Wonderland (2013) s03e06 Episode Script


You cut me out of your wedding.
We had to be discreet.
Do your parents know? I have a horrible feeling my dad's going to cry.
How come there's no boyfriend picking you up? I'm just .
keeping things simple.
Now that you know all my secrets.
Maybe .
it's time you share some of yours.
I slept with Cal.
Are you in love with him? I don't know.
Don't you dad me.
You knew, you knew about him and your mother and you didn't have the guts to tell me.
Tell her that you're back with your lovely wife.
I can't believe how close we came to not having this.
So what did Jade's text say exactly? Just that she needed to see me.
And you told Colette? Straightaway.
Then I deleted the message.
How long ago was this? That was a week ago.
You did the right thing, man.
Yeah, but it hasn't worked, see, because then I got another one this morning.
Ruined her for all other men.
Well, once they've had me, there's just no getting over it.
So what? Do I need to tell her to back off to her face or? I'd just keep ignoring the text.
Yeah, that's what I figured.
And do I tell Colette? You really think she'd want to know? Yeah, you're right.
I mean, there's no point getting myself into trouble.
Good chat.
Good chat.
Rob? You didn't answer my text.
I said I need to talk to you.
Look, I told you before.
I'm not interested, I'm back with Colette.
Just give me 10 minutes.
After that, you'll never have to see me again, if you don't want to.
I wasn't going to tell you at all.
I thought I could just have the baby and forget about your part in it.
Jesus, Jade.
The more it'll progress, the worse I feel about not giving the baby a chance to know his father.
I'm sorry, I I know I'm supposed to say something but I don't know what it is.
I'm struggling, I need help.
What sort of help? All sorts, really.
Emotional, financial.
There's a lot of expenses.
Hang on, hang on.
Just slow down, alright? This is It's a lot to take in.
And you're sure it's mine? It can only be yours.
I don't mind staying.
No, thanks.
Well, maybe your parents will take the news better if it comes from both of us.
Or not.
Well, it's not going to be easy.
Listen, I know my parents and they like their big news gently.
You know, they might actually be happy and excited for us.
No, that's it, that's a real possibility.
And I can pretend to be in love with you.
My darling wife, my passion for you burns Because that's exactly what every parent wants to hear when they find out their only child has got secretly married.
OK, well, just trying to help.
Just got to tread gently with my mum.
She always seems to know when I'm lying.
It's like it's her superpower.
OK, well, I'll be gone by the time your parents get here.
Where are you disappearing to for the week? Just down the coast.
Oh, yeah? With a friend from work? Someone from uni.
Is it anyone I know? Oh, is Is he a she? Grace No, I don't mind.
Seriously, you go enjoy your dirty week.
Just remember the rules and don't get caught.
Seriously, have fun.
How's Warwick? Wobbly.
What you knitting? A scarf for Dad.
Ah, so we're rewarding home wreckers with arts and crafts now, that's That's unfair.
Is it? My dad's pretty shattered.
Well, it's a shattering situation.
The person who slept with my mother behind my father's back is probably the person who is the least shattered out of everyone.
Well, I don't think it's a good guy, bad guy situation, Tom.
It's more complex than that.
You're an idiot if you take sides.
Idiot? Or loyal.
Your mum sent my dad away, he's hurting too.
How do you know that? Because I've spoken to him on the phone.
He's devastated.
He really wanted to make it work with Maggie.
Well, she lost out now too.
Because my dad wants a divorce.
And I don't care what you say.
Some people should just keep their hands to themselves.
Leave it, Tom.
I mean, it's not entirely Dad's fault.
It's Maggie's marriage.
She's the one making the choices.
He's the one who busted them up.
Maybe she wasn't happy with Warwick.
Doesn't she deserve to find happiness? That doesn't mean Cal has to swoop in and take advantage of the situation.
Oh gosh, this is typical you.
Blaming Dad.
And this is typical Dad! You should never have suggested he moved in with Maggie in the first place.
Right, so it's my fault that they're having the affair? Who's that scarf for? Stop trying to change the subject.
Is it Max? It's for Dad.
Well, YiaYia always says, knit for a man before you're married and he'll never pop the question.
Well, if you're getting romance advice from YiaYia, ask what she thinks about men who steal other men's wives.
I think she says they get cursed.
Yeah, something about Zeus eating their firstborn son.
Firstborn? That's you.
Great, I look forward to that.
Ooh! So, work's good? Yeah, work's fine.
It's great.
And what happened to perfect Nick? Um, just nothing dramatic, it just didn't quite work out.
Did this have something to do with why you didn't get the promotion? Mum, no.
Well, I guess that's what happens when you get tangled up in an office romance.
Mum! She said it wasn't related to the promotion.
She's lying.
I can tell.
A little something for you all.
Oh, that's nice.
Thank you, Sasha.
She'll get plastered on this stuff.
Thank you for this.
Of course.
So Who was that I heard in the background when I called you last week? Sounded like Carlos.
That might Could have been him.
Well, it's nice you're still mates.
Carlos is a lovely bloke.
He's a bit of a Bit of a time-waster.
Yeah, I know.
Thanks, Dad.
Hello? Good morning.
We're from the Department of Immigration.
We'd just like to ask some questions about your statement regarding a recent application.
Grace and Carlos are next door.
Are you Colette Riger? Yes, I am.
We'd like to talk to you about Mr Dos Santos's application.
Of course, come in! Hey.
Hey! What are you doing here? Tom, you can't just turn up at my work without telling me.
Why not? Because I thought you were out visiting your dad.
Yeah, I'm back early, I've come to pick you up.
I can go and wait in the car if you like.
You'll be waiting a while.
That's alright, I've got a podcast I can listen to.
No, because .
my dad is in town.
We're catching up after work.
Ah, OK.
Well, tonight then.
Hmm? Yeah.
If I can get away.
You know what he's like.
Yeah, sure.
It's not a problem.
I just I missed you, that's all.
I've missed you too.
I've brought you these.
Mm-mm! OK, well, you say hello to your old man for me, OK? You look great.
Those are delicious! Why would Immigration be coming around? Looking for immigrants.
I don't know! And what's the story with Grace and Carlos anyway? Do they actually even love each other? Of course they do, that's why they got married.
Come on, you can trust me.
I've got to head off to meet a deadline.
I'll see you later? Sure.
"My name's Max.
"I'm on a deadline.
"Because saying that I can't get my work done on time "is just not rock star enough.
" Hmm.
You still mad at me? No, I'm not.
I'm sorry.
We shouldn't take it out on each other because the fling's over.
Hmm? I hate us fighting.
Well, it could have been worse.
If they'd kept it up, we'd have to move out.
Why? Because we'd be brother and sister and Step, but .
we're not.
No, we're not.
Oh, Cal.
This isn't a good idea.
So you and Warwick are getting divorced? He's just saying it to hurt me, Cal.
He'll change his mind once he comes down.
Can I come in? I don't think so.
I'm just here to support you, that's all.
You You can't be the person I run to.
I I don't want to muddy things.
We will talk.
You know, if you're going to leave that there, you need to take the door off.
As if I'd leave a treasure like this out here to get snaffled up.
I'll sleep out here, guard it till it sells.
Going to brave the elements for a fridge? I find the sea air really assists the creative self.
Just look at Steve's dad, can't get enough of the stuff.
What? He's back.
Did you know the Dalai Lama drinks a glass of saltwater every morning? How long has he been back? Just be reasonable, OK? We don't know why he's here.
They weren't horrible, they were just there.
So what were they asking you? Well, if this was your address, how often do we see you.
I managed to tell them that I'd met your parents and that your mum loves Grace.
Wow, it looks like they're going to double-check everything in our statements.
OK, well, thanks for letting me know.
It was fine, really.
Yeah? Really.
Honestly, I could talk about you guys forever.
In fact, I think I started to bore them a little bit.
That'll be Rob, we're going paddleboarding again! OK.
Tell Grace if she wants to go through it, just call.
OK, thank you.
Bye! Bye.
You missed it.
Immigration were here, ate all the good biscuits.
I freaked out when I opened the door but they were mostly taking my stat dec answers.
You OK? No.
Well, what's wrong? Just sit down.
Why? Jade's pregnant.
And it's my baby.
We're going to make this decision together.
Both of us.
I won't agree to do anything you don't want to do.
If you never want me to see her again, I won't.
I can't believe you didn't use protection.
What should I be getting myself tested for? I'm so sorry.
I will do whatever this takes to make this right.
Whatever you want.
I I just need some time to process.
Can you please just give me that? Yeah, of course.
I'm everything.
I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm jealous.
Even though I know we weren't together when they But most of all, I'm angry.
Like, really, really angry.
Like burningly angry.
Why didn't she tell him the minute that she knew? Instead of just doing what she wanted and destroying our lives.
Better that she tells him now than have some kid turn up in 18 years looking for his dad.
Is it? I mean, she could have behaved like a rational adult eight months ago.
It could have been something that they both decided.
I don't even like saying 'both'.
I don't want her and him to be a team, I don't want them to be a thing.
And now they're tied together for the rest of their lives.
It's making me feel sick.
Rob and I are trying to have a baby and now his first child is going to be with some .
random woman.
What do you want? I don't know.
OK, what does Rob want? I don't know.
I'm hoping that all she's after is his money and then she'll just go away.
Is that really what you want? I don't want any of it.
And I hate that I'm talking about a baby like this.
It's the worst thing that could have ever happened.
The worst.
So what are you going to do? Just try and pretend it never happened? It's one option.
Especially for Colette's sake.
It's not really something you can pretend never happened, once you know.
That doesn't mean he has to step up and be a full-time dad.
She cut him out of that decision.
I got an ex pregnant once a long time ago.
What happened? I wanted it, she didn't.
And to be honest, I'm not sure I ever really got over it.
Is that what she did? That's irrelevant.
All I'm saying is that it's something you really want to think through because .
it's the rest of your life that we're talking about.
Pursuing this right now just does not make sense.
Because you've just left a marriage? Because we both have.
I think you just don't like being alone.
Maybe I'm filling a void.
Well, this is where I regret being so candid about my past.
To be perfectly honest, the idea of taking on all of your history - your wives, your family, my mother's opinion.
I just don't think I've got the energy for it.
We can keep it simple.
You know, in 34 years, Warwick has never refused to speak to me like this.
No matter what.
Why is what you want at the bottom of the priority list? Do you really want to fix things with Warwick? I think it's past repairing.
G'day, Harry.
Hi, Grace's parents.
Hope our daughter is not making your life a total misery.
Sorry? In the kitchen.
Is this like Cluedo? Why don't we get inside and put the kettle on? You know, I've never understood the appeal of tamari.
Is she still buying those huge bottles? I'd be surprised if there's any room for your things in the pantry.
There's plenty of room in the pantry for Harry's things.
Can you let yourselves in? Sure.
Everything OK? Yes.
So you couldn't bear to break the news that we don't live together any more? Got it in one, Harry.
I texted to warn you.
What are you still doing here? I have to stay.
What, did your dirty week fall through? Immigration visited Colette and they could be back any minute for a surprise call.
Did you tell your parents? No, no, not yet.
Grace, you have to tell them.
If Immigration come back and your parents have no idea we're married, it's not going to look good.
Oh, God.
Come on.
We'll tell them together.
No, no, no! I'll do it.
Um, I'm just trying to find the right moment.
This is the right moment.
Right, OK.
Alright, you just stay here and I'll Let me handle it.
Don't go too far away, alright? I'll call you just after.
You got married? Yes.
To Carlos? I know it's a shock.
Without us? Um, I know that Dad doesn't approve of Carlos.
So I just wasn't really sure how to tell you that we got back together.
I never said I didn't like him.
Well, getting back together is one thing but married? What happened to marriage is an institution designed to keep women in domestic slavery? Ijust It happened very fast.
And, he had this whole crisis with his visa.
Well, what sort of crisis? Um Couldn't he have gone back and applied for his visa back there? No, no.
There's trouble.
Oh, wonderful.
What do you think we'd say? I didn't think you'd be happy about it because I know how you feel about him.
I always said I liked him.
I said so today.
You also said that he was a time-waster.
So you're saying that you're in love with him? That's correct.
But you only married him so quickly because otherwise he'd have to leave the country? Yes.
Just don't know why you didn't tell us.
I'm sorry.
I should have.
And get to walk my beautiful daughter down the aisle.
Ugh! Oh, Dad.
We love you.
How could we not want to see you get married? Where is Carlos now? Yeah.
Where is Carlos? I want to talk to him too.
You go first.
I don't really know where to start.
Me neither.
You tell me how you're feeling.
I just wish this wasn't happening.
All of it.
You know I regret being with Jade.
I know.
But I just don't think I can turn my back on all of this and pretend it doesn't exist.
So, what does that involve? I don't know.
I was hoping we could work that out together.
Why? What were you thinking? That I wanted you to have nothing to do with it at all.
So sorry.
Colette? I just can't talk about anything calmly.
It's too short.
It's not! Hold still.
So, everyone's coming tonight? I guess.
Well, who's not? There's a rumour that Rob and Colette won't make it.
And Sasha's dad is here so she might get caught up with that.
It's not a scarf, it's a cravat.
My masculinity is compromised.
I need more wool.
Hmm? Who are you calling? Some sheep.
See if they 'wool' deliver.
Hey, I was calling about tonight.
I'm doing teriyaki salmon.
Um, I I still don't know.
Well, just bring your dad if that's what it takes to see you.
Um, yeah Actually, put him on.
I should probably invite him myself.
Actually, I'm going to text you.
We've got six hours.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I would have called but something just came up.
So last week you fob me off for work, so what's the excuse this time? There's no excuse.
Come on, baby.
I could lose my job.
Who were you talking to on the phone? No-one.
They need me to work.
Alright? Something happened.
I have to go.
I appreciate you've got a life to lead but .
the next time my wife's busy .
you make yourself available.
That's the deal.
Close your eyes.
They're closed.
You you said you'd throw it.
I can see it under the table! My go! OK.
Corner, next to the bin.
Can you two come downstairs for a family meeting? We're calling a family meeting at Maggie's.
They want to have a family meeting.
Maggie and I have talked about it a lot and we We've decided to give it a shot.
How could you do this To us? How long is it going to last this time, Dad? Steve! No, I'm sick of everyone tip-toeing around this.
It's the secrecy that bothers us the most.
I don't want you to think that you're not a welcome addition to the family, Carlos.
Katherine and I have always liked you very much.
Maybe if we all just have five minutes to speak So how long has this been going on for? And what are you going to Do, long-term? Or is it more of a holiday romance thing? No, it's a genuine thing.
I'm requesting a transfer to Sydney.
We're just surprised.
And a little bit sad that we've been kept in the dark for so long.
Surely you can understand that? Of course, and we're both Sorry, really.
I mean, I know it's a shock for all of you.
We don't even know where this is going yet.
But it would be really nice to have your blessing.
Really? What about Dad? Look, I love you both.
And I respect your right to make your own decision.
Quit the act, Miranda.
It's not an act! Why don't you just say what you're really thinking? What we're all thinking? That this bullshit.
She's in the bedroom.
She won't come out, so Oh.
I have tried talking to her but Well, maybe I should try? No thanks, but I just think she needs some time to herself, you know.
Yeah, OK.
I'll keep you updated.
Oh, I'm so sorry that you guys are going through this.
It's OK.
Look, I know it's a shock but It's kind of sad because a baby is something you should be celebrating.
I kind of want to say congratulations.
It'll be OK.
Call me if you need anything.
I'll see you later.
I want to hug you but .
I want to respect you if you need space, so I'm a bit stuck.
Can I get you something? Like tea or a whiskey? Thank you for giving me time to think.
Of course.
I want to see her.
We'll I'll arrange a sit-down meeting for all of us and we can No, not all of us.
I want to see Jade alone.
So he's not happy with throwing a rock into somebody else's marriage.
Now he has to muscle himself into prime position here.
You should continue that thought.
Sounds important.
No, I'm not interested in any more of your family meetings, thanks.
Well, then you and I can talk then, hey? I'm just going to Whose family were you referring to there, anyway? Your own? Maggie's? Or some new random person you're planning to use and abuse.
Mate, I No, don't start with that 'mate' stuff.
Dearest son, then.
I know I disappointed you to find out I had other reasons to stay in town and I know what you think of me.
Then you know there's nothing you could do to change my opinion.
Regardless of your opinion, you're still my son! And we have to learn to live together now.
You just You make choices that only work for you.
My best mate's mother? Really? So, it's official.
Like I said.
We have to respect them for making a decision.
Do we? Yeah, I mean they know what they want and they're going for it.
It's better than living a lie.
So .
what are we going to do about agreeing to disagree? I don't know.
Well, I mean, they're together.
My dad is going to be living downstairs.
With my mum.
So, now we are.
Yes, we are.
There it is.
Have a seat.
I I haven't ordered anything for you.
I didn't know if you wanted anything.
I'm fine.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I know this must be a huge shock.
That's an understatement.
You must hate me.
Hate's not the word I'd use to I have so many feelings about this whole situation, it's hard to single out just one.
Believe me, I didn't set out to do this.
You didn't fall pregnant on purpose? No, it was an accident.
How do you accidentally fall pregnant? Do you honestly want me to go into details about how Rob and I had spontaneous sex a few times and? OK! The morning after pill? I honestly didn't think about it.
I When I found out, I thought I'd just do it alone, I didn't want to mess with your lives.
So, what changed your mind? I knew one day, he or she would start asking about their dad.
So you wait until the child's practically born before you tell Rob? So that he has no choice but to get involved? What about screwing up someone's marriage? That didn't seem to bother you at all.
Please stop.
Why? You've had time to get used to this, work out how you'd play the whole situation.
Nobody's playing.
So, sorry if I can't sit here and accept this whole crap about you wanting what's best for the baby.
Rob's baby too.
Fuck off.
It's emotional blackmail.
You know, I agreed to meet you because I thought it would help things.
But it's obviously not.
So, just .
forget it.
Jade! I need to go home.
If Rob is a part of this If he does get involved .
underneath it all, do you want to be with him? Is that what this is all about? No, not at all.
Because if it is, now's the time to tell me.
I want a healthy baby.
And a bit of help and support.
I don't want your husband and he doesn't want me.
He only ever wanted you.
If you'd told me you'd changed your mind about your feelings for Carlos, I'd have changed mine too.
You should have trusted me.
Dad Carlos.
You up for a walk? Uh, sure.
What's really going on? What do you mean? Oh, come on, Grace.
You know I can see through you.
I love him.
I know that's true.
I'm more concerned about his motives.
What? Maybe you're just being used by a charming man.
I'm not being used! I just don't want you to get lured in to helping Carlos get a visa and then he's gone.
Happens all the time to girls just as intelligent as you.
It's been sitting badly with me all day, Carlos.
I'd never meant Grace to make you think that I didn't like you or that I wouldn't embrace you as a son-in-law.
Mitchell, you don't have to No, hear me out.
I want to say this.
Certainly Katherine and I have reservations about the way you two went rushing into things.
But I want you to feel welcome.
We'll always support Grace's choices in life.
So, I'd like to start afresh.
With good feeling between us.
You're an honourable man, Carlos, and I know that.
And I know you're going to look after my daughter.
And it's knowing that that makes me happy to give your marriage my full support.
That .
means a lot.
We shake on it? You OK? I'm fine.
Look, just Whatever you want to tell me or don't want to tell me, it's your call.
I don't think the specifics are important.
I just think that you need to be a part of this child's life.
And I'm not going to stand in your way.
So, I'll support it and be a part of it too.
Are you sure? That's my decision.
Ooh, smells good! You do! It's teriyaki sauce.
So, Sasha's dad is coming to dinner? Yeah.
He's this really cool Maori bloke.
We went to the Vineyard once.
Now Are you winning? Yeah, I think so.
I mean, it's been kind of a weird day.
It's only going to get weirder.
Yeah, I mean, can you imagine family Christmas? Maybe we should wear matching clothes? Brother sister yuletide knitwear.
Right? Yeah.
Hey! Where's your dad? He had other plans.
Hmm! So, it's not going to be easy .
for anyone but we We both just wanted you to know where everything stood so you're not trying to second guess.
You've got our full support, mate.
There's nothing wrong with unconventional families.
I'll second that.
You guys are both going to make great parents.
Even if the kid does have Rob's genes.
Too early? I hate it when Mum goes quiet.
It's just you just know she's festering.
I thought you said they were in the theatre.
Mum doesn't turn her phone off in the theatre in case of emergencies.
It drives Dad nuts.
I'm sure they'll get back to you as soon as they're out.
You OK? Sure.
Things a bit stressful for you guys at the moment? With Immigration sniffing around.
No, it's fine.
I get the feeling you're in a bit of trouble back home.
I'm working on a related story at the moment and my editor is badgering me for copy.
It could be mutually beneficial.
Yeah, it's not for me.
Wouldn't have to use your name.
That's $500.
I looked up a bunch of convertible prams and the good ones seem to go for about that, so Thanks.
Listen, I don't see how this is going to work yet but I guess we'll just figure it out as we go.
Iwant to be a part of the process from hereon in.
Then I want it too.
Have you got a nursery ready? Yeah, I do.
You should come and check it out.
Yeah, soon.
Just whenever you're ready.
I'll keep you posted on all the hospital appointments.
I've got a fantastic midwife.
You should probably meet her.
All good.
Thanks again for everything.
I was feeling pretty alone with all this.
Now I know the baby will have its father too.
It's a good thing.
So in the end, I thought it was best to shut up and let him give me a spray.
Do you really think we're making the right decision by our kids? So we should sacrifice everything to keep the peace? They're adults.
We all are.
Yes, we're adults who just might be having a midlife crisis.
Hey, I am not having a midlife crisis.
Well, maybe this is mine.
You're just a symptom.
Well, if that's the case, I'll stick by you till you come to your senses and you dump me.
Dad keeps calling me.
And I don't know whether to tell him I don't know what to tell him.
What do you want me to tell him? It's not your job to cover for me.
I'll call him now.
I don't like what's happening.
And I don't like what you two have done to my dad.
But don't hurt my mum, Callan.
I can forgive most things, but I won't ever forgive that.
You still planning on giving that scarf to your dad? Ah, it's a little bit too political right now.
Well, if you're looking for a home for it Hey! Oh, hi.
What do you think? Mmm! Ah.
Can I get you a beer, Max? Yeah, thanks.
That'd be great.
Strike that.
I've got a story to cover.
Um, I'll just grab my stuff.
Make way, people.
He's on a deadline.
Shut up! Hey, where's Sasha? Hey.
It's me.
Uh Sorry about today, babe.
I'll buy you something nice.
What you doing out here? I just needed some air.
Want a piggyback? Come on.
I've left three texts.
That play must be over already.
I just I wish that we had either been able to tell them the whole truth or nothing at all.
Did Did you see their faces? Hey, you love them.
It's hard.
If I really did love them, I would have told them the truth.
What, are you are you still going? I need a break from all of this.
You need a break? You need sex.
That's why you're going.
Think what you want.
I'll see you next weekend.
Thanks for the lift.
Where are we going? If you'll give me a ride up to the station, I'll tell you everything over coffee.
You right? Yep.
You reckon you can really do this? I'm doing it.
I feel like you're just saying that everything's OK but deep down, you're angry.
Well, what if I am? Then I'd rather it came out now than down the track.
I just I don't think it's healthy to hold onto that stuff.
Well, of course I'm angry.
Of course I am.
That's good.
But I'm not angry with you.
With Jade? I'm angry because if I hadn't cheated on you, then you never would have met Jade and be having this baby.
I'm angry that I created this whole thing and now I have to live with it forever.