World on Fire (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 She said she was going to tell the authorities where Hilda was.
You don't need to explain.
She's a dead Nazi.
That's good enough for me.
I gave you my heart and you betrayed me in the snap of some Polish knicker elastic.
- Vernon Hunter.
Pilot, of sorts.
- Lois Bennett.
Singer, of sorts.
- We'll stay in touch, then.
- Will we? Is that the protocol? - [EXPLOSION.]
- I'm deserting.
- I think you should go back.
- To war, that you hate? You're having a baby? - Why didn't you tell me?! - I don't want anything from you.
How much longer will it be like this? I'll never be safe anywhere.
If anything's happened to him.
I made him go.
I told him to go.
I made him.
With Paris now under the control of the Nazi authorities, German troops, having entered the city on 14th June, unchallenged, the German authorities have effortlessly settled into the city, many of them having spent time on leave in the various bars, theatres and jazz clubs before the occupation.
They continue to enjoy all that the vibrant city has to offer and have commandeered the very best hotels as their headquarters.
On the coast, the astonishing feat of Dunkirk evacuation has come to an end, with a staggering number of allied troops making it successfully off the beach.
A dreadful fate awaits those that remain behind, however, with many wounded and separated soldiers now becoming prisoners of war.
What is it, Dad? What? It's our Tom.
We've just had a telegram.
He's He's missing.
Well, this is going to give me something to talk about at bridge club.
Demba is from Senegal, Mother.
Are you worried that I'm lonely? - What? - This obligation you feel to shower me with human souvenirs from your travels.
First a backward Polish child, and now a Frenchman as black as your hat.
Without Demba, I never would have got back here in one piece.
He's on his way to Scotland to train with the Free French.
Scotland?! As though going through Dunkirk wasn't suffering enough.
I am happy for your safe return, Harry.
Thank you.
And thank you for making Demba welcome.
Well, if I can't show good manners to a savage, then we really are fighting this war for nothing.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Get your dirty, grubby hands off me now! Calm down! - He came round.
- You don't say.
Let me go and I'll take my chances! Hey, listen! If you leave now, you will die! Oh, so I just stay here and surrender like you lot? Paris has fallen.
She just told me.
And not a shot fired.
How's a bunch of cowards going to keep me safe? Pardon? Jacques.
Before you say anything word about French cowardice, just remember it was a French ambulance crew who rescued you.
You think you rescued me? Thanks to you, I'm in a city crawling with Nazis.
Now piss off and let me die in peace.
He can't be dead.
Not our Tom.
Harry will be back by now, on his way from Dover.
Child needs a father.
He's married, Dad.
Yeah, to some girl in Poland who might well be dead by now.
Oh, let's hope so, and then he can marry me out of pity and we'll live happily ever after.
Are you going to keep the child? I mean, there's no shame in some other family raising.
- I'm keeping it.
- Auntie Joan and Uncle John - over in Wales never had kids.
- I'm keeping it.
All right.
Well Harry's not short of a bob or two.
I thought you told me money is the root of all evil.
Yes, it is, but poverty is worse.
And if our Tom was here, he'd say the same.
But he's not here, is he? And even if he was, I wouldn't listen to him either.
If you don't go and ask for the money, then I will.
What are you going to do without help? All these men need my help.
You're all prisoners of war now? - I'll head for the coast.
- And which way is that? I'll think of something.
Listen, I've talked to a couple of French guys who are setting up an escape route.
They can help you.
You go across the Pyrenees into Spain, Spain to Gibraltar, then home from there.
I get lost walking home from Belle-Vue, mate.
What? You've never heard of Belle-Vue? You don't know what you're missing.
But first you need to get registered as an injured prisoner of war.
- Then what? - Then you die.
Well, I hate to be picky Once you're declared dead, it makes it easier for you to escape.
- They won't be looking for you.
- Won't they want to see a corpse? We've got no shortage of corpses, buddy.
And this will work, will it? You'll know before I do.
We've never actually tried it before.
That was wonderful.
Well, thank you.
Have you come to shut us down? No, but I can't guarantee that that won't happen.
It's the party's policy on jazz music.
You should read it.
- Why? - Because it might convince you to leave Paris for a while.
- I mean, why are you telling me? - I advise you to read the leaflet.
"On no account will Negroid excesses in tempo, "so-called hot jazz, "or in solo performances, so-called breaks, be tolerated.
" I read it already.
"Plucking the strings is prohibited since it is damaging "to the instrument ".
and detrimental to ".
Aryan musicality.
" It's laughable.
Nobody will take it seriously.
You still think this is all going to be fine? I think the Germans love Paris.
And clubs like yours are one of the reasons.
And you're a French citizen.
Not as far as the Nazis are concerned.
I heard two boys from Frankie's band got picked up last night.
That could have been for anything.
Or it could have been because they are African.
You need to find me a way out.
- What? - Eddie was right.
I should have gone when he did.
You're going to smuggle prisoners of war out of the hospital.
- I want you to do the same for me.
- Are you serious? That German guy in the club tonight.
He was giving me a chance.
- I have to take it now.
- It's it's still early days.
We don't even know yet if the route is safe or if it works.
So when are you going to find out? Soon.
We find out soon.
We are neighbours now.
We will need a list of your patients.
They are prisoners of war.
They weren't prisoners of war yesterday.
If the hospital continues to stay open and operate independently, you'll need to keep records of these men.
Some have no ID when they arrive.
A lot of them destroy their tags - because of the rumours.
- What rumours? The Germans will trace their families.
Kill them too.
They actually believe that? I think they believe you're capable of anything.
And what about you? I don't think you have a monopoly on evil.
Well, thank you.
I think you're coming pretty close.
Thank you.
I cannot see any reason why we can't happily co-exist.
Can you? Easy for you to say.
I hear you Senior Officers have commandeered - the best hotels.
- Paris has been generous.
The Crillon, since you ask.
We will begin with the men in this room.
Dr O'Connor, please explain the status of these men.
Multiple amputee, top and bottom extremities.
Possible gangrene on the upper right.
Not suitable for transport this month.
Next, please.
Young British Naval Rating.
Picked up at Dunkirk.
Here's the death certificate.
- He had 80% burns.
- He worked in the boiler room.
It was a miracle he lived as long as he did.
And with 80% burns, a miracle he was still alive when he got here.
What the fuck do you call this outfit? This your revenge? I know you speak English.
You understood full well when I was calling you a coward.
You're fucking kidding me? Is he in the mortuary? - Shall we? - You want to check the corpse? Are you serious?! I'll come with you.
I took him down there.
You, sir.
Yes, my German friend.
How may I help you? Where do the ambulances drop off their casualties? Follow me.
So, you go that way now, and I take what's left of this poor bastard down to the morgue.
How did he die? Hard to tell.
Hardly anything of him left.
You were brilliant.
You were brilliant.
I know.
I know! I really froze.
How did you know the burns victim would still be down there? I didn't.
I'm sorry.
No I'm sorry.
I don't know what came over me.
No, no, no, it's OK.
It's fine.
Please, Henriette, I was just surprised.
That's all.
Harry tells me you saved him.
He saved a lot of men.
He's very brave.
How very reassuring.
Like his mother and father, perhaps? His courage.
Harry's father had many qualities but it transpires that courage - wasn't one of them.
- Can we talk about something else? The Germans didn't bomb Paris.
That surely is a good sign.
Of what exactly? That when all is said and done, at least they are a civilised people.
Surely this week can't get any more surprising.
Lois, do come in.
Is Douglas coming too? No, sorry.
But he sent you this.
It isn't brand-new.
It's the same one Tom had when he was your age.
He says next time you play, you can wear it.
I rather feel as though I've arrived late at the theatre and need somebody to explain the plot to me.
I am sorry.
I had no idea you had so many people here.
Lois, wait.
I I have to give Demba a lift to the station.
Why don't you come with us? Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
Paris has fallen! Paris has fallen! Is everything OK with you and the baby? Baby? What on Earth makes you think I'm having a baby? You Don't you think you should Don't tell me how to deal with it, Harry.
I think you lost the right to do that a while ago.
I don't think I ever told you how to do anything, did I? No.
You got by on charm and good hair.
Which is pretty much how I survived Dunkirk too.
- Lois - No.
You're married.
And you didn't tell me.
I only came here today to tell you to stay away.
And what will you tell the child when they asks where their dad is? There's a war.
I'll tell them you're dead.
Come on, Tom Bennett.
You can do this.
- I was expecting a man.
- So was I.
The security in that place is mad.
It's a miracle I only died once.
Take my hand.
- What? - Take my hand.
If we look like lovers, we are less likely to attract attention.
If there's anything else you want me to do to look like your lover, you know, just say.
They said they thought they were friends, but why would they say that? - And what do I tell Claudia? - You don't tell Claudia anything.
They could have arrested you.
They didn't.
That is a very good sign.
Can you help me? You need to help me.
There's some people I might be able to call.
You need to stay calm.
Papa! Hilda.
Albert! Albert! What's going on? This is my home! Will someone tell me what the fuck is going on here?! Bonsoir.
Bonsoir, monsieur.
Monsieur? Albert is missing.
I think he's been arrested.
I know.
And I realised it might be a bonus for you.
One less talented Negro to challenge your beliefs.
Listen to me.
I know he's been arrested and I think I know where he will be being held.
I hope you find him and he's safe.
I know how much he means to you.
I do know.
Do you think I am a coward, Harry? I don't think you're a coward.
Half my men had nightmares when we fought in France.
And they weren't cowards either.
Do you think even Grzegorz had nightmares? Yes.
Even Grzegorz.
Where do you think he is now? Does Jan get a lot of nightmares? It's become a little easier since I started censoring the newspaper.
Are you sure that baby's yours? Yes.
You know that for a fact? If she gave herself to you then perhaps she is free and easy with her virtue.
- She is a socialist after all.
- The baby is mine.
So how much does she want? Nothing.
Nothing at all.
Like you say, she's a socialist.
Well, good.
That must be a relief for you.
And your Polish bride.
Maybe You'll think of me When you are all alone Maybe The one who is waiting for you Will prove untrue Then what will you do Maybe You'll sit and sigh Wishing that I Were near Then maybe you'll ask me To come back again Maybe I'll say Maybe then I'll say Someday, maybe.
Wooh! Wooooh! Eddie?! You stopped writing, you bugger.
I was fighting my way through northern France.
Who were you fighting? Germans or French husbands? What's your name? His name is Geoff.
I'm Lois.
Pleased to meet you, Geoff.
That's as settled as I've seen him since he arrived.
I've seen my dad get like this sometimes.
He fought in the Somme.
He left his peace of mind there.
That's a good way of describing it.
Hello again, Vernon.
Hello, Lois.
Is it just coincidence that you're never flying when I sing? Or are you following me? It's just coincidence.
But a nice coincidence.
A very nice coincidence indeed.
Nancy! Hilda.
- Where are you running off to? - I would like to live with you now.
That would be fun but I think your mummy and daddy would miss you very much.
Mama! Mama! So - is Connie around? - She's over there.
With Eddie.
I see.
You were terrific, by the way.
I mean, you're virtually a double act by now, so.
It's OK.
I grew up on a farm so, you know, you kind of remind me of home.
My God, Randy, you are the rudest man I have ever met! Sorry.
I'm sorry.
- I sound like my dad.
- Was it your dad you ran away from? It wasn't really running away "from".
It was more a running to.
My brother.
He's a doctor.
In France.
In Paris, actually.
And you becoming a fighter pilot helps him how exactly? It means I'm looking out for him.
Erm, maybe you could look out for my brother at the same time.
He didn't come He didn't come back from Dunkirk.
My dad thinks he's still alive.
Maybe he's right.
I think I would know in here if he were dead.
- Oh, does that sound stupid? - No.
I know exactly what you mean.
This wonderful young woman? You disgust me! - Vernon! - It speaks too well of your sweet nature that you would try and defend a cad like this.
She kept your secret, O'Connor.
You don't deserve her.
For goodness' sake, Vernon.
I thought you RAF boys were supposed to be good at maths.
The baby is due in less than a month.
Where would Randy have been eight months ago? Not in Britain, that's for sure.
I I I see.
I seem to have jumped to a wrong-headed conclusion.
Yes, you have.
- It's not funny.
- Come on.
It is a bit funny.
Vos papiers.
I can't do this.
What happened? How has this happened? What happened was I objected to my home being invaded.
What happened was I am black and French.
And what happened was they can do whatever they like.
I will get you out of here.
Yeah, you said that.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I I I can get you out.
- Sieber, that German guy at the club - Are you joking? I get out of here, it'll be somewhere worse, so don't stir things up.
OK? - Don't go asking questions.
- You shouldn't be here! Neither should the Germans, but they are carrying guns and I'm not.
Excuse me! Lois! I rather think I owe you an apology.
Yes, you do.
And you owe Randy an apology.
Slightly sticky that as I am his Senior Officer and he's Canadian, but I will give it my best effort.
It was sweet of you to stand up for me.
And I think he was flattered that you thought we might be a couple.
Well, I can see how any man would be.
The fact of the matter is Never trust a man who starts a speech with, "The fact of the matter is.
" He's about to state the glaringly obvious, and it is glaringly obvious, or perhaps it is not.
I wish we weren't standing in an airfield.
Me too.
And I have to go.
It was nice to see you.
You too.
No, stop.
It wasn't a coincidence.
I knew you'd be here today.
The truth is that since our first meeting, I have thought of little else.
This is ludicrous, I know, but as I may never see you again or get the chance to say this, I am absolutely besotted with you.
And believe me, this is highly uncharacteristic, but I feel that my outburst at Randy was driven by jealousy, nothing else.
And I know it is ridiculous and I know you may never feel the same way about me as I feel about you, but I want to look after you.
I would look after you and the baby and I would be happy doing that.
So there we are.
I couldn't let you leave without saying that.
Thank you.
- I'm here to see Major Taylor.
- Come this way.
POLISH: FRENCH: Major Taylor.
POLISH: FRENCH: Pleased to meet you.
We could use a man of your talents, Chase.
Your gift for languages and your capacity for deception.
Marrying a local Pole? Coming home with her brother on a forged papers? What is this about? - I don't understand.
- Before the war, I see you were involved - in anti-fascist movements.
- Yes.
I was ahead of my time.
Pacifists, communists, the company you kept.
- What am I being interviewed for? - I can't tell you that.
It would involve going back to France and Poland.
- How do you feel about that? - That would suit me.
The only thing you need to know about the job is if you're caught, the best you can hope for is a quick death.
If you were in my shoes, then you'd know that a quick death is something I'd be very happy with right now.
What's going on here? Why is a French citizen being held? The criteria for internment are posted outside the building.
I read that.
Then you will know why he has been interned.
I think we both know why he's been interned.
Why are you so worried about this one Negro? - Because he's a friend of mine.
- But you are an American.
I thought you of all people should understand racial science.
It's science, is it? That's good.
That's very good! [SOMBRE PIANO MUSIC.]
C'est fini.
C'est fini! When we will smuggle another prisoner out? When we hear the Englishman made it.
Under the Nazis' noses? Even after they take over the hospital? The Germans promised this place won't be requisitioned.
And a Nazi promise is worth what exactly? They will do everything they can to keep America out of the war.
They really don't want to be fighting us.
Which leaves you protected.
But I'm not American.
- Are you OK, Claudia? - Yes.
Everything will be fine now.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
Any time.
What do we do now? We say goodbye.
- What? - We are in Spain now.
These men will get you to the crossing to Gibraltar.
What? When did we cross the border? I'd say an hour ago.
Why didn't you tell me? We could have celebrated in the way only a man and woman can.
That's why I didn't tell you.
This is my job done, I'll hand you over, I go home.
Really? Fuck.
Don't you want to come with me? [SHE LAUGHS.]
Herr Rossler? No Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Come back inside.
You come back inside.
Come back inside.
Think of your son.
Think of your son.
You have no choice.
Pistol, field dressing, commando knife.
compass, torch, and this map.
You'll be dropped with the equipment here, just over the Polish border.
First contact will be with a farm due south, where you will meet with our Polish resistance contacts who have escaped Warsaw.
Local resistance are using it as a safe house.
- If I fail to make contact? - Improvise.
The drop will probably kill you anyway.
I have done bad things.
I chose to kill.
There was a price.
I'm the one in the cage here.
You can walk out whenever you like.
- Don't ever come back, Webster! - No! I have protected you more than I have needed to.
Give me a reason to help.
I thought you had some influence with these people.
For God's sake, I tried! The baby's been born.
Your baby's been born.
Now you're displaying this sudden concern.
Because it would break my heart, you foolish boy! When did you grow a heart?! Is Vernon back? It got sticky.
We don't know.
He got shot down? I'm going away.
There's a good chance I won't make it back.

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