WondLa (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Chapter 5: Captive

No one escapes Besteel,
the greatest hunter in Orbona.
Especially not a pathetic human.
Now, you keep your mouth shut
before Queen Ojo's advisers
or I will shut it for you.
Hear me?
A living human specimen as ordered.
It seems Sister Darius was wrong.
The humans are not extinct.
Ghost of the dirt.
Burrowing demon.
Where did you find it?
I can answer that, Brother Loroc.
A deep cavernous hole.
It likely burrowed underground
using its retractable claws.
-Something like that.
Tracked her down to a trader in Lacus.
It is hideous.
Yes. Hideous. The smooth skin,
the beady eyes.
And the smell.
Quite foul.
Keep your distance, please.
They are a dangerous mercurial race,
but I do look forward to studying it.
An actual human.
Your Majesty.
Please avert your eyes. You are
in danger of it melting your brain.
Melt my brain?
How can we protect ourselves, Zin?
-Wait, you're Zin?
-It speaks.
Do you have the Omnipod?
Where is it? The one you got
Shut your mouth.
Let me go!
Put her down.
Zin, remove the foul creature.
Its very presence
is a danger to the queen.
Let me go!
Where are you taking me?
I've studied endangered creatures
across many galaxies.
Look, I know Caruncle gave you an Omni.
Where is it?
When a species goes extinct,
that is nature resetting itself,
restoring balance.
We're not extinct. I'm here.
But humans are a special case.
Instead of simply going extinct,
you tried to take the world down with you.
I have long wondered how something
so fragile could be so destructive.
Information. Is that what you want?
If you give me the Omni, I'll tell you
everything about me, about humans.
You want to know anything,
I will tell you. I am an open book.
No, no, no. You misunderstand, human.
I plan to look inside you to find out.
But now, the first thing I will dissect
is your voice box.
I recommend not being dissected.
Good idea.
Help! It's blinded me! I can't see!
Get it off me!
Guard! Guard!
Get this hideous thing off me
now, now, now!
Get it off!
Where is it? Where We must find it.
Loroc must not know it has escaped.
He will kill me. Find it!
I wish you were here.
You wouldn't believe
what we have in the palace today.
An actual human.
It caused quite the scare.
I I very much miss you, father.
Guards! Guards! It's over here!
-Please hurry
-Hey! No. No, no.
-Hey. Don't. Do not call the guards.
-Please. Please don't
don't melt my brain.
Are you going to melt my brain?
What? Of course I'm not gonna
You two check the courtyard.
We will try down here.
I mean, yeah, don't give me a reason to,
'cause I might melt it.
Your brain. Got it?
So, the guards. Call them off, or else.
Humans lack the capability
to melt other creatures' cerebral matter.
Quiet, Omni. Just go with it.
Guards. Good.
You are looking for the human?
It went that way. Hurry.
Thank you.
Or I mean,
thank yourself for saving your brain.
Not that I wanna do that
human melting thing to you,
but I might have to
unless you help me find something.
-See this?
Zin bought one of these
from a trader in Lacus,
and it's somewhere in this palace.
I would bow, Your Majesty, but I can't.
A human artifact.
The only place I could imagine it being
is with the collection.
-Yes, my father's collection.
But the door will only open
with the royal scepter.
-Is that it over there?
Is an alarm or something
gonna go off if we take it?
-That's shocking.
Come on. Let's go get it.
Why don't you have the scepter?
It's It is complicated.
But you're the queen.
You allowed the human to escape.
That is unacceptable, Zin.
No, no, the pillar guards
are searching the palace
as we speak, Brother Loroc.
It will soon be captured.
I assure you, there is no need to worry.
I have it all under control.
Do not patronize me.
Can you not smell it?
No. I mean, yes I mean, can you?
This smells as if it
has just passed through here.
Well, rest assured it will soon
be found and placed safely in its cage.
I hope that's true, Brother Zin,
or you will be the one in the cage.
It suits you.
You'll be safe in here.
King Ojo's collection of human artifacts.
Okay. He was really interested in humans.
Loroc said these artifacts
infected my father's mind, drove him mad.
It is for this reason
he keeps them locked up.
That's ridiculous ly smart of him.
It could definitely infect your brain.
Here. Like this.
Wow. So, the Omnipod is in one of these?
Yes. This is where Zin
would have likely stored it.
-No signal detected.
Okay. Let's start with this one.
Balls. For throwing, bouncing, rolling,
juggling, dodging,
kicking, catching, dribbling.
Bicycle. Like you had in Sanctuary.
Tuba. Makes a funny sound.
Record player. Stereo.
Instant camera with flash.
He's big.
Hey, can you call that thing off?
Hello? Remember? Brain melt?
-It's Chip.
He was my father's favorite.
Only loyal to him.
He's not like the other ones.
Maybe he could help us reach
the higher ones.
Thank you, Chip.
Hey, listen.
I'm not, you know,
going to melt your brain.
-I mean, I wouldn't.
And also, I can't.
I don't melt brains.
That is good to know.
-I think it works.
Look at that.
Welcome to the land of luck.
Do you know what it is?
A sacred altar perhaps?
I don't know.
I mean, your father
probably knew more about humans than I do.
-Good luck.
Crikey. Just how unlucky are you?
I think it's a game.
Father always said
you humans had the most wonderful games.
A game? Right.
Correct. This is a pinball machine.
Good luck.
Push the button. That is good.
-Oh, yes.
-Good job, Eva.
Hurry. Shake it off.
Yes! Brilliant.
Yes! Oh, yeah!
What are you doing with your hand?
It's a high five.
A human celebration thing.
You just touch hands.
Like this?
I think so. I feel like we're nailing it.
-Good luck.
-This is fun.
I've actually never had a
A what?
A friend.
-Me neither.
I doubt that.
No, it's true. I grew up in a bunker.
I mean, all my friends were imaginary.
Wow. That sounds pretty sad
when you say it out loud.
Well, sometimes I yell down the hallways
and imagine the echoes
are friends calling out to me.
Well, I talked to my only friend,
a doll named Meego, for over a decade.
Next stop. Lucky Penny.
Well, we should probably find that
Omnipod thing so you don't melt my brain.
I'm glad you're here to help me.
But how can you not have friends?
You're the queen.
Not until I finish my education
to Loroc's satisfaction.
I trained my whole life
to prepare for something
I don't even know if I could do.
You have a better chance than I do.
You're not afraid of anything.
I am really good at pretending.
Yeah, I may seem confident,
but inside, total basket case.
You are not a case of baskets.
And I think you're a natural queen.
You commanded that giant guard thing
back at the statue pretty easily.
And you stood up to Loroc and Zin
like it was nothing.
I just acted like
the monster they think I am.
Maybe Darius was right.
My father did not agree
with Darius or Loroc.
When our planet was dying, my father chose
this planet as our new home.
He launched the seed that grew Orbona
into what you see today.
But imagine his astonishment at learning
there was once advanced life here.
I mean, why do you think
he collected all of this?
He was fascinated by humans.
He knew the things they had done,
but still,
he believed they were kind, good.
Now I know he was right.
That's why I need that Omni.
I wanna find my people.
I think I can help.
The Goldfish.
The Goldfish?
My father named it after
your world's deadliest predator.
I haven't seen this since I was a child.
I used to ride in this with him before
I could even see over the dashboard.
He said one day it would be mine.
You must really miss him.
I do.
Come on. Hop in.
This is awesome.
Orbonian technology.
In a human vehicle.
He envisioned a world
where humans and Orbonians
shared resources and the planet.
It's yours. Take it.
Use it to find your people.
-But I can't.
-It's what my father would have wanted.
Thank you.
There they are!
Seize the human!
-No? You protect this creature?
She's my friend.
Friend? It kidnapped you.
You are lucky your brain has not melted.
-Let me go!
This is no behavior for a queen.
It is a disgrace to the throne
and your father.
No, Loroc. You don't understand.
Please listen to me.
Look at you.
Soft, scrawny, no claws, tiny teeth.
Your senses, weak, underdeveloped,
out of tune with your environment.
But somehow
your species dominated this planet.
Loroc wants to know how.
I don't know anything about that.
I just wanna find the Omnipod
you bought from Caruncle.
So it was another one of these
that you were seeking.
-Not again.
-That's mine.
Now they are both mine.
-I'm not yours.
These Omni-rocks will make lovely props
in your display case.
Help. Mommy, I'm scared.
There's a monster trying to get me.
Over here.
Help. I'm scared.
Don't come near me with that.
I'll melt your internal organs one by one.
Internal organs? Wasn't it brains?
Doesn't matter. I will melt them all.
Perhaps I'll need a higher dose for you.
-I help you.
That smug face.
It's as if you want to die
in unthinkable agony.
Work together.
I help.
I only came here for the Omni
you purchased from Caruncle.
And since you are a rational being,
I know once I give you evidence
of my powers, I won't have to hurt you.
Evidence. What evidence?
The sandsniper.
You scream. Sleep.
Me scream. Sleep.
Its internal organs and brains
now melted goo.
Check for yourself.
I'd put some gloves on.
Oh, my!
-Wait. Cut loose.
-Guards! Guards!
Hey! Come back here with those Omnipods!
Guard! Guard!
We have a situation, now, in the lab!
Guards! Guards!
Oh, come on!
How many of you are there?
Okay. Just get to the Goldfish.
Where is it?
Thanks, Chip!
Get in. Hurry, hurry!
Or I'll melt your brains.
-I thought you didn't know how to drive.
-I don't!
Watch out!
Let's get you out of here.
We can't leave yet.
Zin has the other Omnipod,
and he took mine too.
Then we'll get them back.
But what about Loroc? I don't want you
to get into any more trouble.
I'm not the one in trouble.
-Guards! Seize the human!
-Your Majesty. The human has
-I said no.
Now step aside. You are on my throne.
This human has infected your mind.
I saw the same effects on your father.
Do not talk about my father.
You no longer speak for him
or his kingdom.
Hand me my scepter.
The queen has been compromised.
Remove her.
Guards? Seize the two of them. Now.
-I am Queen Ojo. Ruler of Orbona.
Now hand me my scepter.
Bring me the Omnipods.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Come on. Come on, work.
Regenerating gen eight Omni.
Greetings. Ask me anything.
To the location of original owner.
Coordinates 40.7128 degrees north,
74.0060 degrees west.
-How far is that?
-159.25 miles.
Transferring data.
You sure about this?
As I said,
it is what my father would have wanted.
Transferring data complete.
I'll call you sometime, friend.
I see great things for you, Eva.
I know we will meet again.
I hope so, Your Majesty.
And thank you, Chip!
Ghost of the dirt.
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