WondLa (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Chapter 7: Ruins

Look at this.
So much bigger
than on the vids in Sanctuary.
No wonder all the other
kids decided to come here.
It's bigger than Lacus.
It's even bigger than Solas.
How many humans resided in this city?
At its peak,
8.38 million people resided here.
Muthr is correct.
Over 3.4 million housing units
on 783.8 square kilometers.
783 kilometers?
I mean, how are we ever gonna find them?
They could be anywhere.
What is that?
Another beacon.
Like at the end of the bridge.
It is similar.
It's pointing.
Look! There! Another one.
They're showing us where to go.
-Signal detected.
-A signal?
-What is it?
-Patience, please. Deciphering.
If anyone is out there listening,
we're here.
Come on. Follow me.
Eva, hold on!
Wait for us.
There's another one over there!
Wait, hold up. What's this?
Eva, slow down.
-Bet I could beat you to the next one.
-We'll see about that.
Okay. So what now?
Omni, locate other Omnipod frequencies.
The source of the signal.
I'm attached to you, Eva.
You don't have to yell.
Operational Omnipod detected
532 meters to the southwest.
532 meters?
We're so close.
If anyone is out there listening,
we're here.
The last human settlement.
I think I found them.
It's Eva! I'm here!
From Sanctuary 573!
Hi there!
-Eva dear
-No, no.
No, no, no.
Omni, locate nearby signals.
If anyone is out there listening,
we're here.
The last human settlement.
But now, now it's just me.
So if anyone ever hears this,
just know, what we were promised,
it was all a lie. A lie.
This is Roshon of Sanctuary 573.
Omni, broadcast message and repeat.
It's just a book?
A page from a book?
The sanctuaries, they all failed.
Eva dear
What was this for?
My training.
All of it.
Why am I here?
Why did you choose to
bring me into this wasteland?
Where are you?
Can Eva hear Otto?
Where is the human?
Hey! Looking for me?
Stay away from my family.
First time driving.
Eva, if you truly are the last human,
then you must survive. Go. Now!
Stay away from her.
Hey, Besteel, over here!
Come and get me.
Welcome to New York Public Library.
What can I help you locate?
-So, what's your plan?
-I'm working on it.
Come out, come out, human.
I know you're there.
Can't hide from me.
-Muthr, are you okay?
I'm fine. Where's Eva?
Besteel chased her into that building.
But we are stuck in this cage.
We have to get to that disk.
Muthr, what are you doing? Muthr.
Loroc sent me to finish the job.
Even one pathetic human left is too many.
Come here.
This time, I get a trophy.
Push me through it.
Orbona's greatest prize.
The last human skull.
Look around.
Your kind destroyed this planet.
Created this.
Tell me, human, who is the monster?
Stay away from her.
Muthr. Muthr, no!
Don't hurt my daughter.
Eva. Eva, use your powers.
Call for help.
Help me.
Somebody help me.
Help me!
I'll help you.
I help!
Thank you.
Muthr? My mother.
You're okay.
It's just your circuit board again.
I'll get you up and running soon, okay?
No, Eva dear,
I'm afraid it is more than that this time.
Muthr, no.
You are ready now.
You no longer need me.
You are the future.
No, Muthr, please.
Don't go. Don't leave me.
My dear Eva
I did make a choice.
A choice to be your mother
because I love you.
I love you too.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
No, wait No.
Goodbye, Muthr.
your mother possessed a loving spirit.
A spirit that will never cease.
She lives within you now.
In here and in here.
Eva, airship approaching.
What is that?
Greetings, Eva.
I am Cadmus Pryde
and I am here to take you home.
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