianca called.
She's decided to go to a girlfriend's hens' weekend.
Cleo's flying up in the morning to stay with me.
I'm sorry.
I can't say no to Bianca.
I'm looking at bankruptcy.
Jim told me you called off the loan.
Because I couldn't bear it if we took your money and lost it.
I want to help.
Why don't you spend your money on a cruise with Jim? Is he going to be alright? Hey, I'm really glad you came.
Me too.
Yeah, sorry.
I've been on a bit of a roll with this thing, you know? That's looking great.
It's not for me.
Well, whoever ends up with it's gonna love it.
Your gallery is amazing.
I'm sorry.
We're not taking on any new artists at the moment, um Miranda.
Miranda Beaumont.
Well, better show me some of your stuff, since I'm here.
Thank you.
Yes, of course.
No more than five photos.
It just happens.
Oh, what, every time a girl moves in you have to sleep with her? Yeah.
You must have, like, just missed each other.
Who does that happen to? It happens to us.
This car, man.
It's given me nothing but heartache for a whole year.
It's just a car, man.
No, I think it's time.
I think it's time, man.
You need a tissue, mate? I can't believe you actually sold it.
Well, it is time for a new life phase, my friend.
Whoa! Whoa.
What was that? What? A flying pig.
You are going to regret this, mate.
The only thing I regret's not getting rid of it sooner.
Eating cake helps.
I don't So Miranda's theory goes.
need any, Mum.
I'm OK about the car.
Oh, well.
May as well finish it off.
Save your father the calories.
You know what he's like.
See cake, eat cake.
Is he coming down again? Today, yep.
So what's the latest? Just some business negotiations.
Here, do you want the three? How old am I? Now that you've passed the big 3-0, you've only got a couple of milestones left.
Oh, yeah? Mm.
Marriage and kids.
Now that I'm a grown-up, the next girl I meet, If she fits the criteria, it's on.
I'm going to marry her.
And what are the criteria, pray tell? Nice smile, mentally stable, and a cool set of wheels because I need a car now.
Oh, darling boy, even if you did meet the right girl, I don't believe you'd marry her.
You want to bet? Hm? Wow.
It's really happening.
Oh! Ava, you've made it.
As if I would miss this.
You're not supposed to see yet.
Oh, I won't look, then.
They're amazing.
They're beautiful.
Oh, you're amazing and beautiful.
Also true.
So what's the plan? I've got my stuff.
Um, we'll drop your bags home and then the opening's at 6:00.
And then my brother's wedding anniversary dinner at 8:00.
Oh? Am I invited? Yeah, it's at our place.
Tom's cooking.
And so Tom's cool with me staying a few days? Yeah, I mean, we've got a spare room and I just thought we'd let those few days stretch.
I like that.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so late.
What did you buy, the whole shop? Well, I got a backpack, thermal socks, um, hiking boots, passport, wallet and I don't know, I got the lot.
I can tell.
This is crazy.
You're going to thank me for talking you into this.
They're all going to think I've lost my mind when we tell them.
But the best thing about being single is you have no-one to answer to.
So Best Friday ever.
Hey, have you told your wife yet? No.
I'm not quite sure how to break it to her.
Oh, come on.
She'll think she's married to a guy who totally rocks.
Or she's gonna remove my rocks.
Could go either way.
Or maybe you should wait until after the anniversary dinner, then.
Yeah, good point.
I'll see you later.
Oh, hey, hey! Don't forget this.
Oh, my god.
Hey, you don't think I should have got the other one? No, no.
Trust me.
Tote over clutch bag every time.
You are kidding me.
Paper tickets for our paper anniversary.
Honey, you are awesome.
How did you get your hands on these? Oh, I'm just so connected.
Thank you.
That's brilliant.
What? Don't torture me.
Happy first anniversary, Mrs Beaumont.
Thank you, Mr Varvaris.
Oh, God.
It's nice wrapping.
Thank you.
Oh, before you open it, I just want you to know, I kept the receipt.
Oh, I'm sure it's fine.
But thank you.
Oh, my God.
It's gorgeous.
I searched for a paper one, but I had to settle for pure leather.
Hope you're not disappointed.
It is exactly right.
You wouldn't have preferred something smaller like a clutch? No, don't be ridiculous.
This is this is the perfect size.
That's what Rebecca said.
Rebecca, the perfect PA? EA.
She said you'd kill for it.
It's lovely.
Thank you.
I still don't understand why you're not coming to Miranda's opening.
I can't.
I'm allergic.
To what? Paint? Art gallery openings.
They make me want to set fire to humanity.
Hey, I've got to disappear for an hour or so.
I've got family issues.
Oh, no.
What's happened? Oh, look, the usual.
Childcare clashes with Bianca's social life.
Suddenly I'm in the shit.
I'll sort it out and meet you at the opening, OK? Hey Dani said something about Carlos being invited to dinner.
That's not right, is it? Yeah, he's good friends with Steve.
He was at their wedding.
What's that face for? The way Carlos looks at you makes it completely clear he still has the hots for you.
No, he doesn't.
Of course it does.
Why wouldn't he? Um, so where are we at with this conversation? Well, let's just hope he meets some nice new woman and doesn't show up.
See you at the gallery.
Oh, hi.
Hey, it's the anniversary queen.
Mmm Thank you.
On the betrayal scale of one to ten, getting another woman to choose between a clutch and a tote for your wife, it's on the low end.
What, like, a three? Like a one.
Or a half.
Steve is so dumb about women.
He wouldn't notice that she's cracking on to him.
She's a PA.
It's her job.
PAs Sorry, EAs are scary.
No, they are.
She's his idealised wife.
She makes his coffee for him, she listens to everything he says like he's a genius, and she tells him what to do every day.
You do that.
And when I do it, it's called nagging.
She's working.
She's not flirting with him.
Grace, she laughs at everything that he says.
Now, I'm sorry, Steve is adorable, but he is not that funny.
Maybe he's funny when he doesn't have to compete with you being so hilarious? I can see that you are not taking me seriously.
Really? How did you get that? Do you know, if I were you, I would go home and I would drool over my beautiful handbag and drool over my beautiful husband, and not give it any more oxygen.
Tomorrow, it's all sealed and delivered.
And no longer ours.
Well, you can always see it as an opportunity.
Can we not have the 'come and live down here' conversation today? OK.
Let's not have it.
I'm tied up there for six months anyway.
It's I've got to supervise the handover.
It's part of the deal.
Six months will fly by.
If you reckon.
And you do start thinking about what's coming next.
I can get a job.
Neither of us are beyond that.
What else am I good for except for farming? So, six flats.
My brother's just next door.
Living room, kitchen, and that is the beach.
This is amazing.
Didn't I tell you? Now I get why you couldn't leave.
So the bedroom's through there.
There's no view, but, um, it's nice and quiet.
This kitchen is beautiful.
It's it's all Tom.
Really? Mm-hm.
The boy's got taste.
Hey, who turned 30? That would be me.
This is Tom and this is Ava, my best friend.
Best friend Ava.
Nice to meet you.
Ava was just admiring your work.
Ah, really? Girl's got taste.
No, I love the kitchen.
The design It's really it's hot.
Hot? It's hot.
Whenever I curate a group exhibition, I'm always delighted afresh by the talented artists we have in this country and the potential for that talent to make me money.
But seriously, and without further ado, I would like to officially open this exhibition, Out Of Focus.
What is she doing here? We have some familiar faces presenting some wonderful I invited her.
Why? She's talking.
Street artist, Steven Ping.
And young photographer Miranda Beaumont.
Woo! Miranda! Whoo! So please, join us and grab yourself a drink.
Miranda tells me you've been amazingly supportive of her work.
Ah, it's not hard.
Yeah, it's good, isn't it? Very.
Adam He just never got it.
His loss.
Miranda hasn't told me much about you.
Well, that's a bit deflating.
No, I mean.
I mean she's told me about you in her emails, but Right.
nothing personal.
Well, there's not much to tell.
What about you? Oh, hold that thought.
Parents, nine o'clock.
You managed to miss the speeches.
Not entirely accidental.
Free beer still on? Yeah.
Oh, Mum, Dad, this is Ava.
This is my parents.
Friend of Miranda's.
Best friend.
Oh, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
I need a top up.
I'll show you the way.
Are you upset about the vineyard? Yeah, you? What can we do? Mmm.
You think dad's gonna be OK up there by himself? He'll be working.
Same as always.
Well, not really.
He's never worked for anyone else in his whole life, Mum.
I just don't think he's gonna cope.
Two? I sold two? Yes.
Who bought them? Your brother bought one.
And the other one? A walk-in.
Someone off the street.
And what did they look like? Ah, large fellow with a limp.
Anyway, congratulations.
Don't touch that! I'm gonna save up and buy one of these.
Oh! I'll give you one.
Don't be ridiculous.
They're really Take it.
Sell it.
Hey, I love your sister's photos.
Yeah, the ones she used to snap of me are probably worth a bit now.
He's so funny.
I might just grab us a top up.
I can't wait to see the new artwork hanging in the new office.
See you Monday.
Thanks for coming.
What new office? Oh, just a shake-up at work today Excuse me.
We need your credit card details for the sale.
Oh, sure thing.
Hey, well, what shake-up? Ah, just let me pay.
I'll explain after.
Do you want a lift? Ah, yeah.
That'd be great.
So have you got a sec to drop into the flat on the way to Tom's.
I've got something to show ya.
I gotta go get dinner on.
Oh, OK.
Well, I've got a couple of things to do, so I'll just We can give you a lift home.
Oh, well, then, I might get a lift with Tom and just Well, unless you want us to wait.
Oh, no, no.
You go get the chook on.
See ya.
You like this one? Why would you paint a cow upside down? No, I think it's a picture of a nun having sex.
Yeah? Oh, my Why could I not see that? Where's Nick tonight? Late.
Is he treating you well? Why would you ask that? No, no, I didn't Have you been talking to Harry? Because he has his own ideas and they're not always right.
No, I haven't been talking to Harry.
I I It was just a question.
Ah, but, Grace, I have I've been wanting to tell you that, um, I'm going away tomorrow.
Away? Where? To Brazil.
And, um, before I go, I just wanted to Hey.
Made it.
Oh hey, man.
Good to see you, Carlos.
Sorry, excuse us.
Is this is this Miranda's stuff? Ah I so love that you made this.
It's so cool.
It's for you.
For what? Just for everything.
You know, for showing up at the hospital, and .
you've really been amazing over the last few weeks and everyone's really appreciated it, so Well, I'm just glad he's through it.
Can I bring it by tomorrow and you can buy me a coffee? Unless you don't want it.
I definitely want it.
Um, I'm going overseas for a few weeks.
I leave tomorrow morning.
I didn't know you were going overseas.
I didn't either.
It was this spontaneous thing.
Where are you going? Rio.
With Carlos.
As friends.
Rio, eh? Holy-da-moly.
That's Oh, that'll that'll be a good trip.
Is this against the rules? What's that? About me helping you.
Miranda's told me about that night.
See, that's just wrong.
I was hoping to abuse your good nature and get away with it.
Right, no, yep.
Never happened to me before.
So is this just a holiday for you? No, I'm here for keeps.
Really? I'm starting a new job next week.
Doing? Ah, working in a hospital pharmacy.
You can say a lot of things about pharmacy, but 'cool' isn't usually high on the list.
I meant fascinating.
No, still pushing it.
Dorky? You're getting warm.
Warm is good.
When Miranda and I did our degrees, they forgot to tell us there was a glut of pharmacists on the market.
A glut of pharmacists.
That's like a bad collective noun.
So I decided to head up the Territory and I worked up there for a couple of years.
Oh, yeah? Now as many chemists? No.
I wasn't dispensing drugs.
I was driving trucks.
Trucks? Oh, yeah.
I love a good truck.
And now? Um, needing to be close to the fam.
They're all here.
Got the job and now I'm just sorting the rest out.
What is the collective noun for pharmacists? A mixture.
A script.
A flocculation.
Should I even ask? Flocculation.
It's a chemistry term for when similar particles form a cluster.
Like like a cloud.
A flocculation of pharmacists.
That's like a Hi! Hey.
You must be stoked.
It's like a dream.
I've sold two.
Two? Yep.
Tom, you are on your own.
Yes, I am.
You know, it's funny.
I was always behind Miranda with this whole photography thing, but I realised tonight I never actually thought it was going to happen.
Is that bad? Sorry? Hey! You're not even listening.
I'm What was the look between you and Rebecca? Can you describe this look? It's the look that you look at someone when you have a secret with them and you don't think anyone else will notice, even though they're looking right at your look.
Honey, there was no look.
What are you hiding? Is this about that shake-up at work? I was gonna surprise you later.
Steve, can you just tell me? I got a promotion today.
Oh, what? What? Why didn't you just say that? So it was an 'I got a promotion' look! I didn't wanna take the limelight away from Miranda.
I was gonna tell you after dinner.
Dinner? Stop.
What? No, d I ruined the surprise.
I'm so sorry.
No, no.
It's probably good we talk about it now.
No, no, no.
You should announce it at dinner.
Dani, it's not just No, no.
La la la la la la! Shh.
Don't say anything else.
I promise to be surprised.
So, Grace lives in number three.
And she goes out with Harry? No.
No, sorry.
You'll understand why that's funny when you meet Harry.
But, um, Grace is going out with Carlos.
Grace and Carlos.
Wait, sorry.
No, she's not.
Grace is not going out with Carlos.
Sorry, she's going out with Nick.
OK, see, now you're doing my head in! I don't The point is you're gonna love everyone.
Hey, can I ask you something? Is there, like, I don't know, anything between you two? Between me and Tom? No.
OK, you're not convincing me.
Um, no.
I mean I mean, I've known him for ages and we sort of had a near miss thing, but OK.
And that's it? And now we're flatmates.
What is it? 'Cause we act like an old married couple? No.
No, I didn't pick up on that.
Oh, well, what What made you say it, then? I'm kind of feeling it with Tom and I just I didn't want to step on your toes.
But he's sexy as hell.
Um I think there could be something there.
Yeah Well, I mean, Tom is a great guy but he's not husband material.
Even better.
You look confused.
Do I? Mm.
Like the dog when you pretend to throw it a stick and hide it behind your back.
I was thinking about my old man.
He loved to say the first generation makes it, the second builds on it, the third loses it.
You've worked hard all your life.
Just because you haven't been as successful as you'd hoped doesn't mean you're a failure.
Don't know what else it means.
I'm moving back with you for the six months.
Where did that come from? There's a lot of loose ends that needs to be tied up.
I can help.
You'd do that? It's only six months.
Oh, well, I'm not a complete failure.
I got it right marrying you.
Even a broken clock's right twice a day, darling.
Something else your old man loved saying.
You're very mysterious tonight.
No? You're distracted.
Oh, it's just this family stuff going down.
Don't worry.
Do you like my friend? Ava? Yeah.
She's great.
I can see why you two are BFs.
You're very similar.
Except she's a better version.
You are a very decent version of yourself.
Yeah, I am pretty awesome.
I sold two prints in one night.
One was Steve.
That doesn't count.
But the other was a walk-in.
I am not a charity case.
I am officially an artist.
Um, Tom? Um, yeah? Wow.
Thank you.
What were you saying? Um, nothing.
Do you can you help me with the table? Yeah.
Of course.
Anything for the star of the show.
Remember these? Oh.
I remember you in that bikini.
Do you? Oh, Tom.
He used to love coming down here.
More than he ever loved the vineyard.
Do you think he'll ever give us grandchildren? Ones that aren't accidental? I'm beginning to wonder.
Where? Are you alright? Well, did you use your buzzer? Why isn't it around your neck? No, no, no, don't move.
I'll call an ambulance.
And I'll call you back.
Mum's had a fall.
Enough about me.
I'm sick of myself already.
We're all sick of you! Bloody Miranda.
Fame's really gone to her head, huh? Oh, somebody else talk! Oh, Steve will.
Colette's got news.
I'm going to Rio tomorrow.
What? Since when? Since it seemed like a good idea, and I had holidays owing.
We're going to stay with my family and we're going trekking.
Oh, I'm so jealous! Mm.
I cannot believe how sneaky you two have been.
Yeah, that's how rumours start.
Oh, if there was something going on, I would be honest about it.
That's the kind of man that I am.
Um the toilet.
I didn't take her.
You lost her.
So you can drop the attitude.
What did you just say to him? Nothing.
Can we leave yet? No.
Have you sorted things out with Bianca yet? Couldn't reach her.
I gave up in the end.
Summary of our marriage, really.
Hey, what was that with Nick and Carlos before? Carlos is still convinced that Nick stole me from him.
You know, it's funny, if things had turned out differently, that'd be me getting on the plane with him tomorrow.
Is that regret? No.
No, I'm happy.
And Nick's starting to show signs of committing.
Ooh! Finally.
This is good tucker, Coxy! Especially the radish and the fennel in the salad.
Thank you.
It's a nice touch.
Woman's touch, wouldn't you say, Steve? I believe I would, Rob.
I knew one of you helped him! It's just a salad.
You don't have to vote on that.
The only thing you guys need to vote on is my kaffir lime and ginger roast chook.
It's all on the menu, Tom.
This salad is really great.
Thank you.
Actually, yeah, tell us more about this this hospital job.
Ah, no.
I don't want to bore you all.
So you're staying here, eh? Yeah, only for a few days.
I'm still testing my options, but hopefully I'll be here long enough to see how fabulous Miranda's photo's going to look hanging on the wall.
It was a great investment 'Cause I No That's Oh.
Surprise! You're the mystery buyer? No need for any melodrama.
I'm fine.
Fine? Mum, you just broken your other hip.
I've just seen the doctor.
At least I did it at home and not somewhere public.
Hello, Warwick.
Sylvie did hers in the supermarket.
Sprawled on the floor with her smallgoods on display.
I'm glad you're finding some comfort in that.
I could do with some water.
I'll scare some up for you.
She can't.
She's nil by mouth.
I'll get a nurse.
See if you can have a sip of water, OK? You I feel sorry for.
I'm going to be leaning on you again.
Well, Mum, maybe .
maybe this time we can organise some home care after the rehab.
They're good.
No, I don't want people in the house.
They they rob you blind, and .
have me in a nursing home before I can blink.
What about Jim? Shouldn't he be a part of this decision? Well, we won't be going on the cruise now, obviously.
That'll have to be postponed.
Oh, only temporarily.
Mum, what is it? Oh, no, no, it's alright.
It's just Pain.
It's alright.
It's alright.
After I fell .
my heart, I I had this terrible feeling.
Of course you did, Mum.
You were shocked! Afraid.
I'm afraid.
I did well this semester, but, you know, my dad'll still say I should have done better.
What are fathers for, huh? Yeah.
So whose idea was it for you and Colette to go to Brazil? Oh, well, it just came up, you know? I was going and she's on holidays, so, why not? And I think it will be nice for Colette.
She can have some adventures and feel good about herself again.
Adventures, huh? That's what we're calling it.
Well, let's be honest, man.
There's nothing holding her back, is there? Hey, you OK? Ahh, it's My nanna.
She's broken her hip again.
Oh, my God.
Not a good day for my family.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.
I'm sorry that I was a mystery buyer with a big fail on the mystery part.
Oh it's OK.
I'm I'm grateful.
Grateful, disappointed Hmm, similar? No, I just I guess I wanted more than my family and friends to buy my work so that I knew it was good.
Why do you need someone else to tell you that? I don't.
Ilove that you did that for me.
Thank you.
Hm? I need to ask you something.
Guys! What are you doing? Remember us? Come on.
We're having the toast.
Well, who can believe it's been a whole year since that crazy day that we Spent a fortune? Gave up your liberty.
Got Tom to be your worst best man.
got hitched.
We never got to eat our cake.
Thank you, Tom.
Or hear Miranda's speech.
Oh, it was very good.
But I did come out of it with the best thing that's ever happened to me - my beautiful wife.
And thank you to Tom, Miranda and Ava for the great dinner.
Oh! You have to tell them your great news.
No, no, no, no.
My very clever husband of one whole year got a promotion today.
Well, you're actually looking at the new managing director of South-East Asia.
My first major job will be getting things rolling in Singapore.
How do you feel about decorating our Singapore apartment, baby? I can't say no, can I? If the old bird falls off the perch, you'll be down on yourself about it forever.
Oh, yeah.
Look, you stay.
I'll go back.
We'll be fine.
Will you, though? Look, knowing that you are gonna come back home makes me feel better.
That makes me sad.
It's meant to make you happy.
Age has nothing to recommend it.
Something else your old man used to say.
Better than the alternative.
OK, thanks, again, guys.
Bye! See you.
Top meal.
Thanks, mate.
Yeah, good sharing tonight too.
Nah, she'll be happy once the shock wears off, mate.
Your exhibition was so great tonight.
Thank you.
And I'm just sorry if we upstaged you.
Oh, no.
It was nice to mix the happy occasions.
Going? Bye.
See you.
See you, guys.
Where's Rob? Um, he left with Grace and Nick.
Oh, without saying goodbye? Congratulations.
Thank you.
See ya.
See you, guys.
See ya.
Hang on a sec.
I leave tomorrow.
Came to say goodbye? Yeah, sorry.
I didn't see you when I was leaving, so Look, this trip, it Sounds great.
The past few weeks have been good, but very hard.
Spending so much time together, I started imagining being with you again.
So I I thought I should put some distance into things.
Distance from me.
Well, I can understand how you'd want to do that.
Makes sense.
I just wanted you to know.
Well, thanks for explaining.
Bon voyage.
Well, Steve's taking us to the airport tomorrow, so Maybe I'll see you in the morning if you're around.
Enjoy your adventure.
Honestly, I didn't see it coming, But when Cody pulled out and Ivan called me in, I just What? You just said, "Screw my wife! I accept.
" Without the "screw my wife" part.
You see, I find that surprising because you clearly didn't think about asking me before you said yes.
Dani, it's not the sort of opportunity you say no to.
Well, Cody did.
Why did he pull out? He has visa issues, drug-related offences.
I mean, that's why it happened so fast.
The space is leased, everything's ready to go.
They need action.
Why don't you just say, "I need to think about it"? Because I didn't need to think about it.
I didn't think you'd want me to turn it down.
You didn't think about my career or my family? I mean, Dad's on his own.
Look, I know this is big, but we can get through it, can't we? Expats get looked after over there.
Think of the shopping.
And we won't be alone.
There's two others from the office going.
Rebecca, the perfect PA? She got promoted to office manager.
I'm just loving this more and more.
I'll miss Steve and Dani if they go.
Won't be the same without them.
Well, not to mention that he'll probably rent the place out to backpackers and we're gonna have to learn how to say, "Turn down the music," in, like, four different languages.
Now, where do you think we should stick this? We could put it? Oh, shouldn't you consult your sous chef? I think it was her salad that clinched it for you.
I know what you were going to ask me before.
Yeah? And I'm thinking yes.
Ava's looking for a place.
We've got a spare room.
We should just let her move in.
'Cause she mentioned to me before that you were going to ask if she could stay longer and I just thought, "Well, why not? You guys are besties.
" We are.
Cheaper rent.
Yeah, I think that one's dry.
Oh So, um, she'll be the new flatmate, then? Yep.
Thanks so much for letting me crash here, you guys.
Hey? I was just saying to Miranda that it might be fun if you just stayed.
We could all flocculate together.
You mean me move in here? Yeah.
Welcome to Wonderland.
Are you awake? Uh-huh.
I know it's a huge opportunity.
I just .
have things that I need to think about.
I know that.
I don't think I can go with you.
So what do we do? We'll figure something out.
We have to 'cause I love you.
Is this where Grace Barnes lives? It is.
Is she home? Oh, she's home but she's indisposed.
Do you mind if I come in and wait? I don't know how long she's gonna be.
There's an urgent work situation and she's not answering her phone.
Oh, how fucking predictable.
You think you would have learnt to cover your tracks by now.
Some things never change.
You must be Grace? I'm sorry.
You can't just walk in here.
Nick is with me now.
Well, he's still married to me.
Have you been lying to her? Wh what's going on? What's she saying, Nick? Look, can we talk about this somewhere else? You can have him, sweetheart.
He's a lying, cheating pig who will walk all over you the way he's walked all over me.
Bianca, wait! If I'd known it was his wife, I would have She drove off.
She's not rational.
Tell me the truth.
She's upset.
Um, are you still with her? Look, I told you I told you we were having problems.
Are you still with her? All this time, you were .
you were just lying to me about being separated.
Technically, she was in Melbourne, I was here.
Oh, my God.
I I just wanted to be with you.
Oh, my God.
OK, I can explain everything.
Do you know what? Don't even bother.
Because I can see that the next word out of your mouth is gonna be a lie.
OK, Grace, let's just be grown-up about Just get out.
Let's be grown-up Just get out! You heard her.
Hm? Now, you have fun.
That is an order.
You're going to enjoy bossing everyone around in Singapore? Too soon to be funny.
Be happy.
Rio awaits, and I've got a meeting at the office to get to.
Oh, I'll miss you.
Look after yourself.
I will.
Fingers crossed.
Ciao, bella.
Thank you.
Are you ready? Alright, bro.
Oh, wait! Can I borrow that? Rob, what are you doing? Hey! Rob! Oi! Hold up! Wait! Hey! Stop, stop! Hey.
I want you to have a great time over there, but then I want you to come back.
I want you to come back to me.
Whoo-hoo! Hey.
It's back.
He reckons it's got rust in it.
I mean, what vintage car doesn't have rust in it? It's ridiculous.
Maybe it's a sign you have to keep it.
No, Mum.
It's not a sign, I'm going to sell it.
Are you serious? Are you selling this car? Ah, yeah.
Sorry? I'm buying it.
It's it's got rust.
Yeah, of course it does.
What car this old doesn't have rust? Tom, can we take it out? What was it, Tom? "Nice smile, mentally stable.
" Ssshh.
I don't want to listen to another word.