Wonderland (2013) s03e07 Episode Script


au Jade is pregnant and it's my baby.
Kate - the woman that my mother left my father for.
Steve, this is Kate's daughter.
We're sisters.
I don't want you going over there and disappearing, body never recovered.
I know exactly what I'm getting into.
What is the story with Grace and Carlos anyway? Do they actually even love each other? If you give me a ride up to the station I will tell you everything over coffee.
I slept with Cal.
I want to open my own little wine bar one day.
You need to understand that your ownership of Tom has expired.
I'm switching it off.
Hey, hi.
Hey, baby.
Where are you? I'm at work.
No, you're not.
I'm at your work.
No, I mean I was at work until now.
I'm home.
I was lying.
I'm at your apartment.
You're not here either.
How stupid do you think I am, Sasha? Are you seeing someone? No, I meant that I am on my way home now from work.
Look, just stay there.
I'll see you soon.
# The morning sun set alight # The future and all that it holds # And I walk with intent, left no room for regret # You don't miss something you never had # Come on, come inside # Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh We all see what's right before our eyes.
STEVE: So Dani was worried about going into business for herself but she's already had so much support, haven't you? He's just sucking up because I'm going to be the sole breadwinner in two weeks so he has to be extra nice.
That's why you're meeting your mother-in-law for lunch? Correction.
Favourite mother-in-law.
I do have to get back to the office, though.
Hey, tell Kate we are sorry she couldn't make it.
Yeah, it's hard for her to get away.
Oh, hey, show your mum the mock-up for the Pied Piper job.
My wife is a genius! He's been great helping set up.
Have you written an exit clause into the investment contract? Erwhat is that? Well, it's good to be clear about who gets what share if there is a divorce.
It's like a prenup for business.
(SCOFFS) Who has a prenup? We are not the Kardashians.
You build a business for years, he leaves, takes it all.
I mean, cover yourself.
It's sensible.
Not all men are arseholes, Mum.
No, I've got it.
Thank you.
Are you sure? Mm.
It was like a hit-and-run.
I mean, seriously, who says that? Mothers.
Even suggesting that we might divorce is completely offensive.
I thought she really liked Steve.
Well, I guess since her marriage to my father didn't work out mine won't either.
Parents, hey? They just ain't what they used to be.
Yeah, how's it going over there in your broken home? Badly.
My mother is walking around in a permanent post-shag bliss.
Oh, stop it! ALL: (DISGUSTEDLY) Oh! Dad's put himself on the paleo diet and joined Tinder.
And your father is to blame.
He's having a third childhood, what can I say? Well, my world view has shifted.
Monogamy - now, there is a lot to be said for it.
Sasha has got to you! Oh, whatever! I declare that no-one at this table is allowed to split.
From now on new rule for FAT night, you break up, you are banned for life.
Well, you can't ban me.
Max leaves for Jakarta in two days and it will take me at least a month to find a replacement.
Pop goes the weasel, hey? That joke is getting tired, mate.
Hey! Hi.
Were you talking about me? Yes.
Tom is never leaving you.
Oh, well, it's agreed then.
Miranda is excused but no more break-ups.
We're going to show the grown-ups how it's done.
To together forever.
ALL: Together forever.
(SWING MUSIC PLAYS) Whoo! Come on, come on! (SCREAMS) (LAUGHS) Oh, it's all in the timing! (PHONE RINGS) Hello? CAL: (OVER PHONE) Well, I thought we'd finally got that right.
Maggie? Oh, we have! (GIGGLES) (MAGGIE AND CAL GIGGLE AND SIGH CONTENTEDLY) I found this on the coffee table again.
I just don't understand how flossing is a couch activity.
It takes a long time.
I get bored.
Yet you're perfectly happy to brush your teeth in the bathroom and splatter toothpaste all over the mirror.
Grace, you have habits that I might find irritating but I choose to ignore them.
Really? Mm-hm.
For instance? Uh-uh.
No, go on.
I won't take offence.
You bleach everything.
And it's like living in a hospital.
I'm hygienic.
You're obsessive.
And you walk around the house half naked.
I am not half naked! I'm about to go to bed in my own apartment.
Which you are sharing.
Right, fine.
I will use less bleach.
I will put a robe on.
But you need to address your toilet paper usage.
Huh? No-one needs to wipe that much.
Oh, sorry.
I didn't realise you were counting the squares.
This is how much a normal person uses.
Look at the gaps.
You have to fold the paper otherwise a finger might poke through.
Poke through? What are you doing down there? Goodnight.
(HEAVY BREATHING) # I'm on fire Wait, wait, wait.
What? Do you need a second? I just want to look at you.
# But my eyes, they intend to love you So when it calls to you, girl, I can see you spark (PHONE BEEPS) GRACE: Max? MIRANDA: No, Sasha, actually.
She wants me to let her in.
She'll have to wait.
So you and Max have been having nightly sleepovers but you are not going to miss him when he goes to Jakarta? No.
I mean, at first I had to flip the switch to not see him as boyfriend material and whenever I messed up he found a way to show me that we are nothing more.
That doesn't sound so bad.
That sounds like you've got yourself a purely sexual relationship.
Yeah, I do.
Huh! How grown-up is that? I'm so grown-up I've got the reverse.
It's all marriage, no sex.
So now I break the news to Grace we don't have to be married anymore.
She'll be OK with that? Are you kidding? She will be so happy to be rid of me.
And you are absolutely certain this is your guy? You said it happened pretty quickly.
That face.
I remember that face.
I really didn't think we would get anywhere.
I didn't think we would either.
But this will give you enough.
Got an ETA on that baby? Jade reckons it's going to be at least a week late.
Apparently first babies usually are.
Well, we're going to need to get some serious surf time in between now and then.
Colette thinks I should be using this time to map out how this co-parenting thing is going to work.
Well, is there that much stuff? You know, access rights, schools, is it going to be gluten-free like Jade? (PHONE RINGS) I just don't want these combos getting all tense and legal, you know? Yeah.
Mate, how are you? You need to get down here.
This place is actually starting to look like a bar.
Sorry? No.
I think we need to talk about that first.
What about payment for the work to date then? Sorry? I can still hear you, dude.
Is that the boss? He's declaring bankruptcy.
They do cooking classes at the fish market on Saturday.
I did one in Tokyo - it was fun, but I like the sake-tasting courses more, though.
(GIGGLES) Actually it's sa-ke, not sa-ki.
Different meanings.
You want to get that right, Cal.
What are you doing here? Well, forecast say it was going to be a ripper of a weekend.
I thought, why pay all those rates to own a place at the beach and not use it? Because I'm living here? Maggie.
Maggie, Cal, this is Vanessa.
Lovely to meet you.
Lovely to meet you.
So, how do you guys know Warwick? Hope you don't mind.
I brought a friend.
Another terrible interview.
The woman didn't blink once.
Imagine that.
Working for a non-blinker.
I sent out the Pied Piper pitch at 8:09.
It's been in their inbox all morning and nothing.
So you're just sitting there hitting 'Send and receive'? I found a typo.
After all that triple checking? It's just a comma.
Do you think I should resend? (KNOCK AT DOOR) OK, step away from the email! Hey.
Is Dani home? She is, yeah.
You OK? Yeah.
Are you alright? Yeah, um, she told me not to tell anyone but she's been staring at the wall all morning.
Leave you to it.
Wait, why is she staring at a wall? Where is Kate? Kate left her.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Mum, it's Dani.
Sorry, sorry! You could have left a key out.
Well, I was at yoga.
I had important stuff on my iPad that I needed for work.
I've been waiting for an hour.
Sorry, I can't keep track of your movements.
Sometimes you stay, sometimes you leave in the middle of the night.
It is none of your business why I had to leave.
I don't have to explain myself to you.
You know what? Some people have more important things in their lives than yoga and playing stupid little power games.
Well, then change your life and stop taking it out on me.
It was a crazy impulse.
I mean, normally with online meet-ups I keep it to just a coffee date so I have an out but there was something about this one's messages.
We sparked! Plus we have a mutual friend so when he invited me down here I thought, "Oh, stop doubting the universe, Vanessa! "Just see this as romantic rather than" Opportunistic.
When you go to a Turkish restaurant, what do you call the flat bread? I'm off carbs.
Paleo diet.
Most people say 'pide', but it's pronounced pi-day.
Sa-ki, sa-ke.
Pi-de, pi-day.
I didn't know that.
So you two just met this morning? We've been chatting for a while.
Yeah, he had this whole banter going on about his ex-wife.
Oh, God.
That's you, isn't it? II swear it was flattering.
Glad to be an icebreaker.
Anyway, my sister lives nearby so I thought I could go there if I had to but then Warwick drove up and wow.
Wow! That's a big reaction.
DANI: Why didn't you tell me all of this yesterday? Didn't want to spoil our lunch.
I just feel like I need to be alone .
for a while.
Up you get.
No, I'm OK.
I'm fine here.
You heard me.
Come on, get up! Dani! Dani, please! Stop! What are you doing?! Stop! Leave her! I'm fine.
You know where the shower is.
Wash your face and the rest of you and get dressed.
I've been sick.
Make sure she gets in the shower and I'll organise some lunch.
I just have to say hats off to you because some couples split and they can't even be in the same room together.
My ex-husband, forget it! Warwick, can you help me in the other room? Why? There are other serviettes that I want Won't be a second.
Excuse me.
So do you have any hobbies, Vanessa? You are being ridiculous! Living my life.
Same as you.
Turning up unannounced in my apartment is living your life? Our apartment.
Our apartment.
Can I ask you something? This isn't one of those weekends, is it? Hm? Well, you know, the seafood, the cocktails, the over 40s orgy? Oh, no, no.
Maggie and I are dating exclusively.
Oh, good.
I didn't I sensed something between them and I didn't know You think I'm going to work my arse off paying off our debts so you can prance around with your boyfriend down here? No-one is prancing around but you! I might give them a hand.
You two aren't being as quiet as you think you are.
Hey, mate, this is my place, my wife.
Oh, you know what? You can have the apartment, Warwick.
Have it all weekend.
We will stay in a hotel.
Good, great.
Eat some pide.
Wash it down with some sa-ki! So you don't keep your honey in the fridge? Actually Well, actually honey has enzymes that keep microbes out.
It's better at room temperature.
Tom tells me that Max is leaving the country in a couple of days.
No plans to go with him? No, I'm cool here.
Hey, you are home early.
Place went out of business before the first cocktail was poured.
Ow! Got in OK? Yeah, well, Miranda let me in eventually.
Well, if you look on the table you will see that you don't have to wait anymore.
Tom Wilcox, are these the keys to your heart? Oh, Tom has had a few sets made.
So this bar is half finished and the guy is just abandoning it? Mm.
Have you done much work on it? Heaps.
Can I see what you've done? Mm.
Yeah? (GASPS) Wow! It's a fantastic space and location.
And the upstairs apartment is rented as well? Yeah, I think it's all on the same lease.
They were going to get me to quote a conversion up there if down here started booming.
So are you serious about this? Running my own place was always the plan but I just gottrapped.
It's time to get out.
What would this bar be like? Excellent wine list, naturally.
But no, apart from that, just nothing too polished.
We could make it a pop-up.
Yeah, it's a small bar licence, right? It's not expensive.
Babe, it's the fit-out that costs.
I think I know a good cabinetmaker.
This is your design? Yeah.
And it's all mine, seeing as I haven't been paid.
I mean, I've got some savings but I probably Definitely still need a silent investor.
Cabinetmaker can't help you there but he might have some friends who could.
Mum left me and Dad for Kate so, I don't know, she should have tried harder or something.
Hang on.
Is she still getting changed? Yes.
Is this why you're being so horrible to her, so you can get even? I'll call you back.
Good luck with the interview.
Tough love.
It's how it works.
OK, well, thanks for your help but I think I can take care of her now.
I swear I'm not trying to pull rank, it's just I've been here before with my dad.
He was a mess for years.
And you are still blaming her.
No, but letting her lie there isn't helping her either.
She got up yesterday to meet you.
And she's gone backwards today.
I know the signs.
You don't want a depressed parent.
Girls Look, I didn't feel like a shower.
But did somebody say something about lunch? Coming right up.
GRACE: You did what? Max and I tracked down a guy.
How?! What, on Facebook?! Max has a journalist contact in Rio and they sent through the pictures of the suspects in the case and It doesn't matter.
I saw the guy's picture and I know who it was and I know that my family will be safe so I can go to the FBI as a witness and apply for protection visa.
Shh! And then Max says that I won't have to go back to Rio to testify, will I? I don't know, because, like Max, I'm not an immigration lawyer.
Did Max also have an opinion on how this would affect our spousal visa? Well, if I go for a protection visa then we can call the marriage visa off.
Carlos, nice to see you.
You too.
How are you? We're just having lunch.
Oh, gosh, don't be silly.
Take the arvo off or work from home.
Go be newlyweds! See you! Bye.
How am I supposed to tell everyone that it didn't work out after two months? How is that not going to look like it's completely fake?! I thought that you would be happy to not have to be married to me anymore.
MAX: It's such a great shot.
Yeah, thanks.
Well, say goodbye to the beach.
Hey, have you ever been to Bali? No, but it's on the list.
I could meet you there for a week or so.
It's close enough for both of us.
Meaning what? You want to keep things going? Well, I'm sure we could both do with a holiday.
Really? (KNOCK AT DOOR) Max, have you got a minute? Yeah.
Carlos tells me that you two have been playing boy detective.
Well, I spoke to a colleague, that's all.
You don't know whether identifying this man will help with the Rio investigation.
Grace You may not want to be married to me and I realise it's been torture for you, but our spousal visa is already in the system and pulling out will only expose us.
Am I missing something here? I thought the whole point was you wanting out of the marriage? You can apply for both visas at the same time.
Problem solved.
No, problem not solved.
If you publish the story then that is asking Immigration to put us under the microscope.
As I explained to Carlos, it helps his case to make it high-profile.
You just want to file some copy.
This is our lives.
Wow! This place could be so amazing! We think so too.
So are you? You aren't? Well, that is what Tom is talking to Rob about.
Actually we wanted to ask you guys how you would feel about taking this place on with us? No, sorry You know, I'll just leave it to Tom to talk to you both.
Um I mean, it's not something I've ever thought about but Rob doesn't have the headspace.
It's all about the baby.
You're already invested.
It's just some money and a bit more labour.
Sasha has got you wrapped around her little finger.
Oh, it's nothing like that! Oh, yeah? Well, yeah, I mean, it was Sasha's idea, yes.
But she's not wrong.
Pop-ups can get a big return on small risk.
I'd put in the capital if I had it.
Do you trust her? Because, you know, you don't jump into a commitment like this unless you trust someone.
I nearly had the full deal with her once.
Kids running around the backyard.
I want that now.
Mate, I'd love to do this with you.
We would have some fun.
We would have ridiculous levels! Just give it a minute! Dude, just think about it! Don't worry.
It happens.
It happens to everyone.
But that has never happened to me ever.
Look, I'm surrounded by all my wife's stuff - that's what it is.
No, I get it.
I totally get it.
Well, what do you say? Let's give it another go.
This is my son Tom.
This is my friend Vanessa.
But you don't need to remember that because I'm going to take off.
Do you mind staying with him for a while? He's feeling a bit low.
What? No, stay.
I'm feeling good.
One of these days you are going to make a great dirty weekend but at the moment you're just not ready.
Oh, I'm ready.
I am ready! You don't have to leave! I want to, though.
Brought a random back to Mum's apartment? Our apartment.
So was it to prove that you could still pull? I think you might want to run these moves by me, first, Dad.
Mum is going to know you're just trying to make her jealous.
Oh, it didn't work anyway.
She's off happy with him.
So Mum has got the hand in the break-up now.
It's all about who has got the hand.
I have no hand.
You might want to start with some dignity.
Dad! Unbelievable.
The embassy has misplaced my visa application.
Do you think you'll get it in time? I'm sure it's just a hiccup but I have to do some chasing.
Well, maybe you can write a story about it.
Look, I don't understand the details but Grace obviously isn't happy with the Carlos story you're doing.
Grace thinks she knows everything.
Look, he knew I was trading information for an exclusive.
That was our deal.
Yeah, but some things are more important than a story, Max.
You don't want me to file it? No.
I won't.
Really? Done.
Are you using bleach on that? Thank you for cleaning the mirror.
What you said before It isn't torture being married to you.
That's not why I wanted to get out.
Really, it doesn't matter.
What was torture was watching you lie to your parents about us and your dad saying that I would be his son-in-law.
I don't want you to have to pretend that you're in love with me.
Well, I appreciate the sentiment but this isn't something that we can just snap our fingers and undo.
Well, the way that Max put it it seemed like a reasonable alternative.
It isn't.
Look, hopefully I've stopped him from putting the story out and we can just forget all about it.
Let's just forget about it.
First there is denial and bargaining.
Then what? Anger.
Or is it chocolate? No, it's chocolate, definitely.
(PHONE RINGS) It's Kate.
Are you going to talk to her? No.
It's only going to get harder the longer you wait.
Hi, Kate.
It's Dani.
She doesn't want to talk to you.
No, not right now.
I will tell her that you want her to come over.
Did she say she was going to force me to move in with her because she is my, and I quote, biological mother? Is that a possibility? She's such a hypocrite.
Always going on about the fact that we are equal parents until it suits her and then she pulls out the biological card.
That's what I was trying to tell you yesterday.
You just don't know somebody's character, their ethics, nothing, until you divorce them.
The bar is going to be amazing.
Sasha knows what she's doing.
What did Tom say? I turned him down.
Why? Our fixed deposit is not earning any interest.
We don't need much.
It's a pop-up bar.
We've got a lot of expenses coming up, babe.
With the baby, you mean? That's hard to know though, isn't it? When you and Jade haven't faced any of those issues.
Couldn't you have done that today instead of going for a surf? It's not about having enough time, it's about finding the right time.
I don't want to get Jade offside and create a hostile environment.
Rob, the baby is coming.
Yeah, I know that.
Our lives are about to change forever.
I'd like to know the parameters, our money, the finances - is it all going to be about the baby now? No! It won't be like that.
Then what will it be like? Also, I like the idea of the bar.
Maybe you could have discussed that with me first before deciding.
Why do you need my password? Why did you change it? Because I can't have a business and keep the password I've had since I was 12.
Honey, Backstreet Boys was easy to remember.
Hang on.
I've got it written down somewhere.
Dani? Hm.
Do you smell that? Steve, I'll call you back.
(LAUGHS) She's found her angry stage.
What are you doing? This is insane! I feel completely sane.
I want to do one! Don't get too close.
Can you both please just calm down and come inside? Why?! Because you have neighbours and a really nice driveway.
I don't want to calm down.
You know, she brought these paintings from her art dealing, cat loving, cliche of a lesbian girlfriend.
I hated them at the time and I hate them even more now! You know, this is terrible parenting.
No, Mum.
It's great parenting.
She's right.
You are great! (BOTH SCREAM) What are you doing? Well, if you won't come to the shower then the shower will come to you.
Don't! Oh, don't! (SCREAMS AND LAUGHS) CAL: Hey.
MAGGIE: It's not too cold.
Yeah, right.
Vanessa is gone.
Well, that's probably a good move.
Oh, Warwick wants to talk.
Hey, hey.
Don't let this knock you around.
He's just trying to get a reaction.
He's being a dick.
Don't talk about him like that.
Maggie, deep down he wants you to be happy.
Yeah, I can't ignore his feelings, though, just because I'm happy.
You cannot be the one to give him sympathy.
Did you have anything for dinner? No, I'm not staying home.
I'm just getting my books and going to the library to study.
Oh, I just I thought that you might have been shopping.
I was at the police station.
I made a report identifying the guy who killed the cop in Rio.
Why would you do that? It's so easy for you to say forget it, isn't it? But me telling the truth is not about you, Grace.
I needed to do it.
This is everything that we were trying to avoid.
The cop with a knife in his neck was alive when he looked at me.
And now I know who killed him so everything else, we can do whatever you want, but I had to report it.
And don't bother.
You don't have to tell me how stupid I am or how wrong it was.
I can't even wipe my own arse according to you.
(DOOR SLAMS) Bye, Luce! Can you tell her that I've programmed takeaway to be delivered every night this week? You don't need to be thinking about food.
It will just magically appear, huh? Hm.
Like you? I'm sorry about yesterday.
Forget what I said.
You and Steve don't need exit clauses.
You are wonderful together.
See you soon.
Didn't you go to yoga this morning? Calm and centred.
That's how I'm going to get through this.
And alcohol.
So that's why you're keen on this wine bar? That's right.
There is just so much stuff that is going to happen to you and I'm not going to be a part of it.
OK, well, let's have a look at Tom's business plan.
I'll talk to Jade and we'll make some plans there as well.
But I want you there in those discussions because you are part of everything that happens to me.
It's so scary not knowing how this is going to change things.
I'll call Jade and get her to come over.
Hm? First instinct? I'm worried.
Yeah, I just really want to make it happen for her.
See, that is the wrong reason.
All romantic.
Not practical.
You're just saying that because you're not in love.
If you were, you'd be jumping on a plane to Jakarta.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm not loved up so I'm thinking rationally.
Hm? You asked for my opinion.
You're jumping into this, Tom.
Hey, babe! Hey! I need your man muscles.
There are some very old bottles in there you do not want to break! Mm-hm.
What are these for? I .
swiped them after I quit.
The restaurant? I thought I might as well just bring them here.
I haven't found an investor yet.
We will.
Full faith.
I was thinking maybe we should just wait and do some research first.
But I spoke to the landlord.
Already? Look, I can't afford the rent at my place.
The upstairs apartment, it isn't as insane as you'd expect so I transferred the deposit.
Tom, I've seen this place now and I want it.
Actually, no, I need it.
You know what? Don't worry.
I will find another partner somehow.
No, no, no, no.
I just This is This is good.
I just need to get my head in the game.
This is happening.
Today can't happen again.
I don't want this descending into a farce.
It's not fair to us, or to Tom.
Sorry I crashed in on you like that.
Is that it? Is that what you wanted to say? Callan thinks deep down you want me to be happy.
What do you think? I think deep down you want to kill me.
Him even more so.
Is it just because he is someone else? Is it because he dances? I can dance.
Warwick, it's what we've talked about.
We both want different things.
(TEARFULLY) I love you, Maggie.
I know.
And I love you too.
That's the point - we can't just figure it out.
You and Rob haven't had a real conversation about any of this.
I don't see how that is your concern? She is my wife.
Can we start with that? Rob can see the baby whenever he likes.
On what days? How many days a week? Can it stay the night? Can it stay here just with me? What about the surname? What would that be? The baby will have my name.
Hang on a minute Alright.
Well, this is all stuff that needs to be formalised.
Do you think I'm going to cause problems? Use the child as a bargaining chip? It's a possibility.
I don't have to save your feelings.
We are not friends.
No, you're right.
We're not.
It's good to be honest.
You are never allowed to divorce me.
If you do, I'm going to burn all of your worldly possessions.
Can't help it.
It's in my DNA.
But we still need an exit clause.
I know you were worried about offending me, so I did it myself.
Grace drew one up for me.
Steve! No, don't Don't focus on the breaking up part.
We'll just put in an exit clause because in 30 years' time our kids are going to want to take the business from you, OK? So we'll need to be protected so they don't put us in a nursing home.
Cheeky little brats.
So entitled.
Can I have a look? Oi! If we can't trust each other to get divorced with love and respect then I may as well start burning your stuff now.
So you're not going to Jakarta at all or you're just putting it off for a while? Probably won't go at all.
And it's just because of the visa? What else would it be about? Oh, I don't know.
I mean, you're moving to Jakarta and then suddenly you're not.
How am I supposed to know what it's about? Well, at least we can keep doing what we're doing.
Well, that is, unless you've got some other guy on stand-by? I always feel like you're being obscure.
Like I'm only getting half the story with you.
Don't worry.
You're getting the exciting half.
(PHONE BEEPS) Ah! Hold that thought.
What is it? It's an interview with a shift worker.
It's the only window they've got.
Do you have to go?! Yeah, I do.
Hey, I've just seen Tom.
Have you heard about the bar? I've made an appointment with a real estate agent.
Someone is going to be around there to do an evaluation.
Sorry? We need to get an idea of the asking price for the flats.
Why? It's what you do in a divorce, Maggie.
Ordered assets.
Figure out what we have to split up, which will be bugger all once we square our debts but best to get this thing moving.
But why so soon? I I mean, I'm not the only one who is going to be affected.
I'm not trying to hurt anyone.
Tom is a big boy.
He hasn't got commitments to worry about.
He'll be fine.
# My friends and family, they don't understand # They think they'll lose so much if you take my hand # But for you-ooh # You-ooh, I'd lose it all # Give me one reason why I should never make a change Oh, baby, if you own me then all of this will go away CARLOS: Miranda! Hey! Hi.
What are you doing walking around in the dark? I've been stalking Max.
Oh, alright.
No, honestly, I have.
He left my bed to interview a shift worker, but he actually went home and was having sex with his so-called cleaner.
You followed him home? I'm crazy! He is driving me crazy! For you I'd leave it all.
He's going to Jakarta, he's not going to Jakarta.
I don't know why he was and I still don't know why he isn't.
And he doesn't explain? No, he just changes the subject.
I know we're only casual but we're meant to be exclusive so why is he seeing other women? You like him.
I don't even know him.
I thinkI think he has drug problems, intimacy problems .
telling the truth problems How can I be with someone that I can't trust or I can't get close to? You're asking the wrong person for advice.
II'm with the person I want to be with but I'm not with her at all.
Being with someone and not being with them fully, it's torture.
You shouldn't waste your time with this guy.
(SIGHS) He shouldn't want to be with other women - not when he has you.
You're sweet, Carlos.
(SIGHS) Why are we both in this place? I don't know.
Cannon ball, I fell so hard