WondLa (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Chapter 3: Bargain

I am not designed
to traverse surface terrain.
It is bumpy and there is dirt.
And we are not headed toward
the coordinates of Sanctuary 573.
Eva, protocol requires us
to return and wait,
as Cadmus Pryde instructed,
until the Earth is ready
and you can join other humans.
I can't join other humans
if I can't find them.
That's why I made the deal with Rovee here
to take us to Lacus
to where he got his Dynastes patch.
Wow. Check it out.
What was that for?
Don't touch anything.
Don't smell anything.
Definitely do not taste anything.
Rovee, I wasn't gonna eat it.
Do not call me Rovee.
-Mr. Kitt, your tone suggests frustration
with teenage behavior.
-Did you hear that?
-Hear what?
-What now?
-I think it's someone calling for help.
You must be hearing
those voices in your head again.
Omni, do you hear someone in distress?
No auditory stimulus detected.
-Well, I hear it.
-Mommy, where are you?
Mommy, I'm scared!
-It's okay.
What are you doing?
That's a sand sniper. A baby.
Don't go near that thing.
But it's scared. It needs help.
Can't you hear it?
All I hear is that clicking.
Do you hear that?
It's calling for its mother.
If she's near, we're all in trouble.
She'll pull you underground,
feast on your liver.
And you see that? Right there.
One of Besteel's traps.
It has a tracking signal.
No doubt meant for you.
Eva, keep away from that creature.
-It is my protocol to protect you.
-Stay away!
-It's a baby. I'm going to help it.
Well, if you're going to
get yourself killed, which you will,
at least pay me first.
She was not trained
for situations like this.
Then we will see if she's a fast learner.
She could die.
Well, no better way to learn.
I do not approve
of your educational methods.
-Help. I'm scared.
-It's okay.
-There's a monster.
-Not a threat.
-I won't hurt you.
Move your claw.
Let me help you.
Move your claw.
Yeah. Good.
Okay. Let's see what we got here.
Besteel. We gotta go.
No! I've got it.
We have to hide.
-But we can't
-Eva, now!
Help! Scared!
Help! Mommy! Help!
Help! Save me!
Help! Save me!
-That's not right.
He took a baby.
Better a baby sand sniper than you.
There. Lacus.
It is most impressive.
It's beautiful.
This is
Do you think that maybe
the others are here?
No. Besteel is hunting for you.
You and the machine
must remain inconspicuous.
Is this traditional Lacus attire?
No. You look totally ridiculous.
But luckily we're here
on the day of the races.
-Races? What races?
-Spiderfish races.
So, hopefully no one will notice a couple
of weird and annoying out-of-towners.
That's you two, by the way.
Let's go.
All right. Now that water bag
needs to wait here.
-The market's crowded.
-It's waterbear. I'll ask him.
Right, okay. And while you're
magically talking to him in your head,
make sure that he stays out of the water
and away from the fish.
Otto, wait here by water.
Don't eat fish.
I won't eat the yummy fish.
But I am going for a dip.
What did I say?
Well, he said he won't eat the fish.
There is a yummy fish,
but I'm not eating it.
Is this the place
where you got that patch?
Look at this!
I've seen pictures of that.
That's an old bicycle. And a lamp!
One of those signs!
It's just like in
our training vids! Muthr!
Oh, yes. Caruncle's palace of junk.
Junk? Slander! Let me tell you something.
Presented here are exotic curiosities
collected from all over Orbona.
Introducing Caruncle,
by appointment to Queen Ojo.
-Seller of fine antiques
-You can stop that.
The girl does not want to buy anything.
She just wants to
Caruncle bids you good day.
Wait, please! I do want something.
Really? Please, come in.
Take your time. Look around.
Caruncle has many, many unique items
for you to buy.
Take this, for example.
A scepter once held
by the ancient king Sir Hamilton Beach.
And these, salt and pepper.
Two tiny creatures long gone
that breathe through the tiny holes
in the top of their head.
So, what in Caruncle's shop do you like?
Please, I need to know where you got this.
You do want something.
Yes. A relic from the Dynastes dynasty.
Caruncle will gladly tell you
where he got the patch.
Let's say for 500 shellacks?
-Is that a lot?
-Do we have that?
She doesn't have that.
That is Caruncle's final offer.
If you do find a good fortune,
I shall see you tomorrow.
Caruncle opens at dawn,
when he returns from his business
at the Queen's Palace in Solas.
Caruncle bids you a good day
All right. I got you to Lacus,
so hand over the Omni.
Uh-uh. Deal was you get me to Lacus
to find out where he got that patch.
What? That wasn't the deal.
Once I get the information,
then you can have the Omni.
Where am I supposed to get 300 shellacks?
You could always bet on the races.
-I do not approve of gambling.
-Neither do I.
You can bet on the spiderbird races?
Folks come from all over to watch.
My great uncle Boodoo Obeedo,
he once traveled for ten days on foot
to see the races.
And he only has three feet.
Yeah, he was quite the gambler.
That's how he lost his other foot.
-Could I win 300 shellacks?
And Great Uncle Obeedo
once told me the secret to winning.
Always pick the winner.
Got it.
Wagering on competitions.
Unruly crowds.
This is not how I raised you.
-Then you're not a very good mother.
-Mr. Kitt.
Have a little faith, Muthr. I got this.
Welcome, folks,
to the annual spiderfish races.
A special tradition
and unique spectacle here in Lacus.
What a crowd we have here today.
-Race is about to start.
-Excuse me.
-Show us your money. Who's next?
-Race is about to start.
-Money on the table.
-I'd like to win 300 shellacks.
Well, wouldn't we all. One second, sir.
-What are you betting, missy?
-This little machine right here.
-Hey, that's mine.
-Even the long shot, Ol' Crusty,
won't get you more than
50 shellacks with that.
-Now, step aside.
-This is all I've got.
-Race is about to start!
How about that machine?
-Excuse me?
-You mean bet Muthr?
Better her than me.
Well, unless you have
something else to wager.
Right. Yes.
How about this big machine right here?
Eva, what do you think you're doing?
Top-of-the-line. Sleek design.
All the features.
Okay, you got yourself a bet, love.
So, put it all on Ol' Crusty then?
-Ol' Crusty to win it all.
-What are you doing?
Don't worry, Muthr.
-Oh, no.
-Just trust me.
-But you can't Wait. Just a minute. Eva!
-I know the secret to winning.
Well, whatever happens,
-losing the machine is a win in itself.
-No, don't touch there.
That is not a good pl
So, which one is your winner?
Good question.
No. No. No. No.
-That one!
-That one? That's Ol' Crusty?
No. She just needs some confidence,
that's all. I am sure she's fast.
-Confidence? She's blind.
Look at her. The cloudy eyes,
the scaling around the lids.
Ol' Crusty is your secret to losing.
You can do this.
Can't win. Never win.
Be sure to place your bets, folks.
The first race is about to begin.
I'd like to say it was nice
knowing the machine.
But it wasn't.
The object of the race: the hopfruit.
The first to grab
that tasty treat is the winner.
A strong wave carries the spiderfish
into the first of three laps.
They've all come away in good order
with one exception.
Ol' Crusty must've dozed off
before the wave.
She's at distant last.
It's gonna be fine. We got this.
Loracco leading early,
Lakefin hot on his heels.
Garway and Sinj are behind
jostling for position.
Ol' Crusty would need to borrow
my binoculars to see the leader.
Doesn't know left from right.
Hope you said
your last goodbyes to the machine.
Go! You've got this, Crusty!
Lacus Loracco
weaving beautifully through Knobby Hollow.
You can see why
he's a spiderfish of high repute.
Lakefin is second
followed by Sinj then Garway.
And Ol' Crusty
looks rustier than a sunken ship.
You still think you can talk
to Ol' Crusty?
You better start talking
because your machine
is about to be spare parts.
Gliding Garway
maneuvered through the rings
and is gaining through the splash zone.
There are two laps to go
in front of an enraptured crowd.
But Ol' Crusty just bounced off the bank
Crusty, can you hear me?
-Crusty can hear you.
-Great! I'm gonna help Crusty win.
Crusty win?
Yes. Crusty win.
Just do what I say.
Okay, left.
Oh! Sorry about that.
Uh, your right, my left.
Go right. Left, left, left.
Another right. Make a left. Go straight.
You got it. Now up.
Up, up, up. Down.
Get those little feet up. Okay, now swim.
Ol' Crusty is finally showing
some improved agility through the rings.
Even a blind muntrunner
finds a hopfruit now and then.
I'm concentrating.
Do I need new binoculars?
Ol' Crusty has caught up
to Skip Spitter Sinj.
she's not with me.
Lacus Loracco is
still proving a slippery customer.
But Ol' Crusty perhaps has
a glimmer of hope
as she takes third with one lap to go.
Yes! You've got this, Crusty!
It's Lacus Loracco in front,
still at the top of his game.
Lakefin has folded
at the rings and the whole complexion
-of the race has changed.
-Go! Fast like the wind!
Don't count your shellacks too soon
with Loracco. Crusty is bridging the gap.
-This could be a cliff-hanger.
-Go, go!
Into the final straightaway.
Loracco and Ol' Crusty, fin to fin.
-You got this, Crusty!
-Yeah, I got this.
Can Crusty grasp her biggest moment?
She lunges for the hopfruit.
Ol' Crusty wins!
It's a spiderfish race that will be
talked about for generations to come.
I'm the winner!
Poor Ol' Crusty's tears turned to cheers!
That Ol' Crusty was lucky.
The old spiderfish got very lucky.
Who said she was finished?
300 shellacks, love. Congratulations.
-Thank you.
-That was incredibly reckless, Eva.
To wager me for local currency.
Yes, reckless, Eva. But fun.
The only thing that spared me
from the junkyard was sheer luck.
It wasn't sheer luck.
It was me talking to Crusty.
Come on. It worked out, right?
Here, you take it for safekeeping.
And tomorrow morning
we find out where that patch came from.
Your daughter,
she knows how to pick a winner.
My She is not my daughter.
Mr. Kitt, please tell Eva
we need to find shelter for the night.
Tell her yourself.
We could camp
by the lake near Caruncle's shop.
If he comes back early
I can ask him where he got
That Besteel monster
could be nearby, correct, Mr. Kitt?
We need someplace we can go that is safe.
-Fiscian, come and see who's here.
-One second, darling.
Hostia, it's been
-Too long. Come in.
-Thank you.
I can hardly believe my eyes.
I'm sorry to just show up like this.
Ugh, please.
Next time you come here first thing.
-How are you?
-Well, I'm managing.
We heard Faunas may be on the move again.
That's the Heart of the Forest for you.
But no longer my concern.
How have you and Fiscian been?
Quite good.
The fishery is keeping him busy
and never a dull moment around here,
as you know.
Uncle Rovender!
Here they come.
That didn't take long.
-We missed you, Uncle Rovender.
-I'm not your uncle.
Where have you been?
-Daddy said you forgot about us.
-What's that smell?
Oh, kids. Come on now.
You haven't sold these monsters yet?
-We're not for sale.
-Where's my gift?
-Maegdan. Now, now.
-Yes, Mother.
It's okay. It's fine.
I'll pay their ransom.
-What did you bring us?
-Let's see, let's see.
What do monsters like? Ah, here you go.
I'm older. It's mine.
Uncle Rovender gave it to me.
Don't forget to share.
Thank you, Uncle Rovender.
-You're very welcome, Maegdan.
-Hey. Stop. It's mine.
Rovender, old friend,
it's good to see you. You look the same.
That's a lie and you know it.
So what brings you to Lacus?
-Give it back!
-Well, these two needed a guide.
So, you know,
I brought them here for business.
Well, now, who are your friends?
Friends? No, they're not my friends.
They're just a couple of old vagrants.
I guess that's the best word.
-I only met 'em yesterday.
-I got it!
I'm Eva from Sanctuary 573.
A human.
Rovender, what is this?
This is Muthr.
I am Muthr Unit 0-6.
You have a lovely home.
Why, thank you, 0-6.
Rovender, where did you
Well, I found her in a hippo plant
and this one in Besteel's camp.
Long story, but Well, they're okay.
Well, of course they are. Yeah.
All are welcome here.
I guess I'll go set up the sleep sacks.
Thank you, Fiscian. But just for them.
I have to be going.
-Don't go.
You're not going anywhere.
You're staying with us.
Well, that's the first time
you've ever turned down my pentaka.
You made pentaka?
Yay! Pentaka!
Here we go. Fresh from the market today.
Nasan always sets aside
the best ones for me.
I promise they're delicious.
Muthr, please join us.
Oh, thank you. But not necessary.
I cannot eat.
Nonetheless, there is a place
for you here at the table.
You are very kind.
And probably never wager
your children at races.
-Wager? Of course not.
In this house we don't gawk
at our dinner guests.
Right, Fiscian?
-Right. No gawking.
Do you have ten toes?
We heard humans have ten toes.
Can you show me your toes?
I want to see your toes.
Darius says that humans have ten
Okay. Okay. Less talking, more eating.
Ten toes, 100 toes, 1,000 toes. Who cares?
Do you have ten toes?
Fiscian. Now eat your food.
You too, Eva.
How do you eat this?
I'm sorry.
No, no, no, no.
Let me show you how to do it
before you blind me.
It's simple. Just take one. There.
Then hold the hard shell on top.
-Like this?
-Close enough.
Now, give it a quick twist.
Don't be afraid of it.
-Twist! Okay.
-There. Now comes the good part.
Lift off the shell and give it a taste.
This is really good!
Of course. It's pentaka.
Pentaka. Pentaka. We're having pentaka.
Rovender, you're not staying?
Like I said, Fiscian,
I really should be going now.
I'll be back in the morning.
Well, I'm glad you're doing okay.
Thanks for the pentaka.
Rovender, he gets like that sometimes.
It was worse, of course, before.
But seeing him with you,
for the first time in a long time,
he seems almost happy.
He used to always be happy.
You know, Rovender was once
the greatest pathfinder in all of Orbona.
He loved his work,
and he loved his family.
What happened?
He lost them both.
In here. We're almost there.
This is where I sleep.
Do humans even need sleep?
Oh, yeah. Of course.
I'm sure my Muthr would tell you
it's essential for survival.
How is that your mommy?
Do all human mommies look like that?
I don't know.
Are you gonna take off your toe-guards?
-My what?
-Your toe-guards.
I want to see your toes.
Okay, yeah. Sure.
Ten toes.
-Ten toes?
-They're so wiggly.
Can I count them?
Of course. Yes.
Make sure they're all there.
One, two
Maegdan, where did you learn about humans?
You said a name earlier.
You mean Darius?
-Oh, yeah.
We're not allowed to talk about her.
Mommy says she tells too many stories.
-Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
-Who is she?
They're all there.
The Arsian sage.
She lives up there in the house.
She was the royal poet and soothsayer.
But that was long ago.
Now she tells stories to the kids.
And dreams of humans,
scary things hurting this planet.
But we're not supposed to talk about her.
Omni, deactivate location tracking.
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