Wonderland (2013) s02e15 Episode Script


Why do you need to see her? Because it was never finished, Mum.
I need to finish it.
What are you doing here? What do you want? Can we go somewhere and talk? It's great to see you, Dad.
I was just telling Miranda that you should stay with me while you're here.
Kids don't need to know.
It was a long time ago.
It says they're cancelling my student visa.
It's out of our hands.
No, they can't cancel my visa before the case is heard.
Every time I see him, I can't stop thinking about how good the sex was.
But then he makes me feel like an idiot for thinking it was something more.
Turkish delight.
Too easy.
Alright then.
Wait right there.
You're gonna have to be quick.
I'm right in the middle of something.
Yeah, I won'twon't hold you, mate.
Do you mind if I give your details to Sasha? What - did she contact you? No.
She's right here.
Um, can I talk to her? Hang on.
Tom? Hey.
What you doing up there? A Semillon convention this weekend.
I was practically driving straight past the vineyard and I thought .
uh .
I didn't know how else to find you.
Uh, I don't think I handled seeing you very well.
I surprised you.
Yeah, you did, but .
I get it.
Yeah? Yeah.
Uh .
if you still want to, we can meet up next week in town.
Tom? Yeah.
What's your number? Yep.
I'll call you then.
See ya.
Sorted? Yeah.
Not sure I should have got involved.
I guess you figured you owed me.
That took a while.
Who were you talking to? UmDad.
Come here.
I've got to go to the vineyard.
Now? Yeah, he's got a whole bunch of heavy lifting to do.
He needs me to give him a hand.
Oh, OK.
We could make a road trip out of it.
I could help.
Oh, nah, it's probably gonna be easier if I just go by myself.
I can just get there and get back.
You should take my car.
I'll just hire a ute.
It's fine.
I don't need the car.
I know it will get you back to me quicker.
Have you been talking to Dad already? Tell me you're not borrowing Ava's car to go and see Sasha? OK.
Tell me you're not driving up there at all.
Give my love to your dad! Hey, Maggie.
She has no idea, does she? Let go of the door, Mum.
I think it's dead.
Huh? The cushion.
I need your wisdom.
Oh, please, don't ask my advice about anything.
I need to book a fancy lunch joint for the kids without Steve calling me a wanker.
Any suggestions? Let them decide.
Hmm? Oh, that should have been my mantra all along.
For what? Being a mother.
Come off it, Maggie.
Hey, I wrote the book on lousy parenting.
I think I deserve a chapter.
Oh, yeah? Which one? Sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong.
It's that whole more-or-less dilemma.
Do I do more to help or less to interfere? You're up shit creek either way.
Sounds like somebody's bike needs a service.
Here, let me take that for you, huh? Thank you.
How was yoga? Oh, it was relaxing.
Yeah? Yeah.
I've got a little surprise for you.
Where are we going? In the bedroom.
Well, it's not that sort of surprise, but Just here.
Ta-da! Do you love it? No.
Not really.
But you're always on about my stuff being messy on the racks and the hangers facing the wrong way and now you don't have to look at it, huh? And it was a bargain.
It's mirrored.
I know.
Oh, so it is that kind of surprise.
Look, it's got loads of storage, shoes, jumpers, bags.
It's practical but .
it's not my style.
Babe, you just don't like surprises.
You're gonna love it.
I can't believe there were no other flights.
Mm, nothing until midday tomorrow, which would get me there just in time to catch my flight back.
You couldn't cut the meeting short? Unfortunately, they don't run their international business around my love life.
Well, they should.
Why are you getting dressed? You don't have to meet me anymore.
Stay in bed.
Oh, no, I'm up.
I may as well go and ask Max when my waste plant story is coming out.
Hey, did you tell Miranda and your dad that you're not gonna make it to lunch? Not yet.
Did you purposely miss your plane to avoid them? Honey, I would never intentionally miss my flight home because then I don't get to see my beautiful, sexy wife.
Or get my conjugals.
Good point.
Are you up for some kind of random girls' date by any chance? Tom got called out to help his dad.
I've actually got a family lunch on, which Steve has just pulled out of.
Oh, well, I could fill in.
I'd say yes, but I'm actually looking forward to some one-on-one time with Dad.
I'm kind of happy Steve pulled out.
Do you mind? No, of course.
I think that's lovely.
Hey, what's that in your hair? Is that honey? Alright, turn her off.
Whoa! Look at you.
I thought you might want to go for a walk before lunch, but you're busy.
Yeah, look, hun, Max's bike needs an oil change and I'm just gonna give him a hand.
How's that, mate? Yeah, it's good, it's good.
You really shouldn't be doing him any favours.
You and your brother go for a walk.
I'll finish here and clean up.
Uh, Steve's still in Singapore.
What? He was supposed to be coming back this weekend.
We organised it.
Yeah, maybe I was meant to tell you, he missed his flight.
Well, you and I can go for a walk after lunch, eh? Yeah.
Steve should have let you know, but Steve's Steve.
I don't know how Dani manages him so well.
Well, maybe she could give me some tips.
Well, you're stuck with me now.
I'm happy to be stuck with you.
Your old man certainly knows his way around a beautiful motor.
Sorry? I Good.
Good sound.
Yeah, haven't heard it sound like that for Both certificates.
Photocopy of passport.
And lecturer's reference.
We are on fire.
I'm sorry I can't do more, but without an immigration licence No, it's OK.
Song's friend is good.
He knows what he's doing.
Hey, we've got a strong appeal.
We're going to smash this migration tribunal.
Even if it's approved, I'll still have to fight the assault case.
We have a plan and we're gonna stick to it, OK? Worry when you need to worry.
Why do you always make so much sense? I know.
It's annoying, isn't it? It's open.
Through here, guys.
It's my new chairs.
Come in.
Probably just over here is perfect.
I'm not home.
I'll come back later then.
Look, if this is about the door, don't worry, I'm getting it fixed.
No, no, I was just wondering if and when the story is getting published for What the? That's what I meant.
I'll fix it.
How did that happen? Locked myself out, did a bit of a number on it getting back in.
You did that? Sorry.
Looks worse than it is.
Anyway, to answer your question, story should have got a run today but I haven't checked yet.
Thank you again so much for doing that.
Everyone at the plant said you were very thorough interviewing them.
Don't thank me just yet.
Anyway, do you have a preference for who I get to fix the door? Uhno.
Do you need me to dob myself into the agent? No, no, it's fine.
You helped me with my little project, so what's a broken door between friends? OK.
Sure you don't want to wait inside? I'm good here.
He .
shouldn't be too much longer.
I saw you taking a look around.
You'vemade some changes.
Place isn't mine anymore.
I just work it for the neighbours.
Nematodes are giving me the run-around this year.
Well, your roses look OK.
You must be winning the battle.
He doesn't need to know everything.
So you decided not to stick with viticulture.
I was doing it for the wrong reasons.
How did your dad take that? Like he takes everything.
He couldn't understand why I'd start it and then chuck it in.
Well, it's hard to know what you want at that age.
I knew what I wanted.
I came looking for you.
I flew to Melbourne and knocked on your mum's door.
She said she hadn't seen ya.
Yeah, I knew she was lying.
I didn't stay there long.
I, uh .
I went to Adelaide.
Before or after? After.
Yeah, once Mum found out about the baby, she wanted me togo, so I did.
I did some promo work modelling for a while, I worked in a restaurant to pay the rent.
And it was the wine waiter there who got me interested in a sommelier's course andyou know, I was hooked.
I was studying wine, I was talking wine, I was dreaming wine.
You were always good at it.
Yeah, well, I want to open my own little wine bar one day.
I think having my sommelier certificate will really help.
So you're all posh now.
I'm semi-posh.
Wait till I'm a master som.
A master som.
Yeah, you won't even be able to talk to me, even look at me.
The mirror could be fun.
That's what Rob said.
But there's just some things you don't want to see.
Maybe you should try a blindfold.
What do you reckon? Not bad, huh? Yeah, it's great.
See, a woman who appreciates my taste and talent.
You ready to go? Where? Beach Oztag, remember? Oh, no.
Is it still happening? You can't pull out now.
We're already a man down.
Well, then you can come too.
Make it more bearable.
"Residents smell a rat in waste plant.
"A group of local activists are kicking up a stink over plant" Oh, blah, blah, blah, crap, crap.
Max took the protesters' side because it's sexier.
You want me to come back there and evict him for you, baby? You can put the story out there but you can't tell them what to write.
Sorry, that might be work.
It's your dad.
He's invited me to lunch.
Just say no.
No to a free lunch? Are you kidding, babe? Alright, well, go.
But don't get suckered in by any of his stories.
Ooh, he's picked a good restaurant.
Have you seen what this tool has written? Hi, Steve.
Yes, I have.
The guy is a total opportunist.
You know how he treated Miranda.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, didn't you practically give him this story in the first place? Yeah, but, look, journalists are allowed to be Weasels? Objective.
I can't believe you're letting him get away with this.
At least you'll all have something in common to talk about at lunch.
Oh, Cal just invited me.
Look, I've got to go get dressed.
So I'll talk to you later.
I almost fell over when you proposed.
It was the day that I found out that I was pregnant.
It was your friend Casey's party in Dungog.
And I remember watching you playing guitar on the balcony and youyou looked so sexy.
Why did you do it? No-one around us trusted me.
And for good reason.
You never trusted what we had.
Could have made it work.
Your parents didn't think so.
Oh, that's bullshit.
They weren't thrilled about the marriage, but they said they'd support us.
It was their grandchild.
I panicked.
Was it something stupid that I said or did? No, Tom.
You were so young.
And you were innocent and idealistic and you adored me.
I just I don't think I could cope with living up to that.
So that's it, then.
It's because I loved you too much.
I'll let you know when I hear from Song's friend.
He'll probably call me first.
Well, ciao.
And thanks again.
My pleasure.
Sorry, I'll let you go.
Oh, no, it's alright.
It's just Rob.
He's reminding me about Oztag.
He's obsessed.
Oh, you're playing too? Yeah, he roped me in last night.
Are you? No need to say goodbye.
We'll walk down together.
How's this for commitment, eh? First one out of here, ready to roll.
Bags Colette isn't on my team.
Mixed teams.
I'm with Rob.
I'm in too.
Eh, eh! Hey, don't worry, mate.
We'll give you Harry.
Guys, that's bullying.
Not even a hello? Dani trusted you and you used her.
Dani is not naive.
Well, you could have been upfront.
Well, my door is always open if you want to discuss journalistic integrity.
Oh, God, you think you are so cool.
Big mystery man with your phones and your motorbike and your Walkley award.
But you know, you're nothing but aa weasel.
It's selfish.
- Not wisely.
- Exactly! And weird.
I mean, why wreck the doors and asking for Kim's same building.
Yeah! Or her sister-in-law nextdoor? I don't know why you helped him.
Sorry about that.
I had no idea in the history an guard while beyond confusing why he's even on the street.
Max is a user.
He use me, he use Danny and he used you too.
So, you want that I fixed his mind? And I had to.
So it's Guy's well for you.
Ah, I've already got one bodygurad, Dad.
I don't need two.
Ah, yes! What a pity Kevin who fixed it for you.
Who is Kevin? As she'd know enough about Kevin.
It's funny.
When Steve was ten, he through himself in front of Miranda to protect her from waterbomb.
As she was a pudgy little thing, so I rent boys.
So then it's put them off, she has big buffy brother standing by chrush on him.
Anyway this boy, he loved the waterbomb, and Steve did this hole.
Kevin Costner movie, you know, from The Bodyguard.
From that moment on, I started calling him Kevin.
Oh, that is adorable.
Steve hated it.
Oh, it was harmless.
Protecting his sister.
Ah, he still does.
Now, Dani, this is my big chance to learn all about you.
We might need another one, then.
I never got why they made you sad.
The perfect early warning system for the vines.
They're just so sensitive.
They feel everything first and then it hurts them more.
That's what makes them beautiful.
If you had really known me, you never would have asked me to marry you.
I never should have said yes.
Then why did you? Because for a minute .
a minute I got caught up in the idea of it all.
Your idea of it all and .
the romance of having a family and .
I liked working here and it felt good.
And then Then what? Then it felt bad.
Well, I don't think you realise, but when you left, I just went crazy.
And I didn't think I was gonna come out the other side.
I was just I'm so sorry, Tom.
You've really fucked everything up.
I regret not keeping our baby.
I do.
I regret it more than you can possibly ever imagine.
But I don't regret leaving.
Because you didn't love me.
I loved you.
I just would have ruined you.
They're not putting their tongues down each other's throats, if that's what you're asking.
Are they fighting? Was he angry? They were talking, walking.
He put his arm around her.
They've been out there for hours.
You should go and get him.
And throw him in the backseat of the truck? He's not a teenager.
You're acting like you don't care.
What if she tells him? That's out of our hands.
I want you to remember, there's no I in 'team'.
Hear my words.
I want you to leave nothing on the field but your blood and sweat.
Yes, Harry.
Go for glory! Bring your A-game! Give 110%! What's the actual plan? Pass it to me.
What? You? They'll never expect that.
This is bullshit! Where the bloody hell did that come from? I thought you liked the pass.
I thought you liked the pass.
Look out.
Sorry? That's the first time I've seen you smile in ages.
And I'm about to wipe it right off your face.
Oh! The falcon! Are you OK? Nah, I organised that.
I organised that to put you off your game.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Stacks on! Maybe we should catch up in the city some time.
You don't mean that, do you? Nope.
Look, you wanted closure, right? That's what this was about.
More or less.
Go on, then.
I've got your number.
You do.
Good chat.
You know, it's true what you said.
I've been stressed ever since I got back.
I don't blame you.
You just need to believe that things will work out.
Oh, damn.
What is it? He's read it that there's a possible problem with the appeal.
Did I forget to attach something? No, there's a note on your file that says you're a person of interest to the Brazilian police.
Oh, come on.
That needs to be cleared up before they can approve the appeal.
But I can't tell them anything.
I'm not putting my family in danger.
Do you? No, I have to go.
Look, I'll come with you.
We can talk it through.
No, I don't want to talk.
I justI need to think.
Don't panic.
Wewe can work this out.
There's got to be a way around it.
Grace, you want me to believe that it's all so simple, that it's going to work out, but I'm sorry.
I don't believe in miracles.
That was a good lunch.
I think I made a breakthrough with Dani.
Well, you were your charming best.
You sound exactly like your mother.
Maybe she knew you well.
In what way? You're so focused on trying to make everyone else like you Is that what I'm doing? You're completely focused on Steve.
Hang on, where's this coming from? It doesn't matter.
Sweetheart, if I'm focused on Steve, it's because I know we've got problems.
You're my little girl.
Pudgy little girl.
Don't forget that.
Alright, sorry.
You know, Jeremy got your attention because he was fun.
Steve got it because he played hard to get.
And I'm just here.
You know, always being nice.
Sweetheart, you're my beautiful girl.
Smart, talented.
And way, way too good for her old man.
Come on.
Your dad was in good form at lunch.
I think you should give him some time while he's here.
He is really trying hard.
You got suckered in.
I justI think you're being a little harsh.
Honey, I understand what you're trying to do and I appreciate it, but I'm as close to him as I want to be, so can we please just move on? OKKevin.
I told you not to listen to his stories.
Well, it just goes to show though, doesn't it? Goes to show what? That you were an interferer well before you were an overfunctioner.
Come again? You told me that you only became overprotective of Miranda after your dad left, but the bodyguard incident was well before then.
So? So maybe him leaving didn't change things as much as you remember.
That's all.
You have one lunch with the guy and suddenly you're an expert on my childhood.
No, that's not what I mean.
Well, it's what it sounds like.
I've got to go.
Bye! Are you staying tonight? Nah.
I'll, umhead back.
Thanks anyway.
You and Sasha.
And I couldn't look my family in the eyes for years because of the guilt over his death.
We all carry guilt.
I let it destroy two marriages.
You're here, Cal.
You're doing something about it.
Karen made us go into counselling.
It didn't work for the marriage, but it saved me.
You're stressed, Maggie.
Ironing is a giveaway.
We try so hard to get it right.
But how do we know what is right? Really.
Tom not back yet? Warwick and I interfered in a situation in ways I still regret.
But whatever we did, we did it out of love, out of trying to protect him.
He knows that, Maggie.
I hope so.
Beautiful dress.
Thank you.
Beautiful neck.
Robert, what? It just doesn't really match the mental image I had of myself.
Well, it matches what I had in mind perfectly.
Maybe you were right.
Say that again.
Well, you know, maybe we should move this thing into the office.
It's not really our style.
But it was such a bargain.
What is it? It's finished.
Knock! Hey, come in.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Hey! No time for kisses.
Place looks amazing, Grace.
Thank you.
Now, get ready for Dani's haloumi with risotto.
Haloumi and risotto.
The haloumi just goes on top.
It's a pea and mint risotto.
I saw it on the menu at lunch today and it totally worked.
Hey, did Dani tell you that someone tried to break into their apartment? Oh, well, you know, Max's apartment.
Who? Max said he did it himself.
Ooh! Oh, I love this wine.
But thisisn't your dad's? No, it's not from me.
I found it on the doorstep.
Mysterious! Read the card.
It's from Max.
"Apologies for the negative press.
" No, you cannot accept that.
I can't? Absolutely not.
It's like hush money.
Well, maybe he just feels bad about the broken door.
If you take one sip of that wine, I will lose all respect for you.
Tell us how you really feel.
I will.
I'll be back.
I can't accept this.
Why? You don't like pinot? I understand why you did it, but it doesn't mean that I like it.
Fair enough.
At least you're calmer than Miranda.
Maybe that's because most of the articles that were printed were positive, or maybe because the council approved.
Or maybe it's because I'm not the person in this building that you've really screwed over.
Anyway, I have some guests to get back to.
You take this.
Oh, um, Steve hit the roof about the door, so if there's any more damage to the apartment, we'll be giving you notice.
Hey, what happened to Carlos? I tried to call him tonight but he didn't answer.
Oh, he wasn't really feeling in the mood.
He got some bad news.
The fire? What? Oh, before dinner tonight, we got a news alert.
His cousin's cafe in Brazil, someone torched it.
OK, time to vote.
Alright, the moment we've all been waiting for.
Yeah, right, just get on with it.
Come on, then.
Show your votes, peeps.
And with her first FAT night victory, I present to you Miss Grace Barnes.
What, are you? I actually won? Grace, the queen of risotto.
Well done, Grace.
Who would have thought it? Cheers.
So, how did you go at your dad's? I've been dying to hear.
It was good.
Did you get everything done? Will you need to go back? Nope.
Sounds definitive.
I lied to you.
What about? I didn't go to the vineyard to help out my dad.
I went there to sort outthings with an old ex of mine.
What do you mean? We were engaged 10 years ago.
She was my first love.
Andshe called from Dad's this morning.
She rang? And you dropped everything to go and see It was out of left field.
But why didn't you tell me? I don't know.
Sowhat did she want? Why did she want to see you? After she left me .
there were lots of things we didn't speak about because we never saw each other again.
AndI guess it was just an opportunity to I justI needed answers.
After 10 years? You needed answers that badly? Sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm just about to open a nice bottle of red.
Put your pinot away.
I'm not interested.
It was an accident.
OK, if you say it was an accidental hang-up, then I believe you.
I just closed it automatically.
It was more of a slam than a close.
I'm sorry.
Forgiven, but .
can we try to have a no-slam policy going forward? It's like being visually hung up on.
I promise.
No slamming.
Thank you.
And in return, will you promise to do something nice with your dad next weekend? Just give him a chance.
He never Steve? Steve?! Hi.
I come bearing leftovers.
And .
what's this? It's the FAT night trophy.
Oh, no, no, no.
It's much, much more than that.
Oh, you're kidding me.
You won? Oh, wow, that's I know, it's a miracle.
OK, yeah, you got me.
Maybe there is hope after all.
Good, because I've got a back-up plan.
What are you doing? A surprise.
And, yes, it is that kind of surprise.
But don't worry, you won't see a thing.
So what's the verdict? Am I overreacting? It's a good sign he told you.
He never, ever talks to anyone about her.
He confided in you.
After he lied! He chose you to tell, Ava.
That's big.
Yeah, I guess he's been holding onto all this stuff for a long time.
So what did he say about the box? What box? I don't know why.
It just cut out.
As long as you know it wasn't me who hung up this time.
Baby Hey.
Oh, you go.
You just feel so far away.
Are we gonna be OK? Honey, I will always love you.
Thanks, Kevin.
Unless you slam the lid on me again, then we're done.
Got it.
Hey, they want to know if you're coming.
Uh, yeah.
I have to go.
Where to? Hi! Hi.
Hey, can I steal him away? Colleen's invited us for drinks.
Yeah, sure.
Alright, see ya, babe.
I'm just gonna go have a shower.
Wait here? That's what you said this morning.
Ava, Sasha and I, it It's done.
Forgive me.