WondLa (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Chapter 1: Doors

"'E' is for Earth, the home to all people.
'F' is for family,
for which we are grateful."
I am Muthr,
your multi-utility task helper robot.
Eva, what are you doing?
Not Eva. Robot Eva.
You need a playmate.
This is Meego.
We got this.
I'm your new best friend.
Here we are.
Here we are.
No, no, no. We can't open this door yet.
-Eva. Eva. Now, now.
Let's find something else for you to do.
Eva, I do love your art,
but I'm going to have to clean these off.
Don't clean this one.
Good night, Eva dear.
-Hi, Muthr.
-Hi, Muthr.
-And 100.
-Me again.
Your move.
And look at this garden.
What a wonderful day to be
outside with all my friends.
When can I play with friends?
You will have friends to play with
on the surface.
Can I play with them now?
No. No, not quite yet.
When it's the right time.
Wanna camp out tonight?
This is my favorite secret spot.
I would love to camp with you,
but I have to upload tomorrow's schedule.
Good night, dear.
Don't stay up too late.
Good night, Muthr.
Happy sixth birthday, Eva.
Make a wish.
And now for your present.
A birthday gift?
I love it!
What is it?
It's an Omnipod.
An Omnipod?
It's exactly what I've always wanted!
What's an Omnipod?
Push that right there.
Greetings. Say your name.
Your name.
Greetings, "your name."
Not "your name." Say your name.
Greetings, Eva.
I am a Dynastes Corporation Omnipod.
But you can call me Omni.
Ask me anything.
Go ahead.
Open door. Surface. Friend.
Can you repeat that?
Can you open the door so I
can play with the other kids?
You cannot exit Sanctuary 573
until you pass the Final Assessment test.
A test?
Can I take it now?
You seem very excited to take a test.
That means it's time
for you to meet someone.
I get to meet a person?
Go ahead.
Dyna-Chamber unlocked.
Welcome, Eva.
Begin welcome instruction.
Initiate welcome.
Hello, Eva.
My name is Cadmus Pryde.
A human!
Well, technically,
I'm a hologram of Cadmus Pryde.
And I hear today is a very special day.
-I am six years old.
-Six years old?
And I'll bet you're very excited
about going outside to play with friends.
Yes. Can I go now?
Not quite yet. And I'll tell you why.
You see, I helped make this underground
sanctuary you're living in right now.
Why am I in the underground?
Well, it wasn't safe for people
to live up there on the surface anymore.
The earth was very sick, and it
needed time to get better without us.
But that was a long, long time ago.
And now the earth is feeling much better.
Lots of children just like you are
being raised in underground sanctuaries
like this one and are up on the surface
waiting for you.
They are?
Are you ready to meet your family?
Then you have lots to learn
to get ready to go.
I can count to 200.
And that's a very good start, Eva.
But there's so much more.
And that's why Meego and his friends
are here to help you prepare for the test.
Hello, Mr. Cadmus.
Hello, Eva.
Hi there, Meego.
Isn't it a beautiful day?
It sure is, Meego.
Why don't you tell us all about
what Eva is going to learn?
Sure thing, Mr. Cadmus.
Come on, friends.
Agriculture, to grow the food you eat
Health, to keep you on your feet
Technology, the future you invent
Science, now let's experiment
Communication, listen and talk with me
Art, your creativity
And teamwork, we do it all together
'Cause Meego and buddies
your friends forever
That was great, Meego. Thanks.
So, train hard.
And once you pass the Final Assessment
test, you can go through the big door.
And, Eva,
you'll make your way all the way up,
up, up the stairs
and onto the earth's surface.
Hi, Eva! Over here!
Where you'll get to meet your family.
What's it like on the surface?
How many kids are there?
Will they look like me?
-Do you think they'll like me?
-What's the test like? Is it hard?
Is the training hard?
Is Meego gonna help me?
-Are you going to help me?
-Yes, of course.
I like Cadmus.
Will I meet him on the surface?
Does he have a family?
Eva, it's time to go to sleep.
Tomorrow's a big day.
You start your training.
And you need your rest.
Yes, dear?
Are we a family?
No, we are not.
A family is a group of humans.
The ones you will meet on the surface.
Good night, Eva dear.
I can't wait to meet my family.
Happy birthday, Eva.
The time has gone so fast.
Your 16th birthday.
Would you like a big piece of cake?
Thank you. But
It looks good No, no, can't eat.
I gotta get ready.
You seem anxious.
Are you feeling anxious?
-Omnipod, status.
-Increased heart rate.
-Sweaty palms.
-We've talked about this!
Don't check my stats without asking.
Perhaps we should
reschedule tomorrow's test.
-Omni, reschedule tomorrow's test.
-Reschedule testing.
-No. No rescheduling.
-Omni, we're not rescheduling.
-Please make up your mind.
Muthr. I'm not anxious, okay?
I'm excited.
I've been waiting a long time for this.
I am finally going to meet friends,
family, other humans.
I gotta get ready.
Hi, fellow human.
I'm Eva from Sanctuary 573.
What are you doing? Human things?
I like that.
I also like doing human things.
You hang out on the surface too?
How about that sun?
So bright,
and you're not supposed to look at it,
but you totally want to, right?
Sanctuary, so over it.
And Muthr, it's like,
seriously, my stats are private.
If I have to eat one more kale-chickpea
Susti-bar That's your favorite?
Mine too.
Yeah, I know.
It's just, I don't know how to do this,
how people are supposed to act,
how to be normal.
But we got this, right?
We got this.
But what if we don't?
what happens if I don't pass the test?
I'm sure you won't fail.
But if you do, protocol states to
review your training from the beginning.
From the beginning?
But I'd get to take the test again,
right, Omni?
Of course you would.
On your following birthday.
A year? A year?
I can't wait another year!
I need to meet people! Now!
Omni, what's on the other side of this?
I'm sorry, Eva. I don't have information
on restricted areas.
Omni, how can I open this door?
You can't.
Security doors are magnetically secured.
Eva, tampering with security doors
is forbidden.
-Not for me.
-This is like the time when you broke in
Door is open.
Omni, light level three.
Brighton, Hadley, Freya, Roshon?
There are other kids?
There are other kids.
I'm not alone.
I'm not alone.
Hello, where are you?
Hello, is there anyone here?
Please, where are you?
Omni, light level one.
What's Wondla, Omni?
There is no "Wondla"
in any of my encyclopedic files.
-Is it a place?
-I'm sorry.
I cannot find Wondla
on any of my Earth maps.
"Eva, find me."
Wait, is someone looking for me?
Omni, light level 10!
Okay, okay. Come on. Come on.
Omni, activate visual signal.
Come on, come on. Over here.
I'm here! I'm here!
It's Eva!
Hello, I'm I'm Eva, from Sanctuary 573.
I'm here. I'm right here.
-You entered a restricted area?
-I know.
I'm sorry, but I found something.
I think there were other kids.
I can explain.
Eva, what's going on?
There's something else in there.
Seal room 1-13.
We got this.
Intruder in Sanctuary.
Activate security protocol 19-1-65.
Security protocol activated.
Target and fire.
Vault lock override.
Administration code 49-26269.
Pressurizing exit shaft.
Vault door release activated.
Eva, run!
It's blocked!
Get to the kitchen! Run!
-Lock code, 119-20-38-514.
-Securing room three.
-What is that thing?
-I do not know.
It is not in my database.
This vent shaft leads to the surface.
These supplies should be sufficient
until you find other humans.
From the other sanctuaries?
In each sanctuary there are
supposed to be six children.
You are the only one
who grew up by yourself.
I did not tell you.
I had to make a choice.
What? What are you talking about?
Come with me!
I cannot leave Sanctuary.
Please, Muthr, that thing will kill you.
I was programmed to keep you safe.
This is what I'm doing.
Trust what you have been taught.
Oxygen levels stable. No airborne toxins.
Breathe normally, Eva.
Where am I?
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