WondLa (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Chapter 2: Lifeforms

-Yes, Eva? How can I help?
Eva, please complete your question.
What Where What's happening?
Where are we?
Omni? Do trees walk?
There are no known tree species
with ambulatory capabilities.
And how about whales? Do whales fly?
Of course not. Whales are marine mammals.
Right. Ocean, not sky. Just checking.
A butterfly!
Kind of big, but this I recognize.
Okay, clearly Lepidoptera.
Omni, identify species.
I don't think that's in the database.
I suggest running.
All right.
Establish communication.
Omni, contact nearby sanctuaries.
No signal detected.
I recommend seeking higher elevation.
Omni, now contact nearby sanctuaries.
No detectable sanctuaries online.
Omni. Signal Sanctuary 573.
Sanctuary 573 also appears to be offline.
Omni. Signal Muthr.
MUTHR 06's signal cannot be found.
This is what I trained for.
I got this.
Okay, Omni.
First rule of survival,
let's review our provisions.
Fourteen-day supply
of hydro tablets and Susti-bars.
There are one dozen of your favorite,
strawberry peanut butter.
And two of your least favorite,
kale chickpea.
-Expiration date, 16
-Omni! A person!
Hey! Excuse me?
Hi! Hey! Hi! Can you hear me?
Maybe you don't understand me. I'm Eva!
Konnichiwa! Guten Tag!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no.
No. Let go.
Let go!
Let go of my leg!
This was not in my training!
It stinks in here!
How do you
There's gotta be something
to get this thing open
-Sorry, Eva.
Species also not in database.
-Hey! What?
-I have been stolen.
Wait, whoever took that. That's mine!
Stop pressing me.
And please don't sniff me.
You are not human.
Stay away.
S Hey. Stay back.
Stay away from me.
Thank you, Eva.
Stay back.
That's better.
Omni, do I attempt communication?
Protocol would support
acquiring information.
Hey! Hi!
I'm Eva from Sanctuary 573.
I'm human.
Have you seen other humans like me?
Wait. Hey. Don't leave.
Wait. Please.
Wait. Please. Okay.
They want me to find them.
They To find Wondla.
Wait Who's Shee-nah?
Is that your name?
That's a beautiful name.
-I think we should
Hey. Wake up.
Shee-nah. If you're alive, wake up.
Okay, I have been in 27 different
survival situations
Well, survival-simulation situations,
but I can get us out of here.
We're good.
Right. Okay. On it.
Today you'll accomplish great things!
I am so proud of you!
Let's all shout "hooray!"
Everything is wonderful!
You better hide
or you're dinner on a stick.
Whatever's talking, be quiet.
You're getting stronger every day!
I'm your new best friend.
I think you're funny.
Muthr, can you hear me?
Probably your circuit board.
I'll fix it as soon as we get out of here.
Green girl.
-You help me
-Who is talking?
I'll help you and then we'll be friends.
Oh, thank you.
Dinner-stick man will chase me now.
Okay, Muthr.
Let's get you outta here. Okay.
Come on! Okay.
What do we have here?
How do I start this?
Okay. All right. That's probably good.
Okay. Shee-nah! Come on!
Okay. All right. Hurry up!
Come on! Come in!
Hop on!
Okay. I got this. I got it.
I got it.
I Don't I
No. I don't got this!
First time driving.
Come on.
I'm not leaving her.
You and stinky blue man, climb on.
Let's go!
Go, go, go.
I think we lost him.
That was too close.
Hold on!
Cliff. Cliff, cliff, cliff!
Oh, no. We're trapped.
-Time to jump. Hold on.
-Jump? Don't. No, don't jump!
You can fly?
Well, technically, it's gliding.
That was amazing!
Thank you
I'm Otto. Yep, that's my name. Otto.
Wait. You can understand me?
Yep, I understand.
And I hear you but only in my head.
Wow, okay. What's going on?
I have no idea,
but I can hear your thinking.
So, instead of talking
I can think what I wanna say to you
And you understand me?
I am very understanding. Yes.
Wow, this is so weird.
I can just think
"How's it going?" And you
Here comes another one.
I'm gonna think. Ready?
Thinking. You got it?
So, yeah.
Thank you for saving us.
Where should I put the robot lady?
She's not tasting good.
Put her down over here. Here's good.
Be careful. Gentle.
Thank you.
We're now friends.
Time to eat.
Omni, perform Muthr unit system analysis.
Good news, Eva. Systems functional.
-Main terminal connections decoupled.
-Circuit board.
I knew it.
Don't worry, Muthr. It's an easy fix.
Hey, it's okay.
I need something
to get her board reconnected.
Hey! Oh, come on.
No. I don't know what to do with that.
Sticky. Right.
For her board. Good idea.
It's worse than a kale chickpea Susti-bar.
and stop complaining about the taste.
Don't complain?
-It tastes like chewy sand.
-Oh, good.
Jargum's working.
You understand me now.
Of course I understand you.
You're talking.
I understand you too.
But not in my head.
So that chewy stuff
makes me understand you?
Yes. And I gave it to you
to tell you two very important things.
-Be quiet.
That's rude.
After everything we've been through,
that's all you have to say?
Nope. I just spared you the rest.
Wait. You're leaving? Hold on.
Oh, no. You are Besteel bait. No thanks.
Well, then,
have you seen any other humans?
No. Just you.
And believe me, that's enough.
-Wait, but Oh, hey, that patch!
Where did you get that?
A trader in Lacus. What does it matter?
What does it matter?
It's a Dynastes patch.
It came from my people.
From humans like me.
Can you take me to Where was it?
There's gotta be something
I can do for you.
There is something.
Stop talking to me.
-Now go. Move!
-Eva, watch out.
-Eva, run!
-Get it off! Put me down!
It's okay.
Hey, he's a friend.
-A friend?
Then what is his name?
His name's Shee-nah.
Right, Shee-nah?
Vile hooman and that evil machine!
We have had a day.
Eva, where are we?
It is against my programming
to be out of Sanctuary.
Too late for that.
I'm not sure I compute
what's going on here.
-Have you found the other humans?
-No, I haven't.
But he has a Dynastes patch.
He is not human.
Yet we seem to understand him.
Oh, that? Jargum. Alien gum.
Tastes like dirt,
but magically makes you understand.
I used it to fix you
-which is probably why
-Eva, did you scan it?
Of course!
Did I scan it?
Alien substance was not scanned.
-Eva, what about him?
Has he been scanned?
Alien life-form has not been scanned.
Quiet. Muthr.
Please let me handle him, okay?
Listen, why don't you scan the area
for other sanctuaries?
Very well. That is the protocol.
Hey. I'm so sorry about that.
I'm Eva from Sanctuary 573.
And I am not interested.
Besteel took half my stuff,
then I get thrown across the grassland.
I should've left you to be plant food.
Look, Shee-nah,
there's gotta be
some way I can make it up to you.
Sure. Pay me for my troubles?
Buy me all new stuff?
you were interested in this, weren't you?
Keep talking.
Meet the Omnipod!
The pinnacle of human technology.
The ultimate in personal assistance.
I'll bet you could sell this for
a small fortune to that trader in Lacus.
Eva, I am not for sale.
With a hilarious personality too.
You get me to Lacus,
and this brand-new Omni is yours to trade.
You have owned me for ten years.
This brand-new-ish Omni is yours to trade.
Not until you take us to Lacus.
-Yes. Me, Muthr and Otto.
Otto? Who's Otto?
The big guy over there.
The one who talks to you in your head.
Wait. He doesn't talk to you in your head?
Well, this is yours
when you get us all to Lacus.
Bring the whole wandering forest,
why don't you?
-Thank you, Shee-nah.
-My name is not Shee-nah.
My name is Rovender Kitt.
At first light,
I will take you all to Lacus.
Thank you, Rovender Kitt.
Did you make contact?
I have failed to locate any sanctuaries.
And you have not found any sign of others?
And these others,
are they from our sanctuary?
-It was made for six children, right?
There were supposed to be six children
in each generation.
But your generation, there was only you.
My gener There were earlier generations?
I raised eight generations before you.
I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you
about them.
But it would have revealed
you were not intended to be alone.
I wasn't supposed to be alone.
When it was time for generation nine,
portions of our sanctuary suffered
an unknown contamination from the outside.
Emergency protocol
initiated the shutdown of unit 573,
but one pod of the six
was still functional.
My pod.
I am programmed to raise and protect you.
And that is what I did
and will continue to do.
Protocol requires us
to return to Sanctuary.
Back to No, we can't.
Rovender Kitt is taking us to Lacus.
-What is Lacus?
-How do I put this?
This is an alien planet.
We are not on Earth.
Not Earth? Are you certain?
Yes! Look. It has rings.
Omni, Earth astronomy charts.
Projection from my location.
Eva, this is not an alien planet.
But those two
Are definitely alien creatures.
So if this is Earth, what happened?
And where is everybody?
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