World on Fire (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 She's having Harry's baby.
When they win, their ideas win.
One idea is to kill children like Hilda.
I will get this information out.
You have led them to our door! I'll never be safe.
- I'm deserting.
- I think you should go back.
To war that you hate? Take cover! All I do is dream of you The whole night through With the dawn, I still go on and dream of you.
It comes as little surprise but no less horror to the rest of Europe that Belgium, like Poland before it, has fallen.
The Allied forces have failed to overcome the might of the Blitzkrieg campaign, being far outnumbered, and many British troops now find themselves cornered.
It seems they've little choice but to head to the coast, many taking the same route as thousands of displaced civilians.
Where are we? Due west of f knows where.
We're heading to the coast.
That's all we need to know til we hit more of our lads again.
So we, don't, know where we are? [AEROPLANE ENGINES ROAR.]
Shelter, lads! Keep hold of your wedding tackle! No returning fire! No returning fire! No! Get down! Whose kid is that? Get down! Get down! Get down! [BABY CRIES.]
You all right? [BABY CRIES.]
Heil Hitler, Herr Rossler.
Joe, have you still got your chocolate ration? Have you still got yours, Sir? [HE SIGHS.]
We'll drop her at the next village.
Oh! Hello, Douglas.
- Do come in.
- Thank you.
You can go and look bored elsewhere if you prefer, Jan.
How's he getting on? I can't work out if his dourness is a racial characteristic or his personal disposition.
Not sure the Poles are a race.
Well, they aren't like us, are they? If you ever want me to take him fishing or go and kick a ball about, I'd be more than happy to, you know? Anyway, I, er I wondered if you had seen this.
Started thinking about your Harry.
"Forsaken without warning.
" Well, that does sounds like Harry.
I didn't mean it was his responsibility.
At least, not this time.
I meant, er Well, I was worried about the lad.
My lad, too.
Yes, it is very worrying.
But it also means that we'll have them home soon, and have to negotiate with Herr Hitler.
Then we can all get back to normal.
I thought you were a pacifist, Douglas.
Yes, I I am.
So we're in agreement, then.
Look sharp, lads.
She looks a bit like you, Private.
Are you sure you haven't been in France before? Up to two months ago I hadn't been out of Leeds.
Must remind you of 'ome after a town's been bombed, then? Very funny(!) It's just the petrol tank.
Joe, stay with her.
- What's that noise? Get back.
What the hell's he doing? Guinness Guinn is good for you.
Guinness is good for you.
Guinness is good for you.
Guinness is good Guinness is good for you.
Come on.
What's your name, mate? Your rank? Geoff Geoff.
Geoff! Geoff Geoff.
Is that a stripe I see on your arm? Where's the rest of your unit, Squadron Leader? Answer the Lieutenant! All right, Sergeant, we're not going to shout it out of him.
He might be a Jerry, sir.
Nicked one of our lads' uniforms.
He just told me his name is Geoff.
Well, he's hardly going to say it's Fritz, is he, Sir? Sarge! Sir! Better take a look! Oh, Bertie Bollocks! [MEN SOB.]
Bertie Bollocks, indeed.
You've just got to get in between them two sticks, OK? Right, come on, then.
Ignore her.
Come on.
Oh, right through me legs! Whoo, good shot! Heads up, lads, I'm giving the windscreen a quick clean! [MEN QUAVER.]
Jack! Fuck's sake! You're making me look like a right clown! Come back, hey? Come back.
Come sit down.
Over there with the others.
Tell you what, you sit with the mad lads, I'll go take a look at the engine.
You're all right.
So, what's the darkies' tale? They got separated from their unit at Ypres.
They've been helping look after the shell-shocked lads.
"Shellshock"", that's what they're calling it, is it, sir? What do you think is going on here, Sergeant? Are you saying these men aren't shell-shocked, or are they all undercover Nazis like Geoff? One or two'll be swinging the lead.
Stands to reason.
Let that be on their consciences.
We just need to find a way to get them to the next field hospital.
Even the darkies? Can't we just leave 'em here? They're not injured.
They're not even ours.
You can cut it out now, Sergeant! I won't tolerate you talking about men who are fighting on our side as though they are disposable.
Do you understand? Yes, sir.
Right, sir.
Just been talking to a family back up the road, sir.
They're leaving.
Said they'll take the girl.
Happy now? We traded a girl and a dog for two Africans and a truck full of loonies.
Couldn't be happier(!) Got a lot of colour in the lad's cheeks, that's for sure.
And I'm sure my flowerbeds will recover in time.
Right, yeah.
Sorry about that.
Well, er, we'll stay in touch, then, eh? Will we? Is that the protocol? Well, yeah, it can be.
And, er, we'll see how this little rum 'un gets on, eh? Yes, yes.
The "rum one" will always be pleased to see you.
We haven't declared war on the French, have we, sir? Not so far.
But I wouldn't put it past us.
One of the mad lads in the back thinks he's Napoleon, so we could always ask him.
The town is still in French hands, but they don't know for how long.
We can't get any radio contact but there's a casualty clearing station where we can get you seen.
Me, sir? What about, sir? That wound you've been keeping from me.
What wound is that, sir? The one that has you touching your gut every five minutes as though you've had a bad pint or five at lunch.
I can walk off a bad pint, sir.
You get it looked at here, or I order you to stay here.
Up to you.
I think I liked you better when you were a soft touch, sir.
I'm beginning to wish I was one of the loonies now.
Who's in charge here? Who is in charge here? - That's probably me.
- You're American? Webster O'Connor, American Hospital in Paris, Field Hospital B.
- Pleased to meet you.
- I have eight traumatised men.
I need to get them on a hospital ship.
Well, when you find that hospital ship, then let me know and I'll send eight of mine with them.
Otherwise they'll end up prisoners of war.
I am nowhere near being able to give these men the help they need.
I can't take these guys too.
I'm sorry.
You can stay in the grounds to get some rest for the night but your best bet is getting to the coast yourselves.
Can you help one guy? It's a physical wound.
It's my sergeant here.
I'll get a nurse to look after him.
Henriette? Webster? Bullet wounds, shrapnel, all kinds of shit.
I'm glad to hear you really getting to grips with the medical jargon.
When I volunteered, I thought I'd be driving old ladies round Paris.
You're a jazz man, chaos is your thing.
- You need to hold still.
I'll do as I am told.
I'm good at taking orders.
Just ask my officer here.
You're lucky that you got here when you did.
Yeah, we would have got here sooner but the Pied Piper kept picking up waifs and strays.
I spoke with a French officer outside.
Two of our units and two French units have dug in 30 miles inland.
So we have a bridgehead to the coast.
We get behind that perimeter and evacuate.
What, all of us? Even the looney tunes? We take them with us or leave them to be taken as prisoners of war.
How long do you think they'll last? [SIREN WAILS.]
Take cover! No.
- Geoff! - No - Geoff! [SIREN WAILS.]
We're fucked, aren't we, sir? Are you quoting Winston Churchill directly there, sergeant, or is that a rhetorical flourish all of your own? I'll tell you what it does mean, sergeant.
If the planes have been over, then the Panzers will be here in, what? A day? - We'll set off first thing.
- All right, then.
What are you looking for? Divine inspiration? Something like that.
It is not exactly France, is it? Any closer to home and we'd be able to walk here.
Lois, bit of a delicate matter.
Wondering if you could just stay still when you sing today.
Stay still? Yeah, I think I can manage that, Ted.
Cos when you move, not everything else moves at the same time, - If you get me meaning.
- Oh, are you saying I wobble, Ted? No, no, no.
Just, some of these lads have got mothers, you know? "Some" of these lads.
They don't want to be looking at a lady in the family way in a way they might look at a normal woman.
Might be easier if you gave them blindfolds, Ted! [WOMEN LAUGH.]
How come our ship is called HMS Keith? Keith isn't the name you give to a fighting ship.
What? All the other ships are called Atlantic, Calcutta, Dreadnought, and we get Keith.
Well, what's the problem with that? Well, Keith was always the name of the kid who wore a balaclava till April, candle-wax snot hanging from his nose.
How many trips back and forth have we done? 20? And not one tip all day.
Would you like it better if it was HMS Tom? If it was called HMS Tom it wouldn't be here, mate.
It'd be cruising round the brothels of the Med.
Hey, you! What are you doing here, where's your uniform? I'm a musician.
This is my uniform.
Yeah? I don't hear any music.
I don't see any fighting either, but you're still dressed up as a soldier.
You're a spy, aren't you? Oi, lads, we got a spy over here! Yeah, I'm a spy.
That's right.
This disguise here really helps me to blend in.
Some spy! No news is good news, hey? Well, I must be drowning in good news, then, in that case.
Eddie will come back.
He's in France.
So is Harry.
At least he's in the army.
At least he has a gun.
Eddie has a trumpet.
Well, if he plays some of that modern jazz music he'll have the Germans surrendering in no time.
Oh, a joke.
My goodness, things must be looking up.
Have you made a plan yet? Are you going to raise the child on your own or give it away? I don't want to talk about it! Don't want to talk about what? Do you want these microphone stands on the stage? That's right, I heard you had to be intelligent to be a pilot! One centre stage and one by the piano.
Thank you.
The piano? The piano.
Lovely, another bloody roadblock! Nothing for it, going to be a hiking job from here on.
I always wondered what a safe haven looks like.
Get Joe and Taffy down to the beach.
If the map's right, then there's a path through the woods.
Just get out.
Just get out on anything you can.
What about you? I'll wait it out till it stops raining bombs.
There's no way we could get shell-shocked men through a full-on raid.
How are you going to evacuate 'em on your own? We can't just leave them here, can we? - Sir - And I'm the senior officer, so it's down to me.
Joe, Taff get down to the beach, get on anything you can.
Ship, cruiser, rubber ring, just Just get yourselves home.
What about you, sarge? Me, I'm staying here.
Till they stop dropping bombs on the crazy gang here.
Go on, sod off! Get me an ice cream.
Wafer or cornet, sarge? Good luck, sarge.
Oh, sorry.
I thought it was Chopin.
Oh, I see.
Yes, er, that's very good.
Vernon Hunter.
I'm a pilot, of sorts.
Lois Bennett.
A singer of sorts.
When's the happy event? I think we're on in about an hour.
- No, no, no, no, I meant - Yeah, I know what you meant, Vernon.
I was just, you know? Fed up of people asking.
Fair enough.
You aren't flying over to France, then? Oh, no, not today.
I got crocked on the way back two days ago, so until they get my kite back in action I'm at a bit of a loose end, so I thought I would bring a few of my injured boys down here for the, er, entertainment.
That's kind.
It's about the only thing left to believe in, isn't it? Kindness.
And your husband? Is he in the Forces? If you don't mind me asking.
I'm not married.
The father is.
Just not to me.
I see.
Well life is full of surprises.
But nothing a cup of tea and a biscuit won't improve.
- Do you take sugar? - Two, please.
Thank you.
We're staying put tonight, lads.
But we'll stay with you.
You are kind.
I'm not.
I'm not kind.
Stupid, more like.
So, who's at home for you, Geoff? Wife? Kids? Yes.
What are they called? HE WHISPERS: They're called Geoff.
Easy to remember, I suppose.
Are you still sure this lot's worth killing yourself over? They're not going to thank you.
You don't mind if we fuck off and leave you here to die, do you, Geoff? We've got 'em to the coast.
They're as safe as any of us.
They have as good a chance as any of us.
Better, probably.
They're already mad.
We're just getting there.
I'm going to try and get some food and when I come back, I want you gone.
That's not how it works.
You give the order, I stay and make sure it gets carried out.
The Senegalese lads have volunteered to stay already.
If you're still here when I get back, I'll report you for insubordination.
With all due respect, sir, who to? You and me are all that's left of the chain of command.
Just get to the beach and get out with our lads.
They need you.
I mean, Taffy can't find his way out of a tent without a map and compass.
Yes, sir.
As you say, sir.
What are you thinking, sir? I'm wondering if you still don't believe in shellshock.
I believe in cowardice more.
You know, you remind me of my mother.
- The wisdom.
- And the legs.
Pleasure and an honour, sir.
See you for a pint back in Blighty.
You can get the first one in.
Typical officer! I didn't know he was married.
I know that's what any woman would say, so whether you believe me or not You talk as though I'm going to judge you.
You don't have to apologise to me, or explain anything.
You might want to tell the rest of the world that.
I try and kill other men every day I fly.
- You don't judge me for that, do you? - No.
No, I don't.
My dad might.
He's a pacifist.
Good for him.
I'm not brave enough.
See, I'm not fighting for Britain, not for Mr Churchill, but so that people can carry on with living their lives in whatever way they choose.
That is the only freedom I'm fighting for.
So you're an anarchist, then, Vernon? Yes, I suppose I am.
Me and Mr Orwell.
I meet a lot of men who think they're strong, Lois, but I know real strength when I see it.
And you You have it in abundance.
Well, thank you.
I don't feel very strong right now, but thank you.
Move it, lads! Fritz is due to call again soon, and he won't be selling ice creams! You've had all day to sunbathe, just get on board, let's all go home, eh? Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go! MAN: Oi! Oi! Come on, lads! Come on, lads, let's move it! Nice one, lads, get on board.
Go on, here you are, pal(!) No chance! - Get to the back and wait your turn.
- You can not stop me.
Oh, yeah? I can with this, mate.
Jerry's only gone for his tea break.
If we don't get away in this tide, we get sunk.
So killing you's a small price if it stops all these fellas buying it too.
I am ready for death.
We're all fucking ready for death, mate! We're all ready for death.
SHOOT ME! Get out of the way! Go back and fight for your country, you Polish bugger! Right, behave, lads! Any more hassle and I'll be going home with a boat half-full! All right? Now, let's go! Come on! I'll put the kettle on for us.
Let's go.
Let's go home.
Come on, lads.
Come on, let's go, let's go.
Come on, come on.
Move it out, lads! Let's go home, eh? Come on, lads, let's go home.
It's bad.
It's bad.
It's bad.
It's bad.
What is, Geoff? What's bad? The badness inside.
That's not badness you've got inside you, Geoff.
That's just pain.
Get to the truck.
Get to the truck! Get to the truck! Get to the truck! Go, go, go, go! Geoff! Geoff! [HE PANTS.]
We've got to get to the truck, Geoff.
We can't stay outside.
I promise you, we can't stay outside.
Come on.
It can't be put right.
What can't? What can't, Geoff? The thing that needs putting right, it can't be put right.
Demba! Demba! Go.
Shoot me if I lose my bollocks, sarge! Your bollocks have to drop first, Taff! - Fuck me, that's close! - Yes, thank you, Joe.
I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't told me! Only making conversation, sarge! [DISTANT EXPLOSIONS.]
Is he dead? Have you heard, eh? - Have you heard? - Is who dead? What are you saying? Is who dead? Your boy.
My boy.
Have you heard anything about the ships that went down? Today.
Have you had the news on? No.
I've been doing the crossword.
Much more edifying.
What the bloody hell use is the crossword when our Tom could be dead?! Eh? Eh?! Oh, please.
Please keep your voice down, Douglas.
You might frighten Jan.
You must know something.
Why don't you know anything? Go home and pull yourself together, Douglas.
I'm disappointed in you.
Pack up all my cares and woes Here I go Singing low Bye-bye, blackbird Where somebody waits for me Sugar's sweet, so is she Bye-bye, blackbird ALL: No-one here can love or understand me Oh, what hard-luck stories they all hand me LOIS AND SOLDIERS: Make my bed, light the light I'll arrive late tonight Blackbird Blackbird.
Thank fuck that's over.
May I just say, you were absolutely wonderful.
I'm going to have to start a fan club for you.
Thank you.
No need to sound so surprised.
Well, I I don't want to be rude, ma'am, but I have seen other ENSA shows recently, and they were truly horrible.
I'm sure they weren't that bad.
They really were.
I expect there isn't one bad act in America.
I wouldn't know.
I'm from Canada.
Of course you are.
What do you mean? Our bassist is from Canada.
He's never heard a Canadian accent like yours.
I listen to American radio a lot.
I must have picked it up.
Oh, I see.
- Nice to see you again, Vernon.
- You too.
I was wondering if you would mind awfully if I wrote to you? Sorry.
It's Is that foolish of me? No.
Just men who promise to write, I've had my fill of them.
- I can't promise poetry.
- Good.
Then you write to me, Vernon.
I'd like that.
I don't have your address.
Now, you keep that promise.
No poetry.
Herr Rossler? Heil Hitler, Herr Rossler.
Good evening.
The German High Command has issued a communique.
The French army has been defeated.
They confidently report that the attack on what is left of the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk is making good progress.
But the British Tommies at Dunkirk are still fighting.
They will not be rolled over.
My sources in the German military tell me that even their own men call the British stubborn bulldogs.
But Berlin does not change.
On these streets, you would not know the country was at war.
Berlin goes on as before.
And perhaps that is the most frightening thing of all.
Thanks, lads.
Let's go! That's a story.
Herr Rossler? Frau Campbell.
I know that we have not seen eye to eye of late, but I need your help.
A terrible, terrible thing has What? What is it? - Is it Hilda? - Ja.
She said she was going to tell the authorities where Hilda was.
She said that she Shh, shh, shh, You don't need to explain, Herr Rossler.
She's a dead Nazi.
That's good enough for me.
Have you moved a dead body before? No.
Have you? You need lots of canvas and a strong stomach.
Erm RADIO: We shall never have a complete list of all the vessels employed.
Never was there a more fantastic armada.
Never did a weirder collection of vessels set sail.
MUFFLED SPEECH: Anybody in? Hey? Are you in? Come on! Help me.
HELLO?! Are you in?! Help me.
Help me, help me.
Help me! Come on! It's not exactly perfect, but it's all I can think of.
I know it.
I can feel it in here.
Any real news? Not one of your "feelings" like Gypsy Rose Lee on Blackpool Prom.
If anything's happened to him I made him go.
I told him to go.
- I I made him.
- Dad.
I'm no dad.
I'm no father.
No father to you.
No father to him.
No, I'm no father, me.
Dad! Dad, that is not true.
We just have to wait now.
They're not going to announce anything on the radio, are they? - Not just like that.
- Shut up, will you! - Not with the Germans listening in.
- I just wanna hear it.
RADIO: There is only one course left for the Allied army.
Hey! Hey! What are the black fellers? What do they want? The same as you.
To get on a ship and get somewhere safe.
- Who have they been fighting with? - The French.
The French have got their own ships.
These boys are with me.
They've been helping injured British soldiers for the last two days.
They've earned a place on that ship.
I don't care who they're fucking with.
I think you mean, "I don't care who they're fucking with, Sir.
" I think rank went out of the window a long fucking time ago, pal.
We've been waiting for three days while the Krauts take pot shots at us.
So dump your French boys before I deck you.
They are getting on a boat.
You! [HE FIRES.]
I am the officer in charge! And they are coming with us.
Delia? The speed of change is what takes most of us by surprise here.
A country invaded.
A surrender.
An Armistice signed.
Then another, and another.
The French are making one last appeal to President Roosevelt to get America to help.
One last appeal.
They need help.
Scheisse! We're done.
It's over, no more.
No more.

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