World on Fire (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

Find your own reason to fight, Harry.
I hope I didn't overstep the mark there.
No. As ever, you saved the day.
He's a British Officer.
You're supposed to go to him!
You're either military intelligence
or you're a spy.
How's it going with Kasia?
She's made it very clear
she doesn't want to be here.
What if I were to recruit you
to work for me?
I'll do it.
Be under no illusion, Rommel has
brought his forces up to strength.
We must expect an attempt on
the perimeter at any time.
Chase, your men will bolster
Australian defences.
And orders from Churchill,
all positions must be held.
There's to be no withdrawal.
Tobruk must hold at all costs.
Pal, your men will lay
a tactical minefield
in order to draw in the tanks
for artillery to strike.
Sir, if I may, the enemy is already
familiar with the tank trap.
Standard defence formation
might be more advisable.
Thank you, Pal.
You will lay a tactical minefield
as per orders.
So how the bloody hell are we
going to stop a Panzer division?
We're not going to stop them.
We're going to let them in.
Sappers are laying a tactical minefield.
Australian guns will
harass from the left.
Our job is to take out
the German infantry.
- What with? Sandbags and popguns?
- And dummy grenades!
- Right, leave it, lads. Leave it.
You see, I missed this.
I missed the camaraderie.
Oh, you missed getting your arse
burnt by Panzer fire?
We hold the line at all costs.
At all costs, sir?
To the last man, George.
Rommel's goal Cairo
..and the Suez Canal.
..the Suez Canal
..connects us to the East.
Now, if Rommel manages to takes
the Suez Canal, he effectively
..cuts the British Empire in half.
..look at his supply lines.
If he wants to take Cairo, he must
..carry men and fuel and weapons
from here, in Tripoli,
all the way across the desert.
- And Tobruk is here.
- Yes!
If he manages to take Tobruk,
look what happens.
He can bring everything he needs by sea,
which is why it's imperative
that the Allies hold it.
Come on, come on.
This way.
Good luck.
Oi, stop gawking. Come on.
Men, stay down!
You heard the man! Take cover!
Where's it coming from?!
Easy, lads!
Hey, hey, hey!
It's the cavalry!
Oh, come on, brother.
We didn't scare you, did we?
- What do you think you're doing?
- We're shooting at seagulls.
Yeah. Daft buggers, they won't move.
I'll give you good odds on it.
You're giving our position away.
Er, yeah, look, I think Jerry
knows where we are, mate.
Come on, it's good target practice.
Good for morale.
Lets off a bit of steam.
Oh. You get one?!
He got one! He got it!
Ha-ha-ha, get in, son!
Sorry to keep you, Miss Tomaszeski.
This woman, Irena Lewandowska,
you know her?
She works at the Avro factory.
You know it?
It's where they're building
the new bomber, the Lancaster.
For now, just watch her. Follow her.
Anything suspicious,
any signs of activity, report back.
She walks it every day at ten o'clock,
then again at five o'clock.
We'll get you a dog for cover.
Miss Tomaszeski.
May I ask, do you know
what I mean by a bland smile?
"Bland"? I don't know that word.
Or, you know, in the case
of smiles, meaningless.
Like this?
You yourself know that, erm
..Robina is the most acute of women.
Keep hold of yourself.
I feel she knows something is afoot.
Oh, I know you're an honest woman
and this sort of thing
doesn't sit well with you.
But try to think of it
as an essential skill,
rather than a defect of character.
Mm! Very good.
Hold still.
I'm trying to fix you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You have an infected wound
and a dislocated shoulder.
I'm sorry, I don't have any morphine.
I'll be all right.
No, you don't understand.
You mustn't make a sound.
There are ears everywhere.
What's the matter?
I've never done it before myself,
I've only ever assisted.
Well, that's marvellous to know.
Thank you
..very much.
The English, you are so polite.
I am most sincerely obliged to you,
for the excruciating pain.
What on earth do you think you're doing?
He's a stray.
That is a lurcher!
My goodness, Kasia, do honestly
think I'm the sort of woman
who would allow a poacher's dog
on her property?
You'll take him straight to the pound.
He's for Jan
To care for. To cheer him up.
I wasn't aware that Jan was
anything but perfectly cheerful.
He's for me?! He's mine?!
It stays outside at all times.
Under no circumstances is that
creature allowed in my house.
He is not "that creature".
My Wilk.
- Wilk?!
- It's Polish for "wolf".
Can we walk him now?
Best if I take him today.
He needs to settle.
But he's my dog.
But he knows me, not you.
But he's my dog.
Wilk. Come on, come on.
She walks it every day at ten
o'clock, then again at five o'clock.
Jan! Jan!
Er We can't.
No, really, we can't.
Robina is expecting us.
She will have dinner ready for us.
We'll have to see.
Are you all right?
I'm sorry to keep you in there
for so long.
It's better than being dead.
I got some bones from
the butcher. It's good.
There are patrols all the time now.
You speak very good English.
I learnt from an American.
A dear friend.
A friend?
Kasia! Kasia!
Kasia, can you look after the baby?
Shush Ah, Joyce.
Joyce, can you look after the baby?
I really do need to dress.
Please. Please, Vera.
Whatever's the matter?
It's my Terry.
Oh, Mrs Chase,
I've not had a letter for weeks.
And he always writes.
"My Joy", he says, "I'm fighting
fit. You're not to worry."
Would that all men were as thoughtful.
They'd tell us though, wouldn't they
..if it were the worst?
Yes. Yes, of course they would.
Oh, shush, shush, shush.
Come on now. Come now.
Shush, shush.
There. Oh.
I should like to know what I did.
I'm sure I always gave him
everything he needed.
He was always such an untidy boy.
My whole life,
clearing up after his mess.
He'll be all right.
He's been well trained.
They've all been very well trained,
haven't they?
Yes, they have.
All right, Vera. It's all right.
The German military might,
led by Field Marshal Rommel,
send their tank divisions to beat
Britain and her Commonwealth allies
into submission in the
intense desert heat.
Our brave boys may have
suffered heavy losses,
but have vowed to fight
Jerry to the last man.
Displace! Displace!
If you need the toilet, go now.
If you get hit, you stand a better
chance if your bowels are empty.
No, I'm not staying here.
I'm not staying here.
George! George! George! George!
Look at me! Hey, look at me!
George, what's your job?
George, what is your job?!
- Sharpshooter, Sarge!
- You're the best we've got.
We need you. Do your job.
Yes, sir.
Come on.
Mines to the left and the right.
The only clear path is the middle.
We've got the old bush artillery.
We'll concentrate fire to the left,
you take out what you
can from the right.
Scared, mate? Eh? You should be.
I bloody am. Anyone who tells you
they're not is an idiot.
- We can take it!
- We're not here to take it.
We're here to give it!
So what are you going to do, cobber?
- Give it!
- Ha-ha-ha-ha! Woo!
Come on!
They're not falling for it.
- Where the bloody hell are artillery?!
- We're sitting ducks!
Hold, men! Hold the line!
Aussie gun harassing from the left.
They're phoning in the co-ordinates.
British shells falling short.
Come on, you gunners. Come on!
They've hit the outpost. Demolished it.
They're not getting the co-ordinates.
..hold your position.
What the hell?!
What's he doing? What is he doing?!
Right 20. Add 30.
On target! On target! Fire for effect!
Come on. Let's go.
Let's go.
Get him up. Get him in.
Bloody maniacs.
What the fucking hell
were you thinking?!
You've got a kid.
She needs her dad.
Not a hero.
What do you think these are made of?
Sir, cigarette?
Punkhawallah is good enough
to fight for the King.
Spoken like a true Englishman.
Don't think I don't know
what you're doing.
This dog.
He's the perfect excuse, isn't he?
With all the walking and
the feeding and the petting,
of course you've no time left
for your real duties.
Caring for your stepdaughter.
She is my stepdaughter only in name!
I was married to Harry for only
a heartbeat, I barely know Lois,
and I am sorry for her,
but I cannot be a mother to Vera.
I will not be a mother to her.
You are a mother of a man
who got married to one girl
and got another pregnant.
This is your mess, Robina.
I say, Miss Spicer!
Miss Ah, Miss Spicer.
This thorny question of
the baby-sitting, erm
..what could I say or do
that would change your mind?
You see, I'm taking Mrs Chase
for a picnic lunch on the lawn
and she's not going to argue,
she's going to put on her very best
smile and join me in the garden.
Sir James, we haven't known
each other very long,
but I would think that
you should know by now
that I'm not one of those silly
child-women who can be patronised
and appeased with the promise of treats.
A pound.
A pound would be very persuasive.
"Will you walk into my parlour?"
said the spider to the fly.
You're quite right.
Unforgivably smooth.
I shall ask Jan instead.
You certainly will not!
Jan has homework to do.
Now I see it all.
You're a black marketeer.
Ah. Yes, I'm afraid the truth is,
I'm an appalling spiv.
Would you believe me if I said it
came from a dowager aunt in Mayfair?
Not for a minute.
Quite right.
You mustn't trust me. Not an inch.
You've too much to protect.
Jan, Vera, Kasia.
Goodness, you have been
left with quite the load.
Which I'm more than equal to.
Oh, Lord, Robina, don't you
think I know you're capable?
Put your hackles down
and your quills.
Just because a donkey can carry
a hundredweight of bricks,
it doesn't mean it should.
In one breath, you've compared me
to a dog, a porcupine and a donkey.
And yet there's no woman I admire more.
Can't see jack.
From the missus?
We've been married ten years.
The blessing of my life.
I live for her letters.
Of course,
I'm not the first one to read them.
It's like someone else is
..touching her.
Holding her.
They know her thoughts
and feelings before I do.
Are you married?
My girl, Gwen, she, er
She won't have me.
Can't say I blame her.
Here you are.
It's a pom smoke. It's not bad.
- Navy Cut. Where did you get those?
- Rations.
I have lost three of my men.
This morning, my sappers moved
mines with their bare hands.
We have always believed
that the English,
with their famous decency, would
reward our loyal service, but
..our loyal service
does not merit a salute.
Does not even merit a decent
packet of cigarettes.
Can you make sense of it?
I'm fighting for India fighting for England.
And I'm losing on all fronts.
Can we speak English, please?
It's Madame.
So where is your husband?
- I don't know where.
- Hmm.
He was taken prisoner.
He will be treated fairly.
Thank you.
So you're living here alone?
It's easier than living in Paris.
There's more food here.
Mm. But you shouldn't be here alone.
But you're patrolling, no?
Surely you're keeping us safe.
My husband.
I love my husband.
Sh. Don't cry, don't cry.
I'm not going to hurt you.
You don't have to give me an answer now.
Only think on this.
You're alone and afraid and hungry.
I can make life easier for you.
I can protect you.
If you so choose.
I understand.
I don't believe she is a spy.
I saw nothing. No drop, no signal.
I I went to her rooms,
I found nothing.
Or she gave you nothing to see,
nothing to find.
No, we spoke about home.
She hates the Nazis as much as I do.
Isn't that exactly what a spy would say?
I don't believe any Pole
would act against their country.
That's sentiment. Cut that out.
Everything you've done up
to this point has been easy.
It's easy to kill Nazis.
It's easy to kill an enemy when they
wear a swastika and speak German.
But your enemy now
looks like your friend.
It's murky and it stinks,
but this is the fight now.
- It's not easy to kill.
- All right.
But you need to kill
this last bit of yourself
if you're to be of any use to us.
Are you all right?
Yes, yes. I couldn't get rid of him.
I'm sorry.
You were very quiet.
I'll get you some morphine if I can.
But we will have to leave tonight.
As soon as it's dark.
You go.
- Leave me. I'll be all right.
- I'm not leaving you.
I'm wrecked. I'll be too slow.
- I'm not leaving you.
- But you don't even know me.
You haven't been in France long enough.
A few more days and
you will think as we do.
That you are for me and I am for you.
Billy! Billy!
Pal, your minefield was a damp squib.
The minefield will be re-laid
in standard defence formation.
That'll be all, Pal.
At ease, men.
At ease, men.
At ease. That's an order.
You will obey your superior officer.
you will discipline your men.
You will discipline your men or
you will all face the consequences!
Sir have neglected to salute me
on three occasions now.
I'm sure that if you were to
salute me, as is proper,
my men would gladly obey.
I don't have to tell you, Sir,
that respect for rank
is the foundation of
military discipline
..and we lead by example.
The minefield will be re-laid
in standard defence formation.
It will be done immediately!
The chain of command stops with me.
I'll do it.
British Navy Cut.
I thought she was my friend.
She was kind to me.
You know what you found,
you know what you saw.
You did your duty.
You have other, better friends.
Yes. I
I owe Robina an apology.
Everything she did for Jan
Come on now.
Gather yourself, huh,
before Mrs Chase comes back.
Merci. Merci, monsieur.
Right, lads, we're moving out.
Packing up. Come on.
All right, who's putting
the tea on, then?
Royal Highlanders are relieving us.
We're moving out.
Back to base.
In two weeks, we'll be back out here.
If we keep snapping at the Germans,
we might just hold Tobruk.
I'm very touched your concern.
Piss off.
Stupid, playing the hero.
For what?
To show you've got the balls
of some bushwhack digger
- from the back of beyond?
- I don't know
It was that hospital.
Lying there with all the wounded and who'd lost their eyes,
men who'll never walk again.
I've never felt so ridiculous.
The bloody thinking.
Kasia and
..and Vera
..and the whole sordid mess of it.
And then I saw her.
- You saw her?
- Yeah, at the hospital. She's in Egypt.
- She's left the baby.
- Done a flit?!
Oh, you don't half pick 'em.
Who's looking after the kid?
God help her, my mother.
In that case, there's all the
more reason to stay alive, Sir.
If you wish to invite
a friend for tea, Kasia,
of course you're welcome to,
but I would have thought
you'd have had the decency to
inform me of your plans first.
I am hoping to have tea
with a friend, yes.
She's made you a cake.
It's a poppy seed cake.
It's a Polish recipe. I
But I couldn't find any poppy seeds
so it's just a cake.
And I had to use powdered egg,
so it came out very flat.
And then I covered it in jam.
But I hope it will still
serve as an apology
for what I said.
Oh, you're inviting me for tea?
Yes. Please.
Ah. Just me or is Mr Danemere
to join us, too?
I don't know. I think he's gone out.
Good. Then we can speak frankly.
Jan, go and play.
What is the matter?
I saw you together earlier.
You and Mr Danemere.
Might I remind you, Kasia,
that you are not free.
You are married to my son.
It was nothing like that.
Oh, well, what was it like?
You were in intimate conversation.
I can't explain it.
It's an awkward situation, hmm?
He's in love with you,
he's declared himself.
You, perhaps, are unsure.
Hmm? Something like that?
- No
- It's inevitable that he should fall
for the younger woman.
However, I will not tolerate adultery.
My son may have two hearts,
but you, Kasia, are a woman
and I expect better from you.
You don't have to worry
about anything like that.
I'll see to her.
Do you love him, then?
She won't be immune to you.
You must turn her.
All right?
It's all right.
The men. The men need a mission.
You will tell me this minute what's
going on here. Explain yourselves!
How many? How many are there?!
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