World on Fire (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

A few more days and you will think
as we do,
that you are for me and I am for you.
For now, just watch her.
Anything suspicious, report back.
Don't think I don't know
what you're doing.
Tobruk must hold at all costs.
The enemy is already familiar
with the tank trap.
Standard defence formation
might be more advisable.
You'll lay a tactical minefield
as per orders.
They're not falling for it.
- Hold! Men!
- Right 20. Add 30.
On target. On target.
You have neglected to salute me.
Respect for rank is the foundation
of military discipline.
And we lead by example.
You forgot the other half, Sir.
You forgot the other half, Sir.
The water distillery got hit.
So, we're on half
rations for the foreseeable.
We were on half rations before.
And half rations before that.
I haven't had a piss in weeks, Sir.
Yes, yes, I'm afraid we're being
besieged by Germans
in the middle of the desert.
Water's off the menu.
Lois, we're all on double shifts,
come on! Move yourself
I am coming. I'm coming.
Let's get these lads unloaded.
Bloody hell, Lois.
My bones are still rattling.
That woman, she's collapsed!
Can I get a stretcher, please?
All right, it's all right!
Pearl, get her some water.
She's dead.
Hey, hey, love. It's OK, darling.
I could only find powdered.
We'll have to get him to Cairo,
there'll be an orphanage there.
You don't mind driving, do you?
That's a whole day out of action.
This is why we don't help them.
Because we can't.
I'm not just going to leave a baby
to bloody die, am I?
There's a village near here,
isn't there?
Can't we leave him with someone there?
They can't even feed themselves.
Isn't that the whole problem?
It makes me wild.
What has any of this got to do with
any of these poor people?
Why are we fighting our war
on their land?
No, no, he's best off at the orphanage.
They'll look after him.
We owe him that.
I feel sick.
Unhappy sick.
Are you going to turn us out,
because of Kasia?
It's all right, Vera.
It's all right.
- Mrs Chase?
- No. Thank you, Joyce. Thank you.
You're all right.
It's all right, you're safe,
you're safe.
Yes, yes, the farm
I remember.
Are you sure we can trust them?
They're risking their lives for us.
I'm not ungrateful
Habit of thought, hiding for so long.
I don't know how you survived.
I don't remember much.
Only the pain and the hunger.
And you, of course.
I don't understand any of this.
I walk my dog. How many times
..I tell you again and again
I don't understand.
She's very good.
Same story for days now.
Not a flicker.
I followed you.
I saw the drop.
And I found the drawings.
I know what you are.
Do you realise what you've done?
You've drawn them a map, a target.
They know exactly where to bomb.
And every person that they kill, well,
you might as well have shot them
Miss Tomaszeski. A word.
Well, I'm impressed.
We've thrown the book at her.
But you
..she won't be immune to you.
I think the best thing for her now
is to work for us.
It's simple enough. She continues in
her activities,
but she alters the drawings.
She sends them false plans.
You must turn her.
She doesn't trust me now.
Appeal to her sense of shame.
If she has any.
She is a traitor after all.
This, you chew.
Then spit it out.
Cider. To take away the taste.
It will to take away the infection.
Bloody gnats.
George, did you cover your tracks?
Did you sweep the whole path?
Are you absolutely sure?
All it takes is one set of tracks.
Even the slightest trace can
kill ten of my men.
Do you think of home?
Right at this very moment,
someone is being shot.
For being a Pole or a Jew.
In English.
Of course I care!
There is a way to atone.
You can work for us.
If you have the courage.
- If you have the heart.
- You don't know what you're saying.
Would you please get her some water?
More of the same.
She was just walking her dog.
She's too frightened here.
Let me take her home.
I think she'll speak if she feels safe.
Chase? Chase? What are you doing?
You've swept this
path at least ten times.
You're dehydrated.
- Oh, Christ.
- Get out of the sun.
God knows we're all on the brink,
we've got to keep a grip.
For the men. For our sanity.
It will take them
days to repair that distillery.
Let's see if we can't find a well.
Think of what it will do for morale.
Morale comes from knowing
we can withstand anything.
Even a siege. We sit tight.
No, no, no. The men
the men need a mission.
- The men?
- All right, yes. Yes, I need one.
I propose a patrol, tonight.
- To find a well.
- And some Germans guarding it.
Chase, you're in no fit state to
lead a patrol.
Men, your Lieutenant has sunstroke.
Come on. Who's in?
Or you could stay here.
I think tonight's entertainment is
counting flies and pissing sticks.
Nope. Counting flies.
All right. Me, George. Anyone else?
Basu, good.
Who else?
They're repairing the distillery
as we speak.
At the most it'll be 48 eight hours.
Come on, we can stick it out.
Who else is in?
But I'm putting in for overtime.
- Hit the line, lads.
- Come on, lads.
You've been crying again.
I keep thinking of my brother.
He was arrested.
They put him in Romainville.
We had to get him out,
quickly, a Jew and a Communist.
I don't know if he's still alive,
if he got away.
You read the newspapers.
The persecution and the hate.
You want to weep, to rage,
then on the next page,
you read the cricket scores.
I'm ashamed.
You're fighting for us.
I'm a boy playing soldiers.
You didn't understand.
How can anyone understand?
I regret to tell you,
you've missed dinner.
However, there is
a cold plate for you, in the larder.
I was rather more
hoping for a warming tot.
It's been that kind of day.
Will you join me?
I will not.
I can't think where Kasia could be.
She's not usually out this late.
She doesn't strike me
as the flighty type.
Not flighty, no.
More, erm, feeling.
For my son, certainly.
Well, she's an interesting young woman.
I have always remarked that
when talking to women about women,
a man will always call a woman
when what he actually means
is that she's beautiful.
Oh, she's a beauty, yes.
You seem very interested in her.
I am interested in her character, I
I assure you, that's all.
And why is that?
I'm something of a washerwoman.
I'm nosy and I love a good gossip.
I don't believe you for a moment.
But I'm tired,
and in no mood for conversation.
Good night, Mr Danemere.
Good good night.
Some stew.
Softly. Sh.
God Save the King!
Two Italians.
Guarding a well, I'd guess.
Just two?
We can take two.
Put your guns down.
On your knees! On your knees!
Put your weapons down!
Here, sit here and shut up.
Sit down and shut up.
- Por Favore
- Shut up!
All right, all right, all right.
George, give 'em a fag.
Oil deposits.
It'll have to be purified.
Rowan, Tucker, get engineers
and reinforcements.
We'll hold the site.
God Save the King!
Softly! Soft! Sh!
Shall we go dancing?
The night is young.
I know a cosy spot in Mayfair
with a decent band.
You'll have to lead.
The world is spinning.
It's the nearness of you.
God Save the King.
Vive la France.
What if I were to stay? In France?
Could they use a chap like me?
Your network.
There is no network.
Just people, doing what they can
So how do you know who to trust?
You don't.
You mustn't.
But you can lie low.
Keep your head down.
I only know that the thought
of doing nothing is unbearable.
What if you were to teach me
some French?
I remember a little from school
There's no such word.
Yeah. It means locksmith.
Look, I'll need to practise.
You'd be discovered
and shot within a week.
Monsieur Berthaud.
He's afraid. They're both afraid.
What will happen now?
Well, erm
Well, the best thing for her son
is that we carry on as before.
We make the drop, same time, same place,
they won't suspect a thing.
And it's a dead letterbox.
They've no idea what she looks like.
You know, all rather useful to us,
in fact. Simpler.
Forgive me.
She was your friend.
Too easy to slip into war games.
I apologise.
You always know the right thing to say.
Ma e bellissima. Come si chiama?
Come on. Get up! Come on. Get up!
Get up!
How many?
How many are there?!
Can't see! Can't see a damn thing!
To the left!
She's misfired. Oh, this fucking sand!
Keep them pinned down while I strip it.
On the left! On the left!
They're coming close.
Stop pissing around, Sergeant!
Get up here!
George, the Italians, get after them!
I hate this bloody desert.
I have the German pinned down!
Chase! Chase! Get out of the fire!
Sir, get down! Please get down, Sir!
Harry! Get down!
Sir, you need to get down!
You need to get down!
So, you fight for the English?
Hey, Indian.
What's he saying?
Ignore him.
You want some?
George! Get off him!
All right.
Keep your mouth shut!
The Kraut should dig his grave.
He will.
Rajib, head back to base with the men.
Give me that.
Turn around.
Sit where I can see you.
Don't say a word.
You British,
declaring war for the Poles!
Shut your mouth!
Shut your mouth.
I pulled the trigger but you,
YOU, my friend, you killed him.
- Shut the fuck up!
- You killed him!
- Shut the fuck up!
- You killed him!
You killed him!
HE WHISPERS: It was what you wanted.
It was what you wanted.
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind ♪
Forgive our foolish ways ♪
- Reclothe us in our rightful mind ♪
In purer lives your service find ♪
In deeper reverence praise ♪
In deeper reverence praise. ♪
Lois! Major shout. All hands.
Let's go. Let's go.
Chief says all trucks on the road now.
There are men bleeding to death
while you're sat there!
We'll have to take him to the village.
Get in! We'll take him on the way.
It's OK sweetheart,
you'll be safe there.
The Germans, they patrol so softly.
Oh, dear God.
Well, I dare say,
we must thank you, Sir James.
Oh, really, there's no need.
But I have no appetite for it.
It seems indecent.
It it was a gift,
I assure you, entirely legitimate.
No strings were pulled,
no arms were twisted.
There was there was no pilfering,
no nod, no wink,
no Masonic handshake,
nothing was pulled from under the
Yes, thank you, you've made your point.
Shall I carve?
Yes! Please!
All right, it would be criminal
to waste it.
Oh, my goodness
Miss Spicer has excelled herself.
No, enough! Enough! Enough!
You will speak English at my table.
Jan, go and play.
- No!
- Jan!
You will tell me this minute
what's going on here.
Explain yourselves.
I have been working for MI5,
for this man.
There was a Polish woman.
I befriended her and now she's dead.
She was passing information
to the Germans. If she didn't,
they would kill her son.
And she was afraid,
so very afraid for him and
..I didn't believe her, but
I did believe her, in my heart,
but you are not allowed to have a heart,
you are not allowed to have the
..the smallest human decency.
Then you sit here,
smiling, and joking, eating and
How does guilt not choke you?!
She took her own life.
It was her choice.
I regret it, of course. But I respect
No, we, I put her in an impossible
You're being a child.
The Nazis have put all of us
in an impossible position.
I don't understand you.
Of course you don't. You can't.
To you, war is an obscenity,
an atrocity.
But for me, for of my generation, it is familiar.
Every day, in the trenches,
we walked past the body of a
..fellow officer.
A friend.
His face had been blown off by a shell.
We had no means of burying him.
We didn't even cover him.
We walked past him every day
and we looked the other way.
And you might think that callous.
But, really, it was a kind of courage.
An acceptance of our lot.
..horror was
..and could not be denied.
We knew at any moment that
faceless body could be one of us.
We saw,
but we did not look.
If you can find this same cold courage,
then maybe you will survive this war
How do you say "I love you" French?
I think you know.
Everyone knows that.
I just want to hear you say it.
Even if it's not true.
I'm going to go back to Paris.
A new hospital,
where the Germans don't know me.
It's easier, no-one questions a nurse.
I can help more people.
I think it was less painful when
you were dislocating my shoulder.
And you must go back.
To my squadron, yes.
Yes, I must.
How long will it take to heal?
A few weeks.
A few weeks.
And what about my heart?
Don't be sad.
The scratching of rats will always
make me think of you.
Don't forget me.
Please don't ever forget me.
Mrs Chase.
I owe you an apology.
Lying, and deceiving.
All part of the job, I'm afraid.
Grubby, yes.
Necessary, also.
I forgive that, naturally. We're at war.
But war is a man's business.
Women have no place in it.
So I would thank you for keeping
my son's wife out of it.
For that
..I make no apologies.
She is an experienced fighter,
it would be a crime
not to make use of her.
She is a wife.
Her duties are here, at home.
She may crave adventure,
she may seek revenge,
she may simply wish to be "useful",
isn't that the phrase they all use?
But wars are not fought for
the gratification
of hungry young women.
There is a time for ambition
and there is a time for sacrifice.
Women are the keepers of the home.
It's the bedrock of our society.
If we let that slip, then what on
earth are our men fighting for?
Though, if I may say, what
an unconscionable waste of talent.
If this war was put in your hands,
you would win it by Christmas.
Flattery, Sir James.
I have to go to London for a while,
I'm not sure how long.
I would hate to leave things so, erm
..unfriendly between us.
Well, you've made your apology
and I've accepted it.
And could you ask your colleague,
please, to come and see me.
I wish to talk to her.
Lead us from illusion to the real.
Lead us from darkness to light.
Lead us from death to eternal life.
If anyone's got any booze,
I'll give him a quid for it.
Robina, please I
..don't turn Jan out.
I will leave, if you
..if you wish it, but please
I'm sorry, truly sorry.
No, no, no, no, I'm afraid
we've gone beyond that.
I don't want an apology.
I want nothing less than
your binding assurance
that there will be
no more of these war games.
No more of this work.
And unless you can give me
your absolute assurance,
I'm afraid you and your brother
will have to leave.
I give you my word.
I will give it up.
All of it.
The bombs may rain down upon us,
the war will rage on around us,
but in this house,
we will have peace.
Vera will have peace.
Jan will have peace.
Lois, it's your shift.
I dreamt the baby died.
You did everything you could for him.
No, not that baby.
My baby.
I dreamt that my baby died.
Your baby.
You left your baby?
I wasn't a good mum to her.
I broke my
I broke my Dad's heart.
What about the father?
What about him?
No-one expects nothing of him, do they?
It's the women that have
to carry it all.
Everything's our burden,
everything's our fault.
You can't be free, you can't ever cut the cord.
It's not the baby's fault.
It's not her fault.
She didn't ask to be born.
What's her name?
I won't be needing this no more.
I'm going home to my Vera.
Unless you've got
a bottle of whisky, my friend,
I don't know why you're here.
The German prisoner.
Heard he escaped.
That's right.
He ran off into the night.
And it's not murder, then,
if the desert killed him?
Isn't that what we're here for?
It's only beer.
Beer is booze.
Beer and revenge,
the coward's arsenal.
Your men have lost their Sergeant.
They need you.
Pull yourself together, man.
For God's sake.
It's the beginning of the end
..drinking alone.
Word has it that you're in no fit state
to lead your men at the moment.
Are you sure we don't just run
and disappear?
And you care about me.
Your vanity is hardly the point.
- I've come to take Vera home.
- This is her home.
I'm setting him free.
He doesn't want to be free.
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