Wonderland (2013) s02e14 Episode Script


I'm not scared.
OK? What are you telling? I'm contacting Immigration and informing them we're intending to charge you.
I'm going to help you.
You can get met out of this? It never crossed my mind, not for a second, that .
I'd never see him again.
Since Jeremy, I can't feel like bad things only happen to other people.
There's nothing wrong with being casual.
The thing is, I'm not really a casual type of girl.
Have you told Ava about Sasha? Why would I do that? Sasha was very beautiful, but troubled.
Oh, well, she sounds Dangerous.
It's alright.
It's alright.
Go back to sleep.
Oh, my God.
What? What, what? Are you expecting someone? No.
Do I look like I'm expecting someone? You look hot.
Hi, mate.
What's up? Someone is inside my place.
Oh, shit.
Come in.
Did they, uh Did they take anything? I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know? Look, someone's inside my place right now.
And I was too gutless to go in.
Hi, Colette.
I'm sorry to wake you.
Uh, you didn't.
What happened? I left my door open when I took the garbage out.
And when I came back it wasn't how I'd left it.
And then I heard a smash inside and the light went out.
Do you think it's got to do with Brazil? What? No.
I know you guys don't want to be involved, but you're the only ones I can trust.
Is it OK if I just stay on your couch tonight? Of course.
Of course.
You don't want to call the cops? No.
I think you should call the cops.
If I call them, they'll just ask difficult questions.
Well, I'll get you a pillow and a blanket.
Hey, it's probably just some meth-head stealing your laptop and taking a dump on your carpet.
In the morning you're going to wish you'd called the cops.
Yeah, we'll see.
God, I missed those blue and white stripes.
Ahem Oh, but not as much as I've missed my lamey wife.
Oh, you're so sweet.
Hey, um, I forgot to ask - did Dad call you? No.
Why would he? Him and Karen have split up.
Oh, right.
He couldn't make this marriage work either.
What a shock.
When did you find out? Last night.
Mum rang me.
But you should call him.
Didn't you talk to him? Forget it.
What time's cake? The usual time - straight after school.
Always impatient.
Thanks for the lift.
Steve Yes, I'll call him.
But just .
not today.
Or today could be the perfect day to call him.
Does he ever bother? Don't forget the strawberries.
And make sure they're big ones.
I know.
I remember.
What do you think caused the break-up? I don't know.
Things probably got too hard for Cal so Cal bailed.
That's his MO.
Did you see this coming? I saw it coming from before she married him.
Now, did you want to get naked with me? You're You're dad's a pilot.
Not the answer I was after.
Well, his whole marriage was kind of like a long-distance relationship.
Honey, our long-distance relationship is short-term.
OK? I'm not my father.
And neither are you.
You in particular, are not my father.
You're way sexier and don't need to shave your face as much.
And this is where we get to enjoy the short-distance part.
I can see your willy.
Oh, morning.
Flat 2 tenants did a runner last night.
Look at the state they left the place in.
Do you have a bond? Oh, it's nowhere near going to cover this.
I heard them making a racket last night, but I didn't realise what it was.
I didn't hear anything.
Now I've got to clean the place up and then advertise it again.
Oh, Ava, could you pass on a message to that elusive son of mine? Hey.
I just saw your mum.
Did you? She needs some work done in flat 2.
She said to say stop ignoring her calls and go see her ASAP.
Are you eating breakfast? Yeah.
You went out.
I can make some for you if you want.
I told you I was going out to get breakfast.
I thought you meant for you.
Never mind.
We'll eat everything.
I am so hungry.
This is really good.
Good catch.
Thank you.
Yeah, please.
Do you know what I've been thinking? That I'm a knob for not realising you were getting breakfast for the both of us? Yeah.
And also that we could do something together.
Maybe go to that restaurant we didn't get to try on my birthday.
Well, you didn't give it a chance, but I don't mind if there's not rabbit on the menu.
So, can we try it? It'll be my treat.
No? Oh, not no.
I just I should probably check and see what Mum wants first.
Is that OK? I can repair the holes.
I'll do Repaint there.
Now, the leaky tap in the kitchen is going to need a new washer.
That's pretty simple.
Need a new light fitting in the loungeroom.
I can probably get one from Rob, so it's all pretty straightforward.
Thanks, darling.
When can you start? Now.
Really? Mm-hm.
Ava seemed to think you had some plans today.
Really? I mean, this is pretty urgent, so I should probably get onto it whilst I've got the time.
Is it my imagination or are you being funny with me? Define 'funny'.
All business, no love.
Why didn't you tell me, Mum? Ava's birthday.
You start a random conversation about Sasha and then you try and stop us from going to that restaurant.
You knew she was there.
You let me go in without any warning at all, Mum.
In my mind I thought it was better to stop you from going rather than opening a can of worms and telling you.
Did you talk to her? No.
Not good.
'Cause I'm having those dreams again.
Oh It's been, like, 10 years.
I'm having those dreams again, Mum.
Oh, Tom, don't do this to yourself.
I got work to do.
I mean, he's sweet and everything, but he's been distracted lately.
I don't know.
I feel like he's pulling away.
Come on.
He probably just has a lot of other things on his mind.
Is this the flatmate thing you warned me about? No.
Definitely not.
Well, then, don't say "no" again because it's getting less believable every time.
What? Check the bedroom.
And be really careful.
Ah! Felicity.
Get up.
Felicity, get up.
Get up.
You have to go.
Felicity? Up.
Get out.
Here, try this.
She's not going to drink that.
- I was going to throw it on her.
- OK.
I'll do it in a sec.
Come on.
Up and out.
Felicity, come on.
Help me get her up.
Oh, she's paralytic.
So? I have to have a little Just let her sleep it off.
I'm going.
I'm going.
I want her out of here.
Just leave it.
Leave it.
Isn't this the chick whose husband you got charged with assaulting? Yeah.
This is not good.
You and Rob are so dumb for bringing a cricket bat.
One more assault charge, this time with a deadly weapon, and it's all over.
The bat was Rob's idea.
Yeah - dumb.
What if I try to wake her? No.
No, not yet.
You really think this will work? It's worth a shot.
Carlos? Are you ready? Yeah.
Oh, is this your girlfriend? I'm not his girlfriend.
I'm his lawyer.
Why are you looking at me like that? I didn't invite you here.
I came to visit.
The door was open.
Carlos has asked me to explain the legal situation that you're currently in.
Don't bother.
This is break and enter.
You've entered a dwelling with intent.
I intended on speaking with Carlos.
You can argue that in court although, with your history on police record, I doubt you'll be believed.
You wouldn't do that to me.
You know I just wanted to see you.
I have to take my lawyer's advice.
Now, if you're prepared to do the right thing by Carlos, then we can forget about the break and enter.
This is a stat dec.
We're going to fill it out, explaining exactly what happened that day between Carlos and your husband.
And once you've sobered up, you're going to sign it.
How are you? Uh, good.
Great, actually.
I need to borrow something.
Hi! What kind of nut job hooks up with someone in their own building? Actually Round or square? Round.
You know, everywhere I go there he is, smiling and waving - as if I'd be happy to see his stupid face.
I'm sure it's all good for him too.
Yeah, but you know what bothers me most is that every time I see him I can't stop thinking about how good the sex was.
Ooh, was it? Yeah, it was.
But then he makes me feel like an idiot for thinking it was something more.
Let's get back to the sex part.
Let's just say there are a couple of things that I didn't know I didn't know.
Do not get me started on that subject.
What? Rob, he's doing things - a new technique.
It's subtle but different.
And you're liking this new technique or you're not? I'm liking it a lot.
But it's freaking it out.
I mean, Rob's freaking me out.
I don't know whether I should ask him about it or not.
I don't think you should ask.
But I probably would.
Well, you're no help to me whatsoever.
Will this do? Yes.
Thank you.
I'll see you tonight.
Good luck.
Uh Yum.
How old are you? Mmm.
Are you planning on breaking up with Ava? Why would you say that? Because that's the way she feels.
Ava said that.
Ever since her birthday.
She's imagining it.
She's not.
As soon as she said it I knew exactly what she meant.
You go out.
You come back in a bad mood.
You're here but you're not.
What's going on? Nothing.
Is that a real nothing or a fake nothing? It's a nothing nothing.
Well, then, snap out of it and stop making her feel insecure.
Just because someone is a little distracted doesn't mean they're going to break up with someone.
Mmm what are you distracted about? Or is it who? Right now it's your brother.
I'm going to go for a swim with him.
Is Miranda here? Mr B.
You've got some, uh Oh, it's just from the cake.
Oh Surprise.
Oh, my gosh.
Um What are you doing here? I thought you could do with some company today.
I had no idea you were still Every year.
Oh, it's great to see you, Dad.
Sorry, we're closed.
Oh, no.
That's OK.
I just thought I'd have a look.
The menu's great.
Have this.
With the matching wines it's even better.
Book another time.
Treat yourself.
Yeah, I will.
Find a way to bring my boy back with me.
Work on him.
You won't regret it.
So, what are you saying? I can't.
I won't.
Not again.
YOU can't? Sasha happened to me, dude.
And then I had to deal with the mess she left you in.
How many things did you smash, hmm? There were at least two TVs Steve And how many times did I get out of bed to pick you up from bars? Hmm? How many kebabs did I eat while you whinged and moaned about how she left you and how you don't know why and waa, waa, waa? Now I know where she is, if I go talk to her, maybe I get some answers.
And I'll get some healing finally.
What about me? I still have scars - deep Sasha scars.
What do you want me to say about that? Um, that she is the devil and you will never have anything to do with her? I just need some advice.
I'm just not giving it to you.
Well, I need to do something because it's really starting to mess with my head.
It's ruining things with Ava.
Well, then, do something about that.
Fix Ava, not Sasha.
I've got to go.
Cake time? Yeah.
Well, I suppose it is pretty good that your dad showed up for it.
What? And did you put that she lied about how she was hurt? Um "I fell over while intoxicated.
"But I told Mr Dos Santos that my husband had caused the injury.
" Yeah.
She must have really wanted your sympathy.
It's pretty tragic.
So, when they get this new statement, do you think the charges will be dropped? Yeah, there's a good chance.
Well, then let's get her to sign this straightaway.
I'd rather wait and get her to come into the office, make it formal.
But that means waiting until Monday.
She can't be inebriated when she signs this otherwise it gives her grounds to recant later.
Uh, here she is, my darling daughter-in-law.
Cal, we didn't know that you were coming down.
The last I heard, you and Steve were off to Singapore.
Miranda just filled me in on the leg.
Oh, yeah.
You want? Oh, no.
I'm fine.
This is old news.
Yeah, sorry.
Things have been a bit fraught up our way.
Yeah, I heard about you and Karen.
I'm very sorry to hear.
Don't worry.
It's been on the cards for a while.
It happens, eh? So I thought I'd make lemonade out of lemons and come and see the kids.
It's nice.
So, what's your plan? Well, the reckless plan was visit Miranda for a few weeks and then head over to Singapore and spend some quality time with you and Steve.
Now, look, I know I should have called.
I know that.
Oh, no, I'm just sorry that we can't offer you the flat.
We've got a tenant.
I can check into a hotel.
There's more important things to worry about today, hmm? Oh, that'll be Steve.
Uh I will be back in a minute.
You just chat amongst yourselves.
One minute.
Why now? Because he wanted to see Miranda.
Then let him.
That's fine with me.
Just just come upstairs and say hello, do the cake and then it's over.
No, because No, Dad will make it all about him.
And that is not the point.
Is this the same guy who forced me to forgive my mother? That's completely different.
You two weren't on speaking terms.
I talk to my Dad at Christmas and birthdays.
We're completely civil.
So? So, it just pisses me off .
him turning up, expecting to be part of something he hasn't bothered about for 10 years.
Yeah, OK.
No, I get that.
God, I've missed you.
So, the strange case of the lady in the bed is solved, eh? Hey, thanks for last night, man.
And, uh, for thinking of getting Grace.
Hey, check it out! Sweetheart, you shouldn't have.
And a card! What have you done? Nothing.
Bigger the flowers, the bigger the man guilt, they say, huh? And those are huge.
Oh, no.
What's wrong? Harry.
You're .
in my bed.
Um, yeah, didn't Grace tell you what was going on? I can see what's going on.
In my bed.
Look, he knows what time you're supposed to be doing this, doesn't he? Yep.
Ah, finally.
Oh, it's you.
They're beautiful.
Ah, I was thinking about your problem.
Which one? You'll have to narrow it down.
You can stay in my room just until you sort yourself out.
Uh, you don't have to do that.
No, I couldn't do that.
Oh, Ava won't mind me bunking in with her.
You sure? Yeah.
It's fine.
How long are you planning on staying? Like, a few days or more of a while? No, I'm in no hurry to go back.
That's excellent.
I don't know how long I can put up with this shocking view, though.
Well, maybe we should look at the other options before we make a decision.
What are they doing down there? He's meant to be here for cake.
Avoiding me, I'd say.
They seemed like really nice people in number 2.
Maybe they'll come back.
They took the light bulbs with them.
Maggie, you are looking mighty fine, and like you've seen a ghost.
Oh, God! Oh, Cal! Hello! Oh, wow, it's been Oh, gosh, that's depressing.
Dad's staying here for a while.
Well, we'll have to catch up while you're here when you get some time.
Love to.
Well Steve? Steve.
Heard you were down.
What have you got that for? Well, you were meant to come up ages ago.
Well, you should have gone ahead without us.
No, this was my idea.
Bring the mountain to Mohammed.
Well, come on, put it down.
You know how he could never wait for the cake? Thank you.
Well, it's too windy.
You'll never get the candles lit.
Just wait and see.
Sweetheart, let me have a go.
Let me have a crack at this.
OK, girls, put your hands around.
This'll do it.
It's alright.
It's all good, it's all good, all good.
You know what? I reckon we just pretend it's alight.
No, we're not pretending, OK? And we don't do it like this.
Yeah, I know we don't, but we don't have to do it like we always do.
Yes, we do.
That's how traditions work.
Only, you wouldn't know because you've never been here for it.
Steve I'm sorry, he's just jet-lagged.
Um, I did email the Sea Shepherd just to let you know that Dani was gonna be staying in your room just for a little bit longer.
Not Dani and Steve doing that.
And I thought she'd be gone by now.
Um, so did I.
But I come home to a pornographic welcome.
My phone died.
I didn't get your message.
Look, I'll get Dani to stay with her dad.
It's your room.
Not anymore.
I'm moving out, Grace.
Check the fifth message.
I explain everything in that.
Oh Do you want to explain it to my face? Flat 2's empty.
I've discussed it with Maggie.
She needs a reliable tenant and I need my own space.
Harry, I don't want you to leave.
It's too late.
No, no, no.
Come on, come on, this is awful.
This is still your apartment.
It's still your room.
It was dumb and inappropriate.
Are we talking about you or him? Hello again.
Hey, guys.
Sorry about the unintentional three-way.
No, look, that was our fault.
I'm I will talk to Tom, see if we can stay there.
I'm sure he can share with Ava.
Oh, great.
Dad's already staying at Tom's.
Miranda wants a crisis meeting.
Anyway, the room's all yours.
Um, Harry has decided to move downstairs.
Don't worry, I'll leave the bedroom furniture till you go.
No, no, no, no.
You don't have to do that.
You might as well use it.
I'm buying a new mattress.
Shakira, we're out of here.
And then I was thinking that after you finish at Miranda's gig, that we could go out dancing together.
Ah, I can't.
Why? You don't want to? No, I would love to, but there's a party backstage and Miranda's got me a pass and everything.
Yeah, well, just tell her that you changed your mind.
How'd the cake go? Uh, we didn't end up doing it.
Steve was being something.
Anyway, I'm getting my stuff organised.
Are you still good to help out? Oh, yeah, of course.
I'll just be a sec.
I can't bail on her.
Please, I just I really need you to stay home with me tonight.
So needy! Please, just say yes.
I have been on call for you all week, but now I'm going out and you suddenly want me badly? Mate, you're a bit of a weirdo.
No, I'm sticking to my plans and it kind of serves you right.
Thank you.
BYO Dutch courage.
I answered your message and I said to come around tomorrow.
Yeah, but I thought if I have to do it, I want to do it now.
Well, my lawyer isn't here.
We don't need Bitchface to help us sort this out, do we? Can I come in? Do you want my help or not? OK.
You just need to sign this and we're done.
I couldn't speak to you in front of her.
But you didn't even ask me why I came over to see you last night.
Do you think that I even care, after you lied to the police? Well, that's just it.
You see .
I came to tell you that I can't stop thinking about you and if you feel the same way, then, you know, maybe we can sort this mess out.
We don't need lawyers and stat decs, do we? I will find a pen.
You can read that.
I'll get the ice.
Your lawyer.
Yeah, she is my lawyer.
Screw you both.
You think I'm a complete fool? Hey Felicity, Grace Grace will go through with the break-and-enter charge.
You have to sign this.
Not anymore.
You text me asking me over here.
Now, why would you do that if I committed a break-and-enter the night before? Why don't you ask your lawyer to sort that one out with the cops? Yeah, the spooky thing is, I don't know how long Harry was standing there for.
That's all I'm saying.
I don't think Harry was perving.
I think he was disgusted.
Oh Thank you.
Oh, he saw your willy.
Yeah, well, that's why he doesn't want to sleep in the room again.
He's afraid he'll have nightmares.
You should talk.
What? Nightmares lately.
Colette, this Thai chicken risotto is insanely good.
So, can anyone join in on this FAT night comp? I mean, I make a mean risotto.
Residents only, Dad.
That's the tradition.
Um, Ca Cal? Cal.
Yes, what's the plan for long-service leave? Uh, well, originally I really wanted to take time out to, um, just to do some repairs and maintenance on my marriage.
Work it out? Conclusively.
But the upside is it frees me up to come and annoy my kids.
And we're looking forward to it.
So, how long is long-service leave? So now you don't want him to stay? Yeah, I want him to stay.
Just not in our flat.
Well, Tom already asked him.
Yeah, before he knew how long he was gonna be here for.
He'll go home eventually.
To what? He has no life, no home, without Karen.
And, you know, this is not fair on Tom and Ava.
Look, I'm in Singapore and he's here to see you, so you're gonna have to fix it.
He wants to spend time with both of us.
What he wants is for us to plug up the holes in his crappy life.
You are so mean.
Excuse me, he comes here unannounced, on today of all days, looking for sympathy.
It's all about him.
Always was, always will be.
- Steve - Miranda? Dessert.
Um, except for Tom, none of our friends ever got to know our little brother, Jeremy.
But, um, it's his birthday today.
Um, he'd be 23.
Steve and I always make his favourite cake every year to let him know that we never forget him.
But the joke is that if he was here, there'd be no cake left because he used to eat it all as soon as he got home from school.
So thanks for sharing this with us tonight.
And happy birthday, Jess.
Happy birthday, Jess.
It's a peace offering.
Do you really have to go? I really have to.
I mean, we had our dance down, didn't we? What dance? You know, two people come together only no-one knows the steps.
You said that.
Can't do it.
Yeah, well, at least explain why, because it does feel a little bit like you've just jumped at the chance to get out.
It's complicated.
Well, I am a smart girl, so lay it on me.
No, I mean here.
It's complicated here.
It's too messy.
Maybe I'm not so smart.
What do you mean? It'd never work between us, Grace.
Don't try and deny it.
You know what's going on.
The sexual tension between us is thick like soup.
Potato soup.
It keeps me awake at night.
So I think it's best I leave before our friendship suffers.
He could get a hotel but he wants to be close to us and Hotels are so expensive and it's cramped in in our house.
And you guys are old friends.
Yes, that's true, sweetheart.
But I don't know if your dad's really going to want to.
He will.
He will.
He always loved you.
Speak of the devil.
Devil appears.
I'll see you out at the taxi.
I was just telling Miranda that you should stay with me while you're here.
Thanks for setting that up with Maggie.
It was a good idea.
Yeah, I have them occasionally.
Yes, you do.
And organising the cake for dessert .
it was a really nice save, thanks.
What did you expect? Sweetheart, if I'd known he was here, I would have warned you I was coming.
I planned to tackle Steve second.
Right, so I was the warm-up act? I know I've let things slip.
You have to do something about it.
You know that, right? That's the idea.
He's waving at you.
Yeah, I didn't see anything.
Do you want me to wave back? Don't you dare.
He's a bit old for you.
Sorry, I didn't help you carry your camera gear down.
Oh, it's just Dad helped me.
But I'm docking your pay.
See you.
See you, Cal.
You seem happy.
What I said before about Tom, forget it.
We're good.
Ah, good.
Let's go.
What? What's wrong? I need to know where you got that move from.
Oh, sorry, I forgot.
I won't do it anymore.
I want you to do it again.
You do, huh? A lot.
But I need to know where you got it from.
Was it Jade? You can tell me.
Well, when I did it with Jade, it didn't really work.
But I reckon that's because I didn't have the passion with Jade that I have with you.
And that's why you like it.
I think that that sounds .
like utter horseshit.
But I also think that you can keep doing the move.
Yeah? Starting now.
This car Yep.
Everything is tied back to her.
I know you're trying to protect me, and trust me, I haven't forgotten how bad it got, but I can handle this now.
Why do you need to see her? Because it was never finished, Mum.
I need to finish it.
That's a lovely tradition.
I didn't know they still did it.
I've got a lot of catching up to do.
At least you'll be close by.
This really wasn't your idea, was it? No.
You got bulldozed into it by my beautiful daughter? Yeah, I wasn't exactly sure how to explain to her why you possibly shouldn't stay.
Kids don't need to know.
It it was a long time ago.
I told you I wanted to do it at the office.
Yes, and I tried to put her off.
And I texted you - no answer.
I didn't know she'd just turn up.
And then she saw that photo.
Yeah, I forgot it was there.
Why was it there? No, do you know what, don't don't even answer the question because there is no rational reason why you would leave some pointless out-of-date photo of us lying around just to ruin your chances of trying to fix this mess.
OK, so, what do we do now? Hold on, hold on! Thank you so much.
What are you doing here? What do you want? Can we go somewhere and talk? No.
At least just tell me why.
Sasha, come on! Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.
Hey, I'm coming.