WondLa (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Chapter 6: Bridge

Oh, yeah.
Eva, please turn down the
What is it called?
It's music. And why?
This is the good part.
-There's a good part?
I have located Muthr Unit 06.
Muthr? Out here?
She's come looking for me.
Recalculating route.
Travel southwest for five kilometers.
She is not gonna be happy.
Well, you did leave on negative terms.
That's putting it lightly.
Approaching Muthr Unit
and large Otto creature.
-Hey, guys.
Eva dear. I thought
I might never see you again.
It's okay. I'm okay.
Don't you ever do that again.
Okay, okay. I'm sorry.
Otto, big guy.
-I was missing you very much.
-I missed you too.
It's so good to see you.
Muthr, are you okay?
I wasn't designed to be out of Sanctuary.
The grit from the desert
has damaged my drive system.
Well, it's okay.
-We've got the Goldfish.
Is that what you call this vehicle?
But fish have gills and fins.
Where did you get it?
-It is not stolen.
-Thank you for the clarification, Omni.
Do I have a story for you.
You are not gonna believe it.
But most importantly,
I found an Omni in Solas.
It has the coordinates
to where the others are.
It is not much further.
Otto, come on. Get in.
I don't like it.
No, no. It's okay.
But Eva should ride Otto.
I don't need you to carry me now.
We've got the Goldfish. It is fast.
Not as fast as Otto.
You are super fast.
Especially without me slowing you down.
Okay, let's do this.
Better give me a head start, big guy.
But then I escaped
and ran from these huge guards.
Ojo helped me. That's the queen.
And then she gave me this amazing car
and then I waved goodbye,
and I hightailed it out of there.
What became of Mr. Kitt?
I thought he was with you.
No, forget about him. He's gone.
He can't be trusted.
I thought not, but you wouldn't listen.
And Besteel, he didn't hurt you, did he?
No, Muthr.
I told you, you don't have to worry.
I went to Solas on my own.
I found the Omni.
Got the location of the others.
I can do this. You can trust me.
You can trust me now.
At least I know Otto is relieved
not to have to carry us anymore.
Right, Otto?
I'm not liking this.
We've got to be getting close.
Omni, how much further?
Eighteen kilometers.
Eva, look.
There's someone there.
A human?
Well, took you long enough.
How did you find us?
How? I'm Orbona's greatest pathfinder.
And you're not the only one
with friends in Solas.
Why are you here?
Good to see you too.
Besteel has learned of your escape.
And if I found you, he will find you too.
So if you want to get to your humans,
I suggest we go now.
It's real. A human city.
And look. Look just past the bridge.
A light. They're here. We're so close.
What is that smell?
-It wasn't me.
I think it was the blue stinky man.
It's not Otto. Look down there.
Omni, what is that?
Sulfuric acid. Extremely hazardous.
Dissolves almost anything it touches.
Oh, no, I'm allergic to being dissolved.
No, it's okay.
We're not swimming.
We are taking the bridge.
Judging by the chemical deterioration,
I gauge our chances of making it at
Let me guess. Zero.
Zero is a good approximation.
We should find another way across.
No, the only other way
is a five days' journey.
We take the bridge
or risk getting caught by Besteel.
Then let's get moving. No time to waste.
And leave the vehicle.
What? No.
Only the dead carry baggage.
-What does that even mean?
-We must go by foot from here.
Good idea, stinky man.
Mr. Kitt, my drive system is damaged.
I may not make it.
You can ride.
We've got the Goldfish.
Eva, this bridge
is too dangerous to drive on.
All set. What about you, Otto?
Wanna climb on?
Okay, Otto. Come on, let's go.
Fine. I will lead on foot.
Follow in the vehicle.
Listen closely to what I tell you,
otherwise it is a long drop
and a quick death.
-Trust me?
-Me either.
-Same here.
Let's go find your humans.
More this way. This way.
Easy, easy.
Left. No. Your other left.
A little more.
More this way. Forward.
Riding Otto would be
much more comfortable.
Hard left. Careful.
No, Otto. The Goldfish is safer.
Eva, I'm happy to drive.
Would you like me to?
-No, I got this.
What are you doing?
Oh, Muthr! Don't distract me.
She's right.
This is not a three-person job.
It takes two.
A pathfinder, that's me, and one
who listens to the pathfinder, that's Eva.
Now keep your eyes on the road.
Hey, Eva. I found something.
-Otto, careful.
-And look. It's something human!
Almost there. Almost.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
You have to be more careful.
Eva, I suggest you heed your own advice.
Look. A backpack from a sanctuary.
-Goldfish didn't find it. I did.
-Good job, Otto.
You know what this means?
Humans came this way.
It means they made it this far.
Or that they made it across.
Rehydration tablets. Look, Susti-bars.
They left supplies behind
for others like me.
The safe path
is not made of fearful steps.
I still do not approve
of your educational methods.
Keep moving.
Oh, dear.
Oh, no.
Pathway incomplete.
This human bridge
is in worse shape than I thought.
Okay. Just a minor setback.
And the probability of success
moving forward on foot is
No. We need a plan.
-Not more zeros.
-It wasn't zero.
It was close to zero.
Who are you to weigh in?
She needs to trust herself
if she's going to make it across.
She needs guidance, not bad advice.
This is reckless and dangerous.
-Reckless? You are stifling her!
-There's gotta be something.
-Mr. Kitt, that is more than enough!
-Okay, come on. Think.
It is not more than enough.
If you want her to make it across,
-or to be anything
-Everyone stop! Just stop!
-Look, that beam. That's our way across.
-That is far too dangerous.
-But we have to try.
Otto could never cross that.
If he gets on the Goldfish, he can.
If we all get in the car
and stay balanced, we can make it.
-Right, Omni?
-Well, actually
Okay, never mind.
You both have to trust me.
We are almost there. We're
Please. We're so close.
Yes! Come on, Otto. We got this.
You're gonna be okay.
-I promise.
I trust you.
Okay. Good.
Here we go.
Everyone, stay still.
No sudden movements.
Rovee, you're tilting the car.
We're almost there.
-Hold on!
-I don't wanna be dissolved.
-Look. It's a ramp.
-It is?
-It is if we hit it fast enough.
As a pathfinder, I prefer a path!
-Hold still!
-Eva, wait!
Hold on!
Eva? Are you all right?
I'm fine, Muthr. I'm fine.
Is everyone okay? Rovee?
Well, let's just say
I'm better off than the Goldfish.
Oh, no. I'm so sorry.
This is all my fault.
I promised you you'd be okay. Otto.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt Otto,
or you, or anybody.
Muthr's right
I'm reckless and dangerous.
Otto is okay.
We're all okay.
I just wanna find the others.
That's all.
Rovee, I don't wanna be alone.
I understand what it is like to be alone.
I know the pain all too well,
missing home and family.
This rope?
Made from their clothes.
It is all I have left of them.
Your family?
Gisana and Hanno.
My wife and daughter.
When I lost them, I lost all hope,
and I couldn't find the path back.
But thanks to you, I found it again.
Back in Lacus you told me
I'm the only one who can get you there.
You believed in me.
You trusted me.
Even if I did not trust
or believe in myself.
You are filled with hope,
and I am not letting you give that up.
Eva, Otto will be okay.
I'm sorry.
Otto, you have nothing to be sorry for.
I'm the one who should apologize.
To all of you.
What I said to you in Lacus,
I didn't mean that.
You are not just a robot.
-Eva, it's okay.
It looks like the wind is picking up.
We need to get off this bridge,
but we can't go back.
And we can't go forward.
We've lost the Goldfish.
Right, but we don't need the Goldfish.
We have Otto.
Otto better than Goldfish.
He can glide us the rest of the way
to the other side, but
we have to get higher.
What if I fall and dissolve?
No, Otto, I won't let that happen.
We'll make it.
We have you
and Orbona's greatest pathfinder.
That is true, Eva.
And this is an interesting path.
Just hold the cable.
Hold the cable.
I don't know if I can make it.
We will all make it.
Don't worry, machine.
A true pathfinder leaves no one behind.
Otto! Just a little farther!
Rovee! Careful!
Mr. Kitt, it's too steep.
Hold on!
Please be careful.
I got you.
I got you.
Thank you, Rovee.
See? I said we would all make it.
Okay, Otto
Doesn't get any higher than this.
You ready?
I'm ready.
Otto, you can do this.
You've got this.
No, we've got this.
Everyone rode Otto.
Otto, you did it.
You never take the easy path, do you, Eva?
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