WondLa (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Chapter 4: Ghosts

I'm looking for Darius.
No. You're not.
You are not looking for Darius.
You are looking for answers.
what I'm looking for are the humans.
You won't find them in my presence.
Right. I just
Do you know where they are?
Where I could find them?
All your questions
must be in the past tense
because all of my answers
have already happened.
Yeah. I don't understand.
Not "Where am I going?"
but "Where did I come from?"
Not "Who will I meet when I die?"
but "Who died before I could meet them?"
Not a question about something
you want to know.
A question about something you never knew.
I wanna know what happened
to this planet before it was Orbona.
What happened to the humans?
A particularly painful request.
Very well.
Gifts given for given gifts.
Gifts given.
A gift. Okay.
I'm not sure I have anything you want.
But you do have something I want.
Let's see. Let's see.
I know there's a spare one here somewhere.
Yes. I believe this one.
Oh, my.
When was this one fill
What a moment, that.
So beautiful.
Is there anything more joyful
than the birth of one's child?
My apologies.
I thought that one was empty.
Just a moment.
Much better.
These are all filled with memories?
Joyful memories.
Now mine to experience whenever I choose,
whenever I need.
And you want one of my memories.
A most happy memory.
Close your eyes.
Grip the handles tightly.
And remember.
Let the memory find you.
Take you back to a time
when you had no cares or worries.
A time when you felt love. Safe.
Happy sixth birthday, Eva. Make a wish.
When you knew exactly what you wanted.
Dyna-Chamber unlocked.
Many children just like you
are being raised in underground
sanctuaries just like this one.
When do I get to play with them?
And once you pass
the Final Assessment test,
you can go through the big door.
Where you'll get to meet your family.
And you believed
that everything was right in the world.
What is this?
Gift given. Given gift.
I arrived on Orbona with my brothers
and sister by the grace of King Ojo.
He perceived the planet
to be an open plane,
ripe with potential for life.
But I perceived a broken world
and the aura of catastrophe.
All I could hear were the screams
of those who had fallen before me.
All I could feel was
the pain of a desecrated world.
All I could see was death.
And I was haunted by the humans.
Who were they? Who did this?
The ones you sought, who destroyed it all
and buried themselves with it.
No! This is not why I came here.
I do not expect all
to appreciate my gifts,
but please know yours means
a great deal to me.
The pain of the past is, at times,
too much to bear.
Up here, with my memories,
I feel only happiness.
Make a wish.
Many children just like you
-Many children just like you.
-in sanctuaries
Sanctuaries just like this one.
Oh, no. No. It can't be.
Wait, but I can explain.
Humans underground this whole time?
That there should be even one more
would be too many.
Get out.
Underground monster.
-Burrowing demon. Ghost of the dirt.
-Wait, please.
Get out!
Drowning imminent. Eva, please respond.
Eva, please respond.
Thanks, Otto.
That was close.
You're okay now.
And I didn't eat any yummy fish.
Darius, she
No. She has to be wrong.
Don't be sad.
She called me a monster, Otto.
Just because I'm human.
We were supposed to be the ones
to rebuild the planet,
but she said we destroyed it. An
What if I'm alone?
What if I'm the only one?
Oh, Eva. You're not alone.
-All right. Fill the gourd.
-I give you whatever you want.
-Yes! You know what to do.
You're right, Otto. I'm not alone.
The patch. It belonged to another human.
Another sanctuary-born.
I have to find out where it came from.
Not now, not now, not now. When.
Can't believe I walked
right into this mess.
-What was I thinking?
-Yeah. Thinking is overrated.
-Well, I wasn't thinking, was I?
-Absolutely not.
What? You don't think I'm a smart guy?
-Smart as they come.
-Then why am I so stupid?
Maybe the smarts come and went.
Come here. Come here.
-You wanna know a little secret?
-I already know the one about winning.
No, no. Better.
She is a human.
Someone had a little too much to drink.
I see that look on your face.
You don't believe me.
Buddy, no one have seen any human
for a long time.
Time to close the bar. It is getting late.
However, you still drinking,
and I have nowhere to go.
Rovee, what are you doing?
Don't call me Rovee.
Hand it over.
There. Go away.
They're half gone?
I got my half. You got yours.
You know I need this money. All of it!
To find out where Caruncle
got that Dynastes patch.
Caruncle's a crook and a liar!
-Am I wrong?
-Never trust a guy in a sweater-pants.
But that patch came from somewhere, right?
Everything come from somewhere.
Like Uncle Boodoo Obeedo always said,
"To get anywhere,
you have to start somewhere!"
-Or was it "Put on your underwear"
-Where are you going?
-We had a deal.
-And you broke it.
So I took my share out of the winning.
-So, that's it?
-We're done, just like that?
-Just like that.
Please, I need your help.
You are the only one who can get me
where I need to go.
Why? Why me? I'm not the one you need!
You got me here! And you
I got you here for the money.
The deal. Nothing more.
That's it. I am a washed-up old drifter,
end of story. I can't help you!
Fiscian said you're
the greatest pathfinder on Orbona.
Fiscian's got a big mouth.
And Hostia told me about what happened
-to your family.
-About nothing.
You don't know anything about me.
So stop talking. Stop following me.
-Go away!
-I'm s
Oh, the jargum's not working anymore?
Human brain too slow?
We are done. Deal over.
How can Caruncle help you?
Perhaps a numerical boredom tracker?
Or a device used
to plant one seed at a time?
I'm here about the patch
you sold to Rovender Kitt.
It had a Dynastes Corporation logo on it.
Right. Yes. The Dynastes logo, huh?
-You have the 300 shellacks?
-No, I don't.
-But what can I get for 150?
-Wait a second.
Half the money
gets you half the information.
-I just need to know where you got it.
-That's the half you cannot afford.
What if I tell you what all
the human stuff in here really is?
You make me laugh. Ridiculous.
Caruncle is the premier expert
on human merchandise.
More of an expert than an actual human?
Welcome, welcome. A most unique guest.
Please forgive Caruncle's rudeness.
Perhaps an exchange
of information can be arranged.
Great. I'll start.
The patch, where did you get it?
Caruncle received that patch in Solas
as part of a trade.
What's Solas?
Uh-uh. My turn now.
Any other humans with you?
I'm alone.
And I'm trying to find the others.
So, I need to know, what is Solas?
Solas is the capital city of Orbona,
home to the single greatest collector
of the Dynastes dynasty, Zin.
In fact, Caruncle sold him
one of these things in your hand.
You mean this? Another Omni.
It could have names, dates,
last known locations.
I have to get it.
Zin, he's in Solas? How do I get to Solas?
What do you mean? By yourself?
No, it's very far.
You're gonna need supplies,
transportation and a map.
Caruncle happens to have one right here.
Now let me see, I put it over
Yeah. Right. Here it is.
Come, come. Have a look.
Caruncle wants to help. Always helping.
What? One of Besteel's traps?
With the trap activated,
he will arrive shortly.
And you will soon learn about Solas,
little human.
Because you're headed there as cargo.
When Caruncle was there yesterday,
he heard of a human
that had escaped Besteel's grasp.
And Zin was very disappointed in Besteel
for losing you.
You were to be the pride
of his collection.
And now you will be.
It's Besteel.
He came much quicker than I thought.
Besteel! Over here! The human's this way.
Be sure to remind Zin who was responsible
for capturing the human.
Yes, of course you.
Caruncle was merely the guy-between.
Stop shooting at Caruncle's shop.
Do you know how much this cost me?
Stop, please.
Are you kidding me?
You're ruining my life. Please, stop.
Caruncle still gets his money, yes?
-Muthr! Muthr, we need to go.
Where were you?
I have been very concerned.
-Besteel, he found me.
He's here. We need to leave, okay?
We're going to Solas.
Solas? What is Solas?
Is everything all right?
Yeah, and where'd you go?
Besteel found Eva.
-Besteel? That is not good.
-No. He scares me.
No, no. It's okay.
He doesn't know I'm here. Okay?
Muthr, I went and saw Darius.
-You saw Darius?
-Did she ask to see your toes?
Eva, what have you been doing?
Maegdan, Zoozi,
I need your help in the kitchen.
-You don't need our help.
-Muthr, listen.
Darius told me humans destroyed
the planet.
That they're all gone.
But that can't be right.
Where are all the other sanctuary-borns?
I should never have deviated
from protocol.
We should not have left Sanctuary.
Muthr, Caruncle sold an Omnipod
to someone in Solas.
Someone named Zin.
That could tell me where they are.
So we have to go there, now.
-You are sure Besteel didn't follow you?
-I'm sure.
Then perhaps staying here
is the safest option.
Here? No, we are not staying here.
An Omnipod. In Solas.
First the patch, now the Omni, and this.
Look, I found this in Sanctuary.
"Eva find me."
I mean, someone is looking for me.
We have to go to Solas.
Enough! We are not going to Solas.
Don't you want me to find my family?
-My first priority is to keep you safe.
-I don't need you to keep me safe anymore.
Your selfish behavior
would indicate otherwise.
My selfish behavior?
Betting me. Sneaking out.
You are being reckless
and it's going to get you hurt.
We are staying here.
No! I am not staying here.
Someone out there wants me to find them
and you're not going to stop me.
As a MUTHR unit, my protocol
is to help you, to keep you safe.
You are a multi-utility task helper robot.
You are not my real mother.
-Eva! Eva!
-And I don't need your help.
I know the human was here.
-Where did it go?
-Human? I didn't know it was a human.
I give you anything you want.
How about a nice drink on the house?
-Be quiet. Shut up.
-You don't have to go.
-You can drink it right here.
-You talk too much.
Well, look at here.
I heard you wanna take me to Solas.
So, here I am.
Well, well, well.
Hello, human.
Something so fragile
should not be so bold.
Perhaps that is why you're
the last of your kind.
Eva? Eva?
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